Not a single mention in the media of the bizarre threat.
by voxfux

Live on the Larry King show on CNN, Barbara Bush, the mother of the President threatened the Democratic candidates with death if they criticized the president or her husband or any of her children. The explosive remarks would have been front page news throughout the country had Hillary Clinton said them, but since it is from the Bush matriarch there is a deafening silence throughout the entire American press regarding this chilling comment. This is evidence of the massive fear and control mechanisms which have permeated into every facet of American establishment. There is no stopping the Bushes. Soon there will be blatant assassinations of political opponents in broad daylight and there will be no mention of them at all. This is America's darkest hour. There should be a chill down the spines of every thinking person in the world regarding this horrendous threat to all of humanity from the Bush family.

Here is the comments from the CNN transcript:

KING: You have to have opinions. But you don't slander anybody.

BUSH: No, I don't think so.

KING: All right. Your recent comments on the Democratic presidential...

BUSH: Isn't that funny? I knew that was going to come up.

KING: Oh, I want to discuss a lot of things. You said so far, they're a pretty sorry group.

BUSH: Well, you know, mothers are allowed to be proud of their sons. And it gets a little old when 10 grown men run around the country not talking about what they're going to do, but knocking my precious, courageous, brilliant son. That's a mother speaking.

KING: What's the biggest difference from being the husband -- being the wife of a president and the mother of a president?

BUSH: Well, first of all, you have to watch the father of the president suffer. And it hurts when your children are criticized. It hurts a lot.

KING: He takes it badly?

BUSH: He and I both do. He -- he curses, and I grit my teeth.
But, no, he really -- he knows that's the name of the game. But it gets pretty ugly.

KING: But was it harder for you...

BUSH: Much.

KING: ...when he -- when the current president is criticized than when the husband was criticized?

BUSH: Right.

KING: How do you explain it -- motherly?

BUSH: Motherly. And fatherly. I mean, that's just a normal reaction.
But the same would be true if something happened that was difficult for Jeb or for Doro or Neil or Marvin. And you can criticize me, but don't criticize my children and don't criticize my daughters-in-law and don't criticize my husband, or you're dead.

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politically, that is. C'mon, although I do agree much with your views, you've gone a little too far on this one
When a person is in the scrutiny of the public spotlight they are or at least should be very aware of the words they are using. To say that someone is dead politically or otherwise because of CRITICISM that is disgusting and chilling. Just what the fuck do you think a political campaign is? It's about criticism. That comment was innappropriate and considering the complete lack of media attention to it, it is chilling. These Bushes MUST BE STOPPED ANY WAY POSSIBLE. That comment is about intimidation and fear and if you know anything about anything you will know that the Bushes KILL OPPOSITION. Or do you think that it was just a coincidence what happened to Senator Wellstone. Time to wake the fuck up Bruno.

Posted by bruno @ 11/14/2003 01:23 PM EST

Right. It's not as if anyone just turned up dead after filing suit against the Res. Right, Margie? Margie?

Posted by Sour Dove @ 11/14/2003 01:49 PM EST

Time to wake up indeed.
ditto on your above Sen. Wellstone comment. Here's the latest regarding the "official crash report" dated Nov. 13, 2003


Posted by LuxEtVoluptas @ 11/14/2003 02:12 PM EST

Time to wake up indeed.
ditto on your above Sen. Wellstone comment. Here's the latest regarding the "official crash report" dated Nov. 13, 2003


Posted by LuxEtVoluptas @ 11/14/2003 02:15 PM EST


You are on a roll today with these excellent articles!!!! Keep 'em coming:)

Posted by jhf @ 11/14/2003 02:15 PM EST


Your reader's should go to:


a "mere" coincidence????? Check it out folks!

Posted by jhf @ 11/14/2003 02:47 PM EST

Bush body count:

ooops....sorry folks, I meant to send you here:



Posted by jhf @ 11/14/2003 03:02 PM EST

it sounds like it could just
be off the cuff, or cutsie or
something, and most people
watching would take it as such.

but for people who are enemies
of the Bushes, it is no doubt
meant to be taken literally..

Posted by beercat @ 11/14/2003 03:12 PM EST

wow, that's quite the long list of dead people. Jeez, I thought that Grandma Bush was just a sweet old lady. So I guess it was a bolt of Satan lightning that brought down Wellstone...

Posted by bruno @ 11/14/2003 03:25 PM EST


Dear readers,

The cheapest Deception Dollars I have been able to find so far are at:


box of 2,000 is $72.56 and a case of 8,000 is $251.00. I have never ordered from here before, I have been ordering them from Alex Jones at infowars.com but the next batch I think I am going to go for the case of 8,000 FYI.

Posted by jhf @ 11/14/2003 03:45 PM EST

I think old lady Bush was a messenger. She used the opportunity and circumstances to deliver a definite message in a certain way. George senior couldn't have said "you're dead if you criticise me". Junior couldn't really have made a statement like that. I'm sure his handlers would have been shitting if they'd sent him on that mission. But I think Barbara was the perfect one to let everyone know what's in store if you fuck with the Bush clan. See, 99.9 % of the population will say "awwww what a cute little gray-haired lady! She meant it strictly tongue in cheek. She was obviously not serious". But there's that 0.01 % of the people that KNOW EXACTLY WHAT SHE' TALKING ABOUT. Just look at the Bush body count list! Fuck......
These people are demonic.

Posted by GREATWHITE @ 11/14/2003 04:26 PM EST

greatwhite.....agree 110% on this!
she's really a nasty old bitch. you know, i just had kind of a strange thought: daughter-in-law that is getting divorced from marvin bush, i believe??, is writing a "tell all book" it'll be interesting to see if she get's wacked too for criticizing & betraying these criminals...just food for thought folks:)

then there's gov jebbie's daughter the druggie, i can understand why she turned to drugs coming from a family like this...the poor thing...probably the only one with a conscience out of the whole crop!

Posted by jhf @ 11/14/2003 05:09 PM EST


Interesting. Bush doesn't want to hurry up and leave Iraq until the Iraqi people are guaranteed fair democratic elections and a new constitution.
I wonder if these "democratic elections" and "constitution" will be modelled on the current elections and constitution in the US? Ahhhhhh, the Bush crime organization spreading around the globe like a cancer. Wonder which part of the globe will be infected next..........

vox- great to see you back and fired up.

Posted by GREATWHITE @ 11/14/2003 05:09 PM EST

come to think of it no wonder the "twins" are drunks too! just too much "reality" for them to cope with i guess!

Posted by jhf @ 11/14/2003 05:15 PM EST

it's funny to read the comment the old witch said about "10 grown men running around knocking my precious, courageous, brilliant son" hehehe dubya all of the above??????? this old bat's gotta be insane! mr. courageous during the attacks of 9/11 was hiding out in an elementary school in sarasota, fla reading a stupid goat story while all hell was breaking loose...the epitome of courage!

Posted by jhf @ 11/14/2003 05:32 PM EST

If you don't like it leave it . "Its people are all mad." When people refuse to believe what is happening they are mad. Theres nothing else for it.Thats a sign of the times. Contrary to what most people in America think. Its not as bad and will not become as bad... the tyranny, elsewhere. America is the whore of Babylon. Get out while you still can. If you do stay you'd better not take the 'mark' with that they 'll control your emotions and your thoughts, directing you to worship them. Its all coming down folks. It will be better to die resisting than take that mark. Yes I know they'll try to implement it worldwide but again probably not as hard, from what I can see happening to your police , military, public servants and especially the foreign troops.

Posted by charlie @ 11/14/2003 05:55 PM EST

jhf: Marvin Bush's ex-wife Sharon has apparently already 'decided' not to publish her book about the Bush family. Wonder if she had some help making up her mind. See at this link, from April '03.


Posted by Paul @ 11/14/2003 07:19 PM EST

holy shit paul......i guess the wicked witch scared the bejesus into her

Posted by jhf @ 11/14/2003 07:41 PM EST

Canada just got a new Prime Minister.

Bono spoke, saying that Paul Martin supports the forgiveness of third world debt.

Paul Martin says he wants to forge closer ties to the US. Bush and Cretien didn't get along.

Posted by canada @ 11/14/2003 08:52 PM EST

I just want to know one thing. What the fuck is up with Canadian politics and this rock star crap? Toronto gets knocked on it's ass because of SARS (No Bush involvement in this epeidemic I'm sure-- payback for not following the Bush warmachine into Iraq Mr. Chretien?? ) Now Paul Martin, Millionaire if not Billionaire shipping tycoon getting set to assume the P.M.'s job. And lo and behold it's a rock concert? Paul Martin playing air guitar! Didn't I see Arnie doing that in California about 5 weeks ago? Can't wait til Martin does a Toronto fetish night with Perry Farrell from Jane's Addiction.
I predict Paul Martin will be the P.M. that's sells Canada to the highest American bidder. Not that there's much here that isn't already U.S. owned. He's a big business, big money whore just like Big Brother Bush.

Posted by GREATWHITE @ 11/14/2003 09:34 PM EST

People will be marching into the gulags still talking about how their liberties are nearly all gone and what are we going to do about it. Its called a matrix, and even the more knowledgeable are living in it.The only way out is flight now or fight later. The alternative is to become part of the zombification of America.

Posted by charlie @ 11/14/2003 11:54 PM EST

not sure who i want to pick off with a sniper rifle first..bono or paul martin...

Posted by canadian @ 11/15/2003 03:51 AM EST

oh wait..there's Gordon Campbell too

Posted by canadian @ 11/15/2003 03:54 AM EST

ah, just being humorous..i'd never try to kill them..but if somebody did, i'd understand..but i wouldnt do a thing like that..

but i do wish them all the worst..

Posted by canada @ 11/15/2003 03:58 AM EST

Of Course Barabra will never admit she spawned satan. Typical of the mother of malevolent persons( Seen this dynamic before) she puts her son on pedestal and thinks he is a sweet and wonderful human being who can do no wrong. ( As she and her family TRANSFER all their evil onto innocent persons) Talk about complicity and denial. I think she would justify any ill done by any member of her family. Regardless of how evil their actions. Criminals justify the criminal actions of others. SAYS VOLUMES ABOUT HER BLACKED HEART. No one in this family is innocent. They are all in this crime family together.

Remember the scene in Independence day where the white house was blown up? Too bad it was not real and too bad the building did not contain all these satans. ( That is the only way such an occurrance could have any merit or meaning.) Anyway- interesting, that in the theatre. During that scene the audience went wild, cheering and applause. That was a few years ago. I can only imagine that same audience today. People are fed up with these whores of babylon.

Posted by Truth @ 11/15/2003 05:16 AM EST

Ma Bush formerly Pearce with many ties to European royalty and the aristocracy...

Wow what a bitch!

Posted by theroach @ 11/15/2003 08:40 AM EST

Ma Bush formerly Pearce with many ties to European royalty and the aristocracy...

Wow what a bitch!

Posted by theroach @ 11/15/2003 09:12 AM EST

About Paul Martin/Canadian politics; he's typical rich guy errand boy. Used to work for Power Corporation, the real handlers of Canada. Inherited his dough from daddy, made some more peddling ciggies (Imperial Tobacco), hoarding who-knows-what with his ships (Canada Steamship Line, flying Liberian flag to avoid taxes even while he was Minister of Finance), this Onassis wannabe looted the unemployment insurance surplus to balance his budgets.
Chretien is a bastard, but Martin isn't worth the dog shit on Chretien's shoe. Smiling, snug slickboy, there is a good chance he was part of the meeting between his former boss and actual Canadian puppetmaster Andre Desmarais and Poppy Bush some 9 days after 911, at Desmarais'luscious Sagar domain (you can read all bout it in La Presse, 25-09-01 on p.A7)
Do not expect anything good from this guy aside from photo ops with the like of Bonehead.
This whole travesty of a democratic process is a farce worthy of the 2000 US election, except we get the Canadian, watered-down version. Coronation without representation.
Oh and he's about 90% sure to win the next election as his opponents are hopelessly disorganised.
Martin is the guy who managed to collect over 12M$CAN for a leadership race he ran virtually unopposed. Like pigs eager to get their snouts in the trough, companies and all-around rich guys openly bought influence.
As for Barbie Bush, be sure to check out Al Franken's encounter with the old witch in Franken's book, Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them, which is damn funny, although a bit too easy on the Dems.

Posted by Nicolas K. @ 11/15/2003 11:18 AM EST


Posted by patriotism @ 11/15/2003 11:25 AM EST

NOSTRADAMUS & Antichrist-
OSAMA-BUS(H)...maybe both....

Posted by paradox @ 11/15/2003 02:23 PM EST

NOSTRADAMUS & Antichrist-
OSAMA-BUS(H)...maybe both....

Posted by paradox @ 11/15/2003 02:25 PM EST

hello gang,

i think that yesterday i was able to develop a pattern with the female bushies..the daughters of jeb and dumbya...ex-wife of marvin and i do believe that columba and laura fit the mold as well??? what do you think about this?

Posted by jhf @ 11/15/2003 02:34 PM EST

World War IV Warning. This is not a drill!

United Nations Earth Citizen’s Resolution
Preventing World War IV


The Citizens of Earth

Emergency United Nations Earth Citizen’s Resolution
Preventing World War IV

Dear Earth Citizen,

This Emergency Resolution - Preventing World War IV, as a group voice has been birthed out of the present perilous spiritual, environmental, political and social conditions of Humanity

This Resolution is a call for the collective Peoples of The Earth to stand together to confront their principle aggressor. I present this resolution as a Representative of the People of America and as a World Servant. I speak for gentleness and compassion but with power and immovable resolve. Opportunity is running out to make fundamental changes before we globally must endure a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions. For this American citizens must take responsibility. Yes, a World War is being fought, a war being fought against the Peoples of The Earth, a war against you and I. A pathway to peace is still possible. This Resolution is a blueprint for breaking up and out of the logjam at the core of our corrupted system and for the laying of the foundation of peace and well-being for the Peoples of Earth.

In cooperation with the rest of the world, we as Americans can usher in a period of Peace and Rebuilding. Will we assume our sacred roles and our sacred callings? IT IS POSSIBLE. We, United Nation Earth Citizens who stand for Truth, desire that America fulfill its higher destiny.

It is critical we share this Global Resolution with as many people as possible and in the shortest period of time. These truths it contains are rarely spoken in conversations, for it takes courage to do so in the face of tyranny. And, it takes courage to admit to the deep changes in our personal lives that are necessary. And, it takes the courage to stand up and confront the powers of enslavement that are circling and infiltrating the whole of Humanity. You have been asked to lead in this campaign because you have evidenced true concern for the destiny of humanity. Let this United Nations Earth Citizen’s Resolution be spoken on every street corner, in every city of the world. Achieving this resolution will take the unyielding efforts of millions World Citizens standing strong, unflinchingly fulfilling this supreme task of this time. Only our collective strength can hope to stand against the enemies of freedom and well-being. This resolution is our weapon to strike back, to neutralize the plans of global enslavement and destruction. Sociopathic governments in search of sustenance can only be stopped by overwhelming numbers of awakened citizens. In our case as Americans however, even the astonishing act of setting fire to the Bill of Rights failed to register on the American overall population. On the whole, Americans don’t care about anything at all except being as comfortable as possible. We know this because if we did care, none of this would be allowed to happen. For these reasons the rest of the world must bring overwhelming pressure and discomfort to the lifestyle of the American populace. We need you to help us do the right thing!

The architects of the new policy of Brutalitarian rule are counting on the fact that most Americans are not rational, and have no desire to think about the meaning of any of this. In this, the designers of this new and deliberately terrifying Monstrous America are correct, so far. As long as people sit in front of the perpetual hypnosis machines and choose to pretend they don’t really know what is happening, then the Lifestyle Wars and state-sanctioned genocide in our behalf will continue. The future of our once-noble country is apparently to demand ever-larger piles of innocent human bodies to burn as fuel for our standard of living. We will manage the incredible feat of denial only by resolutely ignoring the obvious truth and willingly believing the transparent lies of the despicable American leaders. Doesn't all this sound very familiar, historically speaking?

United Nations Earth Citizen’s Resolution
Preventing World War IV

RESOLVED: Regime Change, What the United Nations of the World and The People of The Earth Must Do

The United Nations and all Organizations of Nations and all Citizen Organizations enact a radical course of action and that, The People of The Earth are insisting on this new course of action.

This new course is based upon the facts alone, rather than political pressure. A regime change is indeed necessary, but not in Iraq. The primary regime needing to be changed is the one found in the District of Columbia, Washington. The greatest tyrant and true threat to world peace needing to be ousted is George W. Bush and his cabal of malignant ideologues who had seized the levers of power of the most powerful forces of destruction Humanity has ever seen. The Peoples of the Earth are directly threatened with the end of international law and protection of human rights as well as the collapse of the basic conditions for peace, freedom and even physical survival.

The facts are self-evident, clearly showing the need for such a Resolution against the U.S....they demonstrate a “clear and present danger" to the world community. America and its corporate owners is clearly a nation that aspires to global domination and the destruction of all who oppose them, through the use of the most expensive and high tech military the world has ever known.

In demonstration of the above assertions, let us be very clear about U.S.’s 400+ billion dollar a year (!!!!) expense for weapons of mass destruction. These include:

1) Atomic and hydrogen bombs.
2) The "Star Wars" weaponry of space satellites, and laser devices.
3) A host of biological weapons including anthrax, which it has used on its own citizenry and manufactured in its own laboratories Millions of pounds of biological weapons material exist on the American soil manufactured by American industries. This amount completely dwarfs the aggregate amounts in every other country of the world.
4) Guided missile cruisers, Stealth bombers and aircraft carriers conveying the most advanced air-based offensives ever to be used in the history of mankind. These have been recently waged against the citizens of Afghanistan and Iraq and have been threatened against the people of other nations.
5) Depleted uranium munitions, used repeatedly upon countries such as Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq, causing massive numbers of birth defects and lingering mutilation of civilian populations. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld and The U.S. military fully understand the medical consequences of the 1991 war and the likely health effects of the Iraqis invasion of 2003. According to NATO sources (communicated to UNEP), some 112 sites in Yugoslavia (of which 72 are in Kosovo) were targeted during the war with depleted uranium antitank shells. Between 30,000 and 50,000 DU shells were fired. Scientific evidence amply confirms that the DU radioactive aerosol spreads from "the point of release" over a large geographical area suggesting that large parts of the province of Kosovo are contaminated. Radioactive derivatives can linger in the air for months. . . . Just one particle in the lungs is enough . . . a single particle could travel to the lymph nodes, where the radioactivity would lower the body's defenses against lymphomas and leukemia."
6) Probable Hyper-dimensional Scalar Technology Wizardry. Evidence for the testing of such extremely dangerous and potentially globally catastrophic weapons is indicated.
7) The use of spies, covert CIA operatives and other agents, as well as a barrage of propaganda, which seeks to weaken, overthrow and exploit the sovereign nations of the world, primarily for the sake of installing pro-U.S.-corporate puppets that will do Washington’s bidding. The fact that it has staged countless internal rebellions and coups within dozens of countries in the last five decades is well documented and known. The U.S. constantly interferes with, and attempts to coerce, the mandates of foreign governments for the sake of its own special interests, and in the name of “democracy". The real reason for this behavior is, of course, unfair economic advantage and bottomless greed.
8) Manufactures and distributes nerve gas, tear gas, blistering agents, neurotoxins and poisonous compounds of all kinds. It is an open secret that Americans are developing new kinds of biological and chemical weapons. This information periodically appears in the press. Therefore, there can be one conclusion made: the United States did not stop such programs at the end of the Cold War. On the contrary, America increased funding for these illegal and deadly programs.
9) "Smart" bombs", "Bunker Buster" bombs, "Daisy Cutter" bombs, mines and laser or satellite guided munitions.
10) Teams of Special Forces troops, whose missions are designed for assassination, covert mass-murder and maximized destruction.
11) The ever-closer relationship and blurring of lines between military and police. The technological development of sub-lethal weapons systems and highly sophisticated population control measures for both police and military -- globalized military policing.
12) The mad doctrine of "full spectrum dominance" championed by the Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

The United States possesses, and has openly discussed using, such weapons of mass destruction upon a great number of other nations. Among these nations are those listed in George Bush’s' so-called "axis of evil" list, as well as many others which it says, "harbor terrorists". The so-called "War on Terror" targets Libya, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Columbia, Nicaragua and many others. Upon these nations the U.S. has repeatedly issued a series of very aggressive and threatening statements to the effect of; "You are either with us or against us", implying dire consequences of economic, diplomatic and military measures in the case of non-compliance. It has openly discussed the possibility of a "first strike" use of conventional nuclear warheads, and "tactical nukes" on the battlefield. President Bush now wants to build a whole new class of "useable" nuclear weapons. There is evidence that the American forces used Neutron Atomic weapons in Afghanistan under the guise of Bunker Buster weapons. The Bush administration has revealed plans to greatly expand its nuclear war infrastructure and to prepare for a resumption of testing, to make possible a new generation of warheads. Its' military policy of, "win no matter what the cost of truth or human lives", as a surrogate for sane foreign relations, has earned the wrath of the world. U.S. belligerency is the major contributor to international hostilities, instability, war and the creation of reactionary terrorist groups, as well as the oppression of peoples worldwide.

Its irrational posture threatens to catapult the world into another, and probably final, world war.

The United States has repeatedly shown its willingness to target civilian populations with weapons of mass destruction, especially via the carpet-bombing of cities and infrastructures. It is the only nation to have ever used nuclear devices in war, and upon civilian targets. Among the structures bombed have been desalinization plants, water treatment facilities, police stations, electrical substations and generators, radar and communications stations, hospitals, highway, railway and other transportation facilities, factories for the manufacture of metal, plastic and wood products, and numerous other civilian centers. Countless examples of this behavior have been witnessed in Iraq, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan (among other locations). The result has been millions of Iraqi, Yugoslavian and Afghan children dying of unnecessary diseases and malnutrition, due to a severe lack of food, safe drinking water and basic medical facilities. Current is the complete collapse of the medical infrastructure of Iraqi with the probable death of thousands.

This Anglo-American aggression against Iraq, one thing is clear through all the fog of war generated by the Pentagon's media cheerleaders--Bush and Blair and their generals are engineering a vicious slaughter of a defenseless population. They should be tried for war crimes before an international people's tribunal.

This was not a war--it was a one sided slaughter by two major capitalist powers against an impoverished semi-colonial nation already ravaged from the 1991 war. It is an imperialist act of aggression against a sovereign nation for its strategic natural resource--oil. It is a brazen, criminal act of gangsterism and plunder to loot the resources of the Iraqi people. Every lie Bush told to justify the attack has been exposed. Where are the weapons of mass destruction? In Washington and London, slaughtering tens of thousands of Iraqis is considered the cost of saving their corrupted cabal. For the Bush cabal, Iraq is but one battle in a war Bush said will last for a generation or more. World War IV, according to the clique, began with the invasion of Afghanistan. Afghanistan will prove but an opening battle. This war is going to spread and engulf a number of countries in conflicts of varying intensity. It will require the use of American military power in multiple places simultaneously. It is going to be a clash of civilizations.

A primary export of the United States is weaponry of mass destruction, including so-called "conventional" weapons such as guided missile cruisers, bombers, small arms, mortars, rockets, tactical advisors, self guided missiles, attack helicopters, high tech surveillance and imaging systems, tanks, explosives and various other tools design primarily for the sake of destroying human life. Added to this list of exports are multi-lingual propaganda, biological agents, tear and nerve gas, atomic weapons and their constituents, as well as technical advice regarding their construction, maintenance and use. The U.S. has frequently hypocritically urged countries to use these weapons against each other so long as it benefited its political interests, while simultaneously criticizing those who use them without American sanction.

President George W. Bush personally incriminated himself under both international criminal law and United States domestic criminal law. The Bush Jr. administration has severely undermined the integrity of the Four Geneva Conventions of 1949. By doing this, the Bush Jr. administration has opened up U.S. Armed Forces and civilians around the world to similar reprisals, which has already happened.

The U.S. has repeatedly told its own citizenry to expect involvement in what amounts to a PERMANENT STATE OF WAR, due to the "War on Terror". A large and increasing number of foreign nationals (and U.S. citizens) are being held in American prisons unlawfully, often without charges, legal due process or access to legal counsel. These persons are often subjected to psychological and physical torture due to their nationality, political or religious beliefs. Its' Afghan prisoners of war in Cuba are treated without dignity, in gross violation of the Geneva Convention. At the same time, the U.S. has insisted that its military personnel must be held exempt from war crimes charges by the international community, regardless of their actions. "Enforced disappearances" is considered to be a crime against humanity by Article 7(I)(i) of the Rome Statute for the International Criminal Court. Many of these aliens have been deprived of their basic human rights to consular notification and access as set forth in the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. President Bush signed an Executive Order on 13 November 2001 that is widely recognized to constitute a grave breach of the Geneva Conventions and establishes a prima facie case of criminal accountability against the President himself.

Overt military law and complete control of The Peoples of America is on the horizon. Through its prison system, the U.S. already has the largest slave population in the world. The American Police State has already arrived for People of Color. The United States repeatedly defies the resolutions and authority of the United Nations, with contempt, making it clear that it views this body as merely a tool which can be occasionally used to achieve its special interests, rather than those of humanity in general. The U.S. has also made it quite clear that if the international community and the United Nations do not meet its desires, it will act on its own regardless of their wishes, and in whatever manner it sees fit. This includes pre-emptive military invasion of any country that dares to oppose its policies, and for whatever flimsy, baseless justification it gives to the world as an excuse for such actions.

President George W. Bush openly claims that he now holds this power of arbitrary arrest and imprisonment. His minions defend it with earnest arguments. They have already begun acting on its dictatorial tenets. If this claim is not rejected by the other two branches of government -- an unlikely event, with both branches now held by Bush partisans -- then the fundamental liberty of every American citizen will have been stripped away finally and completely with severe repercussions for All People of The Earth.

The international community must seriously ask itself, "Who is next?" in this series of U.S. invasions of sovereign lands. "Who will die next...by the thousands, tens of thousands or millions..." at the bloody hands of U.S. imperialism? It is recognized that the current U.S. regime is leading the United States and all nations toward a lawless world of endless wars. Washington's use of its military supremacy to compensate for its political and economic weakness accelerates by the day. Looking around the world, it's easy to see why Rumsfeld's strategy of multiple wars has convinced the US ruling class that he's their guy. With Afghanistan, Iraq, Philippines, and Colombia already under the gun, and Iran, North Korea, and Syria in the cross-hairs, multiple wars seem the way to go to the captains of Wall Street.

The looting of Iraq's museums and National Library, with the destruction of much of Iraq's cultural heritage, is a historic crime for which the Bush administration is responsible. This widespread destruction and looting of the most ancient artifacts of Humanity cuts at the root of what it is to be human. US government officials were warned repeatedly about possible damage to irreplaceable artifacts, either from American bombs and missiles or from post-war instability after the removal of the Iraqi government, but they did nothing to prevent it. Their inaction constitutes a gross violation of the 1954 Hague Convention on the protection of artistic treasures in wartime, adopted in response to the Nazi looting of occupied Europe during World War II.

FOR THESE REASONS, this United Nations Citizen’s Resolution has been created for the purpose of disarming and otherwise rendering harmless, the major threat to world peace that the United States has become. We must insist that our sovereign nations as well as international organizations-- such as the European Union, the African Union, the OAS and the Arab League adopt this resolution. Toward this end is the necessity of ousting its current dictator, George W. Bush, and the legislative bodies of that government that currently parrots him without serious debate. This is self-evident. The functional means necessary to achieve this goal are hereby suggested. You are hereby empowered to execute the following course of actions. They include but are not limited to:

1) Economic sanctions and trade tariffs, aimed at undermining the U.S. economy, thereby depriving its monstrous military apparatus of the necessary lifeblood to function.
2) The insistence of a complete withdrawal of all U.S. military forces from wherever they may be stationed around the world. This includes U.S. occupation forces already in conquered countries, (such as Afghanistan and Iraq).
3) The elimination of world petroleum exports to the United States, as well as the necessary raw materials that make its industrial-military apparatus possible.
4) The withdrawal of foreign investment in U.S. companies, and their various enterprises. This includes the canceling of existing contracts with U.S. companies, especially those involved with the extraction of petroleum, the mining of precious metals, deforestation, sweat shop industries of clothing, plastics, electronics and other manufacture, as well as other vital resources from lands not within their territorial domain.
5) Those U.S. military and civil leaders, especially George W. Bush and his entire cabinet, are brought to justice for their heinous participations in war crimes and crimes against humanity the world over, by the international courts. World leaders must understand that no one country can both make the rules and break them, when it comes to international justice.
6) The use of joint military force if necessary, to curb, restrict and otherwise prevent the American advance toward world domination. America must be deprived of what it most desires, which are the resources of others to fuel an extravagant lifestyle, and the support of bribed or bullied foreign leaders to accomplish a singularly selfish, unilateral agenda.
7) Boycotting of large U.S. corporations. Withdrawal of funds from their financial markets and banks. Liquidation and conversion of all investments and financial instrument denominated in US currency.
8) Buy Local. Simplify. Invest in the wealth of local systems. Use your resources for works of peace and social justice. Repudiate your debt slavery. American Citizens pay no more taxes. There will then be no more support for their global death machine.
9) Live for peace and the victory of this climatic Resolution. Live a life grounded in Truth. Stand for Goodness. Express Love and Grace. Free yourself from hatred and revenge.
10) Bring together your religious and social groups to support and implement this Resolution. Share sources of information with those who do not yet know the truth and facts. This resolution will take the work and sweat and service of millions of people. WE must act as if there is massive global support for this Resolution. Do not allow fear be used as a weapon against you and your efforts. See this as a tremendous opportunity for the healing of the Peoples. Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to produce uncommon results.
11) Broadcast of this Resolution across the Globe. Forward this UN Earth Citizen’s Resolution to your government officials, United Nations representatives, media contacts, religious and activist groups and friends worldwide. Make copies of this Resolution to post and distribute. Encourage others to do the same. Talk about this resolution on the radio. Network the movement. Translate this resolution into all languages. Copies of this Resolution can be found by searching any search engine for, “Emergency United Nations Earth Citizens Resolution: Preventing World War IV”. Webmasters, please mirror this resolution.

The choice as to whether or not we have a 21st century global holocaust will be made by the American People. To this end, we must force compliance in abandoning their support for their government’s present insane course of action. This is fundamental to the success of this Resolution.

In effect, the United States and the corrupted system it represents must feel the full power of international and personal sovereignty, as it expresses its supreme dissatisfaction with the US imperialism around the globe. The United States must understand that its anti-humanitarian, corporate-minded, industrial-military schemes for global dominance are nothing short of those employed by Hitler, and other fascist dictators and governments throughout the course of history. Constantly declaring war and occupying one country after the next clearly demonstrates this. The People of The Earth will no longer stand for this behavior.

The international communities and the peoples of the entire world, including millions of Americans find this U.S. attitude and behavior unacceptable. We will no longer be coerced or made to feel insecure in our own places of residence and worship, or allow others to feel this way, at the behest of U.S. whims.


We Will Do Whatever It Takes To Reclaim International Sanity and Bring The American People and Government and Controllers To Their Senses.

People of the Free World
United Nation Earth Citizens
Representatives of the American People

Resolution Priorities:

We recognize the positive side of this United Nations Earth Citizen’s Resolution and the disarmament of the U.S. military. With the U.S. military expenditures of one year, all of the following and more can be accomplished.

• Eliminate Starvation and Malnutrition for The Billions ($19 billion)
• Provide Shelter for All Humans ($21 billion)
• Remove Landmines Globally ($4 billion)
• Build Responsive Government in All Countries ($3 billion)
• Eliminate Nuclear Weapons from the Earth ($7 billion)
• Refugee Relief for all displaced people ($5 billion)
• Eliminate Illiteracy across the planet ($5 billion)
• Provide Universal Clean and Safe Water ($10 billion)
• Provide Health Care and AIDS Control ($21 billion)
• Stop Earth Deforestation ($7 billion)
• Prevent Global Warming ($8 billion)
• Stabilize World Population ($10.5 billion)
• Prevent Acid Rain ($8 billion)
• Provide Clean, Safe Energy ($10 Billion)
• Energy Efficiency ($33 billion)
• Renewable Energy Development ($17 billion)
• Reverse Ozone Depletion ($5 billion)
• Prevent Soil Erosion ($24 billion)
• Rebuilding the Soils ($5 billion)
• Retire Developing Nations Debt ($30 billion)

All this can be done once we really start thinking about where we are going and how to get there. And the next year we could complete the funding for these tasks.

What do you choose? Inaction and denial is also a choice!
"There is nothing more difficult to plan, more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to manage than the creation of a new system. For the initiator has the enmity of all who would profit by the preservation of the old system and merely lukewarm defenders in those who would gain by the new one." -- Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince, 1513
"When the people are afraid of the government, that's tyranny. But when the government is afraid of the people, that's liberty." --Thomas Jefferson.
“The planning and institution of a modern version of the East German Secret Police is underway in the U.S., under the guise of Homeland Security. If the American People permit the Bush Regime to impose a Police State at home in the name of furthering Pax Americana abroad, we will have deserved it by abnegating our responsibilities as Citizens living in what is supposed to be a constitutional Republic with a commitment to the Rule of Law. The same thing happened to the Romans and to the Athenians. The United States of America is not immune to the laws of history.”
--Francis A. Boyle, Professor of Law, University of Illinois
"Our safety, our liberty, depends upon preserving the Constitution of the United States as our Fathers made it inviolate. The People of the United States are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution." -- Abraham Lincoln
"The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American's freedom and before I leave office, I must inform the citizen of this plight." -- President John Fitzgerald Kennedy - In a speech made to Columbia University on Nov. 12, 1963, ten days before his assassination.
“The Healing of the Sickness in our collective Soul will not be ended with the ousting of the worst sort at the top. The American People, has much to redeem and to reclaim and to which to make amends. I pray the World shows us more mercy than we have shown them. May God have mercy on our Collective Soul.” – An American Earth Citizen
"There is an enormous gap between what US leaders do in the world and what Americans think their leaders are doing.” – Viewpoint of hundreds of millions of UN Earth Citizens
"America has a Higher Destiny. As with generations past, our destiny can take us to places we have never been, or can only imagine. Places of peace. Places of plenty. Places of hope. Places of love. We have a right to live our ideals. That is our birthright. We should not trade it for the pretensions of empire. Nor for delusions of grandeur, nor for all the gold in Fort Knox, all the tea in China or all the oil in Iraq. America has a Higher Destiny." - US Representative Dennis J. Kucinich

Some of the more notorious euphemisms used by the U.S. government include:
“collateral damage” — the intentional mass-murder, by aerial bombardment, of civilian people in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Iraq, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan.
“foreign policy mistake” — the genocide of 4 million people in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.
“freedom fighters” — the bloodthirsty, sadistic, sexually perverted, homicidal psychopaths (paid, armed and trained by the CIA) known as the Contras of Nicaragua.
“humanitarian intervention” — the brutal American state terrorism of the entire civilian population of Yugoslavia — butchering over 3000 civilian men, women and children with cluster bombs and poisoning everyone and everything with carcinogenic, genetically damaging depleted uranium radiation.
“peacekeeping” — the bloodthirsty reign of terror carried out by the Albanian KLA in Kosovo while U.S./NATO troops were ordered to stand idly by and watch.
“fighting terrorism” — the terrorization and violent mass-murder of at least 3,500 innocent Afghan civilian men, women and children who had nothing whatsoever to do the September 11 attacks.
Further proof as to the intentions for America’s waging of World War IV
Those concerned should pay serious attention to this listing of USA Reserve and National Guard units mobilized for active duty as of March 26, 2003. This reserve mobilization is far larger than the 1990 Desert Storm call-up. More ominously, there is a complete qualitative difference in the types of reserve units being called up. This difference shows the current effort is merely a preliminary to a far vaster general mobilization on the order of World War II. "The Roster" shows four broad categories of reserve units that have already been mobilized. The total package is clearly designed as a balanced 'First Wave' of mobilization to prepare for still further mobilization. And this is precisely how the USA began mobilization in 1940. Now it's being done again.
Category I. Round out reserve units for active regular units. This grouping has some combat units and many more logistics support units. These are explainable in the context of "Operation Iraqi Freedom". Thus they are not exceptional if "Gulf War II" is considered in isolation. It's much less understandable since the overwhelming majority did not go there by Rumsfeld / Wolfowitz / Perle's specific directions. Almost all are still in the USA with their parent regular units.
Now Bush II had much more time for his Gulf build-up than Bush I did for his. The first one had from August 1990 to January, 1991. That's 5 1/2 months. The second one had from October, 2002 until late March, 2003. That's around 6 months. And Bush II has better fast sealift resources than his daddy did. Acquiring such ships was one of the priority improvements made after Desert Storm. Consequently CENTCOM's small force size is the result of a fully conscious choice. It does not arise from mere logistics limitations.
Category II. Mobilization and garrison support units. These are US Army Reserve units whose function is to provide stateside base support. The numbers of Army Reserve administrative, 'Mobilization Support', Finance, Adjutant General and Replacement companies are inexplicable except on the assumption many more bases are going to be filling with still more people. This means yet more mobilization are anticipated to occur. Supporting a large wartime mobilization is the only reason these units exist. The existing peacetime bases already have their own large bureaucracies.
Category III. US Army Reserve Training Divisions. These are numbered 'divisions', such as the 85th USAR Division in Illinois / Indiana, the 87th USAR Division in Florida / Georgia and so on. They're sub-divided into Brigades and Battalions. Despite their historic combat unit numbers these 'divisions' are not combat units any more. These are units of drill sergeants and skill trainers organized to serve as the teaching cadre staffs of individual replacement training centers. These units are only called up when 'They' are planning to do a lot more training of more civilians. This means training more civilians than the Department of Defense's existing peacetime training establishment can handle. The mobilization of such units is a critical milestone on the road to mobilizing a far larger combat army. So has this happened? Let's check 'The Roster'. Divisions and divisions of reserve drill sergeants and soldier trainers summoned to active duty.
In Category II we saw the support cadres for more base bureaucracies. Here in Category III we see the trainers needed to teach new trainees. So where are these ''trainees"? Can you say draft? This too is already being talked up by the appropriate authorities, meaning Congress. It should be clear already that nothing these training units could do would influence "Operation Iraqi Freedom" as planned by Donald Rumsfeld. This fact was already well known to those responsible for mobilizing them.
Category IV. Leading edge Army National Guard combat battalions. This means combat units not attached to existing regular units as 'roundouts'. Without spreadsheeting The Roster there seem to be about 100 reserve combat battalions mobilized so far. All the different combat branches (infantry, armor, artillery, air defense) are represented. So why mobilize so many reserve combat battalions when so many Regular Army and Marine battalions are still in North America and 'unemployed' in "Iraqi Freedom"? More precisely, why does the Secretary of Defense mobilize them all and then get involved in a public dumb show posing as McNamara sending Westmoreland too few active combat units?
There are several answers to these questions. The first answer is to conserve forces for a much larger expected campaign. The next answer is to bring the reserve combat units up to full training efficiency, and especially their leadership cadres. See the list again and do some internet spot checking. Most of these battalions were only summoned in December, 2002, or later. The plans for "Operation Iraqi Freedom" were already fairly final by then. Many other National Guard combat battalions remain to be called up. Back in 1940 National Guard mobilization proceeded in several waves, too. It didn't happen all at once. Ultimately many of these units will receive still more troops.
Another thing these units can do if required is to spawn still more combat units. In this process they subdivide just like bacteria. One battalion extrudes a cadre of experienced officers and sergeants who are promoted on the job to the next higher level. Then these form one or two more identical battalions. Newly trained privates for these newly formed combat units stream in from individual replacement training centers. These centers are operated and can only be operated by the training units discussed in Categories II and III above.
This is how it was done in World War II, also. Some National Guard divisions (all called up in 1940) were subdivided so many times to form more units that the original unit (with 90% new personnel by then) didn't reach combat until 1944 or 1945. The 38th Infantry Division is a good example. It was mobilized in 1940 but didn't reach a Pacific combat area until 1944. In the interim period it extruded cadre levy after cadre levy for many of the 88 other US Army combat divisions that were created.
The current reserve mobilization has summoned forth precisely the required machinery to begin the above process again. Many of these units have been "in reserve" for half a century without being called up. They were preserved to retain an option that is now being exercised. ZOG is putting very heavy stakes on the table. And it is doing so in a way that can be understood by most of the world's general staffs and military intelligence agencies.
The extreme statements made by Ariel Sharon, by George Bush and his advisors, by the current and now by a former director of the CIA concerning long term vast War, "clash of civilizations" and "World War IV" are well known. Now we see specific military actions being taken to turn these Words into horrible Reality. They are taking this seriously. Self-perceived targets are taking this seriously.
Are you taking this seriously?
World War IV Warning. This is not a drill.
The Next Level of Understanding - Behind of These Mobilizations

The Money Power itself is being taken over by and is melding into what may be called a Political Crime Syndicate whose power straddles the three sectors of politics, finance, and organized crime. This syndicate deals in such areas as international money laundering, weapons trafficking, and drugs. It is this Political Crime Syndicate, working with Western intelligence agencies, that ran Iran-Contra during the Reagan years, that has revived the Afghanistan drug trade, and that controls the U.S. trade in "ecstasy" and other "street" drugs. It is also the Political Crime Syndicate that continues to engage in targeted assassinations, including U.S. political figures.

This Political Crime Syndicate has been plotting to take over the U.S. presidency and install one of its members in the nation's highest office. But this potential coup d'etat, will likely to lead to a Nazi-like regime in the U.S. is not inevitable. These conditions also provide an opportunity for The People to strike back, provided we begin to lay the groundwork now.

On assuming power, the first step WE THE PEOPLE must take is to relieve the pressure from the collapsing domestic US economy, because it is this pressure which is driving the Money Power Cabal insane, causing the Iraq War, and leading to the incessant push toward turning events over to the Political Crime Syndicate. This driving economic crisis could be relieved within a matter of months by an act of Congress, followed by executive action through the U.S. Treasury Department, to nationalize the Federal Reserve and take control of the credit mechanisms of the national banking system. This would be followed by a measured program of release of money into the economy through a Greenback-like mechanism. This would mean direct creation of money by the federal government and its utilization in projects of social worth related to infrastructure restoration and other worthwhile social purposes, such as adequate national health care, Social Security, the space program, education, technology research and development and the use of the military budget for Planetary Restoration.

Control of money by private interests has totally failed in fulfilling the purposes of democracy. It is time for Americans to remember that government in a republic is "us," not "them." It is the instrument by which the community may act to promote, preserve, and protect its shared human values. Since America began, these values have consistently been subverted by the Money Power. Within the ranks of the federal professional workforce there are many dedicated, competent patriots who will implement the solutions which their political overseers fail to understand because they have been blinded by decades of propaganda. Once the monetary problem has been dealt with, all other reforms will follow as a matter of course, because the chief threat to the progress and evolution of American democracy and the republic will have been removed. America won't need any more foreign currency wars. Nor will we need the CIA, since the requirements for overthrowing other nations' governments, assassinating domestic and foreign political leaders, and financing overseas adventures with proceeds from drug and weapons trafficking will be gone. Legitimate intelligence duties could then be transferred to the appropriate accountable agencies. As for the Defense Department, we would be able to restore the concept espoused by great military leaders such as MacArthur and Eisenhower, which is a force, manned by citizen soldiers whose primary task is national defense, not foreign conquest.

US - Rogue State Status – Further Basis to Implement this Resolution

1. In December 2001, the United States officially withdrew from the 1972 Antiballistic Missile Treaty, gutting the landmark agreement-the first time in the nuclear era that the US renounced a major arms control accord.
2. 1972 Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention ratified by 144 nations including the United States. In July 2001 the US walked out of a London conference to discuss a 1994 protocol designed to strengthen the Convention by providing for on-site inspections. At Geneva in November 2001, US Undersecretary of State John Bolton stated that "the protocol is dead," at the same time accusing Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Libya, Sudan, and Syria of violating the Convention but offering no specific allegations or supporting evidence.
3. UN Agreement to Curb the International Flow of Illicit Small Arms, July 2001: the US was the only nation to oppose it.
4. April 2001, the US was not re-elected to the UN Human Rights Commission, after years of withholding dues to the UN (including current dues of $244 million)-and after having forced the UN to lower its share of the UN budget from 25 to 22 percent. (In the Human Rights Commission, the US stood virtually alone in opposing resolutions supporting lower-cost access to HIV/AIDS drugs, acknowledging a basic human right to adequate food, and calling for a moratorium on the death penalty.)
5. International Criminal Court (ICC) Treaty, to be set up in The Hague to try political leaders and military personnel charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity. Signed in Rome in July 1998, the Treaty was approved by 120 countries, with 7 opposed (including the US). In October 2001 Great Britain became the 42nd nation to sign. In December 2001 the US Senate again added an amendment to a military appropriations bill that would keep US military personnel from obeying the jurisdiction of the proposed ICC.
6. Land Mine Treaty, banning land mines; signed in Ottawa in December 1997 by 122 nations. The United States refused to sign, along with Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Vietnam, Egypt, and Turkey. President Clinton rejected the Treaty, claiming that mines were needed to protect South Korea against North Korea's "overwhelming military advantage." He stated that the US would "eventually" comply, in 2006; this was disavowed by President Bush in August 2001.
7. Kyoto Protocol of 1997, for controlling global warming: declared "dead" by President Bush in March 2001. In November 2001, the Bush administration shunned negotiations in Marrakech (Morocco) to revise the accord, mainly by watering it down in a vain attempt to gain US approval.
8. In May 2001, refused to meet with European Union nations to discuss, even at lower levels of government, economic espionage and electronic surveillance of phone calls, e-mail, and faxes (the US "Echelon" program),
9. Refused to participate in Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)-sponsored talks in Paris, May 2001, on ways to crack down on off-shore and other tax and money-laundering havens.
10. Refused to join 123 nations pledged to ban the use and production of anti-personnel bombs and mines, February 2001
11. September 2001: withdrew from International Conference on Racism, bringing together 163 countries in Durban, South Africa
12. International Plan for Cleaner Energy: G-8 group of industrial nations (US, Canada, Japan, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, And UK), July 2001: the US was the only one to oppose it.
13. Enforcing an illegal boycott of Cuba, now being made tighter. In the UN in October 2001, the General Assembly passed a resolution, for the tenth consecutive year, calling for an end to the US embargo, by a vote of 167 to 3 (the US, Israel, and the Marshall Islands in opposition).
14. Comprehensive [Nuclear] Test Ban Treaty. Signed by 164 nations and ratified by 89 including France, Great Britain, and Russia; signed by President Clinton in 1996 but rejected by the Senate in 1999. The US is one of 13 nonratifiers among countries that have nuclear weapons or nuclear power programs. In November 2001, the US forced a vote in the UN Committee on Disarmament and Security to demonstrate its opposition to the Test Ban Treaty.
15. In 1986 the International Court of Justice (The Hague) ruled that the US was in violation of international law for "unlawful use of force" in Nicaragua, through its actions and those of its Contra proxy army. The US refused to recognize the Court's jurisdiction. A UN resolution calling for compliance with the Court's decision was approved 94-2 (US and Israel voting no).
16. In 1984 the US quit UNESCO (UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) and ceased its payments for UNESCO's budget, over the New World Information and Communication Order (NWICO) project designed to lessen world media dependence on the "big four" wire agencies (AP, UPI, Agence France-Presse, Reuters). The US charged UNESCO with "curtailment of press freedom," as well as mismanagement and other faults, despite a 148-1 in vote in favor of NWICO in the UN. UNESCO terminated NWICO in 1989; the US nonetheless refused to rejoin. In 1995 the Clinton administration proposed rejoining; the move was blocked in Congress and Clinton did not press the issue. In February 2000 the US finally paid some of its arrears to the UN but excluded UNESCO, which the US has not rejoined.
17. Optional Protocol, 1989, to the UN's International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, aimed at abolition of the death penalty and containing a provision banning the execution of those under 18. The US has neither signed nor ratified and specifically exempts itself from the latter provision, making it one of five countries that still execute juveniles (with Saudi Arabia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Nigeria). China abolished the practice in 1997, Pakistan in 2000.
18. 1979 UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. The only countries that have signed but not ratified are the US, Afghanistan, Sao Tome and Principe.
19. The US has signed but not ratified the 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which protects the economic and social rights of children. The only other country not to ratify is Somalia, which has no functioning government.
20. UN International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, 1966, covering a wide range of rights and monitored by the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. The US signed in 1977 but has not ratified.
21. UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, 1948. The US finally ratified in 1988, adding several "reservations" to the effect that the US Constitution and the "advice and consent" of the Senate are required to judge whether any "acts in the course of armed conflict" constitute genocide. The reservations are rejected by Britain, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Mexico, Estonia, and others.
22. The Bush administration has declined to sign the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, a World Health Organization treaty with the aim of reducing the 4 million people who die from tobacco related diseases every year. Bush did this because of the donations he received from the tobacco companies and is one of the few countries not to sign. Tobacco could be called the biggest weapon of mass destruction.
22. Generous foreign aid to given less fortunate countries? The three best aid providers, measured by the foreign aid percentage of their gross domestic products, are Denmark (1.01%), Norway (0.91%), and the Netherlands (0.79), The three worst: UK (0.23%), Australia, Portugal, and Austria (all 0.26) and following all other developed nations, the USA at less than 0.10%.

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sorry to go a bit off topic, but please read this!!!

the americans seem to hate us europeans because we are against imperialism...so now they want to extend the war on terror against us europeans as well...

what the fuck?


Posted by against war @ 11/15/2003 04:19 PM EST

sorry...meant to say the american government and neo-cons hate us...

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hi voxie.....

looks like this subject (barbie bush) opened up a can of worms:):):)

Posted by jhf @ 11/15/2003 06:53 PM EST

bush's ma is a pierce, that i think changed their name from pierson or pearson before they emigrated to america...the family was known as "the kingmakers" in britain before they were forced out for doing something especially heinous...anyone know what it was, can't seem to google it down...


The Oil Monarchs: George W. Bush and his Royal Kin
By Christopher Bollyn - American Free Press

While President George W. Bush is portrayed in the mass media as the chief architect of the plan to conquer Iraq, his family’s intimate connection with those oil-rich European royals who also support him is seldom discussed.

On a daily basis the mainstream media presents expert opinions as to who is behind the military campaign against Iraq and why. Lately there has been a flurry of editorials seeking to debunk the notion that the major British and American oil companies are behind the planned conquest of Iraq and its rich oil fields. What is never discussed, however, is the kinship between President George W. Bush and the European royals who support the U.S.-led campaign against Iraq.

King George

While President Bush’s war policy is strongly opposed by the leaders of Europe’s largest republics, Germany, France, and Russia, he is supported by those nations where royal families are still in power, or close to it: Britain, Spain, The Netherlands, and Bulgaria. What the U.S. mainstream media fails to mention is that he is actually related to the royal families of those European states where his policy on Iraq is supported.

As the media reported during the election of 2000, Bush is closely related to every European monarch on and off the throne and has kinship with every member of Britain’s royal family, the House of Windsor.

Saxe-Coburg Gotha is the true name of Britain’s royal family, but the name was changed to hide their German ancestry during the First World War.

Bush has more ties to European royalty than other president to date, having “blue blood” from both his paternal and maternal lines. His mother, Barbara Pierce Bush, is related to European royalty through the Pierce family, which also produced the fourteenth U.S. president, Franklin Pierce (1853-1857).

Harold Brooks-Baker of London’s Burke Peerage says Bush’s royal connections are startling. “Bush is closely related to every European monarch both on and off the throne,” Baker told American Free Press.

“They are cousins.” Baker said when asked about the relationship between Bush and the Bulgarian prime minister, Simeon Saxe-Coburg Gotha, who visited the White House on Feb. 25. Gotha is the former King of Bulgaria who was returned to power after decades spent in exile.

About the apparent close relationship between Bush and the Spanish king, Juan Carlos, Baker said: “They know they are related.” Asked why the media fails to report these family ties, Brooks-Baker said, “The American public does not know who these kings are. Not one person in a thousand has any idea who these people are.”

“Mr. Gore and Mr. Bush have an unusually large number of royal and noble descents,” Baker said during the election campaign of 2000. “In point of fact, never in the history of the United States have two presidential candidates been as well endowed with royal alliances.”

There has always been a significant “royalty factor” in those who aspired to the White House, with Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Franklin and Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, among some 30 other presidents, all boasting blue blood links.

Asked if the support of the European royals for Bush’s war policy could be attributed to the fact that these families are heavily invested in the leading oil companies, Brooks-Baker said, “That’s an interesting question. Indeed, Royal Dutch Shell petroleum made Queen Beatrix of Holland one of the richest women in the world. She owns more land in New York and the United States than any other foreigner.”

Queen Beatrix, the matriarch of the secretive Bilderberg group, is like Queen Elisabeth of Britain and is not allowed to play a public role in political matters. Behind the scenes, however, these monarchs continue to exercise political influence.

Asked if he thought that kinship with the European royals was the reason for their support of Bush’s war policy, Brooks-Baker said: “I don’t think there is any question about it. These people are obsessed with supporting relations. It has a great deal to do with it. They all work together as one family.”

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"Space Alien" Daemonialitas

Excerpt from:
Passport to Magonia: On UFOs, Folklore and Parallel Worlds 1969
by Jacques Vallee
ISBN 0-8092-3796-2

When folklore becomes degraded to a minor literary form, as the fairy-faith was degraded to the fairy tales we know today, it naturally loses much of its content: precisely those "adult" details that cannot be allowed to remain in children´s books. The direct result of the censorship of spicy details in these marvelous stories is that they really become mere occasions for amazement. The Villas-Boas case [the well documented Brazilian "UFO abduction" case wherein farmer Antonio Villas-Boas was allegedly taken on board a UFO craft, given an aphrodisiac liquid to drink then made to copulate twice with an attractive red-haired, pointy-breasted "space alien" female who made odd animal-like grunting noises during the act. We certainly hope it was as good for him as it apparently was for her.] is hardly appropriate for nursery-school reading, but to eliminate the little lady from the story would turn it into a tale without deep symbolic or psychological value. The sexual context is precisely what gives such accounts their literary influence. It is what provides impact to the fairy-faith.
Without the sexual context -- without the stories of changelings, human midwives, intermarriage with the Gentry, of which we never hear in modern fairy tales -- it is doubtful that the tradition about fairies would have survived through the ages. Nor is that true only of fairies: the most remarkable cases of sexual contact with non-humans are not found in spicy saucer books, nor in fairy legends; they rest, safely stored away, in the archives of the Catholic Church. To find them, one must first learn Latin and gain entrance into the few libraries where these unique records are preserved. But the accounts one finds there make the Villas-Boas case pale by comparison, as I believe the reader will agree before the end of this chapter.

Let us first establish clearly that the belief in the possibility of intermarriage between man and the non-human races we are studying is a corollary to the apparitions in all historical contexts. This is so obvious in biblical stories that I hardly need elaborate.
"To theologians and philosophers, it is a fact, that from the copulation of humans (man or woman) with the demon, human beings are sometimes born. It is by this process that Antichrist must be born, according to a number of doctors: Bellarmin, Suarez, Maluenda, etc.
[Le Brun´s comment throws more light: ´If the body of these children is thus different from the bodies of other children, their soul will certainly have qualities that will not be common to others: that is why Cardinal Bellarmin thinks Antichrist will be born of a woman having had intercourse with an incubus.´]

"Besides, they observe that as the result of a quite natural cause, the children generated in this manner by the incubi are tall, very strong, very daring, very magnificent and very wicked...

Maluenda confirms what has been said above, proving by the testimony of various classical authors that it is to such unions that the following owe their birth:

"Romulus and Remus, according to Livy and Plutarch.
"Servius-Tullius, sixth king of the Romans, according to Denys of Halicarnassus and Pliny.

"Plato the philosopher, according to Diogenes Laertius and St. Jerome.

"Alexander the Great, according to Plutarch and Quinte-Curce.

"Seleucus, king of Syria, according to Justin and Applian.

"Scipio the African, according to Livy.

"The Emperor Caesar Augustus, according to Suetonius.

"Aristomenes of Messenia, the illustrious Greek general, according to Strabo and Pausanias.

"Let us add the English Merlin or Melchin, born of an incubus and a nun, the daughter of Charlemagne.

"And finally, as writes Cocleus, quoted by Maluenda, that damned heresiarch whose name is Martin Luther.

voxfuxors, what do you think the odds are that bad king george is some sort of midget incubushie affair:

"that is why Cardinal Bellarmin thinks Antichrist will be born of a woman having had intercourse with an incubus.Besides, they observe that as the result of a quite natural cause, the children generated in this manner by the incubi are tall, very strong, very daring, very magnificent and very wicked..."

VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION: Dear sickuminatus. While I do appreciate some of your posts I am starting to see WAY TOO MUCH of this ufo crap in this serious political forum. If this space aliens stuff keeps cluttering up my forum I will start deleting these posts because frankly it's a little embarassing and definitely discrediting. Thank you for your cooperation

Posted by sickuminatus @ 11/15/2003 07:24 PM EST

there might be something in that sickuminatus, as both george sr and jr are fairies!

Posted by charlie @ 11/15/2003 07:45 PM EST

New Animation:

"Mission Accomplished"


Posted by Johnny Yuma @ 11/16/2003 11:16 AM EST

I'm not sure about the incubus part...I do however, suspect that Dumbya and Prince Dumbo are related tho...They both have that 'inbred' look about them, don't you think...(8^)

Posted by bladdle @ 11/16/2003 12:47 PM EST

gee slick willikers, mr. fux, my deepest apologies for embarassing and discrediting yourself and your august forum...was just trying to keep up the pace; didn't you refer to bush as a "reptilian" on several occasions...don't you have a link to dave icke's site, one of foremost purveyors of the "reptilian agenda" theory?

if you think i am kookstering out, take a look at some of lyndon larouche's stuff, isn't he a running as a presidential candidate via your fave democratic party? and the Lucifer Trust is sponsored by Robert McNamara, wasn't he Democrat Presidents JKF's and Johnson's best and "brightest" (lucifer translates as "light bearer") architect of the hideous vietnam war:


Real History of Satanism*

by Lyndon LaRouche

Anglo-American Satanists
The best-organized Satanist forces operating presently inside the United States include the following prominent organizations:


This is the leading, putatively respectable Britain-based Satan cult (it worships Lucifer). The Lucis Trust, which runs the only religious chapel at the New York United Nations headquarters, The Temple of Understanding, was originaly founded as the Lucifer Trust, in London, in 1923. The Lucis Trust associated with the UNO is the New York affiliate of the British organization. The name was changed from Lucifer Trust, to Lucis Trust, to make the nature of the organization less conspicuous.

The Lucis Trust's leading sponsors include the following prominent figures:

Henry Clausen, Supreme Grand Commander of the Supreme
Council, 33rd Degree, Southern District Scottish Rite
Norman Cousins
John D. Rockefeller IV
The Rockefeller Foundation
The Marshall Field family
Robert McNamara
Thomas Watson (IBM, former US Ambassador to Moscow)
The United Lodge of Theosophists of New York City
U. Alexis Johnson, former Undersecretary of State
Rabbi Marc Tannenbaum, American Jewish Committee

Prominent front-organizations sponsored by the Lucis Trust, include the following:

The Theosophical Order of Service (founded by Annie Besant
The Theosophical Society (founded by Helena P. Blavatsky
in 1875)
The United Nations Association
The World Wildlife Fund UK
The Findhorn Foundation
Greenpeace International
Greenpeace USA
Amnesty International
The Nicholas Roerich Society (chief connection to Russian
mysticism, spirituality)
The Anthroposophs of Rudolf Steiner
The Rudolf Steiner School
[these could not be genuine followers of Steiner]
The American Friends Service Committee

Posted by sickuminatus @ 11/16/2003 02:20 PM EST

to be fair to the republicans, governator schwarzenegger (what does that translate as, schwarzenegger, the blackest of black op men?) starred (or, perhaps, pentagrammed) in the seminal "total recall" movie...kind of a high-tech creepapalooza affair, what with the radioactive people in the miners´ red light district not only mutating, but being possessed by undead martians (a la john carpenter´s "the ghosts of mars")

there was a scene in which arn shot his special-agent-cum-wife played by sharon stone right through the area on the forehead behind which is located the third-eye pineal gland

during which there was an elevator being held on the sixth floor, which flashed 6 6 6 at some point during this human sacrifice scene, or so i thought...could anyone here with a copy perhaps verify this?

the movie had some masonic fol-de-rol going on...the bar where the female lead prostituted herself had a crescent moon with star neon sign, which is used for the insignia on the shriner fez (A. M.A.S.O.N. = Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine)

Posted by sickuminatus @ 11/16/2003 02:31 PM EST

in any case, good luck with stepping on the bush snakes' familial reptail, to you and your forumteers, i will not despoil your efforts with my bemused rantings anymore

as a parting gift, i would reference anyone posting here to the skull and bones' auteur webley tarbell's site of oogie historical analysis to better acquaint yourselves with the real mindset behind today's current events:


VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION: Dear sickuminatus. You don't have to abandon the forum. Like I said, I believe some of your contributions to the forum are interesting. I am however sensitive to issues of disinformation. As you may know, a major tactic by the intelligence agencies to attack forums such as the voxfux forum, is to plant UFO stories and or Astrology comments and other types of seemingly rediculous stuff designed to distract readers from the serious political discourse by making it all seek like kooky UFO stuff. I'm not saying that that was your intent. But I am very sensitive to this stuff. Now regarding my frequent use of the term "Reptilian" to describe these Bush motherfuckers is not because I believe them to literally be shape shifting aliens. I just believe that these reptiles embody completely and fully the attributes of lizzards moreso than any discernable human attributes. As for Icke, I like his work - up until he get's to the lizzards part - where I lose him. But I'm not sure he actually believes in all the lizzards stuff either.

Posted by sickuminatus @ 11/16/2003 02:42 PM EST

hello mr. voxie,

love your expose's.........keep up your excellent work:)

Posted by jhf @ 11/16/2003 03:26 PM EST

There is truth to be found in the wildest of stories...which is why I consider all information...After a bit the truth has a way of revealing itself, I've found...(8^o

Posted by bladdle @ 11/16/2003 08:05 PM EST

Something to consider when posting...

95% hard hitting political commentary + 5% talk of reptilian leaders, lucifer controlled cabinet, UFO's have landed, the end of the world is coming comes across as 100% BS.

This stuff really discredits a serious political discussion.

We're talking about a group of rich people that think free speech and democracy sucks because it gets in their way of fleecing their flock of sheeple.

It doesn't have to get more mystical than that.

Posted by sammy @ 11/16/2003 10:41 PM EST

A lot of posts are about how the Federal Reserve is private (which is true) and how they create money (they're not the only ones).

There is too much emphasis on this institution as it is the whole system that is out of whack.

Any bank creates money out of thin air. If you get a mortgage, the money doesn't come from other people's deposits. The bank monetizes your loan document and creates the money out of thin air. Check any standard economics text - this is a fact.

When the demand for money goes up, more money is required and this is how it is created. Money is always created by debt.

PROBLEM: All the money that is ever created equals the principle of all the loans taken out. Unfortunately, the lenders (who created the money out of thin air) expect to be repaid the principle + the interest. There is not enough money out there to pay the interest and repay the original loan.

For a long time, the interest can come from the new money being created in new loans, but geometric growth is not sustainable and eventually explodes.

Mathematically, the currency system needs to collapse every 65 years or so. We are ten years overdue from the last collapse (1929).

It is like musical chairs, there aren't enough chairs to go around. Either the system has to always grow (impossible), new wealth has to be stolen from other systems (oil from Iraq) or someone has to go bankrupt.

The system is mathematically unstable. When people start repaying their loans, the money supply shrinks as the banks destroy money from the money supply and there is even less money to go around.

At some point, governments lower interest rates to near zero (now) to try to get people to borrow to create new money. We are really close to the collapse where those people lose their collateral as interest suddenly spikes as the currency collapses in value against other world currencies.

QUESTION: Since economies tend to require more money over time as populations grow, new money is created and the money supply increases. Why would the government ever borrow money from banks that print it out of thin air and tax the people to pay the interest instead of having the government print it out of thin air?

The Bush policy of borrowing money at taxpayers expense (which allows the banks to print it out of thin air and charge interest) will help the economy short term, but it is so foolish and shortsighted that I have to think he is intentionally trying to speed up the collapse of the American economic system.

He couldn't be THAT stupid / treasonous, could he?

Wealth is energy, resources, goods or services. Money is a measuring device. Saying we have unemployment because of a shortage of money is like saying we can't fill all the seats in a theater because there aren't enough tickets. The banking system tricks people into putting up real wealth as collateral against a fictional number on a piece of paper. The system is stacked that eventually the banking system will get real wealth for the number they lent you.

When the 65 year collapse occurs, there is a massive transfer of real wealth (energy, resources, goods, services) to the banking sector. This is the sector that controls the political system and the media.

Posted by sammy @ 11/16/2003 11:09 PM EST

$87 billion borrowed from the banking system by the government increases the money supply and gives the rest of us a chance to find the dough to pay the bankers interest.


The problem is that real wealth is fixed (energy, resources, goods, services) short term, so that increasing the number of US dollars makes each one less valuable.

That means you will need more of them to purchase stuff in the future (inflation). Foreign bond holders will demand higher interest to compensate them for the falling worth of the US currency. Runaway inflation will cause people to be unable to pay their loans.

The massive bankruptcies will decrease the money supply as real wealth (resources, energy, goods, services) put up for collateral is confiscated by the banking system.

I guess that's why they need to be ready for martial law to control the protests when the fleeced flock of sheeple wakes up.

Posted by sammy @ 11/16/2003 11:20 PM EST

An article on Vox's front page on the banker family and the new world order.


Posted by sammy @ 11/16/2003 11:39 PM EST

Thanks, Sammy, nice link.

Why does everyone talk about the puppeteer without explicitly mentioning him by name?

The puppeteer is the Rockefeller family.

They have gutted the constitution and helped the idiot's idiot son attain power. A decentralised Federation somehow got a central bank and standing army against the wishes of the founders. Somehow, corporations got the rights of citizens. The government stopped reporting to the people and now we the people report to the government.

The Rocks control oil, hate fuel cells, and love international banking. They would just as soon use Yen or Dinars as US dollars. Even though they live here, a tanking US dollar let's them buy more with their foreign currencies and gold.

The Republican Let's Maximize Capital Punishment and Assassination and Invade Everywhere And Kill Everyone Warriors But Love Unborn Babies will lose in 2004, but one of the Rock's other agents will win unless people, as Vox put it so politely, "wake the fuck up".

The hardworking, innocent American people are unfairly hated worldwide because of government policies. It is no longer safe for an American to go on holiday outside of North America.

The Rocks know Diebold will die if another Republican wins so they will have won of their Democratic agents win. Good thing there aren't independents.

You'd be surprised who are Rock agents. Lots of people on the liberal, environmental good side are convinced and coopted to extend agendas. Their grants are extensive.

Any military types reading this, remember, you are loyal to the US constitution, not the Rocks or Bushes.

How can you help Vox in your current military or intelligence role?

The military needs to make a choice. Are you loyal to defending the US of A and constitution or an economic imperialistic agenda driven by know nothing politicians instead of military leaders?

The military has more power than they realise, but they buckle under ridiculous political imperatives.

Here's the good news. The Rocks think that by repetition in the media that we'll think globalization, the new world order and Amerikan Fascism are inevitable.

They aren't and aren't even likely. The people will get what they want. The sheeple just have to realise what they REALLY want. We all have to tell our neighbors to "wake the fuck up".

That's where sites like this are more valuable than Vox can imagine.

Posted by waynediangelo @ 11/17/2003 12:53 AM EST

"Every time an international monetary storm blows up hundreds of millions of dollars flow into European banks' When the storm subsides, those who were"in the know': at the beginning have made enormous sums of money, That the Rockefellers have been very profitably involved through the Chase Manhattan Bank and its overseas facilities, seems more than reasonable.

By almost any standard, Chase Manhattan has become virtually a sovereign state. Except it has more money, than most. lt even employs a full-time envoy to the United Nations.

As just one illuminating statistic, during 1973 Chase board chairman David Rockefeller met with 27 heads of state, including the rulers of Russia and Red China, plus scores of lesser dignitaries. Not even Henry Kissinger, he of the - shuttle diplomacy - and much- publicized state dinners, can match Rockefeller's influence with the men at the top.

Chase Manhattan's annual reports contain much information detailing the worldwide expansion of the bank. lt has gone international on the grand scale. And it shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, Chase Manhattan is the undisputed world heavyweight champion when it comes to international banking."

Posted by waynediangelo @ 11/17/2003 01:01 AM EST

Who owns Cede and Co., the $22 trillion company no one has heard of?

Unless you have your certificates, they own any stock you think you own.

Their obligation to vote that stock is subject to a simple contract between them and your brokerage. If they don't vote your way, no criminal law has been broken.

IE. Cede and Co. controls the voting rights of most of America's companies.

Things that make you say, huh....

Posted by sammy @ 11/17/2003 01:20 AM EST

What did bar say after the comment. Put the whole transcript up.

Posted by Ed @ 11/17/2003 02:07 AM EST

"The puppeteer is the Rockefeller family."

Absolutely Correctimundo.

Nelson Rockefeller was the overlord of the "National Security" underworld that arose under Eisenhower. This is not conspiracy theory, but cold hard historical fact. The Dulles Bros., Allen (Director of the CIA) and John Foster (Secretary of State) were his CORPORATE LAWYERS. After having the Kennedys whacked for trying to push the country back toward a true democratic heading, he made Richard Nixon (Eisenhower's VP) his next presidential puppet. George Bush Senior was his boy, as was Kissinger, which makes sense, since both of them were spooks, just like him. After Nelson died, his brother David took over, heading up the Committee on Foreign Relations -- an infamous power nexus whose activities are invisible to the public.

These motherfuckers have been the hidden power behind every republican president of the past fifty years, and probably behind Clinton, as well.

Posted by Gramps @ 11/17/2003 04:03 AM EST

All this "political" 'debete'referred to here, at one time was viewed in the same light as the "UFO crap" you so readily ridicule...There but for the grace...you get the picture.

Try disclosureproject.org before you get up on the 'high horse' of life peeps...(8^o

Posted by bladdle @ 11/17/2003 07:53 AM EST

fascinating history lesson gramps...

Posted by jhf @ 11/17/2003 09:29 AM EST

sammy... very interesting commentary on our fiscal situation here in the usa

Posted by jhf @ 11/17/2003 10:31 AM EST


Something extremely important that I want to make your readers aware of that I got from a reader at whatreallyhappened.com.

Apparently in the December 2003 issue of Reader's Digest, there is an interview with Senator John MC Cain and Johhny boy's all out support for Israel is disgusting.

Reader's Digest seeks "feedback" and asks "how do you feel about America's relationship with Israel?

You can contact them on their "sound off" forum at:


I already posted my comment there...check it out!

Posted by jhf @ 11/17/2003 11:11 AM EST

Guess what Vox??? Reader's Digest censored my remarks, didn't make it on the feedback forum after all it appears...imagine that? I should have know better I guess. Me and my big mouth:)

Posted by jhf @ 11/17/2003 11:23 AM EST

Vox, I still can't get over your crystal-ball banner, even though it's been up there for relatively forever. You have a certain knack for ripping into the underbelly of the rot, which has almost totally gripped this country. All people have to do is defeat their fear, and continually announce the incredible retardation of the USA's Prim[at]e Idiot, Curious george bush, to such a thunderous degree, that his nesting of lizards and cockroaches scampers back under the filth and rocks from which they came.

FYI, I posted as Masonic Initiate a long while back, in order to confuse the senses of the seething and corrupt mass of worms and maggots, which may observe your forum.

VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION: Welcome back, I think I remember those Masonic Initiate posts, they were great. I appreciate that kind of inflammatory stuff. It was subtle, because it seemed to some as being quite real, therin lied it's effectiveness.

Posted by Entangled Hierarchy @ 11/17/2003 02:01 PM EST

hey, don' t mess with Ma "Barker"
Bush, you could get whacked !!!

Posted by Mark Falon @ 11/17/2003 03:36 PM EST

The Bush UK Visit Page-Full Listings Of All The Events:


Posted by Johnny Yuma @ 11/17/2003 08:46 PM EST

I just checked out that Readers Digest discussion forum. Wow, what a bunch of bible-whacked fucking losers! Is this how Joe Sixpack thinks these days? If so, we are DEEPLY FUCKED, dude! Thanks, but I'm quite familiar with this character type, and know how pointless it is to try to "reach" them. If shrinks actually knew what they were doing, people like this would live in little rubber rooms...

One good thing about this display of lunacy, though, is the way it illustrates how the vast majority of zionists in this country are actually CHRISTIAN whack-jobs, not Jewish. This is important to keep in mind. The "Greater New York Metropolitan Area" is probably the only place where this doesn't hold true.

Posted by Gramps @ 11/17/2003 10:38 PM EST

Holy Shit! That helps me understand the whole capitalist system clearly now. It seems like voodoo economics (no offense to the Voudon people). Damn. So in essence...if we don't stand up, we are fucked.

Posted by The White Mouse @ 11/18/2003 06:03 AM EST

V- Here's another little bone I'll throw into this mix...
Bizarre death of Marvin Bush's babysitter this past September...strangely enough, this article was difficult to find...things that make you go, hmmmmm.


Posted by LuxEtVoluptas @ 11/18/2003 11:40 AM EST

Marvin Bush's babysitter probably knew something about him or his family that needed to be covered up. So many deaths linked to that horrid Bush family. It's too obvious to attribute to coincidence, too obvious. But the media never covers those stories except for a slight mention. It figures...

Posted by Joe @ 11/18/2003 01:15 PM EST

Ah Yes! Barbara "The Bat" Bush. And everyone was sold the bill of goods that she wanted to teach your kids to read? Don't fuck with the old battle ax..... She has friends amongst the NeoBolsheviks...

Posted by Colonel O. Corn USMC @ 11/19/2003 12:02 AM EST

Barbara Bush is feeling the world tightening its grip around the Bush legacy. She is fighting and she wants to kill. The truth is that all this fighting is senseless.

Her death threat already is true because it was her husband with the rest of the CIA, Pentagon, and Joint Chiefs of Staff, before HW became director of the CIA when they assassinated John Fitzgerald. and later his brother Robert.

America is the Gun culture, and they make friends by intimidation. They have no clue that there is another side to life. When George said I just can't do nothing after the 911 attacks, it is exactly what he did. Doing nothing means to strike back, with violence , and retribution.

Because in the end you get exactly that nothing. We have nothing but dead bodies, nothing in capturing the so called leaders of the attacks. We have nothing but bloodshed, and nothing but more debt for the country. And where are those WMD? Looks like nothing again! We are expending our efforts for a democracy for nothing.

Democracy will never survive. It will always fail. Elections are rigged, and no one ever will believe that they can be legitimate.

George is a firm believer in Jesus Christ. I ask George is he going to run in the election to oust Jesus from his position in heaven?

As ridiculous this may sound, it is clear we are not going to vote for another Jesus Christ!.It is a clear sign that Democracy is a fable because elections will never be held for a better God.

But I am sure they support the idea for voting in another Satan. There are all kinds of candidates who are running for his job.

I have learned that to be an American I must leave America and tell the truth. I need to apologize to the countries America has assaulted. Japan for one! We used 2 A bombs on Japan and targeted Civilian Cities. Hundreds of thousands killed! And Japan never had the nuclear capability to strike back. America did not even think twice about it. It shows how cruel and calculatingly raw and vicious the American politic really is.

Japan bombed Pearl harbor because America was in the Opium business supporting the Kuomintang Army in China. The kuomintang army is that same bunch in Taiwan. They were the Wests tax reparation collectors, when China loss the Opium Wars in trying to prevent Britain, America, France and Russia from bringing Opium into their country.

Yes Japan was trying to liberate Asia from the drug lords, and help China kick their addiction. You know how addicts protect their sellers and drug suppliers in order that they get their next fix! Put that on a national scale, and you will understand the true history of this region of the world in those days.

With the CIA and the massive coverups and vicious lies, the US was seeking to escape their misdeeds to humanity.

I am sure JF Kennedy knew these facts and his determination to stop the War in Vietnam, and end the Cuban crisis was his belief that America really needs to realize true peace instead of imposed peace that is instructed by the barrel of a gun.

America owes big time to China, Japan, Germany, Vietnam, Iraq , and Afghanistan. The CIA is behind the World Trade Center attack, and Osama Bin Laden is just a media frenzie like Lee Harvey Oswald was.

America need not wake up, it needs to sleep and dream of better days, when no longer is the world controlled by dominate governments who have weapons of mass destruction. That all nations believe in the dismantling of the military.

That outlawing guns does not leave guns in the hands of criminals, because criminials exist because legal criminals have guns!

They say a gun is like any tool. Guns don't kill people do. I know that guns are a tool that kill people, and the tool is no good unless they use it.

Why my fellow thinkers do we outlaw big guns like the Atomic bomb but it is different with machine guns, revolvers and the like? Simply put there really is no difference! America is its own downfall by accepting the hypocrisy it creates. The Lord said we can not serve 2 masters.

God will not bless America with a mega Godzilla military. If God allowed his Son to die on the cross without fighting back, he sure has no intention that nations create militaries.

God won the death of his Son by defeating death through his resurrection. Nations who say they believe in God and use weapons do not trust God or Jesus. Indeed men who do not use guns are hero's. Men who use guns, are angry, afraid, and cowards to the creed of humanity and society.

These men will constantly live in a state of fear; as America has been doing since its existence.

Posted by Dominic Jermano @ 11/19/2003 08:31 AM EST

Everyone please check out the photo of a statue of bush with a wmd being toppled by the protestors.....priceless!!!!!!!!
on www.whatreallyhappened.com

Posted by voxie @ 11/20/2003 03:34 PM EST

PHOTO STATUE BEING TOPPLED LIKE SADDAM'S ON WRH!!! Those Londoner's really know how to show their hospitality don't they:)???

Posted by voxie @ 11/20/2003 04:03 PM EST

I think some of the problem why people aren't raising more hell is they think they are powerless and their is nothing they can do. We need to change this.

Posted by Liberal Hawk @ 11/21/2003 09:53 PM EST

I think some of the problem why people aren't raising more hell is they think they are powerless and their is nothing they can do. We need to change this.

Posted by Liberal Hawk @ 11/21/2003 09:56 PM EST

Barbara Bush - the perfect case for Divorce and Abortion

Posted by Desperately upset @ 11/25/2003 06:37 PM EST

The day after her daughter died (I forget her name), ol' Babs was out on the goddamned golf course...I guess grieving like any normal human being would foul up her "beautiful mind".

That whole family is just too fucked up for words. I thought I had heard everything, but I didn't catch this Larry King reference. Doesn't surprise me one bit.

Posted by jungophile @ 11/25/2003 09:38 PM EST

Pat Robertson can threaten to "nuke" the Stat Dept. & get away with it. Rush Limbaugh can buy & use Class II narcotics & not do time or by his reasoning be labeled a "hypocrite". Newt Gingrich can impeach Clinton for the Monica Blowinsky affair while he does one of his young aides without a tinge of guilt. "Patriotism" covers a mulititude of sins.

Posted by Merkat @ 11/26/2003 08:56 AM EST

Barbara Bush makes my skin crawl. She tries to pawn herself off as this down-to-earth, "family-first" woman. She not only makes my skin crawl, she scares me, because of her influence on the sheeps (I am a former sheep). When a woman with so much national influence gets on national TV and says:

"But why should we hear about body bags and deaths and how many, what day it's going to happen, and how many this or what do you suppose? Oh, I mean, it's, not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?"

It's not RELEVANT????????? PLEASE!!!!! How in the hell can the killing and maiming of innocent lives NOT be relevant???? Those words chilled me to the bone.

This woman is dangerous indeed. I dare say she is the matriarch of the sheeps in this nation. Shit, I was duped by her "wholesome" image, complete with pearl choker.

I do not doubt for a second her animosity and ill wishes towards any one who dares to criticize her "precious, courageous, brilliant son".

Thanks to all of you for your insights and information. It's greatly appreciated.

ps: jhf, I checked out that Reader's Digest thread. I was able to post, at least it showed that I posted. I included these links.




Posted by RageAgainstTheMachine @ 11/28/2003 07:19 AM EST

Babs is a devil beast. She spawns evil vermin . She is satan spawn.

Posted by yourworstnite @ 12/02/2003 03:48 PM EST

I heard the Babs Bush remark. I made my skin crawl.

Absolutely loathsome creature and the thing that came out of her cloaca, as well.

Vox, do whatever you have to do to remain safe. Think seriously about getting out. I did.

BTW, Paypal didn't work for me, either.

Posted by freeatlast @ 12/06/2003 11:00 AM EST

the bush family demonstrates edmund burke's observation that power corrupts. power not only unhinges the mind but it blackens the heart. vide all of our "great historical figures" were psychopaths totally lacking in compassion or empathy. truly existing at the reptillian brain level. however even crocadile mothers do care for their offspring.

Posted by tarasbulba @ 12/25/2003 12:53 AM EST

i hope all bad people go and have a bad people convention in a huge swimming pool that has no water in it. then i hope they all pee their pants at the same time. then we would all know who is bad or not by the way that they smell. i also hope that bad people pee is super pee that won't wash off.

i also hope that they were wearing their very favoritest pants and socks

Posted by lord wettybottom @ 12/27/2003 08:33 PM EST

With a fraction of the money Barb's little son spends on the destruction of the INNOCENTS of Iraq he could eliminate poverty in the USA - FACT. With another fraction , (still less than the whole) he c-o-o-ould eliminate poverty in the entire world - FACT. why doesn't he do it? I hear you'all say. Why I think I just answered that clearly. Weren't you listening?

Posted by charlie @ 01/01/2004 04:37 AM EST

Thank you for being Vox.

Be Safe Brother.


Posted by Ash @ 01/04/2004 08:03 AM EST

The FBI uses polygraphs to eliminate suspects.

The real perpetrators behind 9/11 ... George Bush Sr. and Robert Gates.

Google and type in "Operation Ringwind"

Posted by David Howard @ 02/04/2004 11:52 PM EST


Posted by Billy Bob @ 02/07/2004 01:36 AM EST

Hi Vox,

Thank you for so much.

Can we have a story on the paedophille angle of the Bush family ? Incest and other interesting stuff befitting this presidential family. You just have to dig a bit.

Cheers !

You have the rest of the world with you.

Posted by Mike Jackson @ 02/20/2004 11:32 AM EST

i want to ask her something.

did junior come out of her arsehole ?

will someone please convey this to her ?


Posted by curious @ 02/20/2004 11:44 AM EST

The real perpetrators behind 9/11 ... George Bush Sr. and Robert Gates.

Google and type in "Operation Ringwind"

Posted by David Howard @ 02/24/2004 07:56 PM EST

The ole bag was serious. I seen the body count and it is amazing that they are getting away with murder. If you think that was interesting look up the Clinton body count. They are all alike. Also, look up on Buzzflash, Bush Wows Worshippers with Stigmata. It sends chills down my spine just thinking about it. These people are trying to fool the people into beleiving that he is a man of GOD, but he is actually Satan's Flunky.

Posted by Amy @ 03/17/2004 04:08 PM EST

Mrs. Bush has clearly revealed the true nature of her warped character. Mainstream America needs to be made aware of this, quietly.


Posted by Steve @ 04/01/2004 12:24 AM EST

Aparantly she is famous for being a very very mean fucker. It has been said that the George Jr. has inherited a spiteful and deep seated meanness from that bug eyed reptile of a mother.

Posted by Barbara's Bush @ 04/20/2004 10:47 AM EST

Sue's posting is a perfect example of either a neocon operative or just another dumb, smug sheep. I suspect the latter, in which case she probably deserves what Mr. Bush & Co. have in store for the dense sheeple after they have been sheared. I doubt that her presence will be missed.

Posted by Steve @ 04/27/2004 02:41 AM EST

BARBERIC BUSH once said<"i am the ruler of the world;"1 son ,president,1 son governor, husband former president> and now wants to kill all who speak against her WHAT?dickitator bush bellJP@rcn.com

Posted by joseph p.bell @ 06/20/2004 10:40 PM EST

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