Democratic Senator to be Assassinated Soon. 
Assassination teams actively preparing hit
May 25th 2001 - by Voxfux

Within months, one of a selected group of democratic Senators, likely from a state with a Republican Governor, will meet an untimely death. The death will appear to be either a plane “accident” or by “natural causes,” - Whichever is most easily accomplished. The reality will in fact be that the Senator was one of a group of several Senators (Narrowed down into a group of “Selects”) targeted for assassination and was the one who was in the right place at the right time for the most convenient and clean "hit.”

You will see, within in the coming months, for absolutely certainty, the untimely death of at least one Democratic Senator, to "rebalance the scale". The private covert intelligence groups behind George Bush Sr. are extraordinarily well funded with petrochemical billions. They are deadly, work completely autonomously, in a terrorist formation identical to a terrorist organization, and are absolutely religiously dedicated to accomplishing their objectives. They will not rest until the Senate is under the control once again of the darkest force ever to seize control of the American Empire - The clandestine industrial / military / intelligence triad who is currently represented by George Bush Jr.

Few have the ability to comprehend the machinations of this dark force. It is beyond the scope of our “Journalists.” And only a few intellectuals still remain who will even dare to approach this grim reality. But is a reality. This triad will employ cells of ex-military/CIA "cutouts" whose mission will be to carefully eliminate one of a selected group of Democratic Senators. Once, one of the senators is eliminated the mission is complete, the tracks get covered, the evidence quickly cleaned up and the history books will once again inscribe a lie for all of posterity to suck on. And we will never know the true nature of our world and especially the dark force which now controls the world and the writing of those history books.

The mission is already underway and several "candidates" are being evaluated for extermination. The method of elimination is also being evaluated and will be narrowed down to one of several choices. One being a carefully planned "plane crash." Another is through the delivery of certain biological agents to the Senator.

If the mode of assassination is to be "Natural" causes - then the cause of death will almost certainly be by chemical or biological agent delivered to the senator by this private covert intelligence group. If the Senator dies of a sudden respiratory illness it will most assuredly be an Anthrax hit - From a strain of Anthrax manufactured before 1977 (When Bush was ousted as CIA Chief). As always careful attention will be paid to limiting inquiry into any autopsy or coroner investigations. If the premature death event, occurs prior to the next Senatorial midterm elections, and is of "natural causes" the Senate must urgently resolve to conduct multiple and independent examinations into the ACTUAL cause of death, likely to be an anthrax or other chemical or biological agent - NOT NATURAL CAUSES.

If the death occurs just prior to the midterm senatorial elections, expect it to be in a state with a close race. Expect a “Mel Carnahan” style hit.

If it is a plane crash, the Senate must resolve to assure that Bush administration officials are NOT in complete charge of the investigation. There must be an independent investigative team and evidence of the crash must not be allowed to fall into the hands of the intelligence services.

The mission to eliminate one or more of these Senators is assuredly underway this very moment. It is now the single most critical mission of the current Bush administration.

Cells will originate in Florida and Texas. Where such operations may operate freely and with the complete protection of those respective state governments. I suspect there are many cells forming regarding this mission. Once, any one of the Senators is hit, the mission is terminated and there will be NO evidence or any possibility to any serious inquiry. They will control the coroner and or the crash site, take possession of the body or wreckage (In the name of “National Security.") The team making the successful hit will then either move up to the next level but more likely than not they themselves will meet an untimely death.

  Original Article Archive, May 25th 2001

Wake up, fight back. Your life is at stake! May 25th 2001
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