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08/24/2002 Entry: "New York Nuked"

Warning - Internal Power Grabs Soon
Who knows where it's going to come from?
by voxfux

NewYorkNuked (23k image)

With so many warring adversaries from both abroad and from within the highest oligarchies of industry here in the US, and with an administration bent on alienating the US from the entire world community it is possible to imagine so many multitudinously layered threats, each cloaked in an anonymous wrapper, itself concealing even deeper layers of deceit, control, blood and money.

Franklin Roosevelt said, "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way."
For nearly a thousand years, stealthy acts of unclaimed terror spectacles have been the choice methodology the puppetmasters of the dark force have used for power grabs and crusades of global conquest. But now strategists from far and wide, have seen the effects of these spectacular terror strikes, and they have learned one thing - Terror works! And so now the principle target of all the "Evildoers," both from Texas and abroad, is the American people. That is the Irony. Because Americans are the very embodiment and exaltation of the spectacle, it's only natural that we become the very spectacle itself. Soon many of us will get to watch our own death live on CIA/CNN. Soon, in the society of spectacular victims (Which America has surely become) someone will watch the live CNN broadcast of their own death on their wristwatch television, palm, or vidi-cellphone as their plane's fiery drama unfolds live, or the city they live in wafts over with the death sentence of an Anthrax attack, live, on Spectaclevision's live broadcast of the next American Spectacle.

But now that we have this knowledge one would think that it would spoil the intended effect, lessen the impact, co-opt or preempt such an attack. Not so. The cat's out of the bag. The spectacular effects of terrorism and it's ability control populations especially Americans is not lost on any thinking rouge nation... or any ex or current President... or any ex or future superpower. The Bush criminal clan is not the only group who has learned how to use terrorism to control the American population. In attacking America, Bush and the dark hand which buttresses him sends a clear message and lesson to every enemy of freedom and peace in the world today.

China and or Russia are at present undoubtedly assessing the feasibility of manufacturing and deploying onto US soil, small tactical nuclear devices, made to look like they were crudely manufactured by an able terrorist group. At this level it becomes merely a matter of a smuggling operation and nothing more.

The origin of the first detonation of a wartime use of a nuclear bomb on US soil will be so cloaked in layers and layers of deception that any evidence found is actually more likely to be the exact opposite of what it is representing itself as. So if the "evidence" found points to Osama that will mean that it is highly unlikely that Osama did it. If the evidence points to China it would likely mean that China had nothing to do with it. It means that nearly any adversary from China to Russia to Israel to folks right here in the good old' USA can explode a smuggled device and plant "Evidence" to implicate whom ever they chose. And in the rush of lies and systematic deception, that is the American media, the truth will as always be completely obfuscated.

So if China or Russia wanted to hit us now they could deploy a scenario (A Psy-op) to have the appearance that it was Osama's Bin Laden's Al Queda that did it.

They learned that lesson from the masters of terrorism - The US based arms and oil industrialists who orchestrated the September 11th attacks. Bush let the cat out of the bag. Anyone who wants to attack America, say for example by slamming aeroplanes into US landmarks like twin towers they would simply plant evidence to implicate al Queda or anyone else they choose. You get the picture.

Intercontinental ballistic missile plumes and trajectories are impossible to cloak, so almost assuredly the first nuclear detonation used against the United States in this world of simulations and deception will be planted - not fired from a missile - it will be a ground blast. And this scenario of secretly detonating nuclear bombs in American cities includes, "sneak attack," scenarios from China, Russia, Israel as well as the most likely perpetrator - A group of American Industrialists linked to George Bush Sr.

Here's what New York City would look like with a medium yield ground burst in Times Square. Even at the periphery, although many buildings are still standing most of it's habitants, including yours truly, will be vaporized. Anyone in direct sight of the bomb will be killed in the initial thermal flash. Then comes the first shock wave quickly followed by the blast.

The manufacture of fraudulent evidence is now more than a "force multiplier" - It is now the United States' principal modus operandi. That's what they do -That's all they do.

Unless we activate and get the message out that the US needs to be stopped and a rational policy of normal decency implemented (not complete industrio-military oppression of the earth's poor and rich for that matter) scenes like this will soon become real.


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I don't think New York will be chosen again for another staged terror attack. Maybe some other city; Philly, Detroit, St. Louis, or someother midwest city. The East Coast has already been rocked (along with the rest of the country) by 911, so the midwest might be targetted to DIRECTLY effect more of the populus of the United States. Keep hittin' up NYC and people will start getting used to it like people that move out to Cali get used to earthquakes and tremors. If what you predict, voxfux, comes to fruition, I do believe that the "evidence" on hand will betray the origin of the attack and no matter what the facts of the matter are, the Bush regime (which is due for a much needed "regime change" like Bush keeps saying Iraq needs) will implicate their country of choice (most likely either Iraq or Iran, coincidentally #2 and #3 oil producers in the world), bomb it to rubble, and establish a compliant govt. (see Afghanistan).

Posted by Shockwave @ 08/25/2002 02:04 AM EST

To clarify my comment above, I don't think any city or its people could EVER really get "used" to shit like airliners slamming into buildings or something like a dirty bomb being detonated in their city, but the people who would witness such a thing (and not killed) were the same people who survived 911 and had their tolerance-level for catastrophy raised ever so slightly. It's just human nature. The Dark Hand behind 911 and any future staged terror of course would pick a target where they could maximize the psychological trauma and thus would probably, in my humble opinion, not choose NYC again.

Posted by Shockwave @ 08/25/2002 02:12 AM EST

Whatever happens im sure the people behind it will be ready to make a heapload of cash off it so it should happen in a wealthy economic area that doesnt involve guns or oil or in a heavily populaed area. However i do not think that the "dark hand" wants to kill as many people as possible but to create terror and i think that Shockwave is right in saying that NYC wont be struck again. Possibly Chicago and the Sears Tower.

Posted by anythingcanhappeninthisworld @ 08/25/2002 10:28 PM EST

Vox, any idea when it will happen? Any particular signs that it's imminent? I want to be off in some remote area on vacation when it does.

Changing subjects, I think have also spotted a new meme that is being planted by the powers that be. The meme is "Christmas music is just ordinary music that can be enjoyed at any time. It is independent of the Holiday." This is based on the hearing of christmas music Musak the other day (in early August!) at a book shop between two non-Christmas songs. A few days later, I was listening to the canned music on a plane, and the DJ brought in some Christmas music done by a jazz artist without skipping a beat! ANy thoughts about this? In conjunction with the series of articles exposing church pedophelia, I would say there is some sort of multi-channel psy-op to attack christianity.

VOX RESPONSE ANNOTATION: Well, a while back I was saying that it will happen in the three months leading up to the next presidential election. Bush will surely be trailing WHOEVER is the democratic opponent - all presidents who have presided over such desperate economic conditions have ALWAYS lost to the challenger - without fail. That is why if the Bush group hasn't done their second attack on America by then, it will most assuredly come during this three month period leading up to the election (Aug Sept Oct 2004). They will feel that in the confusion that will follow such a major pre election attack that they can simply issue fraudulent polls that state that 97% of all Americans want to re-elect their "Protector" or better yet 97% of all Americans don't feel we even an election considering the massive attack on our HOMELAND and urge Bush to suspend all constitutional rights and suspend any elections untill the "War on Terrorism" has been won (Which could take a lifetime or two.)

However, I have altered my prediction. I now believe that it could really happen at any time. Here's why. The Bush Group's principle focus is to extract as much money from the US treasury as possible. That is their primary goal, it always has been, it always will be. They do it principly via the military arms procurement process. (they own the companies that sell the arms to both the terrorists and the "Heros" who fight them) So with that in mind I realized imediate looting has always been a higher objective than long term looting. So my guess is that Bush's forces will launch their attacks on Americans soon. All I can say is, keep you're Cipro and Iodine tight and right. And if you live near a major US city (Especially New York or Washington) Keep a motorcycle handy if possible because the highways heading the fuck out of the blast or bio contaminant zone will be like one big stagnant river of cars stuck for days.

Hope this helps

Now, regarding your suspicion about attacks on Christianity, I would say absolutely positively YES. More specifically, Catholicism is under a major onslaugt from the same ILLUMINATTI group who ultimately is behind the Bush Group's attacks. However if you note you haven't seen any attacks against Southern Baptist and other Hyper Conservative "Power Suit" Christians. In fact they are now on the recieving end of much of this government looting. Bush is funneling massive US funds over to Christian groups so that they may install programs to "educate" us about all the things we really need Christians to educate us about, such as the virtue of abstinance, twisted morality, conservative politics, abortion, contraceptives, the evils of homosexuality... blah, blah, blah.

Best Wishes
from the Apocalypse

Posted by sprague @ 08/26/2002 02:28 AM EST

Hey voxfux.I have just recently discovered your site and I find it very intriguing. I would like to ask you this. Why did George Bush Sr.not stage a power grab in 92. when he lost the election to Clinton? Did he work behind the scenes for all those years ? I have to say I am very interested in how you became an expert in analyzing this gruesome situation. Let's just say out of my overwhelming curiousity. PS I understand if you can not say.

Posted by Leone @ 08/27/2002 11:23 AM EST

Hey voxfux.I have just recently discovered your site and I find it very intriguing. I would like to ask you this. Why did George Bush Sr.not stage a power grab in 92. when he lost the election to Clinton? Did he work behind the scenes for all those years ? I have to say I am very interested in how you became an expert in analyzing this gruesome situation. Let's just say out of my overwhelming curiousity. PS I understand if you can not say.

Posted by Leone @ 08/27/2002 11:23 AM EST

By studying the alleged Clinton and his purported "wife", herself, separately a CIA darling from a young age, it becomes obvious their role, on behalf of the Brits, was with impunity, to shamefully discredit the American central government, and the U.S. Constitution on which it is built and dependent. Scandal upon scandal was used by the liars and whores of the Press to entertain a dumbed down America. This culminated in a sex scandal that younger Americans in particular, and old lechers in general, found highly amusing.

Little known or understood, GEORGE W. BUSH, called by some Bush the Younger, over the years had the alleged Clinton as a trusted confidant. The Arkansas traveler, from time to time, came to the Bush Family mansion at Kennebunkport, Maine. There purports to be an undercover Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA, photo, showing the alleged Clinton in recent years snorting cocaine jointly with Bush the Younger.

Posted by crusader bunnypants @ 08/28/2002 07:47 PM EST

One of the threats perceived by the United States that would be carried out by such a collection of Israeli agents in the U.S. is the explosion of a nuclear device in an American city, or an attack on a U.S. nuclear power plant, followed by an attempt to implicate Arabs, Muslims, and Osama bin Laden again; a warning about the nuking of an American city has already appeared in the Zionist-controlled U.S. press, with the blame, again, being placed on Arabs, Muslims, Osama bin Laden, and now, Saddam Hussein. This Israeli threat is connected to the U.S. war plan against Saddam Hussein of Iraq, with President Bush understanding that if he does not do something about Saddam Hussein, then Israel will carry through on its threat, which will then actually be used to his advantage by Bush and his administration. The desired result of this planned war on Iraq is the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, the destruction of all chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons facilities, and the maintenance of Israel's position as the most powerful nation (and the only nuclear power) in the region.


Posted by crusader bunnypants @ 08/31/2002 04:45 AM EST

I agree with vox. NYC will be hit again along with at least one, probably two major cities or even more. This will be the coup de grace as everyone from coast to coast freaks out. Of course the obvious is LA with one more in the midwest. Or one in the south, maybe Tampa, home of Central Command.

I have had my KI pills and Cipro (from mexico) long before anyone else even thought of it. DId you know you can get antibiotics at your local pet stores, and even better antibiotics such as doxycline (alternate anthrax treatment) at feed stores if you live rural. You better stock up baby cause no one is gonna take care of you but you when it happens.

Posted by Reality Check @ 08/31/2002 06:39 PM EST

I am leaving america.

Maybe america will attack the country I go to? It is plausible, for Bush is calling everyone & their dog the axis of evil.
( except for the US& Israel.Which seem to have a diplomatic immunity for pre- meditated mass murder.Murder & evil done by these corrupt governments is always called good.)I would rather live in another 3rd world country. ( America is turning into a 3rd world country as we speak) I would rather not pay taxes to a corrupt elite for them to misuse, murder & enslave both american citizens, as well as the other human beings that live on this planet.

No doubt they will stage one or more terrorist events in the USA,to scare the sheeple into giving up the remainder of their liberties. I do not know where they will strike? I think they will wish to strike elsewhere. New York might not have the desired impact, because people might expect something might occur there. This time I think they will hit where people are not expecting it. That would give them the greatest impact.
They have no reverance for life & care not for liberty. The greatest evil on earth is done by this government. The greatest harm to america & many nations is done by american policies.

I do not want to be part of this malevolence, not even by one tiny speck. If I remain here my tax dollars will be taken to use against my own citizens & many innocent other lives across the globe. I must make the ultimate dissent. I who was born & raised here must leave this corrupt nation. I see it as my ultimate patriotic duty. The principles america was founded on are being destroyed. We need dissent on a scale unheard of ever before.

I will give up my citizenship before i watch american freedom die a slow death by a tyrannical cancer. George Orwell saw our future.
America is sinking like the titanic. Rome fell too. By Roman hands.If I remain here my conscience will suffer. Though I am against everything this government stands for- I am powerless to stop it & by being here I am forced to play a part- by paying taxes for the evil I despise.
I do not have the freedom to protest except behind barbed wire.
I do not get to choose for my tax dollars to help the homeless or poor. I must leave this hell. This false freedom. This hideous tyranny. The illusions only appear true to the blind. United? America is being divided & it will fall like the Rome before.

Pity every citizen does not abandon this regime. Imagine if we all left & there was no lifes blood of tax money for this vampire regime to continue its evil acts.

Given the current state of the US
(& the world) I cannot help but to daydream of the demise of Shrub & his ilk.
His warmongering is so arrogant. So blatant. How can any unaware sheep remain?

Many of my family members are such sheep. They are in denial of the ugly realities. It is all too easy to turn a blind eye & pretend reality isn't real.
What will the mindless masses pretend when the next strike occurs?
What scapegoat will be blamed to take the focus off the perpe-Traitors. Of course Muslims will be blamed as usual.

I hope I am far from america the next time it happens. I am securing my passport & my travel itinerary.
Leaving here just might feel like a perpetual vacation. I suspect it will.

Though I will not cease my freedom of speech from abroad. And will always tell people to visit this site as well as Whatreallyhappened.com

I love freedom too much to participate in this charade anymore.

Posted by Al-Haqq @ 09/07/2002 11:30 AM EST

The banking families must be ousted from this planet!

Posted by Nudimmud @ 09/07/2002 07:15 PM EST



nice pic, btw.

Posted by bilderburg @ 09/10/2002 03:04 AM EST

Rumor Mill News Reading Room Forum

President Bush: Clean Out the Nest of Likud Spies

Posted By: Rosalinda
Date: Sunday, 15 September 2002, 12:45 p.m.

Former President George H.W. Bush, a.k.a. "Bush 41," no doubt
vividly recalls the October 1975 Ford Administration purge, that
brought him in as Director of Central Intelligence, and brought
Gen. Brent Scowcroft in as National Security Adviser.

Bush 41 ought to counsel his son, the current President
(a.k.a. "Bush 43"), to launch a house cleaning to begin
the process of purging his administration of a nest of Israeli
agents of influence; who, if left in place through the end of
this month, will likely succeed in dragging the United States and
much of the rest of the world into a Clash of Civilizations war
-- beginning with Iraq -- that will sweep the entire planet into
the bloody maelstrom of a 14th Century-like New Dark Age.

The "cabal" of Israeli Likud agents is deeply penetrated
into the civilian staff of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, the
senior policy staff in the Office of Vice President Dick Cheney,
and in several crucial policy pockets at the State Department.

Some leading "cabalists" were at the top of the list of suspected
collaborators of convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard --
including Richard Perle, head of the Defense Policy Board.
Vice President Cheney's chief of staff and national security
adviser, Lewis Libby, was a Yale protege of Deputy Defense
Secretary Paul Wolfowitz in 1973, and served as his State
Department and Pentagon deputy in the Reagan and Bush 41

Other Israeli assets inside Cheney's office
include chief foreign policy aide John Hannah, who previously
worked for the leading Israeli think-tank in Washington, the
Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP); and Eric
Edelman, a former Wolfowitz deputy at the Bush 41 Pentagon.
Incest is the favorite pastime inside the Washington
Beltway, so the existence of this cabal might not shock many
jaded Washington observers.

But the character of this network is
that they have publicly declared themselves to be at the service
of the Israeli Likud regime.

Perle, Douglas Feith (current Assistant Secretary of Defense
for Policy), and David Wurmser (current executive assistant to
chief State Department arms control negotiator John Bolton) were
the principal authors of a July 1996 study for then-Israeli Prime
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which called for a "clean break"
from the Oslo peace process, the annexation of the Occupied
Territories, and the permanent destabilization of the entire Arab

The cabal has been dedicated to foisting this right-wing
Israeli foreign policy on G.W. Bush, from the first day that
ex-Secretary of State George Shultz took charge of "Team Bush"
in April 1998, and installed Wolfowitz and Condoleezza Rice as
the President's two chief foreign policy and national security
tutors. Wolfowitz promptly paraded the entire cabal, beginning
with Perle, down to Austin to sell G.W. on the (Israeli) policy
of war on Iraq.

So what is to be done? Let us start with a purgative first step.

The July 10, 2002 session of the Defense Policy Board, at
which now former RAND Corporation "senior analyst" Laurent
Murawiec delivered his diatribe against Saudi Arabia -- including
the call for American occupation and takeover of the Saudi oil
fields -- was recently denounced by Gen. Anthony Zinni, former
head of the Central Command, as an unforgiveable outrage. We
agree. The Pentagon official who bears line-of-command
responsibility for that infamy is Doug Feith.

Feith was one of the Netanyahu advisers behind the "Clean
Break" policy, and he repeated his total opposition to a
Palestinian state in a 1999 book, which he co-authored for the
Zionist Organization of America. His sponsoring the Saudi-bashing
session is consistent with every other aspect of his performance
at the Pentagon. He is in open defiance of President George W.
Bush's often-stated policy of a "two-state solution" to the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Feith's removal is not only appropriate, it is vital.

American foreign policy ought to be made by Americans
who do NOT have dual loyalties;
certainly not by people who have unambiguous single loyalties --
which are not to the United States.

Mr. President, let the Nest-cleaning begin.

Posted by Mr Clean @ 09/16/2002 12:31 PM EST

If you want to maximize pschological trauma upon christians (not to mention muslims and israelis) you would make Jerusalem a crater. The false prophets have been teaching for years that the Temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalem and Christ will return there. However they have misidentified the players in prophetic scenarios. The largest mistake of those who consider religions is to misidentify the players, both modern and ancient. Judeo-christians are not the same as christians. Can you imagine the effect of having almost ALL of your belief system go up in smoke... they will be almost comatose. I'll go on record for Easter/Passover 2003... www.godskingdomministries/special_report.htm

Posted by messianicdruid @ 09/19/2002 12:55 PM EST

Forgot the .org


Posted by messianicdruid @ 09/19/2002 12:58 PM EST


Press Release

Bush Must Say 'No'
To Israeli Nuclear Blackmail
Statement by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
September 18, 2002

I am warning President George W. Bush and European leaders: If weapons inspectors return to Iraq and an otherwise certain Iraq-centered new Middle East war by the U.S. is thus averted, the governments of the United States and Western Europe must be prepared to forcefully intervene to prevent an increasingly more desperate and psychotic Sharon regime in Israel from blowing up the entire Middle East region, and beyond.

At an international webcast, before a live audience in Washington on Sept. 11, 2002, I identified three hurdles that had to be overcome to avert an Iraq war that would trigger a perpetual “Clash of Civilizations” religious conflict and a New Dark Age:

First, the U N Security Council had to become the venue for dealing with the Iraq situation, and a reasonable resolution had to be drafted, that would be agreed to by President Bush, overriding the Sharon-influenced “war party” within his own Administration's senior ranks.

Second, the resolution had to be accepted by Iraq's Saddam Hussein, as well as by President Bush.

With those two conditions met, the gravest remaining danger would be a more berserk move by Sharon to sabotage the peaceful resolution and blow up the region.

It was the threat of an Israeli nuclear attack on Iraq in 1991 that blackmailed the first Bush Administration into launching Operation Desert Storm. Today's Israel, under the insane Sharon regime, is the only nation on Earth that genuinely fits the profile of a “rogue state” armed to the teeth with “weapons of mass destruction.”

Israel has the third largest nuclear weapons arsenal on Earth, and submarine, missile, and bomber delivery systems capable of obliterating the entire Persian Gulf.

Israeli scientists have recently threatened that they now have the capability of launching an intercontinental ballistic missile, meaning that no place on Earth--including the United States--is exempt from an Israeli preemptive nuclear attack. Do you dare dismiss this threat from Sharon?

Have you looked inside the mind of a Jabotinskyite universal fascist like Sharon or Netanyahu? . . . These followers of Jabotinsky, gained their present power in Israel through the 1995 assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who had the courage to pursue a “peace of the brave” with the Palestinians.

. . .

In 1956, it took an experienced military man, President Dwight Eisenhower, to force Israel to back down from the Suez invasion, after both Britain and France had withdrawn under American pressure. Eisenhower not only threatened to cut off all U.S. military and civilian aid to Israel; he also threatened to remove the tax-exempt status of all American organizations that provided aid to Israel.

An even more resolute action will now be required from a far-less qualified President George W. Bush, to stop Sharon from carrying out either a false-flag “Islamist” terrorist attack against an American target, or a nuclear attack on Iraq or Iran.

This is deadly serious stuff, and your personal involvement in the effort to stop it is vital.

Are you prepared to have the Sharon regime in Israel once again blackmail an American President into starting a war in the Persian Gulf, out of fear of an Israeli weapons of mass destruction attack on Baghdad?

Do you have any idea what the consequences will be for the U.S. and world economy, if a new Persian Gulf War, costing American taxpayers between $2-3 trillion, is launched today, under the current conditions of a collapsing U.S. economy and a thoroughly bankrupt world financial system?

I warned that the toleration for the swamp of Sharon agents inside the Bush Administration, is another grave impediment to the President taking the urgently required action, in concert with our European allies and Russia, to stop Sharon from provoking this perpetual war.

In a recent mass-circulation LaRouche in 2004 release, “The Pollard Affair Never Ended,” I named the names of the leading Sharonists inside the Bush Pentagon and State Department--Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Doug Feith, David Wurmser--some of whom literally prepared the foreign policy doctrine of perpetual war for then-Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in July 1996.

These Netanyahu-Sharon Likud moles inside the Bush foreign policy and national security establishment are still suspected, now with more and more evidence, of involvement with the convicted Israeli spy, American-born Jonathan Pollard.

Since the release and circulation of a million copies of the “Pollard Affair Never Ended” campaign document, new, even more damning evidence has surfaced. Therefore, I must intensify my demand for a thorough national security investigation into key staffers in the Office of Vice President Dick Cheney, beginning with his chief of staff and national security advisor, I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby.

Libby, a protégé of Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz for the past 30 years, has assembled a “shadow national security council” in the Vice President's Office, which has protected the Israeli agents nest inside the Pentagon and State Department --and blocked an urgently needed purge of these Likudniks. Libby has his own longstanding deep ties to the Sharon circles, including to the Pollard spy ring.

While out of government, Libby served between 1985-2000 as the personal attorney for fugitive swindler Marc Rich.

Rich was indicted by the U.S. Justice Department in 1983 for tax evasion and for trading with the enemy, and he fled the United States, establishing a luxurious hide-away in Zug, Switzerland.

Today, according to Israeli sources, Rich is under investigation, for illegal contributions to Ariel Sharon's last political campaign. He has been involved in Russian Mafia operations in Africa, and, through his Marc Rich Foundation in Israel, has openly financed international operations of the Israeli Mossad.

Libby's law partner and mentor, Leonard Garment, was a pivotal player in the Israeli government's damage control effort following the Pollard arrest in November 1985, and he served as the attorney for Israeli Air Force Col. Aviem Sella -- the man who recruited and deployed Jonathan Pollard.

Now, Ariel Sharon's regime is Hell-bent on provoking a regional war in the Middle East -- a war pivoted on an Israeli pre-emptive attack on Iraq.

The threat (from these scumbags) is that, if President Bush does not virtually exterminate Iraq, and neighboring countries too, Israel will.

This means the likely use of nuclear, biological or chemical weapons.

Sharon's Washington moles are operating under the shadows of the Vice President and the Secretary of Defense of the United States.

If Sharon is to be stopped from launching World War III in the Middle East, this entire Pollard stay-behind apparatus must be thoroughly investigated, exposed, and removed from government--now!

It is time for these Israeli agents and spies to be kicked out of government, and the Israeli government to desist from its nuclear blackmail.

I demand it.

I can not believe that any sane and patriotic American would not back me up “100%” on this specific issue.

Support me actively on this issue. If you are serious about the security of our nation and its people, I should be able to count on you.

This is deadly serious stuff, and your personal involvement in the effort to stop it is vital.

Press release at LaRouche site


Posted by NOW @ 09/19/2002 02:34 PM EST

This is a message of Hope for humanity. Things are going to get much worse, this is only the begining of the end. But not of the end of the world but of the end of a corrupted era, were money and evil managed to turn the planet into some sort of hell for billions of people. A lot of us, maybe myself, will die, and a lot more will suffer. But then , death and suffering is the ticket for our next live, and nobody can avoid them, even in an ideal world. But this is what I say, this is what is written :

The human cubs that were borned today, in 25 years time, will see the birth (apocalipsis in old greek) of a new world. In this new world all arms will be forbidden, even kitchen knifes will be forcely blunt. People like George Bush (may God forgive him, as he does not know what he is doing) will be recluded in mental institutions, if he previously has not blowned his head in a bunker like his ancestor Adolf Hitler.

Posted by mr Hope @ 09/19/2002 03:40 PM EST

Our own personal actions and intent are the determining factors in our future. These are precarious times, at best. For those of us who have not responded to the brainwashing of the mass media for the past half-decade, I would suggest; take care in your thoughts, words and actions, make them peaceful and loving towards all living creatures, and most prominently, our planet. Keep always in mind: Think Globally, Act Locally. Therein lies the hope of all creatures. Do not abandon our beautiful country's hope and legacy. The only fight in which to engage is to keep your mind healthy and your body fit for the immeasurably difficult times ahead. In the name of the prophet, John Lennon, "Give Peace a Chance."

Posted by Lightworker Bee @ 09/23/2002 10:29 AM EST

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