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Thursday, May 20, 2004



Angry New Yorkers confront the team of cowards and liars called the 9-11 commission.
The Illuminati controlled "coverup," commission met fierce resistance from New Yorkers.
Reminiscent of the Pentagon's scapegoating of the lowly recruits in the prison sex torture scandal, the administration should be pleased with all the misdirected vitriol New Yorkers released at Giuliani and at the "coverup" commission, instead of what seemed was the daily battering of the badly bruised Administration.

Leading the pack was Christopher Brodeur who railed against Giuliani and loosened the crowd up, "“Three thousand people are dead! They were not killed because he's a great leader. ... Let's ask some real questions!" Then it was a barrage of angry outbursts from family members and angry citizens at both the commission and at Giuliani. One Held a sign saying, "FICTION," echoing Michael Moore's anti Bush, Oscar night slogan.

But some shouted about the minutiae of things at a time when all attacks need to be directed towards the slimeball in the White House. There was a woman shouting about police radios, shouting, "Lets talk about the radios!" - an issue, not likely to ignite the passions of the masses.

The crowd mostly diverted us from the real questions which should be to seek to uncover the details about how the Industrialists planned and executed the attacks on 9-11. It was a golden opportunity to go after the jugular of the puppet in the White House and fan the flames of the, "Burning Bush," by asking why the commission didn't ask Bush any questions about Bushes thirty year relationship with the Saudies and in particular the Bin Ladin Family.

No doubt the Bush cartel is in meltdown at the moment - A perfect time to increase the temperature. Increase the attacks. Everyone is jumping ship on the Bushes. It looks like every flank of the big lie is falling apart right before our eyes. That Australian scumbag Prime Minister John Howard is going to be thrown out on the balls of his ass for licking Bushes ass. Tony Blair is in Trouble.

And best of all, the ranks of the United States military are bristling with contempt and distain for Bush, Rumsfeld and their Zionist patsy Wolfowitz.

All Bush has going for him is the electronic voting machines, and the possibility of a strategic pre-election sneak attack - An "Inside" terrorist attack. That's it!

You can forget about the Coverup Commission. Go to the only source of facts and trustworthy analysis about 9-11 - The Alternate News Sources on the Internet - The last hope for truth. They are the last hope in America for reliable and accurate and honest news of our world. All other mediums are suspect.

Bush is bloodied at the moment from all the filth which surfaced and which is leading right up that ladder to Oval Office. Let's continue to act as transmission mediums for the truth. Hammer away every way possible at them. Unyielding pressure on all the tentacles of the systematic lie. Cut the head off the octopus by retransmitting the truth about it's poisonous nature. And suffocate it's tentacles by shifting your attentions and economies away from their media and their material. The world is waking up.


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Friday, May 14, 2004



Just in the nick of time, as the crusaders were going into meltdown over the outrage of the sexual perversions and torture photos of iraqi prisoners being released into the semiosphere, the word came down from up top, "We need a distraction, an atrocity, an outrage and we need it NOW!"

It's the classic "CIA, Black Op" it appears that The CIA arranged for some of their Iraqi musclemen (most likely Ahmed Chalabi) to cut off the head of what appears to be an American intelligence agent cutout for a staged atrocity, "made to order."

It looks like a "Sheep dip" operation. Berg is an Oswald. A patsy. A made to order, fall guy. A sleeper, waiting to be activated, this time as a sacrificial lamb to distract the comatose masses as they sit there and say, "Take my rights but protect my precious flesh."


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