12/19/2002 Entry: "Have ZERO fear - that's the key"

Simply have no fear - and they will fall
This is the key
by voxfux

I would rather die standing and fighting, then cower under this fascist threat to all of humanity.

First of all I need to express a HUGE amount of gratitude to the folks who were the first responders. Amy Goodman from Democracy Now was the absolute first responder to my and all of mankind's predicament. Her's is a beacon of liberty - thank you. Also valis from memes.org and libertythink.com - I owe you a big one - much thanks. And to lightscion who mirrored the front page - thank you for your effort. Also many other sites and concerned people from the Democratic Underground and all the many Indymedias who covered this turn of events. Also I must thank my extensive network of friends and family who have been a beautiful support network during this whole affair. And last but not least I would like to thank those on the "INSIDE" for tipping me off and helping me out - Not all of these guys are bad - there is DEEP division among their ranks, and that is very encouraging and gratifying to know. HALF OF THOSE INVOLVED IN THE RAID WERE ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED ABOUT BEING FORCED INTO TO DOING BUSHES DIRTY POLITICAL OPPRESSION - HALF.

Also I think Bush and his cabal of cowardly retarded fascists owe a huge thanks to the many pigs and also some of the so called activists who through their (in)activism and non response have proven to be able foot soldiers in the dark force's push to crush the spirit of humankind. The Fascists thank you.

And now lets talk about what this whole thing is about - one word - fear.

Fear is the ONLY thing they have. They have nothing else - nothing. They have no ideas, no policies, no solutions - just fear. Their principle purpose of existence now is "CONTROL THROUGH FEAR,"

But I am not afraid.

I feel like a lion in a den of pigs.

If we just address that fear these pigs are finished.
And so that is why these fascists brought in the building department when they raided my home and threatened my tenants with eviction and told that I would be getting fines. They are mounting a frontal assualt on me finantially. Now how can they explain if I was such a threat to that lying filth called Bush, why notify the building department??? Certainly if the presidents life was in danger wouldn't they be concerned that by bringing the building department in on it they risk blowing the whole raid?? Think about it, folks.
So what does this mean?
It means only one thing - That if you are an able and intelligent POLITICAL oponent your life and your future is in danger. Well folks, theres a word for that - It's called Fascism - And we all agreed that Fascism is NOT GOOD. It is clear that the ONLY reason for the Fascist "Homeland Security" and their new break and enter policy is to crush and intimidate anyone who opposes Bush - it's NOT about security.

Homeland Security is about securing Bushes political career, not about securing the United States of America.


And so now I am preparing for their onslaught. They will attack me with everything they have. And so I am now preparing, meeting with lawyers and accountants in anticipation of what will almost assuredly be a barrage of attacks and audits and anything else they can throw at me.

Also I will be inviting a friendly media source on to my house and property to conduct a complete and thorough search and audit of the premisis to assure that they don't return and suddenly "DISCOVER" some guns or bags of cocaine, or Al Queda manuals or some other such pile of dirty shit that they can dish out.

And we will interview my neighbors and see what they think about me.

This group of shock troops left my home with the alarm system unarmed and the basement door wide open - it was just discovered tonight. All the interior doors which are always locked were picked and opened and locks on my personal trunks were broken and the contents were strewn about.

Neighbors were dutifully instilled with fear and ordered to contact authorities upon seeing or hearing from me. So they are attempting to turn neighbor against neighbor, human against human all because they think they master the art of FEAR.

Welcome to Bushes NEW WORLD ORDER - We must stop them before they destroy the entire planet.

I am actively telling my version of what this is really all about. I will speak to all of my neighbors soon. And set the record straight. As soon as I get to someone who they have tried to convince that I am a threat, five minutes later they are back on my side and cooperate with ME and NOT the authorities. AND THAT IS THE POWER OF TRUTH AND THAT IS THE STRENGTH OF THE LIGHT.


Just know them for what they really are and they become powerless.

Furthermore, I will debate any or all of these cowards any time anywhere and I will beat ALL of them. So let me clarify that. If they were not cowards let them schedule a news segment on a major TV outlet so we can let the American people decide for themselves who they believe. I will bet my house that in one hour I can wake the American people up and expose these cowards for what they really are. 1 hour. Any or all of them against one man - anytime anywhere. (You should see me in a power suit with a power tie and my long hair, I'll destroy them.)

But you know what? They are such cowards that THEY WOULD NEVER DO IT. Now Isn't that interesting, if I am a bad American let them debate me so that they can show the whole world what a loony "Conspiracy theorist" is all about. No, They will not debate me because they are just, hot air, paper tigers, a house of cards, and just awareness of this fact alone can have their whole house of cards come tumbling down. This is reality. I promise you they are as scared and cowardly as they are trying to get us to believe that we are.

They are DESTROYING THE AMERICAN EMPIRE FOR EVER AND EVER. If you, like myself, love what this country is supposed to stand for, stand the fuck up and get in their face.




All Bush has to do to quiet us down us is to simply OBEY THE CONSTITUTION - NOW.


Stand up and fight these cowardly war profiteerers - FEARLESSLY
Fight Back
Every day and every way you can.

Time to move, I'll update this soon.
In Love and War - vox

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here's to free speech!

Posted by babylonian @ 12/19/2002 05:47 PM EST

I just stopped by to read up on how you are doing. Since you are posting from an I'net Cafe, it looks like they took your computers.

Was any of this reported in the LI Newsday? Or any other NY area papers?

Do you have legal help?

Posted by MakeHay @ 12/19/2002 06:04 PM EST

God bless you. Thank You. Please carry on.

Posted by Godmonster @ 12/19/2002 06:33 PM EST

Hi Vox,

In the original story it was reported you had a NYCLU lawyer representing you. Their webpage does not mention your incident. What gives?

Posted by sushi_lover @ 12/19/2002 06:42 PM EST

my god it's good to hear from you. tell us what happened man.

N O F E A R ! ! !

Posted by flow @ 12/19/2002 06:49 PM EST

good luck and kiakaha (stay strong)

Posted by i am free because i am me ! @ 12/19/2002 07:00 PM EST

Welcome back, vox!
Got here today thru mirror site, where learned that this one not knocked down permanently as i'd thought--after reading endless rense obsession comments, and even inappropriate sexual invitations, was about to write, w/sadness, my goodbye comment--when what to my wondering eyes should appear--but vox!
The invasion of your home and your subsequent silence were very disturbing to me, both because of concern for your personal safety, and as a grim indication of what appears to be shaping up.

Diogenes asked what i could suggest as aging hippie--gave thought to this and (sadly) concluded that those were more innocent times--we thought that if we could get everyone to smoke pot we'd bring peace on earth, and that the end of our war on Vietnam and the passage of laws for civil rights were the beginning of a better world.

Obviously this was not so--see raid on vox as one of several trial runs to gauge public reaction, and to instill fear--apparently effective here, judging by dropping away of many regular posters, and by many comments posted (thanks to those who kept the spirit of Free Speech alive while vox was away).

Think vox was targeted because he has more factually documented articles (including many postings) on a wider area of topics than any other site i've found. This seems to me to be a site for thinking people in search of the truth--guess that's a no-no to whoever sent the agents to vox's home.

Am adopting as new motto Aragorn's words from "The Two Towers"--"There's always hope."
Write on, vox.

Peace and Freedom, kathleen

Thank you Kathleen, It is a warm feeling to know that there are fine people like you looking after me.
Love and solidarity

Posted by kathleen beatty @ 12/19/2002 07:17 PM EST

Glad to see you back as vox. I saw the site was down yesterday morning and wondered what had happened.

To Kathleen...

Vox may have been targeted for two reasons: he's hitting too many truths the Bush crew and the NWO backing him care to see in print, and too many people are listening to him. He's right in saying their greatest enemy is truth. William Guy Carr, author of "Pawns in the Game" suspected that the hierarchy of the Illuminati was comprised of only about three hundred people. More recently David Icke has suggested similar numbers. Their only means of control lies with keeping the population ignorant, something vox is having considerable success in combating. This little escapade was meant to instill fear in the (growing) population of what they'd refer to as "dissidents". What it shows is how scared they are.


Precisely, these cowards are so few in numbers that unless they convince us that their force is so almighty and so all encompassing they know that we could tear them limb from fat limb.

Posted by Brian Hay @ 12/19/2002 07:35 PM EST

i just had a ray of hope in seeing that we the people, the collusion theorists, seem to have more poignant and implicating words coming soon...when by chance my roomate told me to come watch the TV as ABC Primetime just had an extremely anticlimactic interview by Brian Ross. he was interviewing 2 x-FBI agents from Chicago area. 2 principaled, veteran men who have recently left the agency. what a sham editing job though -- they started out saying that "this is the interview that the FBI didn't want to happen." these well-spoken gentelmen (Bob Right/hoosier law school grad & John Vincent) go on and start to impassionately break it down how f'd up the organization is, how the buraucracy refused to investigate hints leading to sept1101 and what not...then they cut it when they are saying "and there's so much more, so much more" to show a teaser that something on Denzel Washington is coming up. maybe these guys will go to Sweeden, where they can really have their say.

Posted by Es Verdad @ 12/19/2002 07:55 PM EST

Great to see your still here,I was getting a little worried,now I'm just pissed.I wish the media had some balls and reported this but i guess in doing so would have spilled the beans to the rest of sheeple.
take care,

Posted by Will @ 12/19/2002 08:02 PM EST

Vox, very relieved to see you back we have been trying to hold down the fort. kathleen, thanks for your response sorry to hear that the 60's were more naive, guess i was being so too hoping for help from those days but now that Vox is back and with news that half of the 'agents of the dark' were disgusted, i'm encouraged, however let's not forget THERE IS MUCH WORK TO BE DONE! let's stick together ORGANIZE, TALK, GUERRILLA TV/RADIO ANYTHING let's get this and the other stories out, i refuse to believe that the mass of the people in this great country are asleep, anesthesized, hypnotized WE SHALL OVERCOME!

Posted by Diogenes @ 12/19/2002 08:12 PM EST

OK. When the fuck are(is) the general, zombie minded, SUV leasing world going to wake up here? I personally think I am an average person of average intelligence and means. I am OUTRAGED, INCENSED AND COMPLETELY BAFFLED!! It's so transparent!! They killed Wellstone. Raided VOX, are going in to Iraq no matter what the consequences. Holy CHRIST! Are we really this braindead? HEY ALL YOU IDIOTS...HHEEELLLOOOOO. TURN OFF ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT! QUIT SURFING PORN!!! NEVER MIND WHAT J-LO IS WEARING TO THE OSCARS!!!!!. This world is in deep shit.
No lie. Just last week I was thinking to myself, " Vox is going to feel some heat real soon". Well now it's happened right? Freedom of speech? Freedom of religion? Not no more. Just think. A cocaine sniffing, drunk driving, insider trading, AWOL punkass rich TWIT is the puppet in the driver's seat here.

Posted by stonecutter @ 12/19/2002 08:16 PM EST

I use the Internet at the library so I can't keep up on all the activity as much as I would like, but I have read your website quite a bit and did catch last week that you were being harrassed. I know that most and possibly all that you write is true from other sources. I do learn new info from you and I appreciate your great way of expressing yourself. My reason for this e-mail is to ask if there is an address I could write to to stick up for you. My communication would be polite to whoever it was addressed to but not in any way sympathetic to the Bush Administration and what it is doing. If I could help you out in this way, I would be glad to do it. However, I dont know exactly what your situation is at this point and what your lawyer's strategy is. Basically I would argue that America is about freedom of speech and that is what our soldiers risk their lives for. If Bush takes that away, then he has no right to draft anyone! Or something like that. Let me know if I could help out by writing to anyone. Best of wishes, and I really appreciate your website and courage and information!! Also, many of your commentators are informed and intelligent and occasionally contibute some really good information. Some have a ways to go but you are patient with them (by my standards). I have downloaded many of your articles for my records and check in with your site fairly regularly. I'm glad you are being given so much support. Thanks again!

Posted by chartreuse @ 12/19/2002 08:17 PM EST


petition to the mainstream media is coming up - be prepared to sign caligraphically but ANGRY.

Posted by flow @ 12/19/2002 08:23 PM EST

you guys are puzzling. so you're saying vox got evicted because of some unpaid bills and that his site expired on the same moment and that he kept his life offline for days? now that's a conspiracy theory! you're telling us this raid had *nothing* to do with his activism?

go back to bed.

Posted by flow @ 12/19/2002 08:47 PM EST

It's a common phenomenon to find 'dissenters', 'sceptics', 'debunkers' around the resistance community. their aim is to shift the attention from organization into disorganization, from agreeing into disagreeing. it's also their primal goal to sow doubt and fear. for this they get paid. they're rallied from conservative circles, lazy cynics or other rightist scum.

these internet moles can be found everywhere in our electronic community. you can recognize them by their stubborn presence in unwanted territory. we are not trying to convince skinheads in skinhead forums, are we? turn this argument around and you'll recognize these assholes and recognize the scum they are getting paid by when they soil our forums.

Dear flow. Writing lengthy responces to address obvious trolls who don't even have the capabilities to scribble more than some badly written sentence or two (usually full of profanities) may be counterproductive and may sort of get these trolls fuelled up. If I can simply offer a suggestion to my many readers like yourself (of whom I am very grateful for your comments)is to simply not respond to them or simply write them off with less of a sentence then they do. A few of my favorites are along these lines. (The above comment is by a troll - please disregard) or (To the above commenter - What a Jerk!) Stuff like that. I prefer the simple "Write off" which should hold them untill such time as I see it and delete it. Deleteing these professional dissrupters who ofter pose as many people (Unknown Soldier for example posts using about 20 different names) is not censorship, because their posts usually consist of nothing but profanity or beligerance and is not considered in the realm of information - they are pure garbage and do not deserve your valuable energy. If I sometimes take one of these losers to task it is because their ignorance is perfect to frame with my red letters. Anyways I'm trying to tell you what to do, your posts are intelligent and important. Just a suggestion.... But if you do decide to tear into one of these scumbags - Really tear into them - Make it good.
Solidarity vox

Posted by flow @ 12/19/2002 09:10 PM EST

woo hoo! you're back!

Posted by nee hier renee demain @ 12/19/2002 09:13 PM EST

salu nee nee ! champagne! and then back to (resistance) work.


Posted by flow @ 12/19/2002 09:16 PM EST


I've been visiting your site for months now and feel now the need to post my comments. I am glad to read that you are ok and are fighting back. Your website has opened my eyes on a number of topics and has encouraged me to resist the lies of both the bush administration and the media. I find strength in you Vox, along with everyone else who shares their thoughts on this site. Inspired by the band Audioslave.. Let's set this fucker off!

Posted by Alan Johnson @ 12/19/2002 10:35 PM EST

Mr Monkey,

Why dont you take your $200 and buy a nice coffin cause your already fuckin dead. You want to lay down and put your head in the sand, fine, do it and get the hell of this board. Were here to fight. I aint going out like that!!!

Welcome back VOX

Posted by sandman420 @ 12/19/2002 10:42 PM EST

I first came to your site when whatreallyhappened first put up word of your arrest. I have since visited it often. I'm glad to see someone else advocating resistance, and calling on people to stand up. Now, what we need more than anything, are people who will hear that call.

I was in the Army before Sept. 11th became the battle cry in the war against the Constitution. I got disgusted with it, and fought to get out as a conscientious objector on the grounds of the US acting as an illegal and immoral government. Fortunately, I won. Better yet, through my fight to get out, I found out that even then the split in the ranks was pretty apparent, if you knew where to look.

Sadly, I let compacency (sp?) and inaction get the better of me, and broke my word on doing more to fight against a government gone mad with power. I got settled into my own rutty routine, and bacame an armchair cynic.

That's not the case any more. Their actions are scary, but we have to realize that they are only people, too. Soldiers won't all blindly follow orders, and many already have their doubts. Keep up the site - it's a source of information and even inspiration to a lot of people.

In Solidarity,
Rey Carcana

Posted by Rey @ 12/19/2002 10:45 PM EST

I have a 2 year old, and she has taken momentary interest in the movie "A Bugs Life" which I get to enjoy about 6 times per day.

Feel secure that our children are being taught some good lessons at a very young age. When the little ant looks up at the big grasshopper and says 'we don't need you, you need us.... but you already know that, don't you'. This brings an end to the tyranny of the few over the many.

Thank you pixar, I hope your message doesn't get lost as my child grows... I know I will help.


Posted by cautious @ 12/19/2002 10:58 PM EST

Oh Mr sand man ,sing me a dream.

Fight , yes fight , like ruby ridge . Wht do you people realy think you wil get done against this government. Im am serious, give me reponse with out using the word fuck. I want to know what you are going to do, othet than post on boards, or go to a parade. And dont just tell me im an ass hole, or a smart ass. This is a realy questin. So we are all more informed the the sheeple. What do you do with this info. Post long and thoughtfull articles on the web. go to peace rallies? proteset rallies? I am serious. So somone answer me serious. Sending some dollars to a guy who is getting stomped by the SS seems to me to actualy be doing something more then coming up with witty replies. My ar is cocked, locked and ready to rock! Let me know

Posted by Monkey @ 12/19/2002 11:07 PM EST

Oh Mr sand man ,sing me a dream.

Fight , yes fight , like ruby ridge . Wht do you people realy think you wil get done against this government. Im am serious, give me reponse with out using the word fuck. I want to know what you are going to do, othet than post on boards, or go to a parade. And dont just tell me im an ass hole, or a smart ass. This is a realy questin. So we are all more informed the the sheeple. What do you do with this info. Post long and thoughtfull articles on the web. go to peace rallies? proteset rallies? I am serious. So somone answer me serious. Sending some dollars to a guy who is getting stomped by the SS seems to me to actualy be doing something more then coming up with witty replies. My ar is cocked, locked and ready to rock, so i aint going out like that either!

Posted by Monkey @ 12/19/2002 11:09 PM EST


When I found this site a couple of months ago, I thought, "Wow! This is the greatest site ever! This guy is really telling it all! Exposing all those lying bastards in our government!" My immediate second thought was, "Oh, shit! This guy's going to be in trouble very soon." Everyday I looked, I expected the site to be ripped off the Internet by the warthogs that are supposed to be our "Security."

I was right about the harrassment. But thankfully you're NOT gone! Please do all you can to keep this site going! We're with you!

You know, I have only request from you and from your readers.....Tell us, (tell me) what we can do SPECIFICALLY to fight these bastards, and we'll do it!

Ideas anyone?

Posted by hojo @ 12/19/2002 11:13 PM EST

There are many ways to resist the new world order.

Remember we support these bastards with our hard-earned $$$$. #1 Don't invest in the stock market and if you have money there, pull it out and pull it out now. #2 Find out which companies and corporations have aligned themselves or have greatly benefited from their association with the Bushies. Boycott them and their products and let them know why. #3 If you are in the military, get out. If you are in a reserve, get out and let them know why. #4 Refuse vaccinations for yourself and your children. Do whatever it takes to keep your children from having to be vaccinated even if it means moving to another state and let them know why. #5 Refuse to allow your driver's license to be used as a universal ID card where stores like Target and Vons, etc., can track your purchases. It's easy, you just have to find a powerful magnet somewhere, perhaps in a electronics liquidator store somewhere and brush the license strip against it to scramble the magnetic code to make it unreadable. You don't have to even buy the magnet, just use it in the store.

These are just a few suggestions, I'm sure there are many more things large and small that we can do to resist.

Remember the power of the people begins with me.

Remember they didn't succeed with the "Soviet Union" and they won't succeed with us.

Posted by Rachel - N6 @ 12/19/2002 11:21 PM EST

When I see this happening, I am reminded of playing D&D when I was a kid. It was fun, for a while at least, trying to come up with a workable strategy for attacking the 9 levels of hell. If you took out the top guy, there were hundreds waiting to take his place, and thousands below that, and millions below that. Attacking from the bottom was futile... there were too many.

But we never considered what seems to be going on here, and that is turning the minions onto the masters.

It may work.

Posted by Cautious @ 12/19/2002 11:26 PM EST

#6 Write a letter to a major media corporation's head department (search adress on web) and tell them you want accurate reporting NOW. Remember, they depend on YOU to earn their living. We want accurate reporting, not copypasting of governmental propaganda.

Posted by fritzlang @ 12/19/2002 11:26 PM EST

vox: gotcha!

it polished my English slang ;)

and I wish to accentuate for newcomers that forum disruption by spooks is a common tactic. beware of psyops; when you feel that scepticism tingle: you have been spoken to by fake poster.

you are either with us or against us.

Posted by flow @ 12/20/2002 12:06 AM EST

No is the time to use our collective hearts and mind to shine the blinding light of truth on these Globalist assholes. We should all take a lesson from VOX that they DO coil up like a snake and show fangs of venom when they are cornered.

If we each qrab a quill of of this bloated porcupine...sooner or later we will cut of the tail that is wagging the dog...then it will be OUR TURN to deal with the dog.

Posted by Mech @ 12/20/2002 12:11 AM EST

Your pathetic attitude is EXACTLY why we're where we are.
Pathetic wuss attitudes like yours are exactly why Bush and Co are so easily able to pull shit like this off. Ever heard of Malcolm X, MLK Jr, Mother Teresa, and any others of a host of GREAT people who took action based upon their beliefs? Obviously not, otherwise you wouldn't even open your yap.
The wall is composed of bricks and windows. You're a brick.

Posted by stonecutter @ 12/20/2002 12:18 AM EST

Good to hear You Save and OK FOX!!!
I would not go to Sweden in times of problems, too much NWO there..
May be the next country to the east would be OK to " get lost savely" and find shelter.
We stand behind YOU and if SHELTER or help is needed, let us know

Posted by ED @ 12/20/2002 12:23 AM EST

To all the Whistle Blowers out there.










Posted by Stinky_Old_Goat @ 12/20/2002 12:45 AM EST

I am getting a
"You have been banned from using this site."
every time I try to post. Are you sure you aren't Big Brother?

Posted by eric swan @ 12/20/2002 12:51 AM EST











Posted by Stinky_Old_Goat @ 12/20/2002 12:58 AM EST

Don't let them get to you... I am
an englishwoman living in sydney, australia... our prick headed prime minister supports bush!!!! what a laugh, the australian army etc consists of about 400 all up..
we are fed lies daily about 'boat people' (actually about 5000, if that) anyone seen the size of this place!!!??? your stories are what i have always believed to be true, but as a non believer of jewish birth, i am disgusted in the banks (jewish ones) & their support of fascists, sorry to say that i kind of expected it of the anglo/english ones.. what an awful place this world is becoming. commited to change ..
we have to unite or it becomes the old saying 'united we stand, divided we fall'.. take care jacki

Posted by jacqueline myers @ 12/20/2002 01:08 AM EST

Kliene Kinder,
I ask a legitimate question, and I get attacked? I have a pathetic attitude for asking you people what you intend to do with your supeior knowledge. You who are more wise than the masses. With all due respect to rachel 6, i am debt free, and i buy all my guns with cash. And dont shop at target, nobody sees my licences. wow, my part to stop global tyranny, boy do I feel good. Then i read a few mow post about " Now is the time to use the light of our collective hearts to shine the light of truth on.....WHAT THE FUCK???? This is not reality people this is green peace, and mabye if we all think happy thoughts and say the rosemary, mabye if we all sing we shall overcome, and light candles , and wisper to mother earth, and hug a few trees, and yada yada. I have a pathetic attitude? No sunshine beam, i live in the real world, where the day doesnt start out with a bowl of canabis for breakfast, and then we figure out what comitee we are going to start so that we can form a protest march and really show those those poloticians. Stonecutter , yeah I heard of all those people you mentioned, havent heard of you. But you do sound like an immature little member of the sierra club. So you go little man, you write your snappy little post, and clever little metaphors, that will show them. Mabeye we can all do that, and then mabey when we all do that the light of our collective hearts will shine bright enuff so we can pick the quills out of the bloated porcupine and we can wag the dog and the whole world will be as one.

I found this site because I was looking for some answears, and they are here, awesome site.

I posted a few questions, looking for some discorse, what did I get?
Children and Hippies.

Stone cutter, Go fuck yourself, this didnt start with busch and com. Keep reading those history books, mabye in the tenth grade youll pull your head out of your ass!!

To the rest of you people, Ill leave you with your good intentions and happy thoughts, never to post here again

bye bye

Posted by monkey @ 12/20/2002 01:23 AM EST

From Europe, we are looking horrified to what's happening to democracy in your country. We shouldn't indeed. Fear isn't good. We should wake up our slave governments to stand this bunch of criminals.
We know them in Europe too, but what distinghuishes the US from Europe is the military force of the US. The US can wipe the world several times and now they are inclined to attack first even with nuclear arms, they become a danger to the world.

So, vox, we admire your courage and and we support all Americans who really are patriotic by defending the democratic tights and freedom of speech. Actual patriottism has been hijacked by this gang of maffia !

Posted by JPF @ 12/20/2002 01:45 AM EST

Vox - You are a Hero to us all! As you do always remember to PLAY IT SAFE. Keep up the splendid work. We Will prevail - It is our duty! Starting within my workplace as should we all - the weak will have belief - from there on *all will see* - it is but a beginning, I know – but somewhere - we must!


Posted by We*Must*Begin*Now @ 12/20/2002 02:17 AM EST

Great to see you resurface vox, you're a beacon of light to the rest of us.

Sala Kahle

Posted by ewar @ 12/20/2002 02:19 AM EST

Hey! What should we do? Writing letters won't achieve much...unless EVERYONE does it. That ain't gonna happen.

What need to do is subvert the system. Refuse to co-operate. Not be a part of the system of control anymore.

Ever seen FIGHT CLUB? Tyler Durden had a great idea... (perhaps he went about it the wrong way), but hey, it'd work. The people have the power!

But will we all stand together and fight? Maybe so, or maybe not. It has happened in the past many times...it can happen again.

But as you say monkey, it WON'T happen by just sitting around.

Posted by to the monkey @ 12/20/2002 02:22 AM EST

I run steam boilers for a living
1000 horsepower Cleaver Brooks at 1200 psi. I work with my hands all day. I'm not in any Sierra club, although I respect the earth. You wouldn't last if we crossed paths. I don't own any guns.
I'm not a quitter and I never give up.
You have.

Posted by StoneCutter @ 12/20/2002 02:31 AM EST

Further to be above post.

More of us need to make people aware. The more people that know the better. But those people need to know that in order to prevail they need to refuse to co-operate!

Great site VOX!

Posted by to the @ 12/20/2002 02:33 AM EST


Glad to see ya made it. I'm a friend of valis' from over at http://www.libertyforum.org.

When you get a chance, tell us how it went down, please?

Posted by liberty boy @ 12/20/2002 03:19 AM EST

This is on the WSWS today, some in-depth coverage of Sean Penn's visit to Iraq.

'US actor Sean Penn visits Baghdad

By David Walsh
20 December 2002

Use this version to print Send this link by email Email the author

American film actor Sean Penn completed a three-day visit to Baghdad December 15 during which he spoke out against the threat of US attacks on Iraq. The 42-year-old Penn earlier this year took out a full-page advertisement in the Washington Post calling on George W. Bush to halt his administration’s war drive.

On his arrival in Baghdad Penn commented that he was there “to pursue a deeper understanding of this frightening conflict.” The actor expressed the hope that “all Americans will embrace information available to them outside the conventional channels” and called his visit to Iraq “a natural extension of my obligation (at least attempt) to find my own voice on matters of conscience.”

Penn’s visit was organized by the Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA), an American group of liberal policy analysts, with offices in San Francisco and Washington.

During his stay in Baghdad Penn toured a children’s hospital, where some of the victims of US sanctions policies are treated. The film actor refused to permit journalists to accompany him on his tour of the hospital, saying he needed to visit privately with the children. He also wandered around Baghdad streets without an Iraqi guide and had meetings with Deputy Prime Minister Tareq Aziz and Health Minister Umeed Madhat Mubarak.

Penn issued a statement to the press at a news conference December 15. It reads: “I am a citizen of the United States of America. I believe in the Constitution of the United States, and the American people. Ours is a government designed to function ‘of’-’by’-and-’for’ the people. I am one of those people, and a privileged one.

“I am privileged in particular to raise my children in a country of high standards in health, welfare, and safety. I am also privileged to have lived a life under our Constitution that has allowed me to dream and prosper. In response to these privileges I feel, both as an American and as a human being, the obligation to accept some level of personal accountability for the policies of my government, both those I support and any that I may not. Simply put, if there is a war or continued sanctions against Iraq, the blood of Americans and Iraqis alike will be on our hands.

“My trip here is to personally record the human face of the Iraqi people so that their blood—along with that of American soldiers—would not be invisible on my own hands. I sit with you here today in the hopes that any of us present may contribute in any way to a peaceful resolution to the conflict at hand.”

The US media, determined to maintain the image of a nation unified behind Bush, barely covered Penn’s trip. At the December 15 press conference he was asked if his visit might expose him to the charge that he lacked patriotism. Penn indicated he would be happy to debate anyone who made such accusations.

The film actor told the press that he had been touched by the warmth of ordinary Iraqis despite the sufferings of their daily lives. “I do find it very moving,” he said, “you know, the strength of a smile in those circumstances, and the smiles that I saw were abundant.” Penn declined to criticize the Bush administration while on Iraqi soil.

In his October 19 Washington Post advertisement, an open letter to George W. Bush, Penn criticized the administration for its “intolerance of debate (‘with us or against us’), marginalization of ... critics, the promoting of fear through unsubstantiated rhetoric, manipulation of a quick comfort media.” He appealed to Bush directly: “I beg you, help save America before yours is a legacy of shame and horror.” Penn argued that “sacrificing American soldiers or innocent civilians in an unprecedented preemptive attack on a separate sovereign nation ... may well prove itself a most temporary medicine.”

On December 10 a group of film actors and other entertainers held a press conference in Los Angeles to launch “Artists United to Win Without War,” a group opposed to US policy in Iraq. The group issued an open letter to Bush urging the government to avoid military action.

The declaration criticizes the Bush administration in the most timid language, and urges the disarming of Iraq through “legal diplomatic means.” It continues, “We are patriotic Americans who share the belief that Saddam Hussein cannot be allowed to possess weapons of mass destruction. We support rigorous U.N. weapons inspections to assure Iraq’s effective disarmament.” And further: “However, a preemptive military invasion of Iraq will harm American national interests. Such a war will increase human suffering, arouse animosity toward our country, increase the likelihood of terrorist attacks, damage the economy, and undermine our moral standing in the world.”

Martin Sheen, Mike Farrell and Tony Shalhoub were among those who spoke to the press December 10. Shalhoub commented, “This notion of preemptive war is setting a precedent ... and we must ask ourselves, where does this end? Where is the next preemptive strike?”

Others signing the letter included Academy Award winners Kim Basinger, Helen Hunt, Olympia Dukakis, Susan Sarandon and director Jonathan Demme. Other names included Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny of X-Files fame, West Wing cast members Sheen, Janel Moloney, Bradley Whitford and Lily Tomlin, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation actors Marg Helgenberger and Robert David Hall and Ocean’s Eleven cast members Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, Elliott Gould and Carl Reiner.

Actors Jessica Lange, Ethan Hawke, Samuel L. Jackson, Jane Kaczmarek, Laurence Fishburne, Alfre Woodard, Danny Glover, Noah Wyle and Téa Leoni also added their names to the list, along with musicians such as R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe, Peter Buck and Mike Mills, Bonnie Raitt and Peter Yarrow. The letter was signed as well by retired admiral Eugene Carroll Jr. and former US ambassador to Iraq Edward Peck.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the open letter originated in a “teach-in” organized by Farrell and director-producer Robert Greenwald in October at the home of a Democratic Party fundraiser, Stanley Sheinbaum. Speakers included Scott Ritter, the former UN weapons inspector, and David Cortright, a professor in peace studies at Notre Dame. Among the 50 attendees were Warren Beatty and wife Annette Bening, along with Democratic politicians Tom Hayden and Gary Hart.'

Granted, things like the NWO are not mentioned. From a group such as this trying for maximum exposure it's not likely that would be mentioned, though some of the people named are undoubtedly familiar with it. It proves one thing though, that opposition to the policies of the Bush administration is growing daily.

People are listening, and some are beginning to take action.

Get out there and inform people. Go see your elected representatives. Don't feel guilty about taking up their time–they do work for us as we're the ones who pay them. Also, many of them know little or nothing and when shown the truth do begin looking for themselves. If more of them see more people telling the same things there will be action. One voice isn't much more than a voice in the wilderness, and, as such is easily silenced. Groups of voices are a lot stronger. I did, and continue doing so. Much of the time people try tuning it out; they don't want to hear it. But, often, those light bulbs start going on, and once on, stay that way. Resistance to the Bush policies is growing because more and more lights are coming on.

I'll post something else later on as to (the real) reasons why the Bush drive for war on Iraq has stalled. This is another thing to show to those needing their "lights turned on", one that will make sense to even those who don't believe the conspiracy theories.

Later people...


Posted by Brian Hay @ 12/20/2002 03:52 AM EST

Nice to see you back vox.thought you were a goner for a short while.If you ever need a safe house in Europe
let me know.


Risks of A Massive Global Conflict Increase with Each New Successful
Economic Effort to Slow the Empire's Expansion

by Michael C. Ruppert

[© Copyright, 2002, From The Wilderness Publications, www.fromthewilderness.com. All rights reserved.
May be copied, distributed or posted on the Internet for non-profit purposes only.]

Dec. 19 2002, 1400 PST, (FTW) - Over the last three months the world has successfully demonstrated that it can delay and obstruct U.S. plans to occupy the oil fields of Iraq and Saudi Arabia. This is both good news and bad news. Today's UN developments regarding Iraq's statement on weapons of mass destruction have served to increase the stakes over U.S. plans to occupy that country. The Empire's feet of clay are rooted in monumental budget deficits, trade deficits, fraudulent financial markets, cheap oil and rigged gold prices. It is on these fronts that the battle for Iraq is now being fought.

The fact that the planned invasion of Iraq did not occur as was originally planned in late September in no way diminishes the accuracy of FTW's prediction that it was planned for that time. In our lead essay for the November issue of FTW -"Wheels Come Off U.S. War Plans for Iraq" - we explained very clearly that resistance on a number of economic and political fronts around the world was having an impact on the Empire's agenda. This is a gratifying and positive development and a sign that there are tactics that are being successfully used to delay United States imperial aggression in violation of international law, basic American values, human rights and common sense.

We believe that a clear example of the backstage economic "negotiations" has been a recent bust-out of world gold prices coupled with near panic buying on some Asian markets as reported today by Reuters. And with gold threatening $350 an ounce (a more than 25% increase this year) U.S. financial powerhouses like J.P. Morgan Chase and Citigroup, which have for decades engaged in manipulation of gold prices, are seriously threatened. Their derivatives bubbles ($40 trillion in the case of Morgan alone) could pop as a result of demands for physical gold reconciliation with paper gold accounts and the U.S. economy could be devastated as a result.

Another case in point is the ongoing Venezuelan crisis, artificially manipulated by the U.S. government which has resulted in what may be unjustified fears of oil price spikes as we enter what may be the worst winter in a decade. As we have previously reported, since World War II, oil price spikes invariably lead to recession and the U.S. economy is teetering at that point now. Recession may, in fact, be too mild a word. The market fundamentals leading to the economic warning we issued last July, just before the Dow Jones fell off a cliff, remain unchanged and the savviest world leaders understand the basic vulnerabilities in the U.S. economy.

Just today, December 19, 2002, as UN Chief Weapons Inspector Hans Blix reported negatively to the UN Security Council on Iraqi compliance, we see continued evidence that behind-the-scenes diplomatic and economic pressures are continuing to slow down U.S. efforts to control the second largest oil reserves on the planet. FTW agrees strongly with former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter who spoke recently in San Francisco and with U.C. Berkeley professor and author Peter Dale Scott that a U.S. invasion of Iraq will - in addition to Iraq's 11% - see a near-simultaneous occupation of key oil fields in Saudi Arabia holding another 25% of all the oil reserves on the planet. Recent revelations that anticipated Caspian Basin reserves have been wildly overestimated only intensify Peak Oil issues for every nation and increase the tensions over what happens in Iraq. Each industrialized nation knows that unless it secures a piece of the Middle East oil pie its survivability in coming oil crises is in question. There are no more significant oil deposits left to find, especially where the Empire has not already marked them with its scent.

Today, White House spokesman Ari Fleischer indicated that there would be no immediate move to invade Iraq or toward unilateral action on the part of the U.S. in spite of statements by U.S. Ambassador to the UN John Negroponte that Iraq was in material breach of UN resolution 1441. It now appears that no additional action will be taken in the Security Council until late January. That would indicate that the soonest that a U.S. invasion could occur would be sometime in February. That would also come perilously close to making it a certainty that U.S. military operations in the region could be continuing as temperatures rise to near-summer levels in the late spring.

These delays are a mixed blessing. While providing evidence that there are strategies that can derail the unilateral plans of the American "hyperpower" and giving hope to those who are looking for performance and result-oriented strategies, the inherent dangers involved in an Iraqi invasion increase with each new delay. Throughout the region - as oil supply issues emerge dominant - smaller coalitions are forming to resist U.S. military plans and political and economic alliances shift as the rest of the world looks for alternatives to abject surrender to Imperial occupation. Just today Reuters announced that the U.S. intends to send an additional 50,000 troops to the region. Each additional delay only increases the likelihood that when it does move the U.S. will employ massive force - possibly even tactical nuclear weapons - resulting in large numbers of civilian casualties.

Had the invasion occurred last September, as originally planned, it would likely have resulted in a quick occupation of Iraq because the rest of the world and various interests in the Middle East had not had time to organize military, economic and political resistance. Each new delay, while not preventing the invasion, only increases the certainty that the conflict will be bloody, prolonged, and will likely spread throughout the region - if not the entire planet. Sadly, it appears as though the Bush War Cabinet has anticipated these developments and is spoiling for a fight that it recognizes might unleash the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. This is destructive madness of the highest order.

At home, both popular and institutional resistance to mass smallpox vaccinations and the administration's heavy handedness with Homeland Security, Total Information Awareness and a glacially powerful erosion of civil liberties is also not going unnoticed by the global community. As I have predicted since January of 2001, this administration is reacting to each new challenge with the only set of coping tools it possesses: intimidation, deception, coercion and brutality. And these responses are provoking real resistance leaders to find ways to fight the Empire in ways that hurt it, by voting with their pocketbooks and withdrawing the consumer support that keeps the Imperial engine running. I wonder how long it will be before significant portions of the population start refusing to pay their taxes. That will be a key signal that the American people are finally psychologically prepared to do something that will make a difference.

At that point, perhaps, the American people will have matured beyond the infantile belief that these problems can be solved from the comfort of an armchair or a pleasant weekend demonstration that goes totally ignored by the mainstream press. There is nothing at stake except tomorrow.

Avec nous, le déluge.

Michael C. Ruppert
From The Wilderness

Posted by Rob the Scrutinizer @ 12/20/2002 04:13 AM EST

hi voxnyc,

i am from europe and enjoy reading your site. looking at your postings always left me asking when your fascist govt. would start going after you. in any event you should now go into damage control mode:

a) get your money/valuables and documents out of their reach. the first thing they will do is to steal everything you have and try to ruin you. this will make you more "manageable".
b) document EVERYTHING: make fotos of any damage to your house and other property, interview the neighbours about harassments and record their statements, write down or record anything and everything relevant, smaller events of harassment, if possible the names of the thugs, date, time & place of incidents, persons involved; copy communications from them (judicial orders, subpoenas)
c) consider emigrating if things get out of control
d) consider applying for political asylum somewhere
e) mirror your site offshore (please anybody reading this: mirror this site !)
f) contact the media and make LOTS of noise: make them be ashamed or embarassed by everything they undertake against you, make anything they do against you a liability to them. take the palestinians as an example; write a diary and publish it here, ...
g) smile !

Posted by goatbert the terrible @ 12/20/2002 04:41 AM EST

Our "rights" are not given to us as some grand "gift" or "loan" from the government. Our "freedoms", though an illusion on the surface, are not determined by a few bloated, pasty old men. Keep your minds clear and free of their drugs and lies. Do not give them your mind - think, always, think! Thank you, Vox, and others, for the flow of information.

Posted by NotASheep @ 12/20/2002 04:49 AM EST

Bravo Vox! fight the good fight!
as for what can be done against the nazis, i have spent my life resisting them, first by force of arms...then after i got out of the joint and could walk again i started growing pot. if everyone would reqad kris millegan's excellent take on the subject here: http://www.ctrl.org/boodleboys/boddlesboys2.html
it is obvious the illumined factions got their start all those centuries ago by growing opium.
by smoking and growing pot we can too become boodle boys, and girls!
as for fear them they have already turned this great nation into a prison. we are all doing life with no parole. we have nothing to loose the culling is already begun. the only question remaing is what means one should use to fight them. pot growing undermines the banks, GET IT?

Posted by loner @ 12/20/2002 05:54 AM EST

Hurrah for vox. God bless you al all fearless lovers for truth and justice.
When I awoke, you site was the first place I went, and am delighted that you are free.
Keep it up. Thankyou for your writing, your fearlessness, and for this forum.

Did you hear the one about the two honest lawyers walking along?
Of coure not. You might only find one.

Peace, courage, and joy,

Jon Carl Skoglund
"God gave a free man a clearing in the forest."

Posted by Free Man @ 12/20/2002 06:41 AM EST

Right on, VOX. Brightens my day to know you're up and at 'em! Quite a response to your situation you've posted. I do hope the word gets out there!

Posted by Question @ 12/20/2002 07:02 AM EST

By the way, my home internet connection has been banned from posting. I noticed someone above is getting the same message. To my knowledge, last night was the very first attempt to post here from home, so I doubt it is something I said. Does Earthlink not like you, or did this banishment come from your end?

Posted by Question @ 12/20/2002 07:05 AM EST

What to do?

#1 Don't invest in the stock market.

#2 Find out which companies and corporations have aligned themselves or have greatly benefited from their association with the Bushies. Boycott them and their products and let them know why. Write, write, write.

#3 If you are in the military, get out. If you are in a reserve, get out and let them know why.

#4 Refuse vaccinations for yourself and your children.

#5 Refuse to allow your driver's license to be used as a universal ID card.

#6 Write a letter to a major media corporation. Let them know what you think.


"I write this letter to object to your approach regarding the chain of events since the 11th of September 2001. There is still no credible evidence that Osama bin Laden and the so-called al-Qaeda network is behind these attacks.

On the other hand, there is very credible evidence to prove intelligence agencies’ foreknowledge and complicity.

Therefore, we feel that the modern wave of terrorism can not genuinely be attributed to Osama bin Laden or al-Qaeda. This feeling is growing into an ever widening public opinion. We therefore insist that this opinion would be more outspokenly reflected in your future news reports. We are confident you will understand the common interest of this demand."

(this is not futile, monkey, go ahead and write; this is what greenpeace does in its campaigns, and it works / laws of the free market!)

Posted by fritzlang @ 12/20/2002 07:19 AM EST

please bookmark mirrorpage for voxnyc at


vox, if you care to update this, you know where to find me.

download the latest speech of another true revolutionary, Mike Ruppert

Posted by flow @ 12/20/2002 07:26 AM EST

I read your plea to archive the site a few days ago, and less than an hour later, I had copied every essay and every graphic. I have checked back each day and in event that the site was down, I was prepared to mirror it. Each day I felt a little more hopeful. The site was still up, meaning that at least some of the storm troopers, er taxpayer-funded bureacrats, had some sympathy toward your plight. Had it been the President's - er Karl Rove's - decision, your site would have been hacked within moments of the raid on your building.

When I read your message this morning, I could not stop smiling. You are an inspiration. Thank you for your courage, tenacity, and strong spirit. I think you have empowered us all.

Thanks for reminding your readers that not all federal agents, police officers, and military personnel support the self-annoited leader of the "free" world. These folks are an important part of the resistance, and we must continually remind ourselves of this. This gives us power to reclaim the freedoms we so cherish.

Keep up the good work.

Peace, love, and good karma to you, Vox.

Posted by Kelly Thomas @ 12/20/2002 07:32 AM EST


Monkey, read my posts and all of the other posts before you accuse any one of us posters as being inactive complainers. Do your homework on this site. Below, I reiterate the many actions of resistance which I have already posted, and some which I have not posted before.

I do not threaten. I investigate, identify, think, and act.
I do all I can, mastering my fear, accepting the pain as my price of freedom.
I am free only if I act free regardless of fear, pain, torture, and death.
I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, fearing no evil, because my God is with me always. This is a good day to die.







Rely on God. Speak your prayers to Him alone, aloud, then listen to Him.
Be His spiritual warriors by prayer, meditation, research, and action.
Know and love your neighbors, and strangers.
Find the homeless, bring one or more home, and make them part of your family.
Be involved in and beyond your community, especially in charities.
Sing joyful songs alone and with friends.
Collect and tell jokes.
Build your physical endurance and your immune system.
Be armed, well trained in arms, and a member of a local militia.
Proclaim and fight for justice.
Visit the imprisoned, the home bound, the sick, and the dying.
Promote local education for youth and adults on the laws and the outlaws.
Join a Sui Juris, citizens’ grand jury to define the crimes, identify the criminals, gather the evidence, publicize the crimes and evidence, indict the criminals, pass judgment, and execute judgment if the courts refuse to do so.
Boycott all forms of the N. W. O. influence, including all companies which support the N. W. O.
Refuse mandated vaccinations, and other mandated medical procedures.
Educate your children and others at home if possible.
Keep the TV off.
Know our enemies. They have waged war on us from the beginning.

It matters not that we die. It matters only how we live and whom we serve.


How do you mend a broken heart?
Use ticker tape.

Peace, courage, and joy

Jon Carl Skoglund

“God gave a free man a clearing in the forest.”


Posted by Free Man @ 12/20/2002 07:45 AM EST

Resist........or.........Get Away........No other choice........

Vox, Good show mate!!!!! Welcome back!

Posted by swamp gas @ 12/20/2002 07:54 AM EST

A lot of people have come here asking what we can really accomplish against the Bushies. Well, I've always been a big fan of the Gandhi tactic of a universal strike. Of course, it'd have to be on an even larger scale than the DC protest to have any real effect, and it'd have to involve some of the very people who are benefitting most from the current adminstration. It would send an unquestionable message to everyone - the current administration, the alphabet agencies, the media (who would have no choice but to report it eventually), and the rest of the world.

The drawbacks to the plan are pretty evident. The people who would be first to start/join such a strike would be the very same people who can not afford to do so. They wouldn't have enough food to feed their families, and they wouldn't have any means of paying their rent. Again, if this were to be organized properly, that could be avoided by those who have more than they need providing to those others.

I particularly feel this course of non-violent action is exceptional for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the economy is on crutches at the best. Many states are on the verge of bankruptcy, and the federal government has amassed a debt so large it can't even pay the interest, let alone the principle. A massive strike would most likely take out what's left of it, forcing the change we need.

Secondly, a strike on this level would be hard to fight against by the governemnt. Sure they can try to detain everyone, but they can hardly hold people in the prisons as it is. Their detention camps on based on the principle that the military will generall see nothing wrong with turning its guns on Americans exercising their freedoms and lock them up. As I've personally experienced, and from Vox's own post, there's already a large split in the ranks. It'd be impossible to keep 250 million people in detention camps.

Finally, let's say they do find some way to detain everyone. If they did that, there'd be no way for them to deny it to the rest of the world.

I also think that somehow, we should be writing letters to the UN. The rest of the world is growing weary of the current administrations ambitions. Most of them know it is not us, the people, but them, the government, who want these wars. The US has a lot of power against a lot of the world, but the rest of the world, collectively, acing in their interests and our own, can be a crucible to force out the change we need and desire, or at least provide support for those of us willing to do so.

Remember, we're not "terrorists". We're the real patriots who believe in the principles this country was founded on. We're not unAmerican because we won't stand by and watch those same principles we love torn to shreds by a few podgy men on a power trip.

Posted by Rey @ 12/20/2002 08:14 AM EST

Im no govt. agent hell I can't even spell.I just get my kicks to come in here and read all the conspiracies. Some of you folks crack me up. This is cheap entertainment I'm thinking of writing a book and putting some of your messages in it.Except I will have a ghostwriter because I can't spell.So relax and if your phone clicks while your talking on it rest assured It's not the Soldier.If your phone rings and no ones there It's not the soldier.Even if your computer runs extremely slow you can be certain Soldiers not involved.So have a peacful nights sleep on me I'll watch out to make sure no NWO or flesh eatin buga boos come marching down main street America Soldier is on duty.

Make no mistake about it this jerk is the same person who posts under the name soaring eagle. Which means this filth IS DEFINITELY with the group who did the raid. The Orwell quote timed exactly as the raid occured was as subtle as bull in a china shop. This is the same guy who posts obscenities such as "All liberals should have a rusty pipe shoved up their asses." I guarantee you all that this retarded pig can barely lift his large ass out of his chair much less come after a feral cat like me.
So a big hearty "Fuck You" goes out to the retard from rasserver.net (Unknown Soldier, Soaring Eagle) We'll see who wins...

Posted by Unknown Soldier @ 12/19/2002 02:05 PM EST

You guys right if Vox thinks I'm a Government agent.This article also posted at http://seattle.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=20867 is funny as hell and rasserver .net I never heard of.Vox has one thing right I do post under Unknown Soldier and Soaring Eagle thats only because I keep getting banned on my responses.So lighten up, if Vox is in trouble (which I doubt) any publicty is go publicty.

We have a complete history of every move this jerk called "Unknown Soldier" makes. We are investigating. Turns out our Mr Obscenity has made a MAJOR screw up. More later...

Posted by Unknown Soilder @ 12/20/2002 08:25 AM EST

Welcome back. Do post information relating to any petition and I'll circulate it. Do put up information about donations to a legal fund and I'll put in.

These are frightening times. It does feel as though the sky is storming and ready to fall. But as long as there is life there is hope. It is so easy to get lulled into the intoxicating slumber of media-reality. I think that it has such a slow, strong pull on us because we all know, in our hearts, in our guts, that things are massively, massively wrong right now. On so many levels. We feel that we cannot process it. So we numb ourselves, distract ourselves with material things, color, sound, busy-work.

So much greed, destruction, violence, control, hatred and lies, tangling tangling lies that so befuddle our brains.

But I can't lie down. I won't lie down. It is hard for me at times to make sure I stay awake, but then I search for signs of life, light and truth - other candles. The spark of other beings who are AWAKE and ALIVE and willing to risk. Willing to live truthfully.

That is the fire I need. This is REAL LIFE. This is the REAL FIGHT. Yes - watch your good movies and read your good books that make you feel inspired, but turn them inside out. Do not ingest them only for dreams. DO dream, but radiate your dreams outward as well. We can make a difference, and there are other ways to live. The "security" we feel we have with our material things and foods of all nations delivered to our local grocery is so fragile. We could be in for dark times, but I have seen the cooperation that can exist between people. With a collapse, many would falter and fall, certainly. Many would simply give up. But many wouldn't. The fire and the truth are not simply there to tell us what is wrong. Look at the other side. I know things are wrong because I know how they could be. I know that people can live better. I know that people can cooperate. This is what I know and hold in my heart, and this is what I see in others who are waking up and speaking up. We know better. We know better ways. Get those motivated by greed, selfishness and fear OUT OF THE WAY.

Posted by slowly stirring @ 12/20/2002 08:28 AM EST


Risks of A Massive Global Conflict Increase with Each New Successful
Economic Effort to Slow the Empire's Expansion

by Michael C. Ruppert

[© Copyright, 2002, From The Wilderness Publications, www.fromthewilderness.com. All rights reserved.
May be copied, distributed or posted on the Internet for non-profit purposes only.]

Dec. 19 2002, 1400 PST, (FTW) - Over the last three months the world has successfully demonstrated that it can delay and obstruct U.S. plans to occupy the oil fields of Iraq and Saudi Arabia. This is both good news and bad news. Today's UN developments regarding Iraq's statement on weapons of mass destruction have served to increase the stakes over U.S. plans to occupy that country. The Empire's feet of clay are rooted in monumental budget deficits, trade deficits, fraudulent financial markets, cheap oil and rigged gold prices. It is on these fronts that the battle for Iraq is now being fought.

The fact that the planned invasion of Iraq did not occur as was originally planned in late September in no way diminishes the accuracy of FTW's prediction that it was planned for that time. In our lead essay for the November issue of FTW -"Wheels Come Off U.S. War Plans for Iraq" - we explained very clearly that resistance on a number of economic and political fronts around the world was having an impact on the Empire's agenda. This is a gratifying and positive development and a sign that there are tactics that are being successfully used to delay United States imperial aggression in violation of international law, basic American values, human rights and common sense.

We believe that a clear example of the backstage economic "negotiations" has been a recent bust-out of world gold prices coupled with near panic buying on some Asian markets as reported today by Reuters. And with gold threatening $350 an ounce (a more than 25% increase this year) U.S. financial powerhouses like J.P. Morgan Chase and Citigroup, which have for decades engaged in manipulation of gold prices, are seriously threatened. Their derivatives bubbles ($40 trillion in the case of Morgan alone) could pop as a result of demands for physical gold reconciliation with paper gold accounts and the U.S. economy could be devastated as a result.

Another case in point is the ongoing Venezuelan crisis, artificially manipulated by the U.S. government which has resulted in what may be unjustified fears of oil price spikes as we enter what may be the worst winter in a decade. As we have previously reported, since World War II, oil price spikes invariably lead to recession and the U.S. economy is teetering at that point now. Recession may, in fact, be too mild a word. The market fundamentals leading to the economic warning we issued last July, just before the Dow Jones fell off a cliff, remain unchanged and the savviest world leaders understand the basic vulnerabilities in the U.S. economy.

Just today, December 19, 2002, as UN Chief Weapons Inspector Hans Blix reported negatively to the UN Security Council on Iraqi compliance, we see continued evidence that behind-the-scenes diplomatic and economic pressures are continuing to slow down U.S. efforts to control the second largest oil reserves on the planet. FTW agrees strongly with former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter who spoke recently in San Francisco and with U.C. Berkeley professor and author Peter Dale Scott that a U.S. invasion of Iraq will - in addition to Iraq's 11% - see a near-simultaneous occupation of key oil fields in Saudi Arabia holding another 25% of all the oil reserves on the planet. Recent revelations that anticipated Caspian Basin reserves have been wildly overestimated only intensify Peak Oil issues for every nation and increase the tensions over what happens in Iraq. Each industrialized nation knows that unless it secures a piece of the Middle East oil pie its survivability in coming oil crises is in question. There are no more significant oil deposits left to find, especially where the Empire has not already marked them with its scent.

Today, White House spokesman Ari Fleischer indicated that there would be no immediate move to invade Iraq or toward unilateral action on the part of the U.S. in spite of statements by U.S. Ambassador to the UN John Negroponte that Iraq was in material breach of UN resolution 1441. It now appears that no additional action will be taken in the Security Council until late January. That would indicate that the soonest that a U.S. invasion could occur would be sometime in February. That would also come perilously close to making it a certainty that U.S. military operations in the region could be continuing as temperatures rise to near-summer levels in the late spring.

These delays are a mixed blessing. While providing evidence that there are strategies that can derail the unilateral plans of the American "hyperpower" and giving hope to those who are looking for performance and result-oriented strategies, the inherent dangers involved in an Iraqi invasion increase with each new delay. Throughout the region - as oil supply issues emerge dominant - smaller coalitions are forming to resist U.S. military plans and political and economic alliances shift as the rest of the world looks for alternatives to abject surrender to Imperial occupation. Just today Reuters announced that the U.S. intends to send an additional 50,000 troops to the region. Each additional delay only increases the likelihood that when it does move the U.S. will employ massive force - possibly even tactical nuclear weapons - resulting in large numbers of civilian casualties.

Had the invasion occurred last September, as originally planned, it would likely have resulted in a quick occupation of Iraq because the rest of the world and various interests in the Middle East had not had time to organize military, economic and political resistance. Each new delay, while not preventing the invasion, only increases the certainty that the conflict will be bloody, prolonged, and will likely spread throughout the region - if not the entire planet. Sadly, it appears as though the Bush War Cabinet has anticipated these developments and is spoiling for a fight that it recognizes might unleash the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. This is destructive madness of the highest order.

At home, both popular and institutional resistance to mass smallpox vaccinations and the administration's heavy handedness with Homeland Security, Total Information Awareness and a glacially powerful erosion of civil liberties is also not going unnoticed by the global community. As I have predicted since January of 2001, this administration is reacting to each new challenge with the only set of coping tools it possesses: intimidation, deception, coercion and brutality. And these responses are provoking real resistance leaders to find ways to fight the Empire in ways that hurt it, by voting with their pocketbooks and withdrawing the consumer support that keeps the Imperial engine running. I wonder how long it will be before significant portions of the population start refusing to pay their taxes. That will be a key signal that the American people are finally psychologically prepared to do something that will make a difference.

At that point, perhaps, the American people will have matured beyond the infantile belief that these problems can be solved from the comfort of an armchair or a pleasant weekend demonstration that goes totally ignored by the mainstream press. There is nothing at stake except tomorrow.

Avec nous, le déluge.

Michael C. Ruppert
From The Wilderness


Posted by Ronn @ 12/20/2002 08:37 AM EST

please do not post long articles twice, Ron. a link would suffice.

slowly stirring: I'm with you.

Ruppert, Ritter, Zinn, Chomsky, vox - you never walk alone.

Posted by flow @ 12/20/2002 08:42 AM EST

Time to clean up this country.

What one must recognize is that this global warfare currently moving forward will result in a massive economic implosion never witnessed in the history of mankind. As I write, the most powerful countries in the world are choosing sides; China and the Arab countries are buying Gold and Silver and dumping all stocks and currencies from the US and Great Britain.

The US continues to print money to prop up a stock market ready to drop 50% of its value along with the FED dropping interest rates further and further. In the last week, the dollar has been tanking while Gold has been rising - even the Euro has been doing well and is now more valued than the US dollar.

This transference of power is being consummated behind the scenes and banks such as JPMorgan and Bank of America and Citigroup are headed for financial ruin due to enormous off the book debts due to derivative transactions in currency and gold, among others. This has been reported and, even now, high level employees of these banks are resigning in great numbers - why?

They know what's coming - financial Armageddon, and when it does Gold will rise astronomically, the dollar will collapse, and a world economic depression will ensue, allowing for the antichrist to rise... Ironically, China and the Arab countries will stand to profit mightily due to their gold/silver investments, while the fiat currencies will be worthless - time to think is now - get your house in order - vox is right on, but you must be prepared and see the big picture... The world as we once knew it, is no longer, and WILL NEVER BE AGAIN...

You can scream out for others to awaken to them, but they will not, until perhaps they are dying in their own vomit and blood. And then it will be too late anyway.

Corrupt men are pushing for the New World Order.

"We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order." David Rockefeller

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries." David Rockefeller... Baden-Baden, Germany 1991

Posted by Ronn @ 12/20/2002 08:56 AM EST

Suggestion: Why don't you already have an email list of your present readers email distributed to your lawyer/accountant/friends
so they can inform us of your whereabouts would something happen to you.
For information, 4 years ago another site was doing a similar job against Clinton-beofre-Monika (which in itself was an eye-opener for whomever had not been watching that informative website)... the guy (ex-computer scientist living on a near Steubenville farm) had to use a small private airplane from time to time. One day "they" (of the same team which induced Princess Diana's car accident -- the small while painted car which hit her limo/car just slightly to drive it offcourse, in one of the pilone bordering the tunnel where she died..) sabotaged it and he had a crash.
Did not die but extremely wounded everywhere, recuperating, unable to communicate verbally (a change!) nor in writting even a few months after the induced crash which could have killed him. His family in $ despair etc.. End of the story!
WE PRAY FOR YOU but you might want to protect yourself with SACRAMENTALS (scapulars, Cross of St. Benedict blessed to be an exortism cross, HOLY WATER -- could be picked up free in any Catholic Church in good standing i.e. whose pastor is not homosexual and therefore who would bless the water at teh font regularly after it is put there)
Have your car BLESSED with HOLY WATER by a priest if you could (any one will do if you ask him visiting his rectory if not available after the mass at church)
Pray the ROSARY NON_STOP -- at least 'Hail Marys' non-stop and the prayer of St Michael (email to me for the copy if needed) -- as well as the DIVINE MERCY CHAPLET extremely powerful (following ST Sr Faustina's diary, I prayed during the violent storm over our house which was threatening to brake the windows violently shaken:before the end of the first decade, the wind DIED -- permanently; by the end of the 5th decade, the rain had stopped! POWERFUL as you see!!! God in action if we BELIEVE in HIM -- He is stronger than satan! ALWAYS!
BUT CALL ON HIM: HE is the ONLY one stronger than SATAN!
And you will see lots of miracles which will protect you -- your being delayed a few seconds will avoid you a deadly accident here, there, everywhere...
Keep track to tell your story to others: GOD NEEDS WITNESS to convert the whole world -- HIS GOAL!
Living proof of what I tell you: Our POPE -- still alife and well -- intellectually and his right hand with which he signs his no-nonsense Apostolic Letter -- one of the last one precisely on the Rosary "A Marvellous prayer", His "favorite prayer" --
despite the many similar people interested (from Russia throughout the world since 'Communism' is similar to 'freemasson-invaded-and-headed-by-Illuminatim' -- what Our Lady of Fatima had predicted in 1917, 1929 if Russia was not consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart by the Pope AND ALL BISHOPS -- which they could not do since 2/3 of the them were not trusting Our Lady (normal if they were homosexual and sinners!)

Anyway you are right, courageous and deserve the PALM OF MARTYRDOM when you die.
Yet we all pray that God will see fit to keep you with us a little longer to inform all of us about the TRUTH OF EVIL --
and therefore learn to benefit from the TRUTH OF EVERPOWERFUL GOD!
"Lord you are my Rock, my Shield"
should be in all our hearts, to remove fear "never of God" Who always win against satan -- who does instillate fear in us, you are absolutely correct.

May God bless and protect you, we humbly pray.
In Christo Per Mariam,

Posted by denyse chew @ 12/20/2002 09:00 AM EST


Posted by Noel @ 12/20/2002 09:11 AM EST

Yes, Rey. You have hit the nail on your head completely on how to fight the system in your two posts. The absolute necessities are:
1) a general strike. This does not even have to be nationwide. It wasn't in Russia during the Revolution. It barely left Petrograd at first, but that was enough. And they didn't have the Internet!
2) capitalizing on the split in the military to subvert their forces and turn the frontline soldiers against the generals. Trying to convince the police is harder than convincing the enlisted folks. When the soldiers turn against the government, the police will get scared and drop their shields, hats, and other identifying markers as fast as the Taliban shaved their beards and put on Uzbek hats.

Rey, you rock...

Posted by el diablito @ 12/20/2002 09:25 AM EST

Some Resistance Results:


“ From: "Spiritual Piglet" Date: Thu Dec 19, 2002 6:46 pmSubject: SMALLPOX VACCINE CAMPAIGN COLLAPSES
Source:STRATIAwire by Jon Rappoport http://www.stratiawire.com/
http://www.stratiawire.com/article.asp?id=797Wednesday, December 18, 2002DECEMBER 19.
Before our eyes, the mass smallpox-vaccine plan is going into the toilet. NBC is reporting, get THIS: "Health officials strongly discourage this [getting the vaccine], and said once people became aware of the risks, they expected few to press for the vaccine. "TRANSLATION: THE WHOLE THING IS A BUST. THE MEDICAL CARTEL COULDN'T KEEP ITS STORY STRAIGHT. DOCTORS AND MEDICAL BUREAUCRATS SCURRIED AWAY FROM THE SCENE YELLING, "DON'T BLAME ME IF A LOT OF PEOPLE DIE." More from NBC: "'The federal government is not recommending vaccination of the general public,' said Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson. 'There may, however, be members of the public who insist on being vaccinated.'" TRANSLATION: AVOID THIS VACCINE LIKE THE PLAGUE. UNLESS YOU'RE CRAZY. Dr. Anthony Fauci, who leads the smallpox vaccine program for the US National Institutes of Health, said [this is MSNBC's paraphrase of Fauci: "While the vaccine will be offered to adults on a voluntary basis, it will not be available for children except in the event of a smallpox [biowar]attack." Then Fauci remarked on the record: "Ethical and safety concerns bar children from clinical trials being conducted now, meaning the vaccine cannot be licensed for them. If Mom comes up to one of the local and state health officials and says, 'I want vaccine for my 5-year-old,' currently there doesn't appear to be a mechanism for them to get it." TRANSLATION: THEN WE SAID YES. NOW WE SAY NO. GET OUT OF MY FACE. I'M GOING TO THE BAHAMAS FOR TWO WEEKS. HOLD ALL MY CALLS. And then we have this, which I thought was a hacker's trick of inserting an early April Fool's story at AP: "Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson said Sunday he does not plan to be inoculated with the smallpox vaccine and recommends that other Cabinet members not request the inoculation either." TRANSLATION: YEAH, A FEW MONTHS AGO I WAS LIKE AN ANGRY GOD DEMANDING THAT THE WHOLE COUNTRY GET SHOT UP WITH THIS STUFF. BUT NOW I WOULDN'T TOUCH IT ON A BET. AND BUSH, HA HA, IT'S TOO LATE FOR HIM. HE ALREADY PROMISED HE'D TAKE IT HIMSELF. I MEAN, IF HE'S ORDERING ALL THE TROOPS TO GET IT, THEN HE, AS COMMANDER IN CHIEF, HAS TO DO IT TOO. THAT'S HIS PROBLEM. HOLD ALL MY CALLS. AND REFER ALL INQUIRIES ABOUT THE DANGER OF THE VACCINE TO SOLDIERS TO THE PENTAGON. I'M OUT OF IT. THAT'S THEIR DEAL. SOLDIERS AREN'T PEOPLE. THEY'RE SOLDIERS. PLEASE GET THIS STORY OUT. If I'm hallucinating and these wire stories and NBC and CNN reports are all part of a plot of to personally derange me, I'll take the heat. One thing to remember: Now the vaccine is all about A BIOWAR ATTACK. IF THERE IS NO ATTACK, THEN THOSE 300 MILLION DOSES ARE ON THE SHELF, EXCEPT FOR THE PEOPLE WHO ARE STILL RUNNING ON FUMES FROM THE EARLIER PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGN AND THINK THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO DO THEIR DUTY AS GOOD LITTLE PATRIOTS AND GET THE SHOT---WHICH MAY INCLUDE THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF THOSE LOCAL VACCINE CENTERS THAT HAVE BEEN PREPPING THEIR COMMUNITIES ABOUT THE UTTER NECESSITY OF TAKING THE SHOT. I BET THE CDC IS BURNING UP THE WIRES SENDING OUT CANCELLATION AND DON'T-BLAME-US NOTICES. SO NOW, SUPPOSE A BIOWAR ATTACK IS STAGED? WHAT HAPPENS THEN? I'LL TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENS. THE SAME GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS WHO ARE RUNNING OFF INTO THE NIGHT WILL COME BACK AND SAY, "YOU HAVE TO GET THIS TOXIC VACCINE." EXCEPT THEY MAY BE MORE CAUTIOUS. ONE CASE OF SMALLPOX IN LITTLE ROCK MAY NOT TRIGGER 300 MILLION VACCINATIONS. WE'LL SEE. Do you think hundreds of people putting out the truth about this vaccine on the Internet had any effect on the sudden and amazing turnaround by the government? IS THE POPE CATHOLIC? Note: NO ONE IN THE GOVERNMENT IS YET SAYING, "WOW, WE SCREWED UP ROYALLY. WE SAID YES AND WE NOW SAY NO NO NO." AND NO ONE IN THE CONTROLLED PRESS IS SAYING, "MAN, THIS IS A DISASTER. THEY TOLD US A AND NOW THEY TELL US B. ARE THESE PEOPLE IDIOTS?" THERE ARE A HUNDRED VERY CORROSIVE QUESTIONS REPORTERS COULD ASK THE WHITE HOUSE RIGHT NOW BUT THEY'RE SO FAR BITING THEIR TONGUES. HARD. SO HARD THEY'RE BLEEDING. "SECRETARY THOMPSON, AREN'T YOU THE GUY WHO WAS ABSOLUTELY FOAMING AT THE MOUTH WITH SOME KIND OF BIZARRE ANGER A FEW MONTHS AGO? WEREN'T YOU READY TO PUT PEOPLE IN CHAINS IF THEY REFUSED THE VACCINE? YOU KNOW, QUARANTINE, HOUSE ARREST, 20 YEARS AT HARD LABOR ON A DESERT ISLAND?" IF THE SMALLPOX VACCINE IS DISCREDITED, CAN OTHER VACCINES BE FAR BEHIND?”

Our government has created every possible biowarfare weapon, probably antidotes, and specific vaccines. Bush will only take the antidotes and vaccines against the bioweapons which he knows have been used against us. Do not expect Bush to keep any promises. He is a pathological lier.

Peace, courage, and joy,

Jon Carl Skoglund
“God gave a free man a clearing in the forest.”

Posted by Free Man @ 12/20/2002 09:29 AM EST

Just to clarify, by a general strike, I am also implying labor organizing outside the traditional AFL-CIO channels, which are infested with mobsters and management collaborators. Take back the locals and ignore the central bureaucracies....

Posted by el diablito @ 12/20/2002 09:30 AM EST


Welcome back man. Make noise everybody. Tell Ten Friends.


Expose them at every turn. It's a war of information. Break new people.

Last Nite in a full capacity movie theatre (Lordoftherings) I spontaneously let out a Short loud burst of anti-Bush sentiment just before the opening credits which garnered thunderous applause and laughter. It felt great!

You won't be lynched for this kind of activity people. I voiced what most people are feeling anyway. There is power in numbers. We are probably safer in the streets with our brothers and sisters than sitting at home cowering in fear listening for the COWARDLY CABAL outside yer door.



Posted by Siren @ 12/20/2002 09:38 AM EST

vox (welcome back):

i am fairly new to your site, so you don't 'know me'. ;-) but i was concerned about your whereabouts, like many of us here, and i would really like to hear more details about what happened to you. like what exactly transpired with the feds/cia, did you do an interview with democracy now, if so, is it true you told them not to show it and why not?, were you actually brought into the thug HDQTs for questioning? what kind of intimidation tactics did they use, what were they charging you of, etc... specifics. i want to know, in case it ever happens to me!

many of us were desperate to help and met many obstacles and dead-ends. rense's program was pretty hands-off (too untidy for him), david icke (no answer) and others tried other alternative news sources. ( only meme.org and indynews printed something.). When push comews to shove, our so-called 'alternative media' was a failure.

in the future, what would your suggestions or advice be to help the grassroots of our 'discontent' grow stronger? (i mean, peaceful solutions.) it seems to me we have to 'get out there' physically and stop relying on the computer so much.

i'd appreciate your comments.

Posted by nee hier renee demain @ 12/20/2002 09:41 AM EST

Well it appears that Vox is safe and I'm glad. I like the message of FEAR NOT and yes lets take ACTION. It fits with Jeremiah 51:46.

In defence of Monkey, I don't think he said to give up. I think he was relaying his frustration with the vast hords of mindless sheep, Christian Coalition types, consumers, fake soldiers, etc, whose mentality is still trying to figure out if the earth is round, let alone the slaughter their "leaders" are leading them to. I say don't worry about them. If you want to be led to the slaughter, then be slaughtered. If you want to stand up, then stand up. We are responsible for ourselves and our own actions only. If you have the power to stand up and know that you should yet you don't, then you are guilty and you know it. The very minimum we can do is gather information and share it with others. But verify your information. Don't just take something that sounds good and spread it around. Do some research first and find some other supporting evidence.

I like voxnyc because most of his reports jive with lots of research already available. The OCTOPUS for instance is well known to anyone with half a brain who can get one eye open. When you see Bush, Poindexter, Abrams, Kissinger, Negroponte, Reich, etc. surfacing, you know that the OCTOPUS is getting ready to strike. When you hear Bush making statements like "I'm the dictator," "you are either with us or you are with the terrorists," "the secret government is in effect," you know that the OCTOPUS is getting ready to strike.

We need to give the sheep an alternative to the OCTOPUS. We need to show them that the OCTOPUS is illegal and unconstitutional. We need to show the sheep that they have rights not because the government says so but because they were endowed with inalienable rights as human beings by the All Mighty Creator as stated in the Declaration of Independence. For what the government givith, the government can taketh away.

So let's stop this bickering and move on.

Posted by MR. ELEVEN @ 12/20/2002 09:50 AM EST

I agree with 'nee hier renee demain.' I believe you Vox, just like I believe you on the timing of the Wellstone article. I think your analysis is spot on for the most part. But a little more information would make it easier to share with others. Peace.

Posted by MR. ELEVEN @ 12/20/2002 10:11 AM EST

When I put my first post on Vox a couple of months ago or so, I wrote about the “raids” on my life by the University of Nebraska Campus Police, the University of Nebraska Mental Health Center, and the Nebraska State Patrol, precisely because I could envision a raid shaping up against Vox. What Vox wrote above put me back in touch with the FEAR I felt while at the tender mercies of the organizations I just listed. When they come to see you, or you go to see them, you don’t know if you’ll be sleeping in your bed tonight, or in a jail, or in a mental institution. That’s the FEAR of being plucked out of your everyday life where you can no longer make phone calls or pay your bills. Several good people who saw my first post on Vox have written to me to encourage me, and one guy suggested that I create signed and witnessed affidavits of my ordeal. Thanks folks. Hang in there Vox!

Because of all the bad joss going down, and all the tangents that one can be led off on, I’ve distilled what I’ve written and experienced down to this one question that can be focused on: Why did Hitler and W both want to move their offices into the Nebraska State Capitol building? Even though that question might never be answered because Roscoe Pound who wrote “Masonic Jurisprudence” stated emphatically that the first law of Freemasonry is Secrecy, finding the answer to it would probably disclose much. Of all the info and postings I’ve read on the Internet, askmorequestions (who posts on Vox) is the only person whom I think could either come up with an answer, an educated guess, or the resources to do the research.

A man who had been a weekend tour guide at the Capitol for 11 years told me that people from the eastern US would frequently ask him why Hitler wanted to occupy the Capitol. The guide had no answer to that query. I asked him if there were any possibility that those who asked that question could’ve been Jews who had heard it from their European relatives. The guide thought that that could be a distinct possibility. I posted the info below on the website of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (www.jpfo.org), but got no ideas from any readers there. A lot of the people who have heard that story are probably getting pretty old by now. What if the attacks on the Twin Towers and Pentagon were only meant to obscure the fact that the White House was the only important target on 911, so that W could hightail it for Nebraska amid all the hell and turmoil? I guess it would be pretty nice to be isolated in the thinly populated center of the nation when various poxes break out in the heavily populated areas.

This is my original post on Vox:

I am the Webb Cook whose story appears on page 259 of “The State vs. The People” by Aaron Zelman and Claire Wolfe. You’ll notice that my troubles began when Glenda Pierce, the dean of the College of Law at the University of Nebraska, became aware that I blew the whistle on a state sanctioned Satanic priesthood conducting rituals within the Capitol building.

My theory is that W was fully aware that a suicide airliner attack would hit the White House on 9/11/01 -- which is why he was in Florida. A misinformation story surfaced recently which attempted to show W's staff was confused about the scale of the WTC incident, as evidenced by the fact that they told him (prior to starting his talk with children on 9/11/01) that a small plane had struck the WTC. Right. We're expected to believe that the President's staff wouldn't know whether the WTC had been hit by a small airplane, or a jumbo jet. Anyway, W eventually fled to Offutt AFB in Omaha (STRATCOM) on 911 where he had to hunker down and decide what to do about the attack on the White House being foiled. It is my contention that had the White House been destroyed as planned, W would've waited in Omaha until the Nebraska State Capitol building in Lincoln could have been prepared to house his administration. Hitler, who had studied architecture, intended to move into the Nebraska State Capitol building after winning WWII. See the ample documentation in the article on the Unpopular Speech page about how Prescott Bush financed Hitler.

The Nebraska State Capitol building was designed as a massive Baal temple for devil worshipers. In 1903, 33rd Degree Freemason Roscoe Pound, of the University of Nebraska (who later became dean of Harvard Law School) founded a Satanic Priesthood called the Innocents. A bust of old Roscoe sits prominently at the front of the University of Nebraska law library where many students rub his nose for luck. I wouldn’t touch it. The Innocents use the horned head of Satan as their emblem, and practice their red-robed rituals in the Capitol. See their website at www.unl.edu/innocent Former Nebraska Governor Bob Kerrey (who slit the throat of an old Vietnamese peasant, and then ordered the massacre of pregnant women and children) is an Innocent.

When I noted the Innocents' connection to the Nebraska Capitol building, the University of Nebraska Campus Police obtained a list of the guns I own (I've been a competitive shooter since 1978), and referred me to Campus Mental Health. It seemed to me that someone had obviously blown things way out of proportion, so I went to the Campus Mental Health facility for the purpose of presenting myself and allowing them to assure themselves that I was just a regular guy. But that turned out to be impossible. The psychiatrist and psychologist there grilled me for an hour and told me they believed I was planning to go on a Columbine-style shooting rampage in the Capitol building. They asked me to turn in my guns, with the unstated implication that I would be taken into custody if I refused to do so. They also forced me to schedule myself for a full psychiatric evaluation at their unbiased hands. To make a long story short, they managed to bungle their confiscation attempt at my firearms. In a follow-up letter sent to me by the Director of Campus Mental Health, Dr. Portnoy complained that I hadn't honored my appointment to be evaluated by them, and said that he still considered me to be a danger to myself and others as long as I had access to firearms. A year later, when I asked him for the Campus Mental Health report on my incident, he replied in writing that no report had been made.

After two months of living in fear as to what would happen next, a Captain and a Behavior Profiler (both in suits) from the Nebraska State Patrol came to my apartment where they intimidated me for a full 3 hours, and tried to bait me into assaulting them while they alternately kept their hands very near, or on, their guns. They implied that if I didn't keep my mouth shut about the Innocents and the Capitol, then they would attempt to have the State of Oklahoma open an investigation into my wife's death which had been declared a suicide when we lived near Tulsa. Well, I haven't kept my mouth shut like they wanted, so I'm certain they're in the process of thinking up some way to deprive me of my freedom or my life. When I requested a report from the Profiler on their interview of me, he stated that no report had been generated because they had only stopped by for a little visit.

Yes, Satanism is rampant in Nebraska -- there is a state sponsored Satanic priesthood here. Vice President George Bush participated in vile perversions with youth who had been supplied from Nebraska. It is detailed in John DeCamp's book "The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse; Satanism; and Murder in Nebraska." I guess my point here is that if something bad happens to me, you can say you heard from me, and it looks like I was telling the truth. The style of state-sanctioned murder in Nebraska is to go in with a combined force of the county sheriff, local police department, and Nebraska State Patrol, and simply shoot to death their suspect. Done that way, their story of why they killed you seems credible, and there is nobody to investigate your murder. This happened to an unarmed young black man in Lincoln, Nebraska in the fall of 1974 or 1975. His name was Sherdell Lewis.

Obviously, the dean of the law college in Lincoln is very sensitive to the evil nature of this state, and she did her best to keep me from contaminating students with my ideas. Her husband is a judge in Lincoln. An attorney I talked with advised me to “Let sleeping dogs lie.” That’s easy for him to say because his life isn’t on the line, and he’s interested in protecting his career in Lincoln. None of the lawyers who have graduated from the University of Nebraska and are working in Lincoln are going to step out of line.

Another thing of interest is that the bulk of pro Nazi literature produced in America since WWII has originated in Lincoln. Gerhard Lauck, who was recently released from imprisonment in Germany after being convicted of distributing Nazi literature in Europe, hailed from Lincoln. He is now back in the area. Someone in Lincoln finances the printing of Nazi literature, and someone was funding Gerhard Lauck to make European contacts.

I am just a common citizen who bumbled upon a nest of highly placed devil worshipers. I simply informed a few of my friends about what I had discovered. The swift reaction of the authorities is what convinced me that I uncovered something deadly serious. I have heard that when Satanists are threatened, they summon up a demon to kill their enemy. I’m between a rock and a hard place because I believe that the best way for me to stay safe is to be as open and visible as possible, yet I don’t want to further infuriate them. I don’t have the time or resources to investigate the evil Nazi nature of the people who control Nebraska. My guess is that they plan to do something incredibly evil on the world stage when they think the time is right, but I have no idea what that might be.

Feel free to contact me at webbcook@hotmail.com

Posted by Webb Cook @ 12/20/2002 10:15 AM EST


Posted by wally @ 12/20/2002 10:28 AM EST


Dont take it personal. You want to know what you can do? First- Stop giving the gestapo your $money$. Put 9 on your W2 so they withold zero income tax and stop filing. Its the right thing to do. How can you live with yourself knowing your giving them your money to inslave you?

For more info go to http://www.givemeliberty.org/

Buy Gold and stop using credit. The elite powers controll us through money. The whole system is dependent on supporting their fiat currencies. Support GATA!!

And 3rd- Dont ever give up or give in.

Posted by sandman420 @ 12/20/2002 10:59 AM EST

When right is wrong and wrong is right, You will know the end is near. Dear undercover police slaves, what ever happened to the ten commandments from your christian bible, do you realize that your master, G.W.B. is not following his christian values, he is almost the opposite of the message Jesus gave us. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN BLATANT LIES BY POLITICIANS AND MONEYBAG SCUM. THE POLICE HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED INTO PROTECTING THE TROUBLEMAKING LAZY MIS-LEADERS. THE POLICE AND ARMY HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED TO KILL AGAINST THEIR WILL. THAT IS THE REASON YOU POLICE ARE BEATING AND KILLING YOUR WIVES AND YOURSELF.

Posted by BOB MARLEY'S GHOST @ 12/20/2002 10:59 AM EST

Dear FBI, CIA and other law enforcement agents:

if you are not intimately involved in the conspiracy to start WWIII and the agenda of the New World Order then it is your patiotic duty to protect the citizens of this country from those who want to do this country harm -- and I don't mean VOX or any of the other patriot who is practicing their constitutional right to freedom of speech, but the true fascists in our mist -- particularly those in the White House.

Support us in our fight to preserve our constitution and to stop the march to fascism.

Posted by CS @ 12/20/2002 12:06 PM EST

Well I would of never thought that I would be growing up in times like these. I smell the aroma of revolution in the air. The people won't stand for this 4th reich bullshit. What ever happens the people must unite and fight.

Posted by nomar @ 12/20/2002 12:15 PM EST

To unknown soldier.
You're a fuck . Truth motivates Voxfux
. There are many of him, they are called the 'elect' in some circles. Truth can never be overcome, truth denied simply annhilates the denyers themselves, thats you in this instance! For we are spirit and spirit needs truth like plants need water. .

Posted by charlie @ 12/20/2002 12:22 PM EST

"We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately".

—Franklin, July 4, 1776

Posted by valis @ 12/20/2002 12:38 PM EST


Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
Smith, Robert (RS17831) robert_smith@ICGCOMM.COM
ICG Communications
161 Inverness Drive West
Englewood, CO 80112
3034145510 (FAX) 3034145881

source: http://www.investigate911.com/didyouknow.htm

vox, please e-mail me any additional info that you may be privy to.

- valis

Posted by valis @ 12/20/2002 01:16 PM EST

The Unknown SoldOutYou're

He's a dedicated follower of fascism, going along with the ebb and the flow of the few who own everything and their final goal.

Our Constitution and rights "what's those" he gloats! Here-today, gone-tomorrow, much like finding truth in the current day newspaper posts.

In the end, when all has been said and done, Good has triumphed over evil and butt kicked the fascist scum. With tears in his eyes, he will coyly say: I was just following orders: my party line. How was I to know that, I would be bought, sold and found guilty of a capital crime.

Posted by Alfonzo @ 12/20/2002 01:48 PM EST

Vox, if this is getting too serious you are welcome to my home across the Atlantic to gather up your courage with us (o;
Let's kick these cheap crooks away from world control and demagogy !
I'm down with you, Vox ! Keep it going, I'll try and translate your stuff for people to KNOW.

Posted by wiltans @ 12/20/2002 02:01 PM EST

Stand up?

I've read the many post here and statistically it appears about right. Ninety five percent of the people that hang out at these type of sights have their hearts in the right place place but they just don't get it. You want to stand up? Go ahead. You. Your family. And anyone else you hold dear to your heart will be crushed without mercy or feeling. Am I saying it can't be done? No. But for the majority of you it's too soon to stand up. There are things you must do if you want to survive to fight another day. The first it to realize that we are in a fight to the death. Not some fantasy, where the good guys always win kind of fight but reality itself where you know that if you screw up YOU LOOSE!

I sympathize with you Vox but the truth of the matter is all you guys who have done this country such a great service until now will soon be gone. The beast will see to that. For you it's too late. To the rest of you who may be able to do something in the future, here's some advice. Take it or leave it.

First, learn to protect your identity from the beast. If he wants you he will get you but you can slow him down.

(1) Learn to use multiple proxies that don't keep logs of who comes and goes through their sights.

(2) Learn to use SSL for communication from your computer to your first proxy so that your ISP can't comprimise who you are.

(3) Learn to use encryption for surfing and communication. It works.

(4) After you feel secure in your ability to hide yourself start gathering data that can be used by those of us who need that information. Start posting real information like who is against us. Their addresses. Pictures or anything that can point to them in the future.

(5) You guys who have websites. The news about who did what is good. Their are those of us who are archiving that information but the truth of the matter is this. Their are those of us who have been waiting on the beast for two thousand years and he is just now beginning to emerge knowing that his time has come. Give us information we can use. Practical information on how to protect ourselves and find our enemies.

If we can get support from those of you who are in the open there may come a time to stand up but its not now. Very soon.

Listen to people like Jon who posted some very good practical information on how to prepare. Do as Valis and look into information about our enemies and post it. It will get to the right people. Lastly good luck. I won't post here anymore because doing so has given the beast knowledge that I exist. I trust my Lord Jesus to protect me and pray that this communication has not compromised me.

My people perish for lack of Knowledge. (Jesus)

Posted by minuteman @ 12/20/2002 02:23 PM EST

I'm, at work watching the 5pm news... to my dismay one of their stories running is that the bush administration is planning to start moderating the internet in the name of "homeland security". The internet is the last remaining source for truth and enlightenment. We can't let them take it away. One good thing they did say is that many ISPs are against this saying it would violate personal privacy (no shit). I'm so outraged about this I had to post it. Sorry if it is crudly typed.

Fight the war - Fuck the norm!

Posted by Alan Johnson @ 12/20/2002 02:36 PM EST

To Alan Johnson,
All that will be left is shortwave, Pirate Radio and TV, and passing notes and CD/DVD's to each other, if something is not done soon.

Posted by Swamp Gas @ 12/20/2002 02:49 PM EST

In the 1980’s, this author had two friends who worked for one of the largest pharmceutical companies in the world. One, having a PHD in biochemisty, said to me at a monthly book discussion party: “I have a hard time believing in conspiracy theories.” My response was something like: ”We pay millions of people to conspire who do every crime, above the law, within the secrecy of and for the sake of ‘National Securety’ . We pay the President, Congress, the courts, the Joint Chiefs of staff, the DOD, DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, DOE, FEMA, the Media, corporations, La Cosa Nostra, other crime families, assasins, terrorists, armies, spies, torturers, Noriega, Marcos, and other tyrannical governments to break the laws of God and man in the interest of ‘National Security’.” I do not believe that my friend looked into any of the real conspiries which this author enumerated. He would not speak about this subject again. His job was to audit scientific studies for truthfulness. Unfortunately, he probably overlooked many conspiracies to cover-up criminally falsified, so-called scientific data and results.

The other friend, having a Masters in biochemistry, was a supervisor of a pharmaceutical production facility. He lived a completely healthy life, ran more than three miles every day, and was in great physical and spiritual condition. He died in his prime from cancer which engulfed his heart and neck, cutting off his blood supply. No cause for this cancer was found. His wife believed that the cancer came from a source at his job. Perhaps he knew too much.

These men were, as this author was, unwitting accomplices to the New World Order’s (N.W.O.) agendas, and victims of the Civil War which rages in secret by the N.W.O. against most of the people of the world. The N.W.O. forces are commiting war crimes, acts of treason, genocide, and every other crime in the names of peace, freedom, democracy, justice, national security, capitalism, etc. The N.W.O. forces always make their causes seem just on every side of the conflicts which the N.W.O. forces choose to create, finance, and lead. This Civil War is the evil of the N.W.O. against the good.

An oxymoron is a word or phrase which seems true but is obsurdly untrue. An oxymoron is a contradiction, a deception. The Society of Jesus, that is the Jesuits, the Illuminati, and the N.W.O. are oxymorons. An example of an appropriate oxymoron is ”virtual reality” where images seem almost real, which are not virtually real, and which do incorporate our war games with endless killing without, we think, our being in real danger. Much of our entertainment is imitation of reality, but is false, based on our addiction to adrenaline rushes without real consequences, without fear of real pain, dying, and death. But we are in mortal danger. The first half of God’s second commandment, which has been erased from many Bibles, forbids the making of any images or likenesses of anything. God’s penalty is slow dying, filled with confusion, pain, fear, anger, perversion, dying in many forms, and eternal damnation of our spirits. He forbids us to be even tempted to the vanity of worshiping the work of our own hands. We are forbidden by God from imitating the reality which He creates. He has given us the talents of making images so that we are able to receive visions from Him, not from the works of our own hands which are both pale imitations of His creatures, deceptions, and which stand in our way of receiving the visions from Him by which He would guide us in His ways. One example of His curse for violating this commandment is Alzheimer’s disease. God describes Alzheimers’ disease clearly as one of His curses for our creating images and/or likenesses of anything. God’s curses are real, explicit, and extensive. Do the research. Read thr Books of Moses. There are many versions of Moses’ books, only some of which are complete and accurate translations. Read the Dead Sea Scroll’s version of God’s word through the prophet Isaiah, which contains much which the Christain church, especially the Roman Catholic Church, eliminated from our Bible. Read why the Christian scholars who have been translating the Dead Sea Scrolls have refused to publish much of their work. Other oxymorons are military intelligence, national security, our criminal justice system, public defenders, and public servents.

"They" will only tell the truth if "We" hold their feet to the fire.

Peace, courage, and joy,

Jon Carl Skoglund jon-skoglund@iwon.com

"God gave a free man a clearing in the forest."

Posted by Free Man @ 12/20/2002 03:52 PM EST

What can you do to stop the fascists? I have 2 ideas. One is to send me names and sources of government officials that are members of the illuminati, whether it be knights of malta, skull & bones, jesuit order, whatever. Please include your sources.
Secondly, if you are serious about doing something radical, you might check out www.paynoincometax.com
Just like the internet forums, there are a lot of trolls, plants, moles in the income tax fight. This guy is NOT one of them. He is a champion of freedom like you guys are, those that are loyal to Vox.
So there are 2 suggestions.

Posted by webber @ 12/20/2002 04:23 PM EST

People, remember VOX POPULI voice of the people. Be heard. Talk, yell, get out there talk to everybody, friends, strangers, tourists, cops anybody-- tell them and tell them again. And most of all USE THE MEDIA! they can't just ignore us. the only weapons you need are your feet and your voice. With all these new, public friendly tv stations get out in front and HOLLER AND HOLLER LOUDLY! All it takes is a few of us loud enough and more will come. LOOK AT WHAT IS HAPPENING IN VENEZUELA! THEY'RE SURROUNDING THE TV STATIONS! banging with pots and pans screaming at the top of their lungs and they're not going away AND IT'S WORKING! If they can do it in a pseudo fascist US backed regime country in South America we can do it here too! Organizing is fine but they have tools in place to disrupt ALL ORGANIZING (do a search on PLAN 55-2 GARDEN PLOT) you'll be amazed and disgusted to see what they have in place to quell dissent in this country. So be free form do-- it on a whim, any time you see a camera or microphone or tv station with on street windows and they're broadcasting-- GUERRILLA RADIO/TV EM like Vox says GET IN THEIR FACE there is no excuse for anyone not to do this now. and keep at it, if the man comes and tells you to move on... move on.. and come right back!!! Get out there talk a lot and talk loud and NEVER EVER GIVE UP!.

Posted by Diogenes @ 12/20/2002 04:24 PM EST

Haven't had the Time to read the Posts completely. Don't have the genious to say something new here as well. A lot has been Posted and discussed and I doubt that I can announce anything new, but one things for sure. All of you who seek for the truth and try to make the world a safe, warm and truthfull place for all Humans, have my full Support. The Time for me hasn't come yet, but if things will go on developing like that, I promise to Spend the rest of my Lifetime for nothing else, but to achieve those Aims.


Posted by RainBug @ 12/20/2002 04:57 PM EST

Umm, Diogenes, you're a little bit confused. There are protests against the government which are organized by rich people in dockers. Those are the ones CNN calls "strikers". The ones taking over the TV stations support the government, which is not backed by the US. I can understand your confusion, as their is a steady stream of propaganda about the situation. Try narco-news.com for the real story...

Posted by el diablito @ 12/20/2002 05:02 PM EST

Anyone remember a book entitled, "Dare Call it a Conspiracy"? I was introduced to it in 1980 at John Birch Society Meeting. At that time, I was an impressionable 17 year old with a fuck authority attitude but still had a hard time swallowing the historical evidence of a new world order conspiracy.

Well ladies and gentlemen...everything predicted in that concise, well documented novel has/is coming true.

I disagree with minuteman. It is not too late for the leaders of truth to stand up. (The beast makes decisions based on fear...which will ultimately lead to its demise.) However, I agree with minuteman, in that we have to be safe (using SSL and encryption) and prepare.

We have the tools (creativity, extensive communication resources and tenacity) to coordinate a global effort that will stop those dirty, money hungry bastards. We must be disciplined in all of our affairs, focus on faith and be committed to what our forefathers died for.


Vox, I am delighted you are not in jail somewhere and posting again. If you ever need a safe place, you are welcome. Thank you for being one of my main inspirations to fighting apathy and globalization.

Be safe.

Happy Solstice!

Posted by aurora @ 12/20/2002 05:51 PM EST

John Adams biography by David Mcullough is very insporationial. the patriots of that time would be agahst at the fascism we face today. VOX you are a beacon. Thank you for assuming responsibility for us. So far all of the suggestions I read on the link are banal. As convenient as the 'net is ,we need something public? Loud in Ws' motherfuckingbuggerpicking face. BE SAFE.

Posted by Paintedman @ 12/20/2002 06:19 PM EST


Your fight is our fight, we are with you in the face of these forces that WILL come down....Your fight has already begun with many more to follow. In time the Supreme court is going to rule these new measures by this administration unconstitutional.....that may not help you now, but know that I am doing my part in getting right in the face of these idiots every single day I am alive...this administration is the worst we have seen .....well the worst I have seen ever and I created a website to contribute something to the opposition movement.

fear not VOX, the righteous patriots in this world are with you because your fight is our fight and we will not abandon you ever.

When Bush goes to war, so do we

Posted by MightyT-Dazzler @ 12/20/2002 06:20 PM EST

Genocide everywhere U.S. and U.K. troops go, abroad and at home, which serves the N.W.O. goals perfectly.

I remember Joyce Riley, (gulfwarvets.org and thepowerhour.com) a U.S. Army reserve nurse who only treated Gulf War Vets and got Gulf War Syndrome herself, saying on either the ART Bell show or on the Jeff Rense program, that more than 150 U.S. companies sold chemical and biological weapons to Iraq between 1980 to 1993. She did the research, and found many of the cures and treatments which our Veterens' Administration refused to use. The VA insisted that the Gulf War Vets only suffered from psychological causes. The DOD and VA stone walled the Gulf War Vets untill Joyce Riley's organization educated the Vets and helped them to get the treatments which they needed. Will our troops and potential troops fight when they realize that more than 50% of them will carry DU radiation home with them, infecting their families, friends, neighbors, and decendants with DU radiation? How will you treat our soldiers and vets when you realize that many of them are radioactive because they used DU ammunition and armour, breathing the DU vapor? Bless them and help them to quit the Army and get treatment. Support the American Gulf War Veterans' Association, and the individual vets, the troops, and educate the potential recruits.

Peace, courge, and joy

Jon Carl Skoglund jon-skoglund@iwon.com
"God gave a free man a clearing in the forest."

Posted by Free Man @ 12/20/2002 06:41 PM EST

el diabllito No I'm not confused, thanks for the reply but i know the story. I'm not talking about them protesting against the government I'm talking about them TAKING BACK THE MEDIA which as you say is full of propaganda AND IS THE VOICE OF THE GOVERNMENT! the media (re the airwaves) is/are THE PROPERTY OF THE PEOPLE! and is there to serve us and IT IS TIME WE TOOK IT BACK TO GET THE WORD OUT. NO MORE LIES! WAKE UP AMERICA. VOX POPULI the voice of the people shall be heard. That damn box is in everybody's home and we can use it to disseminate the TRUTH. It's great to hear of people like Siren who are using public gatherings as a forum for expressing their disgust with this fascist gang, let's all do that and do it in every public forum and I say it again, GO AFTER THE MEDIA they are ours and they should be spreading the truth not the bunch of corporate lies that spew out of every electronic avenue available. Did you see Viggo Mortenson on Charlie Rose today? Had a 'No More Blood for Oil' t shirt on and it forced that corporate sucking scum Rose to talk to him about it. He got in some dialogue, not as strong as what we do on here but it's something and we need it all. GET OUT THERE! YELL AND SCREAM AND SHOUT AND MAKE A NOISE! EVERY TIME THOSE LIARS ARE IN PUBLIC WITH THEIR CAMERAS AND MICROPHONES THAT WE PAY FOR-- MAKE ENOUGH NOISE THAT THEY CAN'T IGNORE US ! they'll have to pay attention instead of repeating all those ridiculous approval ratings for Bushfraud. GET IN THEIR FACES. KEEP FIGHTING.

Posted by Diogenes @ 12/20/2002 06:48 PM EST

RE Vaccination/The Carlyle Group and other strange services this group of companies provide.
Is this strange or what? PSivida a public listed company on the Australian stock market,
www.psivida.com.au through it's joint venture partners QinetiQ
see www.qinetq.com & their involvement with the UK M.O.D. These sites are worth a close look, as are one of their collaboration partners powderject pharmaceutical plc UK & US, www.powderject.com (who just happens to be one of the largest vaccination companies in the world)!!!! & their new needleless system of powder injection delivery... From what i
have read about the carlyle group this investment in QinetiQ is something to think about.... trawl through the web sites & see
for yourself the possibility for missuse this alliance brings, & with the UK's MOD approval.... it's a scary combination!!!

Take care VOX, at last I don't feel as if I am a nutter, we must
unite against this creeping private control of some very freaky things, I feel this interest by the carlyle group says it all... jacki

Posted by jacqueline myers @ 12/20/2002 07:26 PM EST

aurora, the actually title of the book you are referring to is called "NONE dare call it conspiracy" by gary allen introduced by congressman and senator John G. Schmitz. a quote from schmitz:

"i have had experience with real professionals at putting up smokescreens to cover up their own actions by trying to destroy the accuser. i hope that you will read this book carefully and draw your own conclusions and not accept the opinions of those who of necessity must attempt to discredit the book. YOUR FUTURE MAY DEPEND ON IT." ... October 25, 1971

this book reveals how the machine works in clear and concise terms and concepts anybody can grasp.

i suggest that everyone here get it.

Posted by nee hier renee demain @ 12/20/2002 08:30 PM EST

THERE'S NOTHING LIKE CAUSING YOUR OWN WAR DRIVE TO STALL...but when you're greedy and stupid, it's easy...

I've said before that the weakness (achilles heel) of the people behind the NWO is the people they have acting on their wishes: they always choose the most unscrupulous, greedy and dumb individuals to do their dirty work.

Saddam was their darling when they needed him. Now, his usefulness is over with so their new darling, the Idiot Prince, is breathing down his neck. Does Bush seriously believe his fate will be any different when he's served his purpose? They (the Illuminati) have a long history of dispensing with operatives once their part of the job is done. Carr sites plenty of examples of this happening in "Pawns of the Game".

But, their agents are so dumb (and if Bush is an example of the IQ's of their agents then each round of agents is dumber than the last) they won't see it. That they continue to select people who are so dumb may, next to truth, be their greatest weakness.

The currently stalled drive for war on Iraq is a perfect example of this. Granted, GW is still chomping at the bit, but that's to be expected; we all know he isn't happy unless he's getting ready to invade something. For all his posturing the war drive is running out of steam, or to be specific, in danger of running out of gas. The irony of this is that it's their own doing. In their never ending lust for control of resources the US has been attempting to privatize the oil production of Venezuela. To make a long story short that tactic's blown up in their faces. Normally Venezuela supplies the US with about 14% of it's oil. Now, thanks to their (own) efforts that number has dwindled to the point where their war machine could find itself in combat trying to run on empty.

'On December 13 the White House issued a statement effectively solidarizing itself with the demands advanced by the alliance of Venezuelan employers, the US-funded trade union bureaucracy and the political parties of the country’s oligarchy. “The only peaceful and politically viable path to moving out of the crisis is through the holding of early elections,” the statement said.'

This paragraph appears later in the article...

'For his part, the Venezuelan president has repeatedly promised Washington that his government would assure normal and even expanded oil deliveries if a US war against Iraq cut off supplies from the Middle East. He has denounced the well-paid managers of PDVSA for organizing the shutdown of the country’s oil facilities, charging them with “sabotage” and accusing them of seeking the state corporation’s privatization for their own enrichment.'

All of this happening with this group, 'the US-funded trade union bureaucracy', in the middle: this isn't likely to be a coincidence. It looks as if they did a pretty good job of shooting their own war drive in the foot.

Here's the complete article.



Posted by Brian Hay @ 12/20/2002 09:32 PM EST

From amendment13.org

The Original Thirteenth Article of Amendment
To The Constitution For The United States

"If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them." [Journal of the Senate]

On March 12, 1819 the State of Virginia, with the enactment and publication of the laws of Virginia, became the 13th and FINAL state required to ratify the above article of amendment to the Constitution For The United States, thus making it the Law Of The Land. With the enactment of Act No. 280, March 12, 1819, which was Voted, En Bloc, and publication of the Revised Code, the State of Virginia notified the Department of State, the Congress, the Library of Congress, and the President of their action by issuing to each a copy of the Laws of Virginia. [See VA 1819 Images]

This Article of Amendment is intimately connected to questions of war and national defense. It is designed to combat internal subversion and discord sowed by people who are adhering to foreign powers without stepping across the bold Consitutional line of treason. The authors of the TONA wrote it after some additional experience with how the British Empire, as well as other European nations, actually conduct their affairs. It is a corrective and supplemental measure to go along with Constitutional treason.

This Article of Amendment added an enforceable strict penalty, i.e., inability to hold office and loss of citizenship, for violations of the already existing constitutional prohibition in Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8 on titles of nobility and other conflicts of citizenship interest, such as accepting emoluments of any kind for services or favors rendered or to be rendered, and is particularly applicable today in the 21st Century as government is increasingly FOR SALE to the highest bidder, as foreign and multinational corporations and individuals compete to line the pockets of politicians and political parties to accommodate and purchase protection or privilege, i.e. honors, for their special interests.

In terms familiar to the common man, this might quite properly be called the use of bribes and graft by individuals and powers foreign, i.e. external, to the Congress of the United States to subvert the constitutional process and suborn our political system and the interests of WE THE PEOPLE.

After appearing in numerous official publications until 1876, this Article "disappeared" from our Constitution, to be replaced by another made nearly 50 years later. You may well ask how such a thing could have happened. So did we.

The disappearance of the original 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States has been under investigation by independent modern researchers during the past nineteen years. We've learned a lot.

We now know that the original 13th Amendment was, and still is, the Law Of The Land.

The law is still there, waiting only to be publicly recognized and enforced once again to protect the Sovereignty and Interests of WE THE PEOPLE, and to force the elected representatives of the people to adhere strictly to their solemn and binding Oath of Office and the limitations of government imposed by the Constitution.

This site is brought to you directly by the primary researchers themselves, functioning as the TONA Research Committee. We are dedicated to continuing this research, and to placing all the facts and news on this important subject before the public.

The TONA Research Committee hopes that the hard and sometimes tedious work of the committee and the personal sacrifice of time and money involved over the past 19 years will have a positive effect for you and our nation. The excitement of finding each new hidden piece of the puzzle has made it worthwhile for us.

September, 2002 -- An exciting find has come into our hands, "Military Laws of the United States to which is prefixed the Constitution of the United States", published in 1825 under the authority of the War Department. See Military Law Book Images and the Chronology of its Publication.

Shortly thereafter, The TONA Research Committee received images from a high school principal who had located an 1818 Digest of the Territorial Laws of Missouri in the Missouri Supreme Court Library, Jefferson City, MO ... The Organic act for Missouri Territory, of June 4,1812, separating Missouri Territory from Louisiana, became effective December 7, 1812. These images with those of 1816 Massachusetts and 1818 Pennsylvania indicate that the 13th Amendment was ratified prior to 1819 ... See Missouri Law Digest Images

If you would like to become an associate member of our research team please send us an email. We would be pleased to welcome you as a member. And any small donations to help support this website will be gratefully accepted.

Posted by Free Man @ 12/21/2002 01:15 AM EST

Hello Vox,

I just want to say that I'm glad you're ok.When I heard what happened,I became very alarmed.I discovered your site about 3 months ago and I've been following it ever since.I think you and Mike Rivera of www.whatreallyhappened.com are 2 of the smartest men in America.Before I discovered you guys,the only other person that I had heard speakout truth to power was Minister Lewis Farrkahn.Minister Farrakahn is hated in many places in America for this very same reason.He is often accused of being a racist for speaking out against Zionist Jewish oppession and deception of other cultures of non-Jewish people particularly blacks.He has used the the term "White Folk" to help ignorant blacks(who don't know the difference between Jews and regular white people)to understand who their real enemies are.Minister Farrakahn is not your enemy.Contrary to popular believe,he would embrace you as he has Jude Wanninski and Father Mike Frazier both Roman Catholics.All I'm saying is that I hope we could all standup as one voice,one people against injustice and not be divided by our race and religious back ground.Keep doing what you're doing.We are all with you.May god bless.


Posted by Yusef Abdul Maliik @ 12/21/2002 01:28 AM EST

Never give a sucker an even break.
The NWO is sucking the lifeblood out of this world ,thats for sure.
They have no raison d'etre but to destroy.
No, never, no vaccinations, no thumb scans, no compulsory gun registrations,, no NWO schooling techniques, no war on Iraq. Form local groups in each community street by street, town by town. Its them against each of us individually, but collectively we can make a huge difference.
Stop chemtrails,its a poisonous, incremental dehumanization of the population to destroy resistance as is all of their bullshit.
Did I hear someone say pray. Its certainly never too late.

Posted by charlie @ 12/21/2002 01:55 AM EST

Just found out I have cancer, Nothing to lose, So fuck 'em. I'll do and say as I damn well please, what are they going to do, torture me or kill me? I cant do anything PHYSICALLY, but my mind and mouth still work! Hooyah!

Posted by A Real American @ 12/21/2002 02:40 AM EST


I totally agree with what you say. May I also add that my truth is that we need to act without fear and with unconditional love. That is the route to "raising our vibrational levels" and helping solve problems.

May I recommend that some of your readers may benefit from reading the books that I am currently reading which is the Conversations with God, books 1, 2 and 3 - these are brilliant and offer lots of practical advice as to what each and every one of us can do for ourselves in these interesting but amazing times.


Posted by Simon Robinson @ 12/21/2002 02:49 AM EST

You rule vox! I visit your site and others like yours for the real news of whats really going on in this fucked up world. God speed dude!
Rick Mythiasin

Posted by Rick Mythiasin @ 12/21/2002 03:27 AM EST

Thanks for the update, Vox, we were all pretty worried about you.

The government goons always go for your sanity first. The greeks once said, "Those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad." This is a lot safer, from their point of view, than just killing you. Plus it gives them the added benefit of discrediting the cause of the person they drove crazy. A classic example of this is dealt with in the book "Psychic Warrior" by David Morehouse, who lead an expose of the CIA's Operation Stargate.

I myself have had a pretty big mouth in the past year or so -- both on the web and in the general public, and I feel I've paid a pretty big price for it.

I'm still unemployed. Every time I'm sure I'm going to get a job it magically evaporates. It's been a whole year, and I'm a mentally stable, intelligent person. Well, now I am. Early on, when I lived in a motel, I could swear that I was being subjected to Extremely Low Frequency technology. At certain well defined periods, my body would clentch up and experience partial paralysis. As this site has mentioned, ELF is very real and well-documented way to disrupt a person's brainwaves, causing severe anxiety. Things had gotten so bad that I wanted to kill myself. But you know what? That's just what they want.

And you know something else? It's been worth it. I'd rather be persecuted 'til doomsday knowing I'm part of what will take down the neo-liberal fascists forever, because you're right, Vox, WE CAN NOT LOSE.

Posted by Jody Paulson @ 12/21/2002 04:57 AM EST

to yusef farrakhan is an old cia asset involved in the murder of malcom x.
as noam chomsky has been a cia asset since the beginning of his 'carreer'.
read this by bob feldman:
MIT Professor Noam Chomsky's Ties to the Military

(EDITOR'S NOTE: According to John Coleman, author of "Conspirators Hierarchy," Noam Chomsky is the chief theoretician of "the Committee of 300's most notorious Washington based left wing think tank, the Institute of Policy Studies," also known as Phony Pregressives 'R' Us. By the way, how did this guy ever become a cult figure/icon when he's been an Illuminati shill since the begining?)

"In 1955, Chomsky's friend Roman Jakobson arranged for him to work as a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Chomsky, in his own words, `had no identifiable field or credentials in anything', but MIT, `a scientific university which didn't care much about credentials,' was willing to overlook his lack of certifiable `professional competence'.

Chomsky was made an assistant professor and assigned, ironically, to a machine translation project of the type he had often criticized.

The project was directed by Victor Yngve and was being conducted at the MIT Research Laboratory of Electronics, which was subsidized by the U. S. military.

"...He was...interviewed by laboratory director Jerome Wiesner for the position...Chomsky was hired as a full-time faculty member, which meant that he was required to spend half his time working in the research lab...Here, his ASPECTS OF THE THEORY OF SYNTAX was hatched...The funding for the research published in ASPECTS was provided by `the Joint Services Electronics Program (U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force), the Electronics Systems Division of the U.S. Air Force, the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, and NASA..." (from NOAM CHOMSKY: A Life of Dissent by Robert Barsky).

Jerome Weisner later became the head of JFK's Science Advisory Committee during the early 1960s; and according to the 1965 annual report of the Ford Foundation-subsidized Institute for Defense Analyses Pentagon weapons-research think-tank, Jerome Weisner was an Adviser to IDA's Jason Division group of university professors who performed counter-insurgency, Vietnam War-related weapons research every summer during the 1960s Viet Nam War Era.

When students shut down Columbia University in 1968 in support of the demand that Columbia resign its institutional membership in IDA, MIT Professor Chomsky constructed a left anti-war rationalization for opposing the Columbia student revolt - but he did not disclose at the time that an IDA Jason Division consultant, Jerome Weisner, was the person who hired him as an MIT professor and military lab researcher during the McCarthy Era.

As Barsky also notes in his NOAM CHOMSKY: A Life of Dissent book: "While he admired `the challenge to the universities' that the students were so vehemently presenting, Chomsky thought their rebellions were `largely misguided,' and he `criticized [them] as they were in progress at Berkeley (1966) and Columbia (1968) particularly."

Today, of course, MIT is still the 12th-largest recipient of U.S. Air Force war research contracts and among the top recipients of U.S. Air Force war research contracts.

Also, there doesn't appear to be any reference to the $350,000 Inamori Foundation/Kyoto Prize grant that was given to MIT Professor Chomsky in the late 1980s, in the index of the Barsky biography of him.

The reference to the military links is also in CAMPUS, INC.: Corporate Power in the Ivory Tower, edited by Geoffry D. White,. In an interview in the last chapter, MIT Professor Chomsky says: "...The universities did receive large-scale subsidies, quite often under the cover of defense.

"I happened to be on a committee that was set up to investigate these matters about thirty years ago. It was the first such committee for me as a result of student activism that was concerned about the reliance of MIT on military spending, what it meant, and so on. So there was a faculty/student committee set up and I was asked to be on it, and I think it was the firstreview ever of MIT fundidng...My memory is that at that time, about half of MIT's income came from two military laboratories. These were secret laboratories. One was Lincoln Labs and one then called the I Labs, now the Draper Labs, which at the time was working on guidance systems for intercontinental missiles and that sort of thing. These were secret labs and that was approximately half of the income. And, of course, that income in all kinds of ways filtered into the university through library funds and health funds and so on. Nobody knew the bookkeeping details and nobody cared much, but it was an indirect subsidy to the university.

"The other half, the academic budget, I think it was about 90 percent Pentagon funded at that time. And I personally was right in the middle of it. I was in a military lab. If you take a look at my early publications,they all say something about Air Force, Navy, and so on, because I was in a military lab, the Research Lab for Electronics. But in fact, even if you were in the music department, you were, in effect, being funded by the Pentagon because there wouldn't have been a music department unless therewas funding for, say, electrical engineering. If there was, then you coulddribble some off to the music department. So, in fact, everybody wasPentagon funded no matter whatever the bookkeeping notices said.

"Well, it's important to recognize that during that period, the university was extremely free. The lab where I was working, the research lab for electronics, was also one of the centers of anti-Vietnam War resistance. We were organizing national tax resistance and the support groups for draft resistance were based there to a large extent. I mean, I, myself, was in a jail repeatedly at the time. It didn't make any difference. The Pentagon didn't care. In fact, they didn't care at all as far as I knew.

"Their function, they understood very well, is to provide the cover for the development of the science and technology in the future so that the corporate system can profit.

GW: So they were just too big and powerful to be threatened. You were too minor of a threat?

MIT Professor Chomsky: "They just didn't care. What happened at the administrative level I didn't know, but nothing ever got to us. I hadperfectly good relations with the administration. In fact, I'd tell them if I knew I was going to get arrested. I had no particular interest in embarrassing them, but it didn't matter.

GW: Okay, but before things started shifting more and more to corporate funding, are you saying that when the funding came from the Pentagon it was completely `free'?

MIT Professor Chomsky: "Overwhelmingly it was free. You could do pretty much waht you wanted. And there was nothing secret on campus. In fact, we investigated secrecy specifically in the committee. Although it was regarded in the government as military-related work, there was virtually nothing that was secret. In fact, the parts that were secret were mostly an impediment to research. It wasn't because anybody wanted it (secrecy), it was just some technical detail that hadn't been ironed out. You could do what you wanted in your personal and political life, and also in your academic and professional life, wihtin a broad range. It [MIT] must've been one of the most free universities in the world.

GW: Who had access to the results of all this work and research?

MIT Professor Chomsky: "But that's a joke. I remember a discussion once with the head of the instrumentation lab, which was the lab that was working on guidance stystems for intercontinental missiles. Of course it was all classified, but he said that from his point of view, he woul be perfectly happy to declassify everything and give the books to the Russians and the Chinese. He said they can't do anything with them anyway. They don't have the industrial capacity to use the technology that we're developing. So thewhole effect of the classification system was to impede communication amongthe American scientists.

GW: With what result?

MIT Professor Chomsky: "Well, nothing, I mean, they kept that system classified and sort of spun it off, it's now a secret lab, independent ofMIT. But, in answer to your question, right now, for example, there's anagency in the Pentagon, DARPA, the Defense Advance Research Project Agency,which has been the center of innovation for many years. It's where theInternet comes from. .."

Of course, what MIT's Chomsky is failing to disclose in this interview is that if you check out MIT's web site and the Draper Lab web site, the military research that's going on today at MIT LIncoln Laboratory and Draper Lab is related to space warfare technology development.

And DARPA is more about developing the weapons technology that's been used during the last few years than just doing "Internet" research.

The MIT LIncoln Laboratory web site states, for instance: "MIT Lincoln Laboratory's Suface Surveillance Program develops advanced technology for detecting and identifying vehicles and facilities on and beneath the surfacein wide-area, heavily cluttered and electronically hostile battlefields. MIT Lincoln Laboratory has developed clutter cancellation technology that isused in today's airborne surveillance systems...We are developing technologycapable of detecting and tracking moving targets that are partially or fullyobscured by foliage."

And Draper Lab President Vincent Vitto said in 2001: "Draper's core work remains focused on the development of innovative solutions for theDepartment of Defense's future technology needs.... These areas includeprecision targeting and weapons systems..."

MIT Professor Chomsky's ties to the military during the McCarthy era of the 1950s
By Bob Feldman

Posted by loner @ 12/21/2002 05:09 AM EST

webb cook as for nazis in nebraska you might want to read the hard to find book by Paul Manning, Martin Bormann, Nazi in Exile. it details bormanns escape from the hitler bunker in 1945 and follows his ingenious banking carreer as he builds the 4th reich. a must read for anyone that wants to understand the nature of the nwo.
to minuteman if you think the beast doesnt have all our numbers, including yours, good luck. besides what do we have to loose at this point? we are all doing life without parole already! to me death is preferrable. but i do agree with the gist of what you say. and webb should take heed about "openness". not a good tact in my humble opinion. disapear, im sure even in the hinterland of nebraska there are good God fearing people to help.
an excellent source for keeping up on the darkside is For The Record by Dave Emory. you can hear him at this site:
i recommend listening to all his archived broadcasts. that can be reached here:
remember knowledge is power.

Posted by loner @ 12/21/2002 05:27 AM EST

loner: I don't see how you can conclude that chomsky is a cia asset. tons of universities have links with the intelligence/military community, are funded in their research. the same is true for the biomedical/physical corporations. that doesn't necessarily imply that every professor working on those campuses is obeying to a right-wing agenda, and is a propagandist. noam chomsky surely isn't a propagandist.

as to why the US is so eager to put a weapons grid around the earth; I can assure you it's not to protect us against 'rogue states'.

Posted by flow @ 12/21/2002 05:57 AM EST

chomsky supports the warren commision, how much of government stooge is that?

Posted by robbie @ 12/21/2002 06:40 AM EST

does he? could you find a link to enlighten me? I don't exclude anything.

Posted by flow @ 12/21/2002 07:07 AM EST


by bob feldman

The multi-billion dollar Ford Foundation's historic relationship to the Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] is rarely mentioned on Pacifica's DEMOCRACY NOW / Deep Dish TV show, on FAIR's COUNTERSPIN show, on the WORKING ASSETS RADIO show, on The Nation Institute's RADIO NATION show, on David Barsamian's ALTERNATIVE RADIO show or in the pages of PROGRESSIVE, MOTHER JONES and Z magazine. One reason may be because the Ford Foundation and other Establishment foundations subsidize the Establishment Left's alternative media gatekeepers / censors.


Take Pacifica / DEMOCRACY NOW, an alternative radio network with annual revenues of $10 million in 2000, whose National Program Director was paid $63,000 in that year. In the early 1950s--when the CIA was using the Ford Foundation to help fund a non-communist "parallel left" as a liberal Establishment alternative to an independent, anti-Establishment revolutionary left--the Pacifica Foundation was given a $150,000 grant in 1951 by the Ford Foundation's Fund for Education. According to James Ledbetter's book Made Possible By..., "the Fund's first chief was Alexander Fraser, the president of the Shell Oil Company."

Besides subsidizing the Pacifica Foundation in the early 1950s, the Ford Foundation also spent a lot of money subsidizing many other noncommercial radio or television stations in the United States. According to Ledbetter's Made Possible By..., between 1951 and 1976, the Ford Foundation "spent nearly $300 million on noncommercial radio and television."

Full article on Rense

Posted by Bob @ 12/21/2002 07:28 AM EST

a mate e-mail me this a while back, i can find the source off him if you need it.

Noam Chomsky, the prestigious left-wing Jewish intellectual, is not a fake
critic of the Warren Report. On the contrary, he endorses it wholeheartedly.
Although his field is linguistics, he often strays into political discussions.
In 1993, Chomsky wrote a book, Rethinking Camelot, which gave a backhanded
endorsement to the Warren Commission's conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald alone
killed President Kennedy. One of Chomsky's weakest arguments is to belittle
conspiracy theories in general. Either Kennedy was killed by a lone assassin or
he wasn't. If you believe the former, then you essentially believe the Warren
Report. If you believe the latter, then a conspiracy is a likely alternative.
One can disbelieve the Warren Report without knowing what really happened or
why. The mere fact that a so-called intellectual would engage in bashing all
conspiracies reveals a hidden agenda and discredits him as a truth seeker.

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 9, The Kennedy Revival, of Chomsky's
1993 book, Rethinking Camelot, which gives tacit endorsement of the Warren

The Kennedy revival involves disparate groups. One consists of leading
intellectuals of the Kennedy circle. What is interesting in this case is not
their rising to Kennedy's defense, but the way they seized upon the idea that
Kennedy was planning to withdraw from Vietnam, the timing of this thesis, and
the comparison to the version of these events they had provided before the war
became unpopular among elites. Among this group, few if any credit the belief
that the alleged withdrawal plans, or other planned policy reversals, were a
factor in the assassination.

A second category includes segments of the popular movements that in large part
grew from opposition to the Vietnam war. Their attitudes toward the man who
escalated the war from terror to aggression are perhaps more surprising, though
it should be recalled that the picture of Kennedy as the leader who was about to
lead us to a bright future of peace and justice was carefully nurtured during
the Camelot years, with no little success, and has been regularly revived in the
course of the critique of the Warren report and the attempts to construct a
different picture, which have reached and influenced a wide audience over the

Within both categories, some have taken the position that JFK truly departed
from the political norm, and had become (or always was) committed to
far-reaching policy changes: not only was he planning to withdraw from Vietnam
(the core thesis), but also to break up the CIA and the military-industrial
complex, to end the Cold War, and otherwise to pursue directions that would
indeed have been highly unpopular in the corridors of power. Others reject these
assessments, but argue that Kennedy was perceived as a dangerous reformer by
right-wing elements (which is undoubtedly true, as it is true of virtually
everyone in public life). At this point, the speculations interweave with
questions and theories about the assassination. Some take the position that
Kennedy was assassinated by a high-level conspiracy determined to make sure that
their own man, the hawkish LBJ, would take the reins. It is then necessary to
assume further that a conspiracy of quite a remarkable character has concealed
the awesome crime. There are other variants.

Of all of these theories, the only ones of any general interest are those that
assume a massive cover-up, and a high-level conspiracy that required that
operation. In that case, the assassination was an event of true political
significance, breaking sharply from the normal course of politics and exercise
of power. Such ideas make little sense unless coupled with the thesis that JFK
was undertaking radical policy changes, or perceived to be by policy insiders.

The scale of the presumed conspiracy should be appreciated. There is not a
phrase in the voluminous internal record hinting at any thought of such a
notion. It must be, then, that personal discipline was extraordinary among a
huge number of people, or that the entire record has been scrupulously
sanitized. There has not been a single leak over thirty years, though a
high-level conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy and conceal the crime would have to
involve not only much of the government and the media, but a good part of the
historical, scientific, and medical professions. An achievement so immense would
be utterly without precedent or even remote analogue.

The conviction that JFK was assassinated by a high-level conspiracy, and that
the crime has since been concealed by a conspiracy awesome in scale, is widely
held in the grassroots movements and among left intellectuals. Indeed, it is
often presented as established truth, the starting point for further discussion.

Across this broad spectrum, there is a shared belief that history changed course
dramatically when Kennedy was assassinated in November 1963. Many believe that
the event casts a shadow over all that followed, opening an era of political
illegitimacy, with the country in the hands of dark forces.

Given the strong reactions that these issues have raised, perhaps it is
worthwhile to make clear just what is and is not under consideration in what
follows. This discussion addresses the question of the assassination only at the
policy level: is there any reason to believe that JFK broke from the general
pattern and intended to withdraw US forces from Vietnam even if that would lead
to "impairment of the war effort" and undermine the "fundamental objective of
victory"? Ancillary questions arise concerning the further beliefs about
impending policy changes. These questions are addressed below.

The issue of the assassination is only obliquely touched by these
considerations. They imply nothing about the thesis that JFK was killed by the
Mafia, or by right-wing Cubans, or other such theories. They bear only on the
thesis that Kennedy was killed in a high-level conspiracy followed by a cover-up
of remarkable dimensions. Serious proponents of such theses have recognized that
credible direct evidence is lacking, and have therefore sought indirect
evidence, typically holding that JFK's plans for withdrawal from Vietnam (or
some of the broader policy claims) provide the motive for the cabal. If serious,
the claim must be that the high-level conspirators knew something not publicly
available, or had beliefs based on such material; hence the importance of the
internal planning record for advocates of such theses. This line of argument has
been at the core of the revival of the past few years. Currently available
evidence indicates that it is entirely without foundation, indeed in conflict
with substantial evidence. Advocates of the thesis will have to look elsewhere,
so it appears.

The available facts, as usual, lead us to seek the institutional sources of
policy decisions and their stability. Individuals and personal whim doubtless
make a difference; one might, for example, speculate that the notorious Kennedy
macho streak might have led to dangerous escalation in Indochina, or that he
might have leaned towards an enclave strategy of the type advocated by his close
adviser General Maxwell Taylor, or a Nixonian modification with intensified
bombing and murderous "accelerated pacification" but many fewer US ground combat
forces; while at home, he might not have committed himself to "great society"
and civil rights issues to the extent LBJ did. Or one might make other guesses.
They are baseless, and hold little interest. In the present case, there is a
rich record to assist us in understanding the roots of policy and its
implementation. People who want to understand and change the world will do well,
in my opinion, to pay attention to it, not to engage in groundless speculation
as to what one or another leader might have done.

(Noam Chomsky, Rethinking Camelot, excerpt from Chapter 9, The Kennedy Revival)

I wish to make a few specific points about Chomsky's anti-conspiracy diatribe.
Much of his argument against conspiracy theories centers around the inaccurate
use of the word "thesis" when referring to Kennedy's plans to withdraw from US
military forces South Vietnam. It is not a thesis, an opinion, or a proposition;
it is a verifiable fact. The following is a transcript-from a press conference
on October 31, 1963-of Kennedy's announcement to withdraw a thousand men from
South Vietnam by the end of 1963:

[REPORTER:] Mr. President, back to the question of troop reductions, are any
intended in the far east at the present time - particularly in Korea and is
there any speedup in the withdrawal from Vietnam intended?

[PRESIDENT KENNEDY:] Well as you know, when Secretary McNamara and General
Taylor came back, they announced that we would expect to withdraw a thousand men
from South Vietnam before the end of the year. And there has been some reference
to that by General Harkins. If we're able to do that, that will be our schedule.
I think the first unit, the first contingent, would be 250 men who are not
involved in what might be called front-line operations. It would be our hope to
lesson the number of Americans there by a thousand as the training intensifies
and is carried on in South Vietnam.

(from JFK's press conference, October 31, 1963)

Although Chomsky avoided stating overtly that he believed the Warren Report, he
came pretty close with the following statement: "There is not a phrase in the
voluminous internal record hinting at any thought of such a notion
[conspiracy]." I assume the phrase "voluminous internal record" means the 26
volumes of the Warren Report. If Chomsky had truly read all 26 volumes, as he
suggests he did, he would know that they contain plenty of phrases which do more
than merely hint at a conspiracy.

A good example is Volume 11 of the Warren Commission Hearings, pp. 325 - 339,
where Dean Andrews was interviewed-on July 21, 1964-by Wesley J. Liebeler,
assistant counsel of the Warren Commission (excerpt of transcript is in Chapter
3). Under oath, Andrews identified Clay Bertrand as the man who phoned him
requesting legal representation for Lee Harvey Oswald. After a close reading of
the cited transcript, it becomes apparent that Andrews realized he was in
potential danger after telling the FBI that he received a phone call to defend
Oswald. Consequently, he began to have memory lapses about Bertrand's
appearance. The cited transcript indicates that Bertrand had shrunk six
inches-from six feet two (per Andrews's original description in an FBI report)
all the way down to five feet eight inches which is how he described Bertrand to
Liebeler. In fact, Liebeler grilled Andrews extensively about the discrepancy
between his conflicting descriptions of Bertrand's height.

Later it became known that Clay Bertrand was actually Clay Shaw, who was linked
to international espionage activities with Louis Bloomfield, one of Israel's
most influential supporters. Although Jim Garrison lost the conspiracy case
against Shaw (reference Chapter 3), he proved in a separate proceeding that Clay
Bertrand and Clay Shaw were in fact the same individual. 24 In subsequent
testimony before a grand jury in Louisiana, Andrews denied that Clay Bertrand
and Clay Shaw were the same person. The grand jury responded by convicting
Andrews of perjury. Later, in August 1967, Andrews was found guilty of perjury
by a jury of New Orleans citizens. 25 As a result, Andrews was sentenced to five
months in the Parish prison. 26 The stated perjury conviction linked Bloomfield
directly to Oswald because Shaw was obviously Oswald's handler, and Shaw and
Bloomfield were linked to subversive intelligence activity via Permindex and
Centro Mondiale Commerciale.

This is just one example of how the "voluminous internal record" indicates that
there was a conspiracy, thereby refuting Chomsky's statement to the contrary.

Another example of conspiracy is the Zapruder film which I described in great
detail at the beginning of this chapter.

Frankly, the timing of Chomsky's support of the Warren Report was unfortunate
for his image as an outspoken intellectual. His book, Rethinking Camelot, was
published in 1993-around the time that most media outlets stopped endorsing the
Warren Report.

Posted by robbie @ 12/21/2002 07:38 AM EST

check this out.An interesting diagramme.Didn´t vox have something to do with Amy Goodman and Democracy Now?


Posted by Bob @ 12/21/2002 07:41 AM EST

Thanks for the site, your dedication and analysis. Remember,
'they' shot Bill Cooper, anyone know what is happening at WilliamCooper.com ?

Posted by Gorthaur the Cruel @ 12/21/2002 08:31 AM EST

Yes, Noam Chomsky works for M.I.T., which I believe is the 12th largest defense contractor, supports the Warren Commission, and supports the "official" story of 9/11. He is insanely anticapitalist, but lives in one of the largest homes in Massachusetts.

Amy Goodman is perhaps one of the most rabid anti-drug warriors at WBAI/Pacifica in New York. I had a personal exchange with her on the air, concerning of all things, psychedelic mushrooms. She said all drugs should be illegal (except alcohol and caffeine, which she consumes). Since Vox likes her, I won't second guess that. Just be aware, Vox, in times of emotional down time.

MIchael Levine is another one. His rap is, "Bin Laden and the 19 terrorists did it. It is the stupid and incompetent CIA, FBI, NSA, DEA, and Mossad that didn't see it coming." On the surface this looks OK. However, do you really believe it? A multi-billion dollar operation, the intelligence community, could not have pulled this off, but a rag-tag bunch in caves could.

I think that these people should be watched very carefully. At least we know Ann Coulter, Limbaugh, O'Reilly, George Bush Jr and Sr, Cheney, ad nauseum, are working for the Global Elite. These "Neo-Cons" are fooling the born-again christians, capitalists, and gun-owners. The danger of left/liberal neo-cons are they can slip in without notice. People, they are working for the same team. You have to be more intelligent to rope the liberals in. They are usually artists, musicians, Pot heads, college professors, science fiction writers, and engineers. Forget The Nation magazine. Almost totally co-opted. David Corn works for the government.

So, Vox, if Amy Goodman helped you out, maybe she's had a change of heart, or drugs was/is the only "Linear" activity she supports. Just be careful, even with liberals.


Posted by swamp gas @ 12/21/2002 08:38 AM EST

robbie: good points, makes me see chomsky in another light. but I wonder if he would still endorse his 1993 claims now, in 2003. the private investigation into the assassination is nearly finished, and it indeed concludes without a shred of doubt that there was a conspiracy within high levels of government, the CIA, and the Pentagon, using mercenary snipers and maffia conmen to do the dirty work (listen to the archived interviews on www.blackopradio.com).

bob: do NOT try to divide us. you troll.

Posted by flow @ 12/21/2002 08:39 AM EST

btw, I have audio interviews archived in which Michael Levine explicitly states the complicity of CIA and FBI in the WTC attacks, and explicitly depicts bin Laden as an active CIA asset. he is a major whistleblower, rest assured.

chomsky has expressed his doubts that bin Laden could have pulled 9/11 off, and he did this in several interviews immediately after 9/11.

IN CONCLUSION: I find all this discrediting of chomsky and levine and amy goodman and vox highly inappropriate in times of revolution. AND VERY TROLLISH. support our cause or shut the fuck up!

Posted by flow @ 12/21/2002 08:56 AM EST

Here's freedom to him who would read;
Here's freedom to him who would write;
None ever feared that the truth should be heard,
But those who the truth would indict.
---- author unknown (circa 1914)

Be who you are and say what you feel,
because those who mind don't matter
and those who matter don't mind.
---- Dr. Seuss

Posted by i agree with jason @ 12/21/2002 08:57 AM EST

Now I understood for the first time that all these problems are caused by a race asleep and thrashing about in its panicked nightmares. There will be wars and holocausts and genocides as long as God is portrayed and thought of as a tight-minded legislator, a feudal lord, an offended King, a hypersensitive Artisan – even if church managers condescendingly tack onto that ridiculous list the not-very-convincing footnote that He is also loving. As long as people dream that they are insecure and needy in some sort of eternal jeopardy, there will be atrocities. But as the human race grows up spiritually, and as individuals gain a personal experience of the God they have been worshipping in fear, they will recognize that much of their theology and philosophy is built on nightmares. That will be the day of peace. I suddenly found myself unwilling to sit it out in the mountains of Utah. I wanted to play an active role in the process of the world’s awakening. – George Fowler, "Dance of a Fallen Monk"

Posted by askmorequestions @ 12/21/2002 09:00 AM EST

Flow, I will not SHUT UP. Watching from the late 40's to now, I have seen liberals turning into neo-cons. Conversely,to your assrertions. I have heard recently Levine saying exactly what I said. Chomsky is a hack PERIOD. Leftists and Rightists defend their "leaders" with the same hysreria that Flow does.

Now Michael Parenti is OK. I have heard him take on the "Gods" of the left, as well as support them on other issues.

Gore Vidal is another true liberal in the classic sense. In 50 years, he has never sold out.

Bill Cooper was a truth disseminator, even though he was right wing.

The show "Off the Hook" is also not tied to party lines.

So, I am saying that your "Gods and Goddesses" have holes in their armor. Even Vox would say, "Think For Yourself" and not follow a party line, either Liberal or Conservative.

Since Flow is obviously wet behind the ears as far as politics is concerned, I won't use the same "I'll tailgate you and push you toff he road attitude" back on him/her. If you carefully read what I said, you'd see that the "cause" as you say is freedom of thought. If you think that the left isn't sold-out look at liberal senators Liebermann, Daschle, Gephardt, etc.

Wake up and smell the shasandra berries

Posted by swamp gas @ 12/21/2002 09:13 AM EST

hello vox
i am new to your site and after reading your last post i began to wonder exactly what the difference is i see in the collective will of the people of venezuela where they are on fire, compaired to the citizens of the u.s. maybe when there is more suffering here hey?

Posted by lanae @ 12/21/2002 09:17 AM EST

Vox here's the gist of where amy goodman gets here money, taken with her anti drug stance i never have trusted her.

By 1995, billionaire speculator George Soros' Open Society Institute had given the Pacifica Foundation a $40,000 grant. And in 1996, the Carnegie Corporation of New York gave Pacifica a $25,000 grant to launch its DEMOCRACY NOW show. In 1997 came a $13,000 grant from the J.M. Kaplan Fund to Pacifica to provide support for DEMOCRACY NOW. And in 1998 came a $25,000 grant to Pacifica from the Public Welfare Foundation "to report on hate crimes and related issues as part of its `DEMOCRACY NOW!" public-affairs radio program and an additional $10,000 grant to support DEMOCRACY NOW from the J.M. Kaplan Fund. That same year the Ford Foundation gave a $75,000 grant to Pacifica "toward marketing consultancy, promotional campaign and program development activities for radio program, DEMOCRACY NOW." In 1998 and 1999, two grants, totalling $22,500, were also given to Pacifica by the Boehm Foundation, to support its DEMOCRACY NOW show.

In early 2002, an additional Ford Foundation grant of $75,000 was given to Deep Dish TV "for the television news series, DEMOCRACY NOW, to continue incorporating the aftermath of the September 11th attack into future broadcasts." Besides being presently subsidized by the Ford Foundation to air Pacifica's DEMOCRACY NOW show, Deep Dish TV, with an annual income of $158,000 in 2000, was also subsidized by the MacArthur Foundation in the 1990s. Between 1993 and 1998, $190,000 in grants were given to Deep Dish TV by the MacArthur Foundation. And one of the members of Deep Dish TV's board of directors in recent years has apparently been a WBAI staffperson named Mario Murillo.

Another Ford Foundation grant of $200,000 was given in April 2002 to the Astraea Foundation, whose former board finance committee chairperson, Leslie Cagan, is presently the chairperson of Pacifica's national board. Three other grants have been given to the Astraea Foundation by the Ford Foundation since 2000: two grants, totalling $75,000, in 2000; and a $200,000 grant in 2001 "for general support and subgrants to community-based organizations addressing social, political and economic justice, especially those focused on lesbians and other sexual minorities." The former finance committee chairperson of the Ford Foundation-sponsored Astraea Foundation recently signed a $2 million "golden handshake / sweetheart contract" with the Ford Foundation-sponsored, soon-to-be-privatized DEMOCRACY NOW producer (who has apparently been receiving a $90,000/year salary from Pacifica in recent years for her alternative journalism work).

Posted by loner @ 12/21/2002 09:22 AM EST

Here's an issue that we all need to get on top of.

The FCC is going to be reviewing it's policy towards big media ownership in early January (Jan. 2, 2003) I believe. BIG MEDIA IS LOOKING TO EXPAND IT'S GRIP even more. The FCC is looking for public comments BEFORE Jan. 2, 2003. I hope that this can start circulating around the 'concerned citizens who are paying attention' and we can make a difference on this issue as well.

Here's one link that kind of starts the story for you. But there's lots more out there. I'm not that great of a internet searcher, but I can see that a lot of you on this site are.


Posted by Digger @ 12/21/2002 09:31 AM EST

Hey I am not trying to divide anyone.I´d never even heard of Amy Goodman and I came upon the the article by chance and when i seen the name Goodman and the fact that her show has connections and funds from undesirables,,well it makes you think doesn´t it?!bottom line is trust FUCKIN NOBODY!and if they get there money from these wankers stay away from them and if anyone is making a tidy profit cashing in on the back of Sept 11th avoid them like the fuckin plague!Mike Rivero has been by a few people asked to take whatreallyhappend more commercial but has so far avoided doing so due to the fact that it could leave him open to accusations of profiteering.I think vox is the genuine article and I know nor care what his relationship with Goodman is.Anyway I don´t think vox makes a cent from his activities and does what he does out of a sense of duty I hope.Maybe he will address our doubts about Goodman and co.

Posted by bob @ 12/21/2002 09:38 AM EST

why is everyone so damn stupid? i dunno folks, ive been watching this shit come together for a decade now and if they cant see it YET Im not so sure they ever will.

Posted by Dr Gonzo @ 12/21/2002 09:46 AM EST

God bless VoxFux and all American patriots! I love this country as much as you do brother, and I will be damned if I will sit on a sofa of lethargy and let this corporate criminal government destroy it! All true American's should be in battle against this BU$H*T Evil Empire. Too many in this country are we the sheople, instead of "we the people." So we the people have to take action to expose and eradicate this virus that has control of this government. I have taken my battle via radio. I have been broadcasting for the past 12-years on KALX Berkeley, Ca. I have a segment on my show entitled "The HomieLand Security Report" where I report information that I have gathered from various internet sources such as this one, along with my own personal commentary. I have a large audience even though we are non-commercial radio. Listeners as far away as Austrailia have sent me e-mails voicing their approvals. For you see we stream on the internet, as long as that will last! http://kalx.berkeley.edu

As Mario Savio once said-"you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop!"

I'm using everything I have got to make it stop!
Vish Varnay (The Virtual X-Perience)
90.7 FM KALX Berkeley, Ca.

Posted by Vish Varnay @ 12/21/2002 10:56 AM EST

God bless VoxFux and all American patriots! I love this country as much as you do brother, and I will be damned if I will sit on a sofa of lethargy and let this corporate criminal government destroy it! All true American's should be in battle against this BU$H*T Evil Empire. Too many in this country are we the sheople, instead of "we the people." So we the people have to take action to expose and eradicate this virus that has control of this government. I have taken my battle via radio. I have been broadcasting for the past 12-years on KALX Berkeley, Ca. I have a segment on my show entitled "The HomieLand Security Report" where I report information that I have gathered from various internet sources such as this one, along with my own personal commentary. I have a large audience even though we are non-commercial radio. Listeners as far away as Austrailia have sent me e-mails voicing their approvals. For you see we stream on the internet, as long as that will last! http://kalx.berkeley.edu

As Mario Savio once said-"you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop!"

I'm using everything I have got to make it stop!
Vish Varnay (The Virtual X-Perience)
90.7 FM KALX Berkeley, Ca.

Posted by Vish Varnay @ 12/21/2002 10:57 AM EST

swamp gas: as far as the American liberals are concerned, you're right, I am wet behind the ears. I thought they had more balls, I thought they were genuine. I tended to think of Democrats as good and Republicans as bad. But I must admit all politicians now look compromised, Clinton with his arkansas-drug-cia-connection, Blair (whom I once admired). their conscience has been replaced by ambition - that's precisely the problem of capitalism: it makes you believe the end justifies the means. that means ethics go out the window.

but frankly I think some of them have been made into lesser versions of their revolutionary selves by an effective game of threats and mind games by the intelligence community. I can imagine Mike Levine softening his stance if he finds out his wife could die if he continues like this (listen to his october '98 interviews on the Expert Witness Show and you'll hear his opinion on bin Laden.

same probably goes for Daschle and the rest. they're held in an iron grip of terror. imagine you receiving anthrax in your mailbox and barely escaping it. god knows what other threats they received. the Democrats are not silent for nothing. and we all know how the CIA camouflages murders into suicides etc.

still: no fear. fuck 'em. I'ld rather die than agree with fascists. admitting to fascism, admitting to FEAR, means admitting you don't care how the world will end up in their hands.

Posted by flow @ 12/21/2002 11:08 AM EST

Hey, Vox
I've been reading voxfux for a while, but never posted. I'm glad you're safe for now, and wish I could DO something. I can speak out all day long, but here in my little backwater christian fundamentalist town, most people ignore me as a flake or wonder if they should report me to the SS. I feel so lost and alone. I pray that your voice will not be stifled. You are a true and brave patriot, and I am thankful for youn and all of your ilk. Watch your back, man, and know you appreciated and prayed for.

Posted by Katie @ 12/21/2002 11:40 AM EST

Just comes with experience. I'm glad to see that we all admit FEAR is what's driving the left and the right to many decisions.

Micahel Levine in 1998 was saying something different than now. It's vogue for the Left to call people who question the CNN version of 9/11 "Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorists". It is also vogue for the Right to call questioners of official 9/11 propaganda "Terrorist Supporters" or even "Communists".

You are right about the Democrats being scared shit-less. Perhaps that is why Gore didn't run. He afraid of getting "Wellstoned". So we're left with John Kerry, another Skull and Bones Member and Vietnam murderer or the Zionist Liebermann. See the plan. They won't give us a choice.

The skewering of Trent Lott by his fellow Republicans was simply a ploy to get the black vote. He aslo made a comment a few weeks ago about the government is getting too large. Get Him Outta Here!!!!! Don't be fooled by this Left vs Right, Democrat vs Republican, liberal vs conservative CRAP!

Posted by swamp gas @ 12/21/2002 11:43 AM EST

From: "A Voice For Children"
Date: Sat Oct 19, 2002 1:59 pm

To: avoice@m...
Date: Saturday, October 19, 2002 10:47 AM
Subject: Re: Sui Juris

I think, as things keep getting worse the courts will accept less and
less correct procedures.
It will come to the point where they do anything they want, they are now
for the most part.

How will Sui Juris help?

The Nazis have already taken over America.


I have a quote for you.....(one of the best translations I have seen of
this )

Ephesians 12-13

"For our true conflict is not with human beings of flesh and blood, but
against the universal masters and overlords of darkness who rule this
present age; against the spiritual wickedness inhabiting the celestial
realms. So, put upon yourselves the whole armor God has provided you, that
you might be able to resist these powers and stand your ground in the days
of this present evil"

Sui Juris means "in my personal jurisdiction". It is all about HUMAN rights
(when we are talking about the fact that we may be dealing with non human
entities this really comes in to focus !). The book is titled that, and
this process is a simple natural process that people can learn to understand
WHAT their Inherent Rights are and how to excercise them. The actual
process is the same process the BAR attorneys are using, we have just made
it simple to understand for lay people so they can get their Records made
and avoid the mine fields we all walk into in these corporate
unconstitutional administrative courts.

What REAL court is, is simple, vastly different than anything we see going
on today, or as the Chief Justice assistant told me "there has not been an
original jurisdiction in more than four decades". No doubt, not only are
they not observing the LAW, but in the last year they have "changed all the
rules" again - (because they can) and even if Congress were to stop the
Patriot Act at this point, these "new rules" are ALL in place for them to
"allow" themselves to violate the Public Trust without "appearing" to break
the "law".

Every abominable rights violation we are all seeing right now in these new
provisions, are things they have ALREADY been doing as method and operation
for many years. The fact that they are having to openly address
initiatives that are so blatantly unconstitutional is that they have been
CAUGHT with their pants down, literally, and they cannot come into a court
and defend anything they are doing. So they are spinning the deceptions of
their lies - literally the Federal Investigatoin Enhancement Act (see our
website) now "allows" any BAR judge, attorney, officer or associate to LIE
COURT - FOR THEM - NOT FOR US...... This is all in place already - we have
been for more than two years writing about this as we have witnessed this
first hand coming in at the higher court level in Oregon, expecially in the
last two years, and never more agressively than RIGHT NOW.

The bottom line to the constituton, in every state in the very first words,
is all authority is inherent in people . So, what this is about, and as we
came up through the fraud, is that this is the element that has been
MISSING - the Human Being .....

This corporate, mindless money driven scheme has come in because the people
don't know who they are, or what human rights are, how to excercise human
rights or how to protect themselves. It has been the satanic deception of
the father of lies, as Christ called satan and the pharisees "vipers and
offspring of serpents". We are in the SAME battle - just different clothes
and time frame....... this has been the fall since Babylon, and amazingly we
are seeing its 6000 year END right now !!!

More every minute I KNOW Sui Juris is the ANSWER !!!! We get these great
letters from all over the world, wanting to excercise Sui Juris Inherent
rights - but what is so amazing is that the US is the ONLY country with this
Bill of Rights !!!

So when they are saying the same things and demanding their rights in courts
in other countries, they don't have a Bill of Rights like we do to even
stand on - but again, REAL rights come from God, cannot be taken away from
you unless you waive them or they kill you....

When enough people in the world KNOW their authentic self as a Child of
God, what it means to CLAIM their birthright and inheritance, what those
rights are and how to excercise them - NOTHING will stop this new Heaven and
Earth from manifesting..... a new paradigm of TRUTH - I do believe that is
what is going on....

In other countries it is like the colonies before they had a Bill of Rights
to use as a foundation or contract to force government to protect these
Inherent Rights - this was new to the world and stll we are the only ones
with this Republic form of goverment. It is just so RIGHT that people hear
this message and it resonates that it is TRUE and RIGHT, and they don't even
realize that their country does not have our Bill of Rights, yet they demand
it. That is what I mean - this goes FAR beyond courts, this is about belief
systems of TRUTH or ILLUSION.

We have often said on the Record IF IT IS NOT TRUE IT IS NOT REAL. IF IT IS

Granted, the courts are not observing a lawful process, but nonetheless this
is what is REAL. In the Bible, when Adam fell, it says that God came to the
Garden in the evening and called to Adam and Adam could not answer. Adam
had shut off his relationship with his Father and could no longer hear Him
when he called, then they were banished from the Garden to a mind made world
of their own human understanding instead of TRUTH being the foundation.

Contrast that with many, Moses, Abraham, Enoch, Noah, others - all it says
is these were men who "walked with God". That simple. THAT is Sui Juris

It is all about reconnecting with the conscience, the power and authority of
the humans, the rights of families to bear and raise their children
unmolested, the realizing that sovereignty means unless you commit a crime
you ARE innocent until proven guilty and you cannot be assessed or fined or
restricted in any way with out that judicial due process, GUARANTEED


Of course, as stated, this has been turned upside down - but it runs on

We have been making Records of TRUTH in Oregon of all these crimes of this
regime and officials and agencies within it. These people give lip service
to an oath, which is a binding contract to the people to uphold this
Republic guaranteed unalienable to protect our rights.

That is the ONLY thing we have to stand on, that they PROFESS to believe and
support these values and integrity of the Law. So, we hold them to it.

THAT is the whole deal. Right now, what we can do for ourselves is go into
the courts in every state and make this Record of the TRUTH and it is
shattering the"gears" of theiri FRAUD machine.

The court is supposed to be an agressive search for TRUTH, and right now it
is a den of theives and lies. As a former prosecutor we know says "when
everyone talks about corruption corruption ceases". They have kept us in
the dark for so long, but right now, with the communications network of the
internet, we all are seeing the "holes" in the fraudulent Record of history
and the active present.

It is hard for people to understand, as we did not until we saw it work,
that the RECORD is this very unusual thing - it takes on a life of its own,
and has throughout history. The RECORD is all we have of history - the
things set down and committed publicly, often manipulated and altered, but
it forms the belief systems of the nations and the people. We learned that
everything in the world filters through a court or court like public
assembly. Wars are fought in a courtroom if used to its fullest potential.

Credible evidence, probable cause - right now we are seeing Bush and
Ashcroft manipulating the secret courts, obstructing justice in every
direction, engaging in HUGE deceptions, while apparently involved in all
sides of the deception with other countries, the money priests at the
International BAR association running the whole mindless operation in the
intersest of the corporations.....

So, this is what Sui Juris is about, and the title "a process for the people
to access the courts". These county courts are OUR courts, and whatever has
been taken from us is taken there, and that is where we have to go and meet
it face to face to get our rights, children, property back. We the People
are making inroads now as never before by going into the courts in every
state and making the Record of the facts of the fraud as they are being

Court in most cases before was always some event happened to someone, they
go into court with representatives on both sides and those representatives
re-enact the event before a jury and it is seen what happened, who is at
fault and what damages and punishment should ensue.

NOW what we are all doing is bringing the court in to the ACTIVE PRESENT.
When you go in and are describing what is happening to you RIGHT NOW, you
state FACTS that cannot be disputed, you prevail.

We have won every court hearing and six jury trials for six years now - but
they don't "let" us win - we won the first trial and they have blocked all
redress for us ever since as they have attacked and stripped everything, our
chlidren, our home, our freedom and money - everything from us, but we are
NOT going to let them get away with it. So we continue to make the Record,
as all people need to be doing, and as we are doing this, more and more
poeple are also doing this and learning about these issues, and so at some
point we are all going to reach a critical "mass" and the fraud will not be
able to move forward for good.

The Sui Juris book is the whole nut in a little book , for lay poeple to
understand, whether they are in a court or not it is all about realising you
are a human child of a LOVING Father, and you stand up to the lies standing
in the TRUTH as you are shown it. It is a primer, and we expect people to
learn everything they can every way they can, including the Sui Juris
information, and then they make their own best choices for themselves and
their families. Barring some criminal act, that is what sovereignty is all

The whole system we are under is FRAUD - this "Rule of Law" is COLOR OF LAW,
statutes are not laws, rights are not given by legislators, pedophiles and
traitors are NOT lawful government, and it is time for a neck tie party on
the capitol steps for this whole BAR created elitist money priest regime.
These same legions of satan have been at it for eons and it is time for a
NEW DAY now.

Only as the Good People, with consciences and real human hearts and
spiritual capabilities, receive this - HEAR THE TRUTH IN THEMSELVES - will
it change.
We are all SO deceived, and beat down, enslaved to this corporate
monster.....but just as soon as we STOP believing it, STOP taking their
poisions and pills and treatments, and STOP allowing a double standard of
lies and laws, and STOP giving our wages for this to continue, it will stop
so fast.

We are already seeing it stop ! The only question we raise - IS it going to
be enough in time?????

We are at the eleventh hour now, but we expect MIRACULOUS VICTORY - GOD DOES

pamela gaston

The Sui Juris book can be found at www.avoiceforchildren.com and more info

(thanks for asking this question - this is the CORE of the issues, and this
is world wide. Sui Juris around the world - people where they are,
excercising their Inheritance - their birthright from our Creator - all who
are human CLAIM these rights as their own and accept no restrictions, and
protect these to the death, and what I keep asking is WHO are these robots
and vipers who are doing this to us? The PEOPLE ARE the government - so
these are not people who would strip their own human rights and have
enslaved all of us enforcing this corporate abomination globally.

If there is going to be a global society - then it must be based in TRUTH
and a Bill of Rights with an intent and provisions as ours has to protect
our Inherent Rights.)




Peace, courage, and joy,

Jon Carl Skoglund
"God gave a free man a clearing in the forest."


Posted by Free Man @ 12/21/2002 12:26 PM EST

Dear Monkey,

I hope you will post again because I understand your frustration and because you really are hilarious with your own particular I'm-tired-of-your-hippie-psychobabble rant postings.

I am a member of a small peace and justice group in my area and sometimes the level of naivety by members in my group flusters me beyond believe; when I bring up the idea that 9/11 is a conspiracy some of them just refuse to believe it, even with the overwhelming amount of evidence to indicate that it was an inside job. These people are aware of the pretext incidences of the Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor, the sinking of the Maine and how these manufactured events were used to get us into wars, but for some reason 9/11 is sacrosanct to them and they can't bring themselves to admit that it's an inside job.

Most of us who read this site know that Al Qaeda is part of the U.S. intelligence community (a rogue part that is most likely cooperating with Israeli rogue agents) and until we start talking to people at this level we will never get anywhere in this war against our freedoms and liberties -- as well as the freedom and liberties of most of the world.

Yes, we all say no war! No infringement of our civil liberties! No police state! but if we want to truly stop the war on the world we have to expose the ULTIMATE LIE -- 9/11 and the perpetrators of perpetual war.

Many people have great suggestions on this website on how to go about doing just that.

Let's expose the bastards!

Posted by CS @ 12/21/2002 12:26 PM EST

I'm organizing a petition for the press (small move - snowball dynamics) and I would like everyone who's willing to be a starting point for the petition forwards to contact me. I'm based in Europe. let's get worldwide.

Posted by flow @ 12/21/2002 12:47 PM EST

I am a member of a small peace and justice group in my area and sometimes the level of naivety by members in my group flusters me beyond believe; when I bring up the idea that 9/11 is a conspiracy some of them just refuse to believe it, even with the overwhelming amount of evidence to indicate that it was an inside job. These people are aware of the pretext incidences of the Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor, the sinking of the Maine and how these manufactured events were used to get us into wars, but for some reason 9/11 is sacrosanct to them and they can't bring themselves to admit that it's an inside job.

Most of us who read this site know that Al Qaeda is part of the U.S. intelligence community (a rogue part that is most likely cooperating with Israeli rogue agents) and until we start talking to people at this level we will never get anywhere in this war against our freedoms and liberties -- as well as the freedom and liberties of most of the world.

Yes, we all say no war! No infringement of our civil liberties! No police state! but if we want to truly stop the war on the world we have to expose the ULTIMATE LIE -- 9/11 and the perpetrators of perpetual war.

Many people have great suggestions on this website on how to go about doing just that.

Let's expose the bastards!

Posted by CS @ 12/21/2002 01:11 PM EST

Hi vox--Hope you are well and strong in spirit and that plans for your defense proceeding on all fronts.
Many new posters here since news of invasion of your home carried by the few sites of integrity and courage. Seems to have been a wake-up call for many as i sense almost a desperation as common thread to many comments, expressed in its extreme by monkey and minuteman--
The beast has always been w/us--millions of our fellow human beings all over our planet have suffered and died, and are doing so now, through its servants, both those who serve it consciously, and those who do so out of servile fear of power.
i personally do not know what the final outcome will be--it does seem that this is the first time in our recorded history that so much of the beast's heretofore hidden workings have been brought out into the Light of public knowledge, mainly through the internet (since hooking up to the net 4 months ago have lost 10 pounds--the Truth Diet)--
Will the NWO carry out its plans--crash into our homes and disappear us into the camps, and the others end up as microchip-controlled zombies? Will Momma Earth wake up and take care of things by massive plate-shiftings? Will the beast's madmen propel us into worldwide nuclear destruction, or into mass deaths by planned biowarfare agents? Will Jesus come back and rapture us away, or will the planetary vibrations speed up and we'll all hop over the 4th dimension into a safe 5th? Will the worldwide growing awareness of and resistance to the beast's workings on so many, many encouraging fronts
finally pull all the people of the world together w/an end to racial and religious mistrust and hatred of each other? Will the good space beings come in and save us from the fishy, under-reported something going on up there?
So many scenarios that often i feel on info overload.
But we're all here on vox's site, and i concur w/his clarion call to have no fear, whatever is going down, and to fight the beast and its minions in whatever way we can, in whatever way our individual conscience and cicumstances of our life direct us to. No one here gets out alive anyway, so we might as well make our lives count for something.
To Katie and Jody, and to Webb Cook--Remember that you are not alone.
To A Real American--Sorry to learn of your cancer diagnosis--wondered why you stopped posting for a while--glad you're back and still fighting.
Thanks, vox.
Peace and Freedom, kathleen

Posted by kathleen beatty @ 12/21/2002 01:29 PM EST


An Important Post.
I watched the video on the site that is mentioned.


V O X !!! This is a prime example of the current state of the deception of law and corruption of justice as understood by the people.

this is a link to a copy of the videotape Record of a Supreme Court hearing whereby the Gov. candidate TED KULONGOSKI is seen sitting in the Video AS THE PRESIDING JUDGE DURHAM CANNOT SAY THAT THE OREGON SUPREME COURT IS A CONSTITUTIONAL COURT!


Posted by Unbelievable @ 12/21/2002 01:35 PM EST

All of you here should read this account of a young families outragious treatment at the Portland airport. http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig3/monahanl.html

Posted by lastmanstanding @ 12/21/2002 01:36 PM EST

Does Anyone know if:

The United States of America been deceptively taken over by a corrupt corporate entity called US inc. or the US Government?

Is there a difference between the 'US Government' and the 'government of the united states of America'?

I am aware that there is a BIG difference between a 'State' and a 'state' - wheteby one belongs to the US Government (a corporation?)and the other belongs to the people.

Anyone know more about this?

Posted by Unbelievable @ 12/21/2002 01:41 PM EST

To: The New World Order
From: A Real American
Subj: As Follows,
From the depths of Hell, I shout my contempt,with all I have left,for hate's sake, with my last breath, I spit on thee, accursed beast!

Posted by A Real American @ 12/21/2002 01:58 PM EST

Self defence against many forms of genocide include owning a giger counter to detect radiation, HEPA and gas obsorbing air filters, and water distillers.

From my DU Watch news letter:


Radioactive waste from 50 years of atomic weapons and
nuclear power production are making their way into
general commerce. How could this happen? Rather than
isolating the long-lasting radioactive residues from
the public and the environment, the nuclear industry
and our federal and state regulators are allowing them
to be sent directly and indirectly into the
Indeed, some release of radioactive waste already is
happening but the floodgates are about to open wide,
unless we act now. Dangerous precedents are being set
for enormous amounts of radioactive materials to enter
normal commerce with no warning.
The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission is in the process
of legalizing the "release" or "clearance" of
radioactive materials from licensed, regulated control
into raw materials, building supplies and items with
which we come into daily contact. As nuclear power
reactors are maintained and decommissioned,
contaminated parts, concrete rubble, and soil could be
let go. The Department of Energy is currently sending
radioactively contaminated metals from nuclear weapons
sites to regular scrap yards to mix with clean metal
for unrestricted public use.

Deadly, radioactive products have already been found having been made with nuclear waste.

I suggest that you bring your giger counter with you when you go shopping. I expect that the radioactive waste will show up in many products.

Jon Carl Skoglund
"God gave a free man a clearing in the forest."

Posted by Free Man @ 12/21/2002 02:15 PM EST

In The Name Of God
The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

Abdul Maliik:
Lewis Farrkahn is a: liar, racist, fraud, con-man,lap dog to the NWO and he has twisted Islam to the extent that he is considered a non-Muslim by Most Major Scholars of Islam.

Vox: I recommend:
1.Surveillance cameras all over your property both inside and out, attached to 24 hour recorders that the bad guys cannot access. With audio is best. Backups for each area recommended.
Keep recorders and tapes and backups in secured locations.

2.Make a video documentary of what has happened, up date it often and let the bad guys know that it will be made public.

MAYBE the bad guys will see that attacking you will cause them more trouble than good.

3. Arrange as many people and or organizations that you trust to be available to run your site so that the bad guys know the site will continue regardless of anything they do to you. That may reduce their incentive to go after you.

P.S.use the same techniques they use to such as dogs and electronic devices to search your house for contraband that may have already been planted. If you find something don't put your prints on it. Make the discovery REAL public.

Work on that better half that you spoke of, when they realize that THEIR personal freedoms, liberty and saftey are at stake maybe they will help you. Start talking to them now.

Posted by Lewis Farrkahn is a liar & con-man @ 12/21/2002 02:33 PM EST

not to be all sappy, but...

honestly i want to hug you, vox, and the rest of you posters with good intentions.
if anything has kept me from losing faith in humanity lately, it has been this site and the ongoing discussions to the benefit of free speech and our right to assemble (albeit electronically).

power to the people, y'all.

big respect and love to the "conspiracy" community,

-a warm fuzzy this cold world

Posted by lukewarm fuzzy @ 12/21/2002 04:07 PM EST

sorry the correct site is www.lewrockwell.com

Posted by lastmanstanding @ 12/21/2002 04:26 PM EST

The following is one of my all time favorites. It is almost a year old, but I find it's message as relevant today as it was back then.

Frist posted on Indymedia.org
Hopi message (English) by traditional Hopi elders 1:25pm Sun. Dec.30, 2001 (Modified at 10:09pm Sun. Dec. 30, 2001).


A HOPI ELDER SPEAKS "You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour, now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour. And there are things to be cosidered...Where are you living? What are your relationships? Are you in the right relation? Where is your water? Know your garden. It is time to speak your TRUTH. Create your community. Be good to each other. And do not look outside yourself for the leader." Then he clasped his hands together, smiled and said, "This could be a good time! There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are being torn apart and will suffer greatly. Know the river has its destination. The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open and our heads above water. And I say, see who is there with you and celebrate. At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally. Lest of all, ourseleves. For the moment that we do, our spritual growth and journey comes to a halt. The time of the loan wolf is over. Gather yourselves! Banish the word struggle from your vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration. We are the ones we've been waiting for." Old Oraibi, Arizona, Hopi Nation-December 2001

Best Wishes, To All True Patriots, "FEAR-NOT" and to all a good night.

Posted by Alfonzo @ 12/21/2002 05:29 PM EST

that's wonderful, alfonzo. thanks.

Posted by nee hier renee demain @ 12/21/2002 08:45 PM EST

grassroots orgs are growing left and right to restrain bush's machine and gain back our civil liberties. there is a ray of hope. check out the newest one. it's encouraging:


Posted by nee hier renee demain @ 12/21/2002 08:53 PM EST

From http://www.boydgraves.com/class/day98.html

March 8, 2001


by Boyd E. Graves, J.D.

It is hard to believe the public law that authorized AIDS will be thirty one years old next week. Even more remarkable, that in a score and a half, no one has ever read it!

On March 16, 1970, following significant world events both in medicine and politics, President Richard Milhouse Nixon signed into law the U.S. policy to protect America's future by "stabilizing" the population of Sub-Sahara Africa. The history leading to the politicsis relevant in our further presentation of the "research logic" Flow Chart of the federal virus program.

On April 4, 1969, President Richard Nixon did not want to be late. He had been there many times before, but today was special. He wanted the scientific and medical communities from around the world to hear and see his presence as our military scientists and doctors announced, 'they could effectively make AIDS.' It was Fort Detrick, Maryland and the ethnic nature of the work would not be printed until November '70.

Unbeknownst to the American people, the Special Virus program had been underway since November, 1961. In a real sense, the current trillion dollar 'tax' "give back" to U.S. taxpayers, is in essence the benefit of our sharpened ability to kill humans for a better tomorrow for our financial investment in our trust in God.

The 1971 Flow Chart proves the United States sought to co-mingle animal viruses (Visna) that had never before been seen in human disease. Thus, at what point did the population projections of Africa necessitate this "long standing secret virus program?" It appears that shortly after WW2, and the importation of the German (Operation Paperclip) and Japanese biological experts, the U.S. State Department wrote a top secret memo under the pen of George W. McKennan. The United States knew in 1948 it had to 'devise a scheme' to implant the German Visna in the human population and assist the Black population in copulating itself into extinction.

Why? Why? Why would the 'so-called' greatest "people-oriented" country in the history of the world have an Oz-like curtain behind which reveals a twisted, evil social structure so contrary to the very fabric of the core Constitutional foundations?

As Zbigniev Brezinski says in his classic 1978 National Security Council Memorandum #46: "Africa's resources remain our "highest priority""! (Translation: If we allow the Africans to use of all their own diamonds and gold, we won't have anything physical to show that we are not available for sex for others.)

So what we have done over the last fifty three years is come up with a way to make it appear that Africa's people are "sexually nasty". Thus African deaths are palatable. These people are dying solely because of their behavior. Sort of the same thing that happened to homosexuals.

In other words, we are going to secretly make AIDS and not tell you, so if you never stray from 'monogamous missionary', you won't have anything to worry about. Yeah, yeah, mr. government, please give us more concocted social skills tests that end in state death. Even though you can't see it now, we will all be crucified.

But as it was, Nixon helicoptered back down to the Wh--- House and got busy. They were going to do it. No more White on White crime, we are going to get those darkies. Adolph was wrong, why check for foreskins to determine who your enemy is when you need only look toward his (face).

Wasting no time to get to waste Blacks, in May 1969, Nixon authorized the United Nations Association of the United States of America to issue the first of the U.S. policy decisions carving out a U.S future world with Africa's resources void her people. On June 9, The Pentagon informed the U.S. Congress and presto, there it is. The trickster's manifesto as to why we would quickly need something like AIDS (which we had just made). President Nixon's "Special Message to the Congress on Problems of Population Growth" 7/18/69 is the crown jewel of the ideology of eugenics and racism. Again, though, who could possibly have known and have been able to see through this government matrix? Reflect back that we were distracted frequently throughout the entire decade of the 60's and 70's. Kennedy, King, Kennedy (KKK) and Vietnam.

A very strong case builds that the desire to introduce Visna (wasting) into humans is the direct result of the true tilt of the ethnic/social landscape to the detriment of racial and social minorities.

With Nixon's law authorizing eugenics czar, John D. Rockefeller, III to lead the charge to cull the Black population, the U.S. Congress is dog-tied from citizen overview of the Population Commission ("COMMISSION"). AIDS is official U.S. policy. However, it is only outlined until the end of the 20th Century. Our call for review is just, it is our union which is imperfect.

Join our petition call for immediate review of the 1971 Flow Chart and 15 progress reports of the U.S. federal virus program, the Special Virus. By reviewing this program we conclude this is our best chance to most effectively and directly begin the universal collaboration to dismantle this synthetic biological agent we have come to call AIDS.

I see a brightening American and united world future, of course, band-aids of truth everywhere, and ultimately, a humanity on the mend.


Publisher’s Note: Since December 1, 2000, World AIDS Day, Boyd Graves, J.D. has launched a one man educational war on the true laboratory origin of AIDS. World medical and scientific comments reviewing Dr. Graves' work.

For Additional Information:
WEB: www.boydgraves.com
TOLL FREE: 1-888-842-6419

Sign the on-Line petition.

Support this man's work.

Finally, can we the people create an effective citizens' Grand Jury to
1. identify, and investigate the crimes;
2. identify and investigate the criminals;
3. display the evidence and arguments to the whole world;
4. bring criminal charges to courts;
5. bring civil charges to courts;
6. punish the criminals if the courts and executives will not?

Please help me do this.

Peace, courage, and joy,

Jon Carl Skoglund
"God gave a free man a clearing in the forest."

Posted by Free Man @ 12/22/2002 01:04 AM EST

Dear CS,

Finaly somene " feels my pain"!
and I should apologize to the stonecutter even though he threatend my welfare. Nobody seemed to have an answer to my posts, other then I should get bent for making a valid yet smart-ass point.
Yes we must, "fight the man", "expose the truth" But most of these posts just soung like stoned out hippies kids, like Montys Pytons Life of Brian, were they are so busy planning and forming commites that they miss the execution.
There is a name for the mental state, where you have an idea so ingrained in your mind,that when an alternate view is suggested, you immediatly rejct it. But i forget it . Probbably couldnt spell it any way. So I find just asking people questions has been working a little.Like why did those tower fall straight down, and why did the top half seem to implode before the bottom half had a chance to hit the ground? and what happend to The search for Bin Ladin, did busch form a new cbinet postion dedicated to finding the real Bin Ladin, and appoint O.J. cmfic?
Ihave copied the movie from the WRH webstie, about the brutality against the palistine people. and Stranger Then Fiction article. Handed them out to freinds. My part in the reveloution.

But my question still remains do you really think you will be able to outrun this government, once it decides that all disent equals treason?

And now, just so I fit in on this board, I will quote Marlon Brando, (a.k.a Col Kurtz)

" We must burn them......... We must incinerate them.............pig after pig.....cow after cow......"

Fight the power man,


VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION: Dear Monkey the following response was written to your last post where you quit the group. I was not able to post it because the machine I was on at the time failed. So here it is:
Dear Monkey
You needn't discontinue to post here. I know how you feel. Sometimes it seems that so many well intentioned people who protest, get ignored by those who are being protested and by the media who simply will not cover protests. But Protests are indeed effective. I know you are angry because you think that is exactly what these bastards want - for us to peacefully protest so they could sit behind their bulletproof, soundproof conference centers shielded from the will of the people and simply engorge on our planet, fuck us over and laugh at us. However, if you attend a protest - hopefully a big one, with lots of nice people, you will see that there is a certain energy that can have an exponential effect. I have seen connections made at protests. That's good. Rig rallys can be fun. People power is great, don't under estimate it - especially if it is entertaining and there are some nice people to meet, and see in action. Friends of mine go and I will go with them more often. In short, massive demonstrations are good. Plus, there becomes a point where the media will simply have no choice BUT to cover the protests because everyone is there.

And heck you might even catch the spectacle of some Black Bloc group as it lifts a MacDonalds off it's foundation and runs off with it.

Maybe that is wishfull thinking but if this economy tanks like I think it's going to tank, these homeland security strike forces are going to be quite busy.

Also I can appreaciate your lock and load energy, but I must tell you, I'm saying, that we fire ideas and truths into peoples minds and not bullets into peoples heads. MIND BOMBS not explosive ones. Idea bullets not lead ones. You see, MIND BOMBS or media bombs, if they are expertly constructed and ignited are a thousand time more powerful than ones these thugs in the Bush crew lust over. Those bombs are for base brutish thugs. I prefer to awaken and attract people rather than frighten, force and kill people off.

So keep your gun locked and loaded but also make sure your expertise is in areas of the mind, first and foremost - the mind is the whole battlefield - I promise you.

Now regarding your "treehuggers" comment. I can only say that my heart and soul is with all attempts at the preservation of our environment. Environmentalists are doing the hard work of halting the destruction of this planet. They are simply doing the MOST IMPORTANT WORK.
Our environment is extroardinarily important and valuable. This is obvious.

Lastly, I'll take you up on that offer of the couple hundred dollars contribution to voxnyc. - we sure appreciate such offers.
Best Wishes

Posted by Monkey @ 12/22/2002 01:30 AM EST

Check out this Flash cartoon called "Dubya Bin-Zilla", a nightmare fantasy about '9-11' and Dubya's collusion with Osama... with the creepy specter of Ronald Reagan watching over 'The Great Work'...

Posted by Thor @ 12/22/2002 02:47 AM EST

Hi vox--Good to hear your voice again--your courage and fighting spirit contagious.
To Monkey (sorry i lower-capped your name before): Your 1st 2 comments expressed what i often feel--in comments to earlier articles by vox i have written about being banned from speaking about iraq at work because i "scared" coworkers; going to local activist group where discussion was on trash on town's streets, forming a hiking club, and--yes--forming committees--and subcommittees!--and when i brought up homeland "security" bill, being met w/nervous laughter and rapid change of subject; and going to another activist group where my bringing up (secretly mandatory) vaccinations was squelched w/words "conspiracy theory"--
Feel sometimes like the man in Elie Wiesel's autobography "Night" who escaped the mass shootings-graves of 1st round-up of non-national Jews, came back to Wiesel's village, and tried to tell villagers--and NO ONE WOULD LISTEN!--even when he was lying on their doorsteps screaming--one of the original "conspiracy theorists"--
So i am very familiar w/that feeling of despair--but remind myself that a big difference in these times is that the whole world is watching--and that resistance is growing in this country as i write--that every new move against our rights wakes a few more of our comfort-cocooned fellow citizens up--and that we really don't know for sure how this will play out.
And agree w/vox that this is a war of and for our minds, w/the fear that makes even "activists" afraid to look at (let alone speak about) the truth headon the greatest weapon of the corrupt and insanely greedy power elite.
I also have gathered that a fair number of posters here are young people--in their defense will say that what i've learned lately of the "education" in our schools for the last 20 yrs at least--and can assume that most of them grew up in homes w/tv--should give us hope that some of them, growing up in a time when brainwashing far more prevalent than when we were young, are awake and speaking out.
It ain't over till the Fat Lady sings.
Peace and Freedom, kathleen (aka aging hippie who never sold out and therefore one of working poor)

Posted by kathleen beatty @ 12/22/2002 07:02 AM EST

That is one scary fuckin animation.

Posted by Bob @ 12/22/2002 07:20 AM EST

We are a republic not an empire. An empire is what they want. We want a representative democracy with limintations on what government can do..... In other words a republic.

Posted by Jed @ 12/22/2002 10:34 AM EST

They know who you are, they have known for a long time. They are showing you how they know now(The IAO) because what they don't want you to know is happening somewhere else.

I am awaiting the day to make a run for it, i am no ones servent or slave. Beware of old factories, for they were the first ones to be built, and they are still used for concentration camps beneath teh surface. We never Won the Civil War, WWI, WWII, or any other war and now we must pay the price for our ignorance

Posted by The overseer @ 12/22/2002 12:41 PM EST

"a visonarry coward says that anger can be power aslong as there is a victom on tv"

John Reznic
Goo Goo Dolls
Flat Top, A Boy named goo

Posted by The overseer @ 12/22/2002 12:46 PM EST

Glad your back Vox, Keep up a good fight.

From Indonesia


Posted by LKD1 @ 12/22/2002 05:58 PM EST

Does anyone here really believe that there was any real smallpox vaccine in the shot that President Bush supposedly took?

He probably really got a tetanus shot instead.

Posted by ObviousMan @ 12/22/2002 07:51 PM EST

A seperate message board to discuss the methods of resitance.
I just read the first 75 or so posts before my eyes went out on me. A seperate board strictly for ideas regarding the best methods to resist what is happening would be a great help.
The general strike seems like the best peaceable method to resist. The most effective strike would affect transportation.
A half dozen 18 wheelers can easily block any major highway in the US for hours. Rolling strikes would be even harder to deal with (4 trucks driving all lanes at 20mph for a period of time, then dispersing.)
If anyone is good at ranting on the CB and can try to infulence truck drivers to resist and strike, this may be the start of something that can shut the bastards down.
Just an Idea.

From the Elder Edda:
Fearlessness is better than a faint heart for any man who puts his nose out of doors, the length of my life and the day of my death were fated long ago.

Stay Strong Vox!

Posted by eb @ 12/22/2002 07:59 PM EST

Vox and Pals,

I used to define the government as or like a large bulldozer stuck in low gear with unlimited gas, moving forward, but NObody at the controls. And both parties on eithr side trying push it in the direction they thought it should go. To the left or to the right. Not an evective way to drive, but you still get to nudge it in the general direction you think it should go.

And then I happend upon the What Really Happend site and that linked me to this one. That was about two weeks ago. Now i spend all my free time bouncing back and forth between them.

Now , my defenition of this government is still the same except for one point, THERE IS SOMETHING DRIVING THAT BULLDOZER and it goes where ever it wants to go. And no amount of anything is going to change its course.
Ill agree with you that big protests are fun, and a good place to meet like minded people. But does it really affect change in the people it is intened for. Did protesting the war in Veit Nam really do anything other than at it peak, when Americans were SHOT by Americans in America.Was it realy american opinion that brought an end to the war, or had the dogs tried out all their new war toys and stratigies and it had just run its course.

The news media alredy covers large protests, and it always goes somthing like this. " In the streets of () today, a group of (_) RADICALS staged a protest to....."

Im with you all the way on putting ideas instead of bullets into peoples heads. There is a lot more collateral damage that way,(see, you and the CIA do have somthing in common)

On the environment, do we need to destroy an entire ecosystem, so Mc donalds can grow more beef, so Amercans can master the art of waddeling instead of walking. no.
When I use the word "tree hugger" its in reference to people with names like Bambi Moon Glow who climb up in a tree and live there for months at a time so they can bring attention to the plight of the (
_). Bullshit , they want to bring attention to Bambi Moon Glow and how great and wonerderful of an activist they are to take this courageous step. People dont think "wow , I really need to study more about that cause Bambi is up in a tree for" no, like me the think " WOW, What a FUCKing moron!" Its a pointless display of ego, does it halt the plight of (__)? Does it phase the soccer mom driving buy in her SUV for even a second. No shes got get back to the suburbs to buy that darling little tea set she saw at william-sonoma.
Nobody seems to have an answer that will satisfy me. Other than my own that there is no stoping that bulldozer, its going where it wants to.

Now If you could answer two quick questons for me;

1. VOX FUX, what does it mean if anything, and or, what does it stand for?

2. what boy band do youthink is hotter, insync or back street boys?

Posted by Monkeyus @ 12/22/2002 10:53 PM EST

Strikes could be a good idea, but after working in an office setting in a large, internationally owned company, I saw the level of brainwashing is at a behemoth scale. When I went as far to tell my fellow employees that the last Super Bowl was all set up by King George, that seemed to be more then their narrow minds could understand. Woe was the flow of ridicule following my comments about the Rams being a total better football team then the Patriots and the only reason the Patriots won was the red, white and blue, lets all come together America, look at how the underdog won theme – like America winning the revolution.

Sorry, I’m not trying to turn this discussion board into a football debate or sports or popular music and film debate, but it’s just such a shame that the mind control police has taken over the professional sports scene for quite some time now. I really enjoy playing and watching sports, but I really know that what I’m watching is nothing more then a WWF wrestling match.

I think it was the documentary on Baseball which aired on PBS that said baseball is and always has been a direct reflection of American society. Well, who ever said that is right. Greed, money, and power will buy any team a championship – Yankees, Braves. Just like money, greed and power has fueled our court appointed ruler to the presidency and how it will continue to feed the NWO.

So a strike in a large corporation would be a worthless cause. Truckers seem like a novel idea, I think most of them are private business owners. But when the economy really takes a turn for the worse and all these cubicle-humans realize that they don’t have any way to pay for their SUV’s, plush suburbia homes, and brand new cars for their spoiled rotten kids, then maybe the real life Dilbert comic strip workers would awaken and realize our perfect little world is not so perfect.

Continuing on with my random thoughts spewing forth from my fingertips, has anyone taken a look at some recent movies that kind of have a dark force is coming into control, no one is quit sure where to look for answers, conspiracy theme? Star Wars episode 2 is loaded with this kind of stuff. In the movie, you think the good guys are the good and the bad are bad. But by the end of the movie, I started questioning who’s good and bad. The line kinda disappeared. There is bureaucratic bumbling of resources, ignorance and arrogance of the people who are supposed to be protecting the righteous. Man, sounds like this world.

Then there’s the new Lord of the Rings movie. This movie also has the final battle, apocalyptic theme going on. No wonder, the story was written during WWII in England. If one tries hard enough, you can replace all the characters and battles in Twin Towers with real people and possible recent and future battles.

A cynical person could always say, “Well, these movies are made by the same rich people that control the world.” But I would disagree. Even thought I believe with all my soul that powerful people are trying to control everything about our lives so they can do and act however they want, I also believe that events that happen that seem too obvious to be a coincidence, don’t happen as a result from human intervention but as divine intervention. Everything in this world doesn’t happen solely from humans, but as a combination between humans, good and evil forces or God vs. Satan.

So if one can believe that there is also a spiritual force behind ongoing world events, then maybe the idea that fighting evil with evil is nothing more then creating more evil, can be accepted. If people respond like Timothy McVeigh or the uni-bomber, they will be cast as violent, child killing anti-Americans. We must stick with the mind, use it, convince others with it. Maybe McVeigh and the unibomber were a precursor setup to the things we see today. Maybe the illuminati set that whole thing up so people who are revolutionaries would be thought of as crazy Rubee Ridge, militia freaks. Or possibly, imagine for a second, that they were events created by the dark one. Can you hear him laughing like Al Pacino in the Devil’s Advocate? I can.


Finally, I would like to wish every peace loving, liberty seeking, God loving person on this Earth a merry Christmas. To the rest, I will continue praying for them.



Posted by borkack @ 12/22/2002 10:54 PM EST

I dont know how i got red nderlines in the previous post, it was an accident, wasnt trying to stress anything.


Posted by monkeyus @ 12/22/2002 10:56 PM EST

To monkey:

Boy Band? What is that all about. Talk about redundant questions.

Posted by borkac @ 12/22/2002 11:07 PM EST

To monkey:

Boy Band? What is that all about. Talk about redundant questions.

Posted by borkack @ 12/22/2002 11:07 PM EST


Yes you see the second question was samothing we here on earth like to cal HUUUMMOORR.


Posted by monkeyusus @ 12/22/2002 11:45 PM EST

Why does this site still exist? Careful everyone - They are watching our every move - all these ideas being written is preparing them. they will be ready. We must be more intelligent.

Posted by robert @ 12/23/2002 12:21 AM EST


time for a petition in that greedy little country of yours (the us)

i laughed wth the joke, monkeyusus :) and your strike is a good idea.

Posted by fritzlang @ 12/23/2002 12:22 AM EST

The more the government monitors our internet activity, the more enlightened the human monitors become to the truth. It may be that some of these "domestic spies" plan to use their power to stop this madness. After all, they stand to appear as the 21st Century Nazis, and that's not the legacy most people want on their record. There are probably very few censors loyal to the NWO crowd.

Here's hoping that those monitoring our activities use the information constructively.

Posted by peaceful spirit @ 12/23/2002 03:28 AM EST

Great Site. All the Best for 2003 to all VOX readers. Things will probably get worse, before they get better, but we fight on.
Have been involved in many causes since the mid Sixties. It is going to be uphill battle now, because the general public is more selfish, less caring now than any time before.

Posted by Hamid Malik @ 12/23/2002 04:13 AM EST

H Vox--Yo--people! "Muslim" immigrants have been jailed w/o legal recourse by the hundreds in CA--the first trial run of the "Patriot" act---may be some few who wish harm to our country but most came here seeking what our forebears did--a better way of life.
At least SAY something about it here so that the rest of the world is not confirmed in their opininion of us as caring only about our own little white asses.
And re our own white asses--

First they came for the Muslims and i didn't speak up...

And why isn't anyone posting comments to the new articles here?

Peace and Freedom, kathleen

Posted by kathleen beatty @ 12/23/2002 05:17 AM EST

well, the facisist aren't tippy toeing around. i wonder how long it'll be before they clamp down on the net like china? a teacher back in the late 50's remarked that "in 50 years someone could go to russia and come back to amerika, and not notice any difference." i'd also heard "america wouldn't have their rights taken away by any foreign forces, but that the american public would LET them be taken away."
i've known it would happen but hoped it wouldn't be in my lifetime.
the empire is here and it's u.s..
vox, if there's anything your readers can do to help you with the fascist knocking down your door, please let us know. your site has been a bright beacon in this totaltarian night.

Posted by rusty @ 12/23/2002 06:37 AM EST

Dear Vox,
I've been hearing about what's happening, all the way here in Australia. I want you to know that I'm spreading the word. More power to your arm, and season's greetings to you and all who resist the creeping (galloping) fascism of your country and mine.

Posted by Pip Wilson @ 12/23/2002 06:59 AM EST

Welcome to the flower power safety tour. In the sea change nothing is safe. They killed the President. Bombs are still falling on
Baghdad. Palestine is up in Jordan. The shopping malls are all shot up. Disney World is
burning. The Internet has collapsed. Banner red headlines-Mystery Illness
spreads-National emergency declared-The virus causes sexual frenzy and strangulation.
Where are the truck bombs we were promised? Have you ever seen a terrorist? Evidence
linking these Israelis to 911 is classified information. Evidence linking these Zionist
scientists to anthrax is classified. 1,001 Arabian Knights march through your city at
night with torchlights. The Bush soldiers of Christ fight the revolt with atomized Valium
and dump Prozac in the water supply. In the vaccine nation the microchips and the chemical
trails ooze. We'll float in drowned world of petrol, pills, plastic, drinks, advertising
hooks, images, and information. Welcome to the paradisiacal Fourth Reich. It is going to
be a bloodbath up to the end of history. Rats and children follow me out of town. So this
is what it feels like when doves cry!

Posted by Crusader Bunnypants @ 12/23/2002 08:43 AM EST

eric swan (cia) has discovered my private adress in Europe. that's not very kind of him. he's been emailing me some attempts to discredit vox. really transparent, this whole 'I am your friend but you should drop your page on the cia', eric. sorry mate.

if they're after me, innocent European, god knows what vox must endure. vox, please keep us updated on your well being.

I'm moving out of this country, coming to a place near you. it will even better the fight. :)

Posted by flow @ 12/23/2002 10:06 AM EST

I love shopping, pushing and shoving in line.
I love spending money I do not have anymore after NAFTA.
(But NAFTA was good for us.)
I love the guy with the bell outside the store
(how much will he pocket).
Then we have Wall Street saying we must spend, spend, spend
or Wally-Mart will go down, down, down. I would love it.
Commi-Mart goes bankrupt. Such a dream.
Then we have lost our manufacturing in this country thanks NAFTA,
so we buy fascist and commi-made products made elsewhere.
But we try to be patriotic we buy commi-made plastic Amurikan
flags (put upside down on our SUV's).
We Dream of Christmas in 1962 but that is gone.
We dream of home of the free but that is gone.
So I lie for my children as I pray for a Revolution.
Merry Fascist Amurikan Christmas
Call TIPS call the CIA, FBI, NSA.

Posted by Ronn @ 12/23/2002 11:29 AM EST


Republican Angela Speir won a seat on the Georgia, Public Service Commission. She won by approximately 8,000 votes. Her opponent Lauren "Bubba" McDonald, Jr. spent more than $140,000 on his campaign. Speir spent $16.00, you read correctly, sixteen dollars!

She had no campaign committee, she did not campaign, her next door neighbors did not know she was running for any office. She was not a good student in high school, nor was she an active one. Go figure.

I got this information from an article that appeared in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Business Section (F) dated December 14, 2002.

This coupled with the fact that Democratic Gov. Roy Barnes who spent $60,000,000.00 more on his campaign than Sonny Perdue and lost. Also, Senator Max Cleland, a veritable war hero, was beaten by Saxby Chambliss after a hard fought campaign. Something smells fishy, we used the electronic voting machines in Georgia for the first time!!!!!

Posted by B. Sirius @ 12/23/2002 01:15 PM EST


Republican Angela Speir won a seat on the Georgia, Public Service Commission. She won by approximately 8,000 votes. Her opponent Lauren "Bubba" McDonald, Jr. spent more than $140,000 on his campaign. Speir spent $16.00, you read correctly, sixteen dollars!

She had no campaign committee, she did not campaign, her next door neighbors did not know she was running for any office. She was not a good student in high school, nor was she an active one. Go figure.

I got this information from an article that appeared in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Business Section (F) dated December 14, 2002.

This coupled with the fact that Democratic Gov. Roy Barnes who spent $60,000,000.00 more on his campaign than Sonny Perdue and lost. Also, Senator Max Cleland, a veritable war hero, was beaten by Saxby Chambliss after a hard fought campaign. Something smells fishy, we used the electronic voting machines in Georgia for the first time!!!!!

Posted by B. Sirius @ 12/23/2002 01:16 PM EST

Astrology of the US Patriot Act (Part 1)

INTRODUCTION -- THE 'PATRIOT' ACT: An Astrological Study Of The Birth Chart Of HR 3162

If you are anything like the 'typical' American, you haven't even read the text of HR 3162 or 'The Patriot Act'. But go now to this link and you will find that complete text: http://www.eff.org/Privacy/Surveillance/Terrorism_militias/20011025_hr3162_usa_patriot_bill.html

Once you've read the text you will have a clearer understanding of what the astrological birth chart of this piece of legislation signifies, and that's what I'll be talking about in this astrological analysis. But before we begin that earnest work there are a few comments I'd like to make.

I confess I am literally flabbergasted by the lack of interest astrologers have shown concerning HR 3162.

Nowhere on the internet have I been able to find an analysis of this chart. While a few politicians such as Robert Byrd of West Virginia, Ron Paul of Texas, Barbara Lee of Oakland, Cynthia McKinney, and of course Paul Wellstone [who was subsequently and quite suspiciously killed in an airplane 'accident'] together with journalists such as Greg Palast, Gore Vidal, William Safire, Mike Ruppert, and Dave McGowan have raised their voices in protest against this legislation nevertheless, I can find no articles posted by astrologers giving any sort of in-depth look at the meaning and significance of the LAW by way of astrological analysis.

Perhaps this is due to a flaw in my skills as an internet user; I just try combinations of words and phrases in the 'google' search engine …things like Astrology + "Patriot Act"…and whatever permutations on these themes I can summon to my increasingly dumbfounded brain.

But no matter what I've tried, I've found nothing; zero, zilch! Nothing on Lois Rodden's site, nothing on Michael Meyer's site, nothing on Mountain Astrologer, or Star IQ (god, what a ghastly handle that is…who among us hasn't seen through IQ tests ! Is StarIQ attempting to 'test' the intelligence of the stars, or are its creators trying to plug their own intelligence ?)…but I did find the chart itself on StarCats.com along with the comment provided by the hostess of this site that she literally 'saw' George W. Bush sign HR 3162 into law LIVE on MSNBC TV at precisely 10:56 AM on October 26, 2001 and that she (Claudia D. Dikinis) will be posting her comments about it ! * ( As of a few days ago Claudia has done it, posted her pithy, direct commentary-analysis right here:) http://starcats.com/newsmakers.html

This means that it's been over a year since this staggering LAW was passed and still the public, 'Big-Guns' astrological community has nothing or very little to say about it. Why, I wonder?

Perhaps it has to do with what I call "Astrology in the Grip of Saturn"…a certain fixation within contemporary astrology to place far too much emphasis upon 'facts', 'details', and 'data'; a certain desire on the part of astrologers to feel themselves to be 'scientifically objective' !

Well, folks, it just so happens that this very same Saturn symbol plays a prominent role in the horoscope of the 'Patriot Act', -the new US LAW signed by G.W, Bush as HR 3162. So, without further ado, let's plunge into a study of the chart.

Part 2:

Francis D. Grabau is a poet, writer, and practising astrologer who has been steeped in the stars since 1968. He welcomes the opportunity to interpret your birthchart through writing and tapes as well as by phone call. He can be reached via Internet at: www.starpathvisions.com as well as www.astrologyforthepeople.com; his personal email address is: starpath3@earthlink.net. He currently lives on the Hawaian Island of Kauai. He can be contacted via telephone in the USA on (808) 821 0710, or write to: Francis D. Grabau, 5359 Kumole St, Kapa’a, Hawaii 96746, USA.

Posted by peter zenger @ 12/23/2002 01:55 PM EST

Good luck. It seems like this kind of thing is happening everywhere - I just got legal threats sent to me from a manufacturing company through the vice president of the company I work for - all for exposing their product as crap on a Yahoo group. They threatened my job - all because they enjoy a near-monopoly on a product my company needs. It was an authentic threat - but, like any good guerilla, I am not one for spectacular suicide against the bulwarks of the enemy. Retreat, regroup, and strike from the rear.

They are on the run. Just look at the attempt to link pacifist anti-war protesters with property destruction and sabotage. Just the same as when they fabricated evidence of bombs to justify repression of legal protests. Look at the attempt to scare everyone into thinking that Iraqi bioweapons will be coming into the US at the behest of bin Laden, which flies in the face of all sense, knowlege, and documented evidence of the motivations of the two men.

Keep up the good fight. You fight online, I am a missionary of truth in the heartland of AmeriKKKa, where the biggest struggle is to convince black people that I'm not one of the racist shit-stinks that they grew up around.

Posted by Jim @ 12/23/2002 08:03 PM EST

Hello Mr Vox

I am happy to see your back on the net. I guess you struck a nerve in the Bush regime that is why they sent there goon squad after you. I got one question for you and your readers of this site what did the American people think would happen when Bush got to power. Many people from Europe Africa and Asia new this was going to happen. I have one thing to say Americans are vey gullable do you really think there is difference between Democrats and Republicans it is the same coin only different sides. I want to say Vox you must be more determend than ever to stand in and fight the enemy. I got one more question for you did you think Trent Lott made that racial statement by mistake?
Take care of yourself don't give up until the work is done because your very lives depend on it stay strong.
God Bless the American people!


Posted by Osama @ 12/23/2002 08:33 PM EST

osama the cia took over our gov back in the 1980's when poppy bush was vice pres under reagan. they are not likely to relinquish the power they stole anytime soon as we the sheeple tolerate this.

Posted by peter zenger @ 12/24/2002 04:29 AM EST


Posted by ANOTHER LISTENING GEEK @ 12/24/2002 05:54 AM EST

I discovered that when I hit the refresh button on my brower that it posted the message I wrote earlier, which was still in the comments field. Otherwise, click once and just be patient.

Posted by CS @ 12/24/2002 10:34 AM EST

To Vox and All,

Merry Christmas, Solstice, Happy Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa!

Happy Nude Year!!!! Celebrate in the buff!!

2003 is the Chinese Year of The Sheep!! Oh no, BUT it can also be THE RAM!! Let's butt those creeps out of power!!

Posted by Swamp Gas @ 12/24/2002 11:22 AM EST

Glad to have Vox back.

From what I hearing, HAARP in Alaska should be complete in early 2003, I mean they are explansion stage, also among with 2, these are Greenland and Norway. Get picture of this. Once complete, this would become most powerful fear diaster impact on earth. These idot Haarp can make weather control, ie: hail, drought. I have witness hail create by Haarp. It is marble hailstone. Actual here long drought but sudden hail hit here while other do still drought. Haarp can do give earthquake, hologram ie: comet trick, biowar or can spread new kind of virus at anywhere by using Haarp. Seem like once 3 buddies (Alaska,Greenland,Norway) are complete, this would be become powerful weapons also 2003 year our Sun magnetic field become strongest, yet perfect timing to using Haarp. 2003 year and after may not look good. In my option, we people gather and go invasion like, in Area 51 and enter this site also Dulce, New Mexico where underground is top secrect there. This New World Order is where came from Dulce, New Mexico. It is right in USA, come on shame on you USA. They are using you. Love and Peace toward All.

Posted by Qwerty @ 12/24/2002 01:56 PM EST

Mr. Putin: Please release the kidnapped passengers from KAL flight 007. They've been locked-up in Russian prisons since 1983...

Posted by David Howard @ 12/24/2002 04:11 PM EST

I can't express how much I have enjoyed reading all this. I believe their is hope for us after all. Happy holidays.

Posted by gawdallmighty @ 12/24/2002 05:03 PM EST

in war it's called DIVIDE AND CONQUER

Posted by an american forever @ 12/24/2002 07:02 PM EST

Hi vox--Agree we need helpful computer geeks here of late.
To dchew--May i ask why you are so sure that vox will soon join the hallowed ranks of martyrs? Sounds as if he is doing just fine, and showing us all by his experiences that Have No Fear, they are weaker than they appear is Truth. Am meeting more and more Americans who don't like what's going on.
The Season's Wishes of Peace on Earth to Everybody, kathleen

Posted by kathleen beatty @ 12/24/2002 08:21 PM EST

for vox and friends heres another site for you all it's called leading edge research group at www.trufax.org books to read starting with matrix 2,3,4,5 alittle pricey but 1000 plus pages each on same line as william coper tons of gov info readed it all back in early '90's mind control,ufos,haarp,etc.

Posted by an american forever @ 12/24/2002 10:29 PM EST

point....less than .1 percent of the world population controls 98 percent of the resources....to beat the ultra rich you must look at them as the enemy because they long ago declarled a silent war on you and I the consumer....like a vampire they suck your money out of your pocket on over priced crap that is designed to break...so that we have to keep buying the same shit over and over again ...shit in ..shit out...every thing is made overseas DUH!......STOP BUY THE SHIT!!!!! so they will have no choice but to give us quality products...STOP BUYING as much as possible ANYTHING!!...they lose money..their credit comes due..they still have to pay because their not making a profit they'll have to go deeper in dept or use their money to pay their bills...no money for the good life ...I think it's high time to give them a taste of their own shit!!!if you have nothing, you have nothing they want...when millions of peopledon't spend money ALL AT THE SAME TIME...they lose BIG money cut them off of money they will fold BIG time...keep shining the light on EVERYTHING they do and try to hide ..ex..sex .crime,coruption.no matter where they try to hide...if 50 percent of the people would watch and talk no matter what they would have no where to hide except in their abyss where they came from!!! to monkeyus without trees you don't have fresh air to breath than we're all dead DUH!!as it is there's not one square inch of land on earth that the corp's haven't poisoned we need all the help we can get to survive till the christed one come to finish the job...read the bible... as it is written so shall it be!! israel shall be destroyed first before HE comes...live a good life and bear witness of the evil it shall fail!!!...............merry christmas to all...and god bless

Posted by an american forever @ 12/24/2002 11:56 PM EST

Don't rock the boat - sink the ship.

Posted by bothfistsraised @ 12/25/2002 03:39 AM EST

After the failed Bay of Pigs invasion, Kennedy was blamed by the CIA for refusing support to their plan to overthrow Fidel Castro. Were they angry enough to plot his assassination? There are many unanswered questions about Kennedy's murder to this day. We will probably never know the full truth.

George H. W. Bush supposedly became CIA Director without ever having served in the CIA, a questionable claim. In fact, a memo from the F.B.I. to the State Department a few days after the murder would seem to indicate otherwise. The memo stated that information about both pro-Castro and anti-Castro groups had been passed along to "George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency".

Posted by wILSON sMITH @ 12/25/2002 04:55 AM EST


Posted by Dick McFearson @ 12/25/2002 05:02 AM EST

If you give up you liberty for security you will eventually lose both your liberty and security.

Ben Franklin

Posted by TyrannyFighter @ 12/25/2002 11:46 AM EST

They're building FEMA camps in West Texas to house the dissenters. All the Bush governmetn has to do is shit down the servers and our means of communication (the Internet) is history. It's getting serious folks.

Posted by No Yes Man @ 12/25/2002 06:03 PM EST

to monkey (and all):

i believe that man is inherrantly good, not evil... but whom are we calling evil? not the majority of mankind, but the aforementioned 1 % butt-ass rich greedFUCKERS who control the earth's resources! if left unchecked, the mini-mall corporate culture will surely kill us all- as i believe most of us posters here agree- but let us not condemn the whole of humanity as evil.
i had a philosophy professor who commonly made reference to an "evil genius." I.E.- unless there is some "evil genius" messing things up, _ is just the way life is. Well, at the time i (and most students) snickered about the "evil genius" (conditioned fear of coming across as paranoid) and that was all. but now, i feel that years of research has validated the EXISTENCE OF AN EVIL GENIUS- the shadow gov't. i am becoming less concerned with coming across as paranoid, and more interested in the fact that people we love are FUCKING ZOMBIES!!!!
I think we all have family, co-workers, loved-ones who buy into the bullshit. God(/dess) bless them. i was like that yesteryear, and it's not like any of us don't flash into that zombie-ism temporally at least day-to-day.
so i guess my point is- let's kill the parasite, not the host. let's not lose faith in humanity, lest the shadow-bandits win in (not only material, but also) spiritual ways.
i have faith in the innocent good intentions of average people (unfortunately programmed sleepwalkers as they may be), and i am continually inspired by VOX, Monkey, kathleen, and all yall frequent posters.
carry the torch, my friends- to the heart of the mini-mall.
i'm saying let's do this for not only our children, but for our grandparents, and our god-damn great-great grandparents (also fucked by the razor-edged dildo/battering ram of dominator "culture")

anyway, big love to the peeps at VOX!!!!

Thomas P. Mims

Posted by Thomas P. Mims @ 12/25/2002 06:46 PM EST

You're not alone. Stand your ground. The impossible just takes a little longer.

Posted by Visitor @ 12/26/2002 12:51 AM EST

True power is the ability to say NO to the face of adversity.

Posted by Rex @ 12/26/2002 03:08 PM EST

This website is a breath of fresh air and a great remedy to the Corporate blues which are played
regularly by the lying corporate mainstream. Vox's example should
inspire everyone whose soul has not been utterly destroyed by the cash nexus and its accompanying fetishistic ideologies. Vox reminds us that we sould never let the bastards get us down. This is the most poignant message and let us support and act apon it with renewed determination.
This webite provides the shot in the arm the resistance needs.

Posted by paul anderson @ 12/27/2002 01:46 AM EST

First off, congrats to Vox for fighting the good fight! and Happy New year everyone!

Hated Truth (see message above), please go find shelter in the 50's, your narrow mindedness is painful. Why don't you try viewing other realities to get an insight on our own current situation.

This is my first message to the site though I have been here reading for a while. This site is excellent for spreading the truth. The information is very important and humanity needs more of the same. However, in terms of what we can do, I am sorry, I, like Monkey poo poo all the far-out beatniks, Buddhists, closet Buddhists, New Agers etc etc etc. Good luck and no ill will to you all but a healthy dose of realism is in order. Than again, whatever allows you to get through the bullocks and lies we face every day- if it helps, all the power to you.

My point is that change does not come through people power, it never has and likely never will. I myself plan on protesting at every opportunity and encourage others to do so as well (my first protest was in London against the bom*ing of Yugoslavia) but I know full well that even though pressure may be created on those that rule through "connections" made at rallies and the strength of protests (“which cannot be ignored by the media”) and that even small victories (environmental protection laws) may be made, people and protests have always been a means to an ends, a tool for the rulers and rival factions of rulers to manipulate, at will. This is the case no matter how hard it is for some to hear. This must be especially difficult for Americans who have been brainwashed into believing that the US has always been democratic and that individuals could make a difference. Look at the origins of the US- you think the Tea Party was about idealistically creating an independent country- , you think abolishing slavery was idealism- , WWI, WWII “money”, “money” etc. etc. etc. But it does not begin or end there. The corruption of truth has been manifest and prevalent since the dawn of organized society and the lies have been built, layer upon layer since Sumerian times (3500BC) with only occasional, partial purification since (enter various what our history books consider “crazed” world leaders of history). So you think, like the French that protests help or are useful in changing our world? Think again. For example: the French Revolution (from whence the French get the idea of the noble protest)-simply a mob hijacked by the bourgeois and their financial backers/allies (undisclosed group) and then suppressed albeit with slightly augmented rights for the mob. How about ’68 Czechoslovakia? A thawing in the communist Spring? Hah!- Staged by same said group to piss off the Soviets- no desire for any freedom- the people bore the reaction. What about a closer look at the Fall of the Iron Curtain- Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia? Lies of the worst kind- this is a beauty and a lesson in protest and change management: the leadership was told to scrap themselves- but how to do this since the people were scared like sheep- no one would peep and risk their neck- enter the manipulation- create a horrible scandal to get the people roused- ignorant brute, totalitarian police and university students protest group were sent to the same square by the manipulating leadership (neither group knowing about the presence of the other). When the hardline pigs saw the students they charged and seriously beat up dozens with batons (not peacenik but brutal communist style attack). (To give you an indicator of the filth involved- the current Prime Minister of the country – a unabashedly connected ex-commie/mafia brags that he smelled a rat and/or had insider information and told his university student daughter not to go to that protest). With a bit of prompting by the leadership, this clash was the catalyst for mass demonstrations that “toppled” the communist government- the very leadership that planned and executed its own demise… or did it??? The same people changed coats and now lead in a “democracy”. So, the Cold War was just another lie like our current situation, where the rulers used the masses for their game- and by the way- if you think Czech Republic and the USA have nothing in common and this example is irrelevant, try this on for size- all of the world has the same rulers, and all of the world was and is tied up in the same game. So, POOF!!! The lie known as communism and the Cold War disappeared. (What really pisses me off was that in the 80’s I screamed “idiots” at the socialists and nationalists and others in the Western Country in which I lived when they told me the “US was an equivalent or worse threat to the world than the Soviet Union”- they were right, I was wrong). So what was that whole Cold War about if not America at best tolerating, at worst installing a 2nd class power, made to look like a genuine threat to the US to allow massive military spending and enrichment of a few, a diversion for the average American (from where he should have been looking- the US government itself) and re-colonization of the world by the US, taking over from tired Europeans.

Anyway, I digress. I returned to North America after being in Europe for the last 10 years and must say that this place has changed drastically for the worse. It really seems to be turning into a police state. But, 2 things strike me when I dig deeper; 1/ Was it ever any different before? I mean, I could churn out example after example to show that everything is connected, every event has an alternative, true version which is connected to the previous event- our human civilization has always lived in lies- fundamental lies 2/ Even if it is turning into a police state- it is a turn for the worse, something which cannot just be allowed to happen without a fight- we should protest- but in the end it will go the way it was supposed to- the way that anyone with insight could have predicted years and years ago, the way a trend or pendulum swing.

My spiel was not to discourage those positive individuals that feel (quite rightly) animated at the current situation and with an honourable desire to do good. There is at the end, nothing else, which is legal, to do than protest.
But maybe instead of talking about all the bullocks of protesting, our first and foremost job as responsible individuals with some knowledge is to learn and thereby possess sufficient information and insight needed to wake up all of the sleepers (as in those who have yet to escape the propaganda machine) out there of the grey truths we live in.

Good luck to you all and Vox (Populi), keep up the excellent work and take care.


PS I have recently begun to see that in some ways people were more free under communism. At least people of Eastern Europe nodded in agreement in public but came home and talked truth- kitchen talk- they knew what the truth was. What the West has cultivated is total propaganda- a mental communism – far more insidious- where people actually believe lies that society and the leadership, through its multiple tentacles pumps out- to the point where if you raise questions as does Vox, you are considered subversive, and undemocratic, even by members of your own family.

Posted by CancertotheLeadership @ 12/27/2002 10:03 AM EST

Vox, you are the man!

Keep doing what you are doing, you are serving us all. God bless you.

- nateddi

Posted by nateddi @ 12/27/2002 01:28 PM EST

Hi vox--Hope you are doing well.

Your site first gave me a good basic education on the basis and current state of afffairs in our country and the world.

Now my education is being continued, thru many recent posts, in the techniques of divide-and-conquer and of how to create fear and a sense of futility and hopelessness. Presume other visitors here are appreciative of these opportunities to expand knowledge base.

Peace and Freedom, kathleen

Dear Kathleen
I wish our world permitted a more civil and spiritual existence. At times it does. I regret though that our present condition, under the grip of this horrible force of evil, begets such "education" as outlined in this article. I am a filmmaker, musician, intellectual, traveller, humanitarian, artist and painter - first. Political activist second. I did not choose the circumstances of this evil force which has siezed the world, but I will not back down and bow down to their plans for the destruction of everything decent and good that is still remaining in the world. There is a war going on for the soul of freedom. Before this filthy group of treasury pirates seized control, I was actively producing art and cinema work, I was enjoying my life. But since they seized the high office of the presidency and literally threatened the whole world and I witnessed the systematic replacement of FREEDOM with FEAR across the spectrum - I activated. This is not the country I grew up in and this is not the kind of world I want to live in. I will not stand silent while the world around me sinks into an abyss of fear and hopelessness. This is a war forum, no doubt, but as soon as we have won the war I promise you that this forum will shift gears and will be dedicated to uplifting our spirit, bettering our condition, enriching our intellect and spreading the art and music that makes us human. And the fux from the word voxfux will be removed, leaving only vox. But for now I regret we must concentrate on the war effort. I must tell you that I believe there has been much ground gained. Just look at the defections from administration, including Kissinger's bailout. Don't you believe for one minute that the reasons he gave for bailing out were the real reasons. The real reasons he bailed is because he knows that the whole 9/11 INSIDE JOB is going to unravel - possibly soon. And there is no way he was going to be prepared to be the New World Order's fall guy for the biggest mass murder of Americans in the history of this country. I promise you Kathleen justice will be done. And those who secretly snuffed out the lives of those Americans and tried to make it look like Osama Bin Laden did it from a cave, will pay. They're running silent and scared right now. But the truth will prevail. So for now we must sacrifice and do some the duties that most generations have done in the past. Fortunately because we are not thugs and because we believe in the power if the human mind to win all battles we will wage our war in the hearts and minds of every thinking person. And so that is why I share their techniques of propaganda with you. I didn't invent their underhanded methodologies of lies and disinformation but I do understand them intimately. These techniques are not pretty - I know this - but I promise you that unless we win this war for freedom and liberty the world will be an unimaginably ugly place. So as much as I regret asking people to use these techniques to go out and undermine their strongholds - this is war.


Posted by kathleen beatty @ 12/27/2002 03:33 PM EST

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