07/02/2004 Entry: "VOX INTERNET RADIO - JULY 4th 2004"


vox internet radio


We have been broadcasting now for three weeks to a limited audience. Testing servers, learning how to do it, blowing mics, and screaming my fucking head off. And since there is no time better then right now, we are going public.

The link for the transmission is: VOX RADIO SHOW

I suggest you tune in ahead of time to make sure your player can recieve the signal OK. We will be playing music starting the night of the 3rd and continuing until our first large broadcast which will begin at exactly 12:00 noon on July 4th 2004. So tune in ahead of time to assure your slot. And to assure that your player is configured correctly.

Then after the first live broadcast is done we will loop the previous weeks broadcast (in decending order - most recent first) until there is a 24 hour "Truth Loop" and as new shows get added to the queue the old ones will be archived, for your mind expanding pleasure.

In order to make the initial broadcast available to all listeners with 56K modems we have to compromise on the sample rate of the signal which will be a 32kbps 11khz sampled stereo signal.

We will also try to have high bandwidth 44.1khz stereo signals for those people on satillite, cable modems and dsl lines, by the July 4th launch date. Check here for information regarding updates on new servers or server changes.

Please report any problems in trying to access the broadcast, dropouts, rebuffering problems and quality issues.

Let's clean the scum out of the White House!
It's been a long time coming, people.



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Need more info!!!
Like you say, been a long time comin'

Posted by erwacht @ 07/02/2004 03:54 PM EST

Vox, I'll be there 12 o'clock sharp.
Vox Speaks!
This is going to be an interesting show.

Posted by Winston Smith @ 07/02/2004 04:40 PM EST

let me know what you need me to do my brother to spread the word, and I'll do it. I'll hit the Indymedia's right now with the announcement.

godspeed my brother, godspeed

Posted by Zeus's Hammer @ 07/02/2004 05:03 PM EST

BRAVO!!!! Can't wait

Posted by kyle @ 07/02/2004 05:59 PM EST

Vox populi
just a note I tried to log on but the play button was grayed out?

Posted by Vincent Blackmore @ 07/02/2004 06:12 PM EST

Lot's a laugh now we can hear the jackass rant and rave. All we need now is the jackass to have a tv show. Your wrong in print and your wrong in electronic media.


Posted by Unknown Soldier @ 07/02/2004 07:48 PM EST

right on vox!!!!!!we'll be listening out here in the pacific and spreading the news.......unknown soldier.....have you graduated the 1st grade yet?....get a life!

Posted by mauitruth @ 07/02/2004 08:27 PM EST

all configured vox, ready for the 4th...........12noon......6am my time...aloha

has any one seen the movies "the corporation and" control room "yet?....must see's.......peace

Posted by mauitruth @ 07/02/2004 08:50 PM EST

Wow that unknown soldier dude really does spend his entire life doing nothing but waiting for every word vox says. What a serious loser. Vox WE LOVE YOU!!! Don't let the cointelpro pigs annoy you. You're the man.
I'll be there on sunday too.

Posted by susan @ 07/02/2004 09:16 PM EST

Go vox go! I cannot wait to see how you rip into these pigs' underbely, I'll be listening. It's gonna be a blast. See ya on sunday.

Posted by Freight Train @ 07/02/2004 10:17 PM EST

I wish you would have announced this a week ago, I am leaving for vacation till tuesday to lake placid campground. Argggggg. I want to be there when it starts.

Posted by lisa heinlein @ 07/02/2004 10:38 PM EST

Well we know one thing for sure.
That Vox hasn't posted an article in nearly a month. Yet within three hours of Voxes latest post this pig responded. That means that this pig visits this site every three hours for years and years, Hmmmmm. Even when Vox goes dormant for a while. The Pig is always there checking, watching, day in day out, 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year, Hmmmmmm,

This is no ordinary piggie, this is a tightly organized intelligence operation against Vox.

This must cost the taxpayors a lot of money possibly millions of dollars, well wait a second why would the united states government spend millions of dollars if Vox is just a nutcase? Hmmmm.

Yea, sure, they're not worried about Vox, sure. That's why they constantly obsess over every word he says, because Vox is a jackass.

Well let's see, if Vox is such a Jackass, well then what does that make the person who obsesses over every word he says?

Answer: A Jackass Groupie
A Big Fat Smelly PIGGIE!!!!

Posted by Vox Helper @ 07/03/2004 12:47 AM EST

i hope what they say about a july 4th terrorist attack is wrong, or vox's will be the shortest radio program in history.

it's been close to three years since 9/11...not TOO much longer to go before the election.

Posted by victor was right @ 07/03/2004 03:08 AM EST

i hope what they say about a july 4th terrorist attack is wrong, or vox's will be the shortest radio program in history.

it's been close to three years since 9/11...not TOO much longer to go before the election.

Posted by victor was right @ 07/03/2004 03:09 AM EST

I'll be listening. Mauitruth,
I saw Control Room--it was pretty good. The Corporation hasn't yet come to my area, though I definitley plan on seeing it.

Posted by Raul @ 07/03/2004 03:15 AM EST

ready when you are

Posted by drivetoy @ 07/03/2004 03:50 AM EST

Is it downloadable or Just streaming? I'm on High Bandwidth I would like to record a quality stream but cannot figure out how to record them in the computer except by putting a microphone up to the speakers and recording that way. (which is kind of lame) I would like to be able to record the stream directly - any suggestions would be helpful.

Posted by Condoleeza Lies @ 07/03/2004 10:35 AM EST

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