12/18/2003 Entry: "Bush in 30 seconds"

by voxfux


This is a contest sponsered by the international music star MOBY and the son of George Soros who is one of the wealthiest men in the world and WHO HATES GEORGE BUSHES GUTS AND HAS VOWED TO REMOVE THIS SCUM FROM THE WHITEHOUSE.

Also the Oscar award winning Michael Moore will be one of the judges of the contest.
Other judges include the actor Jack Black, whom I personally think is an intelligent and articulate man.
Also Al Franken, Janeane Garafalo, Russel Simmons, Michael Stipe of REM, Gus Van Sant, Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam and others.

Please go to this link and take a look at the ads. The Vox ad starts with the words "There's a coverup on 911" . Due to the popularity of the contest it is possible that you will not get a chance to see my thhe vox entry because they rotate the viewing and allow only 20 views per sitting. It is astonishing the quality and bredth of resentment and hatred of this filth in the White House. Judging by the ads it is a wonder how the White House doesn't get stormed and the scum inside doesn't get taken out into the streets and eviscerated. Lets vote and make the voxfux.com message get out to the world. The winning ad gets national airplay. Lets win this thing folkes. Here's the link.



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Have you ever thought of asking George Soros or one of his foundations etc etc... If he could give you some donations. I know he gives out generous amounts to other individuals , political parties, campaign funds and so on. Perhaps you could offer to advertise his foundation and campaigns etc in return. Just a thought...

Posted by Me @ 12/18/2003 07:33 AM EST

George Soros is an evil jew, he is the reason eduard scheverdnadze is out of office (because he wouldn't do bussiness with soros) and frankly one man shouldn't have as much say as that one jew when it comes to deciding who gets to run america. not that i like that chimp bush either, i just like medeling jews even less

Posted by Kreegar @ 12/18/2003 09:12 AM EST

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