01/21/2004 Entry: "THE STATE OF FASCISM"



The State of Fascism

War is peace, slavery is freedom, aggression is compassion, economic devastation is wealth, immorality is piety - The state of fascism has never been stronger.
The clampdown on freedom is in full effect. The un-auditable electronic voting machines are in place in key electoral states, and in each machine in strategic districts will be a "glitch" this glitch (which is legal) will hand surprise victories to key republicans in order to sway the key electoral votes necessary to achieve a total presidential election theft once again for the forces of evil.

And in the event of nationwide calls for a recount, there is in place the very same judicial team which will guarantee that there will be no recount.

But nothing will be left for chance - nothing. And so clandestine teams of military intelligence black-ops have already deployed in key cities terrorist devices of either a radiological dirty bomb or a bio-terror device designed to kill hundreds to tens of thousands of Americans in a strategic pre-election terrorist attack designed to cause waves of fear and confusion throughout the American population.

These terrorist attacks will be accompanied by coordinated media campaigns scripted by the CIA to propagandize, incite, enrage and cause fear and convulsing jolts of hyper-patriotism and thuggish nationalism.

The US military will immediately launch retaliatory wars against any middle east country which has vital oil reserves and lucrative pipeline routes and any other resources that is needed for imperial aggression and profitable rebuilding contracts.

In place and ready to go will be carefully scripted fraudulent "news" stories about how Americans would not feel comfortable with any democrats because after all only the current administration knows best how to deal with the terrorists, (especially with over a 60 year history of lucrative business dealings with terrorists and a thirty year history of the Bush family specifically being financed directly by Ossama Bin Laden's older brother Saleem Bin Laden. So nobody in America knows how to "deal" with the terrorists better then the Bushes.)

In place will be carefully scripted fraudulent polls declaring that 95% of all Americans agree that the present leadership must remain.

Several polls will magically surface out of thin air which claim that nearly 75% of all Americans agree that an election isn't even really necessary considering the threat to the "Homeland."

The CIA has in place carefully scripted fraudulent news stories about how critical the role of the Internet was in Al Queda's latest strategic pre-election attack and there will be carefully orchestrated fraudulent protests of Americans demanding a "clampdown" on the Internet and within days all activist and dissident websites will be purged from ISP's and the Internet will be under limited operation mode. Major corporations will be granted approval to operate websites and anyone else caught operating an Internet website without government approval will be tried under the new Patriot "3" statutes as a terrorist.

Speculation will be rampant among terrorist sympathizers as to the whereabouts of leading leftist personalities and leftist news personalities many of whom will be "vanished" immediatly after the attacks and many who will be detained by military and intelligence and law enforcement personnel and who will remain unaccounted for, however the rumors regarding these missing terrorist sympathizers will not air on any American television news networks and will be overshadowed by further spectacular terrorist strikes on Americans and on further shock and awe campaigns in foreign countries.

All future crimes will be considered terrorism and any person suspected of terrorism can be summarily executed at the sole discretion of the President or representatives thereof (for national security reasons)

The Senate and the House of Reprehensibles is under total control.

Arms manufacturing is in full production.

We believe that global conquest and one world government is within our reach.

God is on our side.

May god bless America.

George W. Bush (paraphrased by voxfux)

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The "Divided Nation" theme seems to be running very strong and it does indeed seem to be coordinated. I had heard the expression multiple times by Fox commentators and MSNBC. Get ready for a total blackout on the truth in the next couple of months.

I agree very much with your assertion that in fact there is NOT much support among the population for Bush. That is why the elites hav only consentrated on controling the media. The people don't matter in the least. Only the perception matters. It is total brainwashing.

Good luck vox and stay out of their gun sites.

Posted by Terrence @ 01/21/2004 01:15 AM EST

Fuck, I'm losing count of how many pictures I've seen of Bush doing a "zeig heil" thing. Talk about brazen neo Nazi symbolism. Are Americans brain-dead? Are people not seing what's going on?


Posted by GREATWHITE @ 01/21/2004 01:55 AM EST

I cringe when I see this man talk. I'm in Toronto and just everyone is talking about what to do about this man. It's a big problem.


Posted by Canuck @ 01/21/2004 02:05 AM EST

Hey Canuck. That's how I feel when I see Gordon "six pack grin" Campbell, Paul "fly any flag" Martin and Ralph Klein..

Posted by GREATWHITE @ 01/21/2004 02:17 AM EST

Who was the politician(?) in the crowd that was shaking his head as if to disagree with the filth Bush was spewing out. He had glasses, was kind of old, and the camera's cut to him doing that for like 5 or 10 seconds. Also quite a few people in the crowd didn't stand and clap like the other bunch of war-monkeys.

Posted by Ricardo @ 01/21/2004 02:31 AM EST

No doubt we have our fair share of rotten bastards but lets not get off the track here. We all know who the King of Evil is and that is George W. Bush.

Campbell only has the power to steal money from middle class BC. He does not have the power to kill millions of people worldwide and a fanatic grasp at global crusading.

I know where you're comming from but it's not even remotely in the same ball park.

Posted by Canuck @ 01/21/2004 02:35 AM EST

Check out how the bootlicking, lapdog media tries to legitimize the fascists involved in this global psyop war -

Posted by mobux @ 01/21/2004 03:32 AM EST

Wow, chilling mobux. Subliminal God-complex suggestions. These people are on a crusade, to be sure.
During the State speech,Bush made sure to hit hard on the fact that the war on terror is NOT OVER YET! I think that America's elections process is about to be overridden and virtually phased out by exactly what VoX has described above.
BTW, Canuck. Sorry for appearing to suggest Martin, etc are anything near Bush status. Just wanted your comments on those guys.

Posted by GREATWHITE @ 01/21/2004 03:58 AM EST

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