by David Kubiak


Widow's Bush Treason Suit Suppressed by the US media
by W. David Kubiak

"The decision 'not to do the story' appears to be multiplying all over the
nation." -- Fred Powledge, ACLU

A Grieving New Hampshire widow who lost her man on 9/11 refuses the
government's million dollar hush money payoff, studies the facts of the
day for nearly two years, and comes to believe the White House
"intentionally allowed 9/11 to happen" to launch a so-called "War on
Terrorism" for personal and political gain.

She retains a prominent lawyer, a former Deputy Attorney General of
Pennsylvania, who served with distinction under both Democrats and
Republicans and was once a strong candidate for the governor's seat.

The attorney files a 62-page complaint in federal district court
(including 40 pages of prima facie evidence) charging that "President Bush
and officials including, but not limited to Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice,
Ashcroft and Tenet":
1.) had adequate foreknowledge of 911 yet failed to warn the county or
attempt to prevent it;
2.) have since been covering up the truth of that day;
3.) have therefore abetted the murder of plaintiff's husband and violated
the Constitution and multiple laws of the United States; and
4.) are thus being sued under the Civil RICO (Racketeering, Influence, and
Corrupt Organization) Act for malfeasant conspiracy, obstruction of
justice and wrongful death.

The suit text goes on to document the detailed forewarnings from foreign
governments and FBI agents; the unprecedented delinquency of our air
defense; the inexplicable half hour dawdle of our Commander in Chief at a
primary school after hearing the nation was under deadly attack; the
incessant invocation of national security and executive privilege to
suppress the facts; and the obstruction of all subsequent efforts to
investigate the disaster. It concludes that "compelling evidence will be
presented in this case through discovery, subpoena power, and testimony
[that] Defendants failed to act and prevent 9/11 knowing the attacks would
lead to an 'International War on Terror' which would benefit Defendants
both financially and politically."

Press releases detailing these explosive allegations are sent out to 3000
journalists in the print and broadcast media, and a press conference to
announce the filing is held in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia
on November 26th (commemorating the end of the first futile year of the
independent National 9/11 Commission).

Imagine the world-churning implications of these charges. Imagine the
furor if just one was proved true. Imagine the courage of this bribe-
shunning widow and an eminent attorney with his reputation on the line. Then
imagine a press conference to which nobody came.

(Well, more precisely, imagine a press conference at which only FOX News
appears, tapes for 40 minutes, and never airs an inch.)

Now imagine the air time, column inches and talk show hysteria that same
night devoted to the legal hassles of Michael, Kobe, and Scott Peterson,
and divide that by the attention paid to our little case of mass murder,
war profiteering and treason. (OK, this is really a trick question because
no number divided by zero yields any answers whatsoever, which evidently
in this case is the result preferred.)

When you present documented charges of official treachery behind the
greatest national security disaster in modern history and the press
doesn't show, doesn't listen, doesn't write - just what in fact is really
being communicated? That despite all the deaths, lies, wars, and bizarre
official actions that flowed from 9/11 there's actually nothing there to
be investigated at all? That addressing desperate victim families' still
unanswered cries for truth is not a legitimate journalistic concern? That
news will now be what the corporate media say it will be, so drink your
infotainment Kool-Aid and kindly shut up?

(While the 9/11 blackout is the most flagrant sign of current media
dysfunction, it hardly stands alone. Where, for example, was our free and
press when Pentagon powerbroker Richard Perle confessed to a
London audience last month that yes indeed, our war on Iraq was illegal as
hell? He calmly explained that "in this case international law stood in
the way of doing the right thingâ?| [it] would have required us to leave
Saddam Hussein alone, and this would have been morally unacceptable."
(Guardian/UK, 11/20/03) And what news have we seen of the thousands of
Depleted Uranium deaths and birth defects now desolating Afghanis, Iraqis
and our own Gulf War troops? And whose looking into the $1.2 trillion the
Pentagon admits is "missing" or the half trillion in laundered funds now
propping up our banks? And how many times have you seen it reported that
unbid Iraq contracts have pushed the worth of VP Cheney's 433,333
Halliburton stock options to $26 million plus? But to return to 9/11, the
funny business has just begun. If you thought press performance after
JFK's death was a cynical farce, you ain't seen nothing yet.)
A few years back Harold Evans of the London Sunday Times, observed that
the challenge facing American newspapers "is not to stay in business -- it
is to stay in journalism.'' As corporations' authoritarian, profit-driven
consciousness comes to dominate both media and governance, you can expect
a lot more serial celebrity scandals and even less news on the way things
work or anything that really counts.
There is a clear method and message in this obscurantist madness. All this
media consolidation and tightening control is strategically aligned with
deregulation, privatization, social program-gutting deficits and free
trade regimes. They are all convergent tactics to enforce corporations'
full spectrum dominance over democratic humankind. If your progressive or
conservative instincts bid you to arise against this coup, standing with
our 9/11 widow is a good place to start. Her name is Ellen Mariani, her
lawyer is Phillip Berg and their complaint is now online at
http://www.nancho.net/911/mariani.html. Read it and weep, wail, or whack
out a dozen letters to the editors around your town, but for god's sake
make some noise. When 9/11 bombshells fall silent in the corporate
media's forest it's up to us to make them resound.

W. David Kubiak is director of Big Medicine, a research and education

institute studying the corporate takeover of our country, culture and

consciousness. His email is bigmed@nancho.net.

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You have to admire her courage.

Posted by sammy @ 12/04/2003 12:12 PM EST

"You have to admire her courage"

What she did is a "duty" for the people who lost their beloved relatives in 9/11.

Posted by khan @ 12/04/2003 01:23 PM EST

I agree, but a lot of people would have taken the $1 million hush money rather than take on the current administration and media.

I wonder if the foreign media are covering this?

Posted by sammy @ 12/04/2003 02:39 PM EST

I just sent this e-mail to FOX News... I doubt they'll reply though :/

"In this news article here regarding the 9/11 widow who just sued Bush it says:

..."a press conference at which only FOX News
appears, tapes for 40 minutes, and never airs an inch."

Please answer if you could why FOX News did not air any of this MAJOR news story

thank you"

I suggest others do the same... perhaps if there's enough pressure they will answer us?

here are the email addresses for FOX News: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,77538,00.html

Posted by LC @ 12/04/2003 03:58 PM EST

I just sent this e-mail to FOX News... I doubt they'll reply though :/

"In this news article here regarding the 9/11 widow who just sued Bush it says:

..."a press conference at which only FOX News
appears, tapes for 40 minutes, and never airs an inch."

Please answer if you could why FOX News did not air any of this MAJOR news story

thank you"

I suggest others do the same... perhaps if there's enough pressure they will answer us?

here are the email addresses for FOX News: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,77538,00.html

Posted by LC @ 12/04/2003 03:58 PM EST

Is this what Vox was warning us about?


Posted by james @ 12/04/2003 04:19 PM EST

What I fear most is the trend of "suicides"...Must inform attorneys 24/7 observation is nescessary.
It happened to the last litigant. Get loud now...

Posted by Where's the Beef! @ 12/04/2003 05:33 PM EST

Make sure you click on the support link! Voxfux relies on donations to buy his new car and pay his rent. As long as you think it is going toward a defense fund, you will happily give him all your money. You are all gullible idiots.

Posted by The Accidenter @ 12/04/2003 07:27 PM EST

voooxxxx......thanks a gazillion for running this story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by jhf @ 12/04/2003 07:38 PM EST

You know what else is brilliant about Voxfux? He has all you gullbile idiots lapping up his every word.

VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION: Folks there is no one on this site who spends more time "Lapping up my every word" then this fuckin' redneck... HAHAHAHAHA I love irony.

When 99.999% of his predictions (this will ABSOLUTELY happen)) do not come true, his logic simply says "It didn't happen because my unknown website reported it! I STOPPED it from happening."

VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION:It's called premptive news - fat man.
It's called EXPOSURE. And believe me, the intelligence services in this country very much do read this site.

Now, most people would literally piss their pants at that statement. Delusions of grandeur are quite humorous. Yet you morons actually AGREE with it.

By the way, Vox is NOT anonymous. It is not hard to track down a Webmaster, or where your paypal money is going. I sure hope Vox knows this.

VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION: This dumb fat fuck is so stupid that he thinks that he's a whizz genious investigator because he discovered how to do a whois... What a pathetic DORK. Yea sure sure fat man, I'm actually going to give my real name to register an Internet site - you fuckin dick. What a shithead this loser is.

Posted by The Accidenter @ 12/04/2003 07:39 PM EST

The Alex Jones show interviewed the woman and her attorney and the audio archive is on the website www.prisonplanet.com The attorney is appealing to the public to provide any evidence that they believe may help prosecute this lawsuit.

Posted by Mad as Hell @ 12/04/2003 09:14 PM EST

Gee, if this lawsuit were so cut and dry, it seems to me that a lawyer would not teed to appeal to the public for evidence.

Posted by reason @ 12/04/2003 09:31 PM EST


After reading your comments I’m wondering what your motives for posting are? Why the scathing personal attacks on Vox, Do you know him? Is he getting a Lexus? Does he live with his mother? Or are you just making the same leaps of judgment that you accuse him of? You speak of delusions, however, I think the elections were enough to rouse any “gullible idiot” in to questioning the current administration.
And why the aggressiveness of your attacks? First at Vox, while seemingly herding us “impressionable” readers away from the dangers of donating, and then re-directing your rant at the “gullible” reader, with threats of no anonymity. Are you now trying to save me or scare me? What consequence is it of yours who reads this site and who donates? Do you think the “idiots” you address will be swayed by further insults in to not donating? In fact, why do you care if “morons” give away THEIR money? If you really do know Vox is a fake then I suggest you change your tactics before you become even more conspicuous.

Perhaps Vox’s claims may be melodramatic, perhaps they are not. I don’t know. However, all I can gather from you is that you have no respect for Vox or the readers, and yet, not donating is important to you. Why?

Posted by Matter of Opinion @ 12/04/2003 09:35 PM EST

This lawsuit is a big deal because:

1. It involves a widow of an American who was murdered at the WTC on 9/11/01.

2.Her attorney is both experienced and connected.

3. The woman turned down a million dollars in order to pursue the truth.

4.The Bush "government" has stonewalled the federal 9-11 bi-partisan investigation commission -even the Repub's on the 9-11 comm have complained about gov'ts refusal to release documents. If this 9-11 widow's case gets a hearing, perhaps the Fed'l Judiciary can get to the truth behind the veil of secrecy that clouds that day's events.

5) The absolute media blackout is ominous.

A side note to all you unamerican mother fuckers support concealing information about 9-11 from the public - and by this I am referring to the hostile postings -I hope you have an immediate and complete consciousness alteration.



Posted by joe hill @ 12/04/2003 09:40 PM EST

The Accidenter = Spook
It's all in the timing...

Posted by Easily Baited @ 12/04/2003 10:18 PM EST

September 15th, 2004. Missle Strike
on New York City. Just in time for
the so-called "election."
Stay AWAKE. This is the real deal.

Posted by Angry & Prepared @ 12/04/2003 11:32 PM EST

Vox, just delete posts like the Accidenter's.

So you don't get accused of censorship, you can push them to a separate spook thread - it might be humourous to see them all in a row.

Posted by sammy @ 12/04/2003 11:42 PM EST

Hey, matter of opinion...You mean the election that Bush won FAIR AND SQAURE? Where the Supreme Court, in a SEVEN TO TWO decision overturned hte BIASED Florida Surpreme Court that was trying to change the rules of the game AFTER THE FACT?

You see, suppose you are playing a football game. You score 15 points on 5 field goals. The otehr team gets 2 TDs and 1 FG for 17 points.

After the game, you CAN'T say "Well, I think field goals should be worth 4 points each. Therefore I win 20-18." Doesn't work that way. You have to play by the rules AS THEY WERE WHEN THE CONTEST STARTED.

And yes, TWO DEMOCRATS voted against the Florida Supreme Court's decision. In fact, the only two to vote for it were NOMINATED BY CLINTON/GORE So they were voting for their boss. Seriously, Bush won. Get over it.

I just hope you realize that you are SUCH a minbority that your opinions are absolutely WORTHLESS. 99.999% of the country think you are pathetic. Your votes don't matter. And vox will NOT be suicided because he is a mother fucking joke. He is a nothing. NO ONE HAS EVEN HEARD OF HIM! You are sending him money that he is NOT putting otward a defense fund. And he WILL be caught for the scam. Trust me.

Posted by The Accidenter @ 12/05/2003 01:33 AM EST

Hey, joehill, you dumb ass! LAWSUITS ARE NOT NEWS! GET THE FUCK OVER IT YOU STUPID DUMB SHIT! I can ACCUSE you of anything. But if my lawyer has to make a fucking APPEAL TO THE PUBLIC FOR EVIDENCE< it is a poretty good indication that teh lawsuit is BULLSHIT! Hence it is NOT news.

Again, I can file a lawsuit saying you raped my kitty. That doesn't make it news unless I can provide a SHRED of evidence that it is true3.

Let me ask, how many of you dumb fucks have actually sent money to the Vox Lexus fund? He's got one. Trust me. I have the proof. And he WILL go down for it. By law, EVERY single penny he gets from PayPal for this has to be used for this site or put in a fund that cannot be touched unless there is a legal situation. This has not been the case.

VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION: Dear Readers This comment is coming from one of our biggest readers. I have the logs. This spends more time on this site than nearly any of you. You could say that he is deeply, deeply obsessed with it's contents. You could even say that it occupuys his entire lives' energy. HE is what is known as a "stalker." In a sense we are becoming the society of the stalker. This "Accidenter" is the same repressed homsexual who goes by the name Soaring Eagle, Screaming eagle, and many others. We've been tracking this jerk for years. His whole life is dedicated to my writings yet is claims to hate me, so what does that make him? Pretty pathetic isn't it? Now, this FAT loser claims to know my identity and claims that I have a lexus, then claims to have the proof, then claims that I want the money to by a lexis (which one is it huh fat boy do I have one or do I want to buy one???) I guess our pathetic fat friend isn't so smart. This schmuck pretends that he is agent with the FBI and threatened to see me in federal court (What happened to that threat, huh you FAT pathetic pig?) Basically his whole life is based on my writings, you see he doesn't get out much, (Mobility problems) and he NEVER GETS ANY SEX (except all that internet masterbation he does.) Can you imagine a woman ever coming in contact with this guy? Yikes! It would never happen! So I kind of feel sorry for this guy. So lets all take a moment and reflect on how sad it is to be like this pathetic loser, WHOSE ENTIRE LIFE NOW REVOLVES AROUND MY LIFE YET HE CLAIMES TO HATE ME. Here's one of his comments from last year so that you get a better understanding about how dangerous repressed homosexuality can be...

"You should have a rusty pipe shoved up your ass like a gay pride parade sliping around naked in a bathtub full of vasiline."

Pretty strange right?

That above was from "Soaring Eagle," the same person who now calls himself "The Accidenter," A true American Patriot, HAHAHAHAHAHA

Posted by The Accidenter @ 12/05/2003 01:41 AM EST

The accidenter please stop wasting your fucken time, your not going to change any1's views on vox or how fucked up america has gotten from these fucking jewish zionist pigs. Not only are they dragging america down the gurgle but all your fucking dumb allies Australia and Britain.

Posted by magyar @ 12/05/2003 02:03 AM EST

magyar, I am not trying to change your views. I am just calling you a moron for being so fucking gullible as to believe the money you send him is going toward this web site. OR that you actually beleive he has people breaking into his house on a daily basis. Or that all his predictions that don't come true were ACCURATE, but they didn't come true because HE MADE THEM CHANGE THEIR MINDS.

You see, YOU DON'T MATTER! You are in the 0.0001% of this country. Most people don't feel the same way you do. You are the laughingstock of this country. This page is comic relief. Vox is LAUGHING at you whenevr you send money. I know this for a fact.

VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION: Well were's the facts? You keep talking about all these facts you know - Bring them on! Come on FAT MAN show us the facts?

Posted by The Accidenter @ 12/05/2003 02:10 AM EST

Just to prove how silly you all are, you should know that NONE of the Clinton lawsuits were reported UNTIL THEY WENT TO TRIAL! Why? Because simply having some wacko file a lawsuit against you is NOT NEWSWORTHY until there is any evidence.

Posted by The Accidenter @ 12/05/2003 02:24 AM EST

Accidenter, i have to disagree with you, many laywers make appeals to the public for extra info, everything helps, why wouldnt you want to make a strong case even stronger, its just common sense.

And i also cant agree with your lawsuits are not news, have you not noticed that 50% of the news is about lawsuits? I cant think of a bigger case than this. That being said, the fact that it was not mentioned in any of the major news media is defintily ominous as joe hill posted.

Posted by JKR @ 12/05/2003 03:57 AM EST

It's the lizards, vf. Or maybe it's the pizza you had before bed and this is all a bad dream.

Yer site ain't nuthin' but shit and neither are you.

Posted by Jimbo @ 12/05/2003 04:51 AM EST

The haters are coming out of the woodwork.

The Accidenter,

I know who Vox is too--anyone with even the most rudimentary of reasearch skills can find this out. I don't doubt that he does have a Lexus (whoever said he didn't have money?). Your football analogy was truly horrible.

"Vox is LAUGHING at you whenevr you send money. I know this for a fact."

Prove this. Back this up. Until then, shut up.

Everyone else,

Ignore every foolish comment from now on. Only refer to these people, if you can expose them (ala Tha Advenger or if they actually present evidence of Vox misappropriating funds). Whether they know it or not, they are agent provocateurs trying to derail the discussion. And remember, Vox doesn't matter (not that I don't appreciate everything you do Vox). Even if he is corrupt, it doesn't change anything. He's just another individual like the rest of us. We don't need him to lead us. Let us be our own leaders. Peace!

Posted by Raul @ 12/05/2003 06:03 AM EST

Watching CNN, and they are discussing the new terrorist tapes. In the tape they have a view of the 2nd plane hitting WTC1 from under a bridge, a camera angle that the analyst states he discovered the FBI had aquired that particular tape but never released to the public(i personally had not seen it prior), then he goes on to state that he doesnt understand how the terrorists could possibly aquire that particular tape. Put the pieces together for gods sake.

Raul - your right, i should not have bothered wasting my time trying to rebut these guys as they obviously have a hidden agenda or are permanently blind, so my efforts are pointless.

Posted by JKR @ 12/05/2003 07:23 AM EST

Our "Leaders"

They can't keep up this darkness forever
when we all know it's a trick.
They must think we're not very clever
or themselves be thick.

Me, I think the latter
which means we stand a chance
of bashing in these buggers
when we make advance.

All these paper pushers
are folks like you and me-
smack them in their mushes
and say "You don't scare me!"

Just in it for the money,
they have no soul or balls-
lapdogs who come running
when the master calls.

So don't give a moment's care
to these mentally-disabled:
if Mother Theresa met Tony Blair
she'd drink him under the table.

from the UK with love

Posted by Logokid @ 12/05/2003 08:37 AM EST

Our "Leaders"

They can't keep up this darkness forever
when we all know it's a trick.
They must think we're not very clever
or themselves be thick.

Me, I think the latter
which means we stand a chance
of bashing in these buggers
when we make advance.

All these paper pushers
are folks like you and me-
smack them in their mushes
and say "You don't scare me!"

Just in it for the money,
they have no soul or balls-
lapdogs who come running
when the master calls.

So don't give a moment's care
to these mentally-disabled:
if Mother Theresa met Tony Blair
she'd drink him under the table.

Posted by Logokid @ 12/05/2003 08:39 AM EST

vox:Just a quick note to let you know I'm still here. Just got back from B.C. (buying a house for my 21 year old son - paid cash out of his blind trust - can you guess why?) and haven't had a chance to e-mail you as yet. Although the temptation is great to verbally whack the "asshole-denter", I am going to be true to my word and leave that entirely to you (too easy - this fuck actually believes the prick with ears won the 2000 election.) Can't wait to throw you some of my hard earned cash so you too can buy a Lexus (got one). Talk (chat) with you soon.

VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION:Bring on the cash. I'll show you an Internet have a "GET OUT THE WORD" plan. I would love to be in EVERYBODYS EMAIL BOX starting next month. But that takes cash. Bring it on folks and we'll shot this lard ass "Accidenter" or "Soaring wussie" about the power of information to liberate peoples minds. But that takes cash and I'm waiting....
Bring it on
And I'll get it on.
But I will not do this alone!
I'm waiting....

Posted by john galt @ 12/05/2003 10:03 AM EST


You managed to fail in answering any of my questions accept one rhetorical comment I made. It seems, by your own admission, you aware of the corruption at the high levels of the administration, “In fact, the only two to vote for it were NOMINATED BY CLINTON/GORE So they were voting for their boss.” This begs the question, who were the other seven working for? Or am I now going to receive another sports analogy explaining how the other 7 were pillars of democracy. Coming from Britain, your football explanation is wasted (soccer is the International standard =p). However, the “minority” you assign me isn’t quite the case. Over a million people protested the war in London before the war, with a further 150,000 descending on Trafalgar Square, on a weekday, for George Bush’s visit. The speech he was going to give at parliament had to be cancelled for fear of anti war politicians (of which there are many here) creating a “scene”. The pulling down of George Bush’s statue outside parliament was most amusing, I assure you. This is a global phenomenon, where the minority only exists in America, due to media bubble that the people have forced upon them. The world hates the American administration and its people bear the brunt of this. Don’t be surprised when people look you up when that bubble bursts.

Get a fucking clue.

Posted by Matter of Fact @ 12/05/2003 10:44 AM EST

accidenter: iwasn't going to waste my breath on you but i have to say that when you have a government as corrupt as this one, with massive complicity at ALL levels, then this "widow" comes along and because she actually has a conscience, refuses a million dollar "bribe" by our corrupt government to pay her off, and actually has the chutzpa (BALLS) to go after these BASTARDS, with an equally ballsy attorney, is it ANY WONDER that this attorney is asking the public for help to EXPOSE THE LAYERS OF CORRUPTION?



Posted by jhf @ 12/05/2003 11:25 AM EST

Durrr... hiya everybody! After several hours, I finally managed to pull me head outta me ass, and again saw all the pictures of vox I have all over my room! I just wanted to make up with you vox! I LOVE YOU

Posted by The Accident @ 12/05/2003 11:26 AM EST

A little humor,

At New York's Kennedy Airport today, an individual later discovered to be a public school teacher was arrested trying to board a flight while in possession of a ruler, a protractor, a set square, and a calculator. Attorney General John Ashcroft believes the man is a member of the notorious al-gebra movement. he is being charged with carrying weapons of math instruction. Al-gebra is a very fearsome cult, indeed. They desire average solutions by means and extremes, and sometimes go off on a tangent in a search of absolute value. They consist of quite shadowy figures, with names like "x" and "y", and, although they are frequently referred to as "unknowns", we know they really belong to a common denominator and are part of the axis of medieval with coordinates in every country. As the great Greek philanderer Isosceles used to say, there are 3 sides to every angle, and if God had wanted us to have better weapons of math instruction, he would have given us more fingers and toes. Therefore, I'm extremely grateful that our government has given us a sine that it is intent on protracting us from these math-dogs who are so willing to disintegrate us with calculus disregard. These statistic bastards love to inflict plane on every sphere of influence. Under the circumferences, it's time we differentiated their root, made our point, and drew the line. These weapons of math instruction have the potential to decimal everything in their math on a scalene never before seen unless we become exponents of a Higher Power and begin to factor-in random facts of vertex. As our Great Leader would say, "Read my ellipse. Here is one principle he is uncertainty of---though they continue to multiply, their days are numbered and the hypotenuse will tighten around their necks.'

Posted by james @ 12/05/2003 11:32 AM EST

The Accidenter's IP is registered to this ISP.

OrgName: ICG NetAhead, Inc.
Address: 161 Inverness Drive West
City: Englewood
StateProv: CO
PostalCode: 80112
Country: US

Posted by james @ 12/05/2003 12:06 PM EST

Prediction: Court dismisses case, due to lack of jurisdiction.

The issue has to deal with district courts of the United States ("DCUS"), and United States district courts ("USDC"). The former( http://www4.law.cornell.edu/uscode/18/3231.html ) is given original jurisdiction "of all offenses against the laws of the United States".

The Plaintiff's charges were filed in a United States district court.

See "Karma and the Federal Courts" by Paul Andrew Mitchell, at:
http://www.supremelaw.org/authors/mitchell/karmacts.htm , for a more in-depth explanation of the same.

Posted by Entangled Hierarchy @ 12/05/2003 12:33 PM EST

Theory: VOXFUX - Rumor and Speculation Arise
Posted by: valis on Dec 19, 2002 - 06:00 AM

Original Article http://www.memes.org/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=1423&mode=thread&order=0&thold=0
The following is a comment to a Seattle IndyMedia story:

I have been following the voxnyc.com news site now for a while (Very Closely) A strange thing happened just prior to the raid. Voxfux had been having a "back and fourth" with a real belligerent jerk who had been posting under the name "Unknown Soldier" Vox had essentially tracked his usage to a number of postings by this same jerk. Then vox's final exchange was that this guy was spoofing his IP (which only hackers and intelligence agents do) Since this jerk "Unknown Soldier" is no hacker then maybe...

You get the drift.

Then Vox announced that this guy was operating on rasserver.net which is a VERY SUSPICIOUS internet company. With a strange kind of administration which never responds to any complaints about it's many violations regarding some illegal activity is undertakes on a daily basis. Also rasserver.net seems immune to any Internet authorities' regarding their constant and flagrant violations of common Internet rules and regulations.

Vox indicating that rasserver could be an organ of the CIA.

Then he looked into rasserver's parent company ICG and discovered that ICG Communications Inc had decended into bankrupcy just days after Bush siezed the presidency. Hmmm.

He accused ICG Communications Inc of being possible the next Enron scandal, only this time Vox has claimed that ICG was actually taken over by an intelligence group (CIA or EX CIA) and that it had undertaken a scheme to drive the stock proice into the ground, only to rip off investors, and then when the stock reached rock bottom they bought up the stock and are now poised to become fabulously wealthy.

Apparently they drove the stock price from 36 dollars to 36 cents.

Then vox mentioned something about the CEO's involved with ICG were intelligence assets. The new CEO is in fact a Jesuit (Graduated from LOYOLA university which specializes in Intellegence, political, industrial economic intelligence.

The strange thing is that there is no trace of that exchange that was on vox's web site. What is even stranger is that this "Unknown Soldier" Who vox pointed out also posts under the name "Soaring Eagle" This Soaring Eagle posted a very spooky veiled threat which is still up on the site it is a passage from George Orwell's 1984 about Big Brothers ability to obliterate every trace of a persons life so that no one would ever know that he existed.

I for one checked out the ICG Communications story and it does indeed look VERY FISHY.

I believe the Bush threat is just a pretext, the real reason for the raid might be the ICG Communications story, which as I said has mysteriously dissappeared from the voxnyc website.

Posted by IntelQ @ 12/05/2003 02:43 PM EST

James, can you tell me what ISP my IP is registered to? I didn't realize that it was so easy for someone to find out....kinda worried...curious what it says, I don't know how...

Posted by Sue Q @ 12/05/2003 03:00 PM EST

Here's a link from today re: Valis (who posted the "Theory: VOXFUX - Rumor and Speculation Arise" that IntelQ posted here):

"LibertyThink.com founder ''Valis'' Framed (Busted in Austin, Tx)

December 5, 2003
Austin, Texas

Legal advice needed: Valis framed

Hi gang. Valis here. Legal help needed.

Got busted by tonight by TABC (Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission) in an organized sting. (Server: me; selling to underage operatives)

Problem is those who claim to "use real IDs" and "only be themselves" used IDs that were horizontal (see DPS regulations on State Identification), and had no "under 21" insignia.

AKA: Fake ID's used, when unconstitutional to the paradigm they envision..

Please help.

(*according to the TABC, these raids are constitutional, because nobody is being fraudulent in their identification. However, this is not the case.)

(or help me organize my Monday Night "Goin' to jail for two weeks" party.")

Either response is encouraged......

See: TABC Minor Sting Operations

Deadline: Tuesday AM

- valis
Any attorneys who wish to offer aid/advice please write to: editor@sianews.com

Posted by SueQ @ 12/05/2003 03:16 PM EST

I love how Accidenter aka The "eagle" goes on about dissenters making up one tenth of one zilionth of society...I mean, by now, even my 80-yr old mother is suspicious of Team Shrub!
eh eh...they suddenly get out of the woodwork because they're feeling the heat, dear friends! Keep up the homo imagery, "eagle". You're slowly warming up to idea, aren't you, big boy!
I saw a clip of the second plane hitting the tower filmed from underneath; it's obviously some kind of hologram, check it out on www.cloakanddagger.ca, about halfway down the page, under heading Pentagon Trickery.
The technology exists, no doubts about that.
About this thread: it seems this is the lawyer representing David Icke in the suit against Richard Warman. Small world, uh?

Posted by Nicolas K. @ 12/05/2003 07:14 PM EST

Someone mentioned the Jesuit connection with ICG. If you look at the Executive Biography on the ICG site, you'll notice two that stand out for their vagueness:

Rich Fish is executive vice president and chief financial officer at ICG Communications, Inc. He was appointed to this position in November 2000. Previously, he served as senior vice president of Finance and was responsible for providing overall financial support to the Network Services organization.

Prior to joining ICG, Fish held various positions in business development, operations and legal and government affairs with AT&T.


Bernie Zuroff is general counsel and secretary at ICG Communications, Inc. He was appointed to this position in November 2000. Zuroff has been a part of ICG since July 1996 and previously was assistant general counsel.

Prior to joining ICG, Zuroff was a senior attorney with the Resolution Trust Corporation and an attorney with Gorsuch Kirgis, L.L.C.


The other eexcutives list their ediucational background, specific job titles, and other assorted details. Not these two men. They are both well-paid, yet I cannot find their names listed in any database directory. No articles, no community honors or awards - very odd.

Posted by Truth and Liberty @ 12/05/2003 08:07 PM EST


Do a story on ICG and research it.

Posted by Raul @ 12/06/2003 01:30 AM EST

If I were a victim of 9/11, no matter how forgiving and merciful God is, I would still expect some justice here.

Posted by Rob @ 12/06/2003 03:47 PM EST

The next US president will have to be one that will get Bush off the hook if something goes down. Just like Bush for Clinton, and Clinton for Poppy Bush, and Poppy Bush for Reagan.

Posted by Cammey @ 12/07/2003 03:04 AM EST

Wesley Clark and Hillary.

Posted by Truth and Liberty @ 12/07/2003 11:31 AM EST

Vox... not really related to this subject but found this 'homage' to ya...

Seems that sometimes the message does get through...

"And if there is any doubt that this little independent news service voxnyc.com was singlehandedly responsible for exposing the truth about the Bali blast, just ask any major newspaper editor or politician in Indonesia if they remember the voxnyc article - they do. It was the only beacon of truth coming out of the west about that incident. The only flicker of light, amongst the swarming sea of lies perpetrated by the CIA based US media and their moles amongst the Indonesian media and political spectrum."


Keep up the fight!!!

Posted by theroach @ 12/07/2003 02:35 PM EST

Vox... not really related to this subject but found this 'homage' to ya...

Seems that sometimes the message does get through...

"And if there is any doubt that this little independent news service voxnyc.com was singlehandedly responsible for exposing the truth about the Bali blast, just ask any major newspaper editor or politician in Indonesia if they remember the voxnyc article - they do. It was the only beacon of truth coming out of the west about that incident. The only flicker of light, amongst the swarming sea of lies perpetrated by the CIA based US media and their moles amongst the Indonesian media and political spectrum."


Keep up the fight!!!

Posted by theroach @ 12/07/2003 02:37 PM EST

It's excellent to see exposure of these significant issues surrounding democracy, and the open debate... - and particularly from a US based site. However "Vox" it's very uncool to publicly bash your readers - given that your site is all about free speech and "being heard".

Posted by Wade Bishop - New Zealand @ 12/08/2003 02:35 AM EST

Rob I agree with you. Justice is a right for those who have been harmed.

But IMHO I think the whole world is a victim of 911. Every rotten thing comimg down the pike [resulting from that STAGED EVENT] effects every single one of us. We are all victims in that sense.

And I agree with Vox, we as subjects in this Orwellian nightmare better stay off our knees. The French did not fall to their knees when they had their revolution. William Wallace did not lead from his knees either. All Victims of would be rapists need to fight back. And The Neocons are raping the whole damn world right now. It is up to us not to just lay down & take it.

Posted by Truth @ 12/08/2003 02:37 AM EST

WOW! Vox is just outright lying.

Hey Voxy, show those logs that prove I am a big reader.

Sorry, but I just was shown this silly site LAST WEEK! I have gone to it FIVE times total. Never been the Eagle or anything.

But of course, you will say anything you want since you are not required to PROVE anything by your gullible sheep.

I will be contacting hte IRS about you complete with your name. Be sure you have all documentation about whhere your donations are going. Capone got a whole lot of jail time.

VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION: Yea, just like you contacted the FBI??? Huh Captian Issac. You're a joke. And a FAT PIG

You of course, will be suicided unless you managed to stay (ha ha ha ha) one step ahead of them like you have.

But again, where is the proof that I said anytynig about a rusty pipe you fucking idiot? Never happened people. Vox is once again lying to you.

VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION: Hello Readers, in October and November of 2002 this piece of shit posted under the following names, Soaring Eagle, Screeming Eagle, Killing Fucking Liberals, Die Fucking Liberals (which is probably what he wants to do) and several others. By now I don't even have to traceroute his IP anymore because his posts reek from the same source. It's amazing how a singular uglieness can so easily be detected trough just words alone. And then when I do the traceroute, the Rasserver connection comes up again, so he's moved off of rasserver as soon as I announced our rasserver friend, and now he seems to have a penchant for the last four legs of his server hops to be "destination host unreachable" proxies. Something that your regular garden variety redneck does not do. He's a pig alright, you can smell it. Have no fear though folks, because this fucking lump of human excrement is so ugly on the inside that for certain he will develop some desiese which will cause him to spend more time worrying about his own pathetic life and less time on our forum of truth. I just feel it. Can anyone say "Colon Cancer." Listen fat boy, you better get your fat ass down to the doctor NOW, because your post reeks of polyps. You need to get the High School Equivalency Diploma, AND GET THOSE FUCKING POLYPS LOOKED AT!

Posted by The Accidenter @ 12/08/2003 03:39 AM EST

And no, Nofucks, I did not get your name from a WHOIS. I knw your real name. Trust me.

You obviously have NO IDEA how to find out people, since you seem to think I come to this site all the time. (Or at least that is what you are trying to tell your source of income.)

VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION:Pig Pig Pig Pig Piggie Piggie Piggie Piggie, Tell us all here, pig, how it feels being hated by anyone who has a beautiful soul. When you and your type finally die, this world will be a beautiful place. You are the problem in the world today . You are the uglyness - the cancer on the human race. Please die soon.

Posted by The Accidenter (aka Soaring Eagle)(aka Screaming Eagle)(aka Killing fucking liberals) @ 12/08/2003 03:47 AM EST

The Accidenter is nothing more than a juvenile government pogue who has seemingly nothing better to do than troll around sites that he disagrees with and insulting the help.

Pay no mind to this little slave. He is brainwashed into doing his masters' bidding all the while imagining it is his own free will that drives him.

Posted by ZTB @ 12/08/2003 01:27 PM EST

Your're dead Mr VoxyFUCK! Trust me.

I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE. And when the time is right, we're going to wipe all you Lefty Commie fucks off the face of this planet. You'll see! hahahahaha

There's a tempest coming.

VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION: Let me guess - a tempest of blatent homosexual references. Simmer down there homo, I think what we've got here is "The Old Cold Closet Warrior"... Come on out of that closet! And get those fuckin' polyps looked at, they're gonna eat you alive!

Posted by The Accidenter @ 12/08/2003 03:49 PM EST

Hey, Accidental, didn't you get the memo? Everyone who disagrees with the transnational corporate oligarchy's sweeping agenda to enslave the world, rape the planet and destroy constitutional democracy, prosperity and security is now called a "terrist," not a "lefty commie fuck." That's so 1989!

As a filthy swine or wanna-be freelancer filthy swine associate, I'm sure you already know you are already guilty of terroristic threatening but since they didn't charge Pat Robertson for threatening to bomb the State Department, I guess you're safe - for now. Really though, Vox has you porcine number when he asked how it was to be "hated by anyone who has a beautiful soul."

If not, you're right. There IS a tempest coming. Listen, they're not paying you enough to lose your humanity. Join us! A lot of brave defectors in law enforcement, the military and intelligence certainly will when the shit hits the fan (and it's already in mid-air). You're being duped by the superrich to ride shotgun on the stage coach making off with your children's future. That's not very nice, is it? 10,000 people are not allowed to enslave 6 billion. We will win in the end, painful tho the battle will be. If you don't want to join our nascent campaign to unfuck the world, just keep choking on John Timoney's cock.

Posted by Tom Paine @ 12/08/2003 04:18 PM EST

A: Mr accident sounds like he was a genetic accident, or maybe they call him that because he keeps having 'accidents' in his pants.

(Come and get me too, We are waiting)

B: just a thought: Someone told me that just before 911, they completly replaced the smoke alarms in WTC.

Could this have really been explosives they were putting in and could this have brought down the wtc.

God Speed to all of you, even Mr accident.

Posted by Pete @ 12/08/2003 07:16 PM EST

Accident does not work for gov.
This person has no real power.
And a little dick.
Making threats makes him feel like a big dick.

Good on ya mate.


Posted by samson @ 12/08/2003 07:25 PM EST

The Accidenter may be a government spook getting $5 an hour to try and fuck over his fellow humans, or he may just be some everyday ignorant redneck, but it appears he's succeeded in drawing the conversation away from the original report about the 9/11 widow filing a lawsuit against bush. So why don't we make his job or hobby impossible by totally IGNORING him. Don't respond to him, check who has written a message before reading it and don't read it if it says accidenter or any other of his aliases, vox should just totally ignore and stop responding to him. It appears to encourage him just as others responses to him do. So we just may well find that prolonged ignoring of his foolish ramblings will make him dissapear and try and harass some other webpage. PLEASE TRY AND IGNORE THIS NIMROD EVERYONE because god knows one thing we have over these neocons is self-discipline.

Posted by ricardo @ 12/08/2003 10:22 PM EST

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