03/19/2003 Entry: "NEXT TARGET: SOUTHEAST ASIA.... by voxfux"

by voxfux

Next Target - Asia

One by one, the world’s terror attacks bear more of the hallmarks of US Intelligence, “Black Ops,” than of Islamic terrorism. The signs are unmistakable, the CIA backed industrio-religious crusaders are staging terror campaigns throughout the world - absolutely - positively.

The despicable US media giants were silent when undisputed proof surfaced that the CIA, NSA, British Intelligence, the US Secret Service and the FBI were all involved in the May 16th 2002 blast in a Philippine hotel room when their agent, Michael Meiring accidently blew his own legs off while constructing a bomb which was intended, if ignited as planned, to be a staged “Al Queda” terror attack, justifying a tightened US- Philippine military alliance.

Meiring who operated under the cover of being a treasure hunter was in fact a CIA operative under the direct protection of the White House (As evidenced by his swift NSA/FBI medivac to San Diego after blowing his own legs off). The US spook spent 10 years on assignment associating with Islamic groups, Abu Sayef, MNLF, Moro Islamic Liberation Front, and other Philippine based Islamic groups, supplying them with US counterfeit notes (Courtesy of US intelligence) and bomb making materials so that they may create terrorist mayhem within the Philippines, giving the US a pretext to move in and, “help,” just like in Indonesia - just like nearly everywhere else these Mafia-like thugs can plant their terror and, “protection,” racket.

Meiring called his front company, Paruosia International Trading Incorporated
Paruosia, in Christian fundamentalist lingo, means “Second coming of Christ.” - These intelligence asset/crusader types can’t resist revealing clues to their delusions of righteous grandeur.

What was the coverage from the CIA controlled propaganda machines, CNN, Fox and the rest regarding this explosive story of a CIA agent caught planting a terrorist bomb? - Zippo. Not a single mention of Meiring - Nothing.

Thanks to the CIA’s complete infiltration of the US major media and the collusion of media editors and journalists in this crusade and thanks to the cowardly and obedient journalists who are supposed to write about the real nature of this crusade, and thanks and to a population who’s minds have been so fabulously obliterated by years of programming by the mind slum that is television, the crusaders have had a free ride. After all these years infiltrating and or buying the media they have created their own consent machine, giving themselves a perpetual green light - like there’s no one left to stop them...

...or so they think.

One by one you will see staged “Islamic Terrorist,” attacks throughout South East Asia. Up next Thailand. Since it would be patently ridiculous to claim that there are viable Islamic terrorist groups in Thailand the CIA/CNN lie being released into the LieScape is that Al Queda terrorists are using Thailand as a “Safe Haven.”

And of course Indonesia and the Philippines will continue to receive the heaviest brunt of these crusaders’ attacks

The crusaders know that their window of opportunity is closing fast - awareness is building throughout the world that it is in fact the dark hand of this group of US covert operators who is actually behind every single terror attack in the world - so the Bushes know that they must terrorize now before the world’s populations rise up, destroy their own complicit lying governments and take up arms against US interests around the world. But since the Bush filth and his type lack the skills to formulate a complete and total plan for global conquest, the extent of their current plan is to create as much terror and destabilization as they can and only afterwards, somehow hope to reap benifit and profit from all the apocalyptic confusion they create.

What these war criminals and war profiteers in Washington don’t know is that global conquest is more complicated than Brzezinski’s books outline. These retards read Brzezinski’s books, get all fuelled up on viagra (their only connection to virility) and harbour serious delusions that they are god’s crusaders. Another thing that Bush and his cabal of war profiteers and war criminals don’t know is that they will be brought to justice for their September 11th attacks on the American people.

But for now, their organs of lies and disinformation, CNN, Fox and the rest of the lying monopoly media are busy churning out the preparatory lies necessary to precondition the US population so that when these US crusaders ignite their bombs, the lie that it was Al Queda that did it will already be inscribed in our heads.

But CIA/CNN simply cannot churn out enough convincing lies fast enough to reverse the wave of hatred both within the United States and throughout the world of these New World Order crusaders fronted by the most despised man on earth, George W. Bush. And so the crusaders are counting on the panic and mayhem generated by these CIA terror strikes to give themselves more time to formulate a plan - to figure out what to do next to cash in on their terror attacks.

After the totally unreported Philippines hotel bomb screw-up, the crusaders struck again in the Bali Nightclub blast. Voxnyc was the only news service on the planet with the courage, independence and skills to identify that this bombing was yet another terror strike courtesy of US based crusaders - not Al Queda. We mounted a massive notification campaign and sent out nearly 200,000 emails to every academic institution, politician, newspaper editor and journalist in Indonesia clarifying just exactly what really happened. And the result was a phenomenal success. Within days of our massive notification campaign, public opinion polls throughout Indonesia revealed that most Indonesians believed that the Bali blast was in fact perpetrated by the CIA and not Al Queda.

And if there is any doubt that this little independent news service voxnyc.com was singlehandedly responsible for exposing the truth about the Bali blast, just ask any major newspaper editor or politician in Indonesia if they remember the voxnyc article - they do. It was the only beacon of truth coming out of the west about that incident. The only flicker of light, amongst the swarming sea of lies perpetrated by the CIA based US media and their moles amongst the Indonesian media and political spectrum.

So from now on, our focus of reporting the terror after it has occurred will shift to focusing on reporting the terror BEFORE IT HAPPENS. This shift towards “Preemptive reporting” is absolutely critical if we are to stop these crusaders’ terror attacks.

George Bush willingly fronts for the most evil force to ever hold the human species in it’s grip. He and the invisible murderous hand which lurks in his shadow represent the very face of evil and simply must be stopped at all costs.

The big question is, will the crusaders have enough money to infiltrate or pay off enough local Asian politicians and media owners in order to keep the truth from their own populations like they have been so fantastically successful at doing here in the United States. Will the massive CIA based media monoply which has been so successful at destroying the minds of nearly 80% of all Americans be able to reach into the minds of the Asians and destroy theirs too? Because unless the infiltration and payoffs are complete, and the destruction of the mind is total, the fact is, people who are getting attacked are going to want answers. And without infiltration, payoffs or mind wasting, there is no other way to keep the real information about who is behind the attacks, from the victims. My guess is that the pan Asian infiltration and payoff channels are not complete - so those who seek the truth still have a window of opportunity to warn the peoples of South East Asia that the US Crusaders are racing towards them with a blood thirst not seen since the Third Reich.

The message to those in the State Department, military, intelligence organizations and in the many religious and industrial think tanks and organizations who are certainly behind these attacks must be clear - We intend to warn the populations of the earth in advance of your attacks. We intend to launch preemptive news campaigns to diffuse each and every one of your attempts at striking terror in the hearts of these peaceful people. Your efforts will fail because the people of these nations will be informed PRIOR to your attacks that you are going to be the ones behind these attacks. We know that this is for sure your modus operandi and we will assure you that your plans will not succeed.

The oil crusaders’ plan is to create pan global terror and through that terror somehow use the US military threat as their trump card to go in and “help.” That’s it. That is all they are capable of planning. The rest is improvisation. Their hopes at best is to figure out a way to profit from that turmoil. But because they are such colossal fuck-ups and literally fuck up EVERY SINGLE PLAN THEY HAVE EVER CONCOCTED, this one will surely fail as well - killing many thousands of innocent people in the process and causing decades of anti American sentiment throughout the world.

So we must warn the countries of Southeast Asia that the crusaders are racing to take their crusade of terror and plunder to their peaceful nations.

The analysis of the memes originating from CNN, the Council of Foreign Relations and the other think tanks of death lead to only one conclusion - That the crusaders, emboldened by the apparent lack of any feasible resistance to their terror campaigns, plan to spread their crusade to the entire planet.

It is critical at this moment in history that some alternative news services shift to a preemptive mode. It’s not hard to do, the actions of the crusaders are completely predictable. Preemption is vital to assuring the safety of the people of the world and the continuance of life on this planet. If one wishes to see a clear blueprint for the New World Order’s plan for global conquest one only has to turn to CNN. For CNN is the organ whereby the crusaders transmit their necessary preparatory conditioning memes so that a sheep-like populous will be ready to march, lock step, like obedient worker ants and foot soldiers for these dying industrialist geezers, eager and ready to kill millions to keep their grip on power and further their eugenicist agenda.

Get off your knees
before it's too late


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Good to have you back. Keep it working my friend.

Posted by O'Neal @ 03/19/2003 01:59 AM EST

I was watching CNN at around 4:30 AM EST time on March 18th. I saw the screen flash to a different image for an instant. Probably around a tenth of a second. My roommate didn't notice, but he is not the most focused person. I'm pretty sure there was an image flashed. It appeared green with a darker green shape in the center. The darker green shape in the center looked like a country off of a map. I am not joking. What do you people think? Does anyone happen to have a tape of CNN's broadcast during that time?

P.S. Good to see you back Vox.

Posted by Raul @ 03/19/2003 02:45 AM EST

Welcome back Vox! Regarding "US covert operators who actually are behind every single terror attack in the world" I think you're absolutely right. Many of the terrorist bombings in India are supposedly due to Muslim-Hindu or Pakistan/India hatred but I'm convinced the US is really the one behind it, that way both India and Pakistan are weakened.

Posted by Thomas @ 03/19/2003 03:54 AM EST

Yes, the TV, or the picture box is the perfect medium to brainwash people. In fact, if you add a black frame to every 24 frames for broadcast, it acheives a hypnotizing effect. God knows what they put in the broadcasts. That is the way they control people, by inducing trances in otherwise normal people. It's incredible how shallow people are nowadays, with their minds filled with the rubbish from the TV. Its really time for change.

Posted by Ben @ 03/19/2003 04:41 AM EST

By the way, welcome back! It's good to see you.

Posted by Ben @ 03/19/2003 04:43 AM EST


The NWO House of Cards will collapse soon.

There is every indication that there are more and more Silent Heroes who, within their compartmentalized framework of operations, understand exactly what is going on and what needs to be done to facilitate the dislodging of particular cards from the House of Cards.

These are true Human Beings. Some are Silent Heroes. Some are Whistle Blowers. We salute them. They are men and women of peace operating beyond the call of duty, in order to fulfill the duty they originally intended to perform before they realized they were part of a chain of corruption.

When the New World Order House of Cards Collapses, these true patriots of both the USA and of the World will have their moment of recognition.

If you want evidence of Large-scale, High-Level, Anti-Corruption activity happening from behind the scenes, one need look no further than the writings of Sherman Skolnick.

Part 6 of this 'Coca-Karma' article (linked below) on GNN provides a good introduction to the veracity and credibility of this wheelchair-bound powergod.

Once you've familiarized yourself with who he is, take a look at his articles on his own site:

but first, I'll draw your attention to a recent article, and what he says in it:


"Efforts by the 24 Generals and Admirals, as we have in earlier stories discussed, were, in part, blunted, when ten of them were assassinated, including General David McCloud, head of the Alaska Military District, and Admiral Jeremy Boorda, Chief of Naval Operations, highest ranking naval officer in uniform.

"Now, however, such similarly inclined [high command] flag officers number *far more* than the original twenty four and have targeted, and are targetting, George W. Bush, for treason, committed pursuant to blackmail, with and for the Red Chinese Secret Police."

REMEMBER: All HEROES like this Need Your Support, BIG TIME. Many of them endure the isolation of dealing with these issues alone. WE ARE AWARE of these GOOD PEOPLE and our prayers and thoughts are are with you guys!!! So Keep Protesting and Getting In everyone's face with the TRUTH. Do All Within Your Power to Wake others from their TV-induced 'Fakescape Reality'. Doing So will bring pressure to bear on a deception that has come close to collapse a few times.

This House of Cards is currently in a most battered, rickety state.
- And, for a while, The Beast is Exposed.

[ex 'Stinky_Old_Goat', after having undergone an 'image' revamp, as requested by the VoxMeister :) ]

Posted by CAVE CANEM @ 03/19/2003 04:59 AM EST

Vox nice to have you back, you are absolutely accurate regarding the use of "Funny money" in global hotspots that the US targets for takeover. I commend you for detecting the pattern of counterfeit currency appearing in nations that we are just about to obliterate. It works like this: When we find a country who's resources we want, we simply locate one of the many thugs or scoundrels in that country (no shortage of ambitious thugs in any country) Then the intelligence services simply print up fake currency (or use existing counterfeit currency from past raids) and start funneling that currency to said thug in said target country (that thug usually no more advanced than a common street thug and has limited connections to funnel the money outside said target country.) So the justification of the intelligence agencies is as follows: "What the heck. We are going to occupuy their country soon and betray our paid thugs anyway. And since our thug will probably bury the cash to protect it from his fellow thugs we will probably "accident" our thug before he even gets a chance to spend any of it.

Furthermore the agencies figure that the benifit of trying to win wars with funny greenbacks is far cheaper than spending actual greenbacks to win a war ligitamately. Be careful vox, your life is very definately in danger for exposing these operational tactics of the agencies. This is not the first time you have written about the agencies using counterfeit money. You are 100% correct and they do not like that. They will try to silence you with more force than the first time. Watch your back.

Posted by IntelQ @ 03/19/2003 05:00 AM EST

Welcome back, man, its good to hear from you again. The fearlessness with which you are waging war on lies with words of mass destruction is an example for us all. Someday we'll they'll be telling folk stories about you vox!

Posted by phaedrus @ 03/19/2003 08:30 AM EST

Lest we forget about South America. Venezuelan oil, here we come.

Defining American Terrorists: The New World Order Enters its Final Phase

- valis

Posted by valis @ 03/19/2003 03:13 PM EST

Connections with NSA, CIA, FBI, 5th Reich, but his wife claimed he had no money, although he had discovered an old "war-chest" containing 500million US Dollars.

Posted by sealwasbushed @ 03/19/2003 04:18 PM EST

hi :-),

nice to have your lucid, sharp and seemingly informed comments back online. keep up the good work and please dont let them catch you.

greetings from old europe !

Posted by sAmchanna @ 03/19/2003 05:57 PM EST

Nice to see you back. I for one worried whether you would be back.

I should note that Joe Vialls at http://homepage.ntlworld.com/steveseymour/nuke/bali_micro_nuke.htm
announced pretty early that the Bali bombing was not the work amateur "terrorists" either. He's convinced it was a micro nuke. I rather doubt that it was of Iraqi origin.

Posted by LoneWolf @ 03/19/2003 07:59 PM EST

How about that. There actually are some news services left that have enough balls to speak the naked truth. The Bush Administration IS utterly corrupt. Virtually all (if not all) of the key players should have been in jail long ago. Funny thing is, these individuals frequently do give the impression of being REMARKABLY STUPID. So who exactly is the brains behind this whole operation?

Posted by dave e @ 03/19/2003 08:19 PM EST

vox i think you owe it to your readers to explain what happened to you.did the cia raid you or not?

Posted by rob @ 03/20/2003 11:27 AM EST

I hope that by now at least a few brave folks can grok the notion that NO PLANES hit the WTC.
I have made closeups of WTC footage, every piece I could find.
There is NO PLANE in the first hit footage that perports to show a plane. It's just not there.


(What is there can move faster than the fireball-to-be)

Vox, you are pretty good at thinking the unthinkable by now, so I am hoping you can get the word out about this.

The second plane, the plane everybody saw, this supposed plane disappears into the building like a bad special effect, a ghost plane that walks through walls.

This is proof that 911 was accomplished by Technotronic weaponry with nary an arab in sight.

Posted by The Webfairy @ 03/20/2003 10:44 PM EST

The above post is an attempt to make "conspiracy theorists" look like a bunch of whackos. Which is why anyone who reads it and thinks the person who posted it is serious would think that. The problem is these people do such a lousy job, one has to wonder if they are government employees, or just union..

They are afraid of something... But what?

Posted by Oh please.. @ 03/21/2003 09:24 PM EST

good to see you back vox.

Posted by lkd1 @ 03/21/2003 10:17 PM EST

Vox, I think you may be O.K. First of all, should any unforseen accident befall you, there are many thousands who will start seek answers and shout loudly, make no mistake about that. For to many you represent the single most important news source and connection to reality. You have left a huge mark in the literature of revolution. So by bumping you off they would only draw attention to your work and illuminate and validate your many thesis'. They would rather not do that. They know your work they read it. And BTW your Wellstone post mortum or premortum was actually widely circulated in Washington I was refered to it on two different occasions. And so now and now we know.

The cat is out of the bag Vox, as you say, silencing you now gives them nothing and only increases the attention to your important work. Nevertheless, be safe and cautious.

Posted by IntelQ @ 03/22/2003 11:25 PM EST

Like breath of fresh air.........Welcome back Vox.

Posted by Siren @ 03/23/2003 09:21 PM EST

I think you're right when you say that terrorism is being used for political control; how else could Bush, Wolfowitz, Perle, Cheney, Rumsfield, Rove, Sharon et al...convince an american public that we had to go to war to exploit/pacify the strategically important central asia?

To do that we needed a massive, dramatic terrorist attack...so we got one. Now, routinely terrorist alerts and phoney-baloney intelligence reports are being used to terrorize americans and cajole them into war and hgih ratings for Bush.

It stand to reason that if they used terrorism for control before, the will do it again.

I seriously think that California may well be the next main domestic target due to its liberal politics. just today, the democratically dominated California legislatrue voted to support the troops in Iraq, but pointedly did not endorse President Bush.

California, like Paul wellstone, infuriates the Neocon freepers. I believe Bush delierately let California swing in the wind during the Enron energy price gouging and I believe the California "gasoline shortage" is bogus as well.

Posted by Greg Burton @ 03/26/2003 01:06 AM EST go here for a high-res version of 9-11: The Road to Tyrrany

Posted by Raul @ 03/26/2003 06:14 PM EST

Hey,everybody...I tried to get this on the "Pre-Emptive News" Page,but it didn't seem to be up yet...Anyway,there is a free paper in Philly called "Metro",and in it I saw a small story (and I do mean small,about 2" x 3")about the theft of a radioactive 'device' (did not say what the device was)from HALLIBURTON'S Nigerian operations plant.The story said that they fear that this device could be used to make a 'dirty bomb'.I never saw this 'theft' mentioned in any of the mainstream papers.

Posted by marc @ 03/26/2003 07:42 PM EST go here for a high-res version of 9-11: The Road to Tyrrany

Posted by Raul @ 03/27/2003 04:00 AM EST

The above post by marc really jumped off the page at me, so I googled it and found this:

A REPORT by The Wall Street Journal on Thursday said officials were concerned that the device’s radioactive material could be used to create a “dirty bomb,” an explosive device designed to scatter radioactivity in a densely populated area.
According to one expert, if the device’s radioactive material were combined with a pound of TNT and exploded, an area covering 60 city blocks would be contaminated with a radiation dose in excess of Environmental Protection Agency safety guidelines, the newspaper said.

Here is the link:

Posted by Mad Hatter @ 03/29/2003 04:45 AM EST

after so long with out Vox, I was begining to wonder if I needed him at all, but I can now see, that all my information is simply not complete without your insight. Thanks Vox!


Posted by sSimeonN @ 03/31/2003 10:04 AM EST

what are you scared of "oh please"?

I've seen that video of the first tower being hit elsewhere... and it looks more like a cruise missile to me than a civilian airliner. Maybe that's why the Prez said he saw the first tower get hit, eh??

Posted by me @ 03/31/2003 08:47 PM EST

You're bang on Vox - BBC headline 3 April 03
Mosques blasted in Philippines
Davao was once a peaceful city
Three mosques in the south Philippines city of Davao have been hit by bomb and gun attacks just hours after a deadly bomb attack. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/2912005.stm

Posted by Newsroom NZB @ 04/03/2003 03:29 AM EST

Tho i do agree with your ideals, there are many things going on that are frightening to me, i would advise that you will better suceed through education and not profanity towards the government. I hate the fuckers too, but it is due to education, from learning about what they do, when someone begins to insult them as opposed to informing people, it discredits everything you do.

I am with you my friend, this is just my suggestion to revise your tactic a bit.

Posted by Errand Wolfe @ 04/04/2003 01:11 PM EST

I agree with rob, wheres the article explaining where you have been?
You have had months to make up even grander stories, than the last bull shit you gave us. Was it the Cia or just you not paying your bills on time?
Piss ant moron.

ADMIN COMMENT: Here's an irony. This das affe jerk calls vox a "Piss ant moron" Yet this same das affe logs on regularly and reads EVERY SINGLE WORD VOX WRITES. So what does that make das affe? You guessed it - a Piss ant moron groupie.

I think what das affe really needs is a friend.

Posted by das affe @ 04/04/2003 09:16 PM EST

Fux 'em Vox

Posted by Peter B,Australia @ 04/04/2003 11:24 PM EST

I suspect that the Bali bombing has been prepared between 1995 and 2000 or maybe earlier than 1995 by the CIA. There are many CIA operators in Indonesia, several of them are married to Indonesians and are living outside Jakarta. Several of them are working as Directors or General Managers at private and/or joint venture companies, American Oil Companies, American mining companies like Freeport, as a staff at the American embassy and/or consulate general, etc. Several of them has already returned to the U.S. with their families after and/or before the bombing, few of them may still be in Indonesia or moved to another country....I don't have any proof that they've prepared the bombing, but I can feel it on my bones that they do......

Posted by RECON @ 04/05/2003 11:30 PM EST

Vox ain't the only one who's suspicious.

Filipino responses to Davao bomb blast:

1. BAYAN's response (corrected version)
2. Bayan Muna's response
3. Bayan Muna Rep. Crispin Beltran's response
4. Artists for Peace's response

1. BAYAN response
April 2, 2003

By Teddy Casiño, Bayan Secretary-General

We strongly condemn the bomb attack at Sasa Wharf, Davao City that, as of last count, killed 14 people and injured scores of others. We share in the grief of the concerned families and the people of Davao City and join them in demanding for justice. We call for an exhaustive investigation and the severest punishment for the perpetrators of this dastardly act.

We are concerned, however, with President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's declaration of a "state of lawlessness" and her order for the police and military to initiate a "crackdown" against suspected terrorists and lawless elements.

We fear that such orders will again result in the gathering of the usual suspects, the violation of their human rights and civil liberties, and a hysterical witch-hunting spree by the authorities.

This was the experience in Basilan, Sulu ang Metro Manila, where a state of lawlessness was imposed at various times in the last two years. In Basilan and Sulu in 2001, salvagings, torture, warrantless arrests and illegal arrests and detentions were made in the guise of intensified law enforcement.

We are also reminded of the Megamall blast investigation where innocent Muslims from Maharlika Village were tagged as suspects, even without solid evidence and rightfully freed more than a year later.

We urge the authorities to look beyond the usual Muslim and Leftist suspects and seriously look into the possibility that military agents and their assets may have been behind the series of blasts in Davao. They have the motive and certainly the means and capacity to undertake such terrorist acts.

Perhaps it would also help if Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte would reopen the case of Michael Meiring, the CIA operative who was nabbed last year for keeping bombing paraphernalia in his hotel room in Davao City. While charges were filed against Meiring, local police authorities allowed him to be whisked away by agents of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. We wonder, was this latest bombing done by Meiring's replacement? ###
Bagong Alyansang Makabayan
(BAYAN, New Patriotic Alliance)
Office: 23 Maamo St., Sikatuna Village
Quezon City 1101 Philippines
Tel.: +63 2 4359151
Fax: +63 2 9225211
Email: bayan@myrealbox.com
Web: www.bayanorg.pilnet.com
2. Bayan Muna response
28 Magiting Road, Teachers' Village, Diliman, QC 1101
tel (632) 921-3499 fax (632) 921-3473 email: bmhq@info.com.ph

Press Release
April 3, 2003
Reference: Robert de Castro, Deputy Secretary-General, 0920-5514924

Bayan Muna holds Arroyo gov't responsible for Davao wharf bombing

The political party Bayan Muna issued its strongest condemnation to last night's fatal bomb explosion in a wharf in Davao City that killed at least 15 civilians and injured at least 44 others. The bombing is the second terrorist incident to occur in this city, after a powerful bomb exploded in an airport here that killed 21 people barely a month ago.

Robert de Castro, Bayan Muna deputy secretary general, said that the
suspects should be immediately arrested and accorded the heaviest penalty of the law for such a "clear terrorist act aimed at targeting innocent civilians and installing a state of terror in the city." He said that the culprits of the recent bombing are likely the same "band of murderers and madmen" that carried out the horrific bombing of the Davao City international airport last March 4.

"Despite assurances from the military and police that they have already arrested the suspects in the Davao airport bombing and instituted
appropriate security measures to protect the people, this recent incident proves that the actual perpetrators are still at large and are operating practically unchecked and unchallenged," de Castro said.

He blasted the police and the military not only for their apparent failure to prevent such incident from occurring the second time, but also for failing to apprehend the actual perpetrators. "It is truly revolting that their incompetence had to be proven by yet another slaughter."

De Castro warned the government not to once again engage in "erroneous
accusations and arbitrary pinpointing of the MILF, the NPA, or other innocent Muslim and Christian civilians who would conveniently fit the job description of 'fall guys."'

"There is no doubt that the suspects have deep intelligence capability and huge access to resources in order to carry out such a bombing. There is also no doubt that the party behind this bombing intends to create a justifiable situation for inaugurating militarist policies and repressive measures upon the people," he said.

He added that instead of merely declaring Davao City under a "state of lawlessness," the Arroyo administration should acknowledge liability for such an enormous lapse in security. "We wonder whether the Arroyo government and its defense establishment, are simply inutile or that they have deliberately allowed a terrorist act to occur again," he said.

He strongly warned against the government capitalizing on the incident by asking for additional emergency powers. He also called on the people of Davao and the general public "not to play along" with the situation by allowing the implementation and exercise of such unconstitutional and unnecessary measures.#

3. Bayan Muna Rep. Crispin Beltran's response
Mula sa tanggapan ni
Bayan Muna Rep. Crispin Beltran
Kinatawan mula sa Anakpawis

News Release
April 3, 2003
(Ina Alleco Silverio, Media Liaison Officer 931-50-11 loc,7317; 931-6166
cel. No. 09207619596 (paggawa@edsamail.com.ph)

Terrorist attacks could be handiwork of US military, AFP elements to justify passage of anti-terror bill and subordination of civilian authority
- Rep. Beltran

Bayan Muna Representative Crispin Beltran today expressed sorrow and anger over the bomb explosion that rocked Sasa wharf in Davao City last night and killed a reported 15 people and injured at least 35 others. He extended his condolences to the families of the victims, while at the same time saying
whoever was behind this latest bombing should be immediately apprehended and questioned for their possible motives.

Beltran said that the explosion can be rightly called a terrorist attack, and blamed the military and the police in the area for having been caught unawares. He said that that the tragedy was a result, as usual, of poor intelligence and security work. "What have the police and the military been doing? This is the second serious attack against civilians in as many months, and still they have no leads as to who the perpetrators are. The
authorities appear to be essentially clueless, and in the meantime, the
number of civilian casualties keep mounting," he said.

Beltran also floated the possibility that the terrorist-bombers could also be connected to the US military forces in Mindanao, and the
Macapagal-Arroyo administration's determination to finalize and pass the anti-terrorism bill. He said that militarists in the administration were
continuously trying to come up with reasons to justify the implementation of the so-called anti-terrorism measures, the continued presence of US
troops in the country, and their increasing role in local efforts to
supposedly fight terrorism.

"The United States armed forces are ruthless, relentless, and their
orientation mirrors the vicious policies of its government. Their presence in the country, despite their assertions on the contrary, are not confined to participating in the Balikatan exercises. Like their diplomatic counterparts in the US embassy, the US troops are here to foment hysteria against terrorism, exaggerating the threat or actually creating it as part of the psy-war campaign to get the public to toe the US line against terror," he said. "The bomb attacks in Davao City could be test-tube cases
for militarists in the Macapagal-Arroyo and their accomplices in the US
armed forces in the country to justify the hurried passage and immediate implementation of the anti-terrorism bill and other measures that will put civilian authority under that of military control."

Meanwhile the activist solon also pointed out other usual suspects also come to mind as the masterminds and implementers of the bombings. "The bombers could either be members of the Abu Sayyaf group, or disgruntled officers or ex-officers of the police and military. The first suspects are always associated with if not actual members of the State's armed forces because (1) they have certain access to bomb-making devices and paraphernalia; and (2) they have a record of launching attacks against
civilians to justify the implementation of militarist measures and the subordination of civilian authority," he said. #
4. Artists for Peace's response
April 3, 2003
Reference: Joel Garduce, tel. 0919-3962320 (see other numbers below)
65 10th Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City
Tels. 421-1880 • 724-6685 • 421-9427
Email: artists4peacephil@yahoo.com


The Artists for Peace joins the Filipino people in condemning in the strongest terms the cowardly antidemocratic attack on unlettered civilians yesterday evening in Davao City.

This latest attack is the logical outcome of suspicious government efforts to derail a serious investigation into the March 4 bombing of the Davao International Airport towards a ridiculous suicide-bombing theory.

We see this heinous attack as part of a continuing bloody scheme by a network of shadowy terrorists supremely confident of eluding accountability for this and previous terrorist acts. We see an intimate parallel between the arrogance of these terrorists and the hubris of the Bush government in pushing an illegal, immoral, illegitimate, and terrorist war on the Iraqi people.

More clearly than ever, this and the previous terrorist attacks that befell Davao City and our country at large form part of a bloody antidemocratic agenda of powerful dark forces in our society for an unconstitutional foreign armed occupation and the violent suppression of our people and their democratic and national rights.

We urge our countrymen not to allow the antiterrorist fight to be hostaged by dominant social forces hellbent in further enlarging their antidemocratic economic, military and political power in our country, to the peril of public safety, good government and freedom.

Our people must retake the antiterrorist fight from these forces who fiercely conceal their actual intimate ties to this all-too-real terrorism in our midst.

To reclaim the antiterrorist fight in the interest of public safety, good government and freedom, we thus urge the following:

(1) Organize an independent investigative body composed largely of representatives from a broad spectrum of people’s organizations in Davao City to inquire not only into all the circumstances surrounding this and previous terrorist crimes, but more so into the gravely serious government failures that made possible these acts of terrorism; and

(2) Resist attempts surely to be made by the Macapagal-Arroyo government to derail the antiterrorist fight into a fierce concealment of an existing covert CIA-Abu Sayyaf terrorist network in the country; an endorsement of unconstitutional combat operations by foreign armed troops to preserve neocolonial exploitation and oppression; a fierce suppression of civil liberties; and a scheme to virtually monopolize political power, all to the detriment of democracy and national sovereignty.

Until the influential ring of terrorism behind this heinous bombing is busted, our people will remain hostage to their murderous agenda.

For more info or to join the campaign to remove US troops from the Philippines, see www.nispop.org

Posted by Network in Solidarity with the People of the Philippines (NISPOP) @ 04/07/2003 01:12 AM EST

I too am so happy to have you back! I am so glad the Gestapo didn't get you!

Love your analysis and absolutely believe you are right on this story (as well as most of your other stories).

How did you get so smart?

Posted by Cee @ 04/07/2003 06:24 PM EST

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