10/24/2002 Entry: "The VOXFUX New World Order Survival Guide"

voxfux-new world order

We'll folks, it's a shitty world, no doubt about that. But that doesn't mean you have to have a shitty life.
VOXFUX will be bringing you a series of pointers on successfully navigating the oceans of bullshit and lies that comprise the New World Order.

It's a rough and tumble place out there and each of us needs any advantage we can get to protect ourselves and our families from the crushing effects of this world of lies and liars.

Some of the things we will be recommending are not pretty (Like wearing power suits and power ties when dealing with ANY government bureaucrat) but these recommendations are necessary to avoid getting fucked over by the New World Order and the stifling mentality is has brought with it

voxfux-new world order

The, New World Order elite has been fabulously successful in turning neighbor against neighbor, country against country, ideology against ideology. These so called elite are so few in numbers that the ONLY way they have to maintain their power is to diminish ours. It's a zero sum game, which means, the more power we the people have, the less power they, the New World Order elite, have - And that just won’t do.

They have designed it now, so that we do the hard work of maintaining their power for them - We police each other, we fight each other, we kill each other, we snitch on each other, we jail each other. All for them. All so that these aging dying geezers can keep their grip on power.

This is not a conspiracy theory, this is reality.

In the coming weeks we'll provide anecdotal tidbits, snapshots and hard core techniques for surviving the New World Order. This weeks installment...

1) Appearances.
What more can be said - This is what it is all about - At least for the great many Americans and increasingly, the rest of the world. Appearances reign supreme. Reality takes a back seat in the big simulation life has become. We idolize stars, covet fashion models, strive for status - All for appearances.
Success is measured by the appearance of wealth not even real wealth, just the appearance of wealth. Eager businessmen clamor over Brooks Brothers suits with Louie Vuitton accessories. When a cop pulls you over, the model of your car, color of your skin, and style of hair and clothes, determines precisely what kind of treatment you can expect. When you visit a city, state or federal office and deal with some shitty clerk there, how you look determines what kind of service you get. And if you ever go to court - You better wear a "Power Suit." Because more often than not, the alcoholic sleazebag sitting on the bench will use this as the key determinant in deciding whether or not you are easy pickings.

And in the New World Order - it’s about easy pickings.

“That’s all well and good but what if I don’t have enough money to be buying an expensive Brooks Brothers suit with Louis Vuitton appointments?”

You needn’t bother. Thrift stores are chock full of very elegant suits from the scores of yuppies who die each year (prematurely) of stress related diseases. You can usually get an amazing “Power Suit” for as little as five or ten dollars. Here’s what to look for:

1) Navy blue flannel suit with a delicate pinstripe. (Preferably with a slight alternating herringbone embossment.) Flannel or worsted wool is the key here. It is flat with no specular highlights. No glossy fabrics - flat conveys more authority. Navy blue is key. No other colour conveys as much authority as navy blue.

2) Blue and gold striped silk tie - diagonal stripes. The tie is CRITICAL - so don’t fuck up here and get a dull flat tie. Unlike in the suit, you want the tie to shine. And for maximum authority it must be blue and gold diagonal stripes. (judges, cops and businessmen respond to the wealth of latent power semiotics in this style) A gold tie clasp is very important and cheap.

3) 100% Cotton dress shirt. It’s got to have that dry cleaned “Flattened” look. Single needle tailoring. Again, since so many yuppies die prematurely, plenty of these shirts make their way into the thrift store circuit.

4) Shoes. Shoes add a nice touch but who wants to wear used shoes? Actually you could fudge it in this area, Payless regularly surprises the mock business world with a stunning lineup of mock business shoes. Of course there's nothing like clacking around in a real uptight, uncomfortable, yuppie, polished, leather dandy model, but your feet are going to be far enough away from your respective potential oppressor that the payless shoe will probably fool his eye.

5) Gold or fake gold accessories. Don’t over do it. You’re not Puff Daddy. Be subtle, a few nice touches here will fool most shitty clerks and transmit to judges, authority figures, and business types, “Don’t fuck with me.”

Shitty bastards are everywhere. They don't feel like they've done a good days work unless they make your life miserable. But they're not that bright. That’s why they do what they do, cause there is nothing else they CAN do. So the above mentioned suit and a few friendly comments will dispatch most of these voles.

We didn’t invent this shitty world - But we do know how to deal with it. Naturally it is best to keep clear of these people - But if you can’t avoid them, the next best thing is to make them work for you.


Coming Soon: : Harnessing the Power of Assholes... for fun and profit.

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you already understand that it comes in all forms. clothing is only clothing....you can see through....there are plenty of fresh minds that where suits and yes, they are afraid to come out as you have, but, its all about progress not perfection right? someone must have pissed you off at the time you wrote this..

take care and thanks,

from a lot of us

Posted by blaiseit @ 10/24/2002 08:42 PM EST

Halarious vox! Very funny.
And I'm afraid it's all true.
It is perception and NOT reality which what it is all about. Thanks for putting words to our reality that no one else is doing. Your writings are like nothing else out there. Thanks vox.

Posted by Harvard Student @ 10/24/2002 08:48 PM EST

Reminds me of Abby Hoffman's "Steal This Book" In it he talked about buying a nice suit and attending conventions at hotels in order to eat at the free buffet.

Posted by Eat The Rich @ 10/24/2002 09:16 PM EST

It's completely sound thinking. I I've seen the most "surface" of tactics have a HUGE influence on the outcome of court cases, for example. Vox's emphasis on Judges and courtrooms indicates that he may have spent some time dealing with them. And his advice on dressing up, is the same I give to each client I represent. GC

Posted by Gary Claymore JD. @ 10/24/2002 11:07 PM EST

Yuppie power shirts and the thrift store circuit. Only from Voxfux.
Much Respect.

Posted by COTDC @ 10/25/2002 01:14 AM EST

Hahaha... I just found this site and its already been bookmarked. This is the only site I've come across that sees the world as it appears to me. I will be telling people about this site. Keep it up. From Australia.

Posted by Joe Sixpack @ 10/25/2002 04:36 AM EST

This is best news site I have ever seen. I really like the style. Please stay around. Just in case, I will be spidering your site for archival purposes.

Posted by Archiver @ 10/25/2002 11:02 AM EST

The power suit 'works' for women, too. If every gal out there just hangs out in jeans and a sweatshirt everyday, what can she expect? Some of us have smartened up and wear skirts and tailored jackets... even to the mall. You'd be surprised how you get treated differently. Also, have you noticed that part of the plan they have for us is UNISEX? We can fight back against that one, too!

Posted by thisladycandoo @ 10/26/2002 06:43 AM EST

Thanks for this site.It reflects the truth that the media of DARKNESS always tries to hide.

Posted by ALI LALLO @ 10/27/2002 05:39 AM EST

Excellent site and suggestions! I just saw it and I'm amazed I have not heard about you before.

My first hunch about Sen. Paul Wellstone's tragic plane crash less than two weeks before this pivotal election is that the plane was tampered with by right-wingers, possibly the CIA, either directly or through some psychic mind games.

I'm not a big conspiracy nut who worries about this kind of thing all the time - just an average one like Oliver Stone who knows there's something sinister and weird going on in our world - but I have done extensive research into the 1963 JFK assassination in Dallas. The right-wing-CIA was heavily involved in that, from Oswald's CIA connections to the Dallas mayor at that time being the brother of the former CIA deputy director who lost his job after the Bay of Pigs fiasco and blamed that on JFK. The Dallas mayor also changed the parade route on that fateful day so it would go right by the grassy knoll and building where Oswald and probably other snipers were, where JFK met his death.

I have interviewed numerous people who report weird things that occurred during that time, such as key witnesses dying in strange ways like mysterious plane crashes and being run over by trains in the middle of the night. I have written numerous stories on this and covered it in my book on Dallas history - and have received my share of threatening phone calls, mail opened, and the like to know I was stepping on some powerful toes.

The right-wing hates having its misdeeds exposed to the light of day, and perhaps that is our greatest weapon. But I know how to mentally protect myself through visualization and calling upon my spiritual guides for protection – I have done that at key times, such as during a 1985 flight to London in which the plane blew engines on two separate occasions and miraculously twice made it back to New York safely. While many people around me were panicking, I was quietly meditating, calling on the higher forces of good for help. So with such faith and spiritual weapons, I continue to pursue the truth and expose the right-wing’s crimes to the light. [I don’t talk about this kind of thing often because people think I’m crazy enough just for believing obvious conspiracies, such as Bush & Co. stealing the 2000 election. But such events as Sen. Wellstone’s death makes me want to divulge a few more of my secrets of survival while taking on the right-wing.]

There were also numerous JFK murder witnesses committing suicide in the months after that tragedy. The CIA has done extensive mind control work for decades - I know several psychics personally who have worked for the CIA - and could possibly convince someone through such mind games to commit suicide. Could they psychically work on making a plane crash? Who knows? Anything is possible.

I know the CIA can make - and has made - murders look like suicides or heart attacks. I sometimes wonder if J.H. Hatfield, author of the explosive Bush biography, Fortunate Son, was such a victim last year. And what about Democratic Missouri Gov. Mel Carnahan, who was killed when his small plane crashed right before the 2000 election? What about John F. Kennedy Jr., who had intelligence, political ambitions, charisma, and the name, dying in a 1999 plane crash?

The list of high-profile Democratic politicians killed in plane crashes goes on – Commerce Secretary Ron Brown in 1996, Rep. Mickey Leland of Texas in 1989, Rep. Jerry Litton of Missouri in 1976, House Majority Leader Hale Boggs of Louisiana and Rep. Nick Begich of Alaska in 1972. High-profile Republicans have died in crashes, including Sen. John Heinz of Pennsylvania and Sen. John Tower of Texas in 1991, but not as many as Democrats – perhaps the CIA-Illuminati is just throwing in a few crashes of conservatives to throw us off base. Do you really think these are mere coincidences?

Add to that Raytheon Co., one of the biggest U.S. military contractors and manufacturer of the plane that crashed, being a huge donor to Republicans, and the mind continues to wonder. U.S. House Republican Majority Leader Dick Armey of Texas, for instance, received $48,201 alone from Raytheon in 1997-98. The Republican National Committee received at least $170,000 from Raytheon since 1999. Raytheon donates to Democrats, too, but more than twice as much money goes to Republicans.

Raytheon has all kinds of CIA connections, as does Bush, whose father was once director of the CIA. It would take little for the right-wing to physically tamper with that plane, and even less to mentally tamper with it.

I know all this might sound weird, but it's happening. The CIA and related agencies cover their tracks well and are in the business of confusing others. You can't look at things in logical ways all the time when you're dealing with the CIA. Up is down, left is right, JFK is Nixon.

The bottom line is it would not surprise me to learn that the right-wing or CIA or someone close to Bush was involved in Sen. Wellstone's tragic crash.

Bush, for his part, issued some strange comments immediately after the crash, even for him. He called Wellstone - who was an articulate, energetic, intelligent political science professor for 21 years before he was a senator - a "plain-spoken fellow." He said he wanted to issue his "condolences for the loss of the Senate." Did he mean the Democrats' sudden loss of the Senate? Did he know something more than he let on?

The freepers' comments I read about this tragedy were mostly tasteful - on the surface - though some jokes and conspiratorial posts were published on their right-wing site. Right after the news of the crash, some posted comments like "prayers for control of the Senate." Several comments were removed by the moderator. One that was not said, "You do realize that as we sit here praying for one of our biggest political enemies' safety, President Bush will be blamed by the Democrats [including the rabid leftists at DU and other brain-sucking sites] for the crash."

Another joked, "Maybe it was shot down by a right wing militia. We've got to ban handguns." And another implied, "Ted Kennedy may have been on [the plane]." Then there was this ramble: "Politically speaking, would this be good or bad news for the GOP if he's dead? I could see him winning now like Carnahan in 2000 so that Gov. Jesse could appoint his successor. I'm thinking this is probably not good news."

And this comment: "Any bets on how quickly the Democrats will have his wife take his place on the ballot?" Sen. Wellstone's wife and daughter also died on board. Another predicted that "[Republican Senate candidate in Minnesota] Coleman's campaign is dead." And then there was this message: "I pray that Wellstone and all of his aides survive, and live to see themselves defeated handily on Nov 5th...unless this is yet another of Tom ‘Caligula’ Daschle's election schemes." Someone else added, "Carnahan II? Ventura is the governor, not a D...this time."

Such conservatives' glee at the demise of probably the most powerful real progressive in the country was entirely evident in such comments. Many contained themselves, but we know what they're really thinking, don't we?

I don't have proof of the right-wing's involvement in this and other plane crashes involving Democrats. But my political hunches have been pretty good lately. I am digging into this and hopefully will produce some proof someday. The truth is out there.

Hold yourself in the light. Pray for the protection of God or your guardian angels or fate or humanity or whatever you believe in. These are trying, critical times. We can't let the right-wing fascists take over entirely.

Jackson Thoreau is co-author of We Will Not Get Over It: Restoring a Legitimate White House. The 110,000-word electronic book can be downloaded at http://www.geocities.com/jacksonthor/ebook.html or at http://www.legitgov.org/we_will_not_get_over_it.html. Thoreau can be emailed at jacksonthor@justice.com.

Posted by Jackson Thoreau @ 10/27/2002 06:09 AM EST

your a pice of shit scum bag ..I would consider it my duty to ....

VOX RESPONSE ANNOTATION: Thank you for your kind words now if you please, tell us all here how it feels to be seriously mentally retarded. You are aware that things are not right with you, are you? Life passing you by?
Friends succeeding while you stagnate. The Bottom line is you seriously need education, no seriously. Really.
Get your GED (High School Equivalency Diploma) then think of that next step - Vocational training. But start with that GED TODAY! You need it bub.
Best Wishes

Posted by out to get you @ 10/27/2002 03:08 PM EST

As I've said before, exceptional site. Being Canadian I didn't really know much about Paul Wellstome prior to the crash. But, with all that's happened of late my first thoughts on hearing of the accident was that he must have been one who opposed Bush's plan for war with Iraq.

Then, within hours it comes out that that was indeed the case. Jesus Christ!

Later on I'm able to check your site for comments and find your comments along with the archived article predicting things like this were going to happen. "Floored" isn't a strong enough word to describe the reaction to that!

And somehow, to go along with it all, you hold on to a great sense of humour–"That’s why they do what they do, cause there is nothing else they CAN do"–I LOVE IT!

Thanks for all the GREAT work.

Posted by Brian Hay @ 10/27/2002 09:09 PM EST

The thought of my nephew, or anybody else's for that matter, going to Bush's war and risking his life for Cheney/Bush oil money is unendurable. I wrote my senator and begged him to help stop the White House Occupant from doing this. No luck. Isn't there some sort of curse that every president elected in a year ending with 0s dies in office, or nearly dies? But then, Bush wasn't elected was he?

Posted by Claire Gavin @ 10/28/2002 05:23 PM EST

That which is transpiring....conspiring around us is an AGENDA about CONTROL....and it goes beyond controlling that which is visible in our tangible existence. It is about controlling the CONSCIOUSNESS-LEVEL SHIFT that is taking place on this planet. FEAR is most definitely their greatest weapon. As EVERYTHING runs on a FREQUENCY.....FEAR INTER - FEARS with the consciousness-level frequency of awareness...creating a static in one's RECEPTION. The frequency of the Third-Dimensional Awareness IS RECEPTIVE to FEAR....IT RUNS on THAT FREQUENCY. The consciousness-level runs on a much HIGHER FREQUENCY....and that frequency is LOVE. This TANGIBLE...THREE-D existence that we SEE with our Third-Dimensional Awareness tells us that we are LIMITED BEINGS. We live WITHIN a dimension of DEFINED ENERGY...and the ULTIMATE DEFINITION is that our existence is a LIMITED ONE which is DEFINED by the ULTIMATE DEFINITION called DEATH.....and it is from this perception that FEAR manifests....and it is THIS PERCEPTUAL AWARENESS to which "THEY" can address their agenda of FEAR. The only way OUT of the FEAR AGENDA is to TAKE AWAY the CONTROLS. And the only way to take away the controls is to change the FREQUENCY to a HIGHER and more ACCELLERATED frequency level.....and that is WITHIN at the CONSCIOUSNESS level. Anyone's third-dimensional awareness can be fooled or deceived.....Because you can pull the wool over someone's EYES.....you can tell someone what they want to HEAR.....and you can SCARE the HELL out of anyone who FEARS for their existence. If anyone has seen the movie, "THE MATRIX"...this is a very good analogy of what I am talking about.
We are NOT LIMITED beings...we are NOT LIMITED to that which we can SEE with our EYES....HEAR with our EARS. We are not OF the LIMITED ILLUSION that surrounds us. We are UNLIMITED beings and we are ALL here to TRANSFORM this dimension into a HIGHER FREQUENCY of EXISTENCE. An this planetary transformation is ultimately that which "THEY" want to stop. Their weapon is FEAR....which IS a PROP so to speak of the APPEARANCE of existence. Well.....THINGS ARE NOT AS THEY APPEAR. And they CAN manipulate at the Third-Dimensional perceptual level....but they CANNOT at the consciousness level. Because the CONSCIOUSNESS level KNOWS the WHOLE TRUTH.

Posted by Nexus @ 10/29/2002 04:47 AM EST

You seem to have it all down to a tee. I started & digging & boy did I come up with some INFO!!!! I am 100% with you on your words, etc. People really--NEED TO WAKE UP!!
The Shrub & Co. have done way too much--he said bout Saddam makin UN look like a "dummy" or such..he oughta know....he is makin one out of & every one of us...& then there are those dummy followers..those darn patriotic ones...Argghhh!!! This administration is the most corrupt axis of evil that one could imagine...I plan on spreading the word the best I can-but I don't really know a lot of people. To anyone believing here & cares--SPREAD THE WORD--SPREAD THE WORD!!!! I love your site & also the one from which brought me here...KEEP UP THE GOOD (as long as you can) Best of wishes & I'll be back!!! TY :)

Posted by Marilyn @ 10/29/2002 11:15 AM EST

Hey, I'm down to fringes....

Posted by Mike @ 10/29/2002 11:18 AM EST

This URL is the links of all company and organizations that are building the eyes and ears for big brothers and all the sensor for the NWO. PLEASE LOOK AT WELL AND ENJOY AND EXPOSE TO OTHERS
So these company are the ones that are making the eyes around us.
please just exposes to others.

Posted by ANTI OPT777 @ 10/29/2002 05:45 PM EST

dude, the government propaganda machine is really doing us over this time. i mean, good god! how could you ever feel safe with snipers running around? its not like its more likely to die being trampled by an elephant or choking on your neck tie or something.... but here's the deal: whether you need a GED or not, you are definitely awakened to the evil brewing in our midst. maybe when we are all being herded into the nearest football stadium because of a smallpox outbreak that kills about as many people as the vaccine we are forced to take, people will start to wake the fuck up. oh well, i'll be long gone by then. fuck this country, i'm out--gonna go live on a farm in a third world country thats not a member of the UN. have fun when the bombs are dropping...or when you are swelling up with leisions, because, god damnit, you older people have let this happen to us teens. we can't do anything about this because of your apathy. go back to sleep america, your government is in control. here, here's american gladiators. watch this shit, drink a soda, and shut the fuck up. your government is in control....

Posted by jimbo @ 10/29/2002 07:23 PM EST

Do some research of your OWN on the Moral character and backbone BEHIND THE APPEARANCE of the leader of this country...

Posted by Nexus @ 10/31/2002 05:49 AM EST

I wonder if anyone who reads this web site actualy has a job and brings anything to the table for this country. This is the greatest country in the world.It didn't happen because of pansy liberals with no back bone.

VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION: Mr. Simpleton, you wrote: "Pansy liberals with no backbone???"
I seriously doubt very many people who read this get the Idea that our work is "pansy" like. Also, don't use homosexual references in connotation with "not putting bread on the table," they make more money percapita than hetrosexuals. And finally, I'm from the East Village of New York, where you're sorry ass would last all of five minutes.
Bye Bye Simpleton

Posted by Mark Simpson @ 10/31/2002 09:07 AM EST

Hey Jimbo, With your attitude I definitely wont "force" you to take any vaccine. Good riddance. As for the rest of you lost souls, why does everyone think that the people in power in this country are out to destroy it? They know what's best for our future. Sorry if their not living up to your misguided beliefs, but did you ever think that their looking out for our children and grandchildren? I would love to know the percentage of people who post on this sight and whether or not they are even Americans. VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION: The overwhelming majority of readers are Americans (over 93%) A sizaeble chunk coming from educational (.edu) and .org.
AOL is seems to be the largest referer (Meaning most people who come to my site are wired through AOL.) Second Biggest country Australia (Lot's of readers from down under.)
They just post to pollute your minds because they hate America and the Freedom that they dont have. This sight is great and disturbing at the same time. Yea... We are just out to pollute minds BECAUSE WE HATE FREEDOM. That's it you get the coveted MOST INDOCTRINATED IDIOTIC RESPONSE OF THE THREAD AWARD.

Posted by Terence @ 10/31/2002 09:13 AM EST

For those of you who do not approve of this site and chastise those exercising their Freedom of Speech (which I will admit is teetering in the balance these days) ......WHY are you here?

Posted by Nexus @ 10/31/2002 08:15 PM EST

I very much Enjoy your writings I would like very much to have it in book or dvd form. Would you consider compiling it in either of the formats?

Posted by Voxnyc viewer @ 10/31/2002 10:26 PM EST

Hello Vox:

I was overjoyed this morning when I read the streaming info at the top re: Inside Job Last week I had posted something on Indymedia called Inside Job...connecting all of IT just as you have....STRANGELY enough it DISAPPEARED on that site. But my point to you is that I am VERY grateful to have found the KINDRED spirit of KNOWING on this site. I apologize to you for the unconscious remarks made in regards to your channel of truth.....I know that it is not my fault that they have been made....but we are all responsible...we all have the ability to respond consciously.....and so I am saying THANK YOU from me....and apologizing for them. Could you also tell me how I can email you? I tried the address provided which shows on my browser when touching upon "Join Us" and it came back with fatal errors. I dont have Outlook express so I cannot access a mail page by clicking on the link either. Any help would be much appreciated because I DO want to join......and just for the sake of "measurement".....

VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION: Thanks for the kind words of support. I can be reached at voxfux@hotmail.com

An American Citizen who served 4 years in the US Coast Guard
(That was before I "awakened" however....and those 4 years certainly served as an alarm clock)

Posted by Nexus @ 11/01/2002 05:45 AM EST

VOX thank you for the amazing work. It is consistantly awakening, enlightening, frightening, informative, and at the same time caustic, ironic, halarious. In short you make living in the hell that is the new world order almost bearable.
A dedicated fan.

Posted by Dedicated Fan @ 11/01/2002 10:01 AM EST

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