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06/16/2002 Entry: "Why Secret Government must be Outlawed"

I'm Hiding Something
and it's Big!
by voxfux

I'm hiding something - BIG!

Clandestine forms of organization are the principle cause of suffering on the planet today. They are quantifiable, real and deadly. The US spends over $400 Billion a year to clandestinely "Fuck Over" the free people of the world. This is why the people of the world unanimously hate us. If the US simply took HALF the $400 billion we normally spend to "fuck over" the people of the world and instead simply GAVE it to them, the US would be the most loved country and people of the world in all of an instant. Terrorism would vanish overnight. And guess what we could do with the remaining $200 Billion? Split it up and put it right back in the pockets of the American people where it belongs - where it came from - who they stole it from in the first place.

Mr George Bush Sr, sitting on the board of the largest arms manufacturer in the world "The Carlyle Group" is involving the peoples of the world in his Vesuvian conflict of interest. He has only a vested interest in WAR and war alone. He will NOT reap a vast personal fortunes if the world is in a state of peace. And so what do you think our President's father is going to tell his son to do? - Seek peace and reap no personal profits or start a world crusade and become fabulously wealthy. Think about it. What ever happened to the concept of being weary of issues of conflict of interest?
There needs to be a global set of international treaties in place to assure these conflicts of interest don't endanger the families and children of the world and cause vast suffering, simply because a group of cunning Republican operatives in Texas can hire the most ruthless and dangerous campaign managers like Karl Rove. It's these immoral lying pigs which are causing so much trouble in the world today.

There has never been a more urgent time for the people of the earth to rise up and demand the end of all forms of clandestine governmental and military organizations. The United Nations needs to identify the gross destruction and human suffering that these entities are inflicting on the planet earth before it is too late. The UN needs to urgently draft a report outlining the total COST of these clandestine assassins. Secret governmental entities must be outlawed this much is certain, or humankind will continue to be imprisoned by these spiritually and intellectually simpleminded, yet immorally cunning and unfathomably destructive industrial terrorists.

With little vision besides a shallow empty capitalist mandate these clandestine operatives merely rape markets, plunder resources, murder people, destroy cultures and ruin the planet earth for the great masses of the world's people.

And they give nothing back. These clandestine operatives are the leeches of society. You wouldn't even want to hang out with them on a Saturday night - Trust me on this one - Because they have no souls, nothing to say. They are just pigs - feeding. Operating under the illusion that they are the masters of the universe

They have rigged the game.
There is only an illusion of free markets. The whole idea of economic summits is that they are a convenient place to rig markets. How is it a Free Market when the industrialist buys off a foreign political leader to curry favorable conditions or worse - so that the politician allows the industrialist to outright abuse and enslave that politician's population. It happens all the time. (See Indonesia) (see Philippines) When clandestine operatives are involved it becomes a rigged market. Rigged to serve the few, paid for by the blood, sweat and tears of the many. It is not freedom that we live under. It is a sick industrial slavery turning us into isolated units of consumption - corporate surfs and vassals - wasting our precious life and youth in service to the lie of capitalism. We are consumers not humans. Products not poets. Shoppers not travellers.

The massive buildup of clandestine forces all answering to one man, George Bush Jr. (Sr.), in the months since 9/11 is the most alarming and disproportionate buildup of any force of it's type since World War II. There is now more covert operators EVER under the control of any one man than ever before in the history of the world. And they are all controlled in actuality By George Bush the father - yet increasingly George Bush the son, anxious to take on the big job, and impress his dad and family, is increasingly taking the reigns from his dad to demonstrate to him that he really can do it and that he's not as simpleminded as so many suggest.

The problem is, that he IS a simpleton and his father, although possibly the darkest and most criminal of (spys) Presidents, is getting old. That George Jr. is an idiot, this much is certain - barely able to string a coherent sentence together - his unconvincing grimaces of mock profundity when he addresses the most serious of issues tells the whole story. He's a piss-poor actor. When he reads the speeches written by his fathers teams of handlers and operators, it is so very clearly obvious that at times the principle focus of the president as he is reading the words is not the content of the words, but getting the words right, not slurring them, not making any big blunders, and making sure he injects the proper tones of seriousness at the right times. At other times it's not so much the typographical errors that are on his mind but the fact that he is hiding the foreknowledge and limited info that he does have about his father's teams of operatives/terrorists. At best he's a blustering, bluffing, blundering fuckin' Texas idiot. At worst he's an accessory to the biggest mass murder in the History of the United States.

He's hiding something, make no mistake about it. And it's BIG.

It has to do with his foreknowledge of the WTC attacks. You can see it in his eyes. True, his father's closely knit group of ex-intelligence operatives would never actually share all the details of their dark machinations and he knows enough not to ask. It would make matters worse for him if he knew the details, you see, he's not very bright and he would for sure slip up at a news conference and blurt out something that he shouldn't have. So his father largely handles the terrorist strikes. But Bush the son, the boy, is intimately aware of the "Invisible Hand," which has always been there all his life to assure things have gone right for him. The invisible dark hand which has allowed this privileged simpleminded Texan to buy a oil companies with Osama Bin Laden's brother's - Salem Bin Ladin's - money, (Arbusto energy) then run the company into the ground, yet reap a personal fortune. See the patterns here.


The same invisible hand which he witnessed attempt to assassinate Ronald Reagan in order for his father to ascend to the Presidency. The same dark hand which originates in the dark machinations of the intelligence underworld where his father is the supreme leader. The same invisible hand who, in the months leading up the terrorist strikes, when George Bush was facing the largest crisis in his presidency, with record low approval ratings, concocted another in a long string of similar attacks, from the inside, with the intent to bolster economic growth through war, planned out the largest mass murder ever seen on TV.

And we were entertained... and horrorfied.

The psychology and semeiotics of George Bush Junior's public gestures, voice patterns, facial characteristics scream out, "I'm hiding something very, very scary about me. About what I am and who I represent and what I did, and what my family is all about."
Know your psychology, study your semeiotics and then look at the tapes - they're all there.
It's there in the tapes of his father's performances as well, they just can't keep a straight face as they loot, plunder, and murder their way to petrochemical and arms profits. At least the father was an infinitely better liar and deceiver then the son will ever be.

This is about the titanic struggle for power on the planet earth. It's about power pure and simple.

If you know your history then you will know that the Bush family hasn't the mental capacity to successfully pull off any real acts of global conquest, They are basically a group of operators who's speciality is raiding the US treasury for their own group of companies closely associated with the family for years. Thta' what the do. And while they rip us off, which is surely what they are doing, make no mistake about that, they are putting generations of Americans in danger. They are jeopardizing the security and safety of the United States of America for many yeas to come.

And this is all made possible by clandestine government. Secret government opens up abuses like the American people are caught in right now, Their President, George Jr., is using US soldiers to avenge his fathers enemies, (the country of Iraq) and position his industrial cronies throughout the world in regional hot spots soaked in blood, oil and profits. And using young American soldiers to do all this.

They use the full weight of the clandestine apparatus and taxpayer's dollars for these personal profits. And they are going to fail, like they always have in the past and they are going to take us down with them, as they always have in the past. And one wonders weather now that we have two times around the Block with the Bush's, weather Americans will be begging to take it up the ass again when Jeb and Neil get ready for their turn to loot the federal treasury and engage us in yet another OIL WAR. Will Americans six or ten years from now have forgotten the fucking the we Americans are undergoing at this present time? Will people actually have forgotten the plunder of the previous Bush and be charmed by these vipers again? A stastical analysis would show, in all likelyhood, yes.

Know your enemy.
Stand up.
Fight back!


"When the people fear the government you have tyranny...
when the government fears the people you have liberty."
--Thomas Jefferson

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He has the shiftiest eyes I have ever seen in a politician, I don't trust him for a second.

Posted by Valerie @ 07/06/2002 08:38 PM EST

That makes a lot of sense. We spend way too much money to subvert, undermine and propagandize people. Maybe we should just try to be nice.
I guess they never thought of that.

Posted by Be Nice and everything will be OK @ 07/19/2002 02:01 AM EST

The issue needs to be brought to the United Nations. I believe it would actually be possible to make the case that the net damage done to our earth and people by the covert machinations of industry and it's servant, government is in fact real, devastating, quantifiable and in urgent need of addressing.

Posted by IntelQ @ 07/19/2002 02:06 AM EST

I didn't trust Reagan, trusted Bush Sr, even less and Bush Jr even less. One of my gut fears is that Dubya will most certainly get re-elected, why? The money and power are on his side, plus the American people have been systematically dumbed down over the past couple of generations. Scary times indeed.

Posted by Bigboote @ 07/19/2002 03:36 AM EST

Check out the "People" page on the Carlyle Group's website. Enough said.


Waël O. Bayazid
Managing Director, Investor Relations, London, England

Mr. Bayazid joined The Carlyle Group in April 1996 and is a Managing Director based in London.

Prior to joining Carlyle, Mr. Bayazid was Global Country Head for Saudi Arabia in the Global Asset Management Group of the Chase Manhattan Bank, based in Geneva, Switzerland. Before that, Mr. Bayazid headed the Middle East Private Banking Group for Chase out of New York. Previously, Mr. Bayazid was a Vice President responsible for the Middle East at Bankers Trust Private Bank.

Mr. Bayazid attended the International College in Beirut, Lebanon, and is a graduate of the American College of Switzerland.

Frank C. Carlucci
Chairman, Washington, DC

Mr. Carlucci has been a Managing Director of Carlyle since 1989 and the Chairman since 1993.

Mr. Carlucci was Secretary of Defense from November 1987 through January 1989, following his service as Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs under President Reagan. Before serving in these positions, Mr. Carlucci was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sears World Trade, Inc. Mr. Carlucci preceded his affiliation with Sears World Trade, Inc. with a career in government spanning more than 25 years holding positions from Ambassador to Portugal to Deputy Director of Central Intelligence to Deputy Secretary of Defense. Mr. Carlucci graduated from Princeton University in 1952 and attended the Harvard School of Business Administration.

Among Mr. Carlucci’s awards and honours are the Herbert Roback Memorial Award (1989); George C. Marshall Award (1989); Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree, University of Scranton (1989); the James Forrestal Memorial Award (1988); Woodrow Wilson Award (1988); Presidential Citizens Award (1983); National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal (1981); Distinguished Intelligence Medal (1981); Defense Department Distinguished Civilian Service Award (1977); Health, Education and Welfare Distinguished Civilian Service Award (1975); and State Department Superior Service Award (1971).

William E. Kennard
Managing Director, US Buyouts – Global Telecommunications and Media Group, Washington, DC

William E. Kennard joined The Carlyle Group in May 2001 as a Managing Director in the Global Telecommunications and Media Group. He is based in Washington, DC.

Before joining The Carlyle Group, Mr. Kennard served as Chairman of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission from November 1997 to January 2001. During his tenure, he implemented the Telecommunications Act of 1996, designing policies that created an explosion of new wireless phones, brought the Internet to a majority of American households, and resulted in billions of dollars of investment in new broadband technologies. He also shaped the outcome of the most significant communications mergers in history, such as AOL-Time Warner, Worldcom-MCI, CBS-Viacom, Verizon-GTE and SBC-Ameritech.

Mr. Kennard served as the FCC’s general counsel from December 1993 to November 1997. Before serving in government, Mr. Kennard was a partner and member of the board of directors of the law firm of Verner, Liipfert, Bernhard, McPherson and Hand.

Mr. Kennard graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Stanford University and received his law degree from Yale Law School.

David M. Leuschen
Managing Director – Riverstone Holdings, New York, New York

Mr. Leuschen is a founder and Managing Director of Riverstone Holdings. He has extensive M&A, financing and investing experience in the energy and power sector.

Prior to founding Riverstone, Mr. Leuschen was a Partner and Managing Director at Goldman Sachs and founder and head of the Goldman Sachs Global Energy & Power Group. Mr. Leuschen joined Goldman Sachs in 1977, became head of the Global Energy & Power Group in 1985, became a Partner of the firm in 1986 and remained with the firm until leaving to found Riverstone.

Mr. Leuschen was responsible for building the Goldman Sachs energy and power investment banking practice into one of the leading franchises in the global energy and power industry. Mr. Leuschen served as Chairman of the Goldman Sachs Energy Investment Committee, where he was responsible for screening potential private equity capital commitments by Goldman Sachs in the energy and power industry. Further, Mr. Leuschen was responsible for establishing and managing the firm’s relationships with senior executives from leading companies in all segments of the energy and power industry including Amerada Hess, Anadarko, Apache, BP Amoco, Chevron, Cross Timers, ENI, Enron Oil and Gas, Kinder Morgan, Koch Industries, Kuwait Petroleum, Lasmo, Mobil, Phillips, PDVSA, Union Pacific Resources, Santa Fe International, Transocean Sedco Forex, Unocal, and many others.

Mr. Leuschen received his A.B. degree from Dartmouth and his M.B.A. from Dartmouth’s Amos Tuck School of Business.

The Rt. Honorable John Major, CH
Chairman of Carlyle Europe

Former Prime Minister John Major was appointed Chairman of Carlyle Europe in May 2001 and has been a member of Carlyle’s European Advisory Board since 1998.

Mr. Major had a long and distinguished career as a Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom, serving in government for 16 years and as a cabinet member for 10 years. He became Chief Secretary to the Treasury in 1987. In 1989, he was appointed Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, before being appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer in October of that year. He was appointed Prime Minister on November 28, 1990, and served in that position until May 1997.

As Prime Minister, Mr. Major focused his efforts upon securing peace in Northern Ireland and upholding Britain’s position in the world community as a political, social and economic leader. He was Prime Minister throughout the Gulf War and, at home, instigated long-term reforms in education, health and public services. On New Year’s Day 1999, The Queen appointed him a Companion of Honour in recognition of his initiation of the Northern Ireland Peace Process. On the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, Mr. Major was appointed Legal Guardian to Their Royal Highnesses Princes William and Harry.

Mr. Major is a Non-Executive Director of the Mayflower Corporation and Chairman of the European Advisory Council of the Emerson Electric Company in St. Louis. He is Chairman of the Council of the Ditchley Foundation and on the International Advisory Boards of the Peres Center for Peace in Israel, the InterAction Council in Tokyo and the Baker Institute in Houston.

Posted by YourFriend @ 08/11/2002 08:16 PM EST

George Dubya Bush is the most evil person i have ever seen on tv...itz like when i look at him giving a speech, i can almost see a slithering tougue coming out of his mouth with every word spoken....truly (p)resident evil....

Posted by Kellie Richardson @ 08/17/2002 09:23 PM EST

Something tells me we won't have to deal with his likes one day coming soon.

Posted by too bad @ 09/06/2002 12:02 PM EST

Something tells me we won't have to deal with his likes one day coming soon.

Posted by too bad @ 09/06/2002 12:02 PM EST

Please enlighten yourselves by the work of Walter Burien, regarding the financial tricks of your government. Legitimately, the government can lay and collect taxes, but not stash surplus funds in order to keep increasing taxes. Gov. Jesse Ventura returned to the citizens of Minnesota, $ 3 Billion in surplus funds that were about to disappear forever. If he can do it .. so can the rest of them. Refer to: http://www.cafrman.com

Posted by jack smith, recorder @ 09/25/2002 01:10 PM EST

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