11/11/2002 Entry: "Fear, Gluttony and Darkness Grip America"

Fear, Gluttony and Darkness Grip America
Bush takes full and frightening control
by By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist

Feel that numbness? That strange slightly chilling shift deep in the heart, like a cold wind across the blood, an ice pick straight to the third eye, fingernails across the karmic chalkboard?

Fear not -- it's just the dark storm clouds of sadness and savage spiritual pain that just settled in over the collective soul of the country and indeed much of the world recently, as the Republican Party snatched total control of the American government and really honestly promised to further its agenda of fear and war and intolerance and bad sex and more petroleum products forevermore.

And the basic upshot being that Congress will now have almost zero struggle or balanced counterargument when the GOP chooses to ram through more generally invidious resolutions and white-power laws.

Laws that further its famously mean-spirited schema of war, oil, corporate cronyism, CEO inbreeding, heartlessness, artlessness, cultural molestation, giddy homophobia and really awful fashion sense.

Let us not also forget anti-choice misogyny, racism, gluttony, support for Big Agribiz and Big Tobacco and a general antipathy toward anyone who makes less than six figures or who really cares about the environment or enjoys true religious freedom or alternative viewpoints or authentic orgasms or honest laughter.

In short, it is an agenda that contains much sneering about anything that doesn't gibe with rich white-bread American doctrines of money and power and the earnest care and nurturing thereof. Yay, Republicans! Suggested GOP slogan for 2004: "More SUVs in more private gated communities now!"

This is the feeling right now, that the nation has been so successfully pummeled with fear and a sense of impending doom by the conservative agenda, so flagrantly blinded by the largely artificial threat of manufactured "evildoers" and contrived foreign demons -- most of whom we ourselves armed and funded and helped bring to power (Hi, Saddam!) -- that it allows a handful more Repubs to slither into power and swing the balance so dangerously to the Right it would make Reagan giggle with glee.

The Democrats failed ugly. They were nothing short of a disgrace. They whimpered and recoiled and had no real selling points, no fiery humanitarian agenda, nothing of true intelligent social value to say, and were in fact a genuine embarrassment to the very appropriately depressed Left. Shame.

Such was their conundrum. They couldn't very well run on an anti-war platform because the Bush/Cheney/Rummy Axis of Evil has made certain the nation is far too terrified, and hence anyone who opposes the war is still considered a heathen pagan witch sodomite bastard leper by much of the gun-totin' vigilante populace.

They couldn't very well run on the miserable economy thing because, well, sure Dubya drove it into the tank and major multibillion-dollar corporate scandals have rocked his administration and layoffs abound and the CEOs are snickering like mad, but we are still at "war," after all. Fear über alles, friends. God bless America.

So the GOP takes over, and all that is light and progressive and good, shudders and sighs. This is the feeling. This is the sentiment. This is the truth.

But I am here tempted to say, it doesn't really matter.

Am tempted to say it's all cyclic anyway, all part of the continuous and ever-numbing pendulum swing of power and control in this very violence-prone nation, same as it ever was and just because they're all shockingly corrupt money-engorged lizards on both sides of the aisle, despite the rare glimpse of actual integrity or plainspoken honesty, that doesn't mean you should worry.

And really, when you step back just a little, in the grand and even not-so-grand scheme of things, it really doesn't make that much difference who runs the nation. The balance always seems to shake out, the people only suffer the party in power for so long, and no matter who is assaulting the national common sense, most people go about their days same as ever, despite skyrocketing unemployment and smog and hate and general sense of dread and fear of guns and evildoers and your swarthy neighbor. And the pendulum swings.

Dems hold majority control for a number of years until taxes soar and the bureaucracy explodes and we get really sick of it and hand it all over to Repubs next election, right until we realize they've screwed it up even worse and have driven the economy into a black hole and have thrust the nation into a dozen covert bloody wars for oil all while further insulting women and gays and minorities and slashing/burning the environment in the name of corporate greed.

And we shake our heads and say screw you crusty old white cigar-chomping country-club snakes, and give majority control back to the quivering Dems, who just look all baffled and stunned and launch a million new mostly useless social programs and raise taxes and get all smug and overconfident and then get blow jobs in the Oval Office and ruin it for everybody.

This is the way it is. This is the way it has always been. I am tempted to say this. I am even tempted to believe it.

But not this time. This time is different. Few people of any subtlety or intelligence really want either party to rule completely, to take full control of both the presidency and Congress, to be given a blank check to, say, launch perpetual wars and drill for negligible amounts of oil in nature preserves and roll back women's rights and install new conservative justices and pass a horrific new $37 billion Homeland Security bill the sole purpose of which is to invent and then destroy perceived enemies of the state, forever and ever, amen.

This then, is why this is an extremely dangerous time. Why the energy has shifted so darkly, why the wind feels so bitter and the gods are shaking their heads and popping the Valium and heading off to the spa.

Neither party should have such power. And the GOP now has far too much. The counterbalance lost its footing. The greedmongers and the power vipers have been loosed like never before in recent history. The center cannot hold.

As noted crusty and ruthless and largely unpleasant former Clinton adviser James Carville observed just after the election, "The American people just don't have a clue as to what's coming."

If you are female, gay, bisexual, atheist, black, immigrant, poor, progressive, intellectual, open minded, open hearted, if you hold alternative views, dress funny, dance, enjoy sex, read seditious literature, believe in peace and funky spirituality and don't particularly care for a sneering angry self-righteous well-armed anti-everything deity, you are about to find out. The hard way. And so is everyone else.

The gods can only shake their heads, and sigh.

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smells like: pre-war Germany, only worse.
the radical patriot militias may be correct in their mantra...
keep your gun handy, America, Uncle Sam is coming after you.

Posted by fool on the hill @ 11/11/2002 12:28 PM EST


Posted by The Truth @ 11/11/2002 12:43 PM EST

There is collective depression over the GOP control grab, and fool on the hill is correct. Does anyone remember the name Marius Van der Lubbe? He was the Osama bin Laden of his time, accused of setting fire to, and destroying, the Reichstag in Wiemar Germany. We all know the rest of the story. The point(s) are 1) Those that do not know thier history are doomed to repeat it. 2) Watch for the grab for control,under "emergency" decree, of all forms of media, firearms and weapons of all kinds, and foodstuffs,water,fuel,etc. 3) The "Big Lie" is nothing new. It was perfected into it's current state-of-the-art form by Dr. Paul Josef Goebbels, Hitler's minister of propaganda. The key to it's success is repetition ad-infinitum, until your will weakens and you start to beleive it. Dry cleaning of the cerebellum 101. The main thing is to know it for what it is, and RESIST, NEVER GIVE IN! In the end WE will prevail, at a great cost, but we WILL prevail!

Posted by A REAL American @ 11/11/2002 02:04 PM EST

Oh hell, now we're all going to die. Sooner rather than later I fear.

Posted by Bushwhacked! @ 11/11/2002 03:41 PM EST

Bushwhacked, you may be right, but I hope not. I am scared shitless, but I'm even more pissed. If ya gotta go, make it count for something!

Posted by A REAL American @ 11/11/2002 04:15 PM EST

my,how very glum. shall i now fall on the sword, or calmly and reflectively slice open my wrists in a comfortable tub of hot water?
nah...not today; must practice revolutionary mathematics: one plus one, and all that.
as desparate indeed it may all(that's pretty inclusive) sound, this one (that would be me) feels more comfortable seeking light and laughter. today.
regardless of the monster's machinations, it is creating a vacuum that will only suck itself down and away. that others will be destroyed in the process, well, that is somewhat akin to being whacked in traffic. i curse the car, but look both ways.
we are in the circle. what to do? say that prayer that is thoughtful behavior and movement/repose. be peace. laugh at these fools. do not, repeat, do not become them by immersion in fear. fear bad. bad fear,bad!
of course it is serious. and we are all going to die. embrace the quixotic. be a hero. save your neighbor. momentarily we have words. let's dispense them wisely and proportionate to the desire to hear. thank you, and good night. oh yeah, write people in D.C. for shits and giggles if nothing else.

Posted by samrod wetrat @ 11/11/2002 04:29 PM EST

my,how very glum. shall i now fall on the sword, or calmly and reflectively slice open my wrists in a comfortable tub of hot water?
nah...not today; must practice revolutionary mathematics: one plus one, and all that.
as desparate indeed it may all(that's pretty inclusive) sound, this one (that would be me) feels more comfortable seeking light and laughter. today.
regardless of the monster's machinations, it is creating a vacuum that will only suck itself down and away. that others will be destroyed in the process, well, that is somewhat akin to being whacked in traffic. i curse the car, but look both ways.
we are in the circle. what to do? say that prayer that is thoughtful behavior and movement/repose. be peace. laugh at these fools. do not, repeat, do not become them by immersion in fear. fear bad. bad fear,bad!
of course it is serious. and we are all going to die. embrace the quixotic. be a hero. save your neighbor. momentarily we have words. let's dispense them wisely and proportionate to the desire to hear. thank you, and good night. oh yeah, write people in D.C. for shits and giggles if nothing else.

Posted by samrod wetrat @ 11/11/2002 04:32 PM EST

don't feel fear, it's the emotion these parasites feed off. I mean what's the worst that can happen? they nuke my city? fair enough, i'm going to a much better place where they can't touch me.

3 score and 10 is not even the blink of an eye in eternity.

Posted by robbie @ 11/11/2002 06:50 PM EST

We all have every reason to feel fear and have concern. Now that Bush has no opposition expect swift passage of the Homeland Security Act and other devious plans for implementation of the New World Order. Which is in itself much like old England was back in the Mideval times, (Royalties vs. The Peasants).

I would rather be dead than live in tyranny. I won't go without doing my part to smash their agenda first.





Posted by Mech @ 11/11/2002 08:02 PM EST

I'm really trying hard to keep a positive attitiude, but it's not easy. I did feel a little better when I read this article by Skolnick, where he hypothesizes that Bush is being led into a trap:



Now steered into taking over total control of the central government, the G.O.P. has been led into a trap. They face being blamed, despised, and ridiculed for the increasing anguish of ordinary Americans trying to deal with an impending financial meltdown.

In its simplest terms, Black Tuesday was a bloody dirty trick, for the moment, to delay and sidestep dealing with the expected Crash.

In plain terms, Bushfraud, perceived to be a latter day Herbert Hoover, will be widely blamed for either being unable and/or unwilling to propose or institute any effective remedy to the economic disaster. He may push a tax cut, yet because of declining tax collections in a recession, there is no money for the same. And issuing a flood of U.S. Treasury securities to make a tax cut possible will cause gold to skyrocket, a temporary inflating to come, followed by a devastating decline in value of homes and properties, the dreaded DEFLATION.

Some close to the matters contend this trap sprung on Bush and the G.O.P. cannot be corrected. Some go so far as to contend, from close at hand sources, that the trap was ordered by the Schiff family, part of the faction in the aristocracy that opposes scrapping the Bill of Rights and is against the Fascist-like plans of the Bush Crime Family, to rule this continent with an iron fist. That is, to Overthrow the American Republic.

Can Bush and his gang get out of the trap?

More coming....Stay tuned.

Posted by Jeff U @ 11/11/2002 09:59 PM EST

No authority founded on bloodshed and lies can endure, ultimately it must go the way of the dinosaurs; that is an historical inevitability. Violence destroys, love creates, ultimately this ultra-violent administration will meet it's end by it's own sword.

Posted by ewar @ 11/12/2002 02:37 AM EST

I felt the wave of fear and despair after the "election" and suspected it was worldwide--it is certainly not easy to be awake and aware in these times--I sometimes wish that I'd been born to be a couch potato. Agree w/others here that not giving in to fear is vital--and so is sense of humor.
Because I believe that in the world as it could be, the USA is meant to
be the manifestation of freedom and respect for the individual (each nation of the world contributing its own unique qualities)--because of this, I harbored the absurd hope that the american people would rise up, vote (radical concept), and end the tyranny--NOT!
So--pick ourselves back up, and continue to do what we can do according to our individual conscience. And pray for a miracle.
Peace, Kathleen

Posted by Kathleen Beatty @ 11/12/2002 04:37 AM EST

wow, do people like that still really exist?

Posted by robbie @ 11/12/2002 07:44 AM EST

PPC - your comments are simply too wise, too cogent for me. I now know that this smothering feeling I've felt for months isn't dread, it's a warm fuzzy blanket as I realize my valiant president is protecting me. Let's walk hand in hand to recruitment and enlist, whaddya say?

Posted by mcbucks @ 11/12/2002 08:21 AM EST

WOW! PPC, what a posting. Awesome stuff. Sometimes people like myself need a little nudge to keep them on the straight and narrow, and you have done just that. I haven't read that much psychotic bullshit in one go in quite some time. Communists? Where the hell did you pluck that from. The DC Sniper as a demonstration of the world after Muslim extremists take over? Your own bloody MILITARY produced that man. Intolerant of religion (except Islam). Are you a Christian by any chance? Oh it just goes on and fucking on. You have my sympathy. And as for describing the good 'ole US of A as 'the greatest country in the history of man ', oh for Bills sake take me away. A brief and cursory glance at your country's history shows it to be faaaaaaar from the case. Just ask the next native american you meet. If you can find one that is. Because, you killed them all you see. I feel I need to spell things out for you as the level of brain power and reasoning on display in your posting has me doubting you can work things out on your own. Your attitude and values will be the fall of man, do you realise that. You have already handed over total control of your life to a psychotic paedaphile murderer (thats George Snr, not Jnr. If you look closely enough you can see the strings) but don't try and drag other people into your madness. Especially people who can think for THEMSELVES and can see your style coming a mile of. And if you haven't even worked out that there is NO difference between Republicans and Democrats yet, then YOU need take a deep breath and read. Gloating about Republican success and looking down on Democrat policy is about as mindless as it gets. I live in England where we now have a very similar system thanks to the total PRATT that is Tony Blair, and even my mum can see through that particular scam.
And how DARE you defend Bush, and then end your posting 'peace and love'. You idiot. He is a warmongering psycho who is unquestionably the biggest threat to what stability there is in the world. You cannot go around arming the world, then declaring war on them because they are in possesion of arms. Saddam? Tooled up by Bush administration and Thatcher when he was fighting Iran. Al Queda? Armed and trained by the CIA to fight the Russians during occupation. AND THESE FACTS ARENT EVEN SECRET. It's common knowledge. So like I say, cosy up to your pal George if you really CAN'T find any functioning brain cells, but DON'T insult me and a lot of other people by signing off 'peace and love'.

Posted by Phink67 @ 11/12/2002 08:58 AM EST

I have lived my whole adult life with the knowledge that this turn of events, the downfall of this country, was inevitable. I agonized for years, trying to think of some way to prevent the fall, telling anyone that had a brain and the time to listen about the future. Recently though, I have had a new perspective that offers me the thin shred of hope. Sadly, nothing will stop the collapse of America as we have known it, but hope remains in the future of a rebuilt Nation. Before that happens, however, all Americans will have their noses shoved into the reality of what we as a collective people have wrought. The Federal governing body will be 'decomissioned' and it won't go quietly. A time of reconsideraton of our basic nature is in order, lest we try and repeat the process that has led us all to this point in our history. We are not heroes. We are not civilized. I seriously question if we are even "Humane" beings. But if anyone survives the chaos to come, please remember how we arrived at this moment and do everything in your power not to repeat the process. Our specie is at stake. And the determining factor in our survival will be the ability to learn from our mistakes and not repeat the same old 'monkey see-monkey do' primatism that is the core of the average persons psyche. We are not God's chosen people, we do not live outside the laws of nature, we are not a kinder, nobler, holier, or in any way better specie. We are proud, arrogant, decietful, savage, cruel, thoughtless, immature, selfish, greedy, hateful, divisive, and so on, but most importantly, we are afraid. Fear is our coin of choice, our marketed industry, our grossest national product. We have ravaged other lands for their resources, crushed any culture from which we could steal no virtue, stood at the brink of genocide just to have our "own" continent. America has become the bastion of basest villiany, all the while tipping it's white hat in the direction of 'manifest destiny'. We produce more lawyers, murderers, sociopaths, and hate groups than any nation in history. Does any one notice? No. Too busy touting the party line of choice, too well paid holding the wool over our own eyes, too smug in our concieted 'greatest country in the world' self-aggrandizement. So, as I said before, we are done, hoisted on our own petard. But after the collapse, we can build something better, if only we can be honest with ourselves about how and why America failed. Start practicing now, and if you're lucky or stubborn, you just might be able to give our children somewhere to live and something important to learn.

Posted by Shivachandana @ 11/12/2002 09:00 AM EST

Shivachandana, you say "after the collapse, we can build something better" but just what is your view of a better government? Is is communism? What?

Posted by Tell Me @ 11/12/2002 10:20 AM EST

It is hard to stay awake sometimes. You get so tired that you just want to fall asleep and give in to convenience. Being born in the seventies I was raised by the current campaign of fear and consumption. It's addictive. To let others do the thinking for you is very addictive. I am not claiming to be a victim of this system however, because I understand that it has been me and others like me that has chosen this path of convenience. How could you not? Money, Gas, cars, fast food, television. To break away from it is where the hard work is. The question is how? How can I stop? I feel like I'm hooked. The sinister forces are in fact hooked, but it is worse for them - they get high on thier own supply. They won't stop. With the help of others we can stop these old white people that are out of touch and out of step with the world. Awareness is the key. Spreading awareness is the first method in freeing the world from these greedy powermongers. For now that is all I can do. Besides that, I hope for some kind of dimensional or paradigm shift real soon to restore balance here. PEACE. BE STRONG AND VIBRATE POSITIVE.

Posted by BRAN @ 11/12/2002 10:42 AM EST

i, too, am depressed and horrified with the state of our nation and am at an impasse about domestic solutions. however, i did have an idea that might work in the protest area that might work... if the war is inevitable, let's all travel enmasse to baghdad before the invasion to help shield the iraquis. 50,000-500,000 tourists(more or less) in the city might be a public relations coup. i'm relatively certain with the correct pr before the actual move, it would pave the way for our welcome by the iraquis and make quite a splash in the press. a ghandiesque woodstock. it's a bit naive and demands sophistsication, so all of you folks who love and demand freedom and dignity in everyones' lives take it from here

Posted by donwan @ 11/12/2002 07:27 PM EST

Yep, tremendous diversity of thought here. So much that my IP address was banned from this site and my postings have been removed. Incorrect, you are banned because you are a goof You communists love some censorship. Communist??? (An OLD goof.) Calm down old timer, 1950 ended... like, fifty years ago. Time to step into the twenty first century. I doubt many of my readers are communists. (Don't knock Communists at least Communists know how to fuck - unlike you conservatives.) There is not one varying thought here and how threatened you people are by differing point of view is scaryListen it's quite clear who the scary one is here. This is not a forum for indoctrinated sheep, this is an activist forum. We know all about what your vision is - Zero. This is not your forum - you old fart.
Mr. Phink67 doesn't even know that that he is toting the tired old communist party line and by the way Mr Phynx67 my girlfriend is native american as are many of my friends and they like Bush more than I do. THis is because they are not a federally sanctioned tribe, they get no federal handout, they have thier own chartered town and bank. But that is a whole other matter. When
you are ignorant about a subject it is better to remain silent and let us just think your an idiot. You academics could not be any more predicatble and narrow minded. As I've stated to Mr. Voxfux, A sheep is someone so blinded by ideology that they only accept information that validates thier own ideology and attempt to censor all competing ideas. Thats how the Soviets did it. And you Brits have more to worry about than the US.??? By the way, we helped the anti communist resistance in Afganistan and IRaq as we were winning the cold war, or did you forget that saved your american hating asses for the third time. Yea I know... We always "Helped" Iraq and Afganistan. What planet is this guy living on? YOu have no idea what kind tyranny these Muslim Extremists wish upon the world and they are starting with you because they see a weakness. Hmmm that's funny I don't remember any "Muslim Extremists" bothering me before the Bush cabal took over, and none of my friends or my friends friends were ever bothered by Muslim Extremists, Why don't you share your story of the nasty Muslim Extremists who came to the suburban shithole that you obviously live in and bothered you? Condradulations you have NO BRAIN - ZERO. YOU ARE A FUCKING INDOCTRINATED DUMMY - A SERIOUS DUMB PERSON ! Y O U A R E T H E P R O B L E M ! ! ! Don't ya get it??And for those of you in the US, when this threat is eliminated and your freedom to act like self hating,
American hating creeps is maintained you can thank an admin. in power that did not back down and hide when the world is being threatened. incorrect - the bush crew is behind the terrorism - that is a fact. And yes Mr. Phynx67 the path to peace is through
strength not peace rallies. The path to true peace is through wisdom and compassion. If your leaders knew that in the 30's WW 2 could have been avoided and many millions of lives saved. How come I get a feeling that he watches the history channel and then comes here and spits out something he remembers from it We didn't ask for this war but we will win it and you can all be free to complain about the end of the world till your bitter little hatefilled hearts content. Hate filled? I'm not the one dropping daisy cutters and JDAMs on impoverished people who don't even have shoes on their feet. Hugs and Kisses and peace out(is that better?) No thanks on the hugs and kisses, keep your hands off me. You're a creep. You need to change. Your head is in the gutter. Seriously - You need education and experience. Get some soon. Before you and people like you fuck this whole world up permanently

Posted by banned @ 11/12/2002 07:30 PM EST

These irony is that these porky republican sex haters turn out to be the biggest perverts on the face of the planet.

Jim Baker

Posted by Jim and Tammy @ 11/12/2002 10:20 PM EST

I don't know if I should enter this, but here goes... There is some validity to the points raised by "banned". History can, and will repeat itself if we are not careful. One of the problems with the methodology perscribed by "banned", is that it's inefficient, but the efficient methodology is unthinkable. In order for one ideology to take root, and have a stabilizing effect, all other ideologies must be removed. Forced compliance with the ideology of choice is the only real way for it to survive. In short, you must exterminate differing opinion and theology (read genocide), and through very subtle mind control, maintain compliance among those who are not destined to be radicals. Every society is based on this theory. Laws are put in place to control the more radical behaviours, and "societal norm" is the subtle way of controlling the masses. If you look at most organized religions, they are a unique microcosm that display this in an examinable way--compliance makes you acceptable, and happy, while non-compliance makes you an outcast.

Yes, "banned", we do seek out others who are like minded, and tend to discard contradictory opinion, but you are also guilty of the same.

Posted by cautious @ 11/12/2002 11:03 PM EST

The only thing that is debated in all types of government at all levels is different pieces of the same legislation that is designed to take away more of your rights and further impede on your illusion of freedom. We are humans beings who are capable of thinking and loving. We do not need to governed.

Posted by Joe @ 11/13/2002 06:50 AM EST

I'll get to Mr PPC in a second. But first, Mr Vox. FANTASTIC site. Great writing. And I for one LOVE a bit of viscious comeback, particularly involving lots of swearing. It's big and it's clever! But banning this idiot PPC undermines what is going on here. Let him have his say. Let him show himself up for the Muppet he so obviously is. Like i said earlier, I think we need to hear this kind of insane bullshit every now and again to remind us of why we do what we do i.e. think for ourselves and seek out information which challenges the official line. If nothing else he admirably displays the horrendous consequences of not doing this.
Now, Mr PPC. YOU STUPID FUCKING GIT! What kind of moron are you. Let me address the points you have directed at me. So I'm toting the tired old communist party line am I? I'm well aware of what communism stands for (and for the record I think it preferable to the unmitigated horror that is capitalism, but not in any way a solution to the problems we face), but it had not one part to play in my response. The fact you have to pull this utter bullshit out of the bag to justify your stance really does show you to be a deeply ignorant and bigoted individual. What era are you from anyway. Blaming any form of official dissent on communism would be laughable if it were not so unbelievably pathetic.
And your girlfriends native american. YEAH......AND!?! What the fuck are you telling me that for. I brought up the plight of the american indian in response to your ridiculous comment that the USA is . There are many wonderful things about america. I lived there for four and a half years. But there are elements of your history (just as there are with englands) that are nothing short of dispicable. So, why don't you do what I asked you to do in the first place. Ask her if she thinks the wholesale slaughter of a massive percentage of her ancestors was justifiable and clearly the actions of 'the greatest country in the history of man '. And while your at it, have a good think about it yourself. And have a think about slavery too . And segregation. And, as Gore Vidal pointed out in his recent book Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace, the two hundred and fifty incursions made by the US military into other countries since 1947 WHERE THE US WAS THE AGGRESSOR! YOU DICKHEAD. Funny he couldn't get the book published in the US isn't it. That would be the powers that really be protecting that precious little bubble of dissinformation grimey little TWATS like you inhabit. It takes people like me and Mr Vox to search this stuff out. No one is going to put it on the History channel or CNN for you Mr PPC.
And your native american girlfriend and your native american friends like Bush more than you do. YEAH......AND!?! The fact that these people are even more deluded than you are(hard though this is to believe)is shocking, but justifies NOTHING you are saying.
I could go on and on and on and on. But I'll just say this. George Bush Jnr, he of the immortal 'more and more of our imports are coming from overseas', is a viscious little warmongering bastard who cares NOTHING for your concerns. He does not want to protect you, he wants to scare you so you'll do as your told like the good little doggie you so obviously are. His agenda is NOTHING like you think it is. Read, absorbe, and then THINK for once in your FUCKING life. I think you'll find it remarkably liberating.

Posted by phink67 @ 11/13/2002 09:02 AM EST

This is the first time I have had the pleasure of reading anything of yours. I must say that you & Dave Barry ought to get together and co -auther some stuff! You are "hil-air-eous". but very pointedly serious. thanks for a view, differing from a lot of others, but right to the point! Another comment made at the begining of the readers comments, was something about "smells like germany just before ww2" expanding control over the people , ect .not looking good

Posted by steve gaichin @ 11/13/2002 09:12 AM EST

Bill Hicks would laugh his ass off these days, I´m telling ya...

Posted by peter @ 11/13/2002 10:45 AM EST

Your remarks are quite true, but the way you approach anyone with a differing view point reminds me of the underground negative sludge in the sewers of NYC, right out of ghostbusters 11.
Anyone who lurks these sights realize how we have fucked things up, we are just looking for the way out!
Hey, we pulled it off in Illinois, what happened to the rest of the country ? I sure as hell don't know!!!
We are like stupid zombies, wondering around looking for a fix.
"I think you'll find it remarkably liberating?" (phink67)
I think you will need a corner to curl up in the fetal position and suck your thumb.
We have what recourse?
Chicago's finest were in the process last week of waiting on protesters to act up so they could try out their new toy's, and what do we have, VOTES? Oh yeah, and new voting machines.
Help me out here.

Posted by Sharon @ 11/13/2002 11:06 AM EST

Heh! Well ...

Phink, I hate to admit I got a charge out of you lambasting PPC. I agree that Vox oughta let him stay up on the boards, too, and for the following reasons: I have too often been challenged by people who haven't had the opportunity to research THE TOPIC the way we have, and accused of being closed minded in my own way. But am I?

Let's say for argument's sake that there is a heirarchy of mental ability amongst all God's children, including, in no small part, critical thinking. A person in the middle tier, the "average" person, is not a critical thinker. He seems to lack the ability to ask himself the question, "What is most likely true based on credible testimony, past history, motives, human nature, physical and circumstancial evidence, and above all, what I observe as the end result, which points most clearly to the enabling chain of causation?" Rather, the average person has two replacements for critical thinking: he asks, "what do I 'want' to believe," and, "what conclusion will support the momentum of my past position, and thereby enable me to 'feel' that I've been 'right all along?'"
In other words, the average person makes an emotional decision, even about things that are primarily factual in nature, rather than allow true critical thinking to penetrate his comfort zone, which, to him, is emotionally risky.

Add to this the fact that most of us are bombarded by a bewildering array of propaganda, psychological warfare, economic distractions, chemical and radiant influences, all against the backdrop of a changing human paradigm, and you compound the crisis of confidence even further, causing more people to vehemently defend their emotional worlds.

And so it is left to those of us who think critically as part of our instrinsic nature to separate truth from ideology, fact from the hypnotizing elocution of Tom Brokaw, to wade through the morass and shine the light of clear thinking in the darkest corners of corruption. It is our lot, not theirs, and beyond that it is our pleasure and privelege, to exercise the abilities given us at birth. We who revel in discovering the truth, regardless of its scope or quality. We who have felt the nearly "orgasmic" joy of watching with the mind's eye as ideas expand, congeal, and coalesce into carefully nurtured points of view.
Are we "right?" Well, without waxing philosophical, not always. But we do recognize small thinking in others, and we privately (or otherwise!) ridicule marginal minds.

The larger problem is that once differing views contend, both sides can accuse the other of closed-mindedness, as in your post to PPC. What the average person doesn't realize is that his "relative" claim to an equal voice is sometimes trumped by the indifference of the more capable.

This is a distinction that he himself is incapable of seeing, and it would be worse for him if he could.

How can one directly impugne someone's mental acuity, anyway? That's somehow worse than the "in your face" diatribe PPC faces, a game in which he can actually participate. It's like telling a girl you don't want to date her because you think she's ugly. And yet, as it is on Vox, those with eyes to see know all without its being said aloud.

Posted by Mick @ 11/13/2002 11:51 AM EST

Here is an example of what is to come. This individual is being used as an example. http://cbc.ca/stories/2002/11/13/jalbert021113

Posted by north wind @ 11/13/2002 03:26 PM EST


Posted by Mech @ 11/13/2002 05:00 PM EST

Why is the Bali bomber having a good time with the police?


Posted by Raul @ 11/13/2002 10:58 PM EST

I think swearing is big and clever. Bill Hicks is mentioned further up. One of the finest humans I've ever come across. A championship swearer with a dazzling intellect. As Billy Connoly once said, 'You show me the English equivalent to the word FUCK and I'll happily use it.'
I take it from your comment on Muslims (I assume you mean them all of course)torturing and raping Christians because they won't convert to Islam, that you are indeed a christian. Christians do naughty things too you know. So I'd like to ask you something. Are you proud of being a christian? Cause I wouldn't be.
Oh, and something I didn't have time to pick up on in your earlier posting. What the FUCK (did you get that, I said FUCK) is 'peace through strength'. Please explain. Show your work. Is it along the lines of 'be peacful you stupid little toe-rag or I'll blow your FUCKing brains out.' Is that the kind of thing you mean?
Give you hell? No need. You're clearly already there.
And you've got black friends who like you. How fab is that! This site was made with you in mind. Enjoy.


And as for 'the less I'm taxed and regulated the more I can pay my people', words fail me. Apart from the words FUCK OFF. I can't believe anyone would be so mentaly unstable they would buy that. Seriously. Thats just FUCKing ridiculous.
Your argument in favour of capitalism, that it gives SOME people the chance to 'move up' in society, really depends on your definition of 'move up' doesn't it. Not everybody sees this as the ability to purchase a new car once a year. Although the withering looks I get from my neighbours when I get into my clapped out old motor in the mornings has me hankering after your way of thinking. (thats a joke by the way). The problem with capitalism is it only looks after the winners. Fine and dandy if your on the winning team (Jesus FUCKING CHRIST!! I could actually hear you slapping youself on the back from HERE. Not bad considering I'm in a different continent. And was that creaking sound your face breaking into a smug self satisfied smirk. 'the more I can pay my people'!!!!!!!! Peeeer-leeeeeze, as you yanks say), but what if you're not. Not everyone can get that promotion. Not every company can win that contract. The rest are just left behind. It's simply not fair. The whole thing revolves around exploiting people. But you'll never accept that so I don't know why I bother. I guess It's because I'll NEVER give in to the likes of you.
Onward an upward.
By the way, this is fun. I actually looked forward to coming into work this morning to see the latest. Keep it up.

Posted by Phink67 @ 11/14/2002 03:42 AM EST

Some people's sense of identity is so bound up with beliefs based on lies swallowed from an early age, it's very hard to look the truth in the face. Try doing some research on Bush family history, or on the US government's impact on people's lives from Vietnam to Guatemala to Angola, and for that matter, on the history of the militant networks; eg., which superpower's intelligence Agency helped build Osama's high-tech Batcave in Khost?

Posted by Ted Shackley @ 11/14/2002 09:13 AM EST

pinkie and the brain/ bush and cheney...hmm, any connection? any guess as to who is who? maybe Horton knows.
as has been said, we are "down the rabbit hole" and any rational thinking on the matter (or the ether for that matter) will seem the shrieking of nails down a chalk board. coherency doesn't work well if systems analysis indicates chaos. this incredible shit storm may be an adherence to the Hegelian dialectic, an enormously disconcerting nose-thumb of the cosmos, our subconcious leaking into our perceptual lap-dance with reality, or coincidence. somewhere in the circle this has been. here we are again, this time with feeling and amplitude.
the apocalyptic image and verbage subfuses synapsual gaps, grouted with the Grand Plan of Old Nick himself. what duplicity! we are our own worst enemy, as usual. finger pointing will not do. how will we handle the storm, save the bacon?
it does not matter that there may be a scheme to undo our bed and litter our nest. where do we as americans come to the conclusion we are deserving of such comfortable survival when our Corporate Ambassadors shit in the back yard of the Other World?
and the comet is coming. and the aliens shall land, or the ones that are here will reveal themselves (notice how terribly maladjusted in his own skin George Jr. is?), or a Great White Light (or Black) will beacon a step up the spiritual evolutionary escalator, or drug resistant bacteria will have the last laugh.
so many ways to go out.
the last act of defiance should be to do it with honor. if you listen too intently to the approaching horsehoofs you may not be able to find your own and ride the fuck out of Dodge.
let's take this madness to space or, as Moe would say, "Spread out!"

Posted by don tarter @ 11/14/2002 10:44 AM EST

"Get over Vietnam"? "...has always been a noble and just cause"? Tell that to all those who have and still suffer from this and other such wars. You stupid, shallow fucker. Your blinkered adherence to "History, the Authorized Storybook version" almost has me wondering if you actually believe this rubbish, or are just trying to be funny.

Do you really think this forum needs you? Or that
your simple-minded attempts to justify atrocities haven't been heard by all of us a million times elsewhere? So keep trying if you must, I'm sure sooner or later you'll get blocked again- 'banned' seems somehow too glorifying.
Oh, and try to do some research on the Afghan Jihad and its relation to subsequent history, and maybe you'll be less likely to emabarrass yourself by spewing inanities ad nauseam.

It is your arguments which are weak, because they centre on received and spurious opinion,regurgitated as though 'because it sounds familiar, it must be true'
And who was defending Clinton or the Kennedys?

Posted by Ted Shackley @ 11/14/2002 01:06 PM EST

Yeah...get a job.

Get used by someone who makes 125 times more than you do. Spend most of your waking hours doing mind numbing, tedious bullshit. Buy, buy buy...shut up and shop. Help bring back an economy that was looted by capitalist robber barons and New World Order thugs.

Pick the least worse darwinist capitalist stooge of your choice...tweedledum or tweedledee.So shut up...rent a video and Gawd ble$$ ameriKa.


Posted by Mech @ 11/14/2002 10:24 PM EST

It is time for the American people to take up arms against their CIA narco-terrorist government.

Get a grip America.

Rebel or face Apocalyptic War, Death and Hell.

There can be only One true Second Coming of Christ (i.e., myself).

Posted by christ @ 11/17/2002 11:44 AM EST

What if folks who are really sick of this shit just started picking off really awful Republicans, you know, like the sniper did? Like say for example Karl Rove, or Richard Scaife, or Rumsfeld? Wouldn't that be something!

Posted by baldymcgregor @ 11/18/2002 09:27 PM EST

I'd like to add that most Americans are in fact asleep, or in the dark to what really is going on. Most are results of what the "big player's" want us to believe. Most know that we are constantly being lied to. Everyone is out for themself. How pathetic we have become.

To have to rely on external circumstances to fill the void that makes all these fucked up people act only to get a false sense of empowerment is killing the rest of us. Or, is it reminding us how-not-to live in an ego-driven self.

It is so sad to me that so many have to "one up" everybody and live to constantly fill their ego. How sad that so many live in fear and how fucked up our world really is.

I find it really interesting to read all the opinions of the non-American's out there. I really appreciate their viewpoint.

I, too, fall prey to living in my "own world" and just "hoping" everything will work out & be okay. It's all just too negative and draining to constantly keep abreast of all the bullshit.

Maybe just another ignorant American...? A product of my environment...? or just not sure what I can really do to make a difference. Sad, huh? But, honest.

I knew there had to be some other organization aligned with the big-wigs only I'm not involved enough to know.

It sucks to know our lives (on so many levels) are some-what configured or enhanced by what "they" want us to be doing to capitalize on it (the American way) - but that's what becoming aware is all about. It's really hard to avoid it no matter what part of the world you live in.

I would be interested in hearing what the rest of the world suggests that our actions be.

Yes, we could try to live in awareness as the universe unfolds to us but then aren't we letting these self serving politicians control our destiny?

Posted by J. @ 11/19/2002 10:02 PM EST

"...both politics and economics conspire to create a culture inimical to the preservation of an important social domain reserved for the religous. An increasingly permissive culture, exploiting the principle of the separation of church and state, squeezes out the religous factor but without substituting for it any secular
'categorical imperatives', thereby transforming the inner moral code into a vacuum." - Zbigniew Brzezinski, 'Out of Control' p.68

Posted by Michael @ 11/21/2002 10:36 AM EST

Dear Vox;
Its a frightful thing to say that we are headed for a time that our American government will supress your individual rights and freedoms,and if you speak out or if you born-again christian you will be deemed a "terrorist" in the nearby future.The realty of concentration camps,are coming for many Americans.

Posted by Woody from Tennessee @ 11/24/2002 08:07 PM EST

Rumor Mill News Is Under Attack!
We are currently experiencing something that is similar to a "Denial Of Service Attack".
As I said, it similar, it is NOT the same thing. What this means for our readers is that sometimes you will be able to access everything, and sometimes you won't be able to. If you receive a message that says, "Internal Server Error 500", try again in a few moments and you may get through.

The RMNews Updates is still up, as are many other areas, such as the OUTPOST, Breaking News, News Links, and our links to other webpages. Scroll down this page and you will see the regular front page of Rumor Mill News, and most of the links will work! The current attack appears to be directed at the RMNews Forum AND my administration areas, in other words, the links that allow us to make changes in the webpage OR fix the Forum.

I know who the underlings are who are behind this current attack. They work for the NWO... in particular the Zionist/Hawk section of our Government. They have tried to disrupt, pervert and destroy Rumor Mill News once before. They have also tried to subvert our loyal agents and turn them against us! They are back at work with a vengence! They have been cloning my rayelan@rumormillnews.com email address and using it to send messages to our agents. Due to the problems in my own life as well as the problems with the webpage, I am emailing very few people right now. If you have received a strange email message from me in the last three or four days, please forward it to me so I can let you know if it is REALLY from me, or if it is one of the "clones". Please also realize that they are using my email address to send viruses to people who have posted on the RMNews Updates.

When Rumor Mill has been disrupted in the past, major intel operations have been launched, and/or "terrorists" have attacked the United States. The last major disruption to the Rumor Mill News Forum took place shortly before 9.11. If the government is behind this, and I have every reason to suspect this, it is my feeling that something is just about to happen. One of our Agents posted a newsletter from Karen Lee Bixman on the Forum. I was going to email it to the RMNews Updates and put a link to it here. But I waited too long, and haven't been able to pull up the forum again to access the article. Hopefully this agent, will see this and email Karen's letter as well as the other information he just posted to: RMNEWS_DAILY_EMAILS@YAHOOGROUPS.COM

If you are lucky enough to be able to access the READING ROOM - aka the RMNews Forum; PLEASE also send your article to: RMNEWS_DAILY_EMAILS@YAHOOGROUPS.COM . If you can't access the RMNews Forum, please email all your news to the above email address. This way, we can be assured that our readers will be kept up to the minute on breaking news... such as Henry Kissinger being appointed to head the committee to investigate 9.11. I guess we NOW know for sure that we will NEVER be told the truth about 9.11! In my opinion, and the opinion of many loyal Americans, appointing Kissinger to this position is the WORST injury that has happened to the United States since 9.11. Needless to say, Kissinger is also part of the Zionist/Hawk group that is currently behind the assault of Rumor Mill News and having him in charge of the 9.11 investigation is like putting the FOX in charge of the chicken coop!

This Thanksgiving, make sure to say prayers for the survival of our way of life.

Posted by Rumor Mill News Is Under Attack! @ 11/27/2002 05:32 PM EST


Mossad Bombs Paradise Hotel in Mombasa
The precise anatomy of an attack that only "looked like" it was targeted on Jews

Copyright Joe Vialls, 30 November 2002

On 28 November it was reported that “al Qaeda” had blown up the Israeli Paradise Hotel at Kikambala Beach near Mombasa, and synchronously launched a missile attack on an Arkia Airlines Boeing 757, taking off from Mombasa Airport en-route for Tel Aviv with 264 Israeli passengers on board. There was wild media talk of outstanding Israeli bravery in the face of these horrifying Muslim atrocities, but in reality the entire “dual attack” was a lookalike invented by the Mossad, designed to deflect attention away growing anger in Indonesia about direct CIA and Mossad involvement in the 12 October bombing of Kuta Beach in Bali. More about this motive later in the report, but first let us use real-time and photographic evidence to prove this deliberate Israeli illusion.
The first proof that the Kikambala Beach operation was a covert Israeli sting, came less than an hour after the massive bomb blast, with a tame television anchorman in New York repeatedly asking a reporter at the Paradise hotel about “the other attack on the Israeli airliner taking off from Mombasa.” The timing of these questions was impossible, because the pilots aboard the Arkia Airlines Boeing 757 had not reported any incident. Serving as proof of this critical omission, there is no record of any “Mayday” or “Pan” call on the Kenyan air traffic control tapes at any time on 28 November 2002. So now we know the New York media was deliberately telling us about a mid-air incident which never occurred.
Simultaneously at the Paradise Hotel, hordes of Israeli tourists were filmed sitting on top of their heavy suitcases more than 200 meters away from the building. Nearly every reader is conversant with hotel evacuation drills. You are told repeatedly that “human life is important, possessions are not”. This priority never changes, with standard emergency instructions worldwide urging patrons to “Stay calm, check the room to ensure no-one is left, leave your belongings where they are, and walk briskly to your assembly point – do not run.” Nowhere in the rules is there any instruction to risk the lives of your children and yourself, by slowly and laboriously dragging a fifty-pound suitcase more than two hundred meters towards the beach.
The tourists sitting calmly on their suitcases at the beach, is explained by the fact that the Paradise Hotel is a “turnkey” operation, one-hundred-percent owned by the Israelis and thus under their complete control. You cannot walk in off the street and book a room, because the entire hotel is reserved strictly for Israeli tourists, including a sizeable number of Mossad operatives on “Rest and Recuperation”. This was a controlled operation from the start, with nearly all of the Israeli guests cleared away from the buildings before the charges were detonated.

Next, Mossad agents led the compliant Kenyan media to a spot just outside the Mombasa Airport perimeter fence, and showed journalists the “discarded launch tubes” of two shoulder-launched surface-to-air heat seeking missiles, allegedly fired at the Arkia Boeing 757 as it passed overhead at 500 feet. They were real launch tubes complete with pistol grips designed to fire the SA-7b “Strela” missile, but minus the heavy battery packs which the “Arab terrorists” inexplicably decided to run away with. Believe me, there is no way you can fire the Strela without its heavy battery pack. The launch tubes had also been resprayed brilliant sky-blue, a color which provides excellent contrast for media location and recording on Betamax video, but is absurd for operational use. The only colors the Strela is issued in from the factory, are camouflage khaki or olive drab.
The SA-7b Strela is an infra red heat seeker that locks onto hot engine exhaust gases, and will rush off at Mach 1.75 to kill any aircraft [without active magnesium flare protection] that flies within its slant range of 3 miles. Immediately after launch the equipment operator becomes irrelevant, with the missile doing the rest all by itself. Sure it sometimes has a bit of a problem with helicopters which deflect their hot engine gases up through the rotor blades, but the huge gaping red-hot engine orifices of a Boeing 757 at point blank range, are the Strela’s ultimate wet dream.
If one of these rather phallic missiles had actually been fired at the Arkia 757 from the Mombasa runway overrun area, it would have automatically and immediately streaked inside one of the 757’s irresistible orifices, and blown the entire engine pod off the wing with its powerful HE warhead. Two missiles would have blown off two engine pods, making the Boeing extremely difficult to control, to say the very least of it.

The sky-blue Strela launch tube "discarded" by Mossad near Mombasa Airport. Note total lack of residue in pictures left and right. Centre pic shows a real Strela with wide array of ancillary guidance equipment and power packs needed for launch.

Fortunately you do not have to take my word for this. Look very closely at the Strela launch tube photographs shown on this page. The launch and propellant charges of the Strela are very messy, and always leave a lot of dirty residue on the muzzle and exhaust pipe of the launcher after a missile has been fired. There is not the slightest trace of residue on either Strela launcher at Mombasa, proving conclusively that they were never used for live launches, and were thus placed in the grass solely as stage props to reinforce the Israeli myth.
No doubt a few avid television viewers might retort, “What about the Israeli captain of the Boeing? He said he saw two smoke trails from the missiles”. Really? It would be more productive to focus on exactly what the captain told the media, and whether his statement could be even remotely correct. The captain’s exact words were, “We saw two white stripes coming up from behind the airplane on the left side a bit above us.” As you will see from the photo of the Arkia Boeing 757 on this page, the aircraft is not fitted with rear view mirrors or a tail warning radar. No pilot sitting on the flight deck of a Boeing 757 can see “behind” the aircraft because rearward vision is severely restricted. With the “stretched” version of the Boeing 757 they were flying, the Arkia pilots would consider themselves lucky if they could twist around far enough to see their own wings. Nor would they have done so at this entirely critical point in the flight.
The aircraft had just rotated off the hot runway at Mombasa with a full load of fuel and passengers, and was at its most vulnerable. Lose an engine at this point, which means half your total thrust on a twin-engine Boeing 757, and you need to be a very slick pilot to get the airplane back on the ground in one piece at all. So beyond question, both pilots had their eyes glued firmly to the instrument panel at the precise time the captain subsequently claimed, “We saw two white stripes coming up from behind the aircraft…” You decide whether or not the captain was telling the truth, bearing in mind that he also claimed he “felt a bump”, inferring one of the “phantom” missiles had glanced off the airplane. On arrival at Ben Gurion airport in Palestine the airplane was checked for damage by television media, and not a single scratch or blemish was found on its immaculate paint work.
As previously stated, and apart from gratuitously trying to establish a direct link between Palestinians and the fictional “al Qaeda” in the form of CIA/MI6/Mossad “suspect” Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah, the motive for this staged Mossad “attack” was almost certainly to combat increasing dissent over the Bali bombing, with the intent of getting suspicious westerners back on side. The very nature of the covert operation provides several strong clues, as do the various stage props provided by the Mossad for local and international media networks

Imaginative computer graphics issued to the media by Mossad in the wake of the scam, to help viewers "understand" how this impossible attack was [not] launched. Note the two "al Qaeda terrorists" without guidance systems or battery packs!

At the basic subliminal level, you were supposed to acknowledge this “cowardly” attack by “al Qaeda” on “Israeli civilians” who were simply on holiday having a good time at “Kikambala Beach”, where the blasts were caused by a “suicide bomber” and a “car bomb”. You were repeatedly shown hundreds of feet of video film reinforcing this myth, with lots of waving palm trees, and distraught Jewish survivors sitting on the beach.
Surely the covert Kikambala operation subliminally reminds you of another “cowardly” attack by “al Qaeda” on “Australian civilians”, who were simply on holiday having a good time at “Kuta Beach” in Bali on 12 October? It is remarkably similar in many ways, right down to the fine details of a “suicide bomber” and “car bomb” The entire operation was designed to [hopefully] prove that poor Israelis on holiday suffer as much as poor Australians do, at the “ruthless” hands of “al Qaeda” and/or the interchangeable “Jemaah Islamiyah”.
Well, perhaps not exactly. More than one hundred Australians died at Kuta Beach, but only three Israelis died at Kikambala Beach. As if to make up for this inferior body count, you were told that “al Qaeda” had also fired two SA-7b “Strela” heat seeking missiles at an unarmed Israeli airliner. Poor brave Israelis, huh?
I am not callously ingoring the loss of life where local residents are concerned, it is simply a matter of not having accurate figures to use. To the best of my knowledge, approximately 100 Indonesians perished at Kuta Beach, while at least 15 Kenyans were killed at Kikambala Beach. Sadly perhaps, this heavy death toll will be regarded by the CIA and Mossad as irrelevant "collateral damage."

During the ten days immediately preceding the Kikambala operation, things had gone from bad to worse for American and Australian investigators trying to prove that “al Qaeda” and “Jemaah Islamiyah” were responsible for the Kuta Beach atrocity. On Monday 18 November, Indonesian Parliamentary Speaker Amien Rais said he questioned the validity of the police conclusion that "Amrozi" was the main perpetrator of the Bali bombings. Rais was supported by Deputy House Speaker A.M. Fatwa, who stated, "`My conscience says that he is not a key actor. I don’t believe that Amrozi has the capability to make all kinds of the preparations for the bombings, like setting off a kind of micro nuclear bomb in Bali."
These pointed observations by two of the most powerful politicians in Indonesia caused a storm of discontent across the entire nation, with most Indonesians justifiably claiming that the CIA and Mossad were responsible for the outrage in Bali. Then events accelerated rapidly, with politicians from Jakarta personally visiting Kuta Beach. This was followed by the sudden recall of the police general in Bali, who for weeks prior to this had managed to produce endless “Muslim suspects” for the Americans and Australians, at the same staggering speed a conjurer might pull rabbits out of a hat. But just like the rabbits, the Muslim suspects were just clever illusions. And so it was that quite suddenly, with their tame police general removed from the island and escorted back to Jakarta, the CIA and Mossad knew the game was up.
The risks involved in Bali finally being exposed as a joint CIA-Mossad operation are awesome, and far more dangerous in their own way than the multiple allegations about 9/11. Though many investigators including myself have proved with ease that nearly half the named 9/11 “hijackers” are still alive and well today, and that forged evidence was deliberately planted at the crime scene in New York, none individually or severally have sufficient hard evidence to prove that 9/11 was a premeditated scam launched by Judeo-Christian crusaders, rather than by fictional Muslim “al Qaeda terrorists”.
Bali is quite different. Because it is known that the only possible source for the weapon named by Deputy Speaker A. M. Fatwa is Dimona in Israel’s Negev Desert, this single atrocity has the easy ability to unravel the entire carefully-constructed post- 9/11 “War on Terror”, and its more recent oil-rich cousin, the “War on Iraq”. If you successfully unravel the Bali atrocity, and correctly pin the blame on the CIA and Mossad, you automatically expose both “al Qaeda” and “Jemaah Islamiyah” as organizations deliberately invented by these two related western intelligence agencies. Indeed, using this process you prove that the CIA and Mossad ARE THEMSELVES “al Qaeda” and “Jemaah Islamiyah”. Then, and only then, can you use modus operandi and due legal process to prove beyond doubt that the same two agencies were also responsible for 9/11.
This frightening possibility was a risk the agencies were not prepared to take, and the Kikambala operation was swiftly arranged to deflect attention away from the increasing anger in Indonesia. Unfortunately, there is a remote but worrying possibility that the lookalike Israeli attack on Kikambala, might have been designed to deliberately include propaganda enabling future “more sophisticated” attacks on the west.
So far as I know, this is the first time that either the CIA or the Mossad has actually brought you real television footage of an [unfired] surface-to-air missile launcher, with the obvious intent of convincing you that the fictional “al Qaeda” and “Jemaah Islamiyah” not only have access to such equipment, but are also willing and able to use it against unarmed civilian airplanes. The big problem, of course, is that this decoy missile equipment was deliberately placed in position by the Mossad, rather than any “Muslim terrorist” group.
Though I normally go out of my way to avoid causing public panic of any kind, now might be a good time to reevaluate just how necessary it might be for your wife, children or yourself to fly on commercial airplanes. If the CIA or Mossad feel the need to reinforce hatred and fear of “al Qaeda” or “Jemaah Islamiyah” at some time in the indeterminate future, there is now an odds-on chance that at least one of the future “terrorist atrocities” will involve a pair of [live] Israeli SA-7b Strela missiles hurtling up from the ground to join with your airliner in a deadly embrace, immediately after take off from New York, London or Sydney.

Bali Bombing Aussie "Lab Rats" Operation Shekhinah Vialls Home

If you would like to help this keep this ailing web site on the Internet, you may do so by clicking on the PayPal link below and making a donation. No amount is too small, and might keep the reports flowing for a few weeks longer. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

Live Israeli Strela with Guidance & Battery packs

Probably coming soon to an airport near you..

Posted by Mossad Bombs Paradise Hotel @ 12/01/2002 01:23 AM EST

I am a pagan (although i am not sure i am a heathen). The last time a large group of people followed a bush, they ended up in teh desert for 40 years, lets not repeat that again.

We are america, if we let a power mongul take control of who we are, then we are screwed and have sold our souls to slavery.

Wave the flag and display the seal, not in support of the administartion, but in support of freedom, no matter how obscured it is.

Mr. Bush, Mr Rumsfield, Mr. Ashcroft, Mr. Poindexter, to all those who those who oppose freedom,

There is an eye upon you, it knows who you are, do you know what it is? No, didn't think so.

Posted by The overseer @ 12/05/2002 01:55 PM EST


Daniel Ellsberg Calls on People in Gov't to Leak Documents

"I am using every opportunity to say to people in the government who are in the position that I was then, and who know that their president is lying us into a wrongful and reckless war, to do what I wish I had done in 1964-65: to go to Congress and the press with documents and tell the truth. That would be a risk, but there are times when big risks are worth that to save a lot of lives."

send the URL for this page to everyone you know in the government!

>>> Former State Department employee and Rand analyst Daniel Ellsberg played a pivotal role in US history when in June 1971 he leaked thousands of pages of classified documents about the Vietnam war to the New York Times. The resulting court battle was a major First Amendment victory, and the "Pentagon Papers" helped end the war in Vietnam. Since then, Ellsberg has been reviled by many and held in high esteem by many others. (We'll give you one guess which camp The Memory Hole falls into.)

Ellsberg has released his memoirs, Secrets (Viking Press, 2002), and has gone on a speaking/booksigning/interviewing blitz across the US. During his interview with the Guardian of London, he repeated his call upon government employees and officials to follow his example by leaking documents that reveal important truths that are being hidden from the public. His clarion call is reproduced above.

posted 12 Dec 2002 copyright 2002 Russ Kick

Posted by Leak Documents @ 12/13/2002 12:06 PM EST

all the 9-11 airports serviced by 1 israeli owned company
by brian • Thursday December 12, 2002 at 02:39 AM

curiosities of 9-11

one of those times when an inoccuous comment in an unrelated news report triggers a revelation.

In the article at http://afrocubaweb.com/news/israelispying.htm there is the following paragraph.

"To make the situation worse, a private security company called ICTS, owned by an Israeli, Ezra Harel, and registered in the Netherlands, was employed at Charles de Gaulle airport to screen passengers boarding US planes. Most of its personnel are ex-Shin Bet officers. The company covers security at Boston’s Logan airport, where the American Airlines plane came down after flight attendants and passengers overpowered Reid."
The point of thie article was that ICTS knew Reid was dangerous, but allowed him on board a flight from Tel Aviv to Paris. Maybe they did and maybe they didn't. But the idea that an Israeli owned company had inside access to the airport used to launch an abortive terror attack brought to mind the strange message Odigo Systems, another Israeli owned company with offices near the World Trade Towers, received that warned of the impending attacks before the hijacked planes had even left the ground.

So, I went back to another story that had surfaced briefly, reported at http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=26626 about how at least one hijacker had smuggled a GUN aboard one of the hijacked planes. Even prior to 9-11, getting a gun on board a passenger plane represented a serious lapse of security. I wondered why this story of a gun was being concealed behind talk of box cutters and screwdrivers.

Then I went back to the first article and its mention that ICTS handled security at Logan International Airport, from which two of the 9-11 hijacked planes had departed.

Sure enough, a visit to ICTS' own web site at http://www.icts-int.com/ confirms that ICTS is in fact an Israeli owned company, and that it sells services to every airport from which the hijacked planes operated, including security, sometimes through wholly owned subsidieries like Huntleigh USA Corporation.

It has been suggested that the incredible feat of hijacking four aircraft without a single arrest at the gate would require the resouces of a nation-state. This is even more true with the revelation that at least one gun had managed to be aboard a hijacked plane. One company had automatic inside access to all of the airports from which hijacked planes departed on 9-11, and to the airports used by Richard Reid, the shoe bomber. An Israeli company. One that Mossad agents could easily find employment with without the management knowing who they were or what their purpose really was.

But one thing is clear. By virtue of the Odigo warning, someone knew enough about the planned attacks to warn Odigo before the planes had even departed the airport gates, yet they did not call the Israeli security company at the airports which could have stopped the flights from leaving.


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No wonder...
by Knark • Thursday December 12, 2002 at 03:11 PM

No wonder Jews were dancing on rooftops when the twin towers were hit.

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Are you serious?
by Average Jeff • Thursday December 12, 2002 at 05:47 PM

bush_knows.jpg0pzer5.jpg, JPG image, 330x252

Why is this not all over the corporate news?

These type of facts should be sent to Kissinger immediately.

So he can do a "independant" investigation (rolleyes)

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Posted by israel screws US again @ 12/13/2002 07:31 PM EST

It IS a dark time in the USA. The USA has been guilty of horrid acts, as have all nations at one time or another. The thing is, I cherish the IDEAS this country was founded on- NOT the ACTS of genocide, the subjigation of weaker states, the economic terrorism, the institution of slavery, etc., etc.
The remarkably refreshing ideas of freedom of speech, government by the people and state protected individual rights were first implimented in the USA (I know the ideas are old, I refer to the combined implimentation.) The ideas at the foundation of this country are a noble attempt at social relativism where no one individual or group can impose upon another (within reason... a whole new can o' worms, I know...) but, as usual, the execution of these noble ideas always seem to become corrupted and threatened by CERTAIN (in both meanings) people with their own "right" idealogies at the expense of other's "wrong" philosophies/credos.
Now we are faced with an ultra-right faction using the GOP and religious zealots to wrest control from the admittedly bovine masses and impotent "leftist" opposition and subject all of us to their "right" way of dealing with reality.
Anyone not making a six figure annual salary who thinks the Bush regime gives a rats ass about them is deluding themselves- and the same goes for any group out of the mainstream ideals of the 1950's. It's obvious people want to be on the powerful, winning side and god knows the GOP of late is all that. But the cost is going to be depressingly high.
I'm truly saddened by what could be in regards to the USA if only the people had risen to the opportunity given to them -for the first time in the insane human history we all share.
We now, once again, face an enormously powerful cabal with the most frightening beliefs humans can have... they think they are RIGHT and entitled (by money, power and/or god) to impose their collective wills upon everyone elses.
I've been hearing many thoughts that the Democratic Party is just the same as the GOP- but I would like to propose one big difference... that being the Democratic Party isn't POSITIVE its ideology is superior and CORRECT- while the far right GOP Bush/cabal is quite sure it's CORRECT... and most importantly, willing to DO ANYTHING to impose their will upon others.
It is this absolute view of reality that seems the root of 'evil' deeds. Empire of evil, my ass!

Posted by Baddogma @ 12/15/2002 04:26 PM EST

Ironic...the first few lines of this story are the way I feel every time I see a news report on more terrorism. I may not agree with it all, but a lot of it rings true within what I've been feeling for some time.

Posted by ddproph @ 12/16/2002 10:15 PM EST

Ironic...the first few lines of this story are the way I feel every time I see a news report on more terrorism. I may not agree with it all, but a lot of it rings true within what I've been feeling for some time.

Posted by governmentalphobia @ 12/16/2002 10:17 PM EST

From the shoddy cover-up of the real events of 9-11 to the daily reports of audacious plans "in the event of a major terrorist attack", it seems clear that the globalist/nazi/fascist forces at work want us to know the truth of what they are doing. This will make it easier to 'select' those who are prone to blind obedience from those who might resist. The "dark storm clouds of sadness and savage spiritual pain that just settled in over the collective soul of the country" are the result of intuitive knowledge of what's really going on. But rest assured, the calming gloss will continue in the mainstream media and the 'alternative' media alike. On cue those dark inner feelings will be redirected at those who still pose a threat to the new world order. Speak out now while you still can and at least we may amass a document for some future freedom fighters to read.

Posted by thx @ 12/17/2002 10:48 AM EST

Wow, glad I found this site. I thought I was the only one feeling like a black cloud is hanging over me. It's because THERE IS a black cloud hanging over me and everyone else in this world. Most people just haven't realized it yet.

Posted by bushh8ter @ 12/18/2002 01:10 PM EST

VOX - good site, I won't be surprised if you " disappear " watch your ass. Totalitarian, unilateral republicans are in charge - that should scare the shit out of all of you. The reality is current administration is hell bent on global domination - its so obvious I cant help but give them some kudos. America is going to hell in a bucket faster than shit, but hey, at least I'm enjoying the ride

Posted by conspiranoid @ 12/19/2002 10:31 AM EST

Hi Vox, hi guests!

Just want to pay my homage to you Vox - fantastic work brother.

Any chance i met you in Berlin a couple of months ago? If so, hope all is good. If so, good guess on my behalf.

If not, sorry for wasting space Vox. It's nice to be acquaitned.

Anyway, just want to post something about what i have just been reading. Its about the introduction of a compulsory Universal National Service Bill that the governmetn is pushing through - maybe under next years elected Democrats? - as part of the national defense and Homeland Security.

It's trerrifying watching the war-cammand and wall street gearing your fine and troubled country towards Hyper Fascism.

Just don't know if it is best to get of your country before it is too late - and that is a message to every American.

Sorry for being pessimistic. There is no place for it if you wish to lead men or to be a reliable disciple.

peace - sergant pepper

Posted by john Lennon @ 10/24/2003 10:02 PM EST

Hell ,this whole war id to make Israel happy...and bush isnt the only guilty one

The democratic machine kisses the right wing israelis as much as the republicans

and the US pays the price

Posted by paddy @ 04/18/2004 07:30 PM EST

Hell ,this whole war is to make Israel happy...and bush isnt the only guilty one

The democratic machine kisses the right wing israelis as much as the republicans

and the US pays the price

Posted by paddy @ 04/18/2004 07:31 PM EST

Hell ,this whole war is to make Israel happy...and bush isnt the only guilty one

The democratic machine kisses the right wing israelis as much as the republicans

and the US pays the price

Posted by paddy @ 04/18/2004 07:31 PM EST

Hell ,this whole war is to make Israel happy...and bush isnt the only guilty one

The democratic machine kisses the right wing israelis as much as the republicans

and the US pays the price

Posted by paddy @ 04/18/2004 07:31 PM EST

Hell ,this whole war is to make Israel happy...and bush isnt the only guilty one

The democratic machine kisses the right wing israelis as much as the republicans

and the US pays the price

Posted by paddy @ 04/18/2004 07:32 PM EST

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