All proceeds will be used directly for security and for a push to increase readership - To Multiply and Amplify.


The plan is to take internet banner space on key sites such as What Really Happened and Other sites. I wish also to have intern who has a clear daily objective, such as putting the articles into all the major forums on the internet and cleaning all the obvious trolls out of the forum so that the forum isn't discredited like the indymedia forums are. (Nearly all comments on the Indymedia forums are taken over by a concerted and controlled right wing fanatics and folks posing as left wing but with looney stories focusing on UĻO's you get the picture.) That is not going to happen here.

The only reason that pay pal is selected is because it offers a layer of anonymity to the transaction. That is the ONLY reason I have chosen this method.

The plan includes putting streaming audio and video on my site. I am currently not putting any audio or video on my site this because earthlink has extroardinary high overage charges which can wipe out this site very fast, I simply do not have the money so I cannot pull money out of thin air.

Also I need to have another administrator who monitors this site 24 hours a day because the comments section of this site has now been completely taken over by the spooks.

Also the plan includes some moneys for PR to increase awareness of our effort amongst the broader population, sometimes the right PR person makes all the difference in the world.

And last but least the PLAN to increase readership includes a MASSIVE E-MAILING plan of which I CANNOT AND WILL NOT EVEN DISCUSS THE DETAILS OF. SO DON'T EVEN BOTHER ASKING.

The fact is there are a lot of people who are posing as supporters on this site that I know are not what they appear to be. Their job is to water down this forum with crap posts, and obvious paranoid rantings while at the same time heaping praise on me. If I conthinue to recieve these paranoid ranting opinion pieces I will begin summarily deleting them. Please do not post info on UFO's or Aliens or long winded pieces on Astrology or Chemtrails or such.

The fact is if I am not able to expand my readership, If I am not able to get any support from the many readers who read this site every day, then what does that say about our little community? There is going to be a mountain of fake posts from people who you have never heard of before seemingly critizing and casting doubt on how outrageous it is that vox could have the audacity to actually ask for supoport for the site - HOW DARE HE! Don't believe it for one minute. These spooks are stepping up the pressure.

There has been a lot of talk here about the need for voxfux.com to accept money contributions. I have never asked. But in light of the current situation I thought it was time to shift gears and expand the operation. Otherwise I feel in danger of not being able to do anything because without increased exposure I WLL BE ACCIDENTED.

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I'll send money as soon as i can Vox. Stay alive!

Posted by Buzz @ 11/26/2003 07:00 PM EST

do not use paypal.whatreallyhappened used it and his account was frozen.paypal is owned by ebay.you are very traceable if you use paypal.


Posted by rob @ 11/27/2003 07:38 AM EST

vox:Glad to see that you're taking steps to provide an avenue for monetary contributions from those of us who desire to support your efforts. As is obvious from my initial post, I am one of those so inclined. Money, however, is not the only thing that I can bring to the party, so to speak.

The reason I provided you with the limited biographical information contained in that first post was to spur your interest in pursuing a more meaningful dialogue between us, thereby allowing me to reveal to you the full extent of the "assets" I have at my disposal. In your reply you mentioned my contacting you via e-mail. How is this possible? Apparently, I am not intelligent enough to figure this out so please advise.

I apologize for having succumbed to the temptation of responding to the inane rantings of @oxsentia as that is not why I'm here. Nor am I here to make any new "pen-pals" (apologies to you, jhf). I am here because I am sick and fucking tired of sitting at my computer doing nothing relevant or meaningful. Engaging in useless banter would simply be doing more of the same.

Therefore, this is the last communication you will receive from me to your open forum. Should you wish to provide a means for me to privately discuss with you the full extent of my capabilities and ideas as to how to elicit additional awareness of and support for your site, I welcome the opportunity. Should you not, so be it. Rest assured that I will not take this personally and attribute it to the cautionary posture you are right to maintain.

Regardless of whether or not you choose to facilitate a future "meeting of the minds" between us, I will still support your endeavors monetarily. I am in concert with your beliefs as to what is wrong with the state of our nation and the world, however, I imagine that my proposed solutions are somewhat more radical than yours.

In parting, my final comment to your readers is this quote from the fictional John Galt: "I swear-by my life and my love of it-that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine."

P.S. Yes, my personal philosophy has been greatly influenced by the writings of Ayn Rand. However, although she was absolutely correct with regard to the sanctity of the individual, the fallacy of religion, the strict limitation on the use of violence, etc., she either failed to acknowledge or refused to consider that fascism was the most likely construct of the Western capitalist model even as it was occuring in front of her very eyes.

VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION: Try this email for now: voxf@hotmail.com

Posted by john galt @ 11/27/2003 11:21 AM EST

Voxfux, I have tried most of the day to use paypal to forward funds to you, in spite of my discomfort with it. I've only used paypal once before, and that was to send money to Citizens for a Legitimate Government--I do not shop online, ever. Paypal keeps telling me I'm not filling in the form correctly, even though I am.
I've emailed you, to no avail.
I am fighting the NWO as best I can. On Tuesday, 25 November, I personally petitioned my City Council to petition the U.S. Congress to impeach and remove from office the current occupants of the White House for crimes relating to the events of September 11. One councilwoman's secretary said my presentation was very good, but I do not know yet if she will pursue my petition. Next week, I plan to use my 3 minutes to explain how the Federal Reserve directly causes the bankruptcy of local governments. When I'd first discovered indymedia about 4 months ago, I thought it was a true open forum; sadly, I realize now it is a highly controlled one, and one in which persons may make thinly veiled threats against human life. I'm in danger, too.
I spend my own money and time publishing flyers to hand out, and I want very much to help your efforts. Please, tell me how.
Because of the curious deletions of certain posts in another of your threads, I realize that you may think I am a "spook." The cosmic irony of that does make me laugh, in a hysterical way. I am easily checked out on google. I will post my real name publicly, if you wish.
Take care. And for crying out loud, voxfux, PLEASE TAKE MY MONEY!!!

VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION: Contact me at: voxf@hotmail.com

Posted by I am for real. @ 11/27/2003 11:52 PM EST

Meria Heller invited you onto her show. If you want a broader reach thats not a bad place to start.Besides,you should never say no to a lady.For those who dont know Meria is a great fighter of the NWO and her internet only broadcasts can be heard daily.Worth checking out.

Posted by charlie @ 11/28/2003 02:16 AM EST

Hi vox. I am glad I can sent you some ( mostly symbolic ) money. I hope you receive plenty . I am sure you will use it in a noble way. If you want an idea, get completely lost, out of the USA, untrazable. And from a save hiding place continue your work. You will not be safe untill you do this. Your time is running out. There is no need for an accident. They will just make you ill and you will die naturally. Hide . Let only loved persons know where you are. Whith money and your intelligence you can live to finish your work.

Posted by el moro @ 11/28/2003 05:03 PM EST

Bush Surprise Iraq trip is a fake. He never went to Iraq.

Bush's trip to Iraq is obviously a staged event, much like Wag the Dog. Logistically, we sat around this holiday and pondered how the idiot could go from stompingin Nevada, where he mispronounced the name of the state on purpose to divert people from the garbage that he had to say, to "an aircraft hanger" in Iraq.

The Neo Cons said that they would use Hollywood and the media to further their efforts, just like Clinton and other presidents. But their fakery is unprecedented. Never forget how Hill and Knowlton PR devise the "Iraqi Baby Incurbator LIE".

No, my fellow Americans, what you saw was President Select Bush speaking at a secret air force base in the US with a lot of paid extras, probably FBI and CIA personnel supplied by the Hollywood Public Relations machine, timed especially for the Thanksgiving holiday.

If Bush made a surprise visit to Iraq that the streets would be full or rioting Iraqi. Al Jazeera would be reporting this, and we do have some unembedded reporters over their from other countries who could get out the truth. This is a lie people. It's time to start calling the major media and saying enough is enough. We are on to them will not be played as fools.

My only worry is what they have planned for Christmas and New Years. God help us.

Posted by Kent James @ 11/28/2003 11:20 PM EST

Hang in there Vox. I have seen this recent upsurge of COINTELPRO operations on your site. Fortunately you take an active approach in weeding it out and pulling it up by the roots. This way your forum does not end up like the indymedia forums which as anyone knows is swarming with government CO-INTELPRO operators.

Thanks for doing the hard work that "NO ONE ELSE IS DOING"

You have my full and complete support as always (Check your paypal) and thank you for your effort.


There sure is a renewed effort by the spook/redneck/cointelpro types on this site recently. When it rains it pours - assholes.
And there is a torrent of assholes tying to distract people from my written investigations by OBSESSING WITH MY APPEARANCE AND IDENTITY. Thanks for being cool and thanks for the donation.

Posted by IntelQ @ 11/29/2003 12:08 AM EST

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