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Tuesday, March 16, 2004



Terrorist crusader wannabee scumbag (Spanish Prime Minister Jose Aznar) was thrown out of office for defying the will of 90% of his own people, sucking on the Neo-Con shaft, and signing up to kill innocent Iraqi women and children so that Bush and his filthy Neo Con terrorists can loot the oil of Iraq under the bogus rubric of a "Coalition of the Willing". What a piece of shit Aznar was. As is any low life scum "leader" who actually defies the will of 90% his own people and joins with Bushes oil looting spree. Good Riddens to this piece of shit who soiled the capital of Spain. And solidarity to the people of Spain who who are not as gullible and docile as Americans appear to be.

In what appears to be yet another CIA terrorist attack on the railway station (Nearly all major terrorist attacks are CIA - NOT AL QUEADA) the spooks once again miscalculated - fucked up as usual and their fuck-up had the exact opposite effect. The spooks thought that if they kill enough innocent people surely the Spanish people would cower under the nearest right wing terrorist thug like the sheep here in America did. Maybe these dumb fucking spooks thought that the spanish people would get caught up in convulsing jolts of thuggish hypernationalism and start waving flags in a frenzy of mindless jingoism like Americans did. But Europeans are not that stupid and gullible. They have some dignity and some brains still left in their heads.

It is clear that CIA sponsered terrorism only has the intended effects on populations who watch CIA produced "news" such as is the case in America where the American's minds are completely controlled by the CIA produced, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX. Yet even under such a tight clampdown on all forms of truth and free thought here is America there are signs that mass numbers of Americans are no longer buying the CIA controlled story about this boogyman called "Al Queada" which in itself is a documented operational arm of the CIA.. People are turning away in droves from the Major TV media and turning to alternative forms of media to get the real story about what is really happening to their world.

And why are they doing that? Could it be because Americans are now currently on the recieving end of the biggest fucking ever handed down to Americans by the Billionaires who own America? Could it be because never in the history of America have the billionaires been so greedy and immoral and terroristic? Could it possibly be because they have taken all there is to take from the American people and we are reaching a breaking point? Can it be because these dying billionaire geezers on on their last crusade and are just so full of their impennding death that they wish to take as many of us down with them as possible? Could it be that the Neo-Cons, with their zionist patseys, and their Council of Foreign Relations reptiles are perhaps the dumbest idiots ever on the face of the earth who's every single plan fails.

Name one terrorist act of the Council of Foreign Relations which ever worked?
They thought by doing the twin towers we could steal the oil of Iraq. WELL THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN.
Pipelines, Good Luck!

The people of the world are waking up and resisting the terror from the United States, the CIA, the Neo-cons, the Billionaires, the Bushes. The question is will the American people finally wake up and resist the attacks by the CIA and the Neo Cons before it is too late and they end up ruining the this great republic or will this awakening be crushed by the lying media and the people of America be brought into a dark dark police state shithole.

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