Presidential Polygraph

Dear President Bush

There is a cancer growing on the Presidency of the United States of America
Many millions of American citizens are deeply troubled by the growing evidence pointing to your administration's or your personal complicity or foreknowledge of the attacks of 9-11.
In the spirit exemplified by the new patriot 1 and 2 legislation and considering the gravity of the accusations leveled against you, a coalition of concerned Americans invite you to silence, once and for all, the many millions of Americans citizens who are are troubled by the many reports surfacing implicating you and members of your administration in the terrorist attacks of 9-11.

By voluntarily stepping forth and submitting to a polygraph examination by an independent examiner you may in one act silence the tension that is quite literally tearing America apart.

We believe that such such a request is consistent with the current wave of intrusive law enforcement measures sweeping the country which have their origins in your very own policies. It should be expected that there could be no better way for you to demonstrate support for your very own policies than to lead by example. And so therefore we look forward to your continued leadership in this clampdown on freedom which has been the hallmark of your administrations policies and should rightfully expect you to demonstrate your commitment to your very own policies by stepping forward and showing America and the world that you practice what you preach.

Millions of Americans are anxiously awaiting your response in this matter which is vital to the continuance of security, freedom and peace in the world. In the spirit of Attorney General John Ashcroft, "If you've got nothing to hide then you have got nothing to worry about."



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"Sure I'll take that test!! I've got this Diebold polygraph machine right here!!"


Posted by LC @ 01/05/2004 01:45 PM EST

This seems like a reasonable request. Wouldn't this put to rest, once and for all, the many "conspiracy theories" that have dogged the administration since 9/11? Unfortunately, there are two problems: A.)They've got this one covered, too. Per recent terrorism legislation (Patriot Act, et al), by demanding that officials submit to citizen oversight, one can easily come under the classification of a "terrorist", or at least a terrorist sympathizer. That is, simply by suggesting that our sacred cow leaders be subject to the same scrutiny as the american people is enough to get you into trouble; and B.) Were this idea to ever actually occur, could we expect that the results would be legitimate?

Incidently, speaking of giving aid and comfort to the friends of terrorists (per Mr. Ashcroft), wouldn't the rounding up, by private jet, of dozens of people related to Osama Bin Laden-immediately after 9/11, and then flying them to safety out of the country (without detainment or questioning) be considered an act of terrorism, by the very people who designed the legislation? I mean, can anyone imagine the US government sending a plane to pick up relatives of Hitler after the Lusitania was torpedoed at the beginning of WWII?

Things are definately NOT making sense here in 1984.

Posted by Ostrich Nation @ 01/05/2004 01:53 PM EST

Vox, I like your style!

Posted by sammy @ 01/05/2004 02:01 PM EST

That's a perfect solution, Vox, after all what's good for us gooses should be good for that gander - terrorist gander, that is.

Awesome idea!
Austin Texas

Posted by Clair Lewis @ 01/05/2004 02:39 PM EST

Good idea VOX. I won't hold my breath though. Of course when GWB failed the test his excuse would be " Oh, come on! These machines aren't accurate anyways!", even though I'm sure he relied heavily on lie detector results when executing inmates in Texas while he was Gov'nor.

I believe there's a no-fail way to ferret out the 9-11 boys.
GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THE INSIDER TRADING AND PUT OPTION STOCK PURCHASES!!!!!! This would unequivocally be the most certain way of getting started on the track of who knew what and when. If 9-11 investigations are TRULY SERIOUS and the DEAD OF THE WTC REALLY MEAN SOMETHING this will be the method of finally getting some justice.
All of these stock trades are, of course, protected by law. Stock brokers can claim the 5th and say "Law does not permit me to reveal for whom I made this transaction", and it's as simple as that! The names of people that FOREKNOWLEDGE OF 9-11 ARE PROTECTED.
Well, you and I are losing our liberty,freedom and civil rights every day. By the stroke of a pen. Laws are destroyed or changed. Why can't this "broker secrecy" law be changed,so we'd be able to track the real "terrorists".
BTW It's known that the CIA is monitoring stock markets. I don't believe for a nanosecond that they don't know exactly who profited from 9-11.

wake up america.........

Posted by GREATWHITE @ 01/05/2004 04:22 PM EST

Great website Vox. Thought provoking and I believe running close to the truth.

The polygraph idea is interesting but polygraph tests are notoriously inconclusive, and generally the results are inadmissible in a court of law anyway.

However, from a legal-theoretical point of view, if the facts and evidence of 9/11 were presented in court, there is no doubt that the preponderance of the evidence would indicate that the official 9/11 story is flimsy and weak at best, and in fact it was known beforehand by (and probably planned by)Bush et al that it was going to happen.

As we speak Mr. Whitewash is being prepared for the 9/11 investigation report, so obviously the truth is not going to come out that way. I like your basic idea of this site though Vox, interpreting the events and daily propaganda ("chatter") to see what is really meant by it all, to see what is being planned down the road.

As you mentioned before, the "dirty bomb" meme seems to be introducing to the masses the idea that such a device could go off here, and we will probably see more and more mention of it as the year progresses to November.

If these events can be predicted before hand (like your senator plane crash prediction) and the information disseminated as widely as possible, maybe more and more people will start to open their eyes and realize they have been duped.

Posted by LordOfAllWiglifters @ 01/05/2004 06:11 PM EST

Great work man!!!!!!!!

Posted by Pudsky @ 01/05/2004 09:36 PM EST

The whole senior administration under Bush should be tested. Shrubs so stupid he's probably come to believe his own lies.

Posted by Ricardo @ 01/05/2004 10:25 PM EST

Hey Vox,

I guess by calling himself "The Accidenter" this dipshit is trying to intimidate you. Why doesn't he just dress up in dark clothing and break into your house, too? After you cave in his fucking pea-brain, you could even slip him a twenty.

Posted by The Bug-squisher @ 01/05/2004 10:35 PM EST

Why would we have to claim the results were fixed. Bush would fail, thats why he hasn't taken a test and never will take a test.

Posted by Ricardo @ 01/05/2004 10:45 PM EST

Don't be changing the subject to web cams and CIA agents now Mr Accident.

Posted by Ricardo @ 01/05/2004 10:50 PM EST

Yeah, I REALLY must change hte subject of some unknown wacko suggesting that the president take a lie detector test and claiming that Americans want him to. Well, I guess he is right 2 people from the US can be considered Americans. The best is, you will all claim that Bush is ducking this demand when in reality, he will never even be made AWARE of this demand.

VOX COMMENT: The problem is that the cointelpro operation is the biggest in this nations history. And not just the FBI is in on the game. Scores of low lever "Forum disrupters such as the one we have here scour the internet (Their biggest enemy because it is currently the only segment of the entire media which actually presents factual information - the rest is unter total clampdown) disrupting free and open forums. They have a guide book which outlines techniques of diversion. I will also be publishing the memos of their leader, the closet homosexual J. Edgar Hoover where hoover outlines such diversionary techniques. Our Accidenter is going by the book, in this case to steer attention away from the subject at hand. Many other agencies are getting into the game including Darpa (Defense Advanced Projects Agency) Military intelligence are also very active on counter propaganda efforts even within the United States. Also the US Secret Service is extroardinarily active in very very suspicious areas not usually associated with that organization, or course the CIA is very active and would very obviously take a special interest in the very dangerous stuff being exposed on the voxfux.com website. The NSA is reported to have rows and columns of operatives working overtime to kill truth any way possible. The precision and ability to know exactly when to hit my forums is quite alarming indeed. Is our little Mr. Accidenter with the agency? You better believe he is.

That is how he knows that there has not been a single one of these pigs in my house since their last series of break ins in which occured on and about 11/21/2003. NOT ONE SINGLE BREAK IN. That is why this is what he is focusing on. My safety was in the exposure I gave to the VERY REAL break ins. And several bold threats that I made public and in private to this jerk or group of jerks. It definitely put the brakes on these dummies, slowed these assholes down. By repeatedly focusing on the cam issue he is trying to flush out just exactly what are the measures that I am taking in defense, and more importantly HOW THE HELL DID I DISCOVER THEIR BREAK IN. Is someone in my building keeping an eye out? Am I recieving a tip off from one of their own? Do I in fact have a device which is doing the monitoring? They want to know, because they do not like to be caught with their smelly hoof in the cookie jar.

And at this point in this very filthy dirty game I am going to give this pig one answer and that is "I am prepared." And that good enough for the likes of these dummies WHO CAN'T EVEN DO A PROPER BLACK BAG JOB ON ME CORRECTLY. Trust me folks, these big dumb thugs are not to bright, THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR FROM THESE BIG DUMB DUMMIES.

They are as dumb and clumsy as they come. It is at both time pathetic the level of skills that these morons have yet fortunately it is a relief. They will not win, for they are the scum of the planet right now, the most hated pigs in the history of hated pigs and they will lose.

The future of humankind is dangling on a thread. If we fight them now with everything we have we will win, if we give these pigs one inch of the fear they hope to extract from us, we are dead. I do not fear these pigs. It is my duty to inform you all that there is nothing to fear from the pigs. This is what they do not want you to discover. I know that this pig who's entire time is spent on the Internet is just a low paid pig in some basement office building in Alexandria or Washington or Maryland, or possibly even in one of the many private contract firms now recieving contracts to do such work. But for sure this jerk is no real threat. This pig is not involved in an "action" oriented element of the agencies, he is solely to deal with Internet forums and nothing else. It is a great relief to me

Seriously, morons, you should see the e-mails Harry sends me. The ones that DON'T get reposted on this board. You would be amazed at what he really thinks.

Posted by The Accidenter @ 01/05/2004 11:48 PM EST

Ya know you people are the biggest morons have no clue what this is all about. Harry just wants one thing above all and that is to fool you. This is all a joke and the joke is on you. Harry has millions of dollars you people are idiots don't you see that?

If he has so many millions of dollars whay cant he install a web cam so we can see the proof? I mean think about with a million dollars he could buy a camera and put in every bedroom. And if you saw tha mansion that he lives in both of you idiots would ask where's the cam .

Maybe he could give us a camera in the toilet. I bet you'de like that wouldn't you. Harry we know you have millions of dollars.

Harry sent me an email that said he wants to buy the new lexus. You people are total wackos. He told me, you should see the email, I have the proof.
But he won't tell you that, he'll never tell you that.

Posted by The Accidenter @ 01/06/2004 12:27 AM EST

check out this bush in 30 seconds finalist


(i think the one with the kids is gonna win)

check them all out.http://www.bushin30seconds.org/


Posted by graviton @ 01/06/2004 01:34 AM EST

Right on Vox! The best idea I have heard so far. I mean after all their biggest saying is that if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about. Alright Mr Bush I think it's about time to strap YOU down. And lets see those meters on the lie detector GO OFF THE FUCKING CHART!

I love what you are doing Vox, I am sending everyone I know to your site. It is simply the most gutsy written words I have ever read.


Posted by Tina K @ 01/06/2004 01:41 AM EST

Tina you are an IDIOT. If this looney wackey idea of giving Bush a Lie Detector test is the best idea yet, I got news for ya tootsie, your as big a foil hat wearer as Voxy is.

Bush is the very finest man this country has ever produced he is an example for all the world to see, what is moral and holy in the world. You people are CONSPIRACY THEORISTS. But when you face the REALITY you will know who is right and who is wrong and you will pay.

Bush is going to do the final "Clampdown" and it's coming soon. And you will all be silenced once are FOREVER. You'll see.


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Posted by The Accidenter @ 01/06/2004 02:03 AM EST

The sinking of the Lusitania happened in WWI. Screw the lie detector--how about some pentothal?

Posted by Raul @ 01/06/2004 02:16 AM EST

Listen "Mr Accidenter" you pathetic Jerk cop! First of all I can tell you one thing, I don't even need to see what you look like I can tell you are exactly as vox has described.

Mr Accidenter is the right name for you. You are one gross gross pathetic jerk and I really do feel sorry for you and I'll tell you one thing, your posts not only reek of Polyps but mister your words are screaming loud and clear I HAVN'T HAD SEX WITH A WOMAN IN A LONG LONG LONG TIME!
Let's see I'm sure you are going to tell us what a dashing figure you are with only the finest women or a dedicated wife who loves you dearly. Yea sure. I'll believe that one - not.

I know your type. You are a gross- out.
A real jerk.

Vox don't even waste your time responding to this pig, You are a beautiful soul. Don't let these cops get to you. Your attacks on them are sometimes quite funny but I'm a little concerned about the energy that these cops are sucking from you .

Vox Comment: Thanks for the kind wishes Tina. I'm sorry I didn't see this lowlife cointelpro thug's shitty little (Taxpayors funded) comment before you responded to it. I would have surely deleted it but you got to him first and DELETED him with words. If only in real life could we delete the evil this world and humankind would flourish. They are the enemy Tina. They are the enemy of everything decent and honorable and good. They are the scum infecting a potentially beautiful earth. How do we wake all the people including Americans to see it - to see the evil. Bush and the type of utter human pig like our "Intelligence" agent here are the very face and breath of evil. We must sound the alarms! Does it "get to me" that this evil is sponsored by the US Government? You bet it does. I'm mad as hell. And I promise you my efforts will double and double.

Posted by Tina K @ 01/06/2004 03:23 AM EST


The noose is tightening people. Feel the burn.....

Posted by GREATWHITE @ 01/06/2004 03:26 AM EST

these are the embeded links from the bush in 30 seconds site, for people having trouble.

this one is the best, watch this one if any.


this one shows bush taking a polygraph test.


and considering that the polygraph one is in the top 15, i dont think that the polygraph test idea is as wacky as our resisdent cointelpro pig would have you believe.

Posted by graviton @ 01/06/2004 03:26 AM EST

clamping down on freedoms, the freedoms which made America once one of the benchmark nations in the world, is moralistic and holy...? Now I really understand what Orwell meant by "doublespeak".

Hey look out Mr Accident , is that Bin Laden hiding under your bed!!, you paranoid fuck. Go duct tape some more windows.

Posted by Ricardo @ 01/06/2004 03:31 AM EST

Umm Mr. Accident I was just wondering, when we're all 'silenced forever', won't you be out of a job?, Do you think maybe you'll get employment polishing George's shoes, or maybe cleaning his toilet?

Posted by Ricardo @ 01/06/2004 03:38 AM EST

Comming to city near you?


Words of Liberators
'Our mission is to kill or to jail'
General Ricardo Sancez Commander of US mercenaries/July 23/2003

Posted by graviton @ 01/06/2004 03:42 AM EST

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