08/05/2002 Entry: "Bush Comment Reveals Troubling Deception and Foreknowledge"

Bush Comment Reveals Troubling Deception and Foreknowledge
Bush Lies About Seeing First Plane Hit
by voxfux

The Merchants of Death

The following comments were made by Bush in the weeks following the 911 attacks. During a CNN televised "Florida Town Hall Meeting" a child asks Bush how he felt when he heard about the attacks. Bush starts to recount how he saw the first plane hit, then quickly realizing that that would have been impossible, quickly covers it by saying that, "the TV was obviously on." This nervous lie and "cover lie" reveal volumes when subjected to thorough psychoanalytic scrutiny. Here's the analysis:

What Bush has done here is he slipped up and revealed what's called a "Meta Memory." It would have been impossible for him to have seen the first plane hit (because that video of the first plane hitting didn't surface until many many hours after the attacks) But Bush recounts the "memory" conversationally. The memory he is recounting is a meta memory. It resides in the forefront of his consciousness but not of his experience. It cannot be a real memory because the timeline of events proves that to be impossible, yet he has relayed it as a real memory. Why and how?

Psychoanalytic conventions ascribe to the idea, that the visual information (real memories) which accompany the news of major events like deaths and assassinations are markedly vivid and clear. (as memories go) Mistaking critical visual components that accompany these "remember the moment you heard's" is very unusual. For example, even fourty years after the Kennedy assassination people remember very specific, explicit, exact, information regarding the instant they heard of the event, for example their location, who they recieved the news from, what they were doing at the time, even the tonal characteristics of the room they were in (greens, reds, blues, etc.) These first moments and immediate peripheral moments form a vivid and strikingly visual group of images and memories that can be recalled years later with uncanny accuracy.

What is in fact highly improbable is that Bush could botch up such normally "etched in" memories of such a collosal event. But he did. Because Bush is either one of two: Either so dim that he can barely string a coherent thought stream together or...

...He's thinking through a complex set of "meta memories" - lies.

Meta Memories are the alternate set of memories and "Facts" that a deciever must employ in order to cover his tracks and perpetrate his elaborate deception. It's the Back Story and a little goes a long way in a lie. However after time these meta memories (when there are too many to manage) become confused and start to trip-up the holder of the meta memories.

Here's the exchange and analysis of what we at voxnyc believe is an extremely disturbing and revealing Bush meta memory (lie).


Original Transcript http://www.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0112/04/se.04.html

Confirmation of Bush's comments is also at http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2001/12/20011204-17.html
and http://www.guardian.co.uk/september11/story/0,11209,612354,00.html

Bush Transcript

QUESTION: One thing, Mr. President, is that you have no idea how much you've done for this country, and another thing is that how did you feel when you heard about the terrorist attack?
BUSH: Well . . .(APPLAUSE) . . .Thank you, Jordan. Well, Jordan, you're not going to believe what state I was in when I heard about the terrorist attack.
VOX: (Bush points out the "Coincidence")
BUSH: I was in Florida. And my chief of staff, Andy Card ...
VOX: Mentioning his chief of staff Andy Card to a five year old reveals several things. It is the first moment of the answer he is trying to formulate, he's not thinking of what he actually knows happened, because he knows so much more that "happened" both during and before the attacks - So he's got to zero in on what his pre-rehearsed version must be, and for someone as dim as Bush is it's a tricky game. He's got to concentrate on what to say not what happened. Furthermore Voxnyc believes that mentioning Andy Card to a kid who has no hopes of even having any reference to Andy Card whatsoever is quite obviously a nervous reaction, concealing deception
BUSH: actually I was in a classroom talking about a reading program that works.
VOX: Again Bush is talking to a five year old, just as he was when the planes struck the towers. Bush's handlers appearantly are very carefull about Bush's encounter with probing elements, how they let this five year old kid at the conference trip-up Bush is miraculous.
BUSH: And I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in,
VOX: Waiting to go in - Bush never waits for anything, but he was early for this classroom that ominous day, why?

BUSH: and I saw an airplane hit the tower -
VOX: He mistakenly lets out a "memory" that is flat-out fraudulent - that he saw the first plane hit. Unless Bush has a time machine that we are unaware of, he just blurted out a collosal lie. That footage of the first plane hitting didn't surface until many hours later. This is Bushes first mistake during this Florida Town Hall meeting.
As soon as the slip up leaves his mouth, he realizes in all of an instant that it was a fraudulent memory that he has just spoon fed to an international news feed, so he quickly makes an attempt to cover it by immediatly saying, "the TV was obviously on." But this was a lie as well. Apparantly there were only small LCD style screens at that remote feed that day and it was reported that Bush wasn't hanging around long enough to find one of the small video camera operator's view screens. So this is an outright deception.

BUSH: the TV was obviously on, and I use to fly myself, and I said, "There's one terrible pilot." And I said, "It must have been a horrible accident."
VOX: These "personal touches" aren't even meta memories, they are "Cover Lies" made on the fly to cover for what he knows is a major gaff, made just seconds ago. These cover lies fall into the catagory of typical amaturish garden variety tactics of deception to embue the lie with an added sense of realism. But Bush gets a D- in Lying. The problem here is that according to the accepted timetable of events and Bush's position at the time it would have been impossible for him to even have such a visual of a plane crash and accompanying personal touches because at the time he entered the classroom it was not even clear in the media just exctly what had just occured, it was not not certain till seconds later that it was definatevly a plane that struck the tower much less was there any video of it
BUSH: But I was whisked off there -- I didn't have much time to think about it, and I was sitting in the classroom, and Andy Card, my chief who was sitting over here walked in and said, "A second plane has hit the tower. America's under attack."
And Jordan, I wasn't sure what to think at first. You know, I grew up in a period of time where the idea of America being under attack never entered my mind -- just like your daddy and mother's mind probably. And I started thinking hard in that very brief period of time about what it meant to be under attack.
VOX: More garden variety lying. His lies are indeed suitable for a five year old. But we at Voxnyc are are going to pursue each and every one of them relentlessly.
BUSH: I knew that when I got all the facts that we were under attack, there would be hell to pay for attacking America. . . .(APPLAUSE) . . .
VOX: A little jingoistic ferver for the children. Remember he's talking to a five year old. What a scumbag!
BUSH: I tried to get as many facts as I could, Jordan, to make sure I knew, as I was making decisions, that I knew exactly what I was basing my decisions on. I've got a fabulous team. A president can't possibly be president without a good team. It starts with having a great wife, by the way.
VOX: We would all be projectile vomiting right now except we are too busy trying to figure out what we should do as individuals to stop what is clearly a cancer on the American People. E-mail this and other articles on this web site to every and any forum or media outlet you can find. You're life and that of your family and children and the future of America is at stake.

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I'm not too sure about the psychological perspectives but obviously Bush is lying. This war against terrorism will kill many. Surely the time has come for a second (democratic) American revolution. Don't write to congress, organize.

Posted by Paul @ 08/07/2002 08:40 AM EST

That is a very interesting moment that you have focused on. I find that comment quite interesting - That he actually claimed to have seen this visual of the first plane. It's not something that you would slip up on then cover.

Nice work Vox

Posted by zhivago @ 08/07/2002 11:32 PM EST

you should send this news sight in its entirety to Nat Hentoff at the VillageVoice website

Posted by george white @ 08/08/2002 02:53 PM EST

Great Detective work. I send many friends to your site. I will continue to send many more. People that used to laugh at these things arent laughing so hard anymore.

If you find any other inconsistencies, please write about it. We're listening..

Posted by Kathy @ 08/08/2002 09:40 PM EST

Voxfux's analysis is top notch. Good work, Vox.
Of course, there is no way one would visualize something that was not there and present it as if it were. I am contacting CNN right now to aquire the actual video itself. Unless of course it had already been expunged (er, I mean- routinely discarded for space saving measures) by the powers that be.

Posted by IntelQ @ 08/09/2002 08:18 AM EST

Don't know if you were aware of it, but Bush made the same claim in a second public meeting in California:


snipped from above official press release:

"Q What was the first thing that went through your head when you heard that a plane crashed into the first building?

THE PRESIDENT: Yes. Well, I was sitting in a schoolhouse in Florida. I had gone down to tell my little brother what to do, and -- just kidding, Jeb. (Laughter.) And -- it's the mother in me. (Laughter.) Anyway, I was in the midst of learning about a reading program that works. I'm a big believer in basic education, and it starts with making sure every child learns to read. And therefore, we need to focus on the science of reading, not what may feel good or sound good when it comes to teaching children to read.
(Applause.) I'm just getting a plug in for my reading initiative.

Anyway, I was sitting there, and my Chief of Staff -- well, first of all,
when we walked into the classroom, I had seen this plane fly into the first building. There was a TV set on. And you know, I thought it was pilot error and I was amazed that anybody could make such a terrible mistake. And something was wrong with the plane, or -- anyway, I'm sitting there, listening to the briefing, and Andy Card came and said, "America is under attack."

And in the meantime, this teacher was going on about the curriculum, and I was thinking about what it meant for America to be under attack. It was an amazing thought. But I made up my mind that if America was under attack, we'd get them. (Applause.) I wasn't interested in lawyers, I wasn't interested in a bunch of debate. I was interested in finding out who did it and bringing them to justice. I also knew that they would try to hide, and anybody who provided haven, help, food, would be held accountable by the United States of America. (Applause.)

Anyway, it was an interesting day."

Thought you might find this interesting...

WOW! - Goldi, you are beautiful! Your tip changes the whole story. I'm rewriting the whole story right now. How in the world did you connect that dot? Anyways - VERY BIG THANKS TO GOLDI !!! I'm going to have to give you research credits for that gem. Keep the tips comming.
Love and Solidarity

Posted by goldi @ 08/10/2002 07:09 AM EST


Given the FACT that 10 months after the "PENTAGON CRASH" no BLACK BOXES have been recovered , not to mention ANY debris of the fuselage wings or engine of the alleged American Airlines crash, the French theory that there was no crash seems to ring true. For those of you who do not subscribe to this theory and would like to show us "proof" w/ 2 pictures the pentagon released of two SHINY parts of the Boeing 757,please spare us those photos ,we have seen them and that’s not ENOUGH proof. We need the black boxes for proof. We'd like to know what was said in the hour and a half between takeoff and the alleged crash. Alleged.

If we hold that thought for a second, if there was no crash YET there was a call from one of BUSHES CLOSEST FRIENDS, Barbara Olson "Mrs. Olson braved the wrath of the terrorists to make the first telephone call immediately after the hijacking and was then cut off. She managed to dial out again and told her husband that all the 58 passengers, four crew members and two pilots had been herded to the rear of the plane. She said she saw that the hijackers were carrying knives,(which later became the infamous box cutters) but had not seen any other weapons. She asked her husband what instruction she should give the pilot, but since he was held captive at the back of the aircraft there was nothing that he could do. Mr. Olson promptly called the Justice Department, which knew nothing about the incident."

The WORLD first heard the SEMIOFFICIALWORD from one of Bushes CLOLSEST friends who was "thought to have perished in the aircraft that hit the pentagon. Many firmly believe that it was either a bomb that was planted in the pentagon or it was hit by a missile (the latter being more likely following reports of something flying over head seconds before the EXPLOSION.

EXPLOSION NOT CRASH. We were fed footage of ONE security camera that showed us the "crash" and we have looked at it over a dozen times and see no plane. We see an explosion. What we'd like to know is WHY is that the ONLY FOOTAGE we got of the "crash"? If you go to any supermarket or mall in the USA, you will find more than one security camera. How do you expect us to believe that the most powerful intelligence complex in the WORLD had only one little parking lot camera that showed us a NON CRASH? What is clear is that the do NOT have any footage of any plane that crashed cause there was no plane. If there was they would have shown it by now. They would have beaten us to death w/ it. Truth is they HAVE footage and they are even fuzzier than the only one they showed us where we saw no plane.

We have strained our weary old eyes to see every single picture of the Pentagon from every single source on the web (and will not bother you w/ a list of them now you must have seen a few yourselves like these):



We yet have to see ANYTHING that resembles a plane in the pentagon "CRASH". We have yet to see any pictures that resemble a plane in Pittsburgh for that matter but that’s another story, this one deals w/ the Pentagon "crash" that BARBARA OLSON WAS ON.

So if Olson was on that plane, the plane that DISAPPEARED into the pentagon not crashed into the pentagon, where in the world is the plane and where in the world is Barbara Olson?

"Last call from plane tells of hijackers carrying knives"

THE death toll in the worst terrorist atrocity in America’s history included the wife of one of President Bush’s most important political allies. Barbara Olson made TWO desperate calls to her husband, Theodore, the Solicitor-General, from her mobile telephone during the course of the hijack of the American Airlines flight from Washington Dulles to Los Angeles. The well known right-wing political commentator is thought to have perished in the aircraft that struck part of the Pentagon. There were 64 people on board with no reports of any survivors."


Barbara Olson, American lawyer, author and political pundit, was born in 1956. She died aged 45 on board American Airlines flight 77 when it crashed into the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.


Going thru the TIMES Terrorism Special was a fascinating walk thru what really happened day by day since that fatal 9-11 day and what they "SAY happened". Here is something we missed back then in our shock and bewilderment. Now that the fogs lifted ten months later things are in a MUCH clearer perspective. Gary Hart (OF ALL PEOPLE GARY HART): We said America would face such an attack September 13, 2001

America will become “increasingly vulnerable to hostile attack on our homeland and our military superiority will not entirely protect us. Americans will likely die on American soil, possibly in large numbers.” This conclusion of the US Commission on National Security in the 21st Century, delivered to the political leadership and people of the United States in the autumn of 1999, was followed, on January 31, 2001, with recommendations to President Bush and his Cabinet to create a National Homeland Security Agency. Alas, neither the Clinton nor the Bush Administrations, nor the Congress, acted quickly enough to prevent Tuesday’s disaster.


THE POINT we're driving at is we don’t believe for ONE MINUTE the Olson story. We never bought it from day one. She and her husband THEODORE is an equally controversial figure. He led the legal team that blocked a recount of Florida's presidential election votes, thereby ensuring George Bush's victory, and Democratic senators believe that he was a pivotal figure in what Mrs. Clinton once labeled a "vast right-wing conspiracy" to discredit her husband were too close to Bush for credibility. And now that there is no doubt whatsoever (in our minds at least) that there was NO pentagon crash from the plane that Olson was supposed to be on. And if there was no crash then the whole kakamaney story was STAGED and she is alive somewhere in some safe house and sooner or later if this theory is true, will sooner or later be reading this too.

Barbara and Theodore would not only lie for Bush, Theo was HIRED to lie for him as the scheming LAWYER who stole the election for BUSH. There is no way for him to be a credible witness. His impartiality reeks all the way to Kennebunkport Maine.


That’s the only likely scenario that we can believe today. The other possible scenario which we like more than our first one would be that MR.OLSON (who was not getting along w/ his wife Barbara found the perfect way to get rid of her and he and the BUSH conspirators made sure that BARBARA got ON on that plane so she could be the, if not THE MOST PROMINENT PERSONALITY on the plane who were "killed". He Then he could come out w/ his ALLEGED PHONY PHONE CALLS from her and the story about the ALLEGED hijackers. "Mrs. Olson, who wrote a damning biography of Hillary Clinton, is the first confirmed high-profile victim of the four hijack attacks in New York and Washington. She had delayed her departure to have breakfast with her husband yesterday, his 61st birthday.” This is a case worthy of Colombo. Come to think of it didn’t Colombo solve a case like this once?

She was leaving earlier, his birthday MADE HER postpone and take or make it look like she boarded AA flight 77.





We will not get into what they did w/ the OTHER PASSENGERS who were on the "pentagon crash”. And by them we don’t mean the hijackers. There were NO hijackers.

After they herded all the passengers on that plane that never took off? After they possibly taxied it into some secret service hangar at the end of the runway? How about after they flew it to another us air base?

"Reports put the departure time of American Flight #77 from Dulles at 8:10 or 8:21 a.m. At 9:25 a.m., Barbara Olson allegedly calls her husband Solicitor General Ted Olson from Flight #77 to say the plane has been hijacked. He tells her of the other hijackings. It crashes at 9:45. Dulles is in suburban Maryland outside DC. WHERE WAS THIS PLANE FOR ONE HOUR???? Where in the world was Barbara Olson?

How can we ever know? How can we know what ever happened to that flight that did NOT crash? What did they do w/ the passengers? Did they kill them in cold blood? Or are they part of the conspiracy like BARBARA was? Where are they by the way? Where are the families of the passengers? Were bodies ever recovered? Was Barbara's body recovered or was it "burned beyond recognition?"

We can DEMAND that the DULLES WASHINGTON airport authorities provide us w/ the FOOTAGE of the airport security cameras that should show us the 64 victims of American Airlines Flight #77 that departed Washington, DC's in suburban Virginia for Los Angeles at 8:10 a.m. The poor families of those POOR victims that were on OLSONS plane should DEMAND that they be shown footage of their loved ones in the final hour before boarding and while boarding the AA flight. If we were one of the families we would PICKET the white house DEMANDING to see the tape and we would not LEAVE till BUSH gave us an answer or is IMPEACHED for his crime.

While that tape can show the 64 passengers and crew and BARBARA OLSON boarding the plane, we can almost guarantee you that tape can NOT show us the 5 "HIJACKERS" that we were TOLD were onboard too. Where is the airport security cameras footage of ALL the hijackers?

Something is terribly WRONG here. We were LIED to by THEODORE OLSON and We are being lied to by our president and our government. On second thought make that "lied to by THE president. He is most certainly Not OUR president.

The Crusading Bush gang must be impeached tried and brought to justice BEFORE they can do more harm. World War III for example. NUCLEAR WORLD WAR III.









Posted by moonshadowmoonshadow @ 08/12/2002 09:55 PM EST

yea, where are the airport security cameras? where are the black boxes? where are the pentagon cameras? The fact that we have not seen them is very frightening.

Posted by guerrillero @ 08/15/2002 02:20 AM EST

Great work. A lot of unansweredquestions concerning 9-11. Americans are starting to wake-up, but not fast enough. freedom ralley in Washington DC on Nov. 14th at the Washington monument. "We The People" www.givemeliberty.org, the group started by Bob Schulz, is promoting the convoy on Veterans Day to demand that the constitution be upheld and our liberties remain intact. Many other groups across America are participating in this historic event.

Posted by Whitewillow @ 08/15/2002 07:49 AM EST

i am stunned and surprised but thankful that people are saying what i have been thinking. In the U.K , the media makes out that Americans support Bush and everything is sweet, it's good to know you are awake but that fact is being hidden, keep up the great work.

Posted by Ruth, U.K. @ 08/18/2002 03:00 AM EST

I smelled a conspiracy with links to global domination and utter control of the (north) american people who are so susceptible to the big lie, but couldn't put two and two together until a friend sent me to your awesome website.
Now I am very scared.
What can I do ? I am just a lowly painting contractor.

VOX RESPONSE ANNOTATION: Don't be scared - Be prepared.
Be smart, be strong, be centered, be aware, but don't be scared. I'm not scared and I've got surveillance/hit squads trailing me. I'm fighting back, photographing many of their faces with suripticious cameras. That's on the practical end.
On the spiritual side, I'm O.K. with death. It's not so bad, and short of jumping out of the Burning Twin Towers or facing eminent death by slow painful fire, my immediate problems seem pale in magnititude.

Now as for the part about you being a "lowly painting contractor" I assure you, you are more than that. That is what they want you to believe. That is what they want you to believe you are. But you are very powerful. Like you said - you just put "two and two together." Just keep doing that, keep connecting the dots, keep learning and growing and understanding and you will liberate yourself.

Posted by Jeff, Canada @ 08/21/2002 10:51 PM EST

Bush reveals first thought:
"There's one terrible pilot"
by Matthew Engel

The Guardian, 5 December 2001

Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG), globalresearch.ca, 10 December 2001

President George Bush added a new and bizarre twist last night to the folklore surrounding September 11 when he revealed his initial reaction to the first plane hitting the World Trade Centre. In answer to a question from an eight-year-old in Florida, he said his first thought was: "There's one terrible pilot." Mr Bush was back in the state where he spent that fateful morning, before being flown off on a zig-zag cross-country journey which finally took him back to Washington. This is not considered his finest hour, and the latest comment seems to be further evidence about the sluggishness of his immediate response.

Mr Bush got the news outside a school classroom before going in to talk to the kids about a reading programme. He went in as planned but then Andrew Card, his chief of staff, came in and whispered the news of the second plane hitting the twin towers.

He said yesterday: "I saw an airplane hit the tower - the TV was obviously on - and I used to fly myself, and I said, 'There's one terrible pilot.' And I said, 'It must have been a horrible accident.'"

Of the second strike, Mr Bush told the youngster: "I wasn't sure what to think at first. You know, I grew up in a period of time where the idea of America being under attack never entered my mind - just like your daddy and mother's mind probably. And I started thinking hard in that very brief period of time about what it meant to be under attack. I knew that when I got all the facts, there would be hell to pay for attacking America."

The story that he was watching TV contradicts reports from correspondents at the time that he got the news in a phone call from his national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice. It also adds further puzzles: why he was being made to wait; why he did not at least delay his entry into the classroom; and why is it obvious that an elementary school would have a TV set in the corridor?

Mr Bush has done much in the past three months to erase his reputation for being gaffe-prone, a hereditary disorder among President Bushes. However, if this is a gaffe, his popularity is now such it may hardly matter; a crowd of 7,000 in Orlando cheered him rapturously.

Copyright, The Guardian 2001.

The URL of this article is:

Posted by IntelQ @ 08/23/2002 12:02 AM EST

I am ROFLMAO over the Barbara Olson post. You are hilarious! Please tell me you are a writer of adult fiction. God you're good...

Posted by Nic @ 09/05/2002 10:31 AM EST

If I can remember rightly bush was talking to a room full of kids while the attacks were happening. How could he see the first plane hit the tower. It does pay to remember. Keep up the good work vox Im glad that there is someone else out there that feels the same way I do and who actually can see the big picture.I will tell all my friends about your website.

Posted by sandy @ 09/08/2002 09:43 AM EST

The lies the government have told about 9/11 is totally unbelieveable. George Bush knew about 9/11 in advance. The fact he sat on his ass for 25 minutes proves he is a liar.

Posted by Steve @ 09/20/2002 08:21 PM EST

Keep up the great work. We need more information like you give, and more people reading it.. US has to wake up more, and KNOW the truth....

Posted by Carol P. @ 09/22/2002 04:26 AM EST

I was the only reporter to sue the "Justice" Department/FBI under FOIA to obtain the surviellance videotapes of the Oklahoma Federal buidling on the morning of April 19, 1995. Those tapes would have shown the government's undercover "John Doe II" agent. The "Justice" Department lied and delayed for over a year, losing their two Motions to Dismiss. Then the case was turned over to Judge Richard Matsch by Judge Wayne Alley, and Matsch (of Timothy McVeigh trial fame) denied our demand in its entirety. Good luck getting any videotapes on the 911 case. Shades of Abraham Zapruder and the Warren Commission...!

Posted by David Hoffman @ 09/23/2002 12:12 AM EST

I proved that the U.S. Government was incompetent back in 1989 & 1992, when I found and saw FBI agents dressed up as Prisoners inside Metropolitan Correction Center, 150 Park Row, NY, NY. The Prosecutor Andrew Luger (now of Minneapolis, Minn) who was a federal prosecutor of Eastern Federal Court, Brooklyn, NY and Federal Chief Judge Edward Korman both removed themselves from the 10-31-1989 case, once I outdid the Federal Government inside the Federal Prisons. Check out inmate Federal Inmate 28786-053, still not finished with sentence and in transit. Government can't finish up case, too embarrassing for a 1st time offender to beat out the best of the U.S. Intelligence Organizations in Federal Prison.

What a joke the FBI, CIA, and NSA

Posted by Robert Bienenfeld @ 09/23/2002 07:57 AM EST

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