03/14/2003 Entry: "Preemptive News Network"

by voxfux

Preemptive News

Because of the speed at which the oil crusaders' are advancing their terror campaigns throughout the world, we will be the first news service to shift gears and feature PREEMPTIVE NEWS. The function of preemptive news is to analyze the semiosphere and LieScape and pinpoint the next move that the crusaders are planning.

Our goal is to bring you the news BEFORE it happens - in hopes that by doing so, it DOESN'T happen.

So if it's a "Dirty Bomb" attack on a major US city, we aim to detect it's accompanying pre deployment conditioning media in advance and foil the plot. Or if it's going to be terrorist meddling in the peaceful regions of Southeast Asia, we aim to warn the people, in advance of the onrushing crusaders and spoil the sense of confusion that the crusaders were hoping for. Or if it's a genocidal civil (proxy) war we aim to get the truth out about what's really going on so that the people know who the real enemy is behind all the turmoil and terror.

Remember, the world is watching this forum. Even the hairdoos in the monopoly media tune in to the vox forums (secretly) to survey what's going on at the blazing frontier of the real journalism and to see the state of the new resistance to the onrushing New World Order. All members of congress and heads of state in all foreign countries regularly recieve the contents of this site. We have massive university readership, and apparantly quite a lot of fans in the intelligence communities ta-boot.

Please make efficient use of the forum to share explosive truths or fill in vital details for a fuller understanding of our present condition. Please refrain from posting huge swaths of text from other sites, when possible try instead to summarize and provide links. However if the information is vital and should be archived here, post away.

If possible, refrain from using denigrating handles to describe yourself. It makes some of us here think it's from intelligence agencies when someone posts an otherwise intelligent comment but signs the comment, "GoofBall" or "DorkBreath" or "fool" or "smellyguy" or some other such self deprecating handle. Choose a handle worthy of this venue. Something dashing or clever or intelligent or beautiful but please NOT dorky, stupid or goofy.


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