03/29/2003 Entry: "CNN/CIA - THE ENEMY WITHIN - by voxfux"

by voxfux

Bush is a fascist

The chilling reality of our time is that our biggest enemies are within.

CNN is one such enemy.

The New World Order crusaders know that it is better to control people and nations with the scientific application of fear and lies rather than the more unpredictable and expensive methodology of bullets and bombs.

So forty years ago, the CIA’s, “Operation Mockingbird,” went into full swing. The goal of the program was simply to control all mechanisms of opinion - the print news, the public opinion polls and the television news media. Their thinking was, if you control what people think, you’ve won the war before it has even begun.

And they have been frighteningly successful at achieving their goal - Since the 1950’s all major news and polling organizations have, to one degree or another, been absorbed into the sphere of control of the intelligence agencies. Now, the hard truth, which is simply too fantastic for most people to believe much less even comprehend in the first place is that the major news media is in actuality, mind controlling, opinion forming, population control mechanisms, and little else.

CNN is such a mind control machine.

CNN Being wholly a government propaganda machine, an organ of the CIA, and indeed as claimed by many in the right as well as left, extraordinarily influenced to the point of near subservience to a Zionist political agenda (more so than any discernible American agenda),

CNN is in charge of faking out the American people and tricking us into thinking there is support for the government, Bush and the war. CNN, Fox and the other government propaganda channels are clear warnings of what these New World Order types have in store for us - lies, war, death, slick 3D graphics, fraudulent polls, fraudulent elections, ominous theme music and dumb newsreaders.

CNN - the masters of the televisual lie.

And so now, the reptilian newsreaders with hairdos and tanning cream at CIA-CNN issue the latest fraudulent poll - 70% of the people support the president. This poll is a lie. It is a fake poll. The polling organizations, Time, Gallop, USA Today, CNN and all the rest of the CIA front companies posing as legitimate news organizations are all controlled by the CIA who themselves answer to the billionaire bankers and industrialists. The function of these fraudulent polls is to get people to conform with what they are tricked into believing that “everyone else” is conforming to. The polls are designed to create your attitudes, not reflect them. It’s called, “push polling,” and it works.

Not in a million years do 70% of the people support the president. People in the big cities have never met anyone who supports this jerk in the White House, yet there is this myth perpetrated by the media that there are these giant pockets of people (presumably hillbillies and rednecks) somewhere (presumably in the “heartland” of America) who are the ones who comprise this overwhelming 70% majority of Bush supporters. But when you look at the map, there just isn’t that many people in the, “hillbilly belt,” to comprise this mythical 70%. And so what does that mean? It means folks that you’re being lied to on a scale you never even imagined possible. That is the biggest scam and biggest secret of today - That there could be such an all encompassing hoax, pulled off right before our eyes - is real. But it is.

The American media is so fraudulent - the communist Chinese or Soviets never dreamed of forcing such preposterous lies down the throats of their people. No Soviet ministry of propaganda ever had the vast resources that the new lie masters have. The Red Chinese never had the prowess to so completely obliterate the truth in real time and retransmit it as utter lies to such a well conditioned and eagerly awaiting obedient sheep-like television viewing audience.

Each reporter knows full well the extent of truth that CNN senior editors will accept (very little) and so they don’t even cross that line into the realm of truth in the first place. They wouldn’t risk submiting a balanced and objective news story because by doing so their career would be finished. Each reporter knows full well, the tight, rigid parameters with which he is permitted to report the, “objective truth.” Each reporter knows that TV news is a game of lies - pure lies.

And the lies work! You really can control the vast majority of American “opinion” with massive transmission towers and cable systems transmitting 24 hour a day lies. That’s how it’s done. If the lie is transmitted over and over and over again, and if the application of fear is constant and conducted with the utmost of scientific precision - people can be transformed into sheep and herded into a corral of fear where they become well behaved, obedient sheep.

So turn off your TV news and forget about the major polls.

Get out in the streets and take them back. Confront these reptiles and sheep among us who are ruining this planet. And attack them.

It’s time to hit the streets and create some ruckus.

There needs to be a massive convergence of protesters at CNN headquarters in Atlanta. CNN will of course barely mention the protest, but their ambitious fellow liars in the other lie machines across the news industry would race to cover such a protest. Even though these other lie machines themselves are CIA controlled just like CNN they will still air the protest - demonstrating that in fact these LieNews organizations are equal parts CIA control, government propaganda, and ratings hungry back stabbing reptiles seething to make a profit for themselves, eager to stab their own kind in the back as long as they could gain one more square inch for their little corner of the big lie.

It is the responsibility of every young person and every seeker of truth and freedom and everyone who wishes for a better world for themselves and families to rise up and fight this REAL ENEMY WITHIN. The lie transmitters must be jammed and there are ways to do this. Jam CNN everywhere and anywhere with every method possible. Confront and disrupt anyway possible all CNN reporters, news trucks, satellite dishes or office buildings.

Steer the discourse towards topics never before even heard of.. New memes need to start surfacing in the worlds press and in the state houses of the worlds governments.
Shift the paradigm of rhetoric. Try a few of these memes on for size. A few headlines we need to start seeing:
“Foreign government seizes the assets of CNN and expels it’s journalists”
“Citizens urge their government to ban all CNN operations within their borders.”

Cut them off at the neck. Here’s a good rhetorical question to plant in foreign forums throughout the world:

“Since CNN is a CIA “front company” shouldn’t we urge our leaders to include a manditory warning label on all CNN/CIA newscasts warning us that CNN is a US government propaganda channel?”
What happened to our truth in advertizing laws?
“Europe jams all US government propaganda channels.”
“Boycotts organized against all advertisers on CNN.”
“Protesters disrupt, for the 20th day in a row, all activities of CNN and it’s advertisers.”
You get the idea.
All free nations or defenders of liberty must make efforts to knock out the capabilities which allow CNN and others like it to propagate the US government lies. Governments need to immediately mount massive public awareness programs warning their people that what they are really up against is nothing more than a massive lie machine and that if the world simply unites against it, and exposes it for what it is, they can knock out these machines of fraud and death quickly. The world must unite to cut them off where they breath. Boycott all advertisers on CNN. Protest and interfere with all activities of CNN and it’s advertisers. Deface their advertisements. And spit on every element of that machine of lies and death. Before they kill you all.

Since news is vital to our mechanisms of consent we need to draft laws assuring that our news companies have not been infiltrated or operated by the CIA. Laws must be enforced requiring an open and auditable mechanism of oversight for all major public opinion machines. (Gallop organization, Neilson ratings group, CNN, Fox and the other machines of lies.) The American attitude and psyche needs legal enforcement of the laws already in place to protect citizens from manipulation by the scientists of deception, whether from intelligence agencies who master such psychological operations or political parties who have adopted the techniques gained from these shadowy agencies to influence or steal elections.

The lie is the enemy.

And no news organization anywhere on earth represents this lie more fully and completely than CNN.
It is the responsibility of individuals to learn the nature of this struggle and organize to stop these fraudulent groups from spreading their terror to the peaceful nations of the earth.

And so it has come down to this: Americans are tricked, by the news media’s lies and fear, into doing the dirty work of oppressing the rest of the world using American bullets and bombs.

But soon after the ruling elite has finished using these deceived American worker ants and foot soldiers for their crusade of plunder they will turn the guns on these same worker ants and foot soldiers because there will come a day when the scientific application of lies and fear will no longer be sufficient to quell the unrest of these sheep and ants. The lie alone will no longer serve it’s function of suppression and will have to be supplemented with the next level, bullets.

When these New World Order murderers have exhausted the usefulness of the American sheep, American worker ants and American soldiers and there’s no more treasure to steal from abroad, when such a time arises that the sheep have nothing left to steal from others and nothing left themselves that is worthy of stealing, then and only then will these ignorant sheep, who supposedly support this crusade, see the fate that awaits them. Then and only then will the sheep see what these New World Order criminals have in store for them. Only then will they see the danger. Only then will the sheep decide that maybe it’s a good time to get off their knees. But by then it will be too late to rise up. For by then the sheep will fully fit within the vastly expanded definition of what a terrorist is. The definition of the word, terrorist by then will include any sheep who decides he wants a better life. It will be the twilight of the sheep - for the elites will find the few remaining thugs, reptiles, and pigs among us who are still ready, willing, eager and able, and pay them to turn the guns on the sheep, and slaughter the lot of them..

I never did like human sheep - so good riddance to them.


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CNN can be taken down by the methods you describe. Let's give it a shot. Lets start hammering away at CNN and see what pops up.

Also, thank you Vox for having the courage (balls) to include zionism as one of the the driving forces behind this new world order of lies and war. Journalists are so poisoned by the threat of being smashed over the head with the label of anti-semite that they will ignore the FACTS that are slapping them in the face, that nearly every single media boss and prominent State Department strategist in America is in fact persuing a zionist agenda not an American agenda.
What do you think the significance of the zionist, Richard Pearle, resigning?

Posted by The Machine @ 03/29/2003 06:28 AM EST

Well it seems that there are no commercial interests in the United States who are up to the task of defending democracy against this evil as represented by George W. Bush. Maybe the Chinese will have the courage to start putting the breaks on these New World Order types. In fact, in light of the atrocities that Bush is perpetrating on Iraq, the chinese are in a state of red alert and are actively gearing up for a conflict with the United States.

Thank you Bush for singlehandedly turning a reletively peaceful planet into World War Three.

It would nice if Bush would get prostate cancer or die of some rare pretzel incident.

The world would celebrate!

Posted by Don Quixotie @ 03/29/2003 06:44 AM EST

A good synopsis Vox thanx.

Now we can without doubt see exactly how the Nazi's and Hitler managed to fool the masses and rise to power.

They had a propaganda machine that perhaps set the new standard of the time in disinfo and manipulation of the masses. Or maybe its always been this slick?

Now when you look at the 'main stream one voice talking head media' (cnn,cbs,fox,sky) you can probably be certain that it would have had Goebbels green with envy!

Throw in 'Operation Paperclip' with yer 'Operation Mockingbird' and you could have got the bastard son hybrid 'Neo-nazi News Corp'(NNC).
Hey maybe thats exactly what CNN is but with the letters reversed, CNN=NNC. lol

Posted by theroach @ 03/29/2003 10:33 AM EST

We sit back, passively, and watch on our TVs as this Bush gang massacres helpless women and children in Iraq. Our passivity, our failure to take DIRECT ACTION against this butchery, makes us GUILTY OF COMPLICITY TO MURDER.

I offer just a single suggestion, gleaned a long time ago from the Anarchist Cookbook.

Buy SUPERGLUE. Identify your target--government office, military or police vehicle, any asset of the fascist cabal which has hijacked the US government. One quick squirt of superglue into a KEYHOLE and you have temporarily disabled use of that door. Sure, they'll call a locksmith and have it all sorted out in a few hours. You strike again. And again. Shut it down, whatever it may be (if it's serving as a tool in the murderers' hands), and BASK IN THE GLORY of having taken DIRECT ACTION against this gang of sadistic man-eating vampires.

Be careful to avoid surveillance. Steer clear of spy cams, strike by night.

If we do this everywhere they'll have trouble keeping it out of their shit-eating "news."

Let's beat these Moloch-worshipping creeps and Calvinist shitbags at their own obnoxious game!

Posted by Spartacus @ 03/29/2003 10:50 AM EST

Not Quite a Republic,
Not Yet a P.N.A.C. Empire


Posted by valis @ 03/29/2003 06:20 PM EST

Let's not get to carried away with this "Zionist" crap. The majority of the people running the gov and the media are not Jewish. Don't be stupid and look for scape goats. This sounds as ridicules as getting rid of Saddam is going to rid us of all our problems. Bush isn't Jewish, nor Chaney, Rumsfeld, Powell, Ashcroft, or any of the other Texas Zillionaires club that are running the show. This is about the right wingers and right to lifers who are in control. Not the "Zionists". Wake up!

Posted by Thinking @ 03/29/2003 08:11 PM EST

This comment is in response to the comment above. Have you ever heard of Paul Wolfowitz, and Richard Perle, and Feith?
Or how about the heads of the major media, Sumner Redstone,Micheal Eisner, Norm Pearlstein, Andy Lack...
Guess what idiot - THEY ARE ZIONIST JEWS. WHAT FUCKING PLANET ARE YOU LIVING IN. YOU ARE LIVING IN A DREAMWORLD. That is reality. The Zionists control public opinion.
Time for YOU to wake up - you fucking idiot.

Posted by The Machine @ 03/29/2003 08:24 PM EST

I agree. This massive effort to completely threaten and browbeat anyone who even mentions any criticism of Isreal is Orwellian.
And if you don't believe that jews control the media ask yourself this question.
If ANY OTHER COUNTRY in the world bulldozed over a 23 year old American girl, the media would be screaming to the heavens, but why then, when Isreal bulldozes over and kills a young American girl, there's barely a mention of it in the US (Jewish controlled) media?
Do you have any answers to this question or just accusations of anti-semitism? What's your answer?

Posted by John Blauveldt @ 03/29/2003 08:35 PM EST

Approx 8:45pm march29th
CNN mentions the anti war protests.
From the start they show footage of black people (because CNN thinks that Black people don't matter to the majority of American TV viewers.) Most of the people that have attended the protests were in fact white people, however CNN chose to ONLY focus on black protesters. Then suddenly a tall handsome white male enters the camera frame, The camera IMMEDIATLY pans off of the handsome white male and over to an overweight black man in a tee shirt.

Folks this is how it's done. They want you to believe that only black people or dissaffected people (In racist CNN semiotics, black = dissaffected) would attend rallies. See, it's only black people, probably unemployed - Stay at home and watch it on TV, watch it on CNN. STAY AWAY FROM THE PROTESTS. So you don't discover that in those streets are the true Americans. Beautiful people, black and white (actually mostly white), young and old, with prettier babes all around then can be found at the "Pro War " mock rallies. Have you seen these pro war rallies? Yikes!

They don't want you to learn the truth - that a MAJORITY OF AMERICANS hate Bush and are defiance of his criminal war profiteering.

Posted by voxfux @ 03/29/2003 09:14 PM EST

Vox, you are definitely not 'you'...Please explain....ya, ya.....I'm sure it could be a book - good thing that you're good writer ;o)

Posted by Suzette @ 03/30/2003 01:08 AM EST

Using the dienfranchised to alter the meaning of information and events seem to happen all the time. It's a matter of being aware enough to ask: Why did they use that person for that shot, commercial, billboard, newscast, package, doll, painting, etc.?

Posted by Green @ 03/30/2003 03:14 AM EST

Using the dienfranchised to alter the meaning of information and events seem to happen all the time. It's a matter of being aware enough to ask: Why did they use that person for that shot, commercial, billboard, newscast, package, doll, painting, etc.?

Posted by Green @ 03/30/2003 03:14 AM EST

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Iraq
March 30, 2003


by W. O. Coach

Here I was, innocently making my way to the liquor store to pick
up a fresh supply of groceries, when the portable radio on my
car's passenger seat bleated out a news bulletin that the United
States of America had followed through with it's threat to drop
several tons of ordinance on a bunker in Baghdad, which sorta
rhymes with ragtag.

I had to listen to the news on the portable, because I'd
previously lost it a few days earlier listening to Rush, and took
it out on what was once a perfectly good car radio in excellent
working condition. But that's another story.

Like most people around the world, I'm sure, I asked myself how
in the heck did we get to this? Why in the name of one's personal
favorite religious icon would America want to come crushing down
with all the might of the world's most advanced and sophisticated
weaponry on an isolated tin pot dictator? Yeah sure, he's not a
very nice guy, but a clear and present danger to the United
States of America? He doesn't even control the northern or
southern parts of his own impoverished country. At best, he's
like the Governor of Baghdad.

The news made me so angry, I drove right past the liquor store
and had to make a fancy U-turn to get back to my originally
stated purpose for being in the car in the first place.

As the weight of the news settled in, my anguish turned to one G.
W. Bush and his handlers who were only in position to make this
decision because of a one-time, no precedent allowed decision,
rendered by a blatant 5 - 4 conservative, partisan-leaning
Supreme Court. Talk about the fix being in.

But returning home, happy to know I could put groceries on my
family, a funny thing happened. Was this really Bush's fault?
Sure, he never mentioned Iraq or Hussein during his 2000
presidential run and many suspected the issue became important
only because his approval ratings were plummeting as a result of
his domestic and foreign policy bumbling. And he gave us clues.
Remember, "y'all check my record in Texas" during the debates. I
did and it gave new meaning to atrocious. I can't believe Laura
voted for him. Put George W under oath, and if he is really born
again, he might have to admit he didn't vote for himself either.

The fault as to why we sit where we are, pariahs in the
international community, the real butchers of Baghdad, is not
George W. Bush's fault. Americans would have known better in 2000
if only they had the real story. They didn't because the U. S.
media was complicit in distorting the news. The U. S. media is
the main culprit. They fooled all of us. Why?

Follow the money.

They didn't make Gore look badly because they failed to run
Clinton out of office. They didn't cover for Bush because they
thought he was a homey nice guy. They did it for the money.
Thanks to repealing the Fairness Doctrine, ten companies for the
most part control all the news in the United States. The news
divisions of most media sources were never expected to earn a
profit, until now. War and recession sell. Peace and prosperity
are boring and a non-starter. Instead of just reporting the news,
the media has to fabricate it for ratings to sell advertising.


Explain a right wing bible-thumping tobacco lawyer like Ken Starr
scrounging through every trailer camp in Arkansas trying to find
someone, anyone, who would lie about Clinton's complicity in
Whitewater. Imagine, spending seventy some million dollars to
prove a guy who lost thousands on the deal is a thief. Enter the
liberal rag New York Times. And even after an initial
investigation and two Independent Councils exhonerating the
Clintons, the New York Times is yet to apologize. Liberal biased

Don't ask me how, but this brings us back to the invasion of
Iraq. CNN, Fox, MSMBC are 24/7 on Iraq. If it wasn't for Iraq,
what else would they cover? More Clinton?

So here, finally, is the funny thing. I'm not going to watch
cable TV news anymore. I'm not going to watch network news
either. I'm not even going to buy a newspaper. From here on in
I'm going to get my news from the internet. I may check out the
odd newspaper online, or watch movies, but not a single
advertiser is going to get a nickel from my news gathering as
long as the internet is out there and it's free.

I don't recommend this form of protest to anyone else because I
do believe in paying for fair services rendered. But until TV
shows understand that news is news, and that their job is to
report the news and not fabricate it, and advertisers are willing
to support news programs based on that premise, I'm outta here.
Meanwhile, it doesn't hurt people of like mind to contribute to
sites like Bartcop and Buzzflash. MWO too if they'd accept it.

Have a nice day and try not to listen to your car radio between
the hours of noon and three pm ET.

W. O. Coach


The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it's
profitable to continue the illusion.

Posted by Ronn @ 03/30/2003 08:38 AM EST

Voxfux: For the record, I am 30 year old Black man and I just wanted to make sure that you are fully informed when you make the type of statment you made above. While the sentiment blacks "don't matter" to the "majority TV viewers" may be true, that's only because of the same controlled media (which we have battled for years) makes sure that sentiment remains by showing the most grossly ill-informed and inarticulate members of our race. This is why informed blacks like myself have always known that there was conspiracy to control public opinion and engender racial hatred and anymosity on both sides. CNN would never put mike in front of me because I would dispell all the bullshit myths about Blacks in this country, with one comment. Why is it that Blacks are synonomous to crack in this country when the Cocaine Import agency (CIA) admitted to bring tons of cocaine into South Central LA? The same controlled media bullshit and we're sick and tired of the lies and the zombies who believe that shit. The fact that this "illusion" persists in the media is a testment to how powerful the US propaganda machine works. I can assure you that there are legions of informed blacks and we know exactly whats going on. We knew about the FBI's (COINTELPRO)unconstitutionl violation of our rights during the sixties and we know about the CIA's criminal Activities todAy. Racism is one of the tools to keep informed citiZens divided, when in actuality we are all at risk to this demonic oligarchy.
Don't believe the hype.

Posted by Black Light @ 03/30/2003 09:58 AM EST

I noticed that the number of votes that the winning Rebublicans received using the electronic voting machines as claimed on the ticker tape at the top of your site, is 18,181 votes. U.N. resolution 181, November 29, 1947 was the resolution creating the state of Israel. Is somebody having a laugh here?


Posted by 18,181 VOTES @ 03/30/2003 11:08 AM EST

A very enlightening read, Vox.
I was watching Fox "News" channel
the other night and some jokester
by the name of Shepherd Smith
repeatedly referred to the Iraqis as 'the terrorists'. Not the iraqi
forces, or the iraqi guerrillas,
or the iraqi army, but 'the terrorists'. So even defending your country and your family when
yours is the country being invaded,
is now a terrorist act.

Posted by Bob @ 03/30/2003 01:35 PM EST

In 1993, after a horrible stock market crash after a great bull market, there was a sudden terrorist incident where the German Reichstag was burned down (turns out it was self inflicted).

The unelected Hitler used homeland security as an excuse to gut the constitution and give himself sweeping new powers to control law enforcement and he used propoganda to hide what he was doing from his own people.

He started invading other countries against the will of the league of nations to build his empire.

Good thing history doesn't repeat itself!


Posted by history repeats @ 03/30/2003 02:57 PM EST

CHANNEL:CNN TIME:just before 7:00.The all-night blather was ending and the Paula Zahmbie show was about to air,and as they cut away from Drone X,there was a shot of Zahmbie-staring at the camera like some mind-control experiment.It was SCARY! Oftentimes I'll catch her looking straight at the camera,and no matter if she's smiling or straight-faced,the eyes never lie.I'll be shocked if she isn't part of the CIA mind-control program.If we want to get at the heart of the matter,and perhaps slow down the rush to WWIII,we need to demand a REAL investigation into the events surrounding Sept.11.The space shuttle investigation got $50 million,Ken Starr pissed away $40 million(I forgot what he found out about Clinton,anyway),and the 9/11 "investigation" got an initial budget of...$3 MILLION! If my house burned down and when the inspectors came I asked them NOT TO INVESTIGATE how the fire started,I'd be SUSPECT #1.Many,if not all of the Spewers Of Lies broadcast their morning shows either outside or in front of big windows...a big "INVESTIGATE SEPT.11" sign out there daily MIGHT get them to notice...several HUNDRED or THOUSAND,with little nuggets of curious 9/11-related info(John Ashcroft stopped flying commercial jets some time before 9/11)MIGHT get Americans to start asking some questions themselves.Let's watch the Administration try to explain all the oddities of 9/11...let's bring down this evil regime!

Posted by mfx @ 03/30/2003 04:20 PM EST

"Voice or no voice,it is easy to get the people to do the bidding of the leaders.All you have to do tell them they are being attacked,and denounce the pacifists as unpatriotic and exposing the country to danger." - Hermann Goering,commander of the Luftwaffe...he oughta know,eh?

Posted by Deja Vu @ 03/30/2003 04:25 PM EST

"Voice or no voice,it is easy to get the people to do the bidding of the leaders.All you have to do tell them they are being attacked,and denounce the pacifists as unpatriotic and exposing the country to danger." - Hermann Goering,commander of the Luftwaffe...he oughta know,eh? Black Light is on point...many Black people know what's going on;ask Cynthia McKinney.Look what they did to her...Hitler said that the people will believe the lie..if it is big enough.This one's only wholly viewable from the Moon...

Posted by Deja Vu @ 03/30/2003 04:28 PM EST

How the fuck does a british channel four reporter fall off a hotel roof in the middle of a war zone in northern iraq. Was he onto something ? perhaps the truth about the kurds, turks and americans and their squabbling over the new ownership of the iraq oil fields. This site and those who visit have the courage to find out.
How will the Media investigate this one ?

Posted by carver @ 03/30/2003 05:03 PM EST

To the 30 year old black man..
I think Vox is only saying the blacks don't matter not because he really feels that way but he is only speaking in terms of the white zillionairs views, I think all people matter no matter what race you are. Well with the exception of the zionist they should not matter they are the cause of all the conflict in the middle east and around the world and they are not human anyway they are lowly self serving maggots that are money and power drivin.
I know that their is a huge numbers of black people in north america that are informed and educated and honest so I don't buy into the hype that all blacks are into crack guns and hoes, thats the media selling that tripe and if you look at how many white middle class kids these days try to act and be like the black rap star then you can see the effect of the mass mind control machine and it is a danger to our way of life even as adults. How many have you got that jingle in your head from some stupid commercial that you hate so much? thats what it is thought control even in the smallest form can be fatal.
This machine goes far beyond CNN or others like it look at how many women are getting brest implants so they can feel attractive thats because of the TV and magiziens that even adults read and are affected by it. I am a average white male and for a huge part of my life I thought i was the most ugly thing that walked the face of the earth and that is because every where you look any male on a bus bill board is some huge rich steroid junky. This is not just a womens issue as the hairy leg femmists would have you think it effects us all. I can remember having a debate with my shrink about that very issue and do you think she would agree? no way! cus they are part of it weather they know it or not. Be an editor of the media you read or see and look and see what message is in all the flickers on the screen don't let is suck you in. Ever notice that most people who watch TV me included are in a trance like state? Thats because TV puts out alpha wave patterns and probably beta as well that stimulate the brain. Same as watching the fire place when it is lit or waves on the beach.beware of false profits, blind faith in anything can get you killed.....

Posted by Canadian nationalist @ 03/30/2003 05:16 PM EST

Im a canadian, and Im very happy to see some Americans know the truth. I tell you what your government does affects us directly, the jiant capitalists in New York own this country and if you do your research you will discover the zionist connection in the finantial district as well. No I dont support this war nor do I support the U.N. but I would and will gladly fight and die for your constitution and "free" republic, and that must begin in Washington.
If only we could raise George from his grave.

Posted by Way Up North @ 03/30/2003 05:23 PM EST

I recommend everyone read the articles on the Zionist data page on Rense.com. After reading these articles you will understand that Zionism is not compatible with the Jewish faith. Neither is Israel. Zionism is a political movement only. Check out the website http://www.jewsagainstzionism.com. So it is not a good idea to equate Zionism with Jews or even say that Zionist Jews are in control of the media and the political agenda. The fact is the powerful Zionist are not even Jewish. Just as Bush, Ashcroft, etc. are not Christians. The same with the Islamic Mufti who advocate violent jihad. They are not Muslims. Wake up people.

Rebel by loving.

Posted by Joe @ 03/30/2003 06:37 PM EST


Posted by Alternative to CNN @ 03/30/2003 08:27 PM EST

"One of the prime reasons for creating the Cold War was to justify the creation of a HUGE intelligence community in the 'Free World,' replacing Protestant liberties with Rome's corporate fascism called 'National Security'. To do this, the preservation of Hitler's Nazi intelligence apparatus (financed by the Jesuits' Federal Reserve Bank) was essential. This Jesuit Inquisition would be merged into the American Empire's CIA."

--Excerpt from Vatican Assassins, by Eric Jon Phelps

"General Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler's chief intelligence officer against the Soviet Union, had struck a deal with the Americans (called OPERATION SUNRISE)...the principal negotiators were Allen Dulles and William Casey of the OSS, Sir William Stephenson for the British, and SS General Karl Wolff...Their negotiations enabled Gehlen to bring his entire apparatus 'unpurged and without interruption, of the American superpower,' according to the authors of 'The General Was A Spy"...

--"Called to Serve: Profiles in Conspiracy from John F. Kennedy to George Bush" by Col. James "Bo" Gritz.

Posted by emanon @ 03/30/2003 09:36 PM EST

Vox, did you ever explain what happened to you? Suddenly your voxnyc.com site was gone and there were postings on other sites that one of your homes was raided.

Free speech is paramount and if this is true, it is a travesty.

I was extremely pleased to see it reappear here, but I was hoping to see an explanation from your point of view as to what happened.

There are a lot of people that come to this site that would help you if we knew what was up!

Posted by vox answers? @ 03/30/2003 09:47 PM EST

Who is in his/her right mind really believe that CNN is a 'news' channel? I used to watch it; and after only a few months the truth came out by itself. They got editors and such people whose specialty is one-sided reporting, plain and simple.
Yes, CNN indeed used to be a very reliable source of information and news, but it has lost its credibility over time.
The same goes for Fox News. It used to be an average news channel, until wealthy zionists bought it and completely changed its direction to become another tool for false reporting.
No wonder people turn to Al Jazeera news channel for a little closer look at what's really happening in Iraq these days. I've heard that even the American military personnel stationed in that area depend on it for their info.
It really strikes me very bad how the average American so believes in literally everything CNN says, without bothering to check its validity or credibility.

One last note. I agree with Joe on that Zionism is NOT a Jewish movement. The terrorist state of Israel is NOT a Jewish state. There is no way for anyone to claim that Israel represents world Jewry.

Posted by stevenyc @ 03/31/2003 12:54 AM EST

Sun Tzu said: "Know your enemy."
It is very important that you watch CNN along with the alternative news because you have to know what the government wants you to believe. Once you know that, you can assume the opposite is true. Plus, CNN is always good for a laugh when they so blatantly lie. CNN has become a tabloid, sort of like the "National Examiner" of TV news.

Posted by Tom Baker @ 03/31/2003 01:20 AM EST

We need to combine our outrage at the media with the content ripping and sharing movement. If we rip every movie and album, burn DVDs and share them at parties and schools and dinners and work, and make sure that our friends stop financing the Media/Deception Networks, we can make a massive blow to their bottom line. We subsidize the lies they feed us with the profits they earn from our purchases from them.

Posted by Alexandria Library @ 03/31/2003 01:42 AM EST

why do ya think ted turner has recently "resigned"??

Posted by regime change 2004 @ 03/31/2003 01:50 AM EST

Welcome back Vox! Glad to see that you are free and fighting. You really should consider writing a book about what you have experienced. Who knows, you could possibly get a movie deal out of it.

Posted by Patrick @ 03/31/2003 01:55 AM EST

For any of you who doubt the zionist movement, why not endulge that doubt and read this essay >>>>> http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/NEWSTF/STRANGER_THAN_FICTION.html

This might be a little wake up call/message.


Posted by Definately not a Lemming/Sheeple @ 03/31/2003 02:03 AM EST

Of course CNN & NYT & ABC are CIA. That's what CIA stands for: Centralize media Intelligence Agency. If I was part of the ruling class I would do the same thing. If there was an "independent" station, like KPFA claims to be, I would just pay long hair Nationalist CIA agents like Dennis Burnstein to infiltrate the station. Which the CIA did. I would let them rant about the misdemeanor crimes of the CIA, but I would prevent them from talking about the felony crimes, like CIA Bush Sr's ambush of JFK, King & RFK. Please notice that KPFA will never allow anyone to talk about how Bush & Hunt executed JFK just like a military firing squad in Dallas.

Ever wonder why KPFA bans such talk? Larry Bensky has centralized that issue under his wing & forbids it to be discussed. Hummmmm? When do we get to see copies of the CIA paycheck Bensky gets from the CIA?

Posted by paulk @ 03/31/2003 02:38 AM EST

where the link to the bush /hunt jfk stuff.....i know he was in on it but on what level/

Posted by regime change 2004 @ 03/31/2003 02:43 AM EST

Great article, vox. I got linked here from whatreallyhappened.com, another great site. I agree with what I'm hearing about the news and it's manufacturing by the corporate media. Personally, I am so grateful to all of you that visit here, that post here, that think here. It is nice to not be alone in seeing this country that we live in (referring to the US) for what it really is. The truth about the zionist control of the media, the race games. I'm a young African-American male in Atlanta that grew up listening to CNN non-stop being that my pops is a news junkie. I always thought that it was weird how we could be bombing cities and somehow never killing many people.
I always thought it weird how many people couldn't find Kuwait on a map if there lives depended on it but they know the speed, range, weight and every other parameter of a Patriot missile. I came to the realization that the "news" was a complete and total joke. It was a staggering realization as most people know absolutely nothing about anything that happens in the world. Then the small percentage that think they know and that lead the other sheeple, get it all from CNN or FOX or MSNBC or one of the other 24/7 propaganda channels. So seeing communities like you guys is uplifting, although, I'd still be out on the streets if you guys disappeared today. This truly is a battle of paramount importance.
About the race game that is played, I recommend EVERYONE go to www.racetraitor.org and really check out that site. If you've been there you know how mind-blowing it is, if not, check it. There is no such thing as race. The entire idea is just a scam, a racket, a tool used to get a large group of people to check their morality at the door in exchange for a pass that gives unearned privileges for life. Go to the site. And don't just browse, it's serious.

Keep It Up Everyone


Posted by ATLien @ 03/31/2003 02:46 AM EST

That's right - Zionism is NOT a Jewish movement. I know many Jews that are against the philosophy of Zionism, they despise it as much as we do. So, please, let us not make the same mistake that Hitler did during World War 2 and started killing off all the Jews. People who do that seem to have a misconception about the whole picture. "Kill them all, let God sort them out" will not work in this case, even with Zionists because


There are certain people in the world, who due to their beliefs and ambitions (as well as abilities that we, "civilized" humans call "supernatural" - which is only due to the way we live and rely on technology rather than our natural abilities) have been doing this trick, this game of chess on the grand scale for thousands of years. That's right, there's no eternal Heaven or Hell - there's a free choice of reincarnation or ability to stay on the different plane. And those people have very BAD intentions for the world. Like to see if "GOD" actually exists and will manifest himself before the world when these people push it to the brink of nuclear war.

I know this information is controversial and 'out of tune', but the occult knowledge has been used for thousands of years by different people and leaders. Most of them just don't know enough how to come back and continue living with all their awareness and knowledge that they've collected through previous lives. There are exceptions. To these people hypnosis of one person is too easy of a job. However, if you manage to hypnotize a few high-office leader personalities, say over a distance, all you would have to do is just lay back and watch the show that you've made. It's easy - parents propagate to their children what they have learned from their parents, and the children will keep on spreading the message to their children.

Well, this is the generation when this circle breaks. Many of us, due to technology advances and increased information are able to share and access many sources of knowledge that are not controlled by those, who don't want this knowledge to be known. Too bad. We do. And we'll wake people up. That's what everyone has been doing already!

Read, research and find as much as you can about "THOUGHT POWER". That was one of the best-kept secrets on the planet for hundreds of years. People have been told what to believe, how to behave, what to follow and so forth. Now, when the first "mind pioneers" appeared and shared their knowledge and information with the world, it's hard to control that secret. Companies that sell the affirmation tapes and self-empowering materials are simply charging people for one simple law:


This is how the world came to the state it is now. And this is how it's run. You feed the idea to people, they think, emit energy waves of a certain frequency and when joined together it sooner or later manifests in reality. Think 'fascism', 'communism', 'war', 'peace' - they are all ideas that came from one individual and were learned, supported and spread by others. Look around you. Every object that you see that is not alive or part of nature has been created by a THOUGHT! First came the idea (to make a counting machine, for example), then came the workings and detailed planning, material gathering, production and implementation. Bang - you've got a calculator in your hand. It is a material thought of another person. Think about it.

On the same note, thoughts precede words. So, if the thought is powerful enough, the so is the word. Hitler during his speeches utilized occult techniques to attribute more energy to his public speaking and that's why public demonstration were such a favourite way to inform the German people. Witnesses say, how they felt the tremendous power and awe when they were listening to him. Think about any big spiritual leader or even any other public speaker and you can feel their energy too. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Ghandi, Mother Teresa - people listened to them way more than just an average Joe from midland USA. Those people knew and realized the power of thought. "Seek, and ye shall receive" is another example of this law - how many of you remember wanting something really bad, fully believing in it, not letting fear crawl into your head. I'm sure there are lots of things that you have achieved that were a result of your belief and thought. If it's not the case, then maybe someone DOES have VERY strong control over your life and you should get it back. ;)

So, words have energy too. When it's combined, drop by drop you've got a sea. And with that sea the people behind it all, the ones that exploit Zionism as their scapegoat for the world, manage to control us all by channeling it to appropriate locations and use it to empower themselves in the acts that they do. The world war has started from a simple idea and an action - it happened thousands of years ago (let's say when Cain killed Abel) and ever since then it has been propagated, executed and exploited in many different ways and forms. Yeah, they could afford to take breaks from the creation of wars, since there was nothing else to counterbalance the energy created by the thought of war. First world war was just a continuation of that thought but on a different scale, different time. Somehow everyone was enraged and ready to fight. So they fought, but the ending of it was carefully crafted, so that WW2 would happen out of misery and despair forced upon the people of Germany. And WW2 did happen, and even more people have supported the idea of 'war'. The first nuclear device was used unnecessarily to test the mass-destruction capability for the next available opportunity to go to war.

PEOPLE! Pay attention to your words now. World War Three is NOT here, so why are you talking about it like it is? All that's happening is that USA and a pack of others are trying to squish a little oil-rich country. That's NOT a World War Three. STOP thinking that, pay attention to the PRESENT TIME, don't create your future full of nuclear explosions.

Imagine peace, everyone going home, soldiers coming back. Isn't that how it's supposed to be? But no, all those websites, the media, everyone is hyping up the ideas, the thought that will yield more destruction. WHY ARE YOU BELIEVING THAT? Is that because there is nothing else for you to believe but to know that there will be a World War Three? Well, guess what? "You reap what you sow". People who will want more war will get war. And the more you think about it, the stronger the likelihood of getting what you want.

There is a very wise saying that governs the life we live. "Quantity becomes Quality". Musicians start by playing single notes, they practice more and more and then they can play complicated pieces. Do you play a hard piece first time you seat at a piano? No, unless you know how.

By repetition you create reality. That's why CNN is propagating images of war, suffering, hate and it is starting to feel as there is no other way around it. Becase that EXACTLY their intention - to make you and obedient sheep that not only lives, works and pays taxes to support the leaders financially, but also to milk the mental energy from you, the energy of fear, of despair, so that the leaders, the true leaders of the world, can be supported energetically.

I agree with Vox, throw away your TV set, don't watch CNN unless you have the power to look at the images and not be affected by them. As long as you think peace, talk peace and support peace there won't be a chance that you'll support war. And if you don't support war, then you obviously create a happier and a harmonious world for everyone.

Don't blame Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield or anyone else. They are also playing the game that they have been assigned. They think that they are in control of everything, but that's not true. Thoughts of conquest, robbery and murder have been created by individuals long time ago. All these leaders are doing is acting them out. AGAIN. They are the scapegoats for the REAL leaders. However, people don't know that, they should not know that, so all the dirt, hate and that energy goes towards the leaders of the country. CAN YOU HONESTLY SAY WHAT EFFECT IT HAS ON THEM? I can't. However, I have every reason to believe that with every negative thought that people think about them, the opportunity of these leaders to sign the law that will yield greater damage to the people rises. "Our life is what our thoughts make it". If people think that Bush, being the 'leader' is a murderer and a dictator - *cha-ching* that's what they get. THAT'S THE PLAN! It makes it easier to control these 'leaders' when the public energy is sided with those who try to run the scene behind it all. That's exactly when the 'leaders' will sign the very laws that give them such a bad name.

It's a circle. You think bad - you receive bad. When you recieve bad - you start to think even worse. When you think worse - you receive even worse. Your life is what your thoughts make it. WHEN WILL YOU STOP??? NOW. STOP NOW. START THINKING PEACE.

P.S. If you want something to have in front of your eyes to think of peace visit http://www.attractinggenuinelove.com/peace1.html It will definitely help. No, it's not my website, nor someone I know. It's just something that exists out there for others to know. ;)

PP.S. Sorry for the condense information and the slogans, strong words, etc. It's time to wake up and see the simple magic of life that's all. If you don't believe me or anything that I've wrote here, fine, research into 'positive thinking' on your own accord. But please, if you don't know the effect of words in the world, maybe you should refrain from chanting "No to War!". Saying "Yes to Peace" creates a different message and gives the energy to a different word. That's all for now. Thanks, everyone! Peace to all!!!

P E A C E.

Posted by Peace_On_Earth @ 03/31/2003 02:54 AM EST

where the link to the bush /hunt jfk stuff.....i know he was in on it but on what level/

Posted by regime change 2004 @ 03/31/2003 02:56 AM EST

Only jews themselves have an interest in denying that the so-called American govt and the so-called American media have been hijacked by jews

We discuss these issues daily at




Q: How many jews have been killed in this jews' war instigated on behalf of israel?

A: None.

Stop by for other not so fun facts and commentary. We update regularly, the 'Reader Mail' page is updated daily

Posted by Mark Konrad @ 03/31/2003 03:06 AM EST

Here in Sweden we have CNN, BBC and since the "War" started FOX.
Strangely our Channel 8 has an
hour coverage every night of Al Jezeer, translated directly into
English. All I can say is that I
wish I could understand Arabic and
I wish we had Al Jazeer 24 hours
a day. I agree 100% with your article aboout the CIA.....What about BBC, is it MI5?? FOX is such
a RAG, what kind of Media Whores do you people have there in the US?

Posted by Erik Svensson @ 03/31/2003 03:06 AM EST

I smoked a joint of killer B.C. bud the other night and watched CNN with Paula Zahn.

She's fucking evil!

Posted by Green Tea @ 03/31/2003 03:17 AM EST

To ATLien. If there is no such thing as race then I suppose that means that all cats, dogs, elephants, tigers, etc. are exactly the same because race does not exist? Or let me guess "theres no such thing as race" only applies to people right? And since when were humans above nature? More jew zionist propoganda that you're all so against yet still victims of.

Posted by George @ 03/31/2003 04:19 AM EST

By the way. To those that actually believe that zionism has nothing to do with Jews, did you ever think that group of jews who are so heavily "anti-zionism" could be there just to decieve you? Apparently they've done a great job. Zionism is just another name for pan-Jewry and the jews that you have met that hate Zionism are nothing more than a few self-hating Jews. Some of you are on the right track but not quite there. Since I've seen some edgy links thrown around, try going to www.anti-semitism.net

Learn the truth about Jews and Zionism and dont become a victim of it, which many of you already have.

Posted by George @ 03/31/2003 04:28 AM EST

I have a question for the 30 year old educated black man. What African University did you obtain your education? The most violent blacks are the light-skinned educated ones. Does anyone remember what the educated blacks did to Virginia Beach a few years, ago? Whenever the Jew media shows a mob rioting, they always show the White college kids. When the Blacks rioted in LA, Seattle, Cincinnati, Mobile, and Virginia Beach, the Jew media was silent. During each of these riots the cameras only focused on any Whites they could find. Educated Blacks will not solve our problems. Educated Blacks will only want to mate with white women. I would rather live among poor, decent White folks, than rich, educated Blacks, anyday.

Posted by Holocaustdenier @ 03/31/2003 04:46 AM EST

Yeah, we all know that Zionism is a Jewish creation and has its roots deep into Talmud - the Judaic Religious text that divides the human population into 'gentiles' (Jews) and 'goyim' (Everyone else - scum of the earth). It was the Jews, who were assisted in controlling the planet for thousands of years. That's not news. People, who would think otherwise are just afraid of the truth because it's right there in their eyes.

However, the idea behind Zionism is that ONLY SOME Jews thought of that, not every single one of them just came up with the idea and jumped onto the wagon. Some, who think the same way as we do actually truly resent it. Not everyone supports innocent slaughter of other people and the destruction of people's lives economically.

Do you think that every single American is responsible for the dictatorships that the CIA has installed in foreign countries, the terrorist attacks that were done by the American personell in those countries to pursue the planned agenda? No, I would not think so. Same is with Jews - just becase they are Jews does not automatically mean that they are Zionists. Do you think that American supports the murder that's going on in Iraq?

Yes, there are some Jewish Zionists that try to play the 'diversion' tactics and deny all responsibility and promote the 'innocent Jew' image. Only when you can truly tell by knowing people when they are lying and then they are now, you will be able to make a reasonable call if they support Zionism or not.

I know at least one Jew who genuinely believes that Zionism is a sick idea. She is not welcomed by the 'official' rules that govern the life of Jews, but that does not mean she will sit down and watch massacres, robberies and rape of nations happen in the name of 'Greater Israel'.

P.S. If you think that EVERY SINGLE JEW WITHOUT ANY EXCEPTION IS EVIL AND WITH THE ZIONISTS, you've been reading the truth too much. Get out, meet some REAL people, talk to them, get to know them and then you'll have a better picture. If not, perhaps, you should consider if you are still mentally sane. There's a real world with real people that have real beliefs and real thoughts about the world. Not everyone is living on the computer screen. ;)

P E A C E !

Posted by Peace_On_Earth @ 03/31/2003 04:58 AM EST

Well having watched CNN, BBC World and Sky at various points over the last two weeks I would say that the one that gave the most coverage to the peace protests was CNN. They actually had footage of a large crowd of young people singing "CNN tell the truth", and to be fair commented on it without bias.

Posted by Paul @ 03/31/2003 06:26 AM EST

cnn & BBC is the main propegender channel in the world. they don't know to tell truth. beacuse lier bush and blaire don't like to see truth to others. cnn and bbc they are very afrid to them.

Posted by eyersee @ 03/31/2003 06:39 AM EST

Thank God you're back Vox! In these dark dark times we sure need you and people like you! Welcome back!

Posted by loner @ 03/31/2003 07:05 AM EST

Great to see all these mainly intelligent posings. But remember, the best thing you can do is get out and protest and encourage others to do likewise. Massive peaceful public protests cannot be ignored!

Posted by Shane Arnold @ 03/31/2003 07:24 AM EST

I believe that the "70%" support for Bush is a lie, and it is repeated over and over as a control mechanism, just as you described. BUT, I also believe that as things stand right now Bush would be reelected with that same 70% margin, because all the computerized voting machines installed since the last election cycle are easily controlled by the ZOG. It already has happened in Georgia, for example, where Cynthia Mckinney and other enemies of the ZOG were defeated. In Nebraska Hagel got 83% of the vote, according to the computerized voting machines that his company's subsidiary installed.

They know they are despised, and they are prepared. There is no hope to get rid of them the way things are now.

Posted by Looking Ahead @ 03/31/2003 07:35 AM EST

CNN Corrupt News Network.

Posted by wo_to_co @ 03/31/2003 07:39 AM EST

Very enlightening! Although not exactly NEWS. For more than many of you guys been around, I have known the 'works' of the nefarious CIA, lap dogs of the filthy rich, psychopaths with a federal badge, with a finger in probably every major crime in the world, and with full sanction from the 'government' of this country. The mass media 'government' outposts are crammed with moles from the military, CIA, and the Zionist conspiracy. We.... no, YOU hear and see only what the Controlers want you to see. I shut down my TV several years ago, after realizing the massacre at Waco was 'government' organized, sanctioned, and covered up. By 9-11, I KNEW they allowed it. Then I found out on the Net, they DID IT. We are living a nightmare, and to realize there are so many IDIOTZ out there who stoopidly wave a flag to the Monkey in the House and dare harrass the anti-war (pro-peace...) people, really turns my stomach. One thing is being born stoopid, but then another is showing off about it. By the way, the power of the mind, awareness, and hightened consciousness of ordinary people, is what the tyrants and despots of old feared most. Everything begins with a thought, or a dream. 'Our thoughts ARE things'... so verse ancient wisdom. While 'positive thinking' is good for the mind and soul, and the end results we seek, thinking 'good' about the deranged Monkey in the House WILL NOT change the individual's mentality. He was BORN defective. We cannot heal him, even if we tried. Instead, we ALL can visualize the idiot being handcuffed and taken to prison for crimes against this country, its citizens, its constitution, and for crimes against the world. Together with his troupe of criminal deviates. And THAT we can make it happen. For it is karmically deserved. You cannot heal a rabbid dog. There is no cure for deviate madmen. Lock'em up and throw the key in the gutter. Let the lesson be learned by the next would-be traitors and genocidal mass murderers in this country and the world.

Posted by Zhen @ 03/31/2003 07:53 AM EST

Folks, here is a excellent site. Cornell Universtiy law students put up this forum:

Posted by loner @ 03/31/2003 09:01 AM EST

None So Blind...
30 March 2003, Arab News

An Iraqi in a taxi containing explosives has become the first known suicide bomber of the war to succeed in taking some of the US invaders with him. By itself, his attack is simply another bit of bloodletting in this unnecessary war. But what makes the event so significant is not that it happened (though the fact that it did will be causing considerable unease among America and its allies), but the way in which Washington has reacted to this slaying of at least four of its soldiers.

The cry has gone up from the American camp that suicide bombings are the acts of terrorists, therefore this attack proves, beyond all doubt, the long-argued American case that Iraq is a terrorist state. Thus Washington was right all along to invade, and the sooner Saddam Hussein can be put out of business, the safer the world will be.

There is none so blind as they that won’t see.

This ignorant and deeply stupid analysis just about sums up the level of what seems to pass for serious thought in George W. Bush’s White House.

Put aside for a moment the obvious objection that had there been no invasion in the first place, there would have been no suicide bombing in reaction to it, terrorist or otherwise — in other words, that the proof of this particular pudding was not in the eating — and bring the debate to a level that the current mindset of the US administration is more attuned to.

Imagine instead that one of Davy Crockett’s men had volunteered to charge a wagonload of explosives out of the fort and straight into Santana’s forces surrounding the Alamo, in an attempt to break the Mexicans’ aggressive resolve. Would not that man now be high in the pantheon of US heroes? Indeed are not Davy Crockett himself and the rest his volunteers roundly honored for their bravery and self-sacrifice, which held off an invader long enough for his campaign to lose momentum and falter?

Were Davy Crockett and his men terrorists for throwing away their lives in a hopeless action against vastly superior might? If an American answers that they were not, then he is accepting that neither was the Iraqi suicide bomber in his taxi.

Davy Crockett is a hero to the Americans. Every citizen remembers the Alamo. Can Washington therefore appreciate that the Iraqi in the taxi is going to be a hero as well, when his name and his self-sacrifice become known, and that he will be a hero not just in Iraq but throughout the Arab world ?

If they can imagine this, maybe the Bush White House will go the extra intellectual mile and understand that the guy in the taxi in Iraq was no more laying down his life for his president in Baghdad than the guy in the raccoon hat was dying for his president in Texas. Both men chose to die because they loved and wanted to defend their homeland. An attack against one Texan or one Iraqi was an attack against all Texans and all Iraqis.

But America of course cannot ascribe to its enemies the noble and decent motives it is happy to honor among its own heroes. For Washington, there can be no equivalence between Iraqis and Americans. Yet consider this: One of them has a warmongering, bloodthirsty president, elevated to his position in a sham election, who is happy to slaughter innocents to promote his world vision. The other has Saddam Hussein.

Posted by loner @ 03/31/2003 09:38 AM EST

As for zionist crap... yes just look at the dual citizen zionists surrounding, and influencing our psychotic whitehouse "resident" as our troops are being used to fight Israel's war. Jwes had better wake up and smell the coffee. They had better get control of the fascist zionists before we see a repeat in history...

Posted by loner @ 03/31/2003 09:43 AM EST

My dear american citizens...

please dont elect bush for a second time when the election comes...and do boycott american brands.

Posted by juns @ 03/31/2003 10:09 AM EST


Posted by NATIONAL ALLIANCE @ 03/31/2003 10:52 AM EST

voxfux ur soo cool, nice 1. the good use of sheep, new world order, damn every1 knows, i thawt it was still hush hush...

neway i have boycotted all israeli and usa brands so economy will cum down..

yeh well il keep u posted

Posted by was a sheep not nemore @ 03/31/2003 10:58 AM EST

Hi 'VOX ' -

You at www.voxfux.com and 'Ewar ' at www.codshit.com and Steve Devoy at WWW.stop-fascism.org/, Tom at http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/ ,and Mike Rivero at www.whatreallyhappened.com/ all are running extremely complex well programmed sites that are updated daily. You ALL also tell as much TRUTH as you can.

We want to Believe in you and your sincerety. And you have a good response counter to such a doubt - which would be:"Listien! Would I or any of these other guys be telling so much Truth - if we were Gov. Front sites?? That would be incredible!"

That seems true. That does seem for the most, part to settle doubts about sites speaking so much Truth - yet there are the rare occasional extreme unsubstantiated assertions on each of these sites - (usually coming from the 'readers') that once in a great while come from the hosts, [for instance you link to ICKE and his 'reptilian' species that he says rule the earth , My God!] that tend to invalidate them - somewhat. I don't think such assertions are problem - I have made some such myself.

But look::::: HERE is what I worry about. Each site asks for donations. I OFFER donations but only via the postal service because I don't do credit cards and I don't do any electronic financial stuff at all. I don't even do banking. I use cash or money orders. So - SO!! On ASKING TWO of the above sites for a postal way to send funds - I get NO ADDRESS to which to send funds OR IF I Do - I get No EMAIL to CONTACT the site manager as in the case of STEVE DEVOY who runs stop-fascism. I very much believe in STEVE but I don't like the Idea of sending money to his postal address without any way to talk to him except by snailMail letter. No Site Host in his senses is going to attempt to answer hard-copy letters. It must be enough trouble to answer a hundred Posts a day.

OK - so I have had that problem of no Email address for Steve at stop-fascism, and a non-response or Delay on my hardcash offers to some others?



WHAT'S YOUR TAKE ON THIS? I could offer support from several people.


AND HOW DO THEY GET THE *TIME* TO DO THIS? IT TAKES ME HALF AN HOUR TO WRITE A LETTER LIKE THIS. Yet those who runs sites like yours always reply in the first person on the boards - and don't inform us that there are other people WORKING at the site - or if there are - HOW DO THEY HAVE THE TIME TO KEEP THESE SITES UPDATED AND RUNNING?

I will say again - what I said above. YOUR site and those others are of the HIGHEST QUALITY ON THE NET for EFFICIENCY of programming And TRUTHFUL Material.

But the Large amount of $ -and I have looked into Hosting my OWN such site - [And was Quoted from $10,000 to $15,000 as the sum charges from the Web designers and Hosting Companies and was told that that was a Bargain] - and looked into the TIME required to keep them Current - do paper work and answer inquiries - a Full 8 to 10 hour day minimum. - In order to GO AHEAD WITH YOU FULL STEAM with $ and work and support - We must know the answer to these questions. And let's be realistic - asking such questions as I have in a post is NOT the way the gov agencies get their Info.

Now My Reply to the jejune manure kickers who for lack of any intellect of their own, desperately critic spelling typos from you or Vox - My Reply to those incompetents is:: "Yes! OK - my impaired Conformist friends VOX and some others may not concern themselves with spelling errors. All right: you can use 'spellcheck and they can THINK. I believe that they will take that trade off."

Now a QUESTION for you. My Emails to activists, Arabic newspaper editors and socialists sites - are now being tracked and corrupted as to certain letters and words - right when they are sent. Certain letters are REPLACED in more than several words - and Certain PHRASES are left out. I go back to the original document that they were taken from and I send them from a false Email at the library and they go through perfectly.

Then I send them from MY email at the Library and they are corrupted in words and phrases again. So it is clear I am government HACKED and Tracked.

What do you think I should DO about this? The government is destroying my ability to send out political opinions.

If you want an example of my 'radical' opinions that they have Hacked I will post them on your site - when I figure out how to join the posts on here.

I think that you can see that I am highly supportive of what you are doing on here - Very impressed in fact - And very suspicious of the ease with which you do it - and the untroubled way that after they have 'attacked' for instance VOX that he can easily start up again.

You have brilliance - therefore you have read Eric Arthur Blair's "1984" . Before O'Brian led Winston to prison and torture - O'Brian appeared to be one of the most sincere and active Organizers of the Resistance to the Dictatorship. But he kept numerous things about himself secret from Winston. Then the government Squads came for Winston.

We can only be sure that you aren't 'O' Brian' if you let those who wish to Fund you and support you have a way to Really connect with you.
The government already knows all about you - because you are an enterpeneur on the Net. It may or may not be interested in your posters - unless of course you are an agency of the government. I am in contact with Paul Donahue who was arrested for a free speech not in his baggage at San Jose Airport. They could do that to Paul because he was just a guy - like me - speaking out On His Own.

Can we support you in hardcash by mail? And will you connect with some of us who want to help you in real life?


Posted by Dan O'Meara @ 03/31/2003 11:10 AM EST

' VOX ' -

When I went to find out how to support your site - and Clicked on the "Support Us " hypertext link - This is what I got:::

Not Found
The requested URL /admin/support/support.html was not found on this server.

If they are Hacking You - the Posting still works - - Even if they have blown your PayPal you could POST an Article for a physical support address at which one could send you funds until PayPal is back on line.

Posted by Dan O'meara @ 03/31/2003 11:24 AM EST

Why blame the U$ ruling class? Poor chaps are merely trying to prevent another GREAT DEPRESSION using a military version of Keynesianism? Ask Alan Greenspan and his Plunge Protection Team. Any oil producing country which prices its oil in EUROS will be targetted by the U$ rulers as well. Unfortunately, people all over the world think the average U$ citizen is a war-monger. If only they knew that the U$A is controlled by the motherfuckers on Wall Street and the oil men from Texas....

Posted by Asian Indian @ 03/31/2003 11:32 AM EST

There was a HUUUGE protest at CNN HQ in Atlanta when Bush was at the peachtree center in January of 2002. All the media was there but no mention of the protest.

I'm of the opinion that it's too late the fix things, so let's speed up the process so it doesn't take as long for people to wake up.

Posted by StephenV @ 03/31/2003 11:42 AM EST

Best thing to do is not to go around and say that CNN needs to be taken down. They will simply say that protestors are against Freedom of the Press and that will be that.

What needs to be done is the spreading of the truth. Create alternate news sources, pass out flyers and leaflets and let people know that companies like CNN and Fox and the major news networks are simply lying to them. Challenge their poll results. Show how fraudulent they are on their coverage.

Most of all though, companies like this just need to be bankrupted.

Cost them money. By alerting people that CNN is fraudulent, you can also tell them that they are supporting fraud by supporting their advertisers.

In the end, it is all about ratings. Urge people to turn them off and to consider alternate news sources.

Attack their data and their methods. But don't attack the fact that they are broadcasting-- they will turn it around on you and you will look bad.

Posted by CyberChrist @ 03/31/2003 11:58 AM EST


Posted by NATIONAL ALLIANCE @ 03/31/2003 12:09 PM EST

insanity derives from diet
all food is a drug

soap and fertilizer are destroying lakes
we are afraid of our own feces, rightly so

we poison "weeds" with the fastest moving poisons available [herbicide gets into water at a blinding rate compared to pesticide]
it's municipal policy
we should eat them instead, as our jaws move sideways.
every other creature on the face of the earth whose jaws move sideways eats grasses and weeds mainly, no meat.

protein in doses over 1% by weight[the amount found in human milk -not rats, who have 50% approx] will induce aggression, cause calcium excretion [do you like needing a dentist?)colon cancer and stink etc.
fibrous protein, unlike globular [plants], comprises flesh and is not water soluble. it festers in herbivores. So we flush and soap unitl the lakes are dead, worrying about who likes who...

yes we can keep hoping for colon cancer to redeem our violent ones

meanwhile cooked food leaches throught the skin of anyone deluded enough to eat what comes packaged in materials accumulating beyond any sense of need, the discomfort manifests as bickering etc., a small price to pay for poisoning yourself

tomatoes, eggplant, cauliflower have all 8 [or 9 now]essential protiens [and they're not fibrous]

humans digest by chewing first, not meat eaters, they swallow and gorge, with a digestion tract one third the length of herbivores by ratio [herbivores 10x body length -carnivores 3x body length] and stomach acid 3x more potent than ours

have some maalox - president bush
can't wait till they amputate your asshole- and this happens to human who gorge on flesh ,starting with hemmorroids...moving towards colon cancer -see, meat eaters lick their own anuses, not like humans.the acid and undigested proteins dripping from a human arse must be licked by another human.
Gee. aren't we advanced.

peanuts and soy cannot be eaten by humans unless cooked. both are way too high in protein [30% like meat, just globular. the use of fire has really messed up health due to menu it creates.

protien is a macro nutrient.our bodies build macro nutrients from micro nurients. when we force the breakdown of proteins in our bodies to aquire micro nutrients there is a lot of waste -hence pollution, toxicity....

soldiers are given extra rations meat before battle. aggression and protein have been linked for a long long time- it was even in the news a few times.

when we eat food that is difficult to digest our immune systems get boosted by the easiest button to push --that is irritability. We fight and do not feel healthy enough to be peaceful-it was meant to be that way.

by the way,
don't use toilet paper -it is an insult to our organic [tree] relatives
after all we are all carbon based
and that is not natural
besides there is no shortage of water in a bathroom

thou shalt not kill was meant to remind us how to eat
plants don't die when we eat properly
we don't get all aggressive and stupid

when hitler heard einstein was vegetarian he became one
einstein was one because newton was
newton was because pythagorus was

"pure contemplation" could not be achieved , pythagorus believed, eating meat or beans [both very high in protein -how did they know? those ancient greeks

oh well, now you know why math is mainly to be avoided in universities, and why philosophy has stood still --we'd rather bicker and gorge and then go to hospital than deal with the real issues such as possesion\inheritance

p.s a diet of fruit, leaves, vegetables does not require 8 glasses of water per day - bottled or not


it is responsible for more death than we care to know

Posted by absorbantdungheap @ 03/31/2003 12:14 PM EST

As feeling go theres alot to be explained about whats going on in this God fearing world.And a lot to be stopped before its the end of us all.The end is near as we can all see,and we must be ready to fight to the death for our country.Part of which is not being afraid to use your real names in this colume.....May God Bless You

Posted by Lorin Lavelle @ 03/31/2003 12:15 PM EST

Vox, it's good to see you back. I was wrong about you before and I'm man enough to admit it. I've been at protests and have sucessfully pointed out plants in the crowd. It's not much but it's something.

Posted by shotgun @ 03/31/2003 12:19 PM EST

hi. i am in taiwan. the CNN here usually is replete with redundant adverts. since the onset of hostilities in iraq, the adverts have dropped to virtually nil. cnn must be losing millions in advertising dollars.

Posted by wondering yank @ 03/31/2003 12:32 PM EST

I just have to say that I too have to agree with what Vox has said about the media. I'm glad someone has said something. I just hope that more people come to the light and see the truth. Because the Truth is Out there.

Posted by Nefer @ 03/31/2003 01:03 PM EST

I am totally against war. Becuase how do you get peace out of killing people.

Posted by Jeremy House @ 03/31/2003 01:21 PM EST

All of you have excellent comments to say and I'm happy to see that you all see the truth and corruption behind our lives. Like it was said earlier, the Zionists are giving Jews bad names, the bin Ladens are giving muslims bad names and the Bushs are giving Christians bad names. We need to learn to separate these facts. This is what they are trying to do. They are trying to get us to blame it on religions so that we can't see who is really behind it.

As far as the media goes. It's much bigger than just the channels. It's the companies that provide the channels. DirecTV, Comcast, Dish Network etc. They are all Zionists as well. If you don't believe me. Create a channel and ask them if they will broadcast it on their system for you?????

Again, it's great to see you all here united against the evil ones. But there needs to be more done. Martin Luther King didn't just write letters to people showing them how bad things were. He took action. He grouped the people together and took action!
This is what we need to do! Let's all get together and take action.

Posted by Tiago @ 03/31/2003 01:27 PM EST

Today in Madison Wisconsin the local newspaper banned anyone from posting on the Iraq War forum!

Posted by loner @ 03/31/2003 01:31 PM EST

Dyslexic Vegetarian is a troll--please delete, Vox.

Posted by John Bull @ 03/31/2003 01:32 PM EST

Dyslexic Vegetarian is a troll--please delete, Vox.

Posted by John Bull @ 03/31/2003 01:34 PM EST

It seems that the Jews, Blacks, Arabs and Orientals have been educated in Universities in White countries. Educated Blacks are the worst kind. The Jew media tries to conceal, when Blacks go on a rampage. The Jew media didn't show much of the riots of the Blacks in recent years. The educated Blacks destroyed Virginia Beach a few years, ago. The media didn't give much coverage, when the Blacks rioted in Seattle, Mobile, and Cincinnati. It seems the Jew media tries to explain that the Blacks are rioting, because the Honky has done something to them. Blacks cry that the Cops don't care about their Black neighborhoods, but when a White Cop tries to arrest a Black drug dealer, the Jew media never tires of printing, "Unarmed Black Shot by White Cop". They never mention that the Black was a felon and that he resisted arrest. The Jew media is responsible for flaming the rioting by the way they slant the news and the government should make them pay for this, but Jews not only control the media, they control government too.

Posted by Holocaustdenier @ 03/31/2003 01:41 PM EST

If i was a "educated" blackman I would do a hell of alot more than trash some beaches in Virginnia! Any thinking black person would be entirely within his rights to storm the whitehouse and hang all of it's occupants.

And it is not the Jew media... it's the zionist media. Uneducated white people like you are pretty scary too. your average jew in the US doesn't even know what a zionist is.

Posted by loner @ 03/31/2003 01:46 PM EST

March 31, 2003

As an ex-combat infantryman from the Vietnam War I, along with many of my grunt brothers (including Oliver Stone who was in the next hootch over and made a movie called Platoon many years later about our experiences in Nam) are disgusted with our government's cavalier attitude toward human slaughter. You go to war because you have to, not because you want to. We want our soldiers home now and we want answers as to why we wanted to go over there in the first place. God only knows we didn’t have to. If any soldier in Nam had done what President Bush is doing, he would have been court-martialed. So why is the US getting away with it? This remake of the first War on Iraq will make Mi Lai look like the Peace Corp.

What Bush is doing in Iraq is flat out illegal. He is in violation of the same United Nation Charter he exploits to impugn Saddam Hussein for violations. I looked up the Charter on the Internet the other day, something I encourage everyone to do. I counted at least 18 articles Bush is currently violating by going to war with Iraq. Our President and his minions of malleable morons are ripping apart every stitch of decency that this country has stood for during the past 250 years

France and other nations of compassion tried to stop this unjustified war. Their efforts have not made them and the UN irrelevant. It is the United States of America that is becoming increasingly irrelevant in today’s world where mutual cooperation and respect are essential for world peace.

For those who say Bush went the extra mile for diplomacy, they are living in a dream world. Bush never took that first step. Bush’s idea of diplomacy was never to give Saddam a chance to disarm. It was to coerce and bribe the coalition of the “unwilling” to join his bloodbath. Nothing that Saddam ever did to comply with 1441 was good enough for Bush.

Bush and his followers have devolved into bloodthirsty bullies. Many have been impatiently waiting for months for their ultimate vicarious thrill of popcorn munching, reality TV war. To this subhuman class of protoplasm, the war is sheer entertainment. These chickenhawks want to hear the big BOOM, but nobody wants to die. The frenzy is certainly on to kill a lot of "rugheads" over in Iraq. But why Iraq and why the frenzy to kill "rugheads" now?

Although a majority of Americans believe otherwise, Saddam and his “rugheads” have done nothing to us, no verbal threats, had nothing to do with 911, have not been found to have any weapons of mass destruction or nucular (sic, Bush’s pronunciation) capability, and do not harbor terrorists. The CIA has said repeatedly that there are no links between terrorist organizations and Saddam Hussein. If there are any terrorists in Iraq they are not linked with Saddam Hussein. They are the al-Ansar branch of the al-Queda in Northern Iraq, where the Kurds live under their own hegemony and outside any control of Saddam Hussein.

Ironically Kurdish males by the hundreds have joined up with al-Ansar yet we consider them our allies. We also consider the Turks our allies although the Turks and Kurds hate each other. The Turks have tortured Kurdish prisoners in the most inhuman ways imaginable for years. A recent escapee posted sketches and descriptions of tortures he had endured on the Internet. One was called “the scales” whereby a naked prisoner had to lift his fellow prisoner up by his penis to “weigh him”, thus the “scales”. Turkish guards found this and many other sadistic brutalities amusing. Still, the U.S. considers Turkey our bosom buddy.

I am so sick and tired of hearing the chorus (Bush, Fleischer, Rumsfeld, Powell, Rice, et al) echo that tired old mantra “for the past 12 years Saddam has done nothing to disarm”. Nothing could be further from the truth. As weapons inspectors from the 1990’s have testified, 90-95% of the weapons of mass destruction were destroyed from 1991 through 1998. Furthermore, significant disarmament has taken place since UN Resolution 1441 was passed last November when Saddam obligingly and cooperatively readmitted weapons inspectors. There are a multitude of countries who are much more of a nuclear and biological threat than Iraq. Weapons of mass destruction are obviously a pretext for Bush’s war anyway. It is so transparent to those of us who have taken the time to do some independent research on this war because we haven’t gotten it from the biased, conservative media. Even NPR and the main three TV networks, always noted for their liberal slant, have kowtowed to Bush for fear of losing their audience and consequently commercial sponsors.

The media/government complex has also worn thin that old mantra “Saddam is in violation of 16 UN Resolutions.” Few of those who condemn Saddam for violating the UN Resolutions have ever bothered to read them. It is like someone who uses a big word without knowing its definition. In fact, the so-called violations of the UN Resolutions are very petty; i.e. Iraqis were late for a scheduled inspection by a few minutes. An inspection was rescheduled because of a conflict with a holy day; Iraq refused admission to inspectors to certain sacred holy mosques; irate farmers protested some of the inspectors for ridiculously inspecting their farms; and then there was the time Iraq refused to permit flyovers for reconnaissance purposes fearing that the inspectors were actually CIA spies. Most of these violations were no more than minor differences that could have been handled on the spot before the Whitehouse spin masters turned sand dunes into mountains.

If you choose to go to the Internet and read the violations, please make note that since Resolution 1441 last November Iraq has redressed all of the violations from the past 12 years that Bush keeps harping on. In addition to remedying the past violations, Iraq has not committed any new violations. Hans Blix has said on a number of occasions that Iraq fully cooperated and has been “proactive” in the disarmament process. What more could the UN or the US want?

Since Resolution 1441 last November Iraq has destroyed over 60 el Samoud missiles, performed substantive actions to detect and disarm old buried WMD, presented written documents to Hans Blix and El Baradei accounting for the destruction of most of their chemical and biological weapons in the 1990s, and willingly did everything else asked of them.

Ironically, Bush has been the exterminator of U.N. resolutions. He initiated over 30,000 violations with air sorties and hundreds of air strikes with the ensuing deaths and dismemberments (collateral damage) of hundreds of Iraqi civilians. And this was all going on the last 3 years during our peacetime. Ask any peasant Iraqi wife how peace feels when her husband’s body is scattered like hamburger all over the farm.

Such perverse irony when the US demands that spy planes fly over Iraq, demands that Iraq destroy their el Samoud missiles, and then to top it off, we attack them old "rughead"s. Iraq did all those things to please us and more. It is like picking a fight with someone -- but first we insist they cut off their own arms. It kind of reminds me of a hard-hitting NFL linebacker jumping on a little old lady all crippled up in her wheelchair. Talk about un-American!

So why did we not take a little more time and finish off the last 5% of WMD’s instead of finishing off Saddam? The answer lies between the ears of George Bush and may never be known. Even our CIA and FBI were cited in the New York Times recently stating that our president is” wildly exaggerating” the case against Iraq. Much of the reason is oil, whether the chickenhawks want to admit it or not. I believe time will bear this out. In addition, massive contracts for oil drilling, reconstruction, and other post war enterprises have already been let out to favored contractors such as Haliburton, Vice President “wonder what happened to him” Cheney’s old company.

There are other cobwebs of resentment between Bush’s ear that led to this war. Only Bush's psychiatrist may be able to blast them out. As for the chickenhawks, their tortured logic for war is overly simplistic: they believe our president. Our president tells lies and the bloodthirsty chickenhawks suck on them like Dracula at a bloodbank.

But Bush only gives an anorexically thin slice of the picture. Bush never places Iraq’s actions within the context of real current events, history, culture or geography. For example, this war is particularly disturbing in that we would go to war with a secular government, when there are so many fanatical Islamic fundamentalists around to pick a fight with. And as far as the word “rughead”, a common stereotypical chickenhawk slam, few in Iraq even wear "rugs" on their heads or other fundamentalist garb. Being secular, Iraq does not mix church and state like other Arab nations. You don’t even have to be a Muslim to attain a high-ranking office in Iraq’s government. Tariq Azziz, Iraq’s Foreign Minister and Saddam’s right hand man for nearly 40 years is not even a Muslim. He is a Christian. Iraq has always encouraged diversity. Iraq never went to war on religious grounds like so many other Arab nations have. Iraq engages in war only when a nation is a threat to them. An example is the Iran/Iraq war. Iraqi war drums began in 1979 when Iran started to act up. Remember 1979? It was not the Iraqis who were a threat to the U.S. It was the rabid anti-American Iranians who tortured 52 American hostages for 444 days. It was the Iranians who took over our embassy. And it was the Iranians who killed Capt. Richard L. Bakke, 34, Long Beach, CA. Air Force and 7 other American heroes who valiantly attempted to rescue the hostages.

As a matter of fact, Iraq fought a war in our proxy to defeat the Islamic revolutionaries in the Iraq/Iran War 1980-1988. In 1984 Donald Rumsfeld, then Special Envoy to the Middle East, importuned Saddam to continue fighting our dreaded enemy, Iran. Back then it was Catch 22. We had to stop the Islamic fundamentalists who aimed to galvanize the entire middle east, but we had no way to wage war except via Iraq. The thought of war was politically untenable for our government since it was only 6 years since the Vietnam War had ended and Americans were not about to get sucked into another quagmire.

Consequently Iraq fought valiantly for their country and for us. The US supplied Iraq with weapons of mass destruction, satellite reports on enemy’s positions, and plenty of hugs and kisses to spur them on to victory. The so-called gassing of Saddam’s “own people” was done in self-defense late in the war when Iran was dangerously close to overrunning Iraq. Then President Reagan had issued a directive that read in part “Iran must be stopped at any cost…”. The Reagan administration was scared; especially after the Kurds had joined forces with the Iranians to conduct almost daily human wave attacks on innocent Iraqi villagers. Machete wielding Kurds tortured and decapitated hundreds of Iraqi villagers. Being outnumbered 6 to 1, Saddam protected his villagers and the U.S. the only way possible - gas, gas supplied via Uncle Sam. Any acts of violence by Saddam have always been to protect the sovereignty of his country. Iraq lost over half a million men to put the American-hating religious fanatics in their place. And what do we do to express our appreciation to Iraq - bomb this back into the Stone Age again.

It is also very disturbing that we would go to war with a nation whose culture mirrors our own like no other Middle Eastern nation except maybe Israel. Iraqis dress primarily in western clothing. Women occupy positions of power and responsibility. They have been freed from their veils for decades. Iraqis are blessed with a compulsory coeducational system that was instituted by Saddam Hussein himself in the 1980s. As a matter of fact, Saddam won several humanitarian awards during the post Iran War for his efforts to eliminate illiteracy, industrialize the cities, and mechanize agriculture. Saddam constructed dams to more effectively make use of the irrigational resources of the Tigress and Euphrates Rivers. He also improved transportation and commerce by modernizing the highway systems.

Iraq is a highly educated society with a significant number of engineers, architects, doctors, and other professionals, many educated in America. Iraq has good universities, malls, cinemas, freeways, and even gogo bars. In addition, Iraq has a quasi-parliamentary form of government, with a President who fought valiantly in several wars over a 45-year span to earn his claim to power. He was twice shot, twice captured, sentenced to death, and twice escaped. Saddam has earned his position as the President of Iraq, a position he has held since 1979. Iraq, under the leadership of Saddam Hussein, has managed to hang on for 12 years even with the unjustified U.S. sponsored sanctions and almost daily bombing. The United Nations has estimated that the U.S. sponsored sanctions have led to the deaths of over a million Iraqis over the last 12 years, 400,000 of whom were children. Iraq still has not recovered from the 1991 war, during which it was on the receiving end of the heaviest bombing in world history, destroying much of the country’s civilian infrastructure. Just think what Iraq could do under Saddam’s leadership if the sanctions were removed and the bombs stopped falling.

For those Americans caught up in the Code Orange paranoia, fear not. It is highly unlikely that there will be any terrorist attacks since terrorists hate Saddam. In Osama bin Laden’s most recent tape recording, he called Saddam an infidel. Osama probably hates Saddam as much as Bush. Therefore, as long as Bush goes after Saddam, terrorists will rejoice and certainly not risk preempting this insane preemptive war. So don’t worry. Americans can continue their ordinary lives with virtual impunity. But what about Iraq? Iraqis have made it clear - if anyone is listening - that they too simply want to be given the chance to get up in the morning, put their pants on one leg at a time, and go about their daily lives. Is that too much to ask?


Larry Robinson
4833 Gilhem Court
Columbus OH 43228

Posted by Larry Robinson @ 03/31/2003 01:48 PM EST

do you know what a zionist is holocaust?

Posted by loner @ 03/31/2003 01:49 PM EST

Hey Guy's:

Don't just blame George Bush not that he isn't part of the blame.

What is The Congress, Senate and The House up there for? Maybe they should all be sent to jail regardless of the party that they represent and, I read the other day where the Congress and The Senate can over rule The USSC on a decision. Why weren't they over ruled in this 2000 election since The Democrats were in control?

Posted by Ida Hennesey @ 03/31/2003 01:51 PM EST

the political system has not one iota of crediblity left. as the economy collapses we will build a new system, hopefully shed of the illuminazi scum who have cursed the weary -planet for so many cneturies.

Posted by loner @ 03/31/2003 03:03 PM EST


welcome back to the land of the connected my friend. I feel more positive already knowing you are back making the lives of the evildoers unpleasant. we need you mare than ever :-)

lots of love,


Posted by ewar @ 03/31/2003 03:09 PM EST


Posted by THE TRUE BELEIVER @ 03/31/2003 04:21 PM EST

Holy FUCK!!!! TrueBeliever???? You're a true ASSHOLE!!!!
Go line up with the rest of the ROBOTS thumping your "NONDUSTY" bibles.
A very large chunk of CANADIAN MEDIA is owned by the much despised Izzy Asper. He owns Canwest/Global. He has quite a stranglehold on western Canadian media sources (papers and TV).

Posted by Great White @ 03/31/2003 04:42 PM EST

Vox...delighted to see that you are still amoung the living...why not give us one more post (at least) and tell us what "they" have put you through...am I wrong believing, based on your reemergence, that free speech is not totally dead?? Have you had the pleasure of meeting chief enforcer Chertoff? Can you say?

(as I type this, the message above..from "True Believer" covers the top of my screen; you know, if I could figure out what he is trying to say, I likely wouldn't put credence in it....quit screaming and learn how to spell, moron)

Posted by UncleBob @ 03/31/2003 04:51 PM EST

How can so many be filled with so much hate and violence? In every letter I have read, you have attacked everthing and everyone that disagrees with your point of view, not with proof of wrongdoing, but with hatred and empty statements of hostility - Each has a right to believe as they choose; non has the right to shread the other for their beliefs. Why can't we all just live together as God's children?

Posted by Linda Lewis @ 03/31/2003 05:00 PM EST

I would be interested to hear of some theories behing the pentagon's war against the independent reporters in Iraq. Here is my article on it:
What do you think they are up to?


Posted by Webber @ 03/31/2003 05:04 PM EST

You hate me because I am a white European male.
You hate me because I am a conservative.
You hate me because I graduated college and chose to work for a corporation, instead of the ACLU, Amnesty International, or Greenpeace.
You hate me because I drive a BMW.
You hate me because I am patriotic.
You hate me beacuse I go to church on Sunday.
You hate me because I don't share your particular ideology.
You hate me because I voice my opinion.
You hate me because I dare ask you why I did not hear you speak out when that dispicable dictator was murdering over 100,000 kurds.
You hate me because I dare ask you why I did not hear you speak out when Bill Clinton bombed Belgade, killing hundreds of civillians.
You hate me when I dare ask you why I did not hear you speak out when Mugabe rigged the elections and mudered hundreds of poor Africans who opposed him.
Do you see the uncomfortable juxtoposition here?

Posted by CommonMan @ 03/31/2003 05:38 PM EST

Importing Terrorism
by William Norman Grigg

The U.S. government has thrown open our borders to potential Iraqi terrorists disguised as refugees.

Order This Issue

Vol. 19, No. 7
April 7, 2003
Who's still here?

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Names and email addresses are not harvested from this feature. We respect your privacy and as such you will not be added to an email list.

On the eve of war with Iraq, federal agents swept through the country in pursuit of suspected Iraqi and al-Qaeda "sleeper cells" — small groups of saboteurs waiting orders to commit terrorist acts.

According to the March 5th Los Angeles Times, U.S. intelligence officials had "credible information" that Iraqi terrorist cells had been dispatched around the globe. "The concern is not that there is a credible Iraqi military threat," commented one official. "We are concerned about the increased likelihood of terrorist attacks."

NBC News reported on March 6th: "The FBI is conducting an intensive hunt for potential ‘sleeper cells’ of Iraqi agents planted to strike in the event of war.... At least 70 Iraqi nationals are under active surveillance … and agents have spread out to interview thousands of Iraqi men in an attempt to track down hundreds who came to the United States and disappeared."

This sweep actually began in January, as FBI agents fanned out to interrogate an estimated 50,000 Iraqis residing in the United States. Aziz al-Taee, chairman of the Iraqi-American Council, reported that the FBI was "asking if anybody knows someone who worked with Saddam. They asked about a list of some who have vanished. They are asking about terrorist cells."

Many or even most of the estimated 300,000 Iraqi-Americans and resident aliens are law-abiding people who fled Saddam’s brutal reign, which UN sanctions have exacerbated by targeting the civilian population while leaving the dictator unmolested. It is reasonable to believe, however, that Saddam’s intelligence apparatus seeded that population with terrorists as a way of retaliating against the U.S., should the Gulf War resume.

In fact, we know for certain that the Iraqi refugee population contains highly trained assets of the Iraqi military, including the vaunted Republican Guard. We know this because Washington brought them here.

At the end of the first Gulf War in 1991, the first Bush administration began a program, which the Clinton administration continued, to resettle thousands of Iraqi POWs in the United States at taxpayer expense. "According to the State Department, the former prisoners were conscripted into the Iraqi Army against their will and have now been classified by international agencies [meaning the UN] as refugees who face persecution by Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s regime if they return home," reported the August 25, 1993 Washington Post.

When news leaked of the $70 million resettlement effort, a bipartisan group of 75 congressmen sent a letter of protest to the White House. "We find it disturbing that American taxpayers must fund the travel of former Iraqi soldiers (who took up arms against our own soldiers) to the U.S.," declared the letter. "Ironically, we provide the [Iraqi POWs] with welfare services while asking our own veterans and service personnel to bear the burdens of deficit reduction."

Alluding to propaganda leaflets used to encourage Iraqi soldiers to surrender, Congressman Clifford Stearns (R-Fla.) wryly commented: "When we dropped those leaflets on the Republican Guard, we did not include a plane ticket to Middle America and welfare entitlement benefits. When those guys realized the war was lost, they changed into civilian clothes and surrendered, and now we’re rolling out the red carpet."

Hitting up taxpayers to subsidize former Iraqi troops is outrageous. Bilking taxpayers to support potential Iraqi terrorist agents is potentially suicidal — and Saddam’s intention to infiltrate terrorists into this country was well known more than a decade ago. The Washington Post reported on January 28, 1991 that, according to "highly classified U.S. intelligence reports," Saddam Hussein had "dispatched more than 100 terrorists, both experienced and novice, to try to infiltrate the United States." Some might contend that the presence of Iraqi "sleepers" in our nation justifies a "preemptive" war with Iraq. But if defending our country is the object, our efforts should focus on rolling up terrorist networks here, beginning with Iraqi suspects brought here by our own government.

Iraq’s OKC Connection?

Among the dubious, taxpayer-supported Iraqi refugees was Hussain Al-Hussaini, one of several hundred former Iraqi soldiers — including Republican Guard cadres — who took up residence in Oklahoma. Several eyewitnesses to the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing placed Al-Hussaini in the company of executed terrorist Timothy McVeigh on the morning of that atrocity (see "OKC’s Mideast Connection" in our September 14, 1998 issue).

While Al-Hussaini insists that he was an innocent refugee seeking asylum from Saddam’s vicious regime, he admitted in an interview with the Oklahoma Gazette that he had belonged to the elite Republican Guard before emigrating in 1992. (According to one intelligence report, Al-Hussaini served in the Guard’s Hammurabi Division, the same division that arch-terrorist Ramzi Yousef also reportedly served in. Yousef came to the U.S. around the same time in 1992 to mastermind the first World Trade Center bombing.) After working at Boston’s Logan airport, Al-Hussaini moved to Oklahoma City, where he lived with several other Iraqi soldiers. One of his OKC roommates, Ali Al-Sidii, confirmed in a 1998 interview with this magazine’s William F. Jasper that he (Al-Sidii) had served with Al-Hussaini in Saddam’s army during Desert Storm.

Al-Hussaini, Al-Sidii, and other young Iraqi men worked for, and lived in houses owned by, Dr. Samir Sharif Khalil, a convicted felon who served prison time for insurance fraud and was investigated by federal authorities as far back as the 1970s because of alleged ties to terrorists. It’s possible that Al-Hussaini defected legitimately. But U.S. intelligence officials have acknowledged that Saddam may have planted terrorists in U.S.-supported resistance groups.

The March 11, 1998 New York Times reported: "Six Iraqis who worked in concert with the CIA in failed plots against Saddam Hussein have been declared threats to U.S. national security in a court ruling so secret that their lawyers cannot read it." That ruling, handed down by a federal immigration judge, reported the Times, described the Iraqis as "a danger to the national security of the United States" based on secret evidence provided by FBI agents.

One of the Iraqis, Ali Yasin Mohammed Karim, worked with the CIA-created Iraqi National Congress in northern Iraq. "We came to this land legally, on account of the U.S. government, and they put us in jail," protested Karim. Once again, in the murky netherworld of CIA-sponsored "resistance" groups, it’s difficult to distinguish friend from foe. But one clear-cut case is that of Ramzi Yousef, the convicted mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Yousef claimed to be a member of an anti-Saddam resistance group when he entered the United States on an Iraqi passport in 1992.

Acting on behalf of bin Laden’s al-Qaeda network, Yousef devised a plan called "Operation Bojinka," which called for simultaneously bombing 11 U.S. civilian airliners, and using an airplane in a suicide bombing attack on CIA Headquarters. In the aftermath of 9-11, the Filipino police and intelligence officials who had broken up the "Bojinka" plot — and shared their intelligence with the FBI — described it as the first draft of the Black Tuesday attack. (See "Could We Have Prevented the Attacks?" in our November 5, 2001 issue.)

Bin Laden’s Balkan Buddies

Intriguingly, the term "Bojinka," meaning "loud bang," is neither Arabic nor Tagalog (a Filipino dialect), as one might suspect. Instead, it is a Serbo-Croatian term with Turkish roots — a small but potentially significant connecting link to the Balkans, a region now infested with radical Muslim terrorist cells loyal to both Osama bin Laden and revolutionary Iran. Following the 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, the Serbian province of Kosovo was turned into a UN-supervised radical Muslim enclave under the rule of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). In February 1998, Robert Gelbard, the Clinton administration’s special envoy for Kosovo, told Agence France Presse that the KLA "is, without any questions, a terrorist group."

Ralf Mutschke, assistant director for Interpol’s Criminal Intelligence Directorate, pointed out in December 2000 congressional testimony: "In 1998, the U.S. State Department listed the KLA as a terrorist organization, indicating that it was financing its operations with money from the international heroin trade and loans from Islamic countries and individuals, among them allegedly Osama bin Laden." Mutschke pointed out that bin Laden lent the KLA one of his military commanders, who led "an elite KLA unit during the Kosovo conflict."

On August 24, 1998, shortly after U.S. cruise missiles struck purported bin Laden assets in Sudan and Afghanistan, the terror chieftain’s World Islamic Front (WIF) issued a communiqué urging its followers to "direct your attacks to the American army and her allies, the infidels." The KLA was among the al-Qaeda-connected groups to which that directive was issued. Nonetheless, in late 1998, the Clinton administration repealed its description of the KLA as a terrorist group, and began to supply it with assistance and training via the CIA.

By any definition, the KLA must be considered one of the most loathsome terrorist groups in existence. In the March 28, 1999 New York Times, Balkans correspondent Chris Hedges pointed out that the group’s leadership echelons were occupied by "diehard Marxist-Leninists (who were bankrolled in the old days by the Stalinist dictatorship next door in Albania)" as well as descendants of World War II-era fascist militias.

Writing in the May-June 1999 issue of Foreign Affairs, Hedges pointed out that the KLA’s ideology displays "hints of fascism on one side and whiffs of communism on the other," and its leadership includes the heirs and descendants of "the Skanderbeg volunteer SS division raised by the Nazis … [who] took part in the shameful roundup and deportation of [Kosovo’s] few hundred Jews during the Holocaust."

While bin Laden and the CIA collaborated to train the KLA’s military personnel, the group’s chief source of revenue was the international heroin trade. In 1994, when the KLA was an embryonic menace, France’s Observatire Geopolitique Des Drogues (a counter-narcotics bureau working with the European Commission) reported that "heroin shipment and marketing networks are taking root among ethnic Albanian communities in Albania, Macedonia, and the Kosovo province of Serbia, in order to finance large purchases of weapons destined … for the brewing war in Kosovo."

Pascal Auchlin of Switzerland’s National Center for Scientific Research corroborated that analysis: "Here and in a half-dozen other Western countries, there is now an ant’s trail of individual drug traffickers that leads right to Kosovo."

The Balkan connection reaches into Albanian expatriate communities in the United States. According to an essay published by criminologist Gus Xhudo in the Spring 1996 issue of Transnational Organized Crime, Albanian mobsters have been involved in "drug and refugee smuggling, arms trafficking, contract killing, kidnaping, false visa forgery, and burglary." Between 1985 and 1995, wrote Xhudo, "authorities estimated that 10 million U.S. dollars in cash and merchandise had been stolen from some 300 supermarkets, ATM machines, jewelry stores, and restaurants" by Albanian gangsters, a healthy cut of which was sent to fund the KLA’s terror campaign.

During the 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia, thousands of refugees from Kosovo arrived in the United States. At the same time, thousands of Kosovo Albanians living in U.S. cities enlisted in the KLA. The April 20, 1999 Washington Times reported that the call to enlist in the KLA "is considered obligatory for all men ages 18 to 55. Only those who are sick or who can contribute financially to the KLA are considered exempt." Albanian émigrés from Philadelphia, Detroit, New York, Chicago, and other U.S. cities repaired to the KLA banner, joining thousands more from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and other European nations.

Little attention was paid to this now largely forgotten display of the KLA’s potential strength as an al-Qaeda fifth column within the United States. Immediately following 9-11, intelligence analyst Yossef Bodansky, author of Bin Laden: The Man Who Declared War on America, told THE NEW AMERICAN that the KLA and its allies in the Albanian Mafia compose a vital part of bin Laden’s terrorist apparatus within the United States.

"The role of the Albanian Mafia, which is tightly connected to the KLA, is laundering money, providing technology, safe houses, and other support to terrorists within this country," Bodansky explained to THE NEW AMERICAN. "This isn’t to say that the Albanians themselves would carry out the actual terrorist operations. But there are undoubtedly ‘sleeper’ agents within the Albanian networks, and they can rely upon those networks to provide them with support. In any case, a serious investigation of the Albanian mob isn’t going to happen, because they’re ‘our boys’ — they’re protected."

Courting Disaster

Seeking to justify aggressive war against Iraq, President Bush and his supporters insist that action must be taken to preempt the potential threat posed by Saddam’s "weapons of mass destruction." The alternative, we are constantly reminded, could be a biological, chemical, or even nuclear terrorist strike on an American city.

Introducing the doctrine of military "preemption" during a June 1, 2002 West Point address, President Bush stated: "We must take the battle to the enemy, disrupt his plans, and confront the worst threats before they emerge." This might include action to uproot terrorist networks "in 60 or more countries," predicted the president — beginning, of course, with Iraq.

This will certainly keep our troops busy overseas. Among them will be tens or perhaps even hundreds of thousands of reservists called up from the ranks of state and local law enforcement personnel, who might otherwise be helping to expose and shut down terrorist networks planted in this country with the invaluable help of Washington, D.C. If, God forbid, another incident of mass terrorism decimates an American city, it will likely be the handiwork of enemies brought within our gates — and perversely protected — by our own government

Posted by Freedom @ 03/31/2003 06:24 PM EST

Venik's Report on the Iraq Agression [ Post 537976 ]

Category: News & Opinion Topic: News & Current Events
Published: January 1, 2001 Author:
For Education and Discussion Only. Not for Commercial Use.

The IRAQWAR.RU analytical center was created recently by a group of journalists and military experts from Russia to provide accurate and up-to-date news and analysis of the war against Iraq. The following is the English translation of the IRAQWAR.RU report based on the Russian military intelligence (the Main Intelligence Directorate, or GRU) reports.
[ << previous next >> ]
March 30, 2003, 2042hrs MSK (GMT +4 DST), Moscow - No significant changes have been reported during March 29-30 on the Iraqi-US front. Positional combat, sporadic exchange of fire and active search and reconnaissance operations by both sides continue along the entire line of the front.

American troops continue massing near Karabela. As was mentioned in the previous update, the US group of forces in this area numbers up to 30,000 troops, up to 200 tanks and up to 230 helicopters. Latest photos of this area suggest that the [US] troops are busy servicing and repairing their equipment and setting up the support infrastructure.

According to radio intercepts, the coalition commander Gen. Tommy Franks has visited the US forces near Karabela. He personally inspected the troops and had a meeting with the unit commanders. Currently no information is available about the topics discussed during the meeting. However, it is believed that the [coalition] commander listened to the reports prepared by the field commanders and formulated the main objectives for the next 2-3 days.

The current technical shape of the coalition forces was discussed during the meeting at the coalition central headquarters. During a personal phone conversation with another serviceman in the US one participant of this meeting called this technical state "depressing". According to him "...a third of our equipment can be dragged to a junk yard right now. We are holding up only thanks to the round-the-clock maintenance. The real heroes on the front lines are not the Marines but the "ants" from the repair units. If it wasn't for them we'd be riding camels by now..." [Reverse-translated from Russian]

Based on the intercepted radio communications, reports from both sides and other intelligence data, since the beginning of the war the coalition lost 15-20 tanks, around 40 armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles, more than 50 military trucks and up to 10 helicopters. In addition to that there have been at least 40 more disabled tanks, about the same number of disabled APCs and IFVs, about 100 disabled wheeled vehicles of all types and around 40 disabled helicopters. These numbers are based on the analysis of non-classified technical reports received daily by the Pentagon.

During the attack last night up to two US Marine battalions attempted to push the Iraqis out of their defensive positions near An-Najaf. Despite of the preliminary 4-hour-long artillery and aerial bombardment once they approached the Iraqi positions the US troops were met with heavy machine-gun and RPG fire and were forced to return to their original positions. One US tanks was destroyed by a landmine and two APCs were hit during this night attack. Radio intercepts show that 2 Marines were killed and 5 were wounded. The latest attempt by the US troops to improve their positions on the left bank of the Euphrates near An-Nasiriya was also a failure. Despite of all the precautions taken to ensure the tactical surprise the US forces were met with heavy fire and returned to the original positions. According to the reports by the [US] field commanders, three Marines were missing in action and four were wounded in this engagement.

These failed attacked have once again confirmed the fears of the coalition command that the Iraqi forces were much better technically equipped than was believed before the war. In particular, the DIA [US Defense Intelligence Agency] intelligence report from February 2003 insisted that the Iraqi army practically had no night vision equipment except for those systems installed on some tanks and serviceability of even that equipment was questioned. In reality, however, the coalition troops have learned that the Iraqis have an adequate number of night vision surveillance systems and targeting sights even at the squadron level and they know how to properly use this equipment. A particular point of concern [for the coalition] is the fact that most Iraqi night vision systems captured by the coalition are the latest models manufactured in the US and Japan. After analyzing the origins of this equipment the US begun talking about the "Syrian connection". In this regard, the US military experts have analyzed Syria's weapons imports for the past two years and have concluded that in the future fighting [in Iraq] the coalition troops may have to deal with the latest Russian-made anti-tank systems, latest radars and radio reconnaissance systems resistant to the effects electronic counter measures.

In the same area [An-Najaf] a coalition checkpoint manned by the US Marines was attacked by a suicide bomber - an Iraqi soldier - who detonated a passenger car loaded with explosives next to the US troops. At least 5 of them were killed.

In a closed radio address to the coalition troops the coalition command asked the soldiers to show "patience and restrain" and "not to let loose their emotions and feelings of anger" [Reverse-translated from Russian] The radio address was recorded following an incident in the area of Umm Qasr when, in plain view of the locals, British soldiers executed two Iraqis after finding a submachine-gun in their house; and after a US attack helicopter returning from a combat mission opened cannon fire on a passenger car and its occupants. It was announced [by the coalition] that both of these incidents will be investigated. However, military psychologists believe that these incidents are the result of the troops being subjected to enormous stress; psychologists say that these soldiers require medical treatment.

Near Basra the British forces have completely abandoned offensive operations and switched to positional warfare. Isolated attacks continue in the airport area - still not under full British control - and on the Fao peninsula where the Iraqis continue to hold a large staging area.

According to the British field commanders, the troops are extremely exhausted and are in dare need of rest and reinforcements. Three British soldiers went missing and two more were wounded in this area during the past 24 hours.

A supply convoy of the 3rd Motorized Infantry Division was ambushed last night to the south of An-Nasiriya. In the course of the attack 10 fuel trucks were destroyed, one escorting APC was hit, 8 troops were wounded and 1 is missing. So far it is not known who was behind the attack: the Iraqi army combat reconnaissance units or the partisans operating in this area.

Analysis of the information coming from the combat zone shows a rapid decline in the [coalition's] contacts with the media and increasing restrictions on all information except for the official reports. For example, since yesterday morning all phone and Internet lines used by the coalition troops to maintain contact with relatives in the US and Europe have been shut down at the division level and below. Not only does this indicate that the coalition command is trying to change the course of the information war, but this also points to a possible upcoming massive coalition attack against the Iraqi forces and an attempt on the part of the [coalition] commanders to prevent any information leaks.

[Russian] analysts believe that all the talk about a "two-week timeout" in the war is nothing more than a disinformation attempt by the coalition. Forces and equipment currently available to the coalition will be sufficient for at least 1-2 weeks of active combat; this is comparable to the duration of a major combat operation. It is likely that such an operation may take place during the next day in the area of Karabela. Goals of this operations have already been discussed in previous reports.

At the same time the coalition is already planning a new large-scale operation that will utilize the new forces currently being deployed to the region. Based on our [Russian] intelligence and that of our allies [Russian] military experts believe that this large-scale operation will be launched from the general vicinity of Karabela and will develop into a wide maneuver around Baghdad from the west ending in the area of the Tartar lake east of Al-Hadid (or east of the Tartar lake at Samarrah). From this point a part of the force will continue advancing toward Saddam Hussein's home town of Tikrit and from there it will turn toward Baghdad from the north through Samarrah and Baahkuba; meanwhile the rest of the [coalition] force will strike the rears of the Iraqi forces fighting in the north near Kirkuk and Mosul. Such an operation would require up to 60,000 troops, no less than 300 tanks and 200 helicopters. It is believed that such forces can be put together by April 15 and by April 18 they should be ready to attack.

Certain available information points to a serious conflict between the coalition command and the US political and military leadership. The [US] Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld - the main planner and lobbyist of the military operation against Iraq - accuses the coalition command and Gen. Tommy Franks personally of being passive and indecisive, which [in Rumsfeld's opinion] led to the lengthening of the conflict and the current dead end situation. In his turn Franks in front of his subordinates calls the Secretary of Defense the "old blabbermouth" and an "adventurist" who dragged the army into the war on the most unfavorable terms possible. However, most [US military] officers believe that both military leaders are responsible for the coalition's military failures. Rumsfeld allowed gross errors during the planning of forces and equipment required for the war, while Franks did not show enough strength to get the right forces and the right training for the troops in this campaign and, in essence, surrendered to the whims of the politicians...

It is entirely possible that the future of this war will see the departure of one of these two commanders. Some reports suggest that Rumsfeld has already proposed to President Bush a change in the coalition command. However, Bush declined this proposal calling it untimely and damaging to the morale of the troops and that of the American people.

(source: iraqwar.ru, 03-30-03, translated by Venik)

Posted by loner @ 03/31/2003 06:49 PM EST

I found this on pravda.ru ...
CNN propaganda in action:

About media:

I posted this on a thread a couple of days ago but sadly it was only viewed 38 times.. check it out , very disturbing


Look at this transcript:

This is the transcript of Hans Blix's February 14 presentation to the U.N. Security Council on the progress of the inspection effort in Iraq.

Now look closely how the propaganda works;

At first glance these two texts seem identical;
but here's the twist.

When Blix is giving his comments on the Iraqi effort something scary happens:

This is the bbc version:

"Not least against this background, a letter of 12 February from Iraq's National Monitoring Directorate may be of relevance."

And Heres the CNN version:

"Not least against this background, a letter of the 12th of February from Iraq's National and Monitoring Directorate may be irrelevant. "

Posted by Russian @ 03/31/2003 07:01 PM EST

Second attempt

http://newsvote.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/2763653.stm (BBC)




Posted by Russian @ 03/31/2003 07:09 PM EST

Hey Holocaustdenier:
Have you fallen for the "You must have gone to college to be educated",too? Say it ain't so!!! I think The Head White House Wing Nut,Bush,went to one of the Better "Institutes Of Higher Learning"! Uh-oh! To paraphrase our Dear Leader: "Is he learned anything?" You don't NEED some document from Yadda College to be truly educated-MOST IF NOT ALL SCHOOLS exist only to educate you in WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO KNOW.In grade schools,it's worse-KIDS ONLY LEARN ENOUGH TO PASS "THE BIG TEST",and then it's on to the next "Big Test".What did we all learn in History? LIES AND HALF-TRUTHS.I've learned more about US history since the 2000 Vote Denial than I ever did in school! And not because I failed any tests;because certain topics were never even discussed.Often,the most dangerous sons-of-bitches are college-educated...the education credentials of members of the Bush Administration are MIGHTY impressive...but look where the world is-teetering on the edge of MADNESS ...just like they need it to be ! To allow 9/11 to happen you have to be SICK,SICK,SICK!!!

Posted by Nottmai Realnaime @ 03/31/2003 07:35 PM EST

Bloodied children's shoes bear witness to deadly strike at Baghdad farm Monday, 31-Mar-2003 10:00AM Story from AFP / Patrick Baz
Copyright 2003 by Agence France-Presse (via ClariNet)


JANABIYAH, Iraq, March 31 (AFP) - Bloodied school books and children's shoes lie amidst animal carcasses on the road leading to the Ismails' farm in this village on the southeastern edge of Baghdad.

The main building of this hamlet, accessible via a checkpoint manned by militiamen, has been levelled, the second burned out and the third partially destroyed.

A neighbour told an AFP journalist that two missiles fired by coalition warplanes Saturday night caught five sleeping families living on the farm.

The raid left 20 people dead, including 11 children, seven women and two men. Ten others injured in the attack were taken to hospital.

The victims have already been buried according to Muslim tradition but the smell of death still permeates the farm: the bombing also cost the life of several of the farm's animals.

Littered amongst the rubble spread over the grass were carcasses of four cows, their eye, nose and mouth cavities blackened by swarms of flies. Two dogs, sheep and chickens lay motionless nearby.

"Five children were turned into human torches in this house because of the gas cylinders inside," one of the two survivors said, wondering how God spared him while four other family members were wounded.

"Their bodies protected me because I was in a corner," he mused.

A neighbour, with missile debris in his hands, said: "That is Bush's democracy. They want us to welcome them with flowers. Look what they've done to our families."

Civilian casualities in Baghdad and its outskirts have mounted since the US-led war to topple President Saddam Hussein's regime was launched on March 20.

The coalition has relentlessly bombed the southern rim of the city, where elite Republican Guard units are believed to be guarding the approach to Saddam's seat of power.

AFP journalists have witnessed five such incidents in which civilians were the primary victims of a coalition strike, reporting at least 70 dead and dozens of wounded.

Iraqi officials have said hundreds of civilians have been killed and wounded since the start of the war.

US and British war planners have declared their intent to minimise civilian casualities and accuse the Iraqi leadership of deliberately placing military targets such as weapons and ammunition in residential neighbourhoods.

They have also suggested that some of the blasts might have been the result of misguided Iraqi anti-missile missiles.



Posted by loner @ 03/31/2003 08:05 PM EST

This is the biggest mess of shit I have ever read. All you screw balls take the next flight to Iraq. There is ample room in the Iraqis' bunkers for you to take another shot at the Zionists. Maybe CNN will get a good shot of you on TV.

Posted by Hummer @ 03/31/2003 09:12 PM EST

mind controlled types lioke you are responsible for this nightmare hummer. unfortunately your ignorance will kill us all.

Posted by loner @ 03/31/2003 09:22 PM EST

03/31/03 08:08 PM

Category: News & Opinion Topic: News & Current Events
Synopsis: Is Justin Raimondo a Jewish Supremicist too?
Source: anti war
Published: March 31, 2003 Author: raimondo
For Education and Discussion Only. Not for Commercial Use.

In response to my recently published op ed piece in USA Today, which pointed out that the war is not in America's national interest – and that Israel is the one and only beneficiary of this war – ADL chairman Abe Foxman penned the following missive that appeared, I am told, in the letters column:

"Rather than offer a cogent argument against a war with Iraq, Justin Raimondo presents the age-old conspiracy scenario of 'blame it on Israel' or blame it on the Jews."

Uh, no, Mr. Foxman, I did not write "blame it on Israel," although you adorn that phrase with quotes – but fabricating citations is the least of your crimes. What I wrote is this:

"Our troops will be fighting a proxy war in Iraq, and beyond, not to protect U.S. citizens from terrorist attacks, but to make the world safe for Israel. When the dead are buried, let the following be inscribed on their tombstones: They died for Ariel Sharon."

They died for Ariel Sharon – but don't blame the Israeli Prime Minister for that. The President of these United States wanted this war, and he must take the full responsibility for it.

From a made-up quote Foxman manages to smoothly segue into saying that my position is to "blame it on the Jews" – as if Israel, and the fictional collective entity of "the Jews," are synonymous. But, here, get the full flavor of Foxman's sh*t-flinging:

"Raimondo's argument reflects an age-old predilection to point the finger at Jews for nefarious plotting at world domination, for pursuing their own interests to the detriment of the rest of the world. Indeed, in Raimondo's twisted view, President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, Secretary of State Powell and National Security Advisor Rice have no real problem with Iraq. Indeed, these opinion-less leaders are only preparing for war against Iraq because they have been directed by their Israeli or Jewish masters to do so."

Foxman ignores the reality that the overwhelming majority of Israel's knee-jerk supporters in the U.S. are not Jews, but fundamentalist Christians. As I have repeatedly pointed out in past columns, the key determining factor in an American President's shameless appeasement of Israel is not some "nefarious" Jewish plot, but the Christian "dispensationalist" theology of his core constituency, as promulgated by Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. According to the "born again" Rapturists who make up the Bushian base, after the "saved" are carried up into Heaven in the Rapture, Israel will become the "new dispensation," the replacement of the Church as God's instrument on earth. This may seem like an obscure theological point, but it is not so to the millions of American Christians who believe that the "end times" are virtually upon us – and who have been politicized by their religious hysteria and their ambitious preacher-leaders. Bush and his gang want to get re-elected, they want to advance the interests of their party, and they can't do either without the fundies who are the core of their militant activist wing.

Foxman ends his letter without quite calling me an anti-Semite, but he comes pretty damn close:

"As in any democracy, tough questions that challenge the decision to go to war, and the consequences and implications stemming from such conflict, are legitimate. Yet Raimondo's paper-thin thesis that U.S. foreign policy is dictated by what is best for the State of Israel is nothing more than fodder for conspiracy theorists and anti-Semites."

I, for one, am sick unto death of Abe Foxman telling us what is and is not a "legitimate" question – when it comes to the war, or anything else, for that matter. Who died and left him in charge? I am hardly alone is pointing to the proverbial "elephant in the room" when it comes to observing that the invasion of Iraq is a proxy war fought on behalf of Israeli interests. Did Foxman write a similar letter to Slate.com when they published Michael Kinsley's view that Israel is a major reason for this war that none dare name? What about when Mickey Kaus opined on the same issue, agreeing with Kinsley? Did Washington Post reporter Robert Kaiser get a similarly odoriferous slimeball aimed at him when he cited an administration official as saying "the Likudniks are really in charge now"? Not to mention Arnaud de Borchgrave in the Washington Times.

Come off it, Mr. Foxman, and get real: Israel's amen corner in the U.S. is a coalition of Christian and neoconservative nutballs, in which Jews are a small minority. Without Jews, there would in all likelihood be no antiwar movement worth noticing – and there certainly would be no Antiwar.com.

I have respect and great affection for the Jewish people. My mentor and teacher, the late Murray N. Rothbard, was Jewish – along with virtually every major libertarian theoretician in modern times. For this reason, the Foxman letter makes me so angry that, for once, I can't even express the depth of my resentment and outrage. What galls me is that this liar has the nerve to sign off with "Sincerely"!

I am ceaselessly attacked by real anti-Semites for not facing up to "the Jewish question" – and now I am being smeared by the ADL (and the extremist Jewish Defense League) for supposedly providing "fodder for anti-Semites." That's a pretty good indication I'm on the right track, as far as I'm concerned.

– Justin Raimondo

Posted by loner @ 03/31/2003 09:24 PM EST

Voices in the Wilderness Update [ Post 538198 ]

Dear Friends,

Since the last update, several of our people have left Iraq, most of them
ordered out of the country by Iraqi officials. Many if them were in Iraq as
volunteers for the Chicago based Christian Peacemaker Teams. An
Associated Press report of the expulsion and team's eventful journey to
Jordan follows.

We have had almost no contact with our team in Baghdad over the last few
days. However, an email from Kathy Kelly managed to find its way to our
inbox this morning:

"Cathy Breen and I visited Amal at the home of her friends, having heard
that her home had been further destroyed by ongoing bombing. She then
took us to her house which faces the river, graced by a garden where
flowers are blossoming. Picking our way through broken glass at the
entrance, we entered what was once one of the most well appointed homes
in Baghdad. The rooms are in disarray. Several walls are cracked, the
windows are all shattered, and a thick layer of dust and grime covers the
exposed furniture, books, carpets and floors.

"'It was my silly feeling,' Amal said matter-of-factly, 'that this will not
happen. I did not move anything.' She emphasized several times that
neighbors could have removed everything, in the past two days. 'The
house is open. The whole area knows about it. But nobody moved
anything.' Amal wasn¹t in her home when the windows shattered and the
doors were blown out. 'By chance, that night, I forgot my key and for that
reason I stayed with my friends.' Ten minutes after we arrived at her home,
the US began bombing. 'They are starting it again," sighed Amal. "We
should go very quickly.'

"We rejoined Amal¹s friends, two sisters who, like Amal, are elderly,
scholarly, staunch, and furious. I first met them in the summer of 2002,
when they invited me to tell a gathering of two dozen or so Iraqi friends
about my experiences, in April 2001, inside the Jenin Camp, in the West
Bank, just after Israeli troops had destroyed hundreds of homes in a
civilian neighborhood, using overwhelming military force. Amal and her
friends were deeply angered when I showed them enlarged pictures of
homes in the Jenin Camp that were reduced to rubble. They said they¹ve
always felt intense grief for the Palestinians who¹ve suffered under
occupation. It was unthinkable, then, that Amal herself would become
homeless and face life under occupation less than a
year later.

"'It is so unfair,' said Amal. 'From the simplest people to the highest
people, all have suffered.' Later that night, we learned that Voice of
America radio had confirmed that an Iraqi military officer approached a US
military checkpoint in Iraq appearing to be a cab driver wishing to
surrender. The driver detonated a load of explosives inside the cab,
killing himself and four US soldiers.

"Amal has paid a high price for guessing wrongly about whether or not the
US would wage a massive attack against Iraq. She didn¹t bother to
safeguard her impressive collection of valuable artwork, books, and other
belongings. She and her friends aren¹t guessing now. They are positive that
US warmakers will pay a lethal and grisly price for any attempts to overtake
and occupy Iraq. 'We will lose the battle, but the US is not the winner,' she
vowed. 'The children talk about the monster coming. We will push back
the monster, with our hands.'"

We will continue you send you updates on our teams staus and experience
inside Iraq.

All my best,

Jeff Guntzel, for Voices in the Wilderness


Peace activists confirm Iraqi hospital bombed

Charles J. Hanley, AP Special Correspondent, Associated Press

30 March 2003

AMMAN, Jordan (AP) - Bruised and bleeding, in need of medical care, the
Americans stranded in Iraq's western desert approached the mud-brick
town and found the hospital destroyed by bombs.

"Why? Why?" a doctor demanded of them. "Why did you Americans bomb
our children's hospital?" Scores of Iraqi townspeople crowded around.

The American peace activists' account was the first confirmation of a report
last week that a hospital in Rutbah was bombed Wednesday, with dead and
injured. The travelers said they saw no significant Iraqi military presence
near the hospital or elsewhere in Rutbah. The doctor did not discuss
casualties, the Americans said.

U.S. Central Command said Sunday it had no knowledge of a hospital
bombing in Rutbah. The U.S. military has said it is doing its best to avoid
civilian casualties in its campaign to oust Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

For the battered band of peace activists, recounting their nerve-jarring exit
from Iraq on Sunday, it was one of the worst moments in 10 days of war.

That exit had begun at 9:15 a.m. Saturday, when a dozen foreigners - eight
American and one Irish member of the Iraq Peace Team, and three
unaffiliated Japanese and South Korean activists - set out from Baghdad on
the 300-mile trek to the western border with Jordan, through a nation at war.

Members of the antiwar group have shuttled in and out of the Iraqi capital for
months to take part in vigils, small demonstrations and other activities to
protest U.S. war plans. Since March 20, they have borne witness and
compiled reports on the U.S. bombing of Baghdad.

Some who left Saturday had been ordered out by jittery Iraqi bureaucrats for
a minor infraction - taking snapshots in Baghdad without an official escort.
Others said they left to get out the story of the Baghdad bombing.

The journey was a straight shot through the gritty western desert, the Badiyat
ash-Sham, over a divided superhighway eerily empty of traffic. American
special forces and warplanes have been staging raids and air attacks on
isolated targets across the west.

"I'd say we passed up to 20 bombed-out, burned-out vehicles along the
way," said Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, 22, a student from Devon, Pa. Four
were Iraqi tanks and other military vehicles, he said, but the others
appeared to be civilian, including a bus and an ambulance.

"We had to detour around a bombed-out bridge, dodge lightpoles down
across the road," said Shane Claiborne, 27, a community organizer from

Three times the group - in a big white GMC Suburban and two yellow taxis -
spotted bomb explosions nearby. The last, in early afternoon, occurred near
the far-western town of Rutbah. Their Iraqi drivers' nerves were fraying as
they sped toward Jordan at 80 mph.

"He kept going faster, faster," Betty Scholten, 69, of Mount Rainier, Md., said
of her driver.

Suddenly the lagging taxi, pushing to catch up, blew a tire. It careened, spun
out of control and plunged down a ditch, landing on its side. "It was a heavy
hit," Claiborne said. All five men inside were hurt. "We pulled each other up
through the side doors."

A passing car eventually braked to a halt. The Iraqis inside got out, helped
the injured into their vehicle and drove back toward Rutbah and a hospital.
Along the way, Claiborne said, he spotted the contrails of a jet streaking
toward the car. The Iraqis frantically waved a white sheet out a window, and
the plane veered off, he said.

In poor, remote Rutbah, a burned-out oil tanker truck sat in the road, and the
customs building and communications center had been wrecked by
bombing. When they reached the hospital, they saw it, too, had been
bombed, its roof caved in.

Claiborne said an English-speaking Iraqi doctor took them to a small
nearby clinic, and 100 or so townspeople then gathered around the building.
The men were worried, but the doctor told them, "We'll take care of you.
Muslim, Christian, whatever, we are all brothers and sisters,'" Claiborne

The staff tended to them, stitching up a scalp laceration for group leader Cliff
Kindy, 53, of North Manchester, Ind., and doing their best for the worst hurt,
Weldon Nisly, 57, of Seattle, who suffered cracked ribs and similar injuries.

The two other carloads, missing the third, eventually doubled back and
found the men in Rutbah. All then ventured onward the final 80 miles to the
Jordan border, and then Amman, where Nisly was admitted to a hospital
early Sunday.

As they left Rutbah, said Wilson-Hartgrove's wife, Leah, 22, the villagers
"said to us, 'Please tell them about the hospital.'"

Posted by loner @ 03/31/2003 09:35 PM EST

Here's an idea to help "tag" plainclothes, undercover, and provocateur agents at protests.
Douse them with perfume.
Not in the eyes, of course.
For example, if ShotGun (above, who likes to point out fascist plants at rallies) were to carry a small bottle of pungent cologne, and were to sureptitiously sneak behind said plant and repeatedly spray a portion of the plant's clothes (or hair!), a very clear "tag" will be apparent to all who know the code.
As well as everyone else.
Remember, do not hurt the plant, but fucking DOUSE them with cologne or perfume.
Everyone in a 50' radius and everyone for 1/2 a mile downwind will be looking for your plant.
This will seriously annoy the plants, so be careful.
Done effectively, however, it will likely severely hamper the operations of not only the plants, but their coordinators, as I imagine they will pull some plants to reclothe them.
If you tag too many people, the effect will be lost, because the whole place'll stink.

Just an idea. Get it out there.

Also, cuz I'm here.
One might consider what form of currency is best suited towards a peaceful world. A large portion of the reconstruction difficulties will stem from arguments in favor of another central, private bank.
I suggest that the US should remain a Sovereign Republic, and use our Mint to coin our own currency. An analogy is that of a large ship, with many water-tight compartments. If one fails, the rest can be sealed, thus maintaining buoyancy. Nations and currencies are natural economic stablizers, and our best defense against global collapse. Look at the collapse that is happening right now, that this war was to delay: the bankruptcy of the west and it's affiliates. This collapse is the result of a money system that requires us to borrow $1.05 to pay back the dollar we owe.
There was NEVER, EVER, a way for fractional reserves and fiat money to work.

The act of stating "I think this is wrong" implies that there is something that is right.
I implore my fellow Americans to consider what might serve us best. As we set about tearing the rotten old house down, we might want to salvage parts of the foundation.
I do.

Best wishes, Vox. Say hi to the Praetorians for me, next time they visit.
And from what I understand, your prevention measures worked well.
An inspiration to us all. ;)

Law is a construct, not a fact. Same for "crime".

Hehe, who knew the US was gonna have an oldskool class war to kick off the millenium? Such times!

Oh, and if there's a major terrorist attack in the USA, I'm going to ASSUME it's the CIA, so please advise politically active NON-Americans to NOT perform any terrorist acts here. We'll take care of our own government ourselves soon.
I appreciate your patience and implore your mercy in the name of my country's (awakening) people.
Not that of it's rulers.

Posted by tweak @ 03/31/2003 10:57 PM EST

And everyone help get the international troops out of Canada and Mexico. If you have friends in ANY co-opted armed forces, tell them to mutiny, with thier weapons.

Posted by tweak @ 03/31/2003 11:04 PM EST

I knew they couldn,t keep you down for long ,gald to see,ya back from the valley of the dead!!!! :)

Posted by an american forever @ 03/31/2003 11:10 PM EST

Face the facts there are too many of us and something has to give. If your human then you've been created with instincts that tell you to be #1.
The known universe is a show, our reality is the manifestation of ether through time. The big bang was the colision of those 2 dimensions.
Be good because when the day comes you will judge yourself.

Posted by Ray @ 04/01/2003 01:15 AM EST

Love your race - join humanity.

Posted by MR. ELEVEN @ 04/01/2003 01:36 AM EST

Welcome back VOX! As usual, another eye-opening (and infuriorating) article.

Posted by VNN Journalist @ 04/01/2003 02:53 AM EST

Sorry 'bout the typo. I meant infuriating.

VANGUARD NEWS NETWORK http://www.govnn.com

ADMIN: Your freudian typo was ironic.
Also please refrain from multiple postings. Thanks.

Posted by VNN Journalist @ 04/01/2003 03:09 AM EST

'CommonMan', I cannot hate you because that would get me an ulcer. Instead...

(You hate me because I am a white European male.)

I despise you because you are White Trash.

(You hate me because I am a conservative.)

I despise you because you are a selfish hypocrite.

(You hate me because I graduated college and chose to work for a corporation, instead of the ACLU, Amnesty International, or Greenpeace.)

I despise you because you are a moron with a title, most likely working for a corrupt Repugblikan boss.

(You hate me because I drive a BMW.)

I despise you because gold and glitter are your gods. I rather drive a Ford Pinto.

(You hate me because I am patriotic.)

I despise you because you are a traitor: anyone following the Monkey is a traitor, to the constitution, the country, and The People.

(You hate me beacuse I go to church on Sunday.)

I despise you because you are a hypocrite Churchian. You have zero idea what Christianity is. You will kill, or have others (troops) kill, for money and power.

(You hate me because I don't share your particular ideology.)

I thank my Maker you don't sit next to me. Your stupidity may be contagious.

(You hate me because I voice my opinion.)

I despise you because you are a tool of the imperialists. You may be a common man, but you have no common sense, and are indoctrinated by regimented colleges and universities. IF...

(You hate me because I dare ask you why I did not hear you speak out when that dispicable dictator was murdering over 100,000 kurds.)

I despise you because you are and idiot! It wasn't Iraq, but Iran, and that by mistake, who gassed the Kurds. The old fart Bush lied to the world, and senseless, undiscerning morons like you ate the worm, hook and sinker together. Pull your head out of the cesspool.

(You hate me because I dare ask you why I did not hear you speak out when Bill Clinton bombed Belgade, killing hundreds of civillians.)

I despise you because being a conservative Repug, you complain about murderers only if they belong to your opposing political affiliation. Hypocrite. I don't hear you complain NOW, when the worst case scenario murderer in American history is killing innocent civilians in Iraq, only to STEAL the oil for his criminial un-American oil corporations. SHAME on YOU ALL!

(You hate me when I dare ask you why I did not hear you speak out when Mugabe rigged the elections and mudered hundreds of poor Africans who opposed him.)

I despise you because your brain is fucked. Where the fuck were you when the Monkey and his Gang raped this nation, its people, and constitution in 2000 and 2002? Celebrating the rigged s-elections with your corporate boss? Cheering the upcoming tax breaks your boss would get, and the bonuses for you to refurbish your BMW? ...In bed together?

(Do you see the uncomfortable juxtoposition here?)

Now, to which idiot college you went, moron, where they were not even able to teach you good spelling? I have the strange feeling you are just a pathetic high school drop-out, working for the Empire for minimum wages, trying to spin straight thinking people, real patriots with testicles, who oppose the tyrannical ploys of a would-be Monkey Emperor.

By the way, if you are actually a female, please excuse me. I don't have the habit of insulting females, although you kind of sound like one. Or maybe you are a high school drop out gay guy. At any rate, you are pathetic. And if I irritate your temper or sensitivity, please don't bother to smear this forum with your stupid diatribe. Just go home and break some dishes on the floor. Tah-tah.

(Posted by CommonMan @ 03/31/2003 05:38 PM EST)

Refuted by Zhen, who complains to the four winds about EVERY sob in the Chicken-Shit-Empire, Black, White, and Zionist Jew. Including the Churchian idiot Dumbos.

Posted by Zhen @ 04/01/2003 03:16 AM EST

Vox, I truely salute you.

God bless and may the sheep get whats coming...

Posted by Jayson @ 04/01/2003 08:23 AM EST

Jayson, the sheep WILL get what's coming but so may you - because you support that.

Don't hate anyone, Bush is just as controlled by others as Saddam or any other political figure. If you already are familiar with NWO and Zionism then why draw your anger on particular individuals? That's not gonna help and that's what the Leaders want you to do. Becase that makes the control easier.

Pray for peace, imagine peace, live your life happily because every moment counts. Think peace and make peace. What you sow is what you reap.

P E A C E!

Posted by Peace_On_Earth @ 04/01/2003 08:48 AM EST

Hey peace_on_earth- sorry to have sounded negative. I want peace I really do.

God knows how we got into this nightmare....

Posted by Jayson @ 04/01/2003 10:08 AM EST

George. You are a class one moron. Look up race in the dictionary then look up SPECIES.

Posted by jason @ 04/01/2003 06:37 PM EST


Update - Skolnick
By Sherman Skolnick

[1] Press conference 4/1/03, Rumsfeld TWICE denied reports of cease fire being arranged for U.S. through a third party. HE CHOSE WORDS, however, allowing him, through semantics, to wiggle out of that.

[2] He said he did not know if SADDAM is still alive but said that Saddam's relatives have been observed leaving Iraq. Rumsfeld and general standing next to him, had no adequate explanation why purported U.S. troops are being flown in rather than coming down highway. [Hinting at supply route troubles. Russians describing same. www.iraqwar.ru ]

[3] Through threatening to blackmail Bush with treason proof, France is to be part of interim "post-war" Iraq government and get piece of Iraq oil treasure. Further, France has purportedly with Russia worked out a cease fire for U.S. to avoid oncoming U.S. military disaster. White House and other network reporters, having ceasefire details, warned by their bosses in New York, if the reporters reveal openly ceasefire details, reporters will never work in media again.

[4] Reliable French sources contend that reports of U.S. attempt, through bunker-buster munitions, to assassinate Saddam Hussein, are/were FICTITIOUS. Saddam in Switzerland having face re-made as disguise. Saddam, Bush/CIA creation, has been playing dirty games with CIA, like Osama, for some time. Start of Gulf War Two a magic show and fiction. Departure of Saddam, however, has made the matter serious. [Daddy Bush/Saddam Hussein business partnership gone sour, visit our website story, "The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh".]

[5] In press session 4/1/03, Ari Fleischer was asked (a) role of France in post-war government, etc. He dodged it. White House reporters are aware that through blackmail, France is to be given a role in interim alleged "post-war" Iraq government. France is sitting, for more than a year, on documentary absolutely proving George W. Bush installed by fraudulent proceedings in Florida and elsewhere and that Daddy Bush and Jr. are guilty of several documented treasons.[Our group aware of and involved in production of documentary. More cannot be discussed just yet.]

(b) Ari was further grilled on whether Bush is mediating disputes between various generals and Rumsfeld. Ari denies that and denies that there are disputes.

[6] BIG OIL worried that price of oil may now decline to BELOW 18 dollars per barrel and also, that payments to oil countries be required in Euros, NOT U.S. Dollars.

Posted by cloner @ 04/01/2003 07:32 PM EST

You're one crazy S-O-B...You're the enemy...the crazy people of the world...

Posted by Wolfman @ 04/01/2003 08:10 PM EST

Please don't pollute this forum with bickering and insults. We're all in this TOGETHER. The only way these dark foes have kept us in check for this long has been to divide,conquer, and exploit. It must end. These people are not invincible, they are horrified of truth. It makes them jolt out of bed at night with nightmares that someone has found out thier schemes. We need to congregate and and fight, but most of all act upon the greater good over our own petty emotions and rise above the mind controlled state of helplessness and doubt. Unify.

Peace and courage.

Posted by FightTheFuture @ 04/01/2003 09:17 PM EST

We've been lied to and deceived by an evil horde of greedy selfish people. I say people, because they look like people, but they are not truly human. They seem to thrive on carbon gases and chemicals which are unhealthy to real humans. Exposing these people/things is most important. Identify the enemy and the enemy is within. Bush admininstration recently rolled back clean air laws allowing 17,000 factories to expand their poisonous emmissions with no new technologies installed to prevent more tons of pollution from filling our atmosphere. Millions and millions of cars and SUVs continue adding more invisible carbon gases into our breathable air with no end in site once the oil of the middle east has been secured. I am writing this to warn you if you are human that YOU ARE IN DANGER! Charcoal briquets release toxic gas which is deadly to humans but not to these people/things as well as the emissions from our cars and SUV's. These people/things are taking over our world and using humans to perform menial tasks while they get wealthy by polluting our earth as well as use humans to wage war which also increases pollution. The enemy is within and it's in control of our government.

Posted by Aliens Among Us @ 04/01/2003 09:56 PM EST

Dear Vox--

You want us to start spreading the notion that "Foreign government seizes the assets of CNN and expels it's journalists" (etc).

By encouraging us to spread memes that are untrue (ie lies) - we fall into the same shit hole that the evil administration is happily swimming in.

I applaud your energy and desire to make a better world, Vox, but I cannot spend any more time reading what you write because I don't know what is truth, and what might be your kind of memes.

There aren't enough hours in a day for me to read MoveOn, Tom Paine, and etc.

Good luck to you and the human race.

~~Peter Sorensen
Pasadena, CA

VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION: Well good luck finding many writers who have the skills and courage to bring you the hard fucking truth. They are few and far between. Now as for your comment, I didn't say start lying, I said that we have to start asking the hard questions and start expanding the boundries of the discourse. Like to start demanding laws that say that if you are a multi billion dollar communications corporation and 95% of your transmissions are provabely and statistically fraudulent and disinformational that there needs to be laws in place that jeapordize the assets of that lie machine. (And say denotes the proceeds of the forfeited assets to media companies such as voxfux.com who are describing the truths of our times to the people.) But the sad truth is that the boundaries of our discourse are so tightly defined that we don't even have any main stream or primetime voices who are even approaching the hard truths about what has really been happening the last two and a half years - namely that a classic fascist police state is being systematically installed in the United States of America by the Texas oil mafia and their think tanks of death. Step by step, it's like a textbook march towards fascist totalitarianism. We have to expand the discourse in the mainstream to include such topics as Impeachment of this murderer any why a covert US based group flew jets into the Twin Towers, etc.

Posted by Peter Sorensen @ 04/02/2003 12:15 AM EST

VOX COMMENT: Each time Saddam Hussein appears on video, the deceivers at CNN/CIA trumpet the bogus and completely fabricated "Big Question" that is on "EVERYBODIES MIND" that being - "IS IT REALLY SADDAM IN THE VIDEO OR IS IT ONE OF HIS DOUBLES AND IS THE VIDEO OLD?... DUHHHH?"

The idea behind these "distract and confuse" questions is a classic Psy-op tactic to attempt to occupuy what the CIA apparantly believes are 250 million VERY SIMPLISTIC AMERICAN MINDS. To distract us away from thinking about the big question which is really on everybodies' minds, that of course being, "WHY HAS THE WORLD TURNED INTO SHIT SINCE THE DAY THIS FUCK, GEORGE W. BUSH HIJACKED THE REIGNS OF THE PRESIDENCY."

That's the REAL question on everybodies mind.

This bogus, "Is it Saddam or is it Memorex," distraction and diversion does not even exist in any other media outlet except in the giant American media monolpolies of CNN, Fox and the other masters of the American lie. No other reputable major foreign media operation is even mentioning this big bogus question because it is so patently a rediculous non issue.

There are no major leading non American, "experts," who are even giving credibility to this non question, because it is so very obviously a non issue - the tapes are real. End of story. Sure since they are taped there is a delay, whether the delay is an hour or 8 or 10 hours is of little matter to anyone EXCEPT THE AMERICAN MASTERS OF LIES - THE CIA AND THEIR MEDIA OUTLETS SUCH AS CNN.

Each time a new video airs the American liars issue the same BOGUS question as to it's authenticity and each time it appears that it is indeed genuine. Yet as each new video rolls out the CIA/CNN keep on rolling out the SAME BOGUS DIVERSIONARY QUESTION. That somehow this video is different from the last video which they said was bogus but in fact turned out to be genuine.


What the CIA is attempting to capitalize on is the public's mistrust and detection of the many BOGUS CIA MANUFACTURERED OSAMA BIN LADEN VIDEO AND AUDIO TAPES.

So let's be clear: Most of the Osama Bin Laden Video and Audio tapes "Found" by the CIA are in fact manufactured by the CIA, but all of the Saddam Hussein tapes are unquestionably genuine and are not even the subject of spectulation by the worlds leading experts on such matters. The only people on the planet who are speculating about the authenticity of the Saddam Hussien tapes are individuals and organs of the US government who are attempting to decieve the American population (because the rest of the world easily see's through the transparant American lie)

Those organs of the US government are, the CIA, CNN, Administration officials, Bush, Pentagon, State Department, The major US media.

These are the liars. These are the enemies of the American People - the enemies of the world.


Posted by voxfux @ 04/02/2003 05:09 AM EST

I sincerly hope this forum does not become hijacked by the jack boot wearing, Hitler worshiping, Jew hating fuck ups who at even the slightest mention of Zionism, get confused and start wanking into their treasured classic used 1944 sarin cans.

Dont fall into THEIR trap and start blaming an entire race for whats happening.

VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION: Don't worry, that won't happen. Criticism of Zionism and Isreali persecution of Palistinians is fair game and welcome in this forum but Nazi aryan white supremacy (Probably more like FBI informants) doesn't cut it here. As a white myself I can tell you with absolute certainty, that the most backstabbing, double dealing, greedy, neurotic, shit for brains, low life, violent, no integrity, lying, fuck ups I have ever had the misfortune to cross paths with, have happened to be good old, 100%, pure bred, white people. So much for white supremacy.

Like every other race, whites have some nice ones and some real shitty, ugly bastards.

Sad but true. I have never had as big a problem with ANY other race of people, in terms of overall stress and bullshit, than from my own white race. And I can't believe for one second that these self styled white Aryans really actually think that white people have never given them anything but shit.

Anyway, anthropoligical evidence suggests that in fact Asians are the supreme race... Go figure.

Black people have been cool with me, Asians supremely cool, Indian people have been good luck to me all my life, Jews I have a love hate relationship with, Islamic people have been OK, but whites - lots of headaches...

Now as for Hitler - just look at him - it tells the whole story. Furthermore, how the hell did he pull off all that aryan shit anyhow? He certainly doesn't even evoke the classic aryan archetype. I mean didn't anybody notice that Hitler didn't even have blond hair and blue eyes, so how the hell did manage to pull that one off.

Posted by Troubling Times @ 04/02/2003 12:36 PM EST

Just because people do not use language properly, ie. most news reports, is no reason to find more and more irritants.

Vox may read far too deeply into the verbal diarreaha [sp?), however his bullshit detector is set on full.

Free masonry, patriotism, zionism etc.. all imply a horrific future for losers of scarcity based conquest.

Anti-consumerism has become popular with youth. Stop the money flow : is that not what the rich say we do anyway? Incapable of the intricacies of corruption, the average (naive) human must be told how to spend for their own good.

Pepsico wants to own a large chunk of mars.
If we keep going to kfc they will get it. WHILE POLITICIANS GET PAID OFF. (SORRY TO SHOUT)

Just clarifying what Vox may have meant by "sheep's usefullness".

These positions and viewpoints are toxic in their extremity. How people can call this entertaining is beyond me.

Posted by grey scale facilitator @ 04/02/2003 07:47 PM EST

Have been a long time resident of the orient with no eager desire as yet to return to never-never-land. Truly amazing what comes out of the N. American Continent isn't it?! In one sense, its sort of like going to some futuristic winner takes all freakish fuck you partner its mine type of reckless suicidal greed.

My point: I base my likes or dislikes (judgment) of people based on individual merit not by race or ethnicity. The white race contains within it some of the most predatory velvet-tongued shitbag lying vile creatures I have ever been unfortunate to have come across. Oh and by the way, I'm white. I have been lied to, deceived, tricked, bullshitted, scammed, railroaded, fooled, conned and misled by whites at every turn in business, banking and investing. I have lost thousands to this element in the western cultural (if you can call it cultural) soul that is beyond comprehension contacting me here in the orient where I enjoy long term stable honest relations with asians. White supremacy?! Now there's a contradiction!!!

Blacks: Some truly amazingly gifted people in music and song.

Japanese: Exceedingly gracious and honest people.

Jews: Be damn careful about what you say compared to what you know.

Indians: Love them.

Chinese: Great to have as friends.

Koreans: Stable and damn serious.

Phillipinos: Some incredibly exploited people.

Whites: Get the fuck out of your own country and go learn something about the world besides how to best exploit the previously mentioned.

Posted by Ben Had @ 04/02/2003 10:20 PM EST

Anyone enjoying the complete non-coverage of the Battle for Baghdad? Makes me wonder what the hell is going on there while the cameras are magically being turned the other way.

Posted by FightTheFuture @ 04/03/2003 12:11 AM EST

Here's the deal I've been around for a long time, and the time I've been warning you all about has finally come. You all know what I'm talking about. It's a done deal, you're screwed. Forget about racial hatred crap, you are not all the same but only your eyes interact with the physical body. The most important thing about a person is his/her soul.
So sorry folks humans are becoming too smart, and if you get too smart you become a deity, and that can't be allowed to happen.
Your time is over, for now.

As a Chinese man once said; if rape is inevitable sit back and enjoy it.

My recommendation is to get your affairs in order, convert your numeric assets to something tradable and go some where you like, sit back and enjoy the show.

Posted by Ray @ 04/03/2003 12:24 AM EST

why does everyone hate me?

Posted by George W Bush @ 04/03/2003 04:17 AM EST

hahahah, the jokes on you redneck boy, i outlived your wrinkly old man, i will outlive you and your fav new ass toy tony blair, and these days have u noticed NO one really hates me that much? people hate YOU more then they hate me hahahahaha gotta love this world

Posted by saddam hussian @ 04/03/2003 11:28 PM EST

VoxFux gets a thumbs up for being an American with the scrotum large enough to speak his mind (FREEDOM OF SPEECH...why Extremists hate us right?!?).
People quoting the bible...you better think twice...that book was handed down to you after edits...and edits....and edits...be careful, the words you reiterate may be the words of the DEVIL!
In the back of everyone's mind we want to feel like what is going on is the right thing...unfortunately it doesnt look that way and our lemming neighbors who are mostly loudmouths drown out voices like the VOX. As Michael said.."Shame on You"...letting people tell you what to think..relying and not verifying...READ A REAL BOOK.

Regardless...VOX...BIG UP!!

Posted by Teddy @ 04/04/2003 09:00 AM EST

Thank you Vox for your annotation. It is my greatest fear that the inbred "white is right" faggots climb upon the coat-tails of this struggle.

The enemy has no colour, its creed is greed and its god is green backs (intertwined with regular fisting at skull and bones meeting!)

Posted by Troubling Times @ 04/04/2003 11:15 AM EST

I agree partially to the notion that arians are the "darkest" people on earth. Just make sure you don't forget what for example china did to tibet back in the old days.
Don't screw around with wich race has more credit; it's about the people. At this point, the least credibility goes to among others iraq, libya, usa and also germany.

Ray, stop the dooms-day crap, ok? Your statement doen't warn people, it adds to the effort of making sure it happenes.

Posted by PyrAmiD @ 04/04/2003 11:54 AM EST

Ray: Churchill once said that "The only thing needed for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing".

Posted by Siri @ 04/04/2003 12:08 PM EST


Posted by THE ENFORCER @ 04/04/2003 05:07 PM EST


Posted by THE ENFORCER @ 04/04/2003 05:08 PM EST


Posted by MARIANNE @ 04/05/2003 09:41 AM EST


Posted by MARIANNE @ 04/05/2003 09:48 AM EST

Sounds to me like a whole bunch of people who can't bring themselves to accept the truth, so instead seek outlandish explanations. CNN a tool of the government? No rationale person could give the idea a moment's serious consideration; at least, not if they pay serious attention to what the network broadcasts and how. Ah well, people who agree with this claptrap are not likely to be convinced no matter how brightly the truth shines. Have fun in your pseudo world folks.

Posted by Anthony @ 04/05/2003 03:08 PM EST

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Posted by you friends oil bush is fucking her mother and sisters. normally group sex. oil for his mother. his mother and all sisters have oil wells. containing number of litters is stored in up tanks. and big oil bush is sucking his daughters fucking ass. @ 04/05/2003 03:34 PM EST

noticed vox - u used the term "reptilian" a few times. :)

i wonder why no one else asked why?

VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION: Quite simply put, the animal kingdom is a perfect way to describe human attributes. There are sheep, wolves, lambs, reptiles, pigs, worker ants, soldier ants, sharks, etc. It's not hard to make out the cold blooded reptillian "way" in the so called humans who have seized power. CNNasaurs.

Posted by eskmo @ 04/05/2003 03:59 PM EST

I never cease to be amazed at how many stupid people hold forth in this world. Either those people who view Zionism as a threat or as a part of a Jewish conspiracy are reincarnations of Nazis, are mindless followers of Nazi thinking... a long popular game, to blame Jewish people for the ills of the world, or just plain mental defectives. I don't have to be Jewish in order to see this... all you need do is pay attention. The Arabs would have us believe that either the CIA or Jews had something to do with the destruction of the Twin Towers... the paranoid mentally disturbed of the world imagine that Jews control everything... what a crock of fecal matter. If in fact they did, they would never have conceded to giving up any of the land they took in the six day war. And to be sure, they would have seen to it that Bush, Cheney and company never came to power. Wake up you ignorant believers, your warped view of where the real power in the world is, is distorted by this anti-semitic sickness which is perpetrated in each generation by those who wish to distract you...
EVIDENCE-The Pharoahs of Egypt did their best to destroy the Jews... who were their slaves (were these Jewish people in power?)
EVIDENCE-To be sure, there are wealthy Jewish people, but far fewer Jews are wealthy and powerful than those who are non-Jews... (who would of course like you to focus your hate away from them... and if you are a fool, you do)
EVIDENCE-Adolph Hitler wanted to blame and destroy the Jews... did his best to do so, including killing six million of them, before we woke up to the fact that the Jews were not the monsters.(was he really a good guy after all?)
EVIDENCE-The Tsars of Russia tried to destroy and drive out the Jews, and their Soviet successors were also rabidly anti-semitic (were they "the good guys" too?)
EVIDENCE-The Muslim-Arabs violently hate Americans and Jews and would like to destroy them because they espouse values of humanity and freedom. How much intelligence does it require to recognize that American values and Jewish values are on the same side, and that the anti-Semites of the world would like to destroy both Jews and the rest of us. WAKE UP, for God’s sake.
A famous historian wrote: Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it’s mistakes.

Posted by Martin Michaelson @ 04/05/2003 09:26 PM EST

I can see the controlled media when
i read a report by John Loftus released in May 2002 and was nerver
followed up by anyone. It seems that with the help of the government, Enron was secretly negotiating with the Taliban to build an oil pipeline across Afghanistan prior to 9/11 which included Cheney Bush Sr.. FBI agentswere not alowed to investigate terrorists activities in order to protect Enron. No one seems at all interested in this

Posted by richard dutton @ 04/06/2003 12:07 PM EST

Why isnt anyone doing an May 2002 by former federal prosecutor John Lotus about Enron's secret negotiations with the Taliban prior to 9/11 to build an oil pipeline across Afghanistan.FBI agent John O'Neill's investigations of terrorist were shut down in order to protect Enon's imoral dealings, as well as
George Bush Sr.who was a buisness
partner in the Carlyle Group with
the Bin Ladin Family through this
whole period.Because of this interference by the government they contrbuted to the deaths of
the people in the Trade Center and
aboard the USS Cole.The book "The Forbidden Truth" tells the same story. No one in the media cares
at all about this cover-up for the reason why Bush won't turn over info. about what he knew and when he knew it prior to 9/11.If you read the whole report you can see
they did to protect their chance
to make millions at the expence of
others, and to protect oil companies that were involved.Where
are Woodward and Burnstien's now?

Posted by richard dutton @ 04/06/2003 12:34 PM EST

Craig Rosebraugh on the Anti-War struggle
by The time has come 3:05pm Tue Mar 18 '03 (Modified on 5:25pm Mon Mar 31 '03)

As the U.S. led military campaign gets fully under way in the very near future, the question remainsÂ… how far is the anti-war movement in the United States willing to go to stop the U.S. government and its unceasing atrocities? How far are you willing to go, what are you willing to do to stop the massive bloodshed once again caused by the U.S. government?
As the Commander in Chief of the United States gears up at 8:00 pm (EST) to tell the nation and the world that war is inevitable, that the window of opportunity for Saddam to disarm and destroy his "weapons of mass destruction" has expired, serious questions need to be posed to the privileged anti-war movement in the United States. With massive U.S. led bombing of Iraq perhaps just hours away, the question remains, how far is the anti-war movement in the United States willing to go to stop the U.S. government and its unceasing atrocities?

So far the peace or anti-war movement in this country has mirrored the same strategies and tactics of past historical anti-war causes. By far the most important example to reference is that of the Vietnam anti-war movement in the United States during the 1960s and 1970s. Well over a million people participated in this effort, engaging in a variety of tactics and strategies in an attempt to stop the war, or even to prevent its further escalation. From public education to picketing, boycotts to lobbying, marches to massive civil disobedience, to even outright suicide in the numerous cases of individuals lighting themselves on fire in protest, the Movement was extremely diverse. There was even a decent contingency of property destruction that occurred, no doubt condemned by the mainstream corporate peace organizations.

With all this activity, with the incredible amount of participation, one would assume this would have been more than enough to stop the war, to pressure the federal government to pull out of Southeast Asia. Furthermore, when soldiers such as Ron Kovic, returned from the war angry and disillusioned and formed organizations such as the Vietnam Veterans Against the War, even more intense pressure was placed on the U.S. government. But it was not enough. None of the strategies and tactics applied during the Vietnam anti-war movement in the United States were enough, either individually or combined, to stop the U.S. government's military horrors. At the height of the Movement, Nixon's response was not to stop the war but to initiate his policy of Vietnamization. This ingenious plan allowed the U.S. government to weaken the anti-war movement while continuing on with the war for another five years. When the peace accords were finally signed in Paris in 1973, they were more a result of the incredible success of the Viet Cong than any realistic effectiveness of the anti-war cause.

Each of the anti-war movements that have surfaced in the United States since then have attempted to mirror, to an absolutist extent, the strategies and tactics that failed during the Vietnam anti-war struggle. In fact these same strategies and tactics have been used in nearly all U.S. anti-war movements throughout history and the fact remains, never in U.S. history has any anti-war or peace movement actually prevented or ceased a U.S. military operation or war. And yet continuously, anti-war movements in the United States fall into the same mold of ineffective activism that stands absolutely no chance of threatening or challenging the power structure of the U.S. government.

In the current day, protests in select locations such as Washington, DC, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, and more are considered successful due only to the numbers of people in attendance. The common argument is stated in defense of these activities that the message is getting out into the media and thus people in this country and around the world are learning that not everyone supports Bush's war. Yet, from a strategical standpoint there is absolutely no realistic foundation to the belief that this form of public education can and will have any effect on the government's decision to use military force in Iraq. Again, glancing back to the Vietnam period when the protests were even larger, when more people gathered and the tactics were even broader than those utilized today, Nixon refused to listen to the public and continued on with the war.

During the past few weeks cries have emerged from the "progressive" sectors of U.S. society concerning Bush's statement that the anti-war movement is a mere focus group and would not effect his ultimate decision. This should provide at least some indication that the large parties - which some might call protests or rallies - are not capable of generating the needed pressure which could actually force the government to stop. If it hasn't ever occurred throughout U.S. history and, arguably, the U.S. government is more powerful now than ever, there is no precedent on which to base this faulty behavior and activity. Yet, the large mainstream peace groups continue to give caring U.S. people false hope, that if they get involved in the movement there is actually a chance they can help stop the war.

If we are going to become serious about stopping this war, and even the U.S. led atrocities of tomorrow, we must be realistic about our strategies and tactics and actually begin to utilize those methodologies which can and will challenge the power structure of the country. Yes, I am speaking of direct action, but not the generalized version spouted freely today and used to describe primarily conscience serving endeavors. An action is direct if it actually gets in the way, prevents, or stops an injustice from occurring. Unfortunately, the government sanctioned peace parades do not fit into this description. Even though public education is an inherent necessity of any movement, the time for public education by relying upon corporate media's interpretation of your events has long since passed - if it was ever valuable.

The only possibility of stopping this current military action is to engage in strategies and tactics which severely disrupt the war machine, the U.S. economy, and the overall functioning of U.S. society particularly how it relates to consumerism and the economy. Marches, picketing, rallies, parties, benefits, civil disobedience and even property destruction are pointless, and perhaps even counterproductive, unless they serve to severely disrupt the functioning of the political system and its economy. An atmosphere of severe unrest, if manufactured properly, will force the U.S. government to place military resources in the streets of the United States, will threaten the economy (the chief motive behind this military excursion) of the United States, and ultimately create a political atmosphere unfavorable for Bush to continue on with the war.

So how is an atmosphere of severe unrest and disruption generated? First and foremost, it must begin with our ability to look beyond the business as usual strategies and tactics that have failed miserably in the past. It must begin with our allegiance to come to terms with the realization that any and all tactics and strategies must be considered at least available for use. Next we must be willing to decipher exactly how the power of the political structure can be effectively challenged. Once this matter has been examined there is only one question remaining, will each of us become involved and use whatever tactics and strategies are necessary, or will we refuse and continue to engage solely in conduct which serves little other purpose than making people feel better about themselves.

Here are some suggestions for the necessary creation of an atmosphere of unrest and disruption in the United States.

1) Attack the financial centers of the country. Using covert or black block techniques, depending on the situation, physically shut down financial centers which regulate and assist the functioning of U.S. economy. This can be done in a variety of ways from massive property destruction, to online sabotage, to physical occupation of buildings. However the latter I would shy away from, especially the open civil disobedience type of activities which purposely involve arrests. This movement needs all the assistance it can get and absolutely NO good will come from going to jail. Allowing yourself to be purposely arrested demonstrates that an individual has at least some faith in the U.S. legal system. This is completely foolish. One primary objective is to engage in serious unrest and disruption and NOT to get caught. Not getting caught means you are able to continue the struggle the next day.

2) Large scale urban rioting. With massive unrest and even state of emergencies declared in major cities across the country, the U.S. government will be forced to send U.S. troops into the domestic arena thereby taking resources and political focus away from the war. Unstable conditions in much of the country also serve as a political embarrassment for the Administration and could assist in forcing them to stop the war to deal with domestic concerns. Rioting should be focused on governmental agencies and corporations - especially those that are profiting from the war or destruction of life.

3) Attack the media centers of the country. It is the corporate media who has and continues to influence and control the minds of the mass body of people in the United States. These new media outlets cannot be utilized by the movement as they are owned by the very corporations one should be opposing. Using any means necessary, shut down the national networks of NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, etc. Not just occupations but actually engage in strategies and tactics which knock the networks off the air.

4) Spread the battle to the individuals responsible for the war and destruction of life – the very heads of government and U.S. corporations. No longer should these people be able to hide behind their occupations, living their lives in peace while they simultaneously slaughter countless people. Hit them in their personal lives, visit their homes, and make them feel personally responsible for committing massive atrocities.

5) Make it known publicly that this movement DOES NOT support U.S. troops as long as they are serving an unjust and horrifying political regime. Create an atmosphere lacking of support to assist U.S. troops at home and abroad in losing their morale and will to fight. If you are supporting the troops you are supporting this war and the very U.S. government that is the primary terrorist regime in the international arena.

6) Actively target U.S. military establishments within the United States. Again, following the above stated goal of NOT getting caught, use any means necessary to slow down the functioning of the murdering body.

7) When engaging in the above six activities, strike hard and fast and retreat in anonymity. Select another location, strike again hard and fast and quickly retreat in anonymity. Engage only in actions where you will be victorious. Do not be concerned with alienating the mainstream sectors of the movement – that mainstream has NEVER stopped a U.S. military activity or war. Do not get caught. DO NOT GET CAUGHT. Do not get sent to jail. Stay alert, keep active, and keep fighting. Remember, an action is only good (especially at this juncture in U.S. society) if it will serve to severely disrupt the political system of the country, its economy, and the corporate interests that drive this society.

These suggestions are not radical. They are merely recommendations for those that desire to actually have a chance at stopping this current military siege. As the peace or anti-war corporate organizations vocally oppose this message and its enclosed suggestions, continue to ask what realistic chance do their strategies and tactics have to actually stop this war? What historical precedent do their business as usual politics and policies have? As no peace or anti-war movement has ever stopped U.S. governmental military policies or activities using the state sanctioned and societal approved methods, what right do they have to give the caring public false hope?

Well over 500,000 Iraqi children have died since the Gulf War as a result of U.S. bombing and sanctions – not to mention thousands of innocent men and women. With the planned massive bombing campaign planned by the U.S. military, the death toll of the innocent will severely increase. And for what? The U.S. rhetorical line of "liberating the Iraqi people from dictator Saddam" is as much bullshit as our historical line of helping to spread freedom and democracy around the world. Surely Saddam is guilty of massive atrocities, but so are many other world leaders. Sure Saddam may have had or continue to have weapons of mass destruction, but so do many evil leaders of nations around the world. Just why is it we have not targeted Israel and Sharon in the same manner as Saddam? Why is it leaders of the United States have not targeted the U.S. government for its weapons of mass destruction and incredible history of terrorist and murderous atrocities? Similar to Bush Senior's Gulf War, this is another war for U.S. corporations and for the protection and, more importantly, expansion of the U.S. economy. With the incredible oil reserves in the region and the potential for U.S. corporations to have a hand in building and ruling a future Iraq nation, the motives are quite obvious. Of course, it wouldn't be just if the U.S. did not claim that it was taking action against a horrible dictator for humanitarian purposes.

As the U.S. led military campaign gets fully under way in the very near future, the question remains... how far is the anti-war movement in the United States willing to go to stop the U.S. government and its unceasing atrocities? How far are you willing to go, what are you willing to do to stop the massive bloodshed once again caused by the U.S. government?

Posted by Craig Rosebraugh @ 04/07/2003 09:06 AM EST

I want to thank you for writing the truth. I think the chat rooms
are mostly filled with sheep and Bush hirelings.
I read last night in the New American that Congress has tossed out the constitution merely by
declaring it out of date! I was so outraged I didnt sleepat all. I have been reading an expose of the
UN and it is appalling and frightning. Thanks again, Keep up
the good work,maybe we have a chance to save our country with
people like you around!

Posted by Cinamastar @ 04/07/2003 10:52 AM EST

to Martin Michealson:
Zionism- A Jewish movement that arose in the late 19th century in response to growing anti-Semitism and sought to reestablish a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Modern Zionism is concerned with the support and development of the state of Israel.

Judaism-1. The monotheistic religion of the Jews, tracing its origins to Abraham and having its spiritual and ethical principles embodied chiefly in the Hebrew Scriptures and the Talmud. 2. Conformity to the traditional ceremonies and rites of the Jewish religion. 3. The cultural, religious, and social practices and beliefs of the Jews. 4. The Jews considered as a people or community.

Note that the definitions of Judaism say nothing about supporting and developing the state of Israel. Judaism and Zionism are not the same thing. Zionism is a sect of Judaism that is interested in developing the Jewish State of Israel. Much of the Jewish community doesn't support the efforts of Zionists, as the Zionists are commiting such atrocities as killing Palestinian civilians, illegally occupying Palestinian territory, Ariel Sharon claiming to own the American People etc etc. Now to address your evidence
REBUTTAL:Jews in power in Egypt. Technically there were no Jews in Egypt. The terms Jew, Jewish, Judaism could not have been in use until AFTER Israel and specifically Judah were established AFTER the 40 years wandering in the desert. Biblically, the Hebrews (who eventually became known as Jews) were in Egypt because of Joseph (the guy with the coat of many colors) who had a gift of interpretting dreams and saved Egypt from famine, and was made the Pharoahs advisor. Moses was "adopted" by the Pharoah and was raised among egyptian royalty. When the Pharoah brought his armies against the escaping Hebrews, it wasn't because of Hebrews in power in Egypt that he attacked, but because he wanted to keep his slaves. How could the empire of Egypt expand without people to exploit for cheap labor.
REBUTTAL: Yes there are wealthy Jews and many who are not wealthy. However this is not an anti-semitic issue. This is an anti-zionist issue. And the zionists are wealthy and in power. Ariel Sharon, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Gen. Garner who will be put in charge of Iraq after the "Liberation". These are names that you should familiarize yourself with
REBUTTAL: About Hitler. One question you need to ask yourself. Who benifits? Hitler set up a fascist regime and allegedly began systematic genocide of the Jews in Germany. And then he got his ass kicked in a war to the point that he killed himself rather than be tried for his war crimes. No benifit. The jews though, having been outcasts for thousands of years (at the hands of the Romans and then the Catholic Church after) now have their own independent nation to run. And now Israel attempts systematically destroying the Palestinians. Ironically, Hebrews, Jews, Isrealites etc have a long history of genocide on other nations described throughout the OT, as well as being the victims. To some extent there was declared genocide on neighboring Jewish tribes. They've got a darkside to their history as much as any group. Think about it. Who benifits?
REBUTTAL: Again this issue is irrelevant. Accusing anti-semitism of any person suspicious of Zionism is the same thing as labelling all Muslims as terrorists or saying all Americans are Republican. Making such sweeping generalizations is ignorance at work
REBUTTAL: Speaking of ignorance at work, this "evidence" is the exact kind of sweeping generalization that I was talking about. There's a difference between Muslims and militant Muslims. And not all Arab Muslims are militant. Militant muslims attack Americans and Jews not because of the bullshit Bush propaganda you blathered in zombie-like repetition, but because our interests are not their interests. Israel is guilty of war crimes against Palestine and Muslims in general. The entire Muslim world is outraged at what Israel does to its Palestinian neighbors. The UN doesn't do anything about these atrocities, because every time it comes up, the US uses its permanent Security Council status to veto any resolution (much the way France did on the Iraq issue) However once the veto is cast, the UN does nothing militarily to correct the issue (unlike the US with Bush's desicion to attack Iraq in defiance of the UN ) So Israel gets away with war crimes. So the Muslims are pissed. And America cast the veto that makes it so. And that is why the militant Muslims target us. Its not because they are against our values of humanity and freedom. but its because we haven't given them any humanity and freedom. Operation Iraqi Liberation ( OIL ) no wait..... Operation Iraqi Freedom is NOT about humanity and freedom. They were supposed to welcome us with open arms. Instead they either fight us or leave, essentially kicked out of their homes or killed. "But its about their freedom. We'll give them freedom dammit whether they want it or not." Forget that under Saddam Hussein Iraq enjoyed prosperity and improvement in quality of life. Until the US told Iraq they could encroach on a small amount of Kuwait's space and instead of takin an inch Saddam decided to take a mile. And the reason the Iraqi people are so repressed now is not due to Saddam Hussein, but 12 years of UN sanctions. The Iraqi people are fighting, literally shedding their blood, to keep Saddam Hussein in power, while the US invades to kick him out. If you were to carry a gun, fight and die to keep Bush in power and the Canadians were to decide to "liberate" us from Bush, is that a democracy? Is that freedom? Bush is deciding who will be in power in Iraq, not the Iraqi people. How is that freedom and humanity?

Posted by Celephais @ 04/07/2003 04:33 PM EST

AMEN BROTHERS! look at all the media that Boshes buddy, Rupert murdoch owns.

Posted by PJ @ 04/08/2003 07:49 AM EST

It is heartening to see that the general perception in Australia that Americans are uninformed can be countered with sites like yours. For so long I could not believe the apparant willingness of the public to accept the lies, contradictions and bullshit purported to be news. Until an episode of a local watchdog program here called Media Watch showed excerpts (no doubt picks'o'the bunch) from CNN, NBC et al. Staggering is the lightest way to describe it. Our cable versions of these broadcasters are cut down and regionalised for our consumption, and are not as bad, which is like saying your liver cancer trumps my lung cancer, small comfort. Residents of the so-called 'Coalition of the Willing' countries would do well to be made aware of even the existance of alternative reporting, anything to snap them out of the woolly complacency they surely live in, digesting this crap on an hourly basis.
Give it to 'em hard.

Posted by o glennyboy @ 04/09/2003 10:20 AM EST

Strangely true , CNN is not a news channel but a propaganda channel and an insult to the humankind. They should all be prosecuted by your courts or the Hague world court for crimes against humanity!
Should none of the above be done in the name of justice beware then Of God Allmighty's justice .In fact all of us has a duty to be fair in everything we do ,more so those who work as reporters and journalist. May God Allmighty bless those who do good works and forgive those who have done otherwise. Salams

Posted by David @ 04/10/2003 06:26 AM EST

The most recent of Vox's articles:


Is not the same today (4/10/03) as it was yesterday (4/09/03). Last night at my home reading just about all of the readers' comments and an alert window popped up which simply stated the word "moron!!" and locked out the site. Last night there were roughly about 270 postings and today there are only about 19 - even though at the end of the article it states that there are 714 readers' comments.

This all leads me to believe that Vox's site has been hacked. Has anyone else noticed this? If you haven't seen it, go ahead and check out the difference in numbers of postings for that article. I guess I'm not surprised, Vox was throwin' down some pretty hard verbage about the current puppet in the oval office.

Alright that's it - just FYIin' the heads out there.


Posted by Ebb and Flow @ 04/10/2003 12:14 PM EST


Posted by dsads @ 04/10/2003 12:40 PM EST


FIRST - I must say your stuff is truly nice to read. However, I used to write many research papers and everything that I have written is backed up with concrete evidence. It would be nice to see footnotes to tell me (if I wanted too) which magazine to look at and what page to turn too. I know that we live in a new age of information with the internet and one can simply give out a hyperlink BUT it would be nice to get more concrete writing. We need things that cannot be changed electronically such as magazine articles and books or even newspapers.
SECOND – The anyone who believes in POLLS in any newspaper, news source, book or website needs to understand what POLLS are. A TRUE POLL would be if EVERY ONE were questioned about whatever topic. In this case the topic that Bush is loved by 70% of the Americans (BIG LIE). Now, in most articles, if you read really carefully at the fine print or hidden writing you will find the way they conducted the POLLS. In almost EVERY case that I have seen they (being CNN or whatever other disinformation specialist) the polls usually consist of only 1,000 people. They DO NOT say the geographic location of the people nor do they say the sex, race or any other information. Polls can be biased so easily. Are you going to tell me that 1,000 people (who we think are Americans, WHO KNOWS!) can speak for the near 300 MILLION Americans!?
Get a life if you believe in polls and remember to not be gullible and ask for proof and ALWAYS question authority for it is your RIGHT TO DO SO!


Posted by Runamukus @ 04/10/2003 12:50 PM EST

Mr. Eleven advises "Love your race--join humanity."

He speaks more truth than he knows.

Loving the HUMAN RACE to which we all belong is the Golden thread. Seize it and run with it!

Amor omnia vincit. (Love conquers all.)

Posted by Lovebug @ 04/10/2003 02:47 PM EST

Now that I see and read what many of you anti-war/pro peace folks are all about, I have no choice but to support Bush and the war against terrorism.

I guess the celebrating Iraqis we see on TV is being filmed in some secret govt controlled studio (naturally outside of hollywood).

As for you Craig Rosebraugh, just try rioting on my street.

Posted by Rich @ 04/10/2003 02:48 PM EST

Now that I see and read what many of you anti-war/pro peace folks are all about, I have no choice but to support Bush and the war against terrorism.

I guess the celebrating Iraqis we see on TV is being filmed in some secret govt controlled studio (naturally outside of hollywood).

As for you Craig Rosebraugh, just try rioting on my street.

Posted by Rich @ 04/10/2003 02:49 PM EST

Oh!! On questioning of the Authority...I forgot about the Patriot Act and the Homeland Security...so you no longer have the right to question authority...MY BAD!

Posted by Runamukus @ 04/10/2003 04:48 PM EST

Hey, Ebb and Flow, you are right about the hacking. Some wisecrack retard dropped a pop-up on the page, while others(?) farted on it several times to show their grandiose stupidity and their idiotic 'support' for tha Monkey in tha Haus. I wonder: if the war criminals 'won' the war for oil, if the Iraqies are 'cheering' the deposing of Hussein, if there were very 'few' casualties on the side of the war criminal invaders and baby-killers, and if finally the Texas robber barons are going to suck up Iraq's oil, all financed with American robbed tax dollars, why are these idiots (the intestinal posters) so affected by Vox's comments and prognostications? What's really hurting them so much? They were obviously pissed! Why should I care or hurt so much, just because a group of morons with filthy underwear post at such sewage joints as 'freerepuglik'? I wouldn't be surprised, given the literary, grammatical, and mental excreta posted by these farts, if they actually are israeli pig pups breeding in this country and working against us. Paid, fed, and organized with our tax dollars, by jerks like Rummie and his echelon of zionist spies and collaborators in 'government'... By the way, the pop-up 'looped' into itself, denying the choice of closing the page, not locking it really. You probably didn't notice on the bottom left of the browser, a bright blue text asking you to hold the 'Ctrl' key to be able to close the page in order to avoid the nuisance. Another thing, the reason I got that pop-up is I tried to copy the 'evidenZ' photo of the 'crowd' of Iraqies celebrating the fall of the statue. Instead, by clicking on that photo, I was sent to another similar page, the one that had the pop-up, and was crammed full of the mental (intestinal) expressions of the would-be 'defenders' (ass-kissers) of Kinglet duhBya. And yes, I will cheer with the other 100 million when the Monkey is dethroned, jailed and given his just punishment, even if the E.T. are the ones to do it!

Posted by NOT Ebb and Flow @ 04/10/2003 11:29 PM EST

the spooks are at it again and have taken over voxs last post. they actually want us to give them our emails. oooh!

Posted by at -it -again @ 04/11/2003 12:00 AM EST

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