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This article is the single most important work presented by vox information sciences. It contains the single most important key to uncovering WHAT REALLY HAPPENED on 9/11. It describes in chilling details the FACTS about the players and events of 9/11.
It is the single most popular research work on this entire site and is the principal core thesis on which this site is based on. This article is dedicated to all the many educational institutions and people around the world seeking the truth about the staged "Terrorist" attacks perpetrated by a clandestine US group, operating under a plan that is over 20 years old. A plan to attack the American people and rouse them to become the New World Order's foot soldiers and worker ant's on a quest for global conquest. It is complete with FACTS never before presented in one complete work. Originally presented in may of 2002 it is presented here in it's original form.

A thorough scientific analysis of the swirl of events, people, nations, motivations, propaganda, personalities and histories involved in this current moment in history, leads to only one conclusion - That clandestine forces aligned with George Bush Sr. are planning to attack the US population, blame it on Islamic terrorists and use the attacks as a pretext for a total clamp-down on dissent, basic civil liberties, normal democratic processes and In the confusion that will follow they will wage unchecked war and aggression against Iraq, and other nations, Islamic and otherwise, who have natural resources and particularly oil reserves that this shadowy group of petrochemical and arms industrialists are thirsting for. Their ultimate goal? The conquest of Eurasia. Three quarters of the worlds population and resources are to be found on the Eurasian landmass. It has been the principal focus of State Department and military strategists since presidential National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski outlined it twenty years ago as the principle American “Imperative.” Meaning - To survive, we MUST conquer. But what of all those nations that we will be conquering? According to Brzezinski and his cabal of adherents in the Military and State Department and industry for whom his writings are like a biblical tome - it’s for their own good.

The problem Brzezinski says is that most average American’s don’t have a taste for crusades of global conquest...

...there’s a sudden terrifying threat.

In his latest book, The Grand Chessboard, Brzezinski drills his followers no less than four times that only sudden and terrifying threats would rouse Americans to the task of global conquest.
With the opening salvo of September 11th behind them, American’s are being, “softened up” right now for their first “Dirty Bomb,” attack. If there was ever so sinister an imaginary catastrophic device that had been so entirely concocted out of thin air, so heavily promoted in the media and ultimately steered to what will almost certainly be the dramatic conclusion of a self fulfilling media stoked prophecy - to be fabricated first in our imaginations then ignited in the real world - It is the dirty bomb. Find out the “Generators” of the dirty bomb “meme” that took off like wildfire eight months ago and you will find the very source of American terrorism.

But it’s not going to be easy. Covert operators like this don’t leave memos of their machinations laying around - They don’t write this in e-mails. But they do leave traces of their presence.
The analysis of the “Chatter,” voxnyc is receiving and interpreting points to only one conclusion - Teams of private ex-intelligence and ex-military operatives under the command structure of the axis of industrialists aligned with the Bush group of current and ex, intelligence and military operatives, are racing to consolidate total power in the hands of George Bush Jr. in the most ambitious power grab since Adolf Hitler.
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To make it very clear our analysis is the following: The much vaunted radiological dirty bomb will NOT be dropped on the American population from any Islamic terrorists but from the shadowy group of American intelligence operatives aligned with George Bush Sr. (the father)

Americans have been made, “aware,” of the dirty bomb for over six months now and have had the dirty bomb “meme” firmly linked to, “Islamic Terrorists.” This is how it’s done. It’s called the, “Back Story.” And it is part of the preparatory propaganda intelligence agencies call a Psy-op (psychological operation). These Psy-ops in actuality comprise nearly 70% of the overall human and capital resources our government devotes to a given geo-strategic objective - only 30% is bullets and bombs. But even with the many millions spent on painting these elaborate Psy-op pictures, it doesn’t take a forensic analysis to uncover some troubling clues within them - Something terribly wrong in the picture. Like a Hollywood special effects extravaganza - all glitz but light on story, these psy-ops which always accompany the dirty business of America’s, industry, military, intelligence triad, are the shoddy screenplays that, to the trained eye, are unconvincing, unbelievable, and scream out - "Inside Job."

(The 70/30 split is a general rule. But my guess is that with the Bushes - Because of their unique position of owning the Arms companies involved, their percentage of outlay to the bloody component would prove to be abnormally high. Each time a Texas based Raytheon cruise missile rocks some empty valley in Afghanistan, or worse, an agrarian village, that’s three million dollars in some fat cat crony’s wallet - that fat cat crony is going to “owe one” to the Bushes - It’s called reality - look into it.)

In this case the clues point to only one conclusion. In their race towards global domination these intelligence groups are preparing to initiate attacks on American population centers. And are laying the preparatory groundwork to make those attacks have maximum political and psychological effect.

The analysis is clear - The sheer volume of the psychological info-warfare now being released into the media and principally targeted at the American people contains within it key indicators that point to an eminent inside attack. A careful examination of the history, personalities, and psychological profiles of those involved tell the whole story, it's the dark hand at work here.

What follows is a VERY different explanation of the attacks of 9/11.

The ruling faction of our government can be characterized as being on a “Kill Crazy Rampage.”

There are so many people against the New World Order and so many people who have now discovered that the source of terrorism is actually American and at the highest levels of international banks, trade organizations and secret councils - That by our sheer numbers there is safety - How could they possibly kill us all. (for more on that see: voxnyc.com) And even though their primary goal is industrial dominance, not mass slaughter (Except in Africa and parts of Asia), their reality is very much more sobering. The Globalists have known for a long time that the free market approach simply isn’t working for them - only rigged markets, commerce isn’t working - only force works, economics and resources really are a zero sum game... and so in their last salutation to vitality they have resorted to terrorist attacks as the most expedient and efficient and in fact only mechanism they have left to jump start thier futile push for global domination.

So now we are standing by waiting for the dirty bomb to make it’s debut as the next threat of the month to capture the limited imagination of the somnambulistic American sheepdom. In the age of simulations this poor mans nuclear bomb, the dirty bomb, is an accurate reflection of the bankrupt and desperate warring American industrialists who assuredly will be the ones wielding it’s terrifying force against us. (The trail of acquisition of a genuine nuclear bomb is too much to cover for this group so the easiest solution is the dirty bomb)

Packing nowhere nears the strength of a full-on fissionable atomic bomb, the dirty bomb is really more an election strategy than a mass murder.

After a large section of New York has been destroyed and contaminated, Americans in the midwest and south will rally in outpourings of emotion and support for the mass exodus of New Yorkers to different parts of the country. Americans will be glued to CNN as it delivers the gripping images of a valient George Bush fearlessly entering the radiation perimeter in full radiation gear, (the best available) live. Then after a commercial break (And terror warnings for Homeland "Security" and the TIPS "snitch on your neighbor program") we will focus on the compassionate George Bush visiting a hospital where a young girl, suffering from radiation sickness, is being treated. We can see the American people in a rage of anger. Fraudulent polls will show 97% of Americans want to use nuclear weapons on some country - any country. And we can see the rousing images of Bush and his running mate, probably Rudolf Guilianni, during the next election as they sweep across the South and Midwest locking up state after state sailing to an easy victory.

This is almost certainly how it’s going to play out.

9-11, An inside job? - You better believe it.

The lesson of self induced terrorism as a means to seize the American population, or any population for that matter, and stoke them into a war frenzy, is a deep part of the game plan of the masters of George Bush Jr’s administration - His father, George Bush Sr and the group of industrialists that he serves. Brzezinski’s book on global conquest through terror campaigns is the defacto Bible of the Bush Administration and now is standard coffee table decor in every office in the state department and pentagon.

At the same time as being an effective means to rally the mass population for the coming wars necessary to impose the industrialist’s unwanted arrogant Pax Americana on the worlds populations, it is also a fabulously profitable form of population control as well. With a fear frenzied population under tight control there's no need to bow to public opinion or compromise with a reluctant Senate - The sky’s the limit on arms sale’s and profits. Wherever these shadow groups of private clandestine intelligence operators surface, extraordinary patterns of unexplained “suicides”, cancers, car accidents, assassinations, plane crashes, wrecked economies, other accidents, civil wars, oil wars, civil unrests, genocides, suicides and document shreddings, all just...


Here's something that happened. - a little back story.

This is the extrordinary story of a dinner date. A dinner date that was scheduled to happen on march 31st 1981 - the day of the strange assassination attempt on the life of Ronald Reagan. Reagan was the president. And George Bush Sr, the very ambitious former CIA director from Texas was the Vice President.
What makes this dinner date so special that night was it’s two guests. Hold on to your seats because the following news item should send a chill up your spine. The dinner party was to be held at the home of Neil Bush, the vice president’s son. The guest at the dinner party (which was quickly cancelled after news of the failed attempt on the life of the President), was Scott Hinckley the brother of John Hinckley who just that afternoon fired several shots into Reagans chest, coming one half inch from putting his bullet into the heart of the President - a half inch from putting his friend’s father, George Bush, into the White House.

Now lets pause a moment and reflect on that. So far what we have is the son of the Vice President linked to the brother of the guy who just tried to kill the president. Take a moment to absorb that.
Go look it up on Google. Type in (neil bush scott hinckley dinner) See for yourself.
What was the Bush team’s response to this chilling revelation on the planned dinner date? They barricaded themselves behind a wall of the biggest PR Firms in the nation and issued the following statement “This horrible coincidence has been devastating to the Bush Family. Our condolences go out to all involved. And we hope to get the matter behind us as soon as possible.” (sic)

I should hope so.

If I was the Vice President and I had just masterminded a failed, assassination attempt on the President of the United States, I too would hope to “put the matter behind me.”

The Bush Team decided to go with the story that it was just a bad "coincidence." In the days that followed, Washington saw the most intensive whitewash of any news item ever whitewashed. Backroom deals were struck, the spin doctors went into action and an army of PR agents decended onto Washington and what should have been the biggest most investigated story of the 80’s... was wiped clean from history.

They spun it clear off the front, back and middle pages of all the giant newspapers. The only mention of it EVER to appear on national television was a brief comment by NBC’s John Chancellor who was absolutely floored by the revelation and mentioned it during his newscast against the demands of NBC management. NBC quickly jumped in and censored it. And the revelation was NEVER MENTIONED ON ANY TELEVISION SHOW EVER AGAIN .

Having no chance to make it into the History Books, the story resurfaced with the advent and explosion of the Internet, but something is happening there as well. It’s being expunged from the Internet as you read this. In 1999 one could find nearly a thousand independent articles pertaining to this most revealing story, then all of the sudden, one by one, the pages and sites relating to the story started to disappear. Today there just a few sites who are keeping the story alive. There used to be thousands of references to it , now there are but paltry few.

But wait, It get’s better. It was revealed in the days following the shooting that since 1970 both George Bush Sr. and John Hinckley Sr (the father of the assassin) were friends and fellow oil industrialists in Texas and Colorado. And that Hinckley had given substantial sums of money to the Bush campaign.

How’s that for a coincidence!

Pretty "coincidental" isn’t it?

Here’s another coincidence, in 1978 Neil Bush lived in Lubbock, Texas while managing his brother George Jr’s (our President’s) campaign for congress. Guess who else lived in Lubbock that year?

John Hinckley Jr.

Is there a chill running down your spine yet? If there isn’t, there should be. Normally this many coincidences would sound alarm bells in a normally functioning democracy and there would be about a thousand articles in the major media outlets, or there would be at least one fearless soul in congress who would stand up and demand a congressional investigation. Well there actually was. There was only one congressman who defied this force - Congressman Larry MacDonald - But guess what? His plane crashed. Actually it was shot down by the Soviets. Many suspect that the infamous Korean Air 007 flight that was shot down by the Soviets as it unexplainably veered into Soviet airspace was an insider deal by heavyweights in the clandestine underworld in exchange for certain unfettered Soviet meddling in places like Central Asia and elsewhere in the following years. But that’s another coincidence. We're not finished with the tale of two sets of brothers.

Near simultaneous press encounters probed the brothers (who were not together at the time of the press encounters) about whether they and Hinckley associated during that time in Lubbock or ever. Neil flat out denied it. But the dufus, George, (our current President) responded that it was “Conceivable that we had associated, however I can’t recollect.”

Do you know what that means, people? It means they certainly did meet. It means that at that time of the press encounters the Bush brothers were very aware that there were certain individuals alive in and around Lubbock and possible other places who would be able to refute any flat out denial by the Bushes that they had never met Hinckley. That is why Georgie's story had to be that it was, “Conceivable.” Otherwise as we all know in typical politician, "LieSpeak," Bush would simply flat out reject any claims and vehemently deny such a meeting.

Take a moment and work it out for yourself.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out. You don’t have to have a photograph of all three to know they were together in Lubbock. OTHERWISE THEY WOULD HAVE ISSUED FLAT OUT DENIALS. Bushes stupid move of the “Conceivable that we met” comment tells the whole story. It also reveals that the Bush boys were as sloppy with their covert operations then as they are now.

Bush violated rule number one for murderous lying political filth, that being, "Lie, deny, then cover-up later."

That being said, I’ll leave you with another - Pity the poor persons living in Lubbock who might have been party to or aware of such meetings between the three, because, considering the personalities involved, psychological makeup and history of the Bushes it is in all likelihood that any such person would have long since “committed suicide” or had a “car accident” or “fell out a window.” or some such other “accidental” and untimely death.

Know Your History.

My bet is that even if one were to mount a massive search of all persons who met an untimely death in and around Lubbock from the period from 1981 to 1990 that you may not even find a trace of them in existence any longer. And do you know why? Because that is the Bush speciality. Through executive dominion over public records they carefully and systematically expunge any trace of a person or events in state and federal records systems. If you are the Governor of Texas you simply have your private firm do a routine audit of the records systems, locate the records in question, and remove them. There is no one on a state level who would even have the power to challenge you. That’s what Bush Sr. spent a great deal of time and effort doing while he was Vice President and President. First expunging his father Prescott’s nasty little Nazi dealings from the records, then his own criminal cocaine, contras, and arms deals. Looks like the son learned his lessons well. That’s what they are doing right now - Deleting, rewriting and expunging history. And they are doing it openly. Just try to exercise your Freedom of Information rights. Fat chance.

Time to wake the fuck up.

The Bush group never believably accounted for that chillingly unexplained dinner date. The mainstream press has NEVER visited that story since. It remains one of the most chilling examples of the power of the new dark hand to crush real events that really happened, essentially to shape history at will.

Welcome to the New World Order of deception, assassinations and power grabs.

How many more coincidences is it going to take to wake people up? Answer: The only thing that will wake people up is the coming economic depression - short of that, the American population will swallow any lie, believe any implausible alibi, no matter how bald faced and ridiculous it is, that their leaders can shove down their throats.

But by the time the sheep awaken, if ever, by then it may be too late. For once they finally see their true condition, by then the mechanisims of human tracking and control might have reached nearly 100% implementation, (sciences like this stuff currently on the horizon: biometrics, genometrics, "non lethal" crowd suppression weaponry, etc, often blaze across the horizon like wildfire.) the science of control, both psychological and physical will have advanced to such near perfection, that there may be little for those few who have managed to become aware awake persons, to do but camoflage their true nature behind a mask that everyone else is wearing. The mask of slaves begging for their own enslavement - Of brutal base thuggish nationalism.

That's how fabulously sucessful the science of deception and control will become, has become - they think is now possible to condition people to beg for, and accept nothing less than, total brainwashing. They think they can condition us to think that anyone NOT wishing for such rigid indoctrination, is a threat - A terrorist.

But now since there are so many people who know the truth it is hard to put the genie back in the bottle.

Anyone who is onto their game is considered a threat to the government/corporation, to be hunted down and eliminated. There will be no constitutional rights to protect humans from the rath of corporations. We are gripped by tyranny.

How many more plane crashes, civil wars, oil wars, civil unrests, genocides, suicides, document shreddings, car accidents and other accidents are going to keep on coincidentally, “just happening,” before people have the courage to stand up and fight for what’s right?

Our so called journalists won’t do it. Most of them don't have the requisite grey matter if they wanted to. And there is simply no major news corporation who will take on the hard work that voxnyc is doing. The silence from the monopoly news is cowardly - It is a lie of omission. And cowardly liars can only shrink the American mind - never liberate it. So turn off your televisions, cancel your subscriptions to USA Today, Times, Newsweek and all he rest of the paid advertisements posing as news and tune into the new forms of internet based media such as whatreallyhappened.com and voxnyc.com - They’re the only shows in town. With Billions of dollars at stake these industrialists behind Bush leave little for chance - all major media are complicit - the raw power grabs going on now make anything that previous filth like Nixon ever did, look like charity events. The New World Order power grab currently under way, has a tenacity not seen since Adolph Hitler. And by now they think they can get away with ANYTHING.

But there's no way that that is going to happen. Bucause at the level of muderous trechery that these tyrants are operating at, there will be betrayal within the ranks. One will open up and the whole house of cards will come tumbling down.

Those who float to the top of this shadowy intelligence underworld like George Bush Sr can, at will, launch terror strikes at the American people and watch the twisted irony as their popularity temporarily soars. It’s the oldest trick in the book - the more American citizens they secretly kill and maim the more popular they become. The more soldiers they put in harms way for their own personal vendettas and profit motives the more fabulously wealthy they become. It’s a classic formula by now. It works EVERY time. One needs only to examine the history of the fabulously wealthy Bushes since the turn of the last century and you will see that it is their formula for arms and oil profits.

The Dirty Bomb as Election Strategy - It’s Called “Public Relations”

Shadowy, “Public Relations,” heavyweights like the Bechtel Group, Wackenhut and a certain now infamous Carlyle group invest heavily only in eventualities that lead to the use of force to control populations. All are government contractors with deep ties to both intelligence agencies and the military. Wackenhut's specialty, incarceration. They run America’s prison systems. They also have their own very lethal private army - ditto for Bechtel Group. There needs to be an index graphing corporations according to statistics such as, say.... how many Automatic weapons their “Public Relations” division owns. (That issue needs to be on a national referendum along with a few others I’ll suggest later.)

A quick rundown on the Carlyle group.

The Carlyle Group is basically a group of the heaviest of heavyweight political insiders who buy failing military contractors at bargain basement prices. The reason why they buy the failing discounted companies is because the Defense Department appropriations guidelines requires that companies be in existence for a certain time before being allowed to enter government contracts, for the obvious reasons. Then, with all the requirements and appearances in place, they are free do insider deals with their buddies in government for this or that failed and obsolete weapons systems, cashing in big time yet seriously jeopardizing the security of the United States. That's the Carlyle Group in a nutshell. Who’s on the board of Carlyle Group? George Bush Sr, James Baker, John Major, It’s chairman is Frank Carlucci -former Defense Secretary and Princeton University wrestling teammate and pal of current Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld. They tried to shove the appropriatly named Crusader tank down the throats of the military, but nearly unanimously, the military experts involved would have NONE of this 14 billion dollar waste of money. Still the politicos fought hard for this useless tank, and only sacrificed the program when it became crystal clear that had they continued pushing for this useless weapons system, it would have become the poster child of defense appropriations corruption and a lightning rod for critics.

The Carlyle Group is undermining the defense of the United States of America and putting the lives of our children and families in serious jeopardy. It took an act of congress to get George Bush's father, Prescott Bush to halt his undermining of American security for profit, looks like the son and son's son are up to grand dad's old tricks.

Terror works. History reveals that Americans will quickly cling to their nearest tyrant. As long as he’s an expert liar and doesn’t get caught in a sexual scandal.

Bush is well aware that murder, genocide, theft, financial criminality are all fine, so long as he doesn’t get caught with his dick in some intern’s mouth there is nothing that he can’t get away with. The more instances of the abrogation of basic civil and human rights he implements and the more instances of deception, terror, and war he subjects the American people and the world to, the more the American people willingly cede their long fought rights away. (no big deal here, really because few ever exercise them or know what they are) They have now ceded nearly all their savings (Only the wealthiest have money - the rest of Americans are flat broke.) Yet we are told that polls say more than half the American people approve of Bush? We are shown images on the major media of people waxing rapturously over Bush. We see images on our television of people getting choked up and clasping their hearts in upwellings of tender emotions when Bush appears before them with messages of mock concern for their well being. But in our daily life nearly everyone around us seems to hate this Bush President. Hmmm.

We’re getting polled all right.

It’s called the “fake out.” The news is fake - It’s just that simple. Ditto for the major public opinion polls as well. Nothing is left too chance. Since the 1950’s with the inception of Operation Mockingbird the CIA’s plan was to heavily infiltrate all the major media organizations. And they did just that! - Former Director of the CIA William Colby let the cat out of the bag when he quoted, “The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” (Colby died in a "boating accident”)

The grand old man himself Walter Cronkite revealed the tip of the iceberg by admitting that he had “sometimes” relayed, as news, stories directly handed to him by the CIA. Dan Rather has long been known to be a CIA asset as well. The dark force has achieved the operational control of the mass media, this much is certain. The widely held belief that Jews control the media is only partly true, they may control the presses and the operations but the dark hand can force their hand at any time, so who is the master of the media? Considering the depth and level of deception which undergirds nearly every facet of American life there is nothing at all implausible to suggest that even the Nielson ratings themselves would in all probability be rigged as well. For they, single handedly, shape our culture, by detirmining what goes on the TV and what does not. And the neilsons are telling Americans that the TV show, COPS, which is about the debasement and control of populations - and the instilling of fear.

Remember one thing, assassinating presidents and slamming airliners into towers can sometimes be tricky, but infiltrating or buying polling organizations is a piece of candy. Nothing is left to chance.

Polls are now made to appear to show any disapproval indications towards Bush to be largely split down party lines What this is, is a “masking” technique. Commonly used in psy-ops to couch the question in only two terms each less damaging than the real term which is masked by it’s exclusion.

So if I were, say, the CIA and I was involved in the 9/11 attacks, and revelations were surfacing and shit was hitting the fan and evidence started surfacing linking CIA to the crime, I would immediatly mount a massive campaign to get all of my assets currently positioned at the major polling organizations to issue the following fraudulent poll nationwide:

Question1) Do you think that the CIA failed by overlooking key indicators of the impending attacks and possibly could have done more to prevent the atrocities of September 11th?
choose one: Somewhat’ Maybe’ possibly’ probably not’

Question 2) Do you think that the CIA did the best job they could given all the indicators they received?
choose one: Huh’ Dunno’ What?’ I guess’

This is how it’s done people! By couching the scenario as only one of two possible benign turn of events you control the discourse and thus control the reality.

They’ll never ask the real question:) “Do you think these CIA motherfuckers are behind the biggest mass murder in American history?”
Because they might just get some write in responses they didn’t anticipate.
Yes’ Definitely!’ Fuckin-a-bubba!’ Damn straight!’ You got that right dude!’
(A Note To CIA personel: Individually most CIA personel are good people - no doubt about this. Most want to do good and fight crime. The problems are at the top - the leadership - almost certainly a, "Knight of Malta." The problems with the agency also are revealed when one does a cost benifit analysis of good vs evil. Voxnyc is claiming that if you are nice to the world's impovershed populations, you won't have to spend 400 billion dollars a year (combined military and intelligence) to constantly fuck them over. The problem with the CIA is in it's leadership and who it's leadership answers to (Hint - see, the Knights of Malta (Illuminati).

Agents within the CIA need to organize and reform it's very structure, but those truly honest and talented agents who see the disturbing patterns already know that they keep their ideas to themselves or they'll be doing casework in Baffin Island in the Arctic or Central Africa. (or some such hell hole)

Polls are designed to play to the publics predisposition that this country is split down party lines. Designed to make us think that there actually is a half the American Population who actually support Bush. That is just fucking laughable - it is false.

Here's what happens when you confront MOST Americans with the article you are now reading. At first people often throw up their hands and shake their heads. (They think you're from Mars.) But since they've never heard anything like it before, they continue. When they get to the part about the dinner date. Everyone stops and focuses.

You see a light, light up in their eyes. They say, "Is that true?"
You say, "100% true."

They continue, concentrating, silent. They know. They feel it. It’s very scary and that is why they would rather ignore it - but they feel it. Then they begin to open their minds.

And so like flowers I have seen people open up at just the reading of this paper alone. It is an alarm. It is a siren. And people are hearing it. They instinctively know the truth. Beneath this thin veil of patriotism people are very suspicious, people have a lot of pent up mistrust and frustration and they are ready to explode. They know they are being lied to. They know they were much better off before this return to the same old oil wars, same old energy crises, same old doublespeak. Same old COINTELPRO. Same old governance through deception and lies.

Americans, already widely regarded by social critics to be the most lied to population on earth, are in for an onslaught of lies, assassinations, mysterious questionable suicides, plane crashes, etc, the likes of which are going to make the Nazis look like nice guys. (second referendum must outlaw (again) government officially sanctioned lies, misinformation, to knowingly plant misleading information, disrupt open political processes)

No we don’t support Bush. Very few actually do.

But this fact will never be reported in the major media. This fact will be concealed by layers of fraudulent, “Public Opinion” polls, with leaning inflection and bias, that show our "overwhelming" support for Bush. That’s how it’s done. And even in the unlikely event that the resistance becomes so obvious so enormous so great, that even fraudulent polls can no longer conceal the reality, Bush knows he can simply ignore the polls, ignore opposition, label them unpatriotic cowards or worse “terrorists” who are “aiding the enemy.” At this point he is beyond public opinion. Public opinion doesn’t matter in the slightest. Only the military chain of command matters - nothing else - least of all public opinion. For even if by some fluke public opinion turned on him so irrefutably, well, he can simply re-manufacture it in all of one afternoon. With say... A Dirty Bomb.

Just look at the public opinion polls the day before the September attacks - They all said that Bush was in serious political trouble. His popularity was at an all time low - and this coming from polling organizations largely influenced and associated with the Bush organization.
But when those planes slammed into the towers, the Bush team knew that they had a winner. They could shape the public’s opinion’s into ANYTHING they want now, they thought.

And so some of the biggest scumbags on the face of the planet like Rudolph Guiliani and George Bush (both on their political balls of their asses), rebounded in all of one morning and rose to the status of Deities. Nearly Godlike. But that was just in the immediate aftermath of the WTC attacks.

Now, months after the attack, the American people are facing record unemployment, the looting of the treasury is nearly complete, the social security trust fund is emptied, and the people are broke and they are pissed off. But guess what? It doesn’t matter.

A few CIA polls later and hey, look at the poll! It shows nearly ninety five percent of the American People are giving their unbounded faith in Bushes handling of our "enemies." Sadly the few people who actually do "believe" they support Bush, will be unaware why they actually do “believe” they support Bush. In the Brave New World Order, often times by simply shouting it loud and long enough in a large enough mass medium, makes it so. That’s the power of propaganda. That’s the power of the corporate media. That’s the power of the big lie.

And it’s a simple task, since the Bush group already has the complicity of the major American opinion machines (CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX) in his game plan, the job of shaping public opinion becomes a simple matter. Like clay, they can shape it into any form they want.

The Bush team knows that all it has to do is concoct the most titanic of deceptions for the American people, maim as many of them as he can, invent some credible enemy complete with a manufactured plausible “back story”, say, of bombing some embassies for example, then after executing the mock, (but very deadly) “terrorism,” on the American people, it becomes simply a matter of trotting out the usual suspects, “discovering, “ the pre-planted, “evidence,” and simply relaying the pre written, pre scripted feeble explanations, incomplete and suspicious excuses and blatantly fraudulent “evidence” and Americans will deny even what they see with their own eyes in lieu of whatever implausible evidence is thrown at them by the Bush team or as is the case with 9/11, no evidence at all - They’ll just have to take his word for it... for "national security" reasons, you understand.) Then Bush has only to sit back and watch as the American population is herded into a corral of fear where they will be kept under tight control while Bush and his buddies loot the treasury in order to “protect” the American people with (mock) technology (made in Republican controlled districts) to imbue the people with the comforting illusion of mock security. It works EVERY time.

Time after time the Bushes have successfully defied the intelligence of billions of people world wide with the same old, “CIA book of dirty tricks,” stunts and gotten away with it. But they don’t fool us here at voxnyc. Our semeiotic analysis of George Bush Jr’s, eyes, forehead, speech patterns, vocal stress patterns, gestural positioning and stride point to only one conclusion - That he is hiding his father’s and possibly his own complicity in the World Trade Center Attacks. When the subject of the actual attacks on the towers came up, Bush, made some very telling anomalies. The most chilling of Bush’s "Slip Ups" was during a news conference sometime after the attack when asked how he felt the moment he heard of the attacks, Bush made a revealing deception.

“Did you hear the news, the CIA just found a dirty bomb fragment stamped, “Made in Iraq.” Lets get um!.... Get the picture?

And so it goes. And so it will go. It is a Vox certainty. And so, some such evidence will be, “discovered,” implicating Iraq (who would have guessed). Saddam knows this. He feels it and he’s hunkering down waiting for the war. Soon Bombs will be raining down on Iraq. Many of them manufactured by Texas based arms manufacturers. The Texas economy will boom. The economies of the nonindustrial media based cities like New York and Los Angeles and San Francisco and Seattle and Portland will wane. That’s a big part of the plan. These places don’t vote for the same block of interests that the petrochemical - arms manufacturing axis do. We never vote for these Bush types. And we are NOT UNITED with them, contrary to the massive propagandizing that the Americans have been subjected to since Sept. 11th, would have us believe - This Southern based “axis of evil” has felt all along, put on the back burner. The Oil-Arms-heavy industry axis has felt the information age has passed them by. And so they have struck back - with a vengeance! And seized control once again from the media and “clean” industries of the north. So there is ironically once again a North - South struggle, although not central to this thesis on the invisible hand, is nevertheless yet another dicernable pattern. However long gone you believe these memes to be, they are there as plain to see and undeniable. (See Kennedy Assassination)

Saddam’s petting his cat a lot these days... Seriously!

Reports have him in a worried state and constantly clutching at his pet cat. It’s a white long-hair and seldomly do you see Saddam without it. Always talking to it, calling it the Iraqi equivalent of “My Precious.”

Saddam knows he’s being set up but there’s nothing he can do but sit and wait as a force he knows full well but could never prove works to plot his doom. He’s biting his nails a lot and the cat has to wear that funny cone around it’s head because it too has an itch it just can’t scratch.

Made in Iraq

Whatever feeble evidence the CIA presents implicating Iraq will be sufficient enough evidence for the hoards of American news watchers and news readers as the war drums start beating and Americans do what Americans do best - have another high tech armchair war.

With the evidence in place and ready to go, the bombs deployed at their designated location. When all is clear, Bushes teams get the “Go Code.”

They ignite the bombs.

Hundreds of civilians in buildings (not related to companies that the Bush group own) will be killed -Several thousand more will have been subject to lethal doses of radiation and will die in the following months. The media will be replete with images of the horrors of radiation sickness, The American people will be whipped into a frenzy. A kill crazy rampage like the Germans before them. Property values in the Northeast and in the large cities will plummet. Houston and Dallas will be enjoying record growth due to the booming local economies centered on oil and arms. The cities in Florida will explode with a migration from the north.

Regular low level FBI and CIA agents, unaware they are being manipulated, will be brought in to, “discover” the pre-planted evidence which will conveniently point towards, you guessed it, Saddam Hussein.

The US military will begin air strikes against Iraq killing many thousands of Iraq’s impoverished citizens. Many US soldiers will be killed in George Bushes war to avenge his father’s honor. As usual the overt objectives will be about morals and the American way of life, blah, blah, blah... But to the trained eye the underlying motives will be the same as they’ve always been - money, resources, markets, ego, vengeance, shame - everything, except a shred of virtue, decency, conscience, humanitarianism, enlightenment.

A note to US military servicemen
Vox is on your side. We want to help you. We believe there needs to be new military exceptions to service. Servicemen need to have a special clause in their terms of enlistment that states, “If the war is an obvious ego driven war based on some retarded Junior President’s, “Daddy’s Big Penis Complex,” that the GI has a right to opt out of service. Thus saving himself from a needless vainglorious premature death.”

Voxnyc supports our military men and we want to help save their lives! Each and every one of them.

Welcome to Rome

Since the invention of this technique of, “Mass population control through self terrorism,” by the Romans and it’s perfection by Hitler’s Nazis the technique of attacking one’s own population then stepping up to be the, “protector” is proving to be the military/industrialist’s most reliable method of control for these problems called domestic populations. The American military used this technique at the turn of the 1900’s to wrest Cuba from Spain. We sank our own battleship the “Maine” and blamed it on the Spanish. The war cry the government designed and trumpeted throughout the American Press with the help of the Media Mogul at the time William Randolf Hearst was “Remember the Maine!” Not very sophisticated semeiotics but enough to rally the American population to support the land grab from Spain. Later we did the same thing in Vietnam in what was known as the “Gulf of Tonklin Incident.” The military set up it’s own ship to get bombed by the Vietnamese so we could invade.

In the most recent revelation of this treasonous technique, documents were unearthed showing that in 1961 the Joint Chiefs of Staff devised detailed plans to kill Americans and blame it on Cuba as a pretext to invasion. The following are some highlights from the Joint Chief’s action plan. “We could blow up a US ship in Guantanamo bay and blame Cuba”, “We could develop a Communist Cuban Terror campaign in Miami, Florida or Washington,” “We could foster the attempts on lives of Cuban in the United States wounding them in instances to be widely publicized.,” Exploding a few plastic bombs in carefully chosen spots... ”Use of MIG type aircraft by US pilots could harass US civil air, attack US surface shipping and destroy a US military drone aircraft. An F-86 properly painted would convince air passengers that they saw a Cuban MIG.” By the time these military wacko’s plans reached the then President Kennedy’s desk, Kennedy killed the plan straightaway. See the actual document for yourself Operation Northwoods then ask yourself if it’s possible that the guys that drew up this document could possibly be the same guys who would plot to kill Kennedy rather then wait to be fired by Kennedy which Kennedy was doing at an accelerated rate. The Answer is: They killed him before Kennedy fired them.

The American people, sadly, in their current state will follow like lambs to the slaughter like we have been doing for the past 50 years, like the Germans before and the Romans before them.

The Bush Group leads the darkest criminal triad of oil, arms and political insiders in the history of the world.

The patterns of wars, assassinations, and covert deals involving generation after generation of Bushes is astonishing. Had the Bushes not always aligned themselves with the core of intelligence agencies all throughout the century, without a doubt their criminal exploits would be laid bare or they wouldn’t have committed them in the first place. But not so when the grand patriarch (Bush Sr.) was once the head of CIA then President. There’s no one left to investigate him. And while he was President he succeeded in erasing and expunging nearly any record of his families and his own misdeeds or for that matter ANY records of the Bushes deeds from the official record. There is more, Missing, information about the Bush's Presidency than any other President ever.

Welcome to the fourth Reich. It's shaping up to be a bloodbath.

This highly covert group of intelligence operators has one modus operandi, they are brokers - trading the blood of young American soldiers for one hundred times the blood of the impoverished people unfortunate to inhabit land whose resources US industrialists thirst for.

The Bushes Have NEVER waged war with any population except the very poorest of the Earth’s poor - The impoverished, shirtless and barefooted populations of Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba, Guatamala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and on and on. And now we are at war with Afganistan - The country with the lowest per capita expenditure on military in the world, right behind Cambodia. That's courage!
(The only historical exception to this rule of decimating only impoverished populations is when Prescott Bush, George Sr’s father eagerly financed the Hitler war machine as it rampaged throughout Europe.)
Bushes Jr.’s. grandfather and great grandfather were both merchants of death. The great Grandfather was involved with the Remington Arms Manufacturing Company when, during World War One - they sold 3/4 of all light armaments used in that war - to both sides!

This is what they do - This is ALL they do.
(Vox challenges any Bush spokesman or defender to prove otherwise)

As Director of Union Bank, Prescott Bush eagerly financed the Nazis. It took an act of Congress to order him to cease and desist in aiding Hitler. But is was too late. The family fortune had already been made. And if you know how old families with old money work you will know that they are all very intimate with where their family fortune came from. The Bush men haven’t forgot - their money flows from blood.

Trading blood for money - That's what the Bushes do - THAT'S ALL THEY DO!

As brokers their fee is: All they can grab in the exchange of arms and energy futures - The spoils and plunder of last of the petrol-wars.

The principle objective of the Bush group’s terrorist attacks on American citizens is to consolidate total power - military, police, intelligence, and after the first three, political - in the hands of George Bush Jr. But short of that, the Bushes will be satisfied with their typical “Fallback” objectives - The time honored four year stint at wholesale looting of the treasury, through insider arms dealing.

The Handlers, the Handled, the Puppets, and the Puppetmasters.

It is clear from all historical statistics that George Bush (the son) would not stand a chance at the polls in the next elections. In all similar dire economic situations in American history the incumbent president was unable to achieve reelection. With this in mind and considering the historical facts surrounding the shadowy Bush dynasty it becomes crystal clear to those with a trained eye that it is more likely than not that it was the forces allied behind the Bush group of industries that were behind the 9/11 attacks as a means of ramping up the kinds of intelligence networks that come in handy for things such as a stubborn electorats come election time or some nation unfortunate enough to be sitting on oil or any geostrategic asset which will enhance their arms or petrochemical empires. just as it will be the forces allied behind bush who will be the ones behind the “Dirty Bomb”, and NOT Bin Laden directing his jihad from a cave somewhere.

Bin Laden’s forces will undoubtedly be manipulated into actually being the handlers of the dirty bomb, that much is for sure, but the key point is that, they themselves are being "handled."

In the insular, cellular networks of both espionage and terrorism there one similarity to bear in mind - They are structured nearly identically in terms of hierarchy and secrecy and the cellular nature of both. And they all know the game. The key is that it is clandestine US forces who are setting the Islamic militants up, steering them in the right direction, putting the bomb in their hands, leaving the door open, showing them which door is open, preparing and planting all the evidence and possibly providing them with direct financing. Much has been made of Bin Laden’s paltry 230 million dollars that he is alleged to have. News flash - he's penniless. Except for whatever allowance his US handlers decide to funnel to him. Bin Laden may have been a puppet all along. Witting or unwitting there is a high probability that he was either knowingly working for the US group or was minipulated by them. It's even possible that he thought they would take him all the way but now he has lost his servicability and has been cut loose and he's running scared. Unable to come forth because he is the most wanted man. He may be unable to tell the world the true nature of his handler (US based) because they would kill him in the Arab world. And such admission would implicate him in the largest mass murder (second only to Bushes' mass murder) Just like the puppetmasters of yesterday overinflated the Russian threat in order to reap arms manufacturing profits off the backs of American workers the puppetmasters of today have puffed up this Saudi militant to be the excuse they use to push American industry, and hegemony up into the ass of Central Asia and from the inside dominate and control Eurasia. Just look at a map. Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and the tactical dream prize Uzbekistan. These countries comprise the "Asshole of Central Asia."

That's an Irony, because literally and figuratively, it is up the ass that America is going to give it to the continent and people of Eurasia.

The real force behind the terrorism, is US based and is at the very highest levels of the power elite. They are the true "Puppetmasters."

No doubt Bin Laden’s men are executing the strikes. But the “door” is being "left open" by someone here. This is the key. But the American people are being distracted from seeing this repeating pattern. By focusing attention on the puppets (Islamic warriors) the puppetmasters have successfully distracted us from seeing the real force behind these titanic shifts of power.

A North/South struggle? Well actually, yes.

If you look at the ensuing power shift that has occurred in America you will see that it also correlates with the thesis that the Bush group of industrialists is behind the Attacks on America. You will see that the media rich northern cities in America are suffering at a much higher degree than the industrial/south axis are. You will see that the tight circle of industries that have been traditionally in the bush camp (oil and arms) are prospering enormously. While all the northern cities, who never voted for Bushes anyway, are doing terribly. And while of course there are certain "crossover industries," such as capital and technology (that can play both ends of the field), you will see a clear divide between two camps. The one hand comprising the clean, media rich, service and financial intense industries of the North and on the other hand you have the dirty, arms, petrochemical, manufacturing and heavy industry intense industries of the South (and midwest).

You are witnessing the titanic last gasps of a dying industrial paradigm. Oil, heavy industry, all soon to be dinosaurs on a planet that is simply running out of oil, are all convulsing in one last final desperate grab at power the only way they have left - with airliners slamming into towers.

Diplomacy and politics no longer "get the job done." These forces are using direct action. Terrorism.

Sure Bin Laden's men are carrying out the strikes but make no mistake about it, someone here, left the door open a little too wide for a thinking person to believe it was a mistake

And they're going to do it again.
It’s just too obvious to avoid. We should all be talking about it, shouting it out from the rooftops, writing letters to our congressman (or tying them to rocks and throwing them through their windows.) Our future’s at stake. And the City of New York is at stake. And the lives of Americans is at stake. It is clear in our analysis that there are too many corollaries and similarities to ignore that point directly to military intelligence involvement in the September 11th attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. There are too many facts swirling around these suspicious events that bear the hallmarks of a planned military intelligence style operation.

The stories put out by our government are FAKE and 95% of all corporate "news" is pure fabrication

There are to many suspicious unexplained and uncorroborating questions such as the much hyped mystery stock deals discovered in the immediate days following the attack.
When the questionable stock purchase was traced and linked (by a German investigative team - not our FBI or CIA) to the brokerage house (Brown and co.) of the number 2 man at the CIA, Buzz Krongard, the story took the most precipitous dive into oblivian since the eighties when the story broke that Scott Hinkley (brother of the unsuccessful assassin, John Hinkley) was supposed to dine on the night of the attempt on then President Reagan's life with Vice President Bush's son Neil. Had the old family friend John Hinckley been successful Bush was "waiting in the wings" to take power. Like his fellow Texan, Vice President Lyndon Johnson did, 20 years prior, when, also in Texas, the same industrial axis assassinated President John F. Kennedy.

That Hinkeley-Bush connection story was obliterated in the days following the assassination attempt, just like nearly any reference to the much vaunted and much hyped airline stock connection story was expunged from any reference or further discussion when all leads in that story pointed to the number two man at CIA - Krongard. Don't take my word for it. If you care about your life and that of your children, get out your google search engine and look it up for yourself. Your life depends on it. Type in (Krongard CIA airline) - that should get you what little scraps remain of that story, but it's a biggy.

What should have been the biggest story of the eighties (the Bush / Hinkeley dinner date) was wiped clean from history, and now this connection between the stock transactions and a direct link to the CIA has also been systematically killed from ever being mentioned by corporate media.

It must be just a coincidence because everyone knows that the CIA would never do any evil things such as this.

In the immediate days following the attacks, when the story of the "airline short sells" first broke it was vaunted as the key to uncovering the true persons behind the attack, and before the evidence came in implicating the CIA boss, all fingers pointed to Bin Ladin as the culprit. But when the FACTS came in from abroad linking the transaction DIRECTLY TO THE NUMBER TWO MAN AT CIA, THE STORY WAS NEVER HEARD AGAIN, EVER!
Our government expects us to believe that in this age of Echelon where nearly every transaction, e-mail and phone call is accessible to the NSA that they are "baffled" by who actually made the short sells of those Airline stocks the day before the 9/11 attacks. The stock transactions were placed at the brokerage house (Brown) which just happened to be the brokerage house where the number two man at the CIA (Buzz Krongard) was the CEO of. Hmmmmm.

Sure We Believe You... NOT

People are not THAT stupid. More and more people each day are getting very tired of all this and undergoing rapid change in their formerly closely held beliefs. They don't trust the government. They know the government is lying, they sense very strongly that the government is the one behind the September 11th attacks. They are being propagandized to at a level never before seen. And their anger is building. And there are indications here and there that the secret government's neatly constructed plot is fraying at the edges. There's too many stories out there for them to manage and ALL of them seem like they can unravel at a moments notice.

Here's a big fat government LIE check it out for yourself

I'm talking about the extraordinarily suspicious obviously staged propaganda event which needs immediate independent scrutiny on a national scale. The news release (CIA) read that, Mohammed Atta supposedly had a meeting with a loan officer from the US Agriculture Dept. in order to buy an airplane, strip it of it's seats and transform the plane into a massive flying tank. During this so-called meeting he is alleged to have blurted out reference after reference to terrorism, the "Great" Bin Laden and allegedly grew fascinated by a satellite photo of Washington DC hanging in the woman’s office upon which he supposedly grilled the bureaucrat about the various landmarks of Washington and pressured her to sell the photo to him. (Voxfux gives this story the “Most suspicious propaganda plant of the month award for May 2002)

Now you think about it for a moment.

They want us to believe their story, that this man who supposedly masterminded the most notorious and dramatic military strike in the history of notorious and dramatic military strikes (except possibly Hiroshima), all the while planning and infiltrating the deepest cover to pull off this attack. And we’re supposed to believe that he just walked into a US government office and blurted out the whole plan to some US Government loan officer? Voxfux recommends that a congressional and extra-governmental inquiry starts diving into these stories one by one and start to unravel these blatant and naked lies issued by our government, paid for by our tax dollars, to deceive and manipulate the American population, before this US based secret group of American terrorist industrialists destroys our cities and the very fabric of our nation.

Independent investigators need to look into these fabricated, disinformational , misinformational, fraudulent intelligence based media psy-op cover stories. The story is a fake plain and simple, designed by a clandestine force using the "doppelganger" technique. This is the technique used by intelligence units to set someone up. A look-alike is sent into situations to "Make his presence felt."
To make obvious references and connections to the crime which will soon happen. This creates a body of witnesses who in many cases genuinely believe that they saw what they saw. With this evidence and these unwitting witnesses the case to incriminate whoever the target of their impersonation is becomes nearly rock solid. And even if the government produced the videotapes (which they have not) which surely would have existed on every corner and building that Atta had to have walked by in order to get to the Agriculture loan office it still would not mean a thing. We know nothing about the possibly completely fictional and manipulated figures such as Atta and even Bin Laden for that matter. Bin Laden for all we know is bait - dangling on a hook. A paid provacateur - A nurtured pretext for US geostrategists to use for their push for Eurasian hegemony. Or he could be the real thing, an cunning Arab militant - It doesn't matter - either way his handlers are American.

Now let me take you one step further - It's highly possible that the Al Queda operatives or whoever these men were who boarded the planes that morning, didn't even know that it was a suicide mission

That's right. Considering the brazeness of this US secret group and the confidence that this group has that they can simply script the most outrageous scenarios and then execute them (literally) It is not a stretch of the imagination to suggest that it is quite possible that this group simply gave the young terrorists instructions to perform the bloody and dramatic throat cuttings in the main cabin of the plane then go get the pilots and sit in the cockpit believing their handlers when they told them that the plane would be remotely piloted to some Arabic country in a spectacular hijacking, but that they would land in safety.

This is an example of the setting up of a whole nation or race of people based on the carefull preparation of a couple of "Fall Guys" of that same race or nation. This wouldn't be the first time that our military at the highest levels played fast and loose with setting up people as terrorists to use as political evidentiary fodder and as a pretext to a military invasion. This setting up evidence and incrimination works every time. Remember all the cellular phone calls from the passengers who would witness the throat slitting? The stories about their last calls to their loved ones was replete with juicy incriminating morcels for feed the media circus which followed all pointing directly to, "Islamic Terrorists"

It is NOT implausible even to suggest that their instructions might have been to "mock" slit the throats of someone on the plane who was involved in the plot as well. Possibly they were told that there was going to be no violence at all during their plan - maybe they were told that they were going to make a remotely piloted spectacular "fly-by" of New York City and then the planes would continue onto Afghanistan. To safety. Maybe it was as much a surprise to the eager young politically idealistic militant Islamic warriors when their planes were remotely slammed directly into the towers instead of right by them, as it was to us. But because a shadow government operates the US in complete secrecy, NOT YOUR "ELECTED " OFFICIALS - you will never know.
So instead, know this... it is not only entirely possible and plausible, it is by all accounts completely probable.

If we were to apply the same standard of, "Justice," to the Bush family as we have applied to the young gang member now held in military custody, then the entire Bush family would be imprisoned and summarily executed.

Finding the handlers who work for the puppetmaster is the key that will unravel the Bush group.

One place to start is to identify the thousand CIA agents who were fired by Admiral Stansfield Turner in 1977 under the orders of President Carter. These disgruntled agents whose speciality was assassinations and election rigging, swore revenge and turned their allegiance to then CIA Director, George Bush Sr. essentially saying, “What next boss.” Now as "Free Agents," there was and is virtually zero restraint or oversight or accountability or even knowledge of their wherabouts or doings - They could do whatever they want. Payments would have been arranged for the agents to continue their service to Bush instead of the US Government through a series of insulating intermediaries. Bush, for sure would have constructed layers of buffers and plausible deny-ability between himself and his squad of private spooks. There may be only two or three persons who Bush trusts enough to be aware of his private clandestine army. Possibly Rumsfeld and Baker are the most prominent and likely to be aware of the schemes. Oil and Arms industrialists linked to Bush would gladly pick up the agents salaries (A mere drop in the bucket compared to the service the agents were sure to perform in exchange. One of these Bush private contractors surfaced during the 2000 campaign election disaster when the story broke that a “retired” CIA Agent, Charles W. Cane was caught with his hand in the cookie jar - actually the ballot box. He was caught “correcting” ballots in the Florida’s Martin County during the election rigging of 2000. And who do you think he was correcting them in favor of? That's right, George Bush. Cane is one of the few of the thousand fired back in 1977 and who went to work for Bush who ever floated to the surface. Most you can never expect to identify.

In the end, the result of this privately held intelligence organization was some of the most suspicious events in the past three decades starting with the October Surprise, which led to the theft of the 1980 election, The attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan, the first Iraqi war for oil and many more of Bushes greatest hits.

This is the same group who is going to "Leave the door open." again

The search for this, “gatekeeper,” to American Terrorism should be the central task of any law enforcement professional now. But it’s not going to be easy. Each day the invisible hand throws new tid bits of dis-info, mis-info, info-overload, threats and diversions to deflect the progress of any serious investigation. And their diversionary tactics are enough to occupy nearly 90% of all agents working for the agencies, to keep them busy.

For example, Remember the damaging revelations that “BUSH KNEW” in advance of the terrorist strikes.

Do you remember what happened the following day? The following day the CIA suddenly announced that they had just picked up some “Chatter,” as they called it in “LieSpeak,” satellite phone activity which indicated another terrorist strike was eminent possibly immediately. The Bush team, who had been backed into the corner about the revelations about to explode on his presidency, released a bomb of their own - a fabricated “Fear Bomb.” And that was it - Bushes political tangle evaporated instantly. That is the power of fear and ignorance as a systematic method of control. The media and the American people never even mentioned the revelations of prior knowledge any more, all they talked about was, “Did you hear the news, Bin Laden is going to attack again this weekend!” And so the simpleminded, sheep-minded, cowardly American population, instead of standing up and revolting against this naked diversionary tactic, cowered under the dim blue glow of their cathode ray tubes as it delivered it’s dose of fear, hate and ignorance directly to their brains.

Terrorism works 100% of the time. Terrorism is the most fail-safe method of control. It works every time!

Where are the true heros? (not at the top where they should be.)

Hopefully there will be some “insiders,” intelligence agents who still have their critical capacity intact and are aware that something’s terribly wrong with the whole chain of events. These agents must break away and independently research the very suspicious details that have been uncovered thus far and squelched. A few areas which need investigation outside of official intelligence and law enforcement agencies: Follow up on the airline stock “short sells”, the terrorist flight training schools in FLORIDA, the jihad manuals found . The possible dopplegangers going around making their presence obviously felt, especially the very suspicious Atta/loan officer story. That story is a dis-info cover story.

Also look at the Bin Laden "confession" tape forgery and the very suspicious circumstances surrounding it. Look at the selected still frames comparing the real Bin Laden with the fraudulent Bin Laden as seen in the tape. (Nearly ALL Europeans news agencies believe the tape to be a forgery ONLY American news agencies accept the tape as real and make no mention of the overwhelming GLOBAL accusation that the tape is a fraud. (Use your own eye and mind) See for yourself Fraudulent Bin Laden Video. Like the phony "Oswald Backyard Photos" of yesterday, this video is a fraud. It's typical fabricated evidence, manufactured by the scientists of deception - in the dark shadowy underworld of clanestine power politics.

Osama Bin Laden was manufactured by the CIA

For the purpose of a ready made pretext for a push into Central Asia - which is the principle focus of all power grabs emanating from the upper echelons of the power elite based in the United States. Just as Oswald was designed to be the patsy in the Kennedy assassination, Osama is set up to take the fall for all this terrorism and be the excuse Bush uses as to why we had to invade CENTRAL ASIA and be custodians for all that oil there.

The Dark forces who own and operate the United States no longer have any credible third world adversaries to use as a pretext to invade and plunder so they create them, nurture them, like Oswald was nurtured to be the fall guy in the Kennedy assassination, Bin Ladin is our excuse to move into resource rich central Asia... and get the oil from those nasty Arabs ta-boot.

This is the clearest analysis that is possible considering the pattern of events, historical precedent, personalities and psychological profiles of the individuals involved. The events are flowing with the regularity and precision and characteristic indications of a military/intelligence Psy-op. As the unoriginal politicians love to say, “Make no mistake about it.”


If this first radiological bomb is not enough to scare the American population into cowering under the protection of George Bush then The Bush cabal will simply declare martial law.
Then, even the sheep-like American population will object (slightly) but by that time, public opinion will be of little concern to the Bush group. Opinion will rapidly turn against Bush.
But to no avail. With the very sovereignty of the United States in "jeopardy" the Bush operators know that public opinion doesn’t matter in the slightest. Only the military chain of command matters and in this area there are signs of slippage. It is not clear just how securely Bush's hand's are on the reigns of power. They are of course conjuring strategies of staying on beyond their term by means of a terror strategy in the days leading to the next presidential election, it will almost assuredly play out in one or two ways:

1) They will strike a northern American City with a radiological bomb. The terror strike and accompanying Psychological Operation alone is enough to cause a massive wave of public opinion swing. (From the double digit losses, he will almost assuredly be suffering, before the attacks to an easy reversal and victory. It will be the first time in history where the attacks become an integral real time scripted addition to the campaign commercials of presidential campaigns. Well actually, the second time. Bush's Irianian hostage crisis of 1979 was the first time.

The campaign commercials will already be manufactured complete with ominous theme and upwelling moments when Bush surveys the radiation zone, long before the actual attacks occur. Once the attacks occur it becomes a simple matter of inserting the attack video into the right places, chroma-keying the already prepared graphic elements over the attack videos and relaying the spots for the media to deliver to our minds. Learn to spot Lie-Bombs. They are everywhere. The storyboards of the attack and campaign plan are most certainly in the works as you read this. Once the script is written and approved it becomes a simple matter to execute the plan.


2) If the terror strike that his forces unleash on Americans does NOT reverse the double digit percentage points that he will certainly be trailing by whoever the challenger is, then Bush may use the attack as an excuse to delay the changeover of government in the interests of National Security.

It will be explained that the only way they can protect America is to keep the current administration on with "fast track" powers on all matters, legislative, judicial, executive firmly in the hands of the administration.

Then, even new techniques and expertise in election monitoring will fail during the next presidential election after that, if ever. The forces on the Bush team have sworn to use the, “magicians art,” to, “do what’s right” - to steal the election once again for the Bush cabal. The “Magicians Art,” which is now old school standard operations for ex-intelligence now private contractors for the “Bush Triad,” of oil/arms/and political insiders is the technique they will employ to exploit weaknesses in the next election. There will be a moment when the boxes containing the ballots will be near a wall or occlusion - that will be the moment where the swap occurs. “Election Monitors,” with all the best intentions are no match for the skills of a competent intelligence operative who has been researching the switch techniques in the months approaching the next election over and over again. What’s more, in states like Florida and Texas, these operatives will have full and complete access to the polling facilities in advance and will know every corner, every occlusion, every procedure, every step, every corridor, every avenue those ballot boxes will traverse between the place the votes are cast and the place where the counting will occur. There will assuredly be ten or twenty moments where the boxes will leave the direct eyesight of election monitors, this will be when the operatives who have been rehearsing the switch for almost a year will make the swap.
Short of actually having trusted observers from an independant party or extra-governmental agency actually handcuffed to the boxes, it may no longer be possible, considering the personalities and histories of the persons involved, to assure whether or not there will ever be a fair election again.

Voxfux... Shattering the Lies



HERE'S THE LINK: http://www.guardian.co.uk/worldlatest/story/0,1280,-2480464,00.html

Viewer Commentary: 30 comments


Excellent article once again. I love it. This is IMO the best consise article on 9-11 theory. Good job.


Posted by nateddi @ 12/28/2002 07:35 PM EST

Good one vox, I know how hard it is to condense all this info. I think that's the problem with this issue, it can't be compressed into a 10 sec news bite with nice pictures..anyway, keep on don't stop (I know you will). We are we with all over the world, but I wonder what my govt's (Aust)role in this, we are very closely aligned with the US. CIA=Criminals In Action

Posted by Ali McBee @ 12/29/2002 05:55 AM EST

Architecture of Modern Political Power
I submit to you that this is the most enlightening site anywhere, ever. Don't be frightened away by the conservative bent - it is the rugged individualist, libertarian, secular humanist variety. The left-right political spectrum is Hegelian Horseshit, serving only to divide and rule. Here are more sites that no one should ever go to:

I am certainly no leftist, however, as Malcom X put it, I am for the truth, no matter who tells it. May I remind you that John Kerry is a Bonesman
- Tell it like it is.
"We cannot change anything unless we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses."
Carl Jung

"Follow the path of the unsafe, independent thinker. Expose your ideas to the dangers of controversy. Speak your mind and fear less the label of 'crackpot' than the stigma of conformity. And on issues that seem important to you, stand up and be counted at any cost."
Thomas J. Watson

``I think the subject which will be of most importance politically is Mass Psychology. [...] Its importance has been enormously increased by the growth of modern methods of propaganda. [...] Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to the governing class. The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated.''
-Bertrand Russel

``When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.''
-Dresden James

``The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining supercapitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control.... Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent.''
-Larry P. McDonald, US Congressman, 1976, killed in the Korean Airlines 747 that was shot down by the Soviets

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure."
Helen Keller

"You're not to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it."
Malcolm X

"Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you're a man, you take it."
Malcolm X

Vox knows his shit people. Years of research tell me this is so.

Posted by Mad Hatter @ 12/29/2002 08:49 AM EST

Yep right on man

you got it sussed

i agree with you on every point
particularly the stuff about osama and al queda being owned funded and controlled by intelligence agencies , acting under the assumption that they are doing allah's will but really they are ignorant pawns in a much larger game.

Keep up the great work

Posted by strum @ 12/29/2002 10:33 AM EST

We can attain union with Reality only when we realize that most
of the time we are not united with things as they really are, but with
preconceptions, myths, images, notions, conditionings.

Who looks out with my eyes?
What is the soul?
I cannot stop asking.
If I could taste one sip of an answer,
I could break out of this prison for drunks.
I didn't come here of my own accord, and I can't leave that way.
Whoever brought me here will have to take me home.

Posted by Ronn @ 12/29/2002 10:40 AM EST

New Web Site.

Your liberty is under attack. The Fascist Occupational Government (FOG) has seized control. Right wing fascist brownshirts are thriving in every medium from talk radio, to television, to the Internet. You've been watching. You've been listening. Now you have decided that it is time to fight back.

You've had enough of video cameras watching your every moment, Big Brother (BB) reading your email, brownshirt fascist ass kissers stalking your favorite Internet forums, loud mouthed radio cowards shouting at Americans and provoking them to kick your liberal/socialist/anarchist/libertarian/green ass. The shrieking pronouncements of radio and television cowards hiding within their plush offices behind microphones and cameras. Well now, fellow rebel, its time to fight back.

As a member of the Resistance you can join the fight and turn the tables. We will smash the fascist state and restore liberty. It won't be a short battle. It won't be easy. Many of us will suffer. However, if liberty is not worth the price, then nothing is worth the price.

The Resistance is not a club. The Resistance is not an organization. There are no dues, rules, leaders, offices, fund raisers, bake sales, arms caches, marching bands, cute uniforms, and secret handshakes. The Resistance is a virus. It is the innate desire to raise the middle finger against the oppressor. It is the secret activity of the individual who chooses his/her own steps, make his/her own plans, and executes his/her own mission. Members of the Resistance think globally and act locally. We act in the common good for the benefit of all and our only reward is the thrill of undermining evil.

We are the source of the improbable. We are the wrench thrown into the great design. We cause the gears to grind, the fuel to be wasted, the emperor's clothes to become transparent, the fascist's lives to become complex... We are the glitch. We are the worst case scenario. We are the lightening that strikes the same place more than once.

We can't be stopped. Try to decapitate us and you will find that we have no head. Try to jail us and you will find that we have no form to jail. Try to silence us and you will find that we are the voices echoing behind every act of defiance. We are omnipresent and yet we are no where to be found.

Join us in spirit. Act concretely. Watch, think, and subvert.

Welcome to the Resistance!

Posted by Ronn @ 12/29/2002 11:17 AM EST

Excellent work Vox!

A Poem written yesterday

The Dark Capital "Working"

11:11 est 9/10/01
The DC "Working" had begun
The Whitehouse visitors crawled
To the vile abomination being called

To speed the spell they had Set
Of black magic terror by jet
Blasphemous Illuminati
Cold Evil's gloomy nazis
Their inhuman treason
Would broadcast their demon

As sacrificed victims would choke
It's face would appear in the smoke
Every high degree freemason would gasp
Who'd had the goat of mendez up their ass
Soon all people will see what is on the level
That the brotherhood is in league with the devil

Now that the D.C. "Working" is exposed
Or the land of the Free will have the terrifying fate
Of a Communist Republican Amerikkkan People's State.

Copyright 2002 Divine Riot
free use for non-profit

Posted by Divine Riot @ 12/29/2002 05:17 PM EST

Right on! But as you point out, a big problem is apathetic sheep. Even though it was widely known in 2000 that W was for transferring the Treasury to the upmost wealthy, you still had many common folk willing to slit their own throats by casting enough votes for W, that the race was close enough for the Supremes to appoint him. Education has been dumbed down until Sports Athletes and Movie Stars are more valuable than teachers. Screw it - I've split the US, although maybe now, nowhere on earth is safe.

Posted by Realist @ 12/29/2002 05:55 PM EST

It is 1776 time , so get used to it!


Posted by Man @ 12/29/2002 09:34 PM EST

As a "private contractor" employed in euroasia I can say yes, you are on the right path. You must overcome momentum accumulated over three decades. as an asset our mission is simple; to keep the peoples mind occupied with the past and fearful of the future. In this way the people are kept ignorant of the power of being in the present moment.those who control time control the planet.

Posted by H.T. Hamood @ 12/29/2002 09:58 PM EST

The sheep need to wake up! The forces that are in play are beyound most peoples comprehension.

Posted by Dave @ 12/29/2002 11:48 PM EST

Sheople indeed! Everyone should also be aware of the ability of commercial flights to be remote-controlled...old news. For excellent analysis please check this Aussie's site:


Rise up and spread the word, if we ALL do it the sheople will eventually accept it.

Posted by Ali McBee @ 12/30/2002 01:39 AM EST

Sounds like a vox americana to me !!!! At the speed of light - excellent discourse!


Posted by Stanley Galazka @ 12/30/2002 06:51 AM EST

Operation Clean out:

Bio-War as covert means to carry out a Population Cleansing Agenda

Most probable scenario will not be a radiological bomb, but a biological epidemic which serves as a pretext to put selected parts of the population into quarantine.

1) It will be an epidemic that is unknown and there will be "no" cure.

2) There is of course, a highly classified vaccine which will be only "discovered" months later when the cleansing has been completed.

3) A lot of people will be infected in stage one which will give the Govt the right to declare martial law.

4)Infected or supposedly infected people will be put into "quarantine" concentration camps (these camps are already existing - search the web for proof).

5) Total Information Awareness Project will generate consolidated lists with militia, automatic weapons owners, dissenters, and riotists.

6) People will be in such fear of epidemia that they will accept deportation of anybody suspected to be infected.

7) people from consolidated "Troublemaker List" will be put into "quarantine" concentration camps.

8) Unfortunately, most of militia members, dissidents and rioters as well as super-poor die "from desease".

9) Some months later, vaccine will be available and distributed in large amounts.

10) US population has been cleansed and is ready to be controlled.

Posted by Hiram Abiff @ 12/30/2002 07:58 AM EST

Marines identify DC, NYC Subways as top terror targets...

Retired Army Sgt. Mel Wick, program manager for the Center for National Response uses a mock subway station, complete with turnstiles and advertising posters on the walls. A light-rail train salvaged from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority rides on about 100 yards of track to help prepare for attacks such as the deadly sarin gas nerve agent released in 1995 in the Tokyo subway.
"This is the only subway station in West Virginia," Sgt. Wick says with a slight North Carolina accent.
Sgt. Wick is hoping to add a sound system soon. "It has the sounds of water hissing and people screaming," he said.
He walks past the "rubble area" and the dummy of a man with hands taped behind his back, feet dangling three feet over the ground and a noose strung from his neck to an overhead support. Nearby, cars smashed by concrete blocks of debris are supposed to test the ability of rescuers to pull trapped victims to safety.
One task of the Marines training in the rubble area last week was to rescue victims trapped in a subway tunnel after a bomb. With power saws buzzing, offensive fumes, crash-dummy victims and debris scattered throughout the area, "it gets pretty crazy," said Lt. Cabellon, a third-generation military man from Silver Spring.
Dummies chained to a wall, hanging from nooses or gagged and tied serve as hostages for trainees who want to practice eliminating "bad guys."
The goal, Sgt. Wick said, is "not to make it pretty but make it functional."

Warhead in an abandoned New York subway tunnel . . .
Veronica is now telling me to look down. I'm looking down, and it appears to be a subway station, but there's no one. I know, I recognize tracks going into a tunnel. There's no one about in this tunnel. I seem to feel that is has been discarded as a major network for the trains. Now, now are standing at my side. I'm standing with Them on the platform.

Veronica - And there on the tracks - it's made of wheels - there's a carting, some type of a carting - train - like board. And on this - I know, - I know it's a bomb, a very large bomb, and it has a point, like a V - shape upside down, pointed type of nozzle, or whatever you'd call it. I don't know the mechanics of bombs or anything, but I know it's a bomb.
"Warhead! A Warhead!"
"It's an underground tunnel that's not being used for transporting the passengers at this time. It's been abandoned. But it has made, said Jesus, an ideal parking place for a major destructive force that man has created - a missile." (3-26-83)

Bombs in strategic places...
"These interlopers upon the serenity of the United States. They are not from this nation, but they come from a presently warring nation. It is their object to destroy all and cause chaos in the city of New York. With their plans there will be bombs placed in strategic places and many shall die at the hands of these ruffians….
"One big reason for permitting this disaster in New York would be the abortion mills throughout the city and the country. (10-1-88)

That carnage... shall extend not only from the cities into the country, but from coast to coast in all of North America and the world...

Many in New York to be mowed down...
Veronica - I see a road. It looks like a normal country road, but it leads to a city, A great city. I would say from the buildings the city looks like New York. But I see there are very sinister looking characters walking down the road nonchalantly but carrying bags. Within those bags there are submachine guns.

Posted by i agree with jason @ 12/30/2002 09:26 AM EST


There is just Way Too much shit with this "Addministration"
that just does not add up properly.

(No matter how hard I try, the numbers just don't add up,),


Posted by ANOTHER LISTENING GEEK @ 12/30/2002 12:00 PM EST

King George II's administration is so deep in S**t, that it seems to me they know they are on a roll, not to turn back; I see possibly the next Presidential elections being postponed or even cancelled due to some act of terror (an inside job like 911. What you does everyone think of that?

Posted by Mr. Mil @ 12/30/2002 12:10 PM EST

visit www.natall.com and www.vanguardnewsnetwork today!

Posted by Philly Phred @ 12/30/2002 01:09 PM EST


(Not like he was properly elected
in the first place,)

And so folks, your "Bullshit tolerence threshholds" just might be called upon to act again,

(cranked up a few notches, no less,
to deal with the horrors that are to come when this worthless sack of shit "runs" again.

Pray, (Aethiests included,)
that this "thing" does NOT get
"re-elected" and the world as we know it just might stick around for awhile, (and if we are "real lucky" might even go back to the way it was before 11 September 01. We can only hope.

Posted by ANOTHER LISTENING GEEK @ 12/30/2002 01:09 PM EST

"Hmmm where to strike next at America?" " I know, Times Square New Years Eve. That ought to put the sheeples under my control!"

Posted by Wolfman @ 12/30/2002 01:26 PM EST

Your analysis would be more credible if you recognized that the Bush axis and the Clinton axis were two wings of the same bird of prey, to borrow Buchanan's phrase.

Posted by anonymous @ 12/30/2002 01:40 PM EST

I never did like Bush (Sr. or Jr.)
After reading the above article I am now begining to understand why I have always had a sense of mistrust.

Posted by bob @ 12/30/2002 03:33 PM EST

Have you only just woken up?
Anybody who's been following this story for the past year or so has a list of referenced bookmarks on the subjects above several pages long.



Posted by Divine Riot @ 12/30/2002 05:12 PM EST

Sympathy For the Devil

There’s a lot of confusion and disagreement about what the War on Terrorism is about.

Is it a clash of civilizations?

Good vs Evil?

Is it really a war?

Most of the world knows the answer to these questions. In America, it’s a different story. Like everyone else, I was glued to the TV on September 11, in a state of shock as events unfolded. Rather than watch CNN, where Walter Isaacson was allowing his people to show footage of Muslims cheering that was taken from Kuwait in 1991, with CNN claiming the footage was of Palestinians cheering on September 11, I chose to watch BBC.

The BBC Newsman asked a man dressed in a suit and tie, a man who looked and sounded as if he had an education, if he thought the events at the WTC could be the result of US Foreign Policy in the Middle East. I’ll never forget what this man on the streets of New York said…

“What does flying airplanes into buildings have to do with politics?”

This sense of Papal infallibility in one’s government is precisely why 9/11 happened. The public is not used to questioning how a continuous stream of oil is provided at 30 bucks a barrel. They never question the means through which their lifestyle is provided.

Most just don’t want to know the truth.

The truth is, war is always a last resort. It’s the reaction of people backed into a corner, which is precisely where Western Society is today. We face the immediate and perpetual decline in our standard of living if we don’t steal every oil, gas, and uranium deposit on earth before 2012.

This is a simple mathematical fact. Population growth and industrial demand are outpacing energy production growth, and have been since 1979. World Oil production peaks in 2012, and after that, it’s a rapid slide all the way down the bell curve.

Short of a major breakthrough in fusion, electromagnetic overunity devices, solar panel efficiency, or hydrolysis efficiency to power fuel cells on water, we face a never before seen energy crisis by the end of this decade, made worse by the exponential rise in Chinese, Caspian, and Indian energy demands between now and 2012.

The government knows this. So do the energy companies. But they’re not interested in finding an alternate energy source, because to do so would mean the government and its corporate sponsors in the Petroleum and Defense industries will no longer be on the top of the heap.

And they really, really like being in charge.

So rather than spend on scientific research into fusion or free energy, we spend nearly a trillion a year making things to kill lots and lots of colored people, steal their land, and steal their mineral rights. In doing so, we extend the life of the Empire by baby steps, at the cost of millions of lives and trillions of dollars of the taxpayer’s money.

But rather than play follow the leader, let’s play follow the flow of history, and then a game of follow the money. First, a timeline to show why the world is mad at the USA. Then a timeline to let the reader decide what the war on terror is about… using genocide to keep the top dogs on top, or fighting terrorists…

September 11, 1609 Henry Hudson “discovers” (i.e. STEALS) Manhattan Island. Blankets infected with bubonic plague and smallpox are given to the natives so the colonial armies can save bullets. In the NY area alone, more than 150,000 First Nations people are killed or left homeless in the ensuing years.

September 11, 1839 President Martin van Buren, through the US State Department, tried to have the executive branch interfere with the judiciary, in order to have a group of Africans, free men by American law at the time, returned to their ‘rightful owners’, the Spanish Crown, and sent to Cuba for detention followed by trial and execution, even though US law at the time stated clearly that only slaves born into slavery were legally slaves in the United States.

September 11, 1917 Ferdinand Marcos Philippines Pres (1965-86) is born. His US sponsored military dictatorship and death squads trained at Fort Benning Georgia were responsible for the death of tens of thousands of Philippinos. Hundreds of thousands more were tortured, mutilated, and had their homes burnt to the ground with US State Department approval.

September 11, 1919 The US once again invades Honduras on behalf of the United Fruit Company to put down a popular revolt against a US puppet dictatorship that had been murdering, starving and torturing the populace at the behest of United Fruit for decades.

September 11, 1922 The British Mandate of Palestine Begins. British guns murdered tens of thousands of Palestinian Arabs, displacing them from their homes and settlements that were then given to Jewish settlers. More than 1200 villages were totally destroyed by the British in collaboration with Jewish militants. Since that time, more than three million Palestinians have been made homeless, and more than 100,000 have been killed by British, American, and Israeli soldiers, to make room for Jewish settlers in contravention of international law, and in violation of no less than 30 directives of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

September 11, 1941 Ground first broken for construction of the Pentagon, with financial subsidy coming from many US corporations who were actively trading with the Nazis, some of them until 1945.

Among those trading with the enemy was Prescott Bush, grandfather of G W Bush, who used Auschwitz slave labor at his Nazi steel manufacturing plant Consolidated Silesian Steel, of which he was managing director. Roosevelt had to trick Americans into going to war by allowing Pearl Harbor to happen after backing Japan into a corner with a trade embargo.

Since that time, the Pentagon has made the USA the only nation in history to use atomic bombs against civilians, not once, but twice. They’ve murdered 3 million in Korea, 3 million in Vietnam, 3 million in Cambodia, 1 million in Laos, more than a million in Latin America, 2 million in Iraq (so far), and armed dictators in the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and Africa who have murdered millions more.

September 11, 1946 US Troops land in Korea to begin the slaughter of Korean civilians at Nogun-Ri and hundreds of other sites. In all, more than three million Korean lose their lives, out of a combined North and South Korean population of thirty million.

September 11, 1973 Chile's elected President Salvador Allende is deposed in a CIA backed military coup, resulting in 3175 deaths on the first day of Augusto Pinochet’s reign. During Pinochet’s US Backed tenure, more than 100,000 people disappeared, and hundreds of thousands were tortured using tactics taught at Fort Benning Georgia’s School of Americas using the now declassified CIA Kubark Manual.

Thanks to declassified documents accessed under the Freedom Of Information Act, we now know that Henry Kissinger in fact gave the implicit green light for many of these atrocities.

September 11, 1990 George H W Bush makes his “Toward a New World Order” speech, announcing the sanctions regime, which by 1998 had killed more than 1.5 million people.

“They've already intercepted more than 700 ships to enforce the sanctions. Three regional leaders I spoke with just yesterday told me that these sanctions are working. Iraq is feeling the heat. We continue to hope that Iraq's leaders will recalculate just what their aggression has cost them. They are cut off from world trade, unable to sell their oil. And only a tiny fraction of goods gets through.
The communique with President Gorbachev made mention of what happens when the embargo is so effective that children of Iraq literally need milk or the sick truly need medicine. Then, under strict international supervision that guarantees the proper destination, then food will be permitted…”
From this speech, and from the NSA reports that followed, the intent of the sanctions regime is clear… to punish the children and sick people in Iraq, who are specifically named as targets by Bush and Gorbachev. This is illegal according to the Geneva Convention, to which the USA is a chief signatory. Thousands of children are still dying each month in Iraq, from treatable illness, hunger and dehydration forced on them by inadequate funds from the Oil-For-Food program.

So while Americans will never forget the events of 9/11, the same can be said for many others, over many generations, who have experienced colonial expansion American style.

The number of dead in Iraq since 9/11 is the equivalent of the events of September 11 happening to the people of Iraq once a week, every week, for the last 12 years, since George H W Bush made his New World Order speech announcing the sanctions regime against Baghdad on September 11, 1990.

Half of the nearly two million Iraqi casualties are children under the age of five. That’s more than 330 WTC’s full of little kids. By comparison, only six children under the age of five died on September 11, 2001.

Now for a ‘follow the money’ timeline…

1970’s - The Bush family begins a long term business relationship with the Bin Ladin family and the Mahfouz family, which continues to this day. The Bin Ladins and Mahfouz invest in G W Bush’s Harken Energy and Caterair, and later the Bin Ladins invest in the Carlyle Group.

1979 – Osama Bin Laden goes to Afghanistan to fight the Soviets, with support from Pakistan’s ISI, with the ISI’s operation being funded by the CIA.

1980’s – Bin Laden forms Makhtab Al Khidimat, precursor to Al-Qaeda.

1986-1988 – Numerous think tank reports are published calling for a larger US presence in the Persian Gulf, in order to protect American oil and gas interests in the Middle East, in particular the need to increase the US presence in Saudi Arabia.

1988 – The Soviets pull out of Afghanistan, defeated by the Mujeheddin and Bin Laden’s MAK, after more than six billion dollars is spent by the CIA.

1989 – Bin Laden returns to Saudi Arabia, where the US is looking to expand its military presence, and begins stirring up political dissent.

1989 – The Sudanese government begins dealing with Canadian, Russian and Chinese oil and gas interests, refusing to deal with US interests. US Oil interests are looking for pressure to be applied to Sudan by the US State Department, but no pretext exists for US Sanctions against the Sudan.

1990 – Kuwait begins slant drilling at the Iraqi border. Saddam is tricked into attacking Kuwait after his cousin is told by a high ranking US official that the US ‘will not get involved’ in a Middle Eastern domestic dispute.

Summer 1990 – Doctored satellite photos are shown to King Fahd by the US State Department. These fake photos show an Iraqi military presence near the Saudi border where in fact there is no such Iraqi presence. The photos have proven to be fake by comparison with private satellite images of the same locations taken during the same time period.

‘Former’ CIA/ISI asset Bin Laden goes to King Fahd and offers to bring his Mujeheddin to Saudi Arabia to defend the Holy Land against Iraqi attack.

Fearing a coup by the politically active Bin Laden, King Fahd rejects Bin Laden’s offer, jails him, and asks the Americans to come protect Saudi Arabia. The bases set up by the US in Saudi Arabia in 1991 are still active today.

September 11, 1990 – GHW Bush makes his ‘Toward a New World Order’ speech.

January 16, 1991 – The US invades Iraq, along with a UN coalition.

1991 – Bin Laden somehow escapes from Saudi Prison and ends up settling in the Sudan, where the US has been looking for a pretext for sanctions or invasion since the 1980’s. Bin Laden sets up Al-Qaeda training camps in the Sudan.

1991- India allows privatization of energy suppliers.

1991 – Heavy US interest in the Caspian Basin basin’s oil and gas reserves begins. Major Oil companies begin the process of negotiating exploitation deals. US companies are also interested in Uranium mining in Somalia, but have been unable to make headway.

1992 – G H W Bush begins planning for a ‘humanitarian operation’ in Somalia.

January 1993 – The Clinton administration goes ahead with the operation in Somalia.

Spring 1993 – Clinton escalates the Somalia operation, in an attempt to oust the warlords.

1993 – Enron signs a deal with India for the Enron Dhabol project, amidst a slew of controversy. Accusations of bribery, thuggery, and all forms of corrupt coercion are made against Enron.

According to the World Bank, the deal makes no economic sense, as there’s no existing energy source cheap enough to power the plant in a profitable fashion. Only with an energy source close to India, perhaps a source from the Caspian Basin, could the project succeed, and no such pipeline is in existence. The World Bank refuses to participate or sign off on the project. Enron goes ahead with the project regardless of the financial realities existing at this time, which indicate the project is a money sink.

October 1993 – After suffering casualties and horrible media coverage of American troops being dragged through the streets of Mogadishu, Clinton begins the pullout from Somalia. No Uranium exploitation deals are signed, and to date no uranium exploitation by US companies has taken place.

1994 – Exxon forms the Exxon Natural Gas Indonesia Corporation in 1994, under the corrupt Suharto regime. In November, they sign a $35 billion gas exploration deal with Indonesia, for exploration of the Natuna gas field in the Spratly Islands.

Objections are immediately raised by China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam, all of whom are equidistant from the Spratlys and lay claim to the mineral rights.

1994 – Exxon, Chevron, BP, Unocal, Lukoil and others are signing deals and exploring for oil and gas reserves in the Caspian basin.

1995 – A number of Caspian exploration and pipeline consortiums are formed between Exxon, Chevron, BP, Unocal, Lukoil, Delta Oil, and other oil and gas players.

1995 - Unocal signs a deal with Turkmenistan for gas exploitation, but has no way to get the product to market.

1995 – Unocal begins negotiations with Uzbekistan for oil and gas rights. US military aid to the Uzbeks begins two months after Unocal signs a deal with Turkmenistan and began negotiations with the Uzbeks.

1995 – Zalmay Khalilzad, an Afghan-American employee of Unocal, begins negotiations with the Taliban on the company’s behalf in order to secure a pipeline deal through Afghanistan to Pakistan. On the Afghan side, Hamid Karzai, an ethnic Pashtun, is working for Unocal as an advisor, and also wooing the Taliban on behalf of Unocal.


1996 – Negotiations with the Taliban are going badly. The Taliban want a better deal than the US conglomerates are willing to give, and they refuse to take a pittance in tax revenues to make billions for Unocal and the Centgas consortium.

June 1996 – After the Khobar bombing in Saudi Arabia, which is blamed on Al-Qaeda, the Clinton Administration sets up a sanctions regime against the Sudan, where US oil companies have been stymied.

1996 – The Sudanese government offers to share information on Bin Laden’s whereabouts and operations in the Sudan with the Clinton Administration. Clinton refuses to accept the information from the Sudanese government, so Bin Laden remains at large.

Summer 1996 – Former CIA/ISI asset Osama Bin Laden leaves the Sudan after sanctions are in place, and runs to Afghanistan, where pipeline negotiations with US companies have stalled.

1997 – The Taliban sit down to dinner with Unocal in Houston, and take a tour of NASA’s space center while they’re at it. They’re being wooed heavily by US Oil and Gas interests, fronted by Khalilzad and Karzai, but refuse to sign a deal with Unocal.


1997 - In late 1997, Unocal gives up on pipeline negotiations. Khalilzad leaves Unocal, and joins the Rand Corporation, a Skull and Bones connected think tank with great influence in Washington. Khalilzad does an about face and turns on the Taliban, now claiming they’re a blight on humanity that have to be forcibly removed from power.

1998 - February 12, John Maresca (vice chairman of Unocal) makes a speech to congress, which has become the outline for the current war and oil and gas pipelines…

“…A second option is to build a pipeline south from Central Asia to the Indian Ocean.
One obvious potential route south would be across Iran. However, this option is foreclosed for American companies because of U.S. sanctions legislation. The only other possible route option is across Afghanistan, which has its own unique challenges.
The country has been involved in bitter warfare for almost two decades. The territory across which the pipeline would extend is controlled by the Taliban, an Islamic movement that is not recognized as a government by most other nations. From the outset, we have made it clear that construction of our proposed pipeline cannot begin until a recognized government is in place that has the confidence of governments, lenders and our company.
In spite of this, a route through Afghanistan appears to be the best option with the fewest technical obstacles. It is the shortest route to the sea and has relatively favorable terrain for a pipeline. The route through Afghanistan is the one that would bring Central Asian oil closest to Asian markets and thus would be the cheapest in terms of transporting the oil.
Unocal envisions the creation of a Central Asian Oil Pipeline Consortium. The pipeline would become an integral part of a regional oil pipeline system that will utilize and gather oil from existing pipeline infrastructure in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia.
The 1,040-mile-long oil pipeline would begin near the town of Chardzhou, in northern Turkmenistan, and extend southeasterly through Afghanistan to an export terminal that would be constructed on the Pakistan coast on the Arabian Sea. Only about 440 miles of the pipeline would be in Afghanistan.
This 42-inch-diameter pipeline will have a shipping capacity of one million barrels of oil per day. Estimated cost of the project -- which is similar in scope to the Trans Alaska Pipeline -- is about US$2.5 billion.
There is considerable international and regional political interest in this pipeline. Asian crude oil importers, particularly from Japan, are looking to Central Asia and the Caspian as a new strategic source of supply to satisfy their desire for resource diversity. The pipeline benefits Central Asian countries because it would allow them to sell their oil in expanding and highly prospective hard currency markets. The pipeline would benefit Afghanistan, which would receive revenues from transport tariffs, and would promote stability and encourage trade and economic development. Although Unocal has not negotiated with any one group, and does not favor any group, we have had contacts with and briefings for all of them. We know that the different factions in Afghanistan understand the importance of the pipeline project for their country, and have expressed their support of it.
A recent study for the World Bank states that the proposed pipeline from Central Asia across Afghanistan and Pakistan to the Arabian Sea would provide more favorable netbacks to oil producers through access to higher value markets than those currently being accessed through the traditional Baltic and Black Sea export routes.
This is evidenced by the netback values producers will receive as determined by the World Bank study. For West Siberian crude, the netback value will increase by nearly $2.00 per barrel by going south to Asia. For a producer in western Kazakhstan, the netback value will increase by more than $1 per barrel by going south to Asia as compared to west to the Mediterranean via the Black Sea…”
The announced placement and construction of ten new military bases in and around Afghanistan in December 2002 coincides with the planned route for the newly announced Turkmen-Afghan-Pakistan pipeline deal, which is the route Unocal proposed in 1998.

1998 – The Carlyle Group purchases EG&G, a support company for government installations that has a monopoly on live HAZMAT training for Government personnel. Carlyle also purchases Sprayway, a pro cold weather clothing company (like the kind of clothes that would be used by 82nd airborne and 10th mountain division in Afghanistan) and Sprayway’s subsidiary Claire Manufacturing, which makes aerosols, and has the milling equipment to do things like mill Anthrax. Carlyle also purchases Medpointe, a medical database company, and Empi, who make a new hi-tech vaccine delivery system.

1998 – The Delta Hess Alliance is formed, as a partnership between Delta Oil of Saudi Arabia, and Amerada Hess Corporation of the USA, for Caspian Oil and Gas exploration. One of the Directors and shareholders in Amerada Hess is former New Jersey Governor Thomas Kean.


Four years later in 2002, Delta Hess is a major player in the Caspian, with interests in a number of oil and gas projects…


Delta Oil, the Saudi oil company, is partly owned by Khalid Bin Mahfouz, business partner of the Bin Ladin family and the Bush family. Mahfouz was involved in the BCCI banking scandal, as reported in the Kerry Commission report on BCCI.

The lead investigator into BCCI was Robert Mueller, who steered the investigation clear of any money laundering investigation into any of BCCI’s clients, despite ample evidence that would have incriminated a large number of international players, including the Bush family. Mueller was also the lead prosecutor in the Noriega case, and fixed it so that Noriega wasn’t allowed to mention the CIA at his trial, or show any evidence that he worked for the CIA.

Khalid Bin Mahfouz, one of Amerada Hess’ partners in Delta Hess, and thus a partner of Thomas Kean, is also the brother in law of Osama Bin Laden, as testified to by James Woolsey in 1998. One of Mahfouz’s younger sisters is married to Osama Bin Laden…


1998– Bill Clinton comes under heavy pressure to invade Afghanistan.

May 1998 – The corrupt Indonesian government of US Puppet Suharto falls. The US no longer has the leverage needed to force the Natuna deal through.

July 1998 – The Exxon Natuna deal for Spratly gas officially goes bust, according to the US Deparment of Energy…


“…In July 1998, Indonesia's government announced that it would postpone exploration at the giant 42 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) Natuna natural gas field operated by Exxon (Mobil holds a 26% stake as well, with Indonesia's Pertamina holding 24%). The project's chairman, Faisal Abdou, said that "if prospects are good in the future, maybe the Natuna project could be restarted in 2007....''

1998 – Osama Bin Laden releases his Fatwah, a declaration of war on America and Americans.

August 1998 – After the US Embassy bombings in Africa, Clinton, under heavy pressure to invade Afghanistan from the Rand Corporation and other Republican think tanks, chooses not to invade. Instead, he lobs missiles at Sudan and Afghanistan, destroying the only pharmaceutical factory in the Sudan.

The result of Clinton’s refusal to invade Afghanistan is that the Enron Dhabol project, which would have been profitable ONLY with a natural gas pipelines from the Caspian, is now officially a dead duck. Enron engages in massive fraud to cover their losses, which continues until December 2001.

After Clinton’s refusal to invade Afghanistan, impeachment pressure and scandal after scandal begin to hit Clinton harder than ever before, as the GOP and neo-conservatives try to have him forcibly removed from office to save Enron and the oil companies.

May 2000 – CIA begins operating in Afghanistan, according to the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward, the man who broke Watergate…

“In addition to its paramilitary units, the CIA's Special Activities Division has inserted into Afghanistan specialized CIA case officers from the agency's Near East Division who know the local languages and had previous covert relationships with the Northern Alliance going back years.
For the last 18 months, the CIA has been working with tribes and warlords in southern Afghanistan, and the division's units have helped create a significant new network in the region of the Taliban's greatest strength.”
2000 – Project for a New American Century publishes a report talking about the need to secure Caspian and Iraqi oil, and about the need for a “Pearl Harbor type event” to sway public opinion toward an aggressive US foreign policy. Similar policies are put forth by the Rand Corporation the Brookings Institution, and others.

January 2001 – According to French Journalists Brisard and Dasquie in their book “Bin Ladin: La Verite Interdite”, FBI NY Counter-Terrorism Chief John O’Neill is ordered by the White House to back off all investigations of Al-Qaeda and the Bin Laden family while pipeline negotiations are underway with the Taliban.

January 2001 – The Brookings Institute publishes a paper on the need for Homeland Defense.

February 2001 – The Carlyle Group’s subsidiary EG&G sets up a Homeland Defense page on their website (now deleted), stressing the importance of Homeland Defense against Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism.

June 2001 – Saudi Aramco signs preliminary agreements with Royal Dutch Shell and Exxon for gas exploration in Saudi Arabia.

July 2001 - According to Agence France Presse, the White House broke off pipeline negotiations with the Taliban in July 2001, after negotiators from the Bush administration told the Taliban “accept our carpet of gold, or you will receive a carpet of bombs.”.

This statement was also made to Brisard and Dasquie by John O’Neill some time between July and August 2001, after O’Neill was once again ordered to ‘back off’ investigations into Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda.

July 2001 – Phoenix FBI agent Kevin Williams writes a memo warning of al Qaeda operatives in flight schools seeking flight training for terrorist purposes. The warning is ignored.


July 2001 – US attorney John Ashcroft stops flying on commercial airlines. He also pulls 200 FBI agents off counter-terrorism duty and puts them onto drug and child pornography cases. George W Bush appoints Robert Mueller as new FBI director.

August 2001 – Robert Mueller, cover up artist of BCCI, BNL, and Noriega prosecution fame, becomes head of the FBI.

August 2001 – Coleen Rowley of the Minnesota FBI office, warns her superiors of the activities of Zacarias Moussaoui, the alleged '20th hijacker', and his possible connections to Al-Qaeda. She requests a FISA warrant for surveillance on Moussaoui.

Before passing the report on to the FISA court, Rowley’s superior removes all references to Al-Qaeda from the report. The warrant is refused by the FISA court… an unprecedented event.


September 11, 2001 – Almost 3000 people are killed in NYC, Washington, and Pennsylvania. John O’Neill, who quit the FBI out of frustration with the Bush administration, dies in the WTC, where he was working as head of security. Original files into the Enron Dhabol investigation that were at the FBI office in the WTC are destroyed. The event is immediately called a “Pearl Harbor”.

September 2001 – US oil and gas interests continue negotiations with the Saudis to renew deals with Saudi Aramco. The US companies want the Saudis to give them rights to new unexploited gas reserves, while the Saudis don’t want to put new mineral rights on the table.

September 28, 2001 – The UN lifts sanctions against the Sudan. US companies begin negotiations with the Sudanese government for oil and gas rights.

October 2001 – John Ashcroft uses the FISA court’s rejection of the Minnesota warrant request as evidence that the FBI needs more power in conducting surveillance. This is the same warrant request based on Coleen Rowley’s report that was tampered with by her superior, who removed all references to Al-Qaeda before giving the report to the FISA court.

September-October 2001 – A number of news sources including BBC report that Washington had told India that US troops would be in Afghanistan, “before the snow falls”, as early as JULY 2001, two months before the so-called ‘surprise attack’ on 9/11.


October 2001 – The US invades Afghanistan, on schedule, “before the snow falls.”

October 2001 – Zalmay Khalilzad, former employee of Unocal, is appointed Special Envoy to Afghanistan by George W Bush.

October 2001 – The Anthrax attacks begin. Key news people and Democrats are sent Anthrax in the mail, which we now know was Fort Detrick/Battelle Anthrax. EG&G, a Carlyle Group Subsidiary, has access to Battelle and Fort Detrick Anthrax by way of their service contract with Battelle, but to date there’s been no investigation of EG&G by Robert Mueller and the FBI.

October 2001 – Under cover of the Anthrax attacks, EG&G receives a billion dollar Hazmat Disposal contract from the White House. Meanwhile, EG&G employees at Area 51 are on strike, where EG&G has a security contract, among other contracts. EG&G has enjoyed this contract since Area 51 was opened. The guards are on strike because they hadn’t received a raise since the 1970’s.

November 2001 – Somalia is accused of having terrorist training camps connected to Osama Bin Laden.

December 2001 – Enron officially goes broke, after bankrupting employees 401k’s while executives cashed out for $650 million.

December 2001 – The ‘War’ in Afghanistan is ‘over’, but Bin Laden has mysteriously disappeared. Again. Just like in ’91 after the US got their military presencse in Saudi Arabia, and just like in ’96 after the US got their sanctions regime against the Sudan.

December 2001 – After the first vote in Afghanistan in decades, the Afghan warlords choose Berhanudeen Rabbani as President of Afghanistan. This choice is vetoed by the United States, who forces the congregation to vote again. Under duress, and with controversy over whether or not a legitimate vote actually took place, former Unocal employee Hamid Zarzai is approved by Bush as the new Afghan president.

Both the US Ambassador to Afghanistan and the new Afghan President are now former Unocal employees.

October 2001 – June 2002 – The Bush administration refuses to set up a proper investigation of 9/11. Finally, under public pressure, they agree to set up a commission.

January 2002 – Thomas Kean, Director of Amerada Hess, buys an additional 500 shares in Amerada Hess.


January 2002 – December 2002 – Delta Hess, subsidiary of Amerada Hess and Delta Oil, finalizes several Caspian exploration deals, primarily in Azerbaijan.


June 2002 – G W Bush refuses to sign the Homeland Security Bill. He warns that he will veto ANY Homeland Security Bill that doesn’t include strong anti-union legislation giving the White House the ability to fire any government employees under Homeland Security’s jurisdiction.

July 21, 2002 – The Carlyle Group sells EG&G, where they had union problems in 2001, for a tidy profit.


August 2002 - RAND Corporation analyst Laurent Murawiec, speaks at a Defense Policy Board meeting, a think-tank for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Murawiec calls on the Bush Administration to launch an all-out war on the House of Saud. He calls Saudi Arabia, "the kernel of evil, the prime mover, the most dangerous opponent" of the United States in the Middle East.

September 2002 – G W Bush publishes the new National Security Strategy for the United States of America. He adopts the aggressive pre-emptive stance suggested by the PNAC in 2000.

September 2002 – After 15 months of go-nowhere negotiations with Exxon and Royal Dutch Shell, and demonization by US think tanks, US media, and the White House, Saudi Arabia reopens bidding on the Saudi Aramco project, and begins talking to French companies and others.

October 2002 – After a year of negotiations that have resulted in no new oil and gas deals for US companies in the Sudan, Bush signs new legislation threatening new sanctions against the Sudan.


November 2002 – Bush signs HR 5170, the Homeland Security Bill, with the anti-union legislation intact. The bill provides protection from lawsuits to all insurance, pharmaceutical, defense and security contractors, while taking away the public’s ability to sue for injury or death.

December 2002 – The White House announces 10 new bases in Afghanistan, whose locations coincide with the route proposed by Unocal in 1998 for a gas pipeline from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan to Pakistan.

December 2002 – Thomas Kean, Director and shareholder of Amerada Hess, and partner with Osama Bin Laden’s brother-in-law Khalid Bin Mahfouz in the Delta Hess Caspian oil and gas consortium, is appointed by G W Bush to head the 9/11 investigation.

Shares in Amerada Hess move from a low of $49.68 in November 2002 to $54.66 as of December 27, 2002, after Kean’s appointment to the 9/11 investigation.

Lockheed Martin has moved from $16.63 in March 2000 to $57.70 as of Dec 27, 2002. Lynn Cheney is a Director of Lockheed Martin.

Northrop Grumman has moved from $43.56 in March 2000 to $97.92 as of Dec 27, 2002.

Raytheon has moved from $17.75 in March 2000 to $30.47 as of Dec 27, 2002.

Wyeth, formerly American Home Products, has moved off a 52 week low of $28.25 to $37.00 as of Dec 27, 2002, thanks to G W Bush ordering 500,000 mandatory Smallpox vaccine inoculations and millions of doses of Smallpox vaccine, and thanks to Bush’s Homeland Security Bill taking away the public’s right to sue Wyeth for any injuries or deaths caused by the vaccine.

Avon, who makes specialty fuel and water bladders, tires, submarine parts, and HAZMAT suits for both domestic and military government use (tens of thousands of them faulty), has moved from $25.38 in March of 2000 to $53.61 as of Dec 27, 2002. Avon makes those suits you saw during Desert Storm, which the Pentagon has ordered by the hundreds of thousands since they started gearing up for Iraq. Yes, this is the Avon lady we’re talking about, who also happens to produce chemicals used in US Bioweapons programs and by US Special Forces snipers.

The fatcats continue to get rich, while the Dow has tumbled from 11000 to 8303 and the NASDAQ has crashed from 5000 to 1348.

December 2002 – Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan announce to the world the finalization of a deal for oil and gas pipelines from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan to Pakistan.

December 2002 – Coleen Rowley’s superior at the FBI, who in August 2001 tampered with Rowley’s warrant request report by removing all references to Al-Qaeda, receives a ‘performance bonus’ equivalent to somewhere between 20% and 35% of her salary.

December 2002 – Osama Bin Laden is still ‘whereabouts unknown’. He remains at large, probably to help secure more US oil interests in Africa and the Middle East for the US, the Bin Ladin family, and the Mahfouz family.

When one observes this timeline from an overhead perspective, it becomes obvious that something is rotten in Denmark… US corporations and intelligence agencies have been playing a dirty game, with co-operation at times from both the Democratic and Republican parties.

Everywhere Osama Bin Laden has gone since 1979, US corporate interests have been served shortly thereafter. Afghanistan was denied to the Soviets, and the Afghan Campaign was partly responsible for the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The US has the bases it wanted in Saudi Arabia, Sudan is once again under threat of sanctions, Afghanistan should now be renamed Pipeline-istan, and Bin Laden is off somewhere, probably setting up a new ‘terror camp’ that will conveniently lead to US retaliation against a country where US mineral rights are being stymied. Naturally, US mineral rights will be gained from this ongoing war on ‘terror, but not before Bin Laden ‘escapes’ once again, to Boogeyman from the shadows as needed.

For someone ‘at war’ with the United States, Bin Laden’s actions have served Oil, Gas, Energy and Defense interests, which coincide with Bin Ladin, Bush, and Mahfouz family interests, with every move he’s made. He’s served those interests very, very well.

And he’s still out there. To guess where he’s going to turn up next, we need only observe which countries the US wants to exploit, but has been unable to exploit for one reason or another. By following the loose ends from the above timeline, we come up with…

Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Somalia, or countries surrounding the Spratly Islands. I don’t list Iraq because I think an invasion of Iraq is a done deal at this point… Bush will probably be in Iraq before the end of February.

Watch for Saudi Arabia to fall under the control of a Bin Ladin, Mahfouz, Al-Waleed coalition after the death of King Fahd. There have been several mysterious deaths of Saudi Princes in the last few months. More are sure to follow.

Add Sierra Leone and the Congo to the list, because the US wants control of the diamonds, which are crucial to satellite, space, physics, and telecommunications industries… the tools of fourth generation warfare. The Crimean Congo region is the only place outside South Africa where DoD and NASA quality blue diamonds can be found, and smart money says that Rumsfeld will be grumbling about Terror camps in the Congo region very shortly.

Has anyone noticed the talk of terrorism in Africa of late, in the nations surrounding the Sudan, Somalia, and Sierra Leone?

In the last month, there have been ‘terror’ related stories implicating Somalia, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Kenya and Djibouti in terrorism. Watch for this to continue, until a US military presence is ‘required’ in the region.

Ditto for the Spratlys. Watch for the rhetoric against Malaysia and Indonesia to be stepped up as we approach the 2004 elections. This is necessary for the US, because since the 1994 deal Exxon deal was signed, Indonesia has changed to an Indonesian friendly, US unfriendly government. The US needs the Indonesian Army back in control, and democracy out.

Also, watch for the US to do everything in its power to prevent re-unification of the Korean peninsula. They will instigate a war before they allow North and South Korea to re-unite, which would mean a German type re-unification, a free market Korea with its own nuclear arsenal, and another nuclear power that may lay claim to the Spratlys. The US will do everything it can to prevent this re-unification until after they’ve secured oil and gas rights in the Spratly Islands.

But we should have a little sympathy for the Devil. He’s on his last legs, and he knows it. No matter how much he lashes out, the oil and gas is going to start running out in ten years. The nature of his game isn’t so puzzling, once you understand the mentality of the Beast… all he cares about is prolonging his own survival at the top of the food chain, at any cost. In the name of National Security, of course.

This planet is going to change rapidly, as the balance of economic power tilts toward actual balance, as opposed to Pax Americana, American Hegemony, or whatever you want to call this Empire that denies it’s an Empire. All this bluster and murder is going to result in nothing more than a few extra years of shelf life, half a generation at best, for the American Empire.

Mick Jagger knew what he was talking about.

“I watched with glee as your Kings and Queens fought for ten decades, over the God’s they’d made. I shouted out, “Who killed the Kennedys?”

When after all, it was you and me… pleased to meet you, hoped you guessed my name…”

A century of fascist oil wars is coming to an end. Things will get worse before they get better, but they WILL get better. We just have to do everything in our power to minimize the damage Bush and his Axis-of-Asshole pals can do over the next ten years.

That means KEEPING THEM OUT OF POWER IN 2004. Nothing else matters at this point. Tackling environmental, social, economic, or foreign policy issues piecemeal is useless… in doing this we’re treating symptoms, not cutting out the cancer.

Every citizen of this world, every political or NGO group concerned with saving this planet, and every American of conscience should be working together to put an end to the Bush administration, above all other concerns.

Their crimes must be exposed, they must be held accountable, and those who pull their strings, to whit the FOCCED brigade (Finance, Oil, Chemical, Credit, Energy, and Defense), must never again be allowed to dictate US Foreign policy as they’ve done since the Spanish American war.

We must put an end to fascism once and for all, by cutting it out at its source… the Bush administration and their neo-conservative friends, the Skull and Bones, and Wall Street.

To do otherwise is suicide.


Posted by Temujin @ 12/30/2002 08:27 PM EST

I just saw Paul Bremer from the Homeland Security Advisory Board on CNN - Newsnight with Aaron Brown. This guy - Bremer - is everywhere lately on the tube. He seems VERY cool and at least acts like he knows a great deal about the "terrorist problem".Interestingly, he use to work for Henry Kissinger at Kissinger Associates. Tonight he spoke of the 5 Muslims the FBI is looking for. First, anybody know more about this guy? Second,VOX is this is setup for what you were talking about with the dirty bomb in NYC (The 5 the FBI is looking for)?

Posted by Tom @ 12/30/2002 10:56 PM EST

Indeed shocking, but we all have to know!

Posted by Karamacho @ 12/31/2002 12:48 AM EST

It's easy to see why the power elite feel threatened by your views and material. The USA has fallen into the hands of anarchists while politicians hold up a portrait of America that bears no resemblance to its real interests. The citizens are just a tool for financing the greed of 21st century conquistadors. YOU NEED A TV SHOW IN PRIME TIME!!

Posted by Peter Brackett @ 12/31/2002 01:16 PM EST

Thanks for making me grow up!

Posted by leo van heemst @ 12/31/2002 01:32 PM EST

Thanks Temujin for putting it all together so that even my ditto head friends could put it together.

Posted by M0rpheus @ 12/31/2002 06:32 PM EST

The most powerful weapon is the sword of the tongue- The truth!
These demon's feed on fear. Fear is of the devil.
To Defeat a Demon - Pray
Demon's hate prayers
You must Pray.
Then you your weapon
The power of the Tongue.

Posted by RasReason @ 12/31/2002 09:40 PM EST

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