by voxfux

One by one, the world’s terror attacks bear more of the hallmarks of US Intelligence, “Black Ops,” than of Islamic terrorism. The signs are unmistakable, the CIA backed industrio-religious crusaders are staging terror campaigns throughout the world - absolutely - positively.

The despicable US media giants were silent when undisputed proof surfaced that the CIA, NSA, British Intelligence, the US Secret Service and the FBI were all involved in the May 16th 2002 blast in a Philippine hotel room when their agent, Michael Meiring accidently blew his own legs off while constructing a bomb which was intended, if ignited as planned, to be a staged “Al Queda” terror attack, justifying a tightened US- Philippine military alliance.

Meiring who operated under the cover of being a treasure hunter was in fact a CIA operative under the direct protection of the White House (As evidenced by his swift NSA/FBI medivac to San Diego after blowing his own legs off). The US spook spent 10 years on assignment associating with Islamic groups, Abu Sayef, MNLF, Moro Islamic Liberation Front, and other Philippine based Islamic groups, supplying them with US counterfeit notes (Courtesy of US intelligence) and bomb making materials so that they may create terrorist mayhem within the Philippines, giving the US a pretext to move in and, “help,” just like in Indonesia - just like nearly everywhere else these Mafia-like thugs can plant their terror and, “protection,” racket.

Meiring called his front company, Paruosia International Trading Incorporated
Paruosia, in Christian fundamentalist lingo, means “Second coming of Christ.” - These intelligence asset/crusader types can’t resist revealing clues to their delusions of righteous grandeur.

What was the coverage from the CIA controlled propaganda machines, CNN, Fox and the rest regarding this explosive story of a CIA agent caught planting a terrorist bomb? - Zippo. Not a single mention of Meiring - Nothing.

Thanks to the CIA’s complete infiltration of the US major media and the collusion of media editors and journalists in this crusade and thanks to the cowardly and obedient journalists who are supposed to write about the real nature of this crusade, and thanks and to a population who’s minds have been so fabulously obliterated by years of programming by the mind slum that is television, the crusaders have had a free ride. After all these years infiltrating and or buying the media they have created their own consent machine, giving themselves a perpetual green light - like there’s no one left to stop them...

...or so they think.

One by one you will see staged “Islamic Terrorist,” attacks throughout South East Asia. Up next Thailand. Since it would be patently ridiculous to claim that there are viable Islamic terrorist groups in Thailand the CIA/CNN lie being released into the LieScape is that Al Queda terrorists are using Thailand as a “Safe Haven.”

And of course Indonesia and the Philippines will continue to receive the heaviest brunt of these crusaders’ attacks

The crusaders know that their window of opportunity is closing fast - awareness is building throughout the world that it is in fact the dark hand of this group of US covert operators who is actually behind every single terror attack in the world - so the Bushes know that they must terrorize now before the world’s populations rise up, destroy their own complicit lying governments and take up arms against US interests around the world. But since the Bush filth and his type lack the skills to formulate a complete and total plan for global conquest, the extent of their current plan is to create as much terror and destabilization as they can and only afterwards, somehow hope to reap benifit and profit from all the apocalyptic confusion they create.

What these war criminals and war profiteers in Washington don’t know is that global conquest is more complicated than Brzezinski’s books outline. These retards read Brzezinski’s books, get all fuelled up on viagra (their only connection to virility) and harbour serious delusions that they are god’s crusaders. Another thing that Bush and his cabal of war profiteers and war criminals don’t know is that they will be brought to justice for their September 11th attacks on the American people.

But for now, their organs of lies and disinformation, CNN, Fox and the rest of the lying monopoly media are busy churning out the preparatory lies necessary to precondition the US population so that when these US crusaders ignite their bombs, the lie that it was Al Queda that did it will already be inscribed in our heads.

But CIA/CNN simply cannot churn out enough convincing lies fast enough to reverse the wave of hatred both within the United States and throughout the world of these New World Order crusaders fronted by the most despised man on earth, George W. Bush. And so the crusaders are counting on the panic and mayhem generated by these CIA terror strikes to give themselves more time to formulate a plan - to figure out what to do next to cash in on their terror attacks.

After the totally unreported Philippines hotel bomb screw-up, the crusaders struck again in the Bali Nightclub blast. Voxnyc was the only news service on the planet with the courage, independence and skills to identify that this bombing was yet another terror strike courtesy of US based crusaders - not Al Queda. We mounted a massive notification campaign and sent out nearly 200,000 emails to every academic institution, politician, newspaper editor and journalist in Indonesia clarifying just exactly what really happened. And the result was a phenomenal success. Within days of our massive notification campaign, public opinion polls throughout Indonesia revealed that most Indonesians believed that the Bali blast was in fact perpetrated by the CIA and not Al Queda.

And if there is any doubt that this little independent news service voxnyc.com was singlehandedly responsible for exposing the truth about the Bali blast, just ask any major newspaper editor or politician in Indonesia if they remember the voxnyc article - they do. It was the only beacon of truth coming out of the west about that incident. The only flicker of light, amongst the swarming sea of lies perpetrated by the CIA based US media and their moles amongst the Indonesian media and political spectrum.

So from now on, our focus of reporting the terror after it has occurred will shift to focusing on reporting the terror BEFORE IT HAPPENS. This shift towards “Preemptive reporting” is absolutely critical if we are to stop these crusaders’ terror attacks.

George Bush willingly fronts for the most evil force to ever hold the human species in it’s grip. He and the invisible murderous hand which lurks in his shadow represent the very face of evil and simply must be stopped at all costs.

The big question is, will the crusaders have enough money to infiltrate or pay off enough local Asian politicians and media owners in order to keep the truth from their own populations like they have been so fantastically successful at doing here in the United States. Will the massive CIA based media monoply which has been so successful at destroying the minds of nearly 80% of all Americans be able to reach into the minds of the Asians and destroy theirs too? Because unless the infiltration and payoffs are complete, and the destruction of the mind is total, the fact is, people who are getting attacked are going to want answers. And without infiltration, payoffs or mind wasting, there is no other way to keep the real information about who is behind the attacks, from the victims. My guess is that the pan Asian infiltration and payoff channels are not complete - so those who seek the truth still have a window of opportunity to warn the peoples of South East Asia that the US Crusaders are racing towards them with a blood thirst not seen since the Third Reich.

The message to those in the State Department, military, intelligence organizations and in the many religious and industrial think tanks and organizations who are certainly behind these attacks must be clear - We intend to warn the populations of the earth in advance of your attacks. We intend to launch preemptive news campaigns to diffuse each and every one of your attempts at striking terror in the hearts of these peaceful people. Your efforts will fail because the people of these nations will be informed PRIOR to your attacks that you are going to be the ones behind these attacks. We know that this is for sure your modus operandi and we will assure you that your plans will not succeed.

The oil crusaders’ plan is to create pan global terror and through that terror somehow use the US military threat as their trump card to go in and “help.” That’s it. That is all they are capable of planning. The rest is improvisation. Their hopes at best is to figure out a way to profit from that turmoil. But because they are such colossal fuck-ups and literally fuck up EVERY SINGLE PLAN THEY HAVE EVER CONCOCTED, this one will surely fail as well - killing many thousands of innocent people in the process and causing decades of anti American sentiment throughout the world.

So we must warn the countries of Southeast Asia that the crusaders are racing to take their crusade of terror and plunder to their peaceful nations.

The analysis of the memes originating from CNN, the Council of Foreign Relations and the other think tanks of death lead to only one conclusion - That the crusaders, emboldened by the apparent lack of any feasible resistance to their terror campaigns, plan to spread their crusade to the entire planet.

It is critical at this moment in history that some alternative news services shift to a preemptive mode. It’s not hard to do, the actions of the crusaders are completely predictable. Preemption is vital to assuring the safety of the people of the world and the continuance of life on this planet. If one wishes to see a clear blueprint for the New World Order’s plan for global conquest one only has to turn to CNN. For CNN is the organ whereby the crusaders transmit their necessary preparatory conditioning memes so that a sheep-like populous will be ready to march, lock step, like obedient worker ants and foot soldiers for these dying industrialist geezers, eager and ready to kill millions to keep their grip on power and further their eugenicist agenda.

Get off your knees
before it's too late



American Treasure Hunter Michael Meiring is nearly killed in a fiery explosion in his hotel room in the Philippines! Arrest warrents have been issued for him and California based partners after his escape to USA.


The following news release is compiled from a series of three special articles that first appeared in The Manila Times, starting on May 29, 2002 and continuing through May 31, 2002, and numerous other news articles up to June 19, 2002. Dorian Zumel-Sicat, Correspondent and Jeannette Andrade, Reporter wrote the original investigative series. Extensive additional information has been added from other news accounts, witness statements, and other sources. The “ source credit and original article links” follow this story. Photographs are from a number of different sources, including some from the original articles, are available at http://justicein2002.com/id25.html

Davao, Mindanao, Philippines, May 16, 2002 (Up-Dated through July 19, 2002)

Michael Terrence Meiring had basked in the shadow of inscrutability for many years as he roamed around the Philippines with his numerous partners, investors, contacts, and other treasure hunters. By some accounts, he is a treasure hunter and a physician who dabbled in herbal medicine (It is VERY unlikely that he is a doctor).

It is said he has been in and out of Davao City for the past 10 years, always staying in Suite 306 of the Evergreen Hotel. The talk in Davao is that Meiring hobnobs with influential political personalities in Mindanao, among them Nur Misuari (When he was out of jail!) and Hashim Salamat as well as NBI and PNP officials.

An explosion in his Davao hotel suite on May 16, 2002, ripped off that mantle of obscurity, exposing Meiring and his numerous American and Filipino partners, to the public limelight. What has been revealed, however, is a more complex man, whose trail leads back to South Africa and boxes supposedly containing US Federal Reserve notes and bonds obtained from the Abu Sayyaf. Supt. Samuel Yordan said, “Dynamite stored in the room had caused the explosion, which damaged several of the Evergreen Hotel’s 52 rooms. Damage was placed at P2 million ($100,000 USD). Among others, the May 16 blast also made a "casualty" of the then officer in charge of the Davao City Police Office, Supt. Samuel Yordan, who was relieved from his post by Regional Police Director Eduardo Matillano for security lapses.

Since the May 16 blast, there have been enthusiastic attempts by authorities and his partners to keep the circumstances surrounding the incident very hush-hush.

Meiring lost both his legs in the explosion, which also left a big portion of his body badly burned. What is unusual is that he was reportedly whisked out of Davao, past the Philippine National Police guarding him at the hospital, and on to a chartered plane, accompanied by what Immigration officials described as agents of the US National Security Agency agents and agents of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).    

Evergreen Hotel workers Zander Bautista, Gerry Magdadaro, and Emmanuel Ticson claimed that while they were cleaning Meiring's room before the explosion, he warned them not to touch two metal boxes, which he said contained important documents. Police investigators said they recovered blasting caps and ammonium nitrate from the room, where Meiring had stayed since Dec. 14 2001.

Davao Mayor, Rodrigo Duterte himself could not hide his disgust for the foreigner. "The blast was all his fault and I don’t like his behavior when he refused to cooperate with the police when he was accosted days before the incident," he said in his TV program yesterday. “He also lied to the police when he told them that a grenade had been lobed into his room”. Aside from Duterte, agent John Gray, of the Hawaii offices of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is also after Meiring. American Embassy officials have stated that their involvement with Meirings’ “escape” from the Davao hospital was nowhere near as much as reported in the newspapers and media reports. The Philippine Daily Inquirer has learned that the Davao City police has formed a team to coordinate with US Embassy officials in Manila for Meiring's return to the city.

Duterte, who met with US embassy officials at The Marco Polo Hotel in Davao on Thursday, told reporters the following day that the FBI is investigating local police reports that several US federal bank notes were found in Meiring's room at (counterfeit) by the US government.

The National Bureau of Investigation has vowed to bring back Michael Meiring, the American who is facing arrest for causing a blast in a downtown budget hotel here over a month ago. This was the promise made by NBI chief Reynaldo Wycoco during the weekly Club 888 business forum at The Marco Polo hotel here this morning (June 19, 2002). Wycoco said he will have to check Meiring’s exact whereabouts with his counterparts from the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation, who are in Manila, as soon as he gets back to his office later today. "Whatever is needed to solve the case, we will do that," Wycoco vowed.

Mayor Duterte said “Meiring had been under surveillance by police intelligence agents since May 10 when he was found in possession of fake US federal bank notes at the city’s fish port in Toril district”. "Vis-à-vis our interests (to try him for illegal possession of explosives), the Americans are even more interested to know where those federal notes came from… because that is tantamount to economic sabotage (on the part of the US government)," he said.

The mystery doesn’t stop there. Meiring’s present whereabouts are unclear. One report said he was taken to the Makati Medical Center in Makati, Metro Manila, where he is still under intensive care. Another version has it that Meiring was flown to San Diego, California, after a brief stay at Makati Medical, further reports place him in Singapore, but it has now been confirmed that, he was transferred to the burn unit of the Arrowhead Medical Research Center in Colton, California, to undergo leg surgery.

But the US Embassy in Manila, in a statement dated May 31 2002, said it has had no hand in Meiring’s hasty departure although it admitted that FBI officers did go to Davao to check on Meiring’s case. A five-paragraph press statement titled "US Embassy denies Davao allegations" said "the FBI officers were given permission by the PNP officer in charge."

The statement noted that "they consulted with the PNP Davao crime scene investigators about what was considered a possible terrorist act involving injury to an American citizen. The FBI officials then returned to Manila the same day." "The US embassy categorically denies that the FBI had any role in Mr. Meiring's departure," the press statement read.

The US Embassy had earlier admitted knowing of Meiring’s airlift from Davao, reportedly facilitated by his family. Initial media reports said Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents had arranged Meiring’s travel to Manila.

However, Deputy Immigration Commissioner Daniel Cueto told The Manila Times that Meiring’s escorts came from the National Security Council (NSC). He quoted Col. Lino Calingasan, Bureau of Immigration (BI) intelligence chief.

US Embassy spokesman Frank Janista denied the FBI but was silent on the NSC angle.

Piecing together an accurate story about Meiring will be difficult. But there are indications that he is part of a much bigger and much more spellbinding tale, one detailing with a quest for treasure, intrigue, involvement with Muslim terrorists, dealing in counterfeit securities and currency, and, possibly, double-cross by his long-time American and Filipino partners.

What is definitely known about Meiring is that he was born in 1932 in South Africa and later became a naturalized US citizen. He first came to the Philippines in 1992, where he spent almost a year in Metro Manila and North Luzon. He often stayed at the Sundowner Hotel or the Manila Garden Hotel in Makati (Where Steven Morgan resides) or the Park Hotel in Paco.

While in Manila he went around with two agents of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and has fallen under the protection of Ricardo Diaz, the NBI Chief of Interpol, and his treasure-hunting group, including Steven Morgan, Karl Ryll, Commander Tony Nasa, (MNLF) and PNP Colonel, Segundo Duran.

“He was in the Philippines primarily to hunt for treasure and do research in herbal medicine he told me”. According to his wife, Angela, who is a nurse at a 7th Day Adventist hospital in Loma Linda, California. But the real facts of the case appear to be much more sinister.

It was learned that Meiring's wife Angela, who is in the United States now (It has been reported that she came to the Philippines to assist in Meirings care and transport), has been telling Evergreen Hotel general manager Sarlo Gentapan that they don't have money. Gentapan served as a guarantor of the victim so he will be treated at the hospital. Gentapan told Sun Star that the hotel already released P20,000 as advanced payment for the hospitalization of the victim. Hughes confirmed that the victim was really financially strapped, saying, "Michael has no money, I know that." Gentapan said Angela told him Friday morning over the phone that they are broke. However, Angela told Gentapan that Meiring is covered by health insurance in the United States.

On Friday afternoon, United States Embassy vice-consul Michael Newbill went to the Davao Doctors Hospital to settle Meiring's bills after the US insurance company released some money, reportedly coursed to the US embassy, for the victim's hospitalization. Gentapan said, “Newbill assured him that he will facilitate the payment of Meiring's hospital bills which, as of Friday, had already reached P300,000.”


Meiring had close links with some well-placed government authorities in southern Mindanao as well as with national government officials and PNP officials, such as Colonel Segundo Duran (PNP). Included in this circle are former Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) chairman Nur Misuari and Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) chief Hashim Salamat, and even suspected New People’s Army (NPA) leader Father Navarro. He has close ties with Commander Tony Nasa (MNLF) and others in Cotabato who acted as “front” men for his dealings with Abu Sayyaf in the purchase of US Treasury notes and in helping him in his search for sunken Japanese shipwrecks with Ryll and Morgan.

Meiring’s connections and dealings with rebel leaders made the military very wary about him. He was under surveillance by more than one intelligence unit on more than one occasion. Still, there was little to add to his dossier. This is truly amazing as numerous reports were made to the media, the NBI, Philippine government agencies, the United States Embassy, over six years ago (See "Urgent" faxes), about all of Meiring and his partners activities.

Meiring is known to have spent millions of dollars while in the Philippines. Where he got his funds was not known. Medical research grants from South Africa could be one source. “He has told me that the South African government gives him some support,” says Meiring’s private secretary, Sylvia Durante.

According to close friend, American David Hawthorn, Meiring told him he had found a fabulous treasure in US Federal notes and gold bonds. The way Hawthorn told it, Meiring in 1992 was able to sell a “box” full of US Federal Reserve notes worth more than $500 million. That box was one of 12 said to be part of a war chest for American and Filipino guerillas fighting Japan forces during World War II. After the war, the boxes disappeared and stories have circulated ever since that they are in the possession of the MNLF/MILF and the Abu Sayyaf. There are also a number of reports of "fake" bonds and notes that have been sold by the Muslim extremist groups to finance their arms purchases. Several arrests have been made in Mindanao in the last two years.

Second of three parts

Treasure hunter had white supremacists for associates!

Philippine and US investigators chasing the case of Michael Meiring, the American who sustained critical injuries from a mysterious explosion in his Davao hotel suite, have to dig through a wide circle of acquaintances — ranging from South African anti-apartheid warriors to American white supremacists and other Filipino and American treasure hunters.

The Manila Times confirmed yesterday from a source at the Makati Medical Center that Meiring remains confined at the hospital’s cardiovascular unit. The Times also learned that police in Davao City had finally filed illegal possession of explosives charges against the American and have issued two arrest warrants. The authorities want him returned to Davao to face charges there.

The Times tried to visit Meiring but was told only his doctor — handpicked by the US Embassy — has access to him. The Times was also not allowed to see any of Meiring’s watchers.

A close friend of the American had earlier claimed Meiring was airlifted to San Diego, California. Other American sources from the California city, home to a sprawling US naval base, also insisted yesterday that Meiring had arrived there.

Among the most startling developments in the Meiring case was Immigration Deputy Commissioner Daniel Queto’s admission last week, that no less than agents of the US National Security Agency and FBI agents from the United States Embassy had brought Meiring from Davao to Manila.

Meirings’ Confusing background

At the time of the blast, journalists were confused about Meiring’s nationality. Some dubbed him British, others American. Meiring was formerly a citizen of South Africa, but of British descent. He fled to the United States, sources said, towards the end of South Africa’s apartheid regime.

While the same sources said Meiring was a doctor for the South African police, they also stressed his ties to the African National Congress of Nelson Mandela, and hinted that he fled because of pursuit by state security officials.

American David Hawthorn, a close friend of Meiring, claimed the blast victim had confessed passing to Mandela’s government the proceeds of a box of old US federal notes. That box was one of 12, containing an estimated $500-million worth of notes.

Hawthorn said Meiring showed him a letter from the South African government and a US Treasury permit to back his claim. Hawthorn also saw a “packing list” that had a cover sheet printed with the words “US Army,” the Army seal, some numbers and a group of upper case letters. Meiring, he said, claimed the list represented the serial numbers of the missing notes, dating back to 1937. Similar "boxes" were recovered by United States Secrete Service and the Philippine Central Bank late last year. Other counterfeit bonds and currency were also recovered from a hotel in Davao a few months ago. It has been reported that these were to be delivered to Meiring, Ryll, and Morgan for shipment to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Double cross?

Meiring had spent the last nine years looking for more boxes and other treasure, securing a permit during the Ramos administration to recover treasure from sunken Japanese and American ships around Mindanao, and to look for gold bars and “Victory” notes.


It was then that he entered into a partnership with private hunters that included Steven Morgan and Karl Ryll (both Americans) and Linda Datoon of Davao (Who Meiring reportedly coerced in to helping him gain control of shipwreck sites for Morgan) to salvage shipwrecks located in the ARRM region of Mindanao.

According to both Hawthorn and secretary Silvya Durante, Meiring had fronted for a very wealthy, powerful group in Manila. He returned to the country six months ago to buy another box of federal notes but was told the treasure was still in Mindanao. After a month, the impatient Meiring flew to Davao, after getting information on the box’s whereabouts.

The American’s friends fear the Manila group, threatened of losing the box, could have plotted against Meiring as they have in the past with other Americans who got in their way.

The group, they told The Times, was connected to a long-time Meiring financier, James Rowe of Nevada, who joined the victim during a 1993 visit, and other people in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Los Angeles and Pasadena, California.

White supremacist?

Rowe is executive producer of Wild Rose Productions, an independent film and video documentary company based in New Green Valley, Nevada, near Las Vegas. One of the projects of Wild Rose was to do a documentary on Yamashita treasure allegedly hidden and recovered by highland tribes in parts of Mindanao.

American intelligence analyst, Dan Crawford said Rowe had links to a right-winged, white supremacist and tax revolt group in Nevada that is linked with the neo-Nazi party of the United States and the “Fifth Reich” in Germany.

Treasure hunters claim much of Yamashita’s ‘treasure’ was money, jewels, and gold belonging to the Nazis and the Japanese Army. Their descendants, inspired by some of the surviving and aged minion of Adolph Hitler, are in search of that treasure, believing that they can recover it; they can revive the movement and fulfill their dreams of a world run by a superior Aryan race.

Those same people harbor a deep-seeded resentment against Nelson Mandela and those who dismantled the racist apartheid system of South Africa. Meiring, being a supporter of Mandela is considered a “traitor” to the white race.

Another right-wing associate of Meiring is an American named Chuck Ager, from somewhere in Colorado, USA. Ager is a mining engineer. He was tasked by Meiring to supervise more than 30 tunneling operations in search of the remaining 12 boxes and the Yamashita treasure (see map). In all, Ager was in charge of more than P5-million ($100,000 USD) worth of mining and digging equipment purchase over the years by Meiring from Jun Herrera at Davao General Hardware Company, which is only a half block from the Evergreen Hotel. Meiring and his American and Filipino associates have been known throughout the area as using explosives in their excavations of treasure sites and shipwrecks for many years. Meiring has provided explosives to other treasure hunters for their salvage attempts in Mindanao and North Luzon on Japanese shipwrecks and an American Warship.


Both Hawthorn and Durante claimed that Meiring had feared for his life in recent weeks. Each time that Hawthorn asked why, Meiring would only say, “it has to do with the treasure.” It was well known that he had numerous “problems” with his American and Filipino associates in the Philippines.

The intelligence source also said that within three weeks of the blast, Meiring was in communication with a man from England named Derek S. Fawell, of Yorkshire. Fawell knew Meiring well, according to communications from him to Meiring that was recovered by the source. “With regard to your ordinance disposal problem, I have talked with our experts. They will be at your location upon the time frame that you instruct. The device that you have described is highly volatile and must be deal with quite delicately,” says one paragraph of that facsimile communication shown to me by the source. Fawell’s address is listed as 3 Glenhurst Avenue, Yorkshire, England.

On Meiring’s company letterhead, PAROUSIA (WHICH IS TRANSLATED IN CHRISTIAN FUNDAMENTALISM AS MEANING SECOND COMING OF CHRIST) International Trading, Inc., with Evergreen Hotel, Davao City address and telephone number, his UK address is listed as: Patchole Manor, Kentisbury Ford, North Devon, England. Under the address, in italicized letters are the words: When in residence. The address of record for Meiring, in his passport and with US authorities is, 381 Smokeridge Trail, Calimesa, California. Extensive documentation was found in Meiring’s’ room after the blast tying all these people together and identifying the co-conspirators.

Almost immediately after the blast, security tightened around Meiring. Hawthorn told The Times: “I was told by a Filipino in Davao, carrying a message from the US Embassy that Michael would never be charged with a crime in connection with the explosion. The investigation will end up as a stonewall. Michael will be protected and eventually taken back to the safety of the United States. The incident will be shortly forgotten, if you’re willing to forget it.”

But even that doesn’t explain why a treasure hunter and collector of medicinal herbs merited attention from the powerful US National Security Agency and the FBI.


Spies and terrorists are attracted to treasure hunters’ circles!

LOST and hidden treasures are the stuff of which legends are made. The legends of the treasures of Mindanao are full of international intrigue, accounts of treachery and betrayal, tales about shadowy characters, shady deals all mixed with a bit of the noble and of compassion.

Michael T. Meiring was critically injured in a blast that gutted his hotel room, Suite 305 of the Evergreen Hotel in downtown Davao City on May 16. He will not fully recover from those injuries. Both of his legs were amputated at the knee because of irreparable compound fractures. He suffered first to third degree burns in 40 percent of his body. The “who” and “why” of the blast remains unknown amidst an array of speculation by investigators and reporters.

Meiring’s background is murky, but that, military defense officials note, is par for the course. Terrorists and intelligence operatives of all stripes about among treasure hunters’ circles. The Americans have used treasure hunting as a cover for intelligence activities. In 1963, a C-47 US Air Force Cargo plane crashed somewhere in the central highlands of Mindanao, sinking into the depths of a lake that has yet to be charted. Top secret is the tag on this story.

According to sources in the United States who will remain anonymous, the plane was carrying the stolen cache of Madame Ngu who fled from Vietnam in 1963 after a successful US-led coup. The fight was un-manifested and had no flight plan. But sources say that it was en-route to Clark Air Base. There is record of a sole survivor of the crash, Airman Lawrence Havelock. Havelock reported struggled to Cagayan de Oro, where he was treated at a hospital for exposure and minor injuries. Later he was repatriated and then mysteriously given a general discharged from the US Air Force.

Several years after his discharge, Havelock returned to Mindanao to try to find the crash site and the plane. He never did. He returned to the States broke and in debt. He finally ended up convicted of a federal fraud charges.

Terrorists, too, have been known to put up treasure hunting fronts. The three Vietnamese terrorists arrested last year for plotting to blow up the Vietnamese Embassy here were assets of the US intelligence community. They and their Japanese colleague were also involved in treasure hunting — and the export of marijuana. They had links to close friends of deposed presidents Joseph Estrada and Ferdinand Marcos and their patroness and financier hobnobbed with a poseur who called himself a son of Marcos.

There are other names that come up in the treasure hunter game. Intelligence officers allowed The Manila Times to publish only the names of those involved during the 1990s, saying “current” names of the list were being monitored for links to a strange circle of white supremacists and Islamic fundamentalists, including the MNLF, the MILF, and the Abu Sayyaf:

Bob Gould (in the Philippines in March of 1990 and June of 1991) came from Hayward, California. His connection was a Frederick Obado, Filipino-American, who was linked to a group of Kodar Kiram, son of the late Sultan Jumalul Kiram and younger brother of Rodinod Kiram. Gould and others in Davao City made plans in 1990 and 1991 to invade Sabbah and claim it for the Sultanate of Sabbah-Sulu. Gould has connections with a Libertarian group in California and is the subject of an Internal Revenue Service investigation on tax evasion.

Nina North is a close friend of Goulds. Her acquaintances claim she has connections to the Central Intelligence Agency, but those connections are too vague. In 1990, 1991, and 1992, she maintained contact with Obado and was dealing with high officials in the Mid-East, including representatives of Khadaffy and Bin Laden, with regard to transfer of gold bullion from the Philippines, through the “back door.” Nina North is from Fremont, California.

Andy Gould (no relation to Bob), an Australian and John Lawrence, a Brit, were both hangers-on in Ermita district (back in the early ’90s). They also had dealings with Obado, Bob Gould, and Swihart with regard to gold bullion and the Yamashita treasure.

“Tinoy” Simbahon of Magpet, North Cotabato is a well-known treasure guide. His wife had met with Obado and Gould on several occasions in the Manila Pen back in 1990. He had met with Obado and a certain De Lara, in late 1991 in Magpet to make a deal for the purchase of gold bullion. Simbahon had admitted to Gould that he was secretly working for Swihart to help Muslim independence in Mindanao.

Fred Eder, Honolulu, Hawaii, is a tailor, but he has a corporation registered under the name of Rose Mining and Exploration Company, with headquarters somewhere in General Santos City. Simbahon is a partner. This is the group that enticed Obado and Gould to look for treasure. Eder is also somehow connected with a Filipino-American group that once supported the defunct Movement for Independent Mindanao (MIM). On radio station KNDY, Honolulu, as late as 1999, Eder was heard advocating independence for Muslim Mindanao.


A number of "current" shady people seem to center around Meiring and his activities. These include Commander Tony Nasa, Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), of Cotabato, and Harold Karaka, an American partner of Karl Rylls. Karaka, who is involved is selling the currency notes in Las Vegas and Europe, has made a number of trips to Mindanao in an attempt to kill another American treasure hunter, that was a rival of Meiring's. Meiring may also have been heavily involved with yet another American that is under investigation by Singapore and Philippine authorities, who is looking for investors and working a number of sites in Mindanao. The Philippine National Bureau of Investigation is also searching hard for W.F.Grobi, from Tennessee, and Keith P. Lablanc (Americans), reported the acting director of the NBI, Fermin Nasol. The are wanted in connection to the recovery of 2.5 trillion US dollars in fake and counterfeit bonds on July 10, 2002, and may be involved with Meirings group.

Who really is Michael T. Meiring? Why did US Embassy officials accord him special treatment if he was just an ordinary treasure hunter? What was he doing in Southern Mindanao for the past 10 years? Why was he in possession of explosives? Was he alone in his activities in Davao or was he with other conspirators? These, and many other questions will surely be raised until such time that Meiring's case will no longer ring a suspicious tone.

But who really knows?

Maybe only Michael T. Meiring!

Note: If you have trouble opening any of the following websites try “Cached” in the links below!

'Missing' American charged in explosion - Jun. 06, 2002

... Inquirer News Service DAVAO CITY American treasure hunter Michael ... But first, Meiring,

65, who was badly injured ... will have to be returned to the Philippines ...

www.inq7.net/reg/2002/jun/06/reg_4-1.htm - 25k - Cached - Similar pages

[ More results from www.inq7.net ]

NBI vows to arrest American behind Davao explosion

... Bureau of Investigation has vowed to bring back Michael ... He said if Meiring was able

to leave the ... starting the process of his extradition since the Philippines ...

www.mindanews.com/2002/06/4th/arn19meiring.html - 22k - Cached - Similar pages

Duterte: FBI’s taking of Meiring an “affront to Philippine ...

... the body but the national leadership and the US ambassador to the Philippines ... FBI

agents spirited out of his hospital room US national Michael Meiring ...

www.mindanews.com/2002/06/1st/nws30duterte.html - 24k - Cached - Similar pages

[ More results from www.mindanews.com ]

The Manila Times Internet Edition | June 7, 2002

... The United States embassy washed its hands off the case of Michael Meiring ... Story>>.

BUSINESS. Deficit fears spark bond plan. HONG KONG — The Philippines ...

www.manilatimes.net/national/2002/jun/07/main.html - 73k - Cached - Similar pages

Davao: Briton may face raps over hotel blast

... Investigation (FBI) recently arrived in city reportedly to conduct their own investigation

on the blast that seriously wounded treasure hunter Michael Meiring, ...

asia.news.yahoo.com/020519/13/9v80.html - 22k - Cached - Similar pages

[ More results from yahoo.com ]

WebDiaryo - Mindanao Review

... The group reportedly brought Michael Meiring, who lost a leg in the explosion at

his room in the Evergreen Hotel, from the Davao Doctors' Hospital to a waiting ...

www.webdiaryo.com/mindanao_fullstory7.htm - 12k - Cached - Similar pages

WebDiaryo - Mindanao Review

Meiring booby-trapped box of documents: Police DAVAO -- British-American blast victim

Michael Meiring was the one who planted the explosive that exploded in ...

www.webdiaryo.com/mindanao_fullstory4.htm - 12k - Cached - Similar pages


... Briton is not an ordinary treasure hunter DAVAO CITY, May 30 (PNA) -- Philippine

National Police (PNP) authorities today said British-American Michael Meiring ...

3k - Cached - Similar pages


... of American. DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/23 May) -- Police here admitted lapses in the

handling of the case of Michael Meiring, an American citizen who lost a leg ...

www.luwaran.com/m23police.htm - 22k - Cached - Similar pages


... Records ng treasure hunter sa BI, nawawala KASALUKUYANG pinaghahanap ang travel

record ng American treasure hunter na si Michael Meiring matapos mabatid ng ...

www.kabayanonline.com/headline.htm - 25k - Cached - Similar pages


... his hotel room in the Philippines. The following linked story (Story http://justicein2002.com/id25.html)

about Michael T. Meiring of Calimesa, California, and ...

www.webforums.com/forums/f-read/Next65.422.0.html - 32k - Cached - Similar pages

[DOC]America Strikes Back – The War on Terrorism

File Format: Microsoft Word 2000 - View as HTML

... Philippines. ... was referring to the incident last week when FBI agents arrived in the

city unceremoniously and took hotel blast suspect Michael Meiring ...

www.vic-info.org/.../2eb7e633f597183b0a256bc2008101bd/ $FILE/Special+Press+Summary+Terrorism+31+May+2002.doc - Similar pages

Get Meiring back

... The American, Michael Meiring, had slipped police security detailed at a hospital

here Sunday and flew to Manila were he reportedly sought medical treatment ...

www.mindanews.com/2002/05/4th/nws24meiring.html - 21k - Cached - Similar pages

Meiring booby-trapped box of documents: Police

... Meiring booby-trapped box of documents: Police. DAVAO -- British-American blast

victim Michael Meiring was the one who planted the explosive that exploded in ...

www.asianjournal.com/pages/011000/ news/050402police.html - 38k - Cached - Similar pages


... Armed police guards have been posted at a hospital room where Michael Meiring,

65, is recuperating from severe injuries that broke both his legs and caused ...

www.newsflash.org/2002/05/ht/ht002553.htm - 6k - Cached - Similar pages

BusinessWorld Internet Edition

... The mayor was irked by reports that agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

(FBI) allegedly took British-American Michael Meiring out of the Davao ...

www.bworld.net/current/TheNation/nationstory6.html - 13k - Cached - Similar pages

Police officials admit lapses in escape of American

... DAVAO CITY -- Police here admitted lapses in the handling of the case of Michael

Meiring, an American citizen who lost a leg after a dynamite he stored in his ...

www.mindanews.com/2002/05/4th/nws23police.html - 23k - Cached - Similar pages

[ More results from www.mindanews.com ]

May rings - May 27, 2002

... The lone blast fatality, identified as Michael Terrence Meiring, a 65-year-old British-American

surgeon from California, was a regular guest of the hotel and ...

www.inq7.net/opi/2002/may/27/opi_kris-1.htm - 33k - Cached - Similar pages

Briton, 4 Filipinos injured in Davao hotel blast - May 16, 2002

... Michael Meiring, said to be in his mid-60s, was believed to have lost both legs

and was rushed to hospital after the blast in his room at the Evergreen Hotel ...

www.inq7.net/brk/2002/may/16/brkoth_6-1.htm - 28k - Cached - Similar pages

[ More results from www.inq7.net ]


... hunter. The Agence France Presse had identified him as Michael Meiring

and the Associated Press as Michael Mairing. Mayrin's hometown ...

www.tribune.net.ph/20020517/headlines/ 20020517.hed06.html - 7k - Cached - Similar pages

The Manila Times Internet Edition | TOP STORIES > Treasure hunter ...

... Philippine and US investigators chasing the case of Michael Meiring, the American

who sustained critical injuries from a mysterious explosion in his Davao ...

www.manilatimes.net/national/2002/may/ 30/top_stories/20020530top6.html - 45k - Cached - Similar pages

Philstar.com - The Filipino Global Community

... after they were reported to have been instrumental in the secret airlifting to the

Makati Medical Center of 60-year-old British-American Michael Meiring, who ...

www.philstar.com/philstar/News200206049907.htm - 26k - Cached - Similar pages

[DOC] I have received an e-mail from Todd C

File Format: Microsoft Word 2000 - View as HTML

... He has enlisted the help of an South African con-man named Michael

Meiring, who is also traveling on an American passport. Meiring ...

justicein2002.com/docs/zimmerman.doc - Similar pages

The Manila Times Internet Edition | TOP STORIES > Spies, ...

... Michael T. Meiring was critically injured in a blast that gutted his hotel

room, Suite 305 of the Evergreen Hotel in downtown Davao City on May 16. ...

www.manilatimes.net/national/2002/may/ 31/top_stories/20020531top6.html - 34k - Cached - Similar pages

[ More Davao: I'm in danger, says Briton hurt in blast

... On Friday afternoon, US vice consul Michael Newbill ... Gentapan said Newbill assured

him that he will ... More from > Philippines News. Previous Story: Davao: Proposed ...

asia.news.yahoo.com/020517/13/9uzd.html - 22k - Cached - Similar pages

Philippine News Online Edition - May 29 - June 4, 2002

... spent the past four months hunting for lost treasure or gold mines in the southern Philippines.

Dynamite blew up in his bathroom in the budget Evergreen Hotel ...


The Manila Times Internet Edition | TOP STORIES > American doctor ...

... and Cheng Ordoñez, Correspondents. DAVAO CITY — A blast in Davao hotel suite

injured a treasure hunter and collector of Philippine herbal plants yesterday. ...

www.manilatimes.net/national/2002/may/ 17/top_stories/20020517top7.html - 28k - Cached - Similar pages


... Since he is a treasure hunter, it is probable he ... even persuading my husband to also

go into treasure ... Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi. Copyright, 2002 by PHILIPPINE ...

www.newsflash.org/2002/05/ht/ht002546.htm - 9k - Cached - Similar pages

Ananova - News - Philippines

... alive The Philippine President says US missionaries held hostage by Muslim extremists

are still alive. 10:43 Tuesday 21st May 2002. British treasure hunter ...

www.ananova.com/news/ ?keywords=Philippines&nav_src=more_on - 14k - Cached - Similar pages


... Far East ZAMBOANGA, Philippines - Philippine police on Monday charged a 65-year-old

British treasure hunter who lost his legs in a dynamite blast in his hotel ...

www.treasure-hunter.org/html/index.php - 33k - Cached - Similar pages

Examples of Known Phony Securities "Limited Edition" Treasury Securities


"U.S. Dollar Bonds"

We get many inquiries, mostly from the Far East, about these bonds being issued in the 1930's or early 1940's by the CIA to help Chiang Kai-shek fight the communists. It is alleged that they have been buried in caves by his generals and their heirs for years and have recently been unearthed. They are now being fraudulently offered to people at a fraction of their face value. This story is false. These securities are not genuine and do not bear provisions that even remotely resemble Treasury securities. Click on the thumbnail image at left to view a full-size image of an alleged "U.S. Dollar Bond" (130K JPG file, uploaded 4/16/99).


Bonds, Phoney Bonds

Robin Rowland, CBC News Online



Please Note: The results below are provided by the search engine Google on “fake” bonds found in the Philippines.

TIMEasia.com: Business -- Buried Treasuries

... All the fake bonds were dated 1934 and marked to ... Each of the hustlers told his victims

the bonds were ... swindles and fakes that have sprung up in the Philippines ...

http://www.time.com/time/asia/biz/magazine/0,9754,100595,00.html [More results from www.time.com]

LEAD: Philippines seizes $200 bil. in fake US securities

... Department did not even issue securities or bonds in such denominations during the

years specified on the fake ... that appear to have originated in the Philippines ...

http://asia.news.yahoo.com/020531/kyodo/d7jrltf01.html [More results from asia.news.yahoo.com]

CBC News - Indepth Backgrounder: Bonds, Phoney Bonds

... The fake bonds ... seem to resemble a series described on the US Treasury Web site as

fraudulent "Federal Notes," which probably originated in the Philippines ...


Cagayan on Encyclopedia.com 2002

... Buried Treasuries A Philippine con job involving absurdly fake ... US SECRET SERVICE


http://www.encyclopedia.com/html/C/Cagayan.asp [More results from www.encyclopedia.com]

ABCNEWS.com : $2 Trillion in Fake US Bonds Seized

... of the bonds had been sold in the southern Philippines ... We know they were selling

some bonds to very ... 2000, when a combined $110 billion in "good quality" fake ...


CNN.com - Thailand starts WWII treasure hunt - April 16, 2001

... In February in the Philippines, more than $2 trillion in similar fake

US bonds was seized. As in Thailand, stories have circulated ...

http://www.cnn.com/2001/WORLD/asiapcf/southeast/04/16/thailand.treasure/ [More results from www.cnn.com]

Current Issues in Thailand - Treasure Hunt

... Enriquez, 29, and Robert Ng, 43, of the Philippines, and Tan Ho Chee, 40, of Singapore,

are alleged to have collaborated to bring in the fake 1934 US bonds ...

http://www.bangkokpost.net/issues/treasurehunt/200401a.html [More results from www.bangkokpost.net]

MORGENTHAU NOTES - www.ezboard.com

... than $2 trillion in counterfeit US Federal Reserve bonds and arrested one suspect

in the southern Philippines. ... peso notes in various denominations, a few fake ...


I Just Want Facts Mam, Just the Facts


had been uncovered at a counterfeiter's shop in the Philippines. ...

http://www.gold-eagle.com/gold_digest_01/stott051101.html [More results from www.gold-eagle.com]

Aussie Man Sentenced in 1934 Fake Bond Scam - www.ezboard.com

... as a refugee in 1983, travelled to the Philippines ... ordinated" plan to deposit $3.2

billion in US bonds ... Haidar-Wardak's arrest, $34.1 billion in additional fake ...

http://pub17.ezboard.com/fdiligizerfrm9.showMessage?topicID=382.topic [More results from pub17.ezboard.com]

Fraudulent T-Bills & Bonds

... US Dollar Bonds". Fake bonds, said to have ... Philippine Government, were for use only

in the Philippines ... Historical Bonds. Historical bonds, such as railway bonds ...


Monthly News(June2001)

... rating by international credit rating agencies that maintain a negative outlook towards the Philippines ... (Today, June 27, 2001). German held with fake bonds. ...



FAKE US NOTES SEIZED; 8 ARRESTED. ... November 6, 1999) Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao

Island, Philippines ... $222 billion and $155 million worth of US treasury bonds ...


Monetary policy Pinoy style: $2 trillion bonds in open market ...

... the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines ... trafficking counterfeit

currencies, and seized over $2 trillion of fake US treasury bonds. ...



... P>"They are, in fact, crude forgeries that appear to have originated in the Philippines ... br


He said it is possible that fake federal notes and bonds ...


The Back Page - 5/7/01 - NCTimes.net

... Tomas said he suspects the fake bonds were being used by crime syndicates in the

course of pulling off other scams victimizing foreigners in the Philippines ...

http://www.nctimes.net/news/2001/20010507/wwww.html [More results from www.nctimes.net]

The Manila Times Internet Edition | TOP STORIES

... NBI. Law enforcers suspect a link between the cache of fake US Treasury notes and

bonds ... The Philippines is destined to be the bridge between China and ...

http://www.manilatimes.net/national/2002/jun/01/top_stories/maintop.html [More results from www.manilatimes.net]


... Ele said the certificates and bonds are likely ... past seized trillions of dollars worth

of fake ... Bukidnon and surrounding provinces in the southern Philippines. ...


Asian Newslink

... the US Embassy's customs attache confirmed they were fake. ... The Philippines will

continue to support East Timor's ... Holders of the bonds had yet to receive the ...

http://www.bradynet.com/bbs/asia/100034-0.html [More results from www.bradynet.com]

Lonely Planet-Scoop

... US$100 million in US government bonds was located, but the bonds turned out to

be fake ... In Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, police have made a ...


NewsPro Archive

... 12: 11 GMT Thailand and six of its neighboring countries (Cambodia, China, the Philippines, ... of

any legal blame for having anything to do with the fake bonds ...


Billion Dollar Judgment Entered Against CBS 60 Minutes II

... its viewers to believe that DOM is a fraud, fake, ... a monetary value, and revenues to

back up any bonds, ... DOM Minister of Justice was arrested in the Philippines, ...


Around The World

... 8, 23, 2/16/01 3:27:30 pm by: Achilles, The RANDy Corporation. Philippines seize

$2 trillion in fake US bonds, 2, 2, 2/20/01 1:43:38 am by: absinthe, absinthe. ...


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Very Comprehensive!! Thanx Vox!!

I suggest we in the public sector take it upon ourselves to print multiple copys of this & other truths & distribute them by inserting them in your local Cities weekly alternative newspapers.

Don't forget to write VOXFUX.com & Whatreallyhappened.com etc,...

Reality is more powerful than lies, once Joe Public finally wakes up to smell the B.S. Once they lose those illusions they cannot turn back into blind ignorance.

Lets get the word out & wake up those sheep!!!

Posted by Truth @ 12/24/2003 04:00 AM EST

Very Comprehensive!! Thanx Vox!!

I suggest we in the public sector take it upon ourselves to print multiple copys of this & other truths & distribute them by inserting them in your local Cities weekly alternative newspapers.

Don't forget to write VOXFUX.com & Whatreallyhappened.com etc,...

Reality is more powerful than lies, once Joe Public finally wakes up to smell the B.S. Once they lose those illusions they cannot turn back into blind ignorance.

Lets get the word out & wake up those sheep!!!

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'We intend to warn the populations of the earth in advance of your attacks.'

Every day of our lives.

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Nice work man. We need to find out the wherabouts of Meiring right now and do whatever possible to see that he faces justice for his acts of terrorism. This CIA agent must face the death penalty by eithert Phillippean Law or by American law. How can sit by while we are under the threat of the death penalty for merely damaging property during a protest when some CIA agent can kill hundreds or thousands through the use of terrorism. It's time to get these CIA agents and bring them to justice. And where the fuck is CNN and FOX on this story??? I just did a search on their site - ZERO. They forgot to mention this one. A big thanks Vox for the heads up on this whopper of a story.

Death to the CIA
We need change now!

Posted by Death to the CIA @ 12/24/2003 05:45 AM EST


..and then there's also the story of 2 Israeli terrorists trying to blow up the Mexican parliament, another suppressed case

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