12/15/2003 Entry: "BUSH AVENGES HIS FATHERS "FUCK-UP" by voxfux"

by voxfux

The capture of Saddam Hussein proves one thing and one thing only - That with a $400 billion military and intelligence apparatus, and with 150 billion dollars of more cash ripped off from the American people and with another 25 million dollar reward as bounty to offer anyone with information (also stolen from future generations of young Americans) that Bush can force future generations of Americans to pay the price to clean up the mess THAT HIS FATHER CREATED.

Lets all celebrate that WE ARE BACK TO WHERE WE STARTED FROM... duh.

Remember, IT WAS GEORGE BUSH SR. WHO GAVE SADDAM HUSSEIN HIS FIRST ANTHRAX SAMPLES! The scumbags in the American news media don't think that little detail is important for you to know, so don't expect them to remind you of this FACT.

So here's the score - Bush just spent the entire wealth of America for this generation and several others to CLEAN UP THE MESS THAT FATHER GOT US INTO IN THE FIRST PLACE. So now we are at square one again, where we were thirty years ago. And this jerk is going to try to be a hero again and gloat gloat gloat.

It proves that if you are a corrupt scumbag president that you can transform America into a fascist mafia thug state and rampage around the world and capture and kill any person on this planet and loot their property. That's what it proves. It proves that the evil filth behind American capitalism can kill or capture at will. The United States has just spent it's entire wealth to avenge Bushes' dad's ORIGINAL FAILURE. So now that the Bushes have CLEANED UP THE PROBLEM THAT THEY HAVE CREATED, we're supposed to be happy?

Well, in the world of televisual simulation that America has aparantly become, that is indeed what we are programmed to be. They cannot give us any real growth (Because a looter never can) so what they give us is the BIG FAKE OUT. And we're supposed to suck on that and be happy.

Bush and his NeoCon looters keep sucking and sucking on the world and Americans keep on sucking and sucking on the television. This world is being transformed into one big suckfest.

This Bush scum is no different than Hussein. Saddam Hussein had the luxury of just killing his enemies out in the open. The Bushes would kill each and every single person who opposed them if they could get away with it, but there's this pesky constitution which restricts the actions of filth like Bush and his dad, which prevents this. But not for long though. Soon they will completely abolish the constitution (which will happen before next November). But until then, the Bushes are forced to kill their opposition in a stealthy manor - Suicides, accidents, cancers - that's how the Bushes do it. That's how they did it to people like Paul Wellstone, James Hatfield, Marge Schoedinger and many others you will never hear of.

Now regarding Saddam Hussein - It is a possibility that Saddam will not make it to trial. It is entirely possible that Saddam will be "Oswalded." Because after all, if Saddam Hussein went to trial then it would give him a chance to tell the world who put him in power - THE CIA, and who gave him the bio and chemical weapons of mass destruction - Bush Sr!

So my guess is that quite possibly the hit will be made to look like forces loyal to Saddam tried to free him from captivity and Saddam was killed in the mayhem. Or a sudden illness or unexpected cancer will surface on Saddam and consume him quickly. I think the last thing in the world that this shithead in the White House needs is Saddam Hussein in a courtroom recounting the many years of support and assistance by Bushes father in developing Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Stay tuned

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I really thought they'd wait to October 2004.

Posted by Tom Paine @ 12/15/2003 03:38 PM EST

I agree. This world is unbeleivable. We as a nation spend too much money to gain power. When we could be prospering so much more by spending it on our own citizens. I could only imagine what would happen if we spent 550 billion on our own country. Thats like giving every person a couple of thousands of dollars. I say let other countries kill each other. Spend money only in the US. To only protect the US> Then if people in other countries hate their evil dictator. Then they can come to rich america because we dont spend billions on crap like saddam. Bush has been sniffing too much crack from his drug cartel. Either we parish because of our greed or we prosper from our selfishness.

Posted by Z @ 12/15/2003 03:57 PM EST

Right on Vox
As always, telling it like it is.
When I herd the news of Saddams capture I was sick to my stomach, because I know that the media will once again gloat about how great and courageous Bush is.

This country is turning into a joke.

Posted by kevin @ 12/15/2003 04:09 PM EST

Look up "miserable failure" in Google.

Posted by sammy @ 12/15/2003 05:36 PM EST

Our local clearwater chanel was out and about getting information on the capture and i let them know what i thought. Do you think this made it to television, NO . they only put people on who were saying things like (this is good for Iraq and Iraq's people.) bull, Let them have an election and we will see that we have even now a bigger enemy than before. Unless once again the CIA puts in another puppet that will get power hungry once again and tell the U.S. to fuck off. This isn't over it has been going on since before any of us were born. 80% will vote for there religious leader in Iran that the U.S. and Sadam had run out. So bring on a true electon and let the American people realize the true failure of the bush administration. We opened up a can of worms that will lead to genicide of Muslims or genicide of christians or jews. It is only a matter of time before some joker copycat will be out there making nukes to stop this false batman that is invading The World. The world will be better of without You bush. I hope they inject bush with something good so we can watch him on tv like we do regan now and laugh at him, and laugh at him. If he is worried about sadam talking someone else is worried about this dumb fuck talking, thats for sure.

Posted by mad as hell @ 12/15/2003 07:14 PM EST

How did US forces get enough DNA from Saddam or his sons to verify their deaths/capture? Which begs the question, if they were able to get that close to the Iraqi leadership to collect DNA, what would have stopped them from doing a covert liquidation and avoid war altogether?

Posted by ztb @ 12/15/2003 07:57 PM EST

They could test it against DNA samples of family members. But, there is no way to be sure this is actually Saddam.

Posted by Raul @ 12/15/2003 08:12 PM EST

It will be interesting how the media spins the next attacks on US troops in Iraq, because they can no longer use the excuse 'Saddam must be organizing these attacks from his Secret Military Base', Americans will figure out that the Iraqis JUST DON'T WANT US THERE, not just 'Saddam loyalists' or whatever

Of course, there's always the possibility that Bush could start another war in Syria or Iran which would take everyone's attention from Iraq... I mean, just look at Afghanistan now, most people think that war was over a long time ago when really the US is losing control

Posted by LC @ 12/15/2003 08:52 PM EST

It will turn out to be VERY inconvenient for Bush and his buds that Saddam Hussein is still alive. Too many stories to tell, and all that. This should be quite interesting to watch unfold.

Posted by Bazoomba @ 12/15/2003 08:56 PM EST

Well I'm sure the fundies are in a state of rapture, now that the evil one is in a state of capture.

and like Kevin, I was sick to my stomach to hear the news. The "administration/corporation" will have quite a notch in their belts won't they? DAMN!!!!

Posted by RageAgainstTheMachine @ 12/15/2003 09:42 PM EST

I will reiterate here, what I said to Micheal of WRH,about Bushes capture of Saddam.

Bushes comments are so hypocritical!!!

<"It marks the end of the road for him and all who killed and bullied in his name," Bush said in a nationally broadcast address from the Cabinet Room.>

Substitute Bushes name instead of Saddams.... Bush has done more damage to more people & has caused more bloodshed than Saddam ever did. What has been done in Bushes name & in the false ( Doublespeak) name of 'Democracy & Freedom', makes Saddams sins pale in comparisson. I am not calling Saddam a saint. He is not. But all things being relative...

( Besides the TRUTH that SADDAM was MADE BY THE USA.)

Bush does not just have blood on his hands... he is up to his neck in bloodshed. Damn HYPOCRIT. I'd LOVE TO SEE BUSH UP AGAINST A WAR CRIME TRIBUNAL. I'd Love to watch the Neocons squirm. I'd love to see all the players manufacturing terror for profit, recieve their reward, for all they have sown.

Justice requires the REAL ENEMIES of HUMANITY to be held to account, not just their minor player patsies.

Sorry I missed the news that showed bush unhappy with the new event. ( Wonder how Sharon is taking this news???)

I hope & pray that Saddam spills all the beans. And if he does not... I guess the job will fall back upon we the people. They cannot stop the tides of truth. Inevitably, truth ALWAYS prevails. Only arrogant fools think they can stop truth... No emperor could ever stop the tides. Heir Bush apparently thinks he can. As if the dam will not burst, from the attempt to contain it. For every action is an equal or greater reaction.

Yes it will get ugly... but these bastards will fail. How can people who shoot themselves in the foot excessively win? Anyway, selling out, & the multitude of sins that rob a man of HONOR, is a no win from the start. Man cannot win or gain anything, when he lives without conscience & has sold his own soul. Also- I think Saddam is nothing but a mirror to Shrub Jr. Hense all the projection bush condemns others for his own sins & his own crimes. Forgetting he will be measured by the same measure.

The whole world see's the hypocricies.
It is time for blind americans
(flag waving jingoists) to take off that red white & blue blindfold. So they can see what everyone else see's.

Already they [ The NeoCONS] are lying about this event. DNA takes time to test. Doubtful if this is the real saddam. And doubt their claim they just found him. Doubt too the story of where he was found. Neocon words have zero value & less credibility than that.

Time will tell.
If it is the real Saddam & he does get "Ozwalded" them it is up to us to spread the truths far and wide, that he did not get to speak.

Posted by Truth @ 12/15/2003 10:59 PM EST

P.S. BTW- last night I found yet another method to distribute truth. :-)

Besides writing on Currency & Freeway Blogging...

Take every opportunity to write in the margins of magazines in Doctors offices & hospital waiting rooms. There is more than ample opportunity to refute the BS with in the mag & be sure to write VOXFUX.COM, Whatreallyhappened.com, Libertythink.com, Rense.com etc...

Besides it is gratifying to write 666 across Bushes forhead & to attach the appropriate beastly horns. ;-)

This would be a good place to tell truths about how Saddam recieved weapons from the USA... And the audience is captive & bored.

It is a good place to insert flyers as well.

Posted by Truth @ 12/15/2003 11:24 PM EST


My first impression of the images of the captured "Saddam" were that they had morphed images of Saddam with Osama.

Also, I have been looking at the media coverage, both mainstream and alternative. One thing I haven't seen anyone make a connection to yet is the reference to "spiderholes" and the very soon-to-be released "Return of the Rings" movie. In the book anyway, one of the villains is a large spider with a tunnel.

Is this imagery a coincedence or planned? Something to think about anyway.

It seems to be more mental conditioning or brainwashing for all the "Mushrooms".

You know, those people who are fed shit and kept in the dark.

Posted by Thomas McKean @ 12/16/2003 12:39 AM EST

The scene inside the Pentagon. Orderlies are running around trying to contain the giant Centipede Death
God as Rumsfeld screams to his press
"Tell them, tell them that the
American Dictator is pleased. For
Christs sake get that CENTIPEDE out
of here! Tell the American People
that the American Dictator is pleased that the Iraqui Dictator is
now under control. Play up the
OR HERE!" (Blood and saliva begin
to trickle from Rummys rage twisted
mouth) Photos of him shaking hands
with Hussein are flash projected on
the interior walls of the War Room.
PROJECTORS!" Orderlies scuttle
around frantically as the Centipede
begins to writhe and crawl towards
Rummys office.

Posted by Angry & Prepared @ 12/16/2003 12:41 AM EST

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Posted by Admin @ 12/16/2003 02:11 AM EST

ITs a spot of good news for the end of an extreme year. Howerver, something about this "capture" feels offbeat. Vox, you nailed it, the Bush dynasty has wasted the entier nations monetary resources to clean up their own mess. Its wrong, its evil, and its a way to try and get Bush re-elected.

Now as the year comes to a close, the United States and the United Kingdom are both targets (justifiably so, we have decimated an entire regions hope for peace)for terrorists and radicals alike. Our nations have yet to build a suitable defense because the warlords all spent it on the Iraqi Occupation. Welcome to the New World Disorder.

Posted by The Overseer @ 12/16/2003 03:19 AM EST

I think Saddam will accidently (on purpose) drop dead in the near future, he knows who sold all the weapons and everything else to him during the 1970's & 1980's, and the various western nations and Russia will not want that information coming out in any trial. Who's going to be "Jack Ruby" this time? a medical orderly with a syringe?

Posted by Tony (England) @ 12/16/2003 03:40 AM EST

I think Saddam will accidently (on purpose) drop dead in the near future, he knows who sold all the weapons and everything else to him during the 1970's & 1980's, and the various western nations and Russia will not want that information coming out in any trial. Who's going to be "Jack Ruby" this time? a medical orderly with a syringe?

Posted by Tony (England) @ 12/16/2003 03:41 AM EST

ITs a spot of good news for the end of an extreme year. Howerver, something about this "capture" feels offbeat. Vox, you nailed it, the Bush dynasty has wasted the entier nations monetary resources to clean up their own mess. Its wrong, its evil, and its a way to try and get Bush re-elected.

Now as the year comes to a close, the United States and the United Kingdom are both targets (justifiably so, we have decimated an entire regions hope for peace)for terrorists and radicals alike. Our nations have yet to build a suitable defense because the warlords all spent it on the Iraqi Occupation. Welcome to the New World Disorder.

Posted by The Overseer @ 12/16/2003 03:00 PM EST

Got a good suggestion how about the pair of them,BUSH and Saddam going on trial for crimes against humanity.BUSH wants the death penalty for Saddam so I think its appropriate for the both of them.

Posted by HP in Assieland @ 12/16/2003 03:53 PM EST

I thought they would have waited at least until after the Democratic Primary.

The soldiers must not have gotten their Memo to kill him dead. I was absoltuely SHOCKED that they let him live. Hmmm.. They must really want to come home now.

Posted by Boggled in the brain @ 12/16/2003 06:09 PM EST

Wow! How typical. You all were proven wrong, and you don't acknoedlge it. "I was shocked that they didn't wait until the primaries." and "I can't believe they let him live."

In other words" Boy, were WE stupid to say that was going to happen." (Or, as Harry Voxy would say "They were GOING to wait and then kill him, but because I reported it, they were forced to change their plans.")

So, if this was all a scheme for the election, why DIDN'T they kill him, and why DIDN'T they wait until next year.

By the way, that was always asinine anyway. The notion that waiting until next fall would be better than cathcing him right away was just hysterical, and like every single thing every posted here, unabcked be even a hint of facts.

I think our soldier has been hitting the bottle a bit too much lately, simmer down there, retard.

Posted by The Accidenter

Sorry, but I just had to comment on the teenager thats been posting lately using the Accidenter handle. My take on this kid is that he's a teenager who's found a place where he can make a big splash relative to his otherwise puny and insignificant existence. He's clearly all worked up and excited because the adults here have bothered to address his belligerent temper tantrums. Very likely he has no genuine views of his own, but pretends to in this venue because it gets him the adult attention he's been missing. Basically just a spoiled snot nosed myzon that we'd all like to do without, and that's been his problem most of his life. While this is unfortunate for him, I am nevertheless encouraged that most here have wised up to this situation, and responses to his vapid waste of space have consequently diminished. I will now forget I ever saw the kid, and hopefully he'll get bored and go home.

Posted by last call @ 12/16/2003 07:26 PM EST

who the hell cares about friggin saddam, he aint in control of the oil anymore.

Is anyone else getting sick of this crap??

It's time to start waking people up! Don't buy anything this christmas, just burn a free CD at www.benfrank.net and start waking people up. Play the quote from W "and he wouldn't let the inspectors in" what the f#@#?? Our president is an embarrassment(understatement) and we just can't stand by and let these a@#holes get away with it anymore.

Posted by ben @ 12/16/2003 07:33 PM EST

Did any one see Bush's face when he said Saddam was caught.He looked really pissed that he did not get caught like his sons did(with 500 holes in him.)As for Bush getting reelected because Saddam got caught,it might bring up his poll ratings for a week or two then he will be the same fucked up George.As for Saddam,his fate depends on the JEWS!

Posted by Danny T @ 12/16/2003 09:20 PM EST

To the Unknown soldier: you insist that the Accidenter is a different person to you, making a whoping total of 2 people against vox instead of one. However, after reading and comparing posts under the same name there does appear to be some common denominators between your respective posts, not the least your brand of sarcastic writing style and the tendency to now call him Harry Vox. Sure the Unknown soldiers punctuation and typing skills seem a lot better than the Accidenters, but i'm sure you've got enough intelligence to know how to attempt to make it appear as though it's a different person. Though many of those mistakes seem to be obviously thrown in for effect(You should go back to James Bond wannabe school, princess). But of course, there may really be TWO people who don't like Vox. NEXT:

The Unknown Soldier seems to think that Saddam thumbing his nose at the UN is some justification for invading Iraq... well, did not George Bush snub the UN in a more serious fashion early this year, considering the importance of his position. Perhaps this justifies an invasion of the US?, No it doesn't does it?.

You haven't seen a decrease in gasoline prices because it's early days yet, the governing council is not in power, and the succesful effort of sabateurs on the pipelines. 20 billion into the infrastructure of Iraq...? Big deal... don't you now control a country thats swimming of a sea of oil worth trillions of dollars?

About Halliburtion.. Don't you think it's a conflict of interest that the company thats getting paid those Billions which you suggest the US is putting so seflessly in Iraq, is a company where the "Vice president" Dick "Zion" Cheney has a huge number of shares?, he'll be in for a Merry Christmas, I'm sure.

Also.. your critiscizing Vox readers about speculation, of it not being the real Saddam or Saddam being shipped out of the country by US early one. etc. Well I'd say don't rule out any possibilities yet , I mean.. don't you feel that a dozen Saddam clones(Lookalikes)running around Iraq leaves room for mistake whether accidental or not so...? I mean.. its instinct for us to sniff a few lies here. Isn't the bush administration the ones that been caught out in lie after lie after lie, ranging from banners to thanksgiving turkeys to more serious matters?

Cruise missiles and Holograms?, thats at the extreme of the conspiracy spectrum, we don't think the planes were holograms for gods sake. What we do know is that the evidence to suggest the attacks were allowed to happen is concrete and irrefutable, whether his complicity was more than that time will tell, I'm sure.

So you offer to take us down to a psychiatrist in a mini van do you?.. well you best find something a hell of a lot larger than that because the "Insane"(Double speak. see. 1984) people who see right through Bush for the evil asshole he(as you admit)is are Legion and growing.

By the way, I'm by no means religious, but i'm sure god would forgive insanity, and not evil.

Happy roastings princess.


Faithfully yours,
From Australia, the land of common sense.


Posted by Me @ 12/16/2003 10:55 PM EST

Look around the indymedia posts of the world and look carefully at the
voxfux posts. Doesn't it seem odd
that "we" seem to spend our time
fighting one another? Isn't that just what "control" (i.e. fascist
governments and corporations) wants? Doesn't that make "us" weak
and them strong?
It's not at all difficult to imagine the true CIA and KGB spooks
checking into this every once in
awhile and having a good laugh at
"us" fighting and nit-picking like
ignorant children.
Seems to me that "we" should focus
on the true gravity of the situation and leave the crowd of
attention seekers and unstable ones
What VOX is talking about is simple. It is simple. Vox is
talking about our future as humans
and our survival as a free people.



Posted by Angry & Prepared @ 12/16/2003 11:23 PM EST

How long before a misguided shooter
kills Saddem, then gets shot himself.?

Posted by Greg NZ. @ 12/17/2003 01:56 AM EST

Electro-Magnet: Keep in mind that for every person that hasn't Heard of George W Bush there are several hundred million that don't like him, actually who hate him.

Posted by Ricardo @ 12/17/2003 02:58 AM EST

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