11/21/2002 Entry: "Psycho of the Year Award"

Well folks, 2002 has been a sad year for the human race. It marks the year when the American govenrnment was siezed by the fundamentalist fanatical industrio/religious orders (CIA,The Nights of Malta, Jesuits, Freemasons, the "Octopus")

Voxnyc will be accepting nominations for our first annual Psycho of the Year awards. There are many subcatagories, including "Most Rampant War Profiteerer," "Most Obvious Psy-op," "Biggest Liar," "Mass Murderer of the Year Award," "Most Rapid Transformation from Total Scumbag to National Diety." and many many more. Let us know what you think. And check with this link as it grows.

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Here's my nominations

Most Rampant War Profiteerer
Dick Cheney

Most Obvious Psy-op

Biggest Liar
Tony Blair

Mass Murderer of the Year Award
Donald Rumsfeld

Most Rapid Transformation from Total Scumbag to National Diety
Geraldo Rivero

Posted by ewar @ 11/21/2002 01:44 AM EST

For the "Scumbag to Diety" that award Definitly goes to Rudolf Gulliani of New York, what do you think vox?

and for War Profiteer, it's gotta go to Bush Senior who got us all into this mess in the first place.

Psycho Award = Wolfowitz
Mass murderer = Bush Senior or Junior (Same)

Posted by Chief Justice William Renquist @ 11/21/2002 02:30 AM EST

Rudy for Scumbag to Diety - You better believe that. I'm from New York, and believe me we hated that piece of shit... and then came the planes.

This world sucks

Posted by New Yorker @ 11/21/2002 03:10 AM EST

Most rapid transformation is by far the champion of the Peter Principle,the head of Homeland Security ,my ex Gov, that Howdy Dudy so and so and also poss Pres candidate in 08 Tom Ridge.........

Posted by JAY PEARLSTEIN @ 11/21/2002 03:40 AM EST

Ariel Sharon, Blackmailer-in-Chief surely deserves to be nominated.

Posted by Hacienda @ 11/21/2002 04:46 AM EST

Can I second the Blackmailer-in-Chief nomination and add a new one:

Most Offensive Chickenhawk
Paul Wolfowitz

Posted by ewar @ 11/21/2002 04:55 AM EST

Most Rampant War Profiteerer
Dick Cheney

Most Obvious Psy-op

Biggest Liar
Condelizard Rice

Mass Murderer of the Year Award
Donald Rumsfeld

Most Rapid Transformation from Total Scumbag to National Diety
John Poindexter

Posted by valis @ 11/21/2002 05:00 AM EST

Most Obvious Psy-Op

Wellstone (promoting discouragement in the ranks of regime opponents no doubt a main motive, and this was really the most transparent black-op job of all.)

Sniper (lots of occultist mumbo jumbo to make YOU feel helpless... "duck in a noose," and then he's caught... not.)

Bali could have been the work of an Indonesian faction, you know. The country's seen multiethnic civil conflict kill many thousands since the fall of Suharto in 1998. An attack on Thailand as predicted by voxfux would, however, tend to indicate...

Am afraid the most obvious psy-op is yet to come. Still six weeks in the year!

Jack Riddler

Posted by Jack Riddler @ 11/21/2002 06:07 AM EST


Evil guy screaming for attention: Gary Hart

Most predictable psy-op: Sniper

Biggest Faker: GWB (for pretending to be stupider than he is)

Politician most obviously lacking a soul: Tom Daschle (Look at his eyes)

Occultist of the Year: The guy who drew the last series of dollars, depicting the World Trade Center attacks, from the 10 note to the 100 note.

Biggest Hero: Alex Jones

Posted by Nominator @ 11/21/2002 06:12 AM EST

Donger: Winner of the 2002 Soulful House Dancer of the Year Award.

Posted by DOnger @ 11/21/2002 07:58 AM EST

Most Inspirational Reacharound Award: Teddy

Posted by Kackomat @ 11/21/2002 08:00 AM EST

Hero of the Year : William Milton Cooper.
"...it is a striking paradox that the greatest victory for the proposition 'God is dead' has occurred not in the Marxist dominated states, which politically propagated atheism, but in Western liberal democratic societies which have culturally nurtured moral apathy."
- Zbigniew Brzezinski

Posted by Mikail @ 11/21/2002 08:00 AM EST

Fraud of the Year: David Icke
Dissappointment of the Year: 'Children of the Matrix' by David Icke
Worst Website: DavidIcke.com
Worst Conspiracy Theory: Shape-shifting, paedophiles with an addiction to adrenalchrome are ruling the world - David Icke

Posted by Michael @ 11/21/2002 09:22 AM EST

Slimeball of the year:
Donald Rumsfeld

Nazi Impersomator of the Year:

Pseudo Hero of the Year:
Rudy Ghouliani

War Monger of the Year:
Tie between Dumbya, Ariel Sharon, Dick Cheney, and Paul Wolfowitz

Psy-Op of the Year:
Paul Wellstone Murder

Fascist Op of the Year:
Forced smallpox vaccination in Homeland Security Bill

Ass Kiss of the Year:
Tie between Dick Gephardt, Tom Daschle, and Hitlery Clinton

Fundamentalist of the Year:
Tie between Dumbya, Jerry Falwell, and USAma Bin Laden

Site of the Year:
tie between VOXNYC, Whatreallyhappened, Rense, Infowars, and Guerillanews.

Hero of the Year:
Tie between Gore Vidal and William Cooper

Slimey musician of the Year:
Neil Young

Posted by Swamp Gas @ 11/21/2002 09:25 AM EST

Suck Ass" News Anchor: Chris Matthews
Best News Anchor: Donahue

Psy-Op of the Year:
Paul Wellstone Murder

Site of the Year:
tie between VOXNYC, Whatreallyhappened, Rense.

Hero of the Year:
William Cooper

Posted by Vick @ 11/21/2002 09:42 AM EST

Site of the year would have to go to Paul Watson's Propaganda Matrix or Alex Jones' INFOWARS

You can see the best of both worlds at their new site: Prison Planet

As for discussion forums, I highly recommend LibertyForum

Posted by valis @ 11/21/2002 10:04 AM EST

mass murderer of year - osama

we know he is behind everything. from the guy that stole your parking spot to the sniper

Posted by hutch @ 11/21/2002 10:41 AM EST

Most Rampant Porno Profiteerer
anonymous (officer, Kosovo)

Mass Murderer of the Year Award
anonymous (slave, Afghanistan)

Most Powerfull Psycho
anonymous (high priest, location unknown)

Posted by anonymous @ 11/21/2002 10:57 AM EST

and they are doing this, with your hard earned dollars. Did they continue to do this with our Founding Fathers? The answer is NO!

Posted by GB @ 11/21/2002 12:27 PM EST

Outstanding Drugdealer/Killer-To-Diplomat: Rich Armitage
Vilest WhoreHawk ThinkTanker/Lobbyist: Frank Gaffney
Hunkiest Jack-Of-All-Trades Illuminatus: Frank Carlucci
Most genial Satanic machinator: Richard Perle
Sickeningest UN Appointment: John Negroponte
Most Shameless CIA/oil/war pusher: James Woolsey
Least Confidence-Inspiring GeoStrategist Tagteam: Wolfowitz & Feith
Most perplexing detainee: Zac Moussaui
Federal Agent most sought-after at Ouija board: John O'Neill
Best discreet exit: Gen Mahmoud, ISI
Biggest Enigma/Phony: Colin Powell
Most Troubling Sense Of Humour: Don Rumsfeld
Most sickeningly sycophantic 'ally': Australia's John Howard
Most quickly discredited Psyop fabrication: Nuke material seized on Turkey-Iraq border.

Posted by John Singlaub @ 11/21/2002 01:09 PM EST

Psycho of the Year - Gene Ray (timecube guy)

Most obvious psyop - anthrax attacks

Biggest Liar - Hillary Rosen

Mass Murderer(s) - USA

Scum to Diety - Rudolf Gulliani

Most rampant war profiteer - George Bush

Most obvoius wanna be dictator - George Bush

New wanna be Nuke owners - (can't be N.Korea now) so goes to Brazil

Worst Conspiracy Theory - impending terroristic attack on USA

Posted by Xaos @ 11/21/2002 02:36 PM EST

Most well-concealed Jew-hater in conspiracy circles: William Cooper

C'mon, people, we can all do better than that piece of shit. Protocols of Zion? Made up by the Tzarist police state to deflect hatred of the Tzar towards Jews. William Cooper is the best thing to happen to the Police State as he helps to discredit anyone doing legitimate research. What say you, Vox?

Posted by Fahrd Nakir @ 11/21/2002 03:46 PM EST

Most Obvious Psyop: 9/11

Pyscho of the Year: Ashcroft (hands down)

Scumbag to Deity: I'll go along with...Gulianni

Most Rampant War Profiteer: Carlye Group (insert Bush here)

Best Imperial Lap Dog: Tony Blair

Best Himler Wanna Be: Ashcroft

Worst Song Writer/Singer: Ashcroft (again)

Mass Murdererof the Year: Rumsfeld

Most Vile Miltary Contractor: Dyna Corp.

Most Hyped Poser: Kofi Annan

Hero of the Year: Gore Vidal

Hero Celebrity of the Year: Woody Harrelson

Quickest Accession from Village Idiot to Emperor: George W Bush (Bushicus Retardicus)

Posted by Barabus @ 11/21/2002 03:56 PM EST

And some more....

The Sparticus Award: OBL

The Crasus Award: Bush Sr.

The Nero Award: Enron

Worst News Anchor Award: Aaron Browne (CNN) with Connie Chung a close second.

Worst 24/7 News Channel: CNN

Best Website: VOX

Worst Patriot Disguise: Ashcroft (he's rakin em in!)

"Christian" Right Nut of the Year: Pat Robertson

Greatest Unreported Scam of the Year: For the umteenth year running...The Federal Reserve

Posted by Barabus @ 11/21/2002 04:14 PM EST

Most Rampant War Profiteerer - Frank Carlucci of the Carlyle Group. Runner up - Dick Cheney

Most Obvious Psy-op - Bali Runner up - The CIA Maryland Sniper Team and their convenient patsies.

Biggest Liar - tie, between George W Bush, Bill O'Reilly, John Ashcroft, Robert Mueller, Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Donald Rumsfeld. Runners up - FOX, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, National Review, NY Times

Mass Murderer of the Year Award - George W Bush. Unknown Thousands in Afghanistan. More than 5000 Children a month in Iraq dead from US and UK enforced sanctions. 36,000 a day dead worldwide from IMF structural adjustment reforms.

Most Rapid Transformation from Total Scumbag to National Diety - John Stebbins. Stebbins is the real life man played by Ewan McGregor in Black Hawk Down, whose character was renamed John Grimes. According to Mr. Stebbins' ex-wife and the Pentagon, John Stebbins is serving time in the brig for RAPING AND SODOMIZING A CHILD UNDER 12. But hey, if we can make Colombus into a national hero with his own holiday for killing 4 million REAL Americans, what's the big deal with making a baby buggering bastard into a national hero.... RIGHT?


Posted by Temujin @ 11/21/2002 05:16 PM EST


Posted by testguy @ 11/21/2002 06:09 PM EST

War profiteer: tie, Kellogg, Brown & Root/ Haliburton; Psy op: Paul Wellstone; scumbag: J.Poindexter; Biggest liar: masonicinfo.com; Most dangerous; Tom DeLay; Mass murderer: The United States of America: Fraud of the Century: 16TH AMENDMENT; Hero for taking a stand: All those willing to risk speaking out. Site of the year: 3 way tie- VOXNYC/What Really Happened/Freemasonry Watch

Posted by north wind @ 11/21/2002 06:14 PM EST

Oh, I forgot. Up and Coming media mogul: Carlysle Group.

Posted by north wind @ 11/21/2002 06:54 PM EST

I agree with most of what you guys are saying but get one thing straight the CIA gave Binladen 6 billion to cause shit around the world so they can have an excuse to invade countries for there gains. Does Kosovo,Yemen, and the Taliban ring a bell. Keep up the good fight VOX rules.

Posted by Osama @ 11/21/2002 07:08 PM EST


Some people above seem to think it's 2001. I know the feeling!

Should we revise it and call it "EVERYTHING SINCE 9/11"? In that case, I would have to revise my one pick so far:

"Most obvious psy-op"

Anthrax, hands down. Even everyone in Washington, DC thinks so.

How about, most obvious distraction within conspiracy circles on the domestic putsch that began on 9/11?

"Israeli Art Students."

Not that there wasn't a spy ring, but if they were the masterminds, then how come it didn't crimp their plan when most of them got arrested ahead of 9/11?!

Posted by Jack Riddler @ 11/21/2002 09:23 PM EST


Old Hal is at it again. Scroll halfway down the page
to the "Do you believe Total Information Awareness

For those of you unfamiliar with Hal Lindsey, he is a
radio preacher out of the Central Valley, who is THE
authority in the Fundamentalist circles that believe
in the impending Armageddon and return of Jesus. He
has sold tens of millions of books dating back to the
early seventies, particularly his most famous "The
Late, Great Planet Earth" (don't laugh, this is one of
the top 5 books sold in history, with millions out
there and multiple reprintings). More importantly, he
has had his fans in Republican administrations
including Reagan, Watt, and the Quayle family. Don't
let the pro-Israel spin on his site fool you,
including the IDF action figures that he is selling.
These people are as anti-Semitic as they come when
they get behind closed doors, as Billy Grahams's Nixon
tape showed. Jews just have a role to play in their

His spin is this in a nutshell: The Jews must be
provoked into destroying the Al Aqsa Mosque in
Jerusalem, so that they can then rebuild the Temple of
Solomon on the Temple Mound. When this is done, the
Final Battle will break out in the Valley of
Har-Magideo, thereby bringing on the Revelation and
the Return of Jesus. The Final Battle will kill
everyone on Earth. Jesus will take the souls of all
true Christians, plus 144,000 Jews who will be
converted at the last second and ascend into Heaven.
Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews who weren't part of
the 144K, and the rest of us will burn in eternal fire
with Lucifer. Sounds like a blast, eh?

Lately, he has been happier than a pig in slop
1) the situation in the Middle East
2) the fact that England announced they will be using
injectable microchips to track pedophiles, which
fulfills the "Mark of the Beast", as written in
Revelations. His poll questions are always great...

Posted by bunglord @ 11/21/2002 09:24 PM EST

amen to your choices, mark in minneapolis! AMEN, BROTHER!!!!!!

Posted by jeff in wisconsin @ 11/22/2002 07:49 AM EST

Isn't it convenient for people like David Icke to have disasters like 9/11 to profit from. It doesn't take a genius to realize that the official story of 9/11 is complete bunk. I thought David was 'trying to help all mankind', you know,in exposing the shape-shifting, paedophile, lizard kings.
If half of what David Icke says is true regarding child abuse he should forgoe his rather hectic touring schedule and focus on the children, oh the children.
Given David's rather sparse presentation of evidence regarding
the reptiles, 'look everyone, a gargoyle - proof, my friends' see.
I must be lizard born myself,I mean after all my parents are German.

Posted by Michael @ 11/22/2002 07:59 AM EST

most sinister spy: Poindexter

Posted by manon_lachasseuse @ 11/22/2002 08:00 AM EST

how about a category for somebody who's the best at "doublespeak" (shades of 1984)... anyone?

Posted by manon_lachasseuse @ 11/22/2002 08:04 AM EST

Rampant war profiteer: BFEE

Most obvious psyc-op: 9/11

Biggest liar: Mainstream news media.

Mass murderer and scumbag to deity: GW Bush.

Posted by mommasan @ 11/22/2002 08:07 AM EST

best insight of the year (or any year for that matter): "None Dare Call it Conspiracy" by gary allen.

Posted by manon_lachasseuse @ 11/22/2002 08:17 AM EST

Most Brainwashed Sheep
- mark in minneapolis

Most Religious Sycophant
- jeff in wisconsin

all your brains are belong to us!

Posted by yomamma @ 11/22/2002 08:34 AM EST

is it coz vox is a Jedi?

Posted by ali g @ 11/22/2002 08:35 AM EST

Mass Murderers of the Year Award

George W. Bush, Tommy Franks

Most Rapid Transformation from Total Scumbag to National Deity
Karl Rove

Most Rampant War Profiteer
Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld

Most Obvious Psy-Op
Muhammed and Malvo Beltway shootings

Biggest Liar
Condoleeza Rice

Biggest Kiss-Asses
Dick Gephardt and Tom Daschle

Posted by fool on the hill @ 11/22/2002 10:45 AM EST

Biggest threat to humankind -- humans

Worst corporate problem -- the people that work for them who have no self respect or dignity.

Biggest threat to America -- Ignorant Americans

Worst enemy of the republic of the United States -- The government of the American Empire.

Only way to solve the world's problems -- Love

Posted by Joe @ 11/22/2002 11:30 AM EST

Most Obvious Psy-Op----->John Ashcroft

Biggest Liar----->CNN

Most Rampant Profiteer---->George Bush Jr.

Mass Murderer of the year----> George Bush Senior(would of won this award every year)

Most ignorant citzen----> You and I!

Posted by Care nothing about it! @ 11/22/2002 11:35 AM EST

Psycho of the year:

George W. Bush

For Crimes against humanity and complicity in 9-11

Posted by Mech @ 11/22/2002 04:55 PM EST

Most Rampant War Profiteerer...CARLYLE GROUP or BECHTEL

Most Obvious Psy-op....THE WAR ON TERROR


Mass Murderer of the Year Award...BUSH JR.

Most Rapid Transformation from Total Scumbag to National Diety...POINDEXTER

Biggest Lying News Media Outlet..FOX NEWS

Most Censoring news Media outlet....CLEAR CHANNEL TV

Most hilarious lunatic....JERRY FALWELL

Biggest Chickenhawk draftdodger....RUSH LIMBAUGH

Most corrupt Corporation......HALLIBURTON

Posted by Mech @ 11/22/2002 05:30 PM EST

vox, any computers in the city,I cannot link and open any home page sites (right and left)

in your own home page.

What's happening!?

Posted by super @ 11/22/2002 06:48 PM EST

There's something I'd like to digress abit from this topic, just some thoughts I want to share with about certain things.

Firstly, the religion of Islam and the race of Arabs. For most part, not all Arabs are Muslims, why do you think there's a larger percentage of Muslims around the world. Also, the media has so often co-opted Arabs THE race with Islam THE religion, that, like a subliminal message, such a misconception has been implanted in us like a virus we can't cure. If you wish to look for for some fine example of what Islam is like, read Malcolm X's speech after his Hajj to Mecca regarding his "enlightenment" towards the religion itself right before his death at this link: http://www.malcolm-x.org/speeches/afterbombing.htm

Secondly, have you ever stop and think why there are always conflicts between theists, pantheists and atheist? This is just my own theory, and my theory is: have you ever thought that this is really one of the NWO's masterplans to rule all of the world, by implanting suspicion and paranoia amongst the world populace about each other to divide and conquer them. I suspect that not only religion and religious differences are exploited to control the people but so too scientific ideas like evolution, which has so far disrupt any meaningful dialogues between the pious and the scientists amoung us. Think of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. Sure bad acting, SFX overload, George Lucas' ego. But remember this, for every Count Dooku in the opposition, there's always a Darth Sidious within the republic.

Finally, have you ever felt like what is it like to be invisible, to be written off from anyone's records or diaries or even memories, and when you move closer to them, they become threatened by your presence and began to look down at, jeer at you or have paranoid thoughts about you? That's how I felt when I'm in high school. That's how the office cubicle slaves feel. That's how the poor of America feels. That's how the Native Americans feel. That's how the ethnic minorities of America feels. That's how the Third World countries feels. That's how the Arabs and Muslims feel when they portrayed in the media. And so on. Our crimes? We exist. We weren't supposed to in their so-called "normal" lives. When we don't exist, all our lives, cultures, contributions toward this civilisation etc. are erased from the daily lives and the mindsets of those who live in the suburbs and work in plush offices or from the discussions that tries to engage various "intellectual" debates on certain so-and-soes since the Enlightenment in Europe. When we DO exist, we become demonised, we become the monsters in their eyes, we become "criminals" or "terrorrists", without really engaging any meaningful talks with us. They restore their "order" by beating us up in the streets, bomb us to the Jurassic period, or chase us away. Then their lives become "normal" again while we languish ourselves in our exile they've created for us. And the cycle goes on. And on.

I do admit, I can't write down any sources about what I've just said, because I got them from almost everywhere, so much so that it gets too vague. All I can do here is to say what I wanted to say. Otherwise, it's just some worthless rant. I do appreciate your feedback, however.

Thanks for giving me space for writing this down.

For now, let us return to awards ceremony, shall we?

Posted by Zaki @ 11/22/2002 08:54 PM EST

hero of the year should go toClifford Carnicom
of carnicom.com it's not a popular
thing to expose what is being
done up in our skies!

Posted by sprayermeyer @ 11/22/2002 11:01 PM EST

Most craven and cowardly professionals:Journalists

Scariest piece of legislation passed:Homeland "Security" Bill

Biggest mass murderers:NWO

Most obvious psy-op:Tie between 9/11 and Sen. Wellstone's assassination

Most embarrassing thing about being an American:Apathy and willful ignorance of fellow Americans

Biggest hope for stopping madmens' rush to dominate/destroy:Earth changes (WAKE UP MOMMA EARTH!)

Biggest hero:Anyone in USA who speaks up

Biggest betrayers of American people/Constitution/Bill of Rights: Majority of Senate/House members

Best site:vox; 2nd place tie between David Icke and his mirror site (yes, Michael, it's a bit hard to accept)

Peace, Kathleen

Posted by Kathleen Beatty @ 11/23/2002 07:24 AM EST

Most Pathetic Books: The Biggest Secret (The Book that will change the World - HA HA HA), Children of the Matrix. He really ran with the ball that Bill Cooper tossed, I'll give him that.
Most Pathetic Lecture Tour: David Icke-
Most Pathetic Hodge - Podge of Disinformation : David Icke.com

Posted by Michael @ 11/23/2002 08:53 AM EST

1. Dumbest dummie: G. W. Bush
2. Worst fundamentalist: J. Ashcroft
3. Bloodhound of the year: Poindexter
4. Biggest Lie: War against Terror
5. Looser of the century: Americas Democracy, Environment and World Peace

Posted by Mike @ 11/23/2002 09:07 AM EST

1. Dumbest dummie: G. W. Bush
2. Worst fundamentalist: J. Ashcroft
3. Bloodhound of the year: Poindexter
4. Biggest Lie: War against Terror
5. Looser of the century: Americas Democracy, Environment and World Peace

Posted by Mike @ 11/23/2002 09:08 AM EST

"...the time between the notes relates the colour to the scenes,
a constant vogue of triumphs dis-locates man, so it seems."

Posted by Michael @ 11/23/2002 09:32 AM EST

"...a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?" Fear not the reptile. Fear not the ass-ripping dervishes. Fear not DAVIDICKE.COM now takes

Posted by Michael @ 11/23/2002 01:31 PM EST

Democracy is inimical to imperial mobilisation.

Posted by Gorthaur the Cruel @ 11/23/2002 01:39 PM EST

"Should we revise it and call it "EVERYTHING SINCE 9/11"?"

Oh ya...you got that right! It's all one big 9/11 now brother! Psy-Op Wonderland...new from Disney...tickets are free with the purchase of every pair of super duper 3-D blindfolds. (made in China)

Posted by Barabus @ 11/23/2002 06:48 PM EST

Oh. I'm gonna have some fun with this. Great idea VOX!

Mass Murderer of year: Peter Hans Kolvenbach; the 29th superior general of the jesuits. Pure evil incarnate, he's slippery and slimy with putrid breath and bulging eyes. This is the guy calling the shots from his cave under the vatican. The Jesuits will be revealed for their roles in this cosmic drama.

Most rampant war profiteers: Entire military industrial complex, Exxon, Citibank, Carlysle Group, Halliburton, Federal Reserve Board, Rotheschild Family, Rockefeller Family. Just to name a few of the many benefactors of war.

Biggest Liars: Mass media journalists, editors, & publishers who are intentionally deceiving their fellowman with disinformation, propaganda, and the constant pulse of fear, violence and terror.

Biggest Cowards: Each member in the US Congress and Senate who support the Patriot Act, War on Terrorism, & Homeland security Act. All high level Freemasons, Illuminati, Nights of Malta, and Jesuits for hiding behind their secret societies.

Psychos of the Year: Ariel Sharon and Yasser Arafat. These guys obviously have some issues to resolve from a previous lifetime. Or is it possible that they are really partners in crime?

Megalomaniac of the Year: George Dubya. He swaggers and he smirks with a smugness that reveals his true nature: a being of limited consciousness who will soon be left behind. It's time to arrest this guy for treason, Daddy too.

Orwellian Crusader of the Year: Atty. General Ashcroft. He really believes that he can control us. HAH. Not a chance. Runner-up: Poindexter and his Information Awareness Agency. What a creep.

Heroes of the year: There are many.
Nadine B. Head of the ACLU for speaking with passion about our civil liberties.

Bob Shwartz from "We The People" for formally presenting our Gov't with a "redress of grievances" via Freedom Drive 2002. You're the catalyst Bob.

Alternative websites: Vox, Rense, Fourwind10, Sherman Skolnick reports, fulldisclosure. All the sites that are reporting the REAL news and insights.

Each member of the Congress and Senate who did NOT vote for the Patriot Act, War on Iraq, and Homeland Security bill

Congressman Ron Paul, and Senator Paul Wellstone for their courageous stands.

All the White Nights that are helping push NESARA through. You WILL be Heroes once this gets announced! NESARA NOW! NESARANOW.com

Final comments. Yes, much chaos, violence, and deceit has been thrust into us for centuries. Yet we followed the dream, we were complicit in allowing the dream to manifest. It's time to take responsibility. It's time to change the dream. Those playing the role of antagonists must be forgiven. The tides are turning, and compassion will HAVE to be understood by each of us. Only by looking inward can you claim your POWER!

Posted by Russell @ 11/23/2002 07:30 PM EST

How about Colin Powel = Colon Power


Condeliza Rice = Condesending lies

Posted by A FUKA @ 11/23/2002 08:43 PM EST

Historical lies breed hatred, a crusader spirit and war. A return to historical exactitude would favour reflection and peace. The only chance for peace lies in the spirit of resistance to the falsehoods of the various propaganda. But, at the moment, the most dangerous propaganda is not that of the poor. It is that of the rich and mighty and their hirelings, all of whom are capable, if they feel truly threatened, of setting the whole world alight. It is that of the ----, the AMERICANS, and those beholden to them. On Sept. 11/01, particularly in New York, the weak struck the citadel of the mighty. The heart of the - - - - - - American power, the very district of Wall St., where the lot of the world's lowly billions is decided daily, was hit by the full force of terrorists brave enough to sacrifice their lives in a suicide mission. In New York,the first tower of the World Trade Center (a name carrying quite an agenda!) could have been called Hamburg or Hiroshima and the second Dresden or Nagasaki. But their destruction seems to have left, according to various estimates, no more than between three and five thousand dead, which is a far cry from the great feats of annihilation of the US Air Force and the Royal Air Force in the early 1940's.
In reaction to the attacks which it has sustained, America, this time is out to get infinite justice in what will be its twentieth slaughter of civilians in sixty years. From 1941 to 2001, no military corps will have killed more children, more infants than the air armada made up by the US Air Force and the squadrons of the US Army and Navy, at times seconded by their ally, the RAF. The flying champions of phosphorus, napalm, Agent Orange, fragmentation bombs, of the nuclear blaze and of enriched or depleted Uranium, are presently set to inflict upon miserably poor lands their time-honoured lessons in international law, justice, virtue and enduring freedom as they have formerly done in Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden, and in Europe at large. And in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Grenada, Panama, Yugoslavia and elsewhere. In the space of sixty years the Americans, who are, besides, the worlds biggest industrial polluters, have stuffed the Earth's surface with billions of bombs, shells, missiles and mines, particularly anti-personnel mines. You are exhausting OUR patience!! US Defense Chiefs are inclined to opt more often than not for a particularly cowardly style of combat. Dropping bombs at a high altitude, launching missiles from great distance, spreading terror amongst unarmed civilian populations, they have been searching for the zero-death war, which, as Vincent Reynouard puts it, amounts to waging wars in which, on one side, the death count is naught or close to it while, on the other, the dead count for naught. Ensconced on your aircraft carriers or on bases well removed from the front, your boys, chewing bubble-gum and absorbing peanuts and soda-pop, comfortably wreak death and destruction on my distant peoples.

Posted by Gorthaur the Cruel @ 11/24/2002 08:42 AM EST

award for best disguise: ron paul, jeff rense, len horowitz, david icke.

(they talk the talk, but don't walk the walk... biblical quote: "even the very elect will be fooled".)

Posted by chutso @ 11/24/2002 10:04 PM EST

Most Rampant War Profiteerer
Dick Cheney

Most Obvious Psy-op

Biggest Liar
Israel Defense Force

Mass Murderer of the Year Award
Arial Sharon

Most Rapid Transformation from National Diety to Total Scumbag
John Malkobitch

Most ironic company slogan
BP - Beyond Petroleum
(I guess murder and govt corruption ARE beyond petroleum)

Posted by Mr B @ 11/25/2002 08:22 AM EST


Mass Murderer of year: Peter Hans Kolvenbach; the 29th superior general of the jesuits. Pure evil incarnate


Posted by robbie @ 11/25/2002 02:51 PM EST

If George Bush Sr. had never been born...JFK would still be alive.

Posted by David Howard @ 11/25/2002 06:56 PM EST

Most Rampant War Profiteerer
-Dick 'Halliburton' Cheney

Most Obvious Psy-op
- Yet to come, San Fransisco's open liberalism is about become America's newest jingoist flag waving district

Biggest Liar
-Israeli Media

Mass Murderer of the Year Award
-Donald "Machiavelli' Rumsfeld

Most Rapid Transformation from Total Scumbag to National Diety
-Rudy Guiliani

Intellectually Challenged Politician
-George "there's blacks in Brazil too!" Bush

Hero of the Year
- www.counterpunch.org

Posted by Condoleeza "Chevron Condie" Rice @ 11/25/2002 07:32 PM EST

Hero of the year: The countless dead in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and everywhere else bellicose caucasians reek their havoc.

erhm .. who will be delivering the awards?

Posted by anon @ 11/26/2002 12:58 AM EST

I wonder if the US Nazi government read this site? They'll probably target us loyal readers, and we'll all have nasty 'accidents' involving cars, level crossings and oncoming trains!

See ya on the other side!

Posted by Pimpin-Ken @ 11/26/2002 03:14 AM EST

In the recent black September of 2001, the Americans were able to get an idea-in truth, a scant idea-
of what they have inflicted on so many countries over so many years. In Vietnam they had experienced a humiliating defeat that earned them 56,000 full body bags. They seemed to have found out what it might cost to despise those who were smaller, weaker and poorer than themselves. France and Britain had, for their part, gone through identical humiliations during the collapse of their colonial empires and appeared, also, to have learnt some useful lessons. But here we have the United States, Britain and France all seized by a warlike frenzy, forgetting the lessons of their most recent history.
It is a bit comical to see the mighty denouncing terrorism of their adversaries. Not only did these same mighty ones invent large-scale terrorism but they even promoted, praised and sublimated it under the term resistance. And what is to be said of the terrorism practised by the founders of the Zionist state, who murdered, for example, Lord Moyne, Count Bernadotte and so many others?
The lot of all Palestinians will be tragic, and this will provoke more and more despair and fanaticism. The masses of the Arab-Muslim countries already wish to see the West punished for crimes which, in their view, the latter has committed or allowed to be committed in Palestine.

Posted by Gorthaur the Cruel @ 11/26/2002 06:30 AM EST

Isn’t it odd, that now the mistakes of the Son’s Father, is being cast out across this land; like a long & wide fishing net, being they have declared “We are no longer a Free Country, Land or People, because they put the well being of our Freedoms & Lands behind their wills; for Corruption, Hard Drugs, Profits and Tax Free Dollars!

Posted by GB @ 11/26/2002 07:05 AM EST

Most obvious money grab : David Icke books
Most obvious plagiarist: David Icke
Most obvious recipient of a nasty lawsuit: David Icke
Most obvious person to be spat at by the Bush's, Bronfmans, Cheney's et al: David Icke

Posted by lambs breath @ 11/26/2002 08:24 AM EST

Mass murderer of the year - Ariel Sharon
Biggest liar - Donald Rumsfeld
Most Rampant War Profiteerer - dick cheney
hero of the year - paul wellstone

Posted by a.k.a - mr.scruff @ 11/26/2002 07:24 PM EST

Gorthaur the Cruel - Nature is cruel therfore so am I.

Posted by Unkown Soilder @ 11/26/2002 07:35 PM EST


Most Rampant War Profiteerer
Dick Cheney, Bush Sr.

Most Obvious Psy-op
9/11, Wellstnone, Sniper & Bali

Biggest Liar
Ariel Sharon, Bush Jr., Condie, & Tony Blair

Mass Murderer of the Year Award
Donald Rumsfeld

Best Sites Award
Tied between www.voxnyc.com and www.whatreallyhappened.com

Posted by lkd1 @ 11/26/2002 08:54 PM EST

Biggest Scam for $$$$$ - Pharmaceutical Drug pushers - ie drug companies, insurance companies, medical facilities.

It is a sad day when hundreds of millions of dollars of obscene profits from pharmaceutical companies went to hand-pick our congress. Perfect example - madeover yuppie scumbag Coleman from Minnesota. Equally sad that these pieces of shit have the audacity to label a man like Max Cleland as being "soft" and "unpatriotic."

Posted by Big Nels @ 11/27/2002 08:44 AM EST


Please forward!


Ladies and Gentlemen,

our lord and emperor Bush has just tied together the entire ball of 9/11 lies and related wax, stuck a wick in it, and handed us the match. Not in my craziest moments could I have conceived that his cabal would so obviously expose themselves and provide the absolute fattest possible target as the head of the New Warren Commmission.

So in case you haven't heard, let me be the first to break today's news for you:

"Bush names Kissinger to head 9/11 probe"
'Follow all facts, wherever they lead'

Well worth reading the article for the details on the commission and the objections raised by Stephen Push of "Families of Sept. 11" - familiesofseptember11.org.

This news should bring not just shock or desperation at the sheer brazenness of it, but absolute laughter for its folly.

Anyone not know what happened on Sept. 11, 1973? Just wrote an article on it earlier this year myself, prominently featuring Dr. Kissinger's role in overthrowing the democratic government of Chile and imposing the Pinochet dictatorship:

And that is only the tip of the Kissinger iceberg. His appointment is an act of tremendous hubris - or else of absolute desperation.

Is the 9/11 story so shaky that they can really trust no one to reliably cover it up other than Kissinger?
---the man who engineered the "secret" bombing of Cambodia, a neutral state during the Vietnam War, killing hundreds of thousands of civilians there and paving the way for the Khmer Rouge takeover?
---the world's best-known American war criminal, already subjected to questioning on war crimes charges by French prosecutors in his Paris hotel?
--the co-founder of the Trilateral Commission, with Zbigniew Brzezinski and David Rockefeller?
--head of an earlier "Kissinger Commission" in the early 1980s, the one that whitewashed the U.S.-backed war by death squad in Central America?
--as head of Kissinger Associates, "consultant" (door-opener) on oil and arms deals and much else besides for corporations and foreign clients including China and Central Asian countries?
--but hey, winner of the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize for reaching a deal to end the U.S. invasion of Vietnam.

This was after the Nixon government at first refused the Paris peace deal with North Vietnam. Instead, Hanoi was leveled in a massive Christmas 1972 bombing, leaving nothing there but dust. A few months later, Nixon and Kissinger accepted the same deal with minor changes. Peace.

From there, Kissinger was the only major cabinet member to miraculously survive the fall of the Nixon administration. He remained Secretary of State under the appointed Unpresident Ford (first "president" to not have even run in the election). Anyone know who the other key players in the 2-1/2 year Ford administration were? Vice President: Nelson Rockefeller, brother of David. Chief of Staff: Dick Cheney. Secretary of Defense: Donald Rumsfeld. Director of Central Intelligence: George Herbert Walker Bush. Bush must have cut some nice deals with the CIA boys at this time, since they later named the new CIA headquarters in Langley Virginia the George Herbert Walker Bush building. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Kissinger... the same four men who run the Idiot Prince today. Getting pretty senile, aren't they?

2002 has seen the release of Christopher Hitchens's "The Trial of Henry Kissinger," and of a documentary of the same name on this man's astonishing and horrific crimes. Couldn't Bush have found anyone less conspicuous, less farcical to do his laundry? Obviously, this was the only man they knew they could trust.

Danger: this is also the latest signal of an absolute and open intent to play HARDBALL, so let us all beware what sudden "surprises" are in store during the next days and months. Kissinger features prominently within the "Defense Policy Board" run by Paul Wolfowitz at the Pentagon (also includes Richard Perle and Newt Gingrich). These are the Supreme Chickenhawks of the War Party, the same people who at a recent meeting considered the option of taking out Saudi Arabia right after Iraq -- and prime suspects in a possible conspiracy within the regime to let the 9/11 attacks happen. On Sept. 11, 2001, I had the unpleasant experience of hearing Kissinger calling in to CNN to announce that the attacks fully justified any American response, that the U.S. now had every right to destroy states that "harbored terrorists," regardless of whether they had anything to do with the attacks.

So watch out for sudden revelations about the alleged 9/11 hijackers that "prove" both Saudi and Iraq must immediately be crushed. The groundwork for that, if they decide to go with it, has been prepared during the last weeks with the sudden "discovery" of Saudi financing of terrorism - something that never bothered the Bushes before. May fortune and God only give us enough time to work on this, and we will bring down the regime. This was their greatest blunder. We need to gather everything known about Kissinger and throw it hard and wide until this sham is exposed. If we get the time and fail to bring this crashing down, it will have been our own fault.

Strength and best wishes to you all,

"Jack Riddler"


Selected Resources for Researchers and Activists (UPDATED)

In English and German (see "Auf Deutsch," below).

The 9/11 Truth Movement is networking, organizing and growing.
This list is meant to promote some of the most useful information and activist resources in text, books, video, graphic and other media.
Caveat lector - each site is responsible for its own content.

Please distribute these links far and wide, and feel free to post them on your site. Copyleft: If you make changes to the list, please drop my essay (below) or keep it clearly separate, and put your own byline on the links.

Copy and send this article to the media, politicians, academics and your friends! For a list of media and political contacts, see "World Action's Media Page" at http://www.world-action.co.uk/media.html

Paul Thompson's comprehensive timeline, in many sections, dates back to 1979 (beginning of Afghanistan war), with many topics covered in separate sections. Goes through 9/11 minute-by-minute and covers the anthrax attacks and most everything since. Complete with a huge archive of all sources used and links to hundreds of news stories from the mainstream media, local and foreign press, official and alternative sources. Indispensible and constantly evolving. The mini-version for beginners is here:
The timeline site also includes articles with top-flight scholarship on the identities and known movements of the 9/11 hijackers, and many other topics. At the moment, this is the definitive online resource for 9/11 research. Another, very minutely detailed minute-by-minute timeline of Sept. 11th itself, was done by Mark Elsis, here:


"From The Wilderness" newsletter, by Mike Ruppert, a.k.a. "Cop versus CIA." Ruppert's never-ending nationwide lecture tour has been the lightning rod for 9/11 skepticism. The video of his Portland lecture, available on this site, is the best single outreach resource available. (Activists may show "The Truth and Lies of 9/11" to crowds of up to 50 people free of charge, if admission is free.) The former LAPD narcotics officer who uncovered evidence of drug-dealing by the CIA will soon be publishing the book, "Crossing the Rubicon."

"The Emperor's New Clothes," Jared Israel and Illarion Bykov, published the breakthrough articles on the 9/11 air-defense stand-down, the President and the Pet Goat, and many other obvious inconsistencies in the official story.
9/11 PAGE at http://emperors-clothes.com/indict/911page.htm
"What Really Happened on 9/11" transcript of radio interview with Jared Israel:

Greg Palast, greatest investigative reporter in the universe, broke the story of how Jeb Bush's government fixed the 2000 presidential election in Florida by means of a "racial coup." As soon as the Bush regime came to power, as Palast discovered, they killed the ongoing FBI investigation into one of the Bush family's most important financial partners: the Saudi Binladin family.

"Mad Cow Productions," Daniel Hopsicker's investigative series on what the alleged 9/11 hijackers were doing in Florida in the two years before the attacks, reveals a vipers' nest of spook and Bush connections. Absolutely exclusive, must-read material. Many videos to order, including a first summary of Hopsicker's 9/11 findings, "Mohamed Atta and The Venice Flying Circus."

"Center for Research on Globlalization" - many groundbreaking 9/11 research articles. See especially the articles by Chaim Kupferberg and Michel Chossudovsky, author of "War and Globalisation: The Truth Behind September 11."

Background on 9/11, the war and the Middle East and Central Asia by Peter Dale Scott, poet, historian and author of the upcoming "Drugs, Oil, and War: The United States in Afghanistan, Colombia, and Indochina."

The future of free journalism on two continents called America.

Who were the men who hijacked the planes? The anonymous author of this well-written and highly original weblog has focused on the complex shell-game of "musical identities" played for years by the alleged 9/11 terrorists.

John Judge's 9/11 commentaries

Links to Dozens of Primary 9/11 News Stories at "Crimes Against Humanity"


A comprehensive book treatment of the "oddities" and political background to Sept. 11, by Nafeez Mossadeq Ahmed. Also an activist center.

Two essays by Carol Brouillet:
"The Truth About Sept. 11" and "Questioning the War On Terrorism"

"Unanswered Questions." The original path-breaking book-length report by "MalcontentX" that helped kick-start the 9/11 Truth Movement.

A lucid presentation of the skeptical case, with arguments against the cheap accusations of "conspiracy theory."

Complete analysis and article archive on Flight 93, showing that the plane broke up in the air. The heroes were heroes the moment they resisted, but the official hero story (that they caused the crash) is an unlikely piece of propaganda.

ONLINE JOURNAL: http://www.onlinejournal.com/

HERMES PRESS: http://www.hermes-press.com/index.html

NICO HAUPT http://www.ourDNA.org

DAVE McGOWAN http://www.davesweb.cnchost.com/

VOXFUX http://voxnyc.com



"LIHOP: Letting It Happen On Purpose."
Home of the New York 9/11 Truth Alliance activists. This is where you can order or download the incredible videos by SGTV - Shadow Government Television, including "Wat Tyler's Revenge."

"The People's Investigation of 9/11" - an evolving central switchboard of the 9/11 research effort. Based in San Francisco, where the 9/11 Truth movement is most active.

The Unanswered Questions coalition aims at organizing a citizens' truth commission. UQ held the groundbreaking June 10th press conference at the National Press Club in DC.

Schedule of antiwar and anti-regime protests around the United States.


See the "Aftermath" video, a cooperative project with "unansweredquestions.org," including interviews with a dozen of the leading 9/11 researchers. A great, independent news site, updated daily.

Download the quarter page flyers and trifolds distributed to tens of thousands of activists at antiwar pictures of posters

Go here to download an excellent 9/11 trifold flyer, ideal for mass distribution at a shopping mall near you. A great site with a clever, humorous approach.

A hilarious animated "Star Trek" spoof with Bush, Rice, Powell, Cheney, Ashcroft et al. meeting on "the bridge" to discuss imminent terror warnings on "Star Date August 6, 2001." If this were to air 100 times on television, it would probably spell the end of the regime. See the rest of the site: http://www.toostupidtobepresident.com
Many other excellent anti-regime animations, in the spirit of John Heartfield.

What were Bush and his entourage thinking, when they went ahead with a scheduled visit to a Florida elementary school for more than 45 minutes starting at 8:46 am, just as the "Attack on America" became known to the world? After he was informed about the second strike on the WTC, why did the President keep listening to second-graders recite the story of "A Girl and Her Pet Goat"? A complete, beautifully designed timeline on the President's Day leaves no doubt that Bush and his staff were complicit in the attacks, whether through criminal negligence or as conscious accomplices.

"Deception Dollars," very clever work, make for great leaflets, list many of the same sites as here.

Yes! There's a 9/11 Truth rap song, by Paris, "What Would You Do?"

For a list of media and political contacts, see:

Real Player Video of a report by Greg Palast on BBC Newsnight:

Russian Air Force Chief Says Official 9-11 Story Impossible
[13 September 2001]

Alex Jones radio show and website:
See the "Prior Knowledge Page" for many links to documented evidence, and see especially the copy of the 1962 Northwoods Document. Therein, the Joint Chiefs of Staff signed off on a plan to wage terror attacks in the United States, including faked hijackings and aviation shootdowns and sniper killings in Washington, DC. They wanted to blame these on Castro and invade Cuba, but President Kennedy rejected the idea:


Many research forums at www.911pi.com (in various formats), see:

9/11 Forum at Global Free Press

Guerilla News Forums

Democratic Underground 9/11 Forum


The UQ News Wire - updated (almost) daily

ANTIWAR http://www.antiwar.com

HOMEPAGE OF ORLIN GRABBE http://www.orlingrabbe.org/homepage.html

GUERRILLA NEWS NETWORK (GNN) http://www.guerrillanews.com

MICHAEL RIVERO http://www.whatreallyhappened.com

JEFF RENSE http://www.rense.com

Citizens for a Legitimate Government, Michael Rechtenwald,
9/11 oddities page. "CLG is a pro-democracy activist group established to expose the Bush coup d'etat, and to oppose the Bush occupation in all of its manifestations."


R.I.S.E. - "Radio Internet Story Exchange"

Meria Heller's show has included among its guests "everyone who's anyone discussing 9/11," in her words.

"Counterpropaganda Alternative Audio Archive"


See http://www.osamaskidneys.com/links.html for a listing of many other 9/11 Skeptic sites, with reviews, as of June 19th. An update is coming soon, including the publication of my own online book on "The Open Questions of September 11th."


Nafeez Ahmed, "The War On Freedom"
Michel Chossudovsky, "War and Globalisation"
Richard Labeviere, "Dollars for Terror"
Dasquie & Brisard, "The Forbidden Truth"
"Police State America," ed. Tom Burghardt (By Frank Morales, Doug Valentine et al.)
Greg Palast, "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy"
Eric Hufschmid, "Painful Questions"


-Michael Ruppert, "The Truth and Lies of Sept. 11" (www.copvcia.com)
-Daniel Hopsicker, "Mohamed Atta and The Venice Flying Circus" (www.madcowprod.com)
-Sterling of Global Free Press, "Wat Tyler's Revenge" (www.globalfreepress.com)
-Alex Jones, "9-11 - THE ROAD TO TYRANNY" (www.infowars.com)
-Unanswered Questions and GNN, "Aftermath" (www.guerrillanews.com)


Matthias Bröckers - "Die WTC Conspiracy"
Sein Buch, "Verschwörungen, Verschwörungstheorien und die Geheimnisse des 11.9." ist schon 125,000 mal verkauft worden!
Siehe auch:

Internationales Institut für Medienanalyse und Friedensforschung

Ausstellung: Der Krieg begann nicht am 11. September

CeiberWeiber Magazine War Reports


Note the emphasis:

"There is no question we had what looked like the biggest failure of the intelligence community since Pearl Harbor but what we are learning now is it wasn't a failure, it was a *directive.* Now I am not part of the conspiracy nut crowd that believes George Bush came up with a plan for an attack on the United States to save his popularity. There is no evidence of that. That is completely outside of any evidence I have seen. But what we find is something that, in a way, where the effect is just the same - and it's chilling. Which is that they blinded the intelligence agencies and said you cannot look at the Saudis."

Greg Palast, interview on GNN


9/11 Truth Is the Achilles Heel of the Bush Regime and Its Perpetual War

by Jack Riddler, www.osamaskidneys.com

Was it "the Pearl Harbor of the 21st century" or the American Reichstag Fire? Though we still don't know what really happened, the massacre of Sept. 11, 2001 became casus belli for an endless global war. At home, the Bush regime, illegitimate and unelected, seized on the attacks as the enabling event for a new system of total power and total surveillance. Yet for fourteen months, the regime has constantly blocked public investigation into 9/11 and its background. Why?

We may not know what happened, but we do know that the official story is a farce. Seekers of the "9/11 Truth" have established at least that much in their volumes of research. The kindest explanation for the oddities and impossible coincidences of Sept. 11 is that the regime is criminally negligent, an active danger to its own citizens - how dare they plead incompetence for 9/11 and then embark on an insanely aggressive war policy against countries that had nothing to do with it? "The War on Terra" almost seems designed to provoke half the world into attacking America. Yet far likelier than the official story is that elements within the government knowingly allowed the Qaeda attacks to happen on purpose, so that the regime could save itself from the laughter of the American majority, shred the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, and implement longstanding plans for "homeland security" and world domination. This is not just about getting a pipeline through Afghanistan, this is about the whole planetary pie: mobilizing the U.S. population to fight an endless crusade, in a time of imminent economic meltdown.

Not a week passes without dire warnings that new attacks are coming soon. Cheney and his ilk, the same people who have blocked a real investigation into 9/11, have repeatedly guaranteed that even more horrible terror hits can come anywhere, at any time, in any form, in America, Europe or Asia. With the whole planet at stake, can we afford anything less than full disclosure of the 9/11 Truth? From the lengths that the regime has so far taken to enshroud everything about that day in secrecy, we can certainly see that they cannot afford to have the truth see light of day.

Be patriotic. Remember the victims of that day and honor them by demanding the truth! 9/11 Truth is the key to the doors of perception for the majority of the American public. Its disclosure can stop the war, reverse the police state, bring down the regime, and set us sailing for a different world.

Posted by Jack Riddler @ 11/27/2002 09:49 AM EST

I nominate chris broder for the biggest liar of all time, but Sodomizer Hussien is a close second

Posted by gene @ 11/27/2002 02:49 PM EST


Please forward!

-- Catherine Austin Fitts

The Kissinger Bombshell
An Open Letter to 9/11 Skeptics and Doubters

(Written in astonishment.)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

our lord and emperor George W. Bush has just tied together the entire ball of 9/11 lies and related wax, stuck a wick in it, and handed us the match. He has done so by appointing Henry Kissinger chairman of the long-awaited "independent" commission to investigate the Sept. 11 attacks.

To all those who want the unvarnished truth about the "Attack on America," starting with the families of the victims, this would have been a slap in the face - were it not so laughable.

Sequel to the Warren Commission

The resident of the White House was explicit in stating that the commission is not supposed to actually investigate anything about 9/11. Wrote the Associated Press, "Bush did not set as a primary goal for Kissinger to uncover mistakes or lapses of the government that could have prevented the Sept. 11 attacks."

So what is Henry supposed to actually do? "Instead, [Bush] said the panel should try to help the administration learn the tactics and motives of the enemy."

Aha. In other words, the panel is supposed to produce more scary stories about what the freedom-hating evildoers are planning to do to us next. Sounds like overkill: Isn't that what every department of the administration is already doing?

The Kissinger commission is being called to life nearly 15 months after the attacks. The White House refused to sign off on the investigative body, until Congress agreed to its conditions. The panel can issue subpoenas only if the Republican members agree. In the polite words of Stephen Push, a leader of the 9/11 families ("Families of September 11," www.familiesofseptember11.org), the commission concept is simply "too weak."

So far, no surprise. For fifteen months, Bush and Cheney have repeatedly acted to delay the calling of an independent 9/11 investigation. They have tried to stop the release of any information about the attacks - let alone about their level of prior knowledge! And they have otherwise established the most secretive administration in modern American history.

But Henry Kissinger? Now that is a surprise!

Who could have imagined that the Bush regime would so obviously expose themselves to ridicule by appointing one of the world's best-known war criminals, terrorist masterminds, and professional liars as the head of a New Warren Commission?

Highlights of Dr. Kissinger's Career

Kissinger's name seems to be magically entwined with the date of Sept. 11th. As national security adviser and secretary of state in the Nixon administration, he helped engineer the CIA coup that overthrew the elected government of Chile, on Sept. 11, 1973. For a detailed account of that atrocity - the original Sept. 11th attack - see:

In a famous comment on Chile at a 1970 White House meeting, Kissinger made no secret of his utter contempt for democratic government: "I don't see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist due to the irresponsibility of its own people," he said.

Now everyone remembers where they were on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, though we know precious little about how and why the horrible crimes of that day were allowed to happen. But who knows that on the same morning, a federal suit was being filed against Dr. Kissinger by relatives of one of his countless victims?

"Family of Slain Chilean Sues Kissinger, Helms - Military Leader Was Killed in Kidnap Attempt Linked to Nixon Administration"
By Bill Miller, Washington Post, September 11, 2001

As a direct result of the Pinochet coup, at least 3,000 Chilean civilians were "disappeared" and assassinated. As horrible as that was, Kissinger has been involved in even worse crimes.

As Nixon's national security adviser, Kissinger helped plan the "secret" bombing of Cambodia during the Vietnam War. Hundreds of thousands of civilians were killed in this unprovoked action against a neutral state. The bombing destabilized the U.S.-backed Cambodian government, paving the way for the later takeover of that country by the Khmer Rouge.

But hey, let's not let mass murder detract from the man's achievements. In 1973, Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize for reaching a deal to end the U.S. invasion of Vietnam.

The Nixon government had at first refused the Paris peace deal with North Vietnam. Instead, it chose to level Hanoi in a massive Christmas 1972 bombing, leaving nothing there but dust. A few months later, Nixon and Kissinger accepted the same deal, with minor changes. Now that's how you win a peace prize!

Kissinger was the only major cabinet member who miraculously survived the subsequent fall of the Nixon regime. He remained Secretary of State under the appointed Unpresident, Gerald Ford. (Ford was the first "president" to not have even run in a presidential election, so there was no need to actually steal it.)

Okay, class. Anyone remember who the other key players in the 2-1/2 year Ford administration were?

Vice President: Nelson Rockefeller, brother of David.
Chief of Staff: Dick Cheney.
Secretary of Defense: Donald Rumsfeld.
Director of Central Intelligence: George Herbert Walker Bush.


Papa Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Kissinger. Sound familiar? Today, the same four men run the regime of the Idiot Prince.

Now *there* is a story for the historians of the future! Papa Bush apparently cut some nice deals with his CIA boys at the time, and in gratitude the agency later named its new headquarters the "George Herbert Walker Bush Building." We'll leave the rest of the Papa Bush story aside for today, though it may surpass even Kissinger's for sheer criminality. Today is Henry's day.

In 1973, while still with the Nixon administration, Kissinger became one of the founding fathers of the Trilateral Commission, together with Zbigniew Brzezinski and David Rockefeller, brother of Nelson. This association of billionaires, business leaders, academics and politicians was brought together by the three men in an effort to arm the global elites of the U.S., Europe and Japan against what at the time seemed like an unprecedented social and economic crisis. The Trilateral Commission has continued to meet annually ever since.

In 1975, Kissinger traveled with Ford to Indonesia, where they met with the U.S.-backed and U.S.-armed dictator Suharto, who oversaw the killing of millions during his 35-year reign. The day after Ford and Henry left, Indonesian forces invaded the independent territory of East Timor. One-third of the territory's population was exterminated during the subsequent 20-year occupation, but this had little impact on continuing American and Western arms shipments to the regime in Jakarta. Recently released documents establish that Suharto received a green light for the invasion from the president and secretary of state.
The 9/11 panel will not be the first "Kissinger Commission." In the early 1980s, under the Reagan-Bush administration, Henry was called to lead an investigation of U.S. policy in Central America. They provided the whitewash for the death squads that U.S. forces had armed and trained in El Salvador and Honduras, and for the "Contra" army that was organized by the CIA to invade Nicaragua.

Since then, the doctor has lived more quietly as the head of Kissinger Associates, which provides "consultancy" (door-opening) for oil and arms deals and much else besides, and which counts among its clients the U.S. government, NATO, many corporations, and foreign countries like China and Central Asia.

French prosecutors paid a surprise visit to Kissinger's Paris hotel suite in 2001, questioning him with regard to the war crimes charges that they would have been required to level under French law. They let him go his way, but henceforth, Henry will have to be a touch more discreet when strolling along the banks of the Seine.

2001 saw the publication of Christopher Hitchens's book, "The Trial of Henry Kissinger." Released in 2002, an eponymous documentary details the man's horrific and astonishing crimes. Couldn't Bush have found anyone less conspicuous, or less farcical, to wash his dirty laundry? One can only conclude that this was the only man the White House knew they could trust. If you want to cover something up, better pick someone with tons of his own dirt to hide.

Kissinger's appointment is an act of tremendous hubris - or else of absolute desperation. Is the official story of the 9/11 attacks really so wobbly that the regime must resort to hiring him?

He brought death squads to Chile in 1973. He covered up death squads in Central America in the 1980s. And now should we expect him to tell us the full story of how the CIA helped create Osama Binladin's death squads? Is this guy who is going to explore why the Air Force was stood down, or why and how so many FBI agents were blocked from investigating reports that terror pilots had infiltrated the United States? Or is Kissinger going to tell us why George W. Bush killed the FBI investigations into the Binladin family's connections to terrorism in early 2001?

Seriously. We can really have a field day with this.

But dangers lurk. Kissinger's appointment is the latest signal of an absolute and open intent to play HARDBALL. Let us all beware what sudden "surprises" are in store during the next days and months.

Kissinger features prominently within the "Defense Policy Board" run by Paul Wolfowitz at the Pentagon, which also includes veteran warheads Richard Perle and Newt Gingrich.

These men, termed the "Wolfowitz Cabal" by no less a personage than Colin Powell, are the Supreme Chickenhawks of the War Party. For years they have individually and collectively called for the (further) destruction of Iraq and, depending on their mood, preemptive war with Iran, Syria, North Korea - you name it. At a meeting earlier this year, they declared Saudi Arabia the real enemy, and considered the option of taking out the Saudis right after the planned war in Iraq. The powerpoint presentation viewed by the group on that day concluded with the following grand strategy for the upcoming war: "Iraq is the tactical pivot, Saudi Arabia the strategic pivot, Egypt the prize."

On Sept. 11, 2001, as though that day was not bad enough for all of us, Kissinger, who was in Berlin, called in to CNN during the attacks. He basically argued that the attacks fully justified any American response whatsoever. The next day, he wrote that the U.S. had every right to destroy states that "harbor people who have the capability to do something like this," emphasizing that it made no difference whether these states actually had anything to do with the Sept. 11 attacks or not.

So watch out for sudden revelations about the alleged 9/11 hijackers that "prove" both Saudi Arabia and Iraq (or any other country) must immediately be crushed. The groundwork for such an attack, should the regime decide to go with it, has been prepared during the last weeks with the sudden "discovery" of Saudi financing of terrorism - something that never bothered the Bushes before 9/11, of course.

May fortune and God only give us enough time to work on this, and we the people will peacefully bring down this regime. Appointing Kissinger could turn out to be their greatest blunder. Perhaps it will finally awaken the antiwar movement to the continuing importance of learning the full truth of 9/11. No doubt many of the antiwar organizers can well remember the early 1970s, when their protests against the Vietnam War were directed at none other than: Henry Kissinger. Why has he of all people been given the 9/11 job?

We need to gather everything known about this man and throw it hard and wide, until the whole sham of the investigation is exposed. If we are given enough time, and still fail to bring this house of lies crashing down, it will have been our own fault.

Strength and best wishes to you all,

"Jack Riddler"

See: Christopher Hitchens, "The Case Against Henry Kissinger," Harper's, June-July 2001, also available as a book.

Posted by Jack Riddler @ 11/27/2002 04:26 PM EST


Posted by Jack Riddler @ 11/27/2002 04:35 PM EST


Posted by Jack Riddler @ 11/27/2002 05:26 PM EST

hero to zero..Drudge

Posted by eric swan @ 11/27/2002 08:00 PM EST

The crap that's ongoing in Indonesia (genocide, torture, fucking CANNIBALISM) seems to stink of psy-ops big time! Just my two cents.

Posted by Steve @ 12/02/2002 08:56 AM EST

The crap that's ongoing in Indonesia (genocide, torture, fucking CANNIBALISM) seems to stink of psy-ops big time! Just my two cents.

Posted by Steve @ 12/02/2002 08:57 AM EST


are you okay? did they get you? you have been too quiet for too long... give us a sign.

Posted by firstimewriter/longtimereader @ 12/02/2002 06:25 PM EST

If you need something to take your mind off all of this, I sincerely suggest going to see the Peter Gabriel 'Growing Up' tour. Amazing!! he blew Toronto's collective mind last night.

Posted by Gorthaur the Cruel @ 12/03/2002 06:36 AM EST

Poindexter (all categories)

Posted by The overseer @ 12/10/2002 03:03 PM EST

Psycho of the Year? That would be about 90% of Washington, DC.
Greatest Hope for America? Having Ralph Nader as our President!!!!

Posted by LoriLeSabre @ 12/11/2002 07:56 PM EST


Daniel Ellsberg Calls on People in Gov't to Leak Documents

"I am using every opportunity to say to people in the government who are in the position that I was then, and who know that their president is lying us into a wrongful and reckless war, to do what I wish I had done in 1964-65: to go to Congress and the press with documents and tell the truth. That would be a risk, but there are times when big risks are worth that to save a lot of lives."

send the URL for this page to everyone you know in the government!

>>> Former State Department employee and Rand analyst Daniel Ellsberg played a pivotal role in US history when in June 1971 he leaked thousands of pages of classified documents about the Vietnam war to the New York Times. The resulting court battle was a major First Amendment victory, and the "Pentagon Papers" helped end the war in Vietnam. Since then, Ellsberg has been reviled by many and held in high esteem by many others. (We'll give you one guess which camp The Memory Hole falls into.)

Ellsberg has released his memoirs, Secrets (Viking Press, 2002), and has gone on a speaking/booksigning/interviewing blitz across the US. During his interview with the Guardian of London, he repeated his call upon government employees and officials to follow his example by leaking documents that reveal important truths that are being hidden from the public. His clarion call is reproduced above.

posted 12 Dec 2002 copyright 2002 Russ Kick

Posted by Leak Documents @ 12/13/2002 12:05 PM EST

BIGOT OF THE YEAR and all round EVIL ASSHOLE - Trench Lotts. For showing those moronic citizens, that the thieves who stole (what election!?) the "White House" are the same old racist, evil, Nazi bastards. Too bad they didn't get Herr Asscross on opinion of the matter, because he's another piece of the all round mess. Their all under the same white sheet, it's in the DNA.
Thank the stars for DAVID ICKE (he might frighten those of you lacking hue, but theres something to strongly consider) JEFF RENSE, ALEX JONES AND OF COURSE VOXFUX.
The problem - The Coup
The reaction - Be fearful and shop
The solution - A revolution! Time to throw the garbage out! Impeach and remove!

Posted by Lady In Black @ 12/16/2002 06:08 PM EST

Biggest Liars - corporate amerika
Mass Murderer - Adolf Bush snr.
War profiteer - biggus dikkus
obvious psy-op - WTC
Best boys club - Skull & Bones
Biggest wannabee illuminati - Amadeus (off his)Rockerfeller
Heroes - Gore Vidal, Woody Harrelson, Paul Watson, Alex Jones, Voxfux.
Biggest danger to planet Earth - Joe "don't just do something, sit there" Public.

Posted by Bill @ 12/17/2002 11:57 AM EST

Biggest Liars - corporate amerika
Mass Murderer - Adolf Bush snr.
War profiteer - biggus dikkus
obvious psy-op - WTC
Best boys club - Skull & Bones
Biggest wannabee illuminati - Amadeus (off his)Rockerfeller
Heroes - Gore Vidal, Woody Harrelson, Paul Watson, Alex Jones, Voxfux.
Biggest danger to planet Earth - Joe "don't just do something, sit there" Public.

Posted by Bill Der Berg @ 12/17/2002 11:58 AM EST

Biggest Liars - corporate amerika
Mass Murderer - Adolf Bush snr.
War profiteer - biggus dikkus
obvious psy-op - WTC
Best boys club - Skull & Bones
Biggest wannabee illuminati - Amadeus (off his)Rockerfeller
Heroes - Gore Vidal, Woody Harrelson, Paul Watson, Alex Jones, Voxfux.
Biggest danger to planet Earth - Joe "don't just do something, sit there" Public.

Posted by Bill Der Berg @ 12/17/2002 12:00 PM EST

Biggest Liars - corporate amerika
Mass Murderer - Adolf Bush snr.
War profiteer - biggus dikkus
obvious psy-op - WTC
Best boys club - Skull & Bones
Biggest wannabee illuminati - Amadeus (off his)Rockerfeller
Heroes - Gore Vidal, Woody Harrelson, Paul Watson, Alex Jones, Voxfux.
Biggest danger to planet Earth - Joe "don't just do something, sit there" Public.

Posted by Bill Der Berg @ 12/17/2002 12:03 PM EST

Sorry for all the postings - I'll nominate myself for The Biggest "not being able to read PLEASE CLICK ONCE guy"


Posted by Bill Der Berg @ 12/17/2002 12:13 PM EST

Trent Lott.

Redeeming quality:

FINALY realizes that "the fat lady"
has sung.

Good ridance.

Posted by ANOTHER LISTENING GEEK @ 12/21/2002 07:52 AM EST

All right so my spelling leaves a little to be desired on occasion.

Well, I'll pit my spelling skills
against "DUBYA'S" speaking skills


(Keerist! I am really down right embarassed to admit that I'm an
American citizen these days, in my own country no less! some of the
inanities that Bush spouts on a continuous basis just make me want to vomit with great force,)

this crap must end now!

Posted by ANOTHER LISTENING GEEK @ 12/21/2002 08:20 AM EST

Most obvious psy-op...

Boy, this is tough -- so many to choose from. The better ones have been presented already, but I'll second the votes for the DC sniper and the Wellstone assassination. Here's one that was missed: the simultaneous outbreak of West Nile Encephalitis in widely scattered locales -- most unlikely to have happened naturally, and the scumbags at Fort Detrick have had this pathogen in their stocks for at least twenty years. This stunt really got people into a blind, stupid panic, too, right when a shitstorm of public outrage was building as a result of the White House's limited admission of prior knowledge.

Here's an award category you might consider adding: Badly Needed Missing Stratagems

Since the media and the Smirking Chimp are obviously going to blame every untoward event on al Qaeda, I think they should come up with a logo, a catchy jingle, and other means by which to "brand" and market terrorism by "Al Qaeda : America's global menace of choice since 1993."

I mean, how better to reinforce the groupthink of all the mindless assholes than with a classic Madison Avenue ad campaign? Shit, that's how they get 90% of their "opinions," anyway. And the corporate mindfuck artists are ALREADY doing this, they just haven't been this blatant -- yet.

Wouldn't it be fun to see commercials of Osama and Saddam doing a stomp-dance on a pavement of Kuwaiti incubators while singing the "Death to All Infidels Rag" -- with badly dubbed Brooklyn accents, of course.

Posted by jackhammer @ 12/25/2002 03:22 PM EST

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