by Oliver Moore

Globe and Mail Update

Fighting for his composure, lawyer Rocco Galati said Thursday that he will drop all of his terrorism-related cases after a death threat that he said he believes came from an intelligence agency.

Mr. Galati is known as a tough-minded counsellor and he said he has put up with plenty of abuse for representing people many Canadians have no sympathy for. He has endured angry communications before and once found a strangled cat on his doorstep, but he almost broke down Thursday as he described his disillusionment upon receiving the threat.

“I'm not on the verge of tears for my safety. I'm on the verge of tears because it means we now live in Colombia. It means that the rule of law is meaningless. It means that lawyers cannot represent anyone even in what you profess to be a democracy here in Canada,” he said. “It comments on where we've arrived as a society.”

He issued a direct appeal to “whoever I've angered,” pleading that they take his statement Thursday “as my bowing out.”

The Toronto-based lawyer — who represents at least seven people in national security cases – said that he received a threatening message one day after he answered media questions with former terrorism suspect Abdurahman Khadr. He played it Thursday for reporters gathered at his office.

“Well, Mr. Galati. What's this I hear about you working with the terrorist now, helping to get that ... punk terrorist Khadr off. You a dead wop,” a voice said, in low and calm tones.

Mr. Galati said that lawyers in controversial practices become accustomed to angry messages from the public, but he said that this threat was different.

“You get to recognize when someone is trying to blow off steam and when someone is serious,” he said at his office, his own lawyer by his side. “This is serious, this is an institutional threat, this is not an individual.”

He was tightlipped when asked to explain his apparent certainty that the threat came from an official source. He would say only that he recognized the voice on the message from a previous case and said that, in that earlier instance, a person mentioned by the voice had subsequently disappeared.

Mr. Galati's own lawyer, Paul Slansky, said that neither the RCMP nor the Toronto police seem willing to take the threat seriously.

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I think it was on What Really Happened that I read that this lawyer's previous client was Delbert Vreeland.

Posted by Sue Q @ 12/05/2003 06:49 PM EST

Woops, Delmart, not Delbert - WRH linked to this Toronto Star article:


"Galati, to his great credit, chose to defend the difficult ones.

And back in 2001, he and Slansky defended another unpopular man in another very murky case.

The man was Delmart Edward Vreeland"

Posted by SueQ @ 12/05/2003 08:12 PM EST

Where is Delmart Vreeland now?

Posted by Raul @ 12/06/2003 01:43 AM EST

so much for life, liberty and the pursuit to happiness!

Posted by jhf @ 12/06/2003 01:48 AM EST

Looks to me like another person is about to be found "Suicide" in the middle of the woods with a shotgun wound to the head. Typical of these days.

Posted by infowarrior @ 12/06/2003 01:14 PM EST

The article fails to mention that Galati thinks the threat came from one or several US intelligence agencies. Vreeland is currently missing.

Posted by BAKUNIN @ 12/06/2003 04:48 PM EST

Stuff is going down pretty fast, and there is no need to wimp out. One is innocent before proven guilty. We have used the threat of terrorism to presume guilt. Aids and abortion have killed hundreds of millions, but terrorism is only in the young thousands.

Posted by Cammey @ 12/06/2003 06:59 PM EST

Vreeland has done another Les Coleman Act: he's either been suitcased, killed, or disapppeared.

Another player will come on to the chessboard to replace him.

Ah, these big intelligence games...not for the faint at heart.

Posted by Anonymous @ 12/06/2003 09:07 PM EST

This post is in response to your
heading regarding electronic voting
machines. The manufacturer of these
machines is DIEBOLD INC. Diebold is
owned by an AUSTRIAN Corporation.
Austria being the stronghold of world
facism Diebold is already suspect.
Austria the birthplace of A.S.
infamous A.S. (ADOLPH SCHIKELGRUBER) also knows as

Posted by Angry & Prepared @ 12/06/2003 10:40 PM EST

The AIDS virus was created in an American Military Laboratory in the
early 1970s. It was tested on prison
inmates who were offered the chance
of early release if they would parti-
cipate in a study. The prisoners were inoculated with AIDS and studied
for a period of six months. After
six months they were released. As we now know AIDS does not express
for years after it has been contracted. This is the origin of
the AIDS epidemic. It was funded
by your tax dollars. All of this
is a matter of public record.
Check the record of the US Senate
for 1969. There was a presentation
by a major general Morrison who
requested funding for several
programs including one that would
develop viral agents that were
"population specific." It's all
there in black and white. EVERY

Posted by Angry & Prepared @ 12/06/2003 10:47 PM EST

Vox history including a .ZIP.


Posted by james @ 12/06/2003 11:09 PM EST

I went through the old articles in the .ZIP and noticed the same BOZO comments about new age mysticism, reptiles, wars of good and evil, the book of Revelations, contrails, etc.

These wierdo comments discredit this thread and this site.

These topics could have merit, but it is wierd they keep appearing in Vox's threads. I don't want to argue whether there are UFO's or religious beings controlling our Destiny because it isn't relevant. What is relevant is that it is wierd that these topics always appears in threads devoted to political commentary. Why can't the UFO people isolate their comments to their own thread?

When I read wierd posts, I instinctively feel I should stop reading and I assume that's a common response.

Could there be teams of grinning spooks madly typing gobbledy gook into threads to scare intelligent
people from participating?

Vox is on to it, but how many other sites do you visit that are poisoned by fluff from spooks that have nothing better to do than use your tax money to post wierdness into cyberspace?

If you're a spook posting about lizards, remember that you have the power and the New American Century people are temporary. You report to the constitution and your fellow Americans.

Here's an example from a year ago Friday. Recognise this shite for what it is.


When the Moon reach it's 9th vortex, there will be much blood spilled over the Earth. The Earths inner-systems will destroy those who are worthless to the ONE! The illuminati, Vatican, an the rest of the host will have to come out of the darkness, an walk with the people. The people will see the reptile resemblance in these persons an will kill them on site. There will be no escape.

Posted by Sabu @ 12/05/2002 12:56 PM

Posted by sammy @ 12/07/2003 12:33 AM EST

I look at that last post. You'd think it would have to be intentional to spell "and" wrong.

It's like when adult ad exec's try to do scribbly drawings from kids in commercials - you can tell they were drawn by adults.

I am a strong defender of freedom of speech, but these wierd posts should go in their own thread.

Posted by sammy @ 12/07/2003 01:29 AM EST

To: Angry

Where is your proof to back up your claims on aids. Where is the book, link, or article. Or did you hear this on some radio or TV show, and if so who was it, and what was it?

Posted by Cammey @ 12/07/2003 02:15 AM EST

I coodnt post my reply to your comment in the otherr pages so here it goes:

LOL i dont blame you for a accusing me. But seriously if you dont have doubts then ull just get tricked all the time and ull b one of those ppl that sit down watching hurs and hours of CNN while wearing their "I love bush hats, banners and various other memorabilia" while beleiving the bullshit that is being said on that bullshit channel.
I didnt mean to say im 100 % that ur site is CIA coverup but hu noes it cood be?
These bustards control everything, theyre greatest weapon is psychological warfare they can brainwash us to keep us from knowing the truth. Example BBC's report on nuclear weapons in ISrael, ISRAEL DOESNT NEED NUCLEAR WEAPONS, NOBODY CARES IF THEY HAVE NUCLEAR WEAPONS, THEYRE TRYING TO MAKE US THINK THATS ALL ISRAEL HAS, but they have weapons that are far worse than that! special tactics and strategies that dont require any bombs or big guns, THEYRE BRAINWASHING US theyre getting prepared for a takeover IM sure.
ANd also im not a cia agent or any thing i am just some regular kid.

Posted by curious @ 12/07/2003 09:38 AM EST

I read the story of Delbert Vreeland when it happened. It gave me creeps then but now I find out he just dissappeared!
When are the people of the US going to realize that the attacks
of Sept 11/01 where executed by the right-wing government of George

Posted by swordsman @ 12/07/2003 10:27 AM EST

In re AIDS:

There is a lot of controversy over the existence of an "AIDS" virus -- there is some speculation, that "AIDS" is merely a condition occuring after a large amount of stress on the body's immune system. For example, if a person accumulated a numerous amount of STDs, abused the wrong drugs, and was 'helped' along by a 'special' vaccination, then their immune system could foreseeably have a complete collapse.

A lot of controversy is caused by there being no isolation of any 'HIV' virus. Give me a moment to search out the material I read earlier, hopefully not being erased...

Ah, too far-spread to be "erased". Check out this: http://www.originofaids.com/articles/early.htm , or other similar writings on aids, by Leonard G. Horowitz, with a google search.

I couldn't quickly isolate material concerning isolation of an HIV/AIDS virus [if interested, research the subject more thoroughly yourself], but I assure you I read something of the sort, and all I really need to know about this matter is that it's another bullshit hoax sent by the Old World Order of the Global Homosexual Elite, in all their glory. [Glory, to be read as: offal. Kind of like the _b_ush _f_amily.]

Posted by Entangled Hierarchy @ 12/07/2003 10:57 AM EST

'Another (Rove) target was former State Department Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR) officer Greg Thielmann who spoke about how intelligence was skewed by the neo-cons.

It is not known whether Thielmann's colleague at INR, John Kokal, also voiced concerns about similar issues. We will never know, because tragically, Kokal's shoeless body was discovered in a 20 feet window well, 8 floors below the top of the State Department building early in the evening of November 7th. Contrary to what the State Department said about Kokal, senior State Department sources report that not only was the diplomat a top Iraq specialist, he regularly briefed Secretary of State Colin Powell. The Kokal incident is too reminiscent of the alleged suicide of British Ministry of Defense weapons of mass destruction expert, Dr. David Kelly (who is said to have committed suicide with a dull pen knife and over the counter drugs). Kokal was the first foreign affairs official found dead at the bottom of a foreign ministry since Czechoslovak Foreign Minister Jan Masaryk's body was found in the courtyard below his window in 1948. Masaryk's defenestration preceded the total Communist takeover of Czechoslovakia. '


'... just as the Kokal matter was fading into oblivion, the United Nations headquarters reported that on December 1, an American, Michael Holton, a 16-year veteran of its security police, was found shot to death inside the UN headquarters in New York. It was the first incident of its kind in the history of the UN. The head of the UN security department said there was "no prior indication of psychological problems and that no note was left near the body . . . there were no witnesses and no one was known to have heard anything unusual." Yes, there's a lot of that happening as of late.

Posted by Sal Monella @ 12/07/2003 02:36 PM EST

Sorry, the link for above:
Check It. Also, can anyone confirm new 9/11 footage?

Posted by Sal Monella - owner of Sal's Pizzeria @ 12/07/2003 02:44 PM EST

Hunger In Paradise

By William A. Collins

Jobs aplenty,

On the street.

Just don't earn,

Enough to eat.

There's bad news out there for the president about America's rising
poverty rate. It seems that all too often Junior and Sis, having lost
their jobs, are coming home to live with Mom and Dad. Yes, voters may be
able to overlook homeless data and food bank shortfalls, but when the
kids want to reclaim their old rooms, now that's getting personal.

Connecticut, as always, seems somewhat above this fray. In contrast to
the rest of the country, our median family income went up. (Though that
may be mostly due to prosperous folks moving in.) But like the rest of
the country, our poverty rate went up, too. In 2002 alone, it rose from
7.5 percent to 7.8 percent of the population. Fortunately that's only
250,000 of us living in anguish, a reasonably easy number to ignore.
Nationally, the rate is 12 percent.

Of course if you live in the suburbs, this hardship isn't very visible
at all. There may not even be a shelter or a soup kitchen in town to
report those added clients. And when a home is foreclosed it isn't
headline news, nor does the affected family typically resort to camping
out on the town green. If someone ends up sleeping in their car, they
usually have the decency to drive it into the city first. For city
sufferers, there often is no car for refuge, which is where bridges come

And bridges are coming in more and more. Nowadays more than 33,000
Nutmeggers take a shot at homelessness each year. Further, last year
various poor souls were turned away from overflowing shelters 27,000
times. Unfortunately, growing median income doesn't help much if you're
at the bottom of the ladder.

Eating is often an adventure, too. Folks in the lower economic strata
are doing less of it. Connecticut soup kitchens report a steadily
growing demand, and food banks report a steadily shrinking supply. Thus
it is no surprise that the USDA reports a steady rise in people actually
going hungry.

So at a time when macro-economic figures suggest that the economy is
finally recovering, you may wonder why there is still all this misery.
Well, perhaps you haven't been sufficiently attentive. Those macro data
focus on stuff like gross domestic product and new home construction,
not on people. They may show joblessness leveling out, but they
purposely don't show the steadily decaying quality of employment. They
don't mention, for example, that unionized retail stores are shrinking,
while Wal-Mart is growing. That means more part-time, benefit-free jobs,
frequently filled by illegal aliens.

In addition, Connecticut jobs in manufacturing, insurance, and
technology are steadily drifting overseas, under the auspices of the
World Trade Organization and the North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA).
Many of the displaced workers, in turn, drift into lawn care, hamburger
flipping, security, delivery services, adjunct teaching, and other forms
of marginal employment. Then with family income down, debts mount,
college is deferred, and any sudden crisis pushes more folks over the

For many, the treasured American path of upward mobility has thus turned
painfully downward. And for those Nutmeggers who never made it up to the
brink in the first place, crisis takes the form of welfare cutoff,
reduced child care, or loss of health coverage. All these reductions are
called for in our new state budget.

Hence it takes no special sagacity to see that much of Connecticut's
poverty is directly due to public policy. The same free trade law that
sends jobs abroad also steers more money to corporations. The same
health policy that that reduces coverage for the needy also reduces the
need for taxing the wealthy. The same government disdain for labor
protections that impoverishes millions allows greater profits for their

And if we follow the money, we find that the current growing benefits
for the rich at both the federal and state levels are largely traceable
to campaign contributions and lobbying. Sure, both our nation and our
state are plenty rich enough to prevent hunger. But political
contributors aren't interested.

(Columnist William A. Collins is a former state representative and a
former mayor of Norwalk.)

Posted by RONN @ 12/07/2003 04:13 PM EST

Write your MP now if your a Canadian. Call your constituency office. Call your local newspaper, radio call-in show, tv station ask them to run the story. Write a letter to the editor. Everyone do one thing and we can win this thing, the more light we expose on the NWO thugs and their mercenaries the more they shrivel.

Posted by freeliberty @ 12/07/2003 05:00 PM EST

Wow, just when you think it cant get any worse, the sickness spreads.Now the Canadian govt just as evil as ours.Threatening a lawyer with death? How low can these pigfuckers go? They wont win and thats obvious, they must really be scared to stoop this far. Let us show them absolute zero mercy, like they've shown us.
The revolution is growing, its spreading like wildfire and what will they do once we take to the streets?Or arrive at thier homes? Thier sins are unforgivable and punishment must be given out to them. To those who would murder you fellow countrymen for capitol gain, or would plot our distruction I have one thing to say, if you ever have the feeling that your head is in the crosshairs, I advise you to duck, because one day it will be. You fucking govt swine make me sick to the point I want to vomit with rage and I will show no remorse in what is going to happen to you and your kind. Mr. Bush, go on the air and apologize to your country for what you've done to it and than resign.

Posted by Chapel @ 12/08/2003 02:51 PM EST

Wrong again, Voxyboy. Never used AOL in my life. This SERIOUSLY brings your journalistic integrity or capability into question. Either you are too damn stupid to do the research, or you have no problem lying to get people to send you money.

VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION: Thanks for confirming the other two as being completely accurate. You have been, "Drawn out" there fat man. Guess what folks, he is correct. The AOL reference was thrown in as an accidental "control measure."
Mr. chubbie chomped on the bait. Clumsily singling out the AOL reference. "Thou doest not protest enough" fat man.

Either way, I am definitely giving your name and address to various web sites.

VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION:Awesome! You show um - oldtimer!

And the IRS.
VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION:Go man Go!!!!! I can see life is going really well for you these days! Go get-um tiger! Folks... We got ourselves a real self styled hero here. Yahooooo!

Prepare to be anally raped in jail. Even better than being suicided.


HE NEEDS TO GET IN SHAPE AND GET THE HELL DOWN TO THAT GAY BAR THAT HE'S ALWAYS THIRSTED TO EXPLORE BUT NEVER HAD THE GUTS TO DO IT. We know one thing about our accidenter, screaming eagle, soaring eagle, unknown soldier, killing Liberals - He is a repressed homosexual.
And he's scoffing down WAY TOO MUCH RED MEAT.
You can smell it in the post.
You can feel it in his words.
Isn't it sad how one can detect the obesity of the author based solely on their words?
GET THOSE POLYPS LOOKED AT FAT MAN - Your post reeks of cancer!

Posted by The Accidenter @ 12/08/2003 06:17 PM EST

There you go again with your anal fixation, mister Accidented/Eagle you naughty boy! I would love to get my hands on you, darling. Now, if you want to be friends, you need to let go of your GI-Joes and *do your homework* young man: study, and then study some more. I'm sure eventually you'll understand why we appreciate this web site's contents. Get back to us when you have yourself a nice bibliography ready. Nobody's even going to look at your thesis unless you can list 30-50 sources, so pick up the pace and stop wasting your time on the silly Internet! I know, it's hard to resist all that free bi/curious porn, but isn't time you *buckle* up?!

Here is something to cheer everybody up, one of the funniest things I read in a while, a true gem:
(Taken from:www.palmbeachpost.com/news/content/auto/epaper/editions/today/news_f31d85abb14d429c10b0.html)
As manufacturers develop ballot printers to accompany touch screens, Florida will be "very open-minded" in reviewing any printers submitted to the state for certification, Secretary of State Glenda Hood said this week. If printers are certified, Hood said, counties would have the option of using them.

But Hood said making a paper trail a statewide requirement is not necessary because Florida has multiple safeguards to assure the accuracy and security of touch screens, which are used in Palm Beach County and 14 other counties.

"Florida has led the nation in providing security and certification," Hood said. "At this point in time, with the satisfaction that the supervisors continue to show... and the fact that we haven't had complaints from voters, I have a high confidence level."

eh eh...how about that! "Florida has led the nation in providing security and certification."!!
You can't make that up!

Posted by Nicolas K. @ 12/08/2003 07:18 PM EST

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