by voxfux


Get ready Americans, because right now clandestine operations teams controlled by the NeoCons are deploying on American soil, the next spectacular terror attacks designed to usher in the next phase of their futile grasp at totalitarian control. Absolutely positively within 11 months there will be a massive terrorist attack on American soil. This attack will absolutely positively be an "Inside job," perpetrated by the same US based pseudo-religious military / industrial / intelligence triad linked to the Bush family who perpetrated the Twin Towers attacks.

With the dreaded 2004 election theft only 11 months away the big question is weather or not the freedom fighters and activists and alternative Internet news services will be able to expose and stop the plans of the NWO crusaders. Will democracy survive the coming assault that Bushes NeoCon sociopaths have in store for it? Will democracy survive General Tommy Franks' declaration of Martial Law? Surly a military coup d'etat is what they are preparing (us for) or (for us).

The countdown is on. Freedom is hanging on a thread.

New Martial Law memes began floating to the surface of the news underground (the only place to find out what the hell is really going on) with General Tommy Franks' shocking announcement signaling to fellow NeoCons that he's behind a move to scrap the constitution and turn America into a full military dictatorship. The Major Media's COMPLETE AND TOTAL BLACKOUT of Franks' startling blurts reveals that the media themselves are quite obviously, "in on the game."

So there is no choice left for real information about what is really happening except alternative Internet news sources.

These Martial Law Memes dovetailing synchronously with the newest "threat of the week" meme, leads to only one conclusion - It's another Presidental power grab coming soon - The signals are clear. Within months the NeoCons will stage a bio or dirty bomb terrorist attack, blame it on "The Terrorists" and then move to seize total state control once again.

Will they be stopped this time? Will some brave group in the US military or intelligence step in to take out these NeoCon plotters? Don't hold your breath!

While there is no doubt serious resentment and hatred among, between and within these illuminatti circles, my guess is that the powers that are now butressing Bush are so unrelenting that there is no limit to the terror that this group will inflict on Americans to assure their grip on power.

So be smart. Prepare a plan B if needed - an exit strategy if you are an aware and awake person! Get your money out of Bushes America and into an alternate economy, until this NeoCon stench blows over. Starve out these NeoCon fanatics before they kill you and your family. Remember this, the goal of the NeoCons is first and foremost, to suck the life out of everything that moves. They want your money and your property and then they want you dead because, people, know this, they truly believe that you are breathing their precious air and drinking their precious water and they are sick and tired of it. So their methodology is to deliver death to Americans and everyone else as well. They want you dead!

As far as the media is concerned - it's a done deal! For their role, they will "overlook" and fail to even mention the MASSIVE WIDE-SCALE VOTE RIGGING that will occur on election day. This is a certainty. And they are already finalizing the scripted scenario and fake polls describing in detail how all Americans agree that considering the latest (Insert NeoCon Terror attack scenario here:) terror attack that, 99% of ALL AMERICANS AGREE THAT WE NEED MILITARY RULE!

With the swirl of controversy (thanks to the alternative Internet news sites) surrounding the rigged electronic voting machines, the NeoCons can no longer place their hopes on their latest "Clean" method of seizing consent once again. So they will have in place several concurrent terror plans all of which involve inflicting mass casualties on American citizens. In the final weeks leading up to the 2004 presidential they will finalize the decision on what level of terror they will inflict on US citizens to frighten them into thinking they are being attacked from abroad.

Then they will attack!

We can only guess how many Americans, the NeoCons will kill in their next attack, but for certain they will kill and kill and keep killing. For it is ONLY through targeted killings and "accidents" and "suicides" can they ultimately keep their grip on power - their fingernails dug into our necks.

New dirty bomb stories are magically appearing out of thin air just in time for George's coming election. Once again the Dirty Bomb re-surfaces as this weeks preparatory fear bomb designed to either divert our attentions (if it is just the decoy) or prepare us (for the attendant automatic response that they expect of us) if it is in fact to be their chosen method. But for sure these NeoCons will attack!

Will the people finally rise up and take down these phony crusaders who loot in the name of god.

The latest magically appearing CIA story which the CIA planted in the Asso(CIA)ted Press about the "discovery" of some missing Russian dirty bombs is a bald faced preparatory meme and nothing more. The AP newswire is one such point of entry into the simulacrasphere of the fraudulent control mechanisms, designed to trick and decieve. It is through points of entry such as AP newswire stories strung in from god knows where by god knows whom and fed directly into our psyches, that such control mechanisms have to power to shape the world. It is deception - nothing more and nothing lee. The promotion of such fear methodologies originate from men with a social and mortal fear of both life AND death, causing these unstable souls to crusade. Bush and his NeoCon types are phony overachievers. Yuppie sociopaths who's only connection to humanity is their desire to control it. They might have been overachievers but they were not well liked. Never having anything approaching true friendship or love - Just the comfort of one sociopathic yuppie-like reptile to another sociopathic yuppie-like reptile. Remember, this NeoCon scum is soulless.

This recent Asso(CIA)ted Press cover story gets the whole dirty bomb ball rolling again - a fear bomb, detonated in the not very remaining few retards still left who have not caught on to their game - not seen enough of their lies. This new cover story's got the familiar "Crumbling Russian Empire" angle which also subliminally evokes a patriot meme (we beat them after all - right?) so provides a double kick to the the crude thuggish mentality of the NeoCon. It carries the false crisis, reaction, solution dialectic of the fake hero, (Bush coming to the rescue live on CNN/CIA). And of course its got the WMD fear bomb meme right smack in it's belly. It's a perfect preparatory fear bomb.

This latest "preparation meme" tells the whole story. The NeoCon crusaders are obviously weighing their terror options and as evidenced by the AP story are preparing a number of scenarios for us. I had initially thought when I saw the tsunami of Dirty Bomb articles in early 2002 that this was certainly the form that the NeoCons would use when they attacked us again. But more recently I realized that if Bush group, instead, chose to hit us with an Anthrax attack that he would kill two birds with one stone. (Vindication of his failed Iraq Quagmire by saying "See, I told you Saddam had bio weapons and he just dropped one on New York, see, I told ya so! Guess we're going to let the military call off these troublesome elections because after all it is a STATE OF EMERGENCY and any elections would AID THE TERRORISTS - We'll have to have MARTIAL LAW FOR A WHILE but, hay, don't worry we just took a poll - It says that 99% of you are begging for martial law, what do ya know? So see, everything is excellent, after all you said it was, we have the poll. 99 percent of you also agreed that you are begging for the fucking that you are about to receive, see it says it right here in USA Today and CNN so it must be true. CNN and USA Today wouldn't print it unless it was true."

Folks, America is fucked!

This will happen within 11 months.

It doesn't matter in the slightest at this point which form of terrorist attack the NeoCons will eventually choose. Just know this - that the next major terrorist attack on American soil will be perpetrated by a group linked to Bush sr. This is the same operations group who masterminded the twin towars attack. Will it be the Dirty Bomb attack on New York shifting more vital industries away from the Northern cities and to the booming southern cities? or will it be a bio attack providing Bush with his second, "Trifecta," vindicating Bushes bogus Iraqi quagmire while at the same time killing Jews, taking their money and staging Zionist sponsored hero worship in the WASP owned, but Jew fronted American media.

Either way America is surely fucked. Unless we find a way to finish off these NeoCons before they finish us off.

Remember this folks, when this Bush slime entered the White House one of his first decisions was to relax drinking water standards to allow MORE ARSENIC into the drinking water supply! WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK THAT MEANS!!!


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Vox. Thanks for reminding me about the arsenic levels. I remember when Bush raised our arsenic levels in the water - it really is quite startling how people can't see they are getting fucked over. It's unfathomable.

Keep firing away man you are the real American patriot

Posted by London Calling @ 12/10/2003 02:33 PM EST

great, just moved into my second year at the NYU dorm 11th street, manhattan. My mom got me the iodine pills but what about as gas masks? Will somebody please tell me why this jerk is still the president?

Posted by Jill @ 12/10/2003 02:48 PM EST

*the loudspeaker begins to blare*

Civil disobedience will not be tolerated.

Leave all your belongings in your dwellings, and enter the buses in an immediate and orderly fashion.

You will be provided with food, water, clothes, and shelter.

Civil disobedience will not be tolerated...

Posted by Homeland Security @ 12/10/2003 02:58 PM EST

I, for one , am ready for revolution.

Where do we muster?

Posted by Paul Revere @ 12/10/2003 03:09 PM EST

I am growing more & more dumbfounded....I told my wife shortly after 9/11 that I suspected there was more to the story than the corporate media let us know...just stumbled across this website...what luck!!! living in texas, we know what the "shrub" is capable of...we're definitly getting ready.....thanx voxfux!!!!

Posted by cheerful chase @ 12/10/2003 03:27 PM EST

I am growing more & more dumbfounded....I told my wife shortly after 9/11 that I suspected there was more to the story than the corporate media let us know...just stumbled across this website...what luck!!! living in texas, we know what the "shrub" is capable of...we're definitly getting ready.....thanx voxfux!!!!

Posted by cheerful chase @ 12/10/2003 03:29 PM EST

Is this what Shrub did in Texas?
No one talks about it and he hid all his Texas info at daddy's libray.

Posted by Paul Revere @ 12/10/2003 03:29 PM EST

Like vox says the power to multiply messages is within the internet. I know that I awoke from reading an email of a vox article (The article entitled 'Make no mistake about it 911 was an inside job")
Iread that article a few times and it literally blew my mind and woke me up.What I am saying is thatif the spam industry can successfully spam billions of penis enlargement e-mails to literally everyone on earth why can't the truth be distributed in a similar fashion?

Posted by Ad Buster @ 12/10/2003 03:30 PM EST

Interview with Atta's white girlfriend. This fundamentalist was a recreational drug user and he hung out with Austrians and Germans.


Posted by insidejob @ 12/10/2003 04:53 PM EST

Vox mentioned that before (spamming the truth troughout the universe) The cost effectiveness and reach of such a campaign puts it within reach of teh underdogs. (Until these NWO types make it terrorism to email political literature)

Lets not give in without a fight, get the word out.

Posted by Minuteman @ 12/10/2003 04:53 PM EST


Posted by insidejob @ 12/10/2003 05:08 PM EST

I'm with Paul Revere. Our country grew out of a rebellion. It will take a rebellion to turn this nefarious tide as well.

Posted by Captain Amerca @ 12/10/2003 05:34 PM EST

The interesting point you raised is that these NeoCon types are classic short sellers. That fact that they are literally selling America up the river should be obvious to anyone with a brain.

The wildcard here is always if these New World Order types feel they could cash in even more with Bush out of the way. The fact is that the US economy is so bad that even these industrialists (who ALWAYS SELL SHORT - So they make money when our world comes crashing down anyway) have sold out already and their fortunes can only go up if they pull a reversal and try a different way to exploit the world's people. Don't count on them sacrificing tweedle dee ye, thought. There's still plenty of loot left to steal. But as you say Vox, Bush is really a fuck up because he raided for oil and got nothing - except made his dad rich off that Carlyle /Bin Ladin partnership his. The Bushes: Siphoning from America's treasury for bogus insider deals since the days of the Bush/Nazi partnership when Georges grandfather eargly financed the Nazis.

Still lots of killing left to do. Don't hold your breath for these NWO geezers to put in some democrat tweedle dum. It looks like war ahead.

Hang Tight Vox

Posted by IntelQ @ 12/10/2003 06:09 PM EST

vox, please don't use spam to spread your message. it will discredit what you're trying to say.

Posted by tiny @ 12/10/2003 06:13 PM EST

The interesting point you raised is that these NeoCon types are classic short sellers. That fact that they are literally selling America up the river should be obvious to anyone with a brain.

The wildcard here is always if these New World Order types feel they could cash in even more with Bush out of the way. The fact is that the US economy is so bad that even these industrialists (who ALWAYS SELL SHORT - So they make money when our world comes crashing down anyway) have sold out already and their fortunes can only go up if they pull a reversal and try a different way to exploit the world's people. Don't count on them sacrificing tweedle dee ye, thought. There's still plenty of loot left to steal. But as you say Vox, Bush is really a fuck up because he raided for oil and got nothing - except made his dad rich off that Carlyle /Bin Ladin partnership his. The Bushes: Siphoning from America's treasury for bogus insider deals since the days of the Bush/Nazi partnership when Georges grandfather eargly financed the Nazis.

Still lots of killing left to do. Don't hold your breath for these NWO geezers to put in some democrat tweedle dum. It looks like war ahead.

Hang Tight Vox

Posted by IntelQ @ 12/10/2003 06:20 PM EST

Actually that is a brilliant idea. Simply take the vox article and name it "Paris Hilton Sex Video" And boom you get the truth into millions of horny guy's heads.

Hey, the revolution has to start somewhere.

Don Quixote, De La Mancha

Posted by Don Quixote - De La Mancha @ 12/10/2003 06:28 PM EST

Does anyone know much about Steve Kangas who was suicided and his articles about Richard Mellon Scaife?


I just stumbled across this.

Posted by insidejob @ 12/10/2003 07:01 PM EST


Posted by insidejob @ 12/10/2003 07:17 PM EST

Anyone ever ask why if this country is so terrible, Harry doesn't just move? Could it be that his current profession of scamming your idiots is too profitable?

I mean, surely he can continue with this crusade from Canada. Yet he continues to stay not only in this country, but in the very city that would likely be targeted by those "evil neocons" again. Surely this would not be a good idea if he believed this. You can't lead a revolution if you are dead. Yet he stays. He can afford to, of course. You send him lots of money.

You all should see the e-mail he sent me. Basically admitted he was making it up. SAid as long as it doesn't get to this site, he didn't care. That is why he will take this off again.

Posted by The Accidenter @ 12/10/2003 07:24 PM EST

Well Mr Voxy


VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION: Well we know that there is at least one person who is obsessed with this site.

Notice how worried Vox is about me telling the truth about Vox's Hummer. I have the photos. Trust me.
VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION: Show us the photos fat man.

Posted by The Accidenter @ 12/10/2003 07:26 PM EST

I don't think anything spectacular is going to happen in 2004 - in fact, I don't even think Bush will be president by the end of 2004.
But as much as I hate Bush, that's not a reason to rejoice.

The NWO nazis know how hated Bush is all around the world (and I don't think they want a US vs. EU war just yet), and they know everyone with a brain knows about the election rigging.

So, if I were a NWO nazi, I'd just let a Democrat (probably one who won't make many changes either way) take the white house. It would:

- Restore [parts of] the image of the US in the world
- Allow the economy to recover somewhat
- Label all the "conspiracy theorists" who warned about Diebold fools [see, they were wrong, as always - there are no government conspiracies!]
- Give them some time to prepare their next attack
- Restore the theory that the US in its present state is a democratic country in the heads of those who only started to doubt

Then, when president Dean's time is over, Adolf Bush III is installed as president (just because they don't use it in 2004 doesn't mean the Diebold "features" aren't still useful in 2008), they do 9/11 2.0, make Adolf Bush dictator, and they'll have a real chance at getting away with it.

I expect 2004-2008 to be the calm before the storm.

Posted by NotBush @ 12/10/2003 07:32 PM EST

Vox just sent me an email everybody. In it he says that the only reason he is doing this is to buy hummers and mercedies benzez. I Have the email. I'll bet Vox is afraid that I'll show it all to you.

VOX HAS NO PROOF that Bush ordered the attacks of 9-11. No Proof whatsoever. Yet you all believe him like he's some kind of hero. Vox is the enemy and we'll get around to him as soon as we have more time.

But we don't even need to crush this little nobody because no one reads this stuff.

You people can't prove a thing so just forget about it. Get over it. O.K. Bush won the election fair and square.

And Just because Bush did Business with the Bin Laden family for 30 years doesn't prove they would do any thing illegal. You have no proof. Forget it all YOU STUPID DUMBASSES.


VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION: Well there you have it folks! He's telling you "Dont, NOT give any money to vox." That's a double negative from the accident meaning that in fact he wishes you all to donate!

Posted by The Accidenter @ 12/10/2003 08:13 PM EST

This message is to The Accidenter. You have the right name "Accidenter" because at some point in time in your life, you must have had an accident and hit your fuckin head and damaged most if not all of your brain cells. That is also why you can't think straight or even right a decent sentence. What you wrote was quote "WHATEVER YOU DON'T NOT GIVE ANY MONEY TO VOX!!!" You just got an attitude because anin't nobody giving you no money and you don't have enough nerve to stand up for anything not even your self, that's why you are so much a Bush fanatical fan! You have to be a goddamn fanatic if you believe; he won the election, he hasn't done anything wrong (Biserker), and you're defending him on top of that. Not to mention that everyonw knows the Turkey he was holding up on Thanksgiving was a fake. A Turkey holding a Turkey, that was the only true thing about that story. Now you listen up you Dumbass, because you need another accident to put some sense back into your head. If you have photos, or emails or whatever the Fuck! Put up or Shut up! The latter would be more appropriate or just disappear and go say dumb shit on some other website. You are the minority in this case. People are waking up at alarming rates and I'm making sure it happens. You're an ASS! And that is obvious from the fact that you can't just state what you have to say and leave it alone, you just keep on saying bullshit after bullshit. You see "Power" among the people rising and you have no idea what Power is until you see the real Freedom Fighters stand up and make it happen and kick your ass in the process! I wrote this on my own and I don't even know VOX but I can tell you one thing, The spiritual energy of the Universe the true existance is cathing on to each other and we are uniting, the same as the evil doers, NeoCons and whoever the fuck else want to control me and my fellow citizens. It's a no go and a no show! Check it out! I would glady whip your ass myself and I'm a female. I can tell by the way you write you're a Punk Ass Sissy, "I got the photos", I bet VOX is scared I'm going to show them to everybody, that is Sissy ass shit! And if you have em' bring em' on, because we don't believe you, and usually when someone knows that they have the Smokin Gun they step up to the Plate. So, What the Fuck you gonna do? Huh?

Posted by MS @ 12/10/2003 09:06 PM EST

I just have to say one more thing to The Accidenter. If you want to live in your house you must pay the mortgage or rent. Right? If you want lights in your house you must pay your gas & electric bill. Right? If you want to drive your car or talk on the phone, watch cable tv, you must pay the bill. Right? So with all of your little intelligence, you must know that in order for any corporation or organization to be effective, it takes money and if you want to be a part of this organization, you by all means should donate to keep it that way. Right? Now doesn't that make sense to you STUPID?

Posted by MS @ 12/10/2003 09:18 PM EST

Truth is the truth and lies are lies.
Whatever sub-conscious programming they are mixing in with the tv and radio these days it seems to be working. All of us who are awake or partially awake to the nightmare that
has become real life perhaps should remember that most of the sheeple out
there are still living the media manufactured "American Dream"
As the great American author WS
Burroughs said. "Don't wise up
the marks." They will only turn on
you and fuck you over.

The date of the dirty bomb
attack will be September 15th
2004 and the site will be NYC.

-Angry & Prepared

Posted by Angry & Prepared @ 12/10/2003 09:54 PM EST

Actually MS, by the sounds of The Accidenter he's probably a 30 year old man still living with his mummy who takes care of all the bills for him while he's crouched over a computer in some dark stinking basement, where the floors covered with sticky porno magazines, while he posts stupid messages on here to let out some of that pent up stress through lack of sex.

Posted by :D @ 12/10/2003 10:17 PM EST

Oh and by the way, Accidenter your posts are sounding increasinly childish, discreditable and absurd. What's the matter, are you getting desperate. Not doing your job properly?. Your a real credit to humanity tiger(not). May the devil find a nice place in hell for you. Now people lets forget about "the accident" and swing this post back to discussion of Dirty bomb attacks.

Posted by :D @ 12/10/2003 10:24 PM EST

Howdy, long time observer - 1st post.

Angry, I check all of these sites because I am constantly trying to think of when and where the next attack will be. I enjoy Vox's articles and agree/disagree to various degrees. The point being: I don't care about the politics and so on, I just care about the time, date & location.

That is twice now you have said 9/15/04 - NYC. Any further insight or are you just guessing?

Posted by Balls Mahoney @ 12/11/2003 12:05 AM EST

Yea we know Mr. Accidenter Vox is a millionaire - sure. And he drives a Rolls Royce and you're a real patriot and all this mess is because of Clintons blow job. We know your type. What a loser.

Great to see you still kicking ass Vox.

Posted by Timothy @ 12/11/2003 12:11 AM EST

This woman is suing Bush for having 911 foreknowledge.

Listen to the interview here.


Posted by sammy @ 12/11/2003 12:14 AM EST

This is a page that really ought to be read.

and about those hijackers that got killed on 9-11 try

Posted by Danny T @ 12/11/2003 12:44 AM EST


Posted by sammy @ 12/11/2003 12:58 AM EST

dirty bomb article from Dec. 8


Posted by LuxEtVoluptas @ 12/11/2003 04:01 PM EST

If they can steal the election credibly with the Diebold machines, they won't resort to another staged terror attack, although they are planting memes (Franks) and practicing logistics (FTAA Miami) to keep their options open. If is more effective for them tactically to enslave/loot with as little violence as possible to minimize the risk of unintended consequences (revolution, mass protest) that may thwart their larger mafia bust-out program. Also they want the spectacular attack as their ace in the hole, to be brought out only when they're a hair's breadth away from losing control. I suspect they will succeed in maintaining control with diebold or else use 2004-2008 as, like an earlier poster said, a recovery period to finalize plans/technology/logistics and give this dying economy one last bit of wealth they can steal.

Having said all that, I'm not taking any chances and look forward to taking a nice long trip abroad real soon. I just hope the dollar hasn't collapsed and martial law declared by then!

Posted by Tom Paine @ 12/11/2003 04:11 PM EST

Hey Voxyboy
Did ya miss me. You're right that I'm a spook - I've got to hand it to ya. Sometimes I say one thing and seem one way and then other times I say a different thing to seem a different way - -I folled you. I may not be as smart as you - I know that. But there's one edge I have over you and do you know what that is? Quite simply put, I am a dumb fucking thug and nothing more. Not a shred of morals. I don't have a shred of culture - real culture. I have what the television brings to me though.

Unlike you I missed out on a active urban existence and so my culture was forever trapped in some suburban simulation filled to the brim with television shows that you mock but that I grew up on.

But my cultural isolation actually gives me the advantage- because since i am spiritually a zero - nothing, I have no basis to understand even fathom what you represent. Therefore I don't care - I just don't care, You seem like one of those artist musician types. I don't care about these things, they mean zero to me. Only power means anything. So therefore you are nothing because you represent things that I think are nothing like art for example. Art is shit - period. I hate this shit that people call art. I never understand what the fuck it means! Why don't artists just paint things that look good. THAT'S ART!

But not this modern stuff. It's confucing and for DUMBASSES.

I am not a social being, I am primarily a material being. I know this. I believe that life is about the free market. And that's what America is about - the free market.

The land and the home of the Free Market. And that's what I believe in. And that's what bush believes in - it's about power and nothing else.

I LOVE THE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am actually a solitary being, I am VERY CONSERVATIVE and pretty cut off from the world around me i would say. I prefer it that way - I am above you. I am better than you. I really don't like people much ESPECIALLY LIBERALS. Sure I have close friends (but I doubt they would really be there for me if I really needed them.) So I know I am alone. I contribute nothing really "Artistic" or "Creative" to this world so to speak, but so what, you should see my bank account lately. I'm building it up. I'm saving up.

Sure I'm not going to win any awards for great literature or science or poetry. I am a spook! I'm not particularly "funny" or "charming" (although I think I am.) I take care of numero uno! I want to eat a good meal WITH LOTS OF MEAT (I'm not some faggot veggitarian like you VoxY ha ha ha), I want to drive a good AMERICAN car, I want to be comfortable. I'm not some starving vegetarian.

America is number one, remember we can kill anyone we want to anytime we want to. That's what makes America great! Not your gay pride parades - Slipping around in a tub of Vasiline and playing hide your manly sausage with everybody. Maybe going to jail and being forcibly gang raped by a bunch of freshly shaven soccer team boys...

Anyways back to the thuggish nationalism I represent. What's wrong with being a dumb thug? Don't you know... DUMB THUGS ARE IN RIGHT NOW!

This is post 9-11. All dumb thugs are now heros automatically, not because we did anything heroic but because our guy (Bush) is the thug kingpin in a world increasingly ruled by us thugs.

Would you rather be ruled by white thugs like me or a bunch of Queers or Blacks? Think about it. I think you know what I'm saying. I would be much better.

So just be gratefull that us "Non Cultured" white thugs are taking over. And no Voxy I don't need Viagra, I just use it for recreational purposes. don't think that just because we have Viagra that no one will ever know if our erections are real or from the pill. That's how truly virile we are.

And we are winning! More people each day are becomming like me. Stronger, more powerful, richer, bigger!

I got richer (overtime since 9-11 has been great, ha ha ha I'l bet you made less money since 9-11) And just wait and see - Bush could manage to get some money from all that Iraq oil (if those terrorists would stop shooting at us.) (Thank god I'm not fighting terrorists, what a relief. It's much MUCH SAFER for me to hound you VOXY all day long. And I don't even have to get off my big fat ass as you say. I don't have to be skinny to feel good about myself. And I like McDonalds too. So don't even get me started on that - MC Donalds food is actually quite nutritious and healthy but you fanatics are trying to turn McDonalds into the demon. They are not, it's actually my favorite restaurant so don't talk shit about them, ditto for Burger King. I love that stuff. KFC too, that stuff tastes greak - and wash it down with a big coke.

I hope Bush gets in more and more wars, because that means more and more OVERTIME FOR ME, WHOPEEEEE!!!!!

When I get more and more overtime then things will get much much better, cause I'll get richer, ha ha ha.

If you people would concern yourself less with these "extroardinarily suspicious coincidences" regarding "proximity between the Bush family members and documented incidences of drug smuggling, illegal arms dealing, and just about any other clandestine dirty business you could think of if you were an anti American traitor like Bush and his dad clearly are." and spend more time being patriotic and caring about America first then you'de be happy like me.

Hell who cares if any normal thinking person could examine Bushes life and never find a genuine beneficial thing they have ever done. Bushes are conquerers - they don't need to abide by the same laws that you and I have to, They are so connected. You got to learn how to serve these types of people and then you move right on up that ladder, right up to the top!

That's where I'm heading VOXOO Right to the top! I don't care if you have ten lexuses or a huge mansion, mine will be bigger, mine will always be bigger. YOU PEOPLE ARE SHIT! I just want to say that. COMMUNIST SHIT! And you know what they say, "The only good commie is a dead commie." Remember that VoxYBOY...
I have the proof

Posted by The Accidenter @ 12/11/2003 04:28 PM EST

Oh man, is this spook for real! I've been following this unknown soldier since day one, it's the same guy alright. I can't believe these scumbags actually gat taxpayers dollars to do this shit.

Well folks the above comments are your taxpayers dollars hard at work. Obliterating the human mind, Destroying all that is beautiful and free.


Posted by Dingo @ 12/11/2003 04:41 PM EST

Vox, I find it hard to believe anyone takes you seriously at all. In order to be a journalist you have to be credible. Nothing you say can be proven, or else can be attributed to a number of causes. It also helps to be somewhat calm and objective about your subject matter so as to keep your facts strait and get the story across. Your presentation is pretty much that of a raving lunatic.
Sorry, man, had to tell it like I see it.

VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION: Well folks our accidenter, unknown soldier, soaring eagle is now electro magnet. He's creative!

Posted by ElectroMagnet @ 12/11/2003 04:43 PM EST

I don't know who posted under the Accidenter's name, but I bet you've got him pegged!

Posted by sammy @ 12/11/2003 04:49 PM EST

To The Accidenter,You are nothing.I wish you would have an accident and die you worthless maggot.You sure talk a lot about queers and blacks.Why do you hate them so much.Did a big black guy rape you in prison so now you hate the world.Did your daddy fuck you too?Do you hate your mommy because you went to jail and were punked out and sold for a smoke and she could not protect you because you were to scared to fight.You are a waste of life and deserve to get locked in a cell with 6 black homos for the rest of your short worthless life.Get a life and post somewhere else.

Posted by Danny T @ 12/11/2003 04:58 PM EST

For all you people who think this shit is made up,try reading instead of being critical of someone elses hard work,because that you are to lazy to learn on your own!




As far as ElectroMagnet goes,sounds like The Accidenter is putting him up to making stupid posts.

Posted by Danny T @ 12/11/2003 05:13 PM EST

Observing from outside the US, it seems pretty clear to me that the Bushies will follow the line of least resistance. The simplest way for them to secure their grip on power in the short run, is to electronically rig the 2004 elections and fake the polls ahead of it as well.

Nota Bene: An unverifiable general election (electronic or otherwise) is IN ITSELF a coup d'etat, precisely BECAUSE there's no transparency. At that point democracy IS lost!

However, a full scale military dictatorship is always an option for them and is even likely at some point, given certain circumstances:

1)The election fraud fails, leading to popular unrest.
2) The draft fails and there are massive protests and unrest.

In the longer term, the shadowy people behind the Bushies want fascism anyway, in order to establish and secure their New World Order. Until then, a police state will do the job. The population will be softened on a "healthy" diet of shocking (government) terrorist attacks.

From now on its all down hill. I feel so sorry for America! --For the world!

Posted by Ragnar B. Johannessen @ 12/11/2003 05:16 PM EST

It's amazing that your presidentt raised the arsenic levels in the water and you people aren't catching on.

Next Bush is going to announce that he now wants everyone to wear sheep outfits and bend over while he comes by and fucks each and every American in the ass while laughing and forcing the people getting fucked to scream out I LOVE IT - I LOVE IT.

You Americans are a bunch of sheep.
I can't wait till your president causes you all to get Nuked!
Fried Sheep
From Australia (Where men are men not sheep)

Keep Strong Vox you are the only real American I have seen in a long long time.

Posted by The Australian @ 12/11/2003 05:36 PM EST

One more thing.I read on here a while back someone ask if they thought an American soldier would turn on his fellow American.Most would not (hopefully).But the Whitehouse is taking care of that by privatizing the military.In Gulf war 1 there was 1 private soldier to every 100 US GI's,now the ratio is 1 to 10.This means there are more guns for hire taking part in Iraq then all the soldiers that Great Britain has sent over.I never even heard of some of the countries some of these trained killers came from.With the CIA's secret budget and unlimited funds,we have no idea how many of them work for the US and would shoot an American citizen in a heartbeat(since they are non American and they are getting paid for it).Mean while all our good ol boys are stuck in Iraq not protecting the American people from anything.This also distorts the number of GI's killed in action,because if they are from a private army,they don't get counted as a regular GI would.You can probably double the amount of Killed In Action's the government won't say anything about.Rumsfeld wants to privitize the whole army.Then there would be no fighting for your country,it would be fighting for your paycheck.The more people you kill the faster you get a raise.That is what this country has become all about.MONEY

Posted by Danny T @ 12/11/2003 05:57 PM EST

I hate to break the news to the Australian but,they are the test sheep.The NWO is seeing how much they can get away with in Australia before trying it on the US.They already got your guns,can you say,BAHH


Posted by Danny T @ 12/11/2003 06:23 PM EST

Good work Vox
You're are onto their game. Especially regarding the issuance of the "Preparation memes" as you rightly call them.

You might want to investigate the exact origins of that AP newswire story. If you trace that piece to it's infindecimal origin you will have the answer you seek.

You're a smart cookie Vox, I don't know where you got your sixth sense from but it sure seems like you're an insider or getting tipped off.

These cover stories plant the expected reaction into our minds ahead of time so that when they unleash their attacks there is a preexisting and pre discussed course of action, namely to be herded into a "coral of fear" to be held while Bush and his friends rampage through this country and the world emptying peoples pockets.

They are opening up all of their options at the moment, dirty bombs, anthrax hits etc. The thing about the dirty bomb is that it is a ready made and quickly deployable device (Armament) and you must remember this about the Bushes and their world, they know how to get their hands of armaments. I believe that they are not organized enough at the mooment to deal with the widescale growth and deployment of their anthrax strains into deployable weapons to use on Americans.

Vox rightly points out that indeed anthrax is in Bush Senior's control. However all Bush and friends were ever capable of doing with the anthrax was to do "Envelope Jobs" as they attempted to do to Senator Dashle.

They explored the possibilities of expanding their personal anthrax stock but apparantly that went south followed by scores of bio chemists having "accidents"

But securing an errant Russian-made Dirty Bomb is a breeze fo thh Bush boys.

Let's see if Diebold can do it for them- they'll know in the days leading up to the election. So will I.


Posted by Richard Butler @ 12/11/2003 06:30 PM EST

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