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10/03/2002 Entry: "Child Pornography"

Disturbing Patterns Found in Recent Proliferation of Child Pornography
Looks Like Involvement at Institutional and Governmental Levels
by vox

Since 1980 there has existed - virtually no commercial production of child pornography whatsoever anywhere - Until now.

The recent explosion of Russian produced soft core child pornography, targeted at English language customers contains clues that point to involvement of governmental agencies either through aquiessence or worse - direct profit.

The FBI’s own statistic claims that the cumulative commercial profits from the international child porn industry have gone from $0.00 ten years ago (virtually nonexistent) to an estimated 20 to 30 billion dollars annually. (FBI) And while this 20 to 30 billion figure is a gross distortion (a Fear Bomb) typical of agencies eager to justify their expanding budgets, there is nevertheless an unmistakable and expanding commercial component to this recent upsurge in production - As judged by the Visa, Mastercard and American Express logos plastered prominently on the front pages of these proliferate child pornography sites.

Welcome to the New World Order.

This highly professional network of Russian child pornography web sites operate right on the world wide web with dot com suffixes, secure sockets, modern interfaces, and slick graphic design. All seemingly risky business for any would be pornographer considering that any server’s location can be now be precisely mapped by modern law enforcement methods of network propagation analysis to within feet of it’s location. What gives then? Why are these sites operating?

Considering the cold reality of organized crime in Russia today it would be impossible for such a lucrative trade to slip through their fingers. Yet we know as a fact that Russian Intelligence would never allow such profits to slip through THEIR FINGERS - they would almost assuredly be cashing in as well. Finally, there is the American hand, once again. The invisible hand. Our intelligence agencies have boasted about their close ties and cooperation with Russian intelligence on the Russian child pornography front. And the word “Front” is a double entendre here.

The brazenness of these operations can imply only one thing - That they are permitted to operate at the very highest levels of law enforcement in Russia and possibly right here at home. We know, for example, that since the breakup of the Soviet Union, Russian intelligence has simply shifted over to working for the only paying entity in town - The Russian Mafia. And the few agents still officially working for the Russian government have earned a reputation for building partnerships with the Russian Mafia, most assuredly, the producers of the porn.

Where does America stand in all this?

Well, according to our own law enforcement statistics we, once again, appear to be the biggest market for this stuff. (That’s a surprise!) It is in America where apparently there are scores of perverted geezers awaiting eagerly, mouse in one hand, visa card in the other. And it is Our law enforcement who brags about it’s much vaunted cooperation with foreign intelligence on such matters. Well then there is just one question? Is American Intelligence being played for a sucker by their foreign counterpart or are they both playing us for a sucker? Pick one.

It is widely known that every single credit card transaction’s details are immediately available to our intelligence agencies - In real time. So if US intelligence knows who’s buying 20 to 30 billion dollars worth of child pornography (ostensibly with credit cards) then what is happening? Certainly the highly publicized busts so far netted nowhere near the level of a 20 to 30 billion dollar business. It seems most of the big international busts that go down, net reclusive 72 year old ex-postal workers, local Sheriffs or Disney executives - Which make for great media fear bombs but do absolutely NOTHING in effectively halting this industry. If they are allowing a 20 to 30 billion dollars annually (FBI) industry to continue to exist then it’s only natural to connect the dots and ask, why?

Since it is a fact that there is now a massive volume of professionally produced child pornography emanating from Russia on websites with hard IP Addresses our extrapolation of our government’s intelligence services involvement can be characterized as one of four possible models to outline the scenario.

1) It is possible yet highly improbable that they are unaware. (The Classic Denyability) This excuse will work with most people. If they are unaware of the scale of the operation then it brings into question their effectiveness. This scenario is the least likely.

2) Case officers who work for the agencies are aware of the scale of the Russian operations and eagerly want to pursue those involved, but in this likely scenario there will be at least bureaucratic hurdles if not monumental resistance from within our own high echelons of power as well as from any “cooperative” Russian law enforcement counterparts. This resistance has it’s genesis in the profits of illicit cash being generated by this new child flesh trade (This is a likely scenario considering the present clandestine groups who operate the US)

3) Another possible variation on the second scenario is that US intelligence does not have a profit stake in the game at all, and are being stymied by Russian law enforcement. US intelligence would consider such a “trade off” for some other objective that US intelligence desires. (Search: IRAN CONTRA COCAINE) The obvious US objectives in allowing the illicit soft core peddling of the youth of Russia would be of course the typical geo-strategic objectives that the US has always had, imperialistic, economic, industrial encroachment of Russian Sovereignty. (This is as likely a scenario as the second)

4) Last but certainly not least is the “Honey Pot “scenario which is a disgusting term for an equally revolting law enforcement practice. Basically it’s an entrapment scheme. The intelligence agency puts up the porn and is secretly behind the billing operation. So they know full well who the customers are. It then becomes a simple matter to cull through the names of the customers and see if there are any big fish that could be used as convenient “fear bombs” (To justify their budgets) or to compromise through extortion. And in the mean time the funds from the ones they do not bust go into the slush fund of an increasingly independently financed intelligence apparatus which operates totally beyond the pale of the law and in the end, ends up, like the CIA cocaine trafficking in the 80’s, being the perpetra(i)tors of societies biggest crimes.

It is impossible to ignore US intelligence’s long history of involvement in illicit trafficking of ALL sorts. But since your current government is shrouded in layers and layers of secrecy we may never know the truth of the matter. Or more likely we will learn the truth, only after years have passed, the damage has been done, and the events sink down the memory hole. And even then most will not believe such a practice would be possible by our guys - the good guys.

But if you know your history you will know the present. If there’s illicit business then... They are either getting a cut of the profits or they are going to shut them down. That is the reality at the very highest levels of power.

We see many examples of eager agents being literally shot down by their superiors and finished off and shut out by the agency - FOR BEING RIGHT!
That is the reward which awaits the real heroes - the folks like FBI agents Coleen Rowley and John Oneill who were screeming loud and clear about the impending 911 attacks and now she is running scared and he is dead.

Instead of a well deserved promotion for doing their job right, they are ostracized and shut out. The message that this kind of treatment sends to each and every agent is a resounding - Do what we tell you and not what’s right.

And finally there is perhaps a deeper level of involvement. Those who control the CIA - The Illuminati. After all it is the soldiers of the Illuminati who gather each year at Bohemian Grove and worship a giant 40 foot statue of the owl Moloch - the god of ritual child sacrifice.


Update December 20 2002

Fifty police officers arrested over child porn
by pa news

Fifty police officers have been arrested as part of a nationwide operation targeting internet users who pay to access child pornography websites.

Jim Gamble, assistant chief constable of the National Crime Squad, said that the police officers were among about 1,300 Britons had been identified in Operation Ore as "category one or two" suspects - those who posed the greatest potential risk to children.

Eight of the officers have been charged and the remainder were bailed pending further inquiries.

Mr Gamble said: “Fifty police officers have been identified and we are not hiding that fact. We want you to know about that to
reassure you.

“Police officers are members of the communities that they serve and there will be good people and bad people in the police.”

In London today, 45 warrants were executed by officers acting on information from American authorities in Operation Ore, which targets users of "pay-per-view" child pornography sites based in the US

In addition, some 28 children at risk of being abused had been identified in London and appropriate steps had been taken with partner agencies to ensure that all the youngsters were safe.

Prior to today's arrests, the Metropolitan Police has executed 75 warrants across the capital with 65 arrests and more than 130 computers seized.

The Met's Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Carole Howlett, said today's raids represented the single largest operation of its kind mounted so far by the force.

She added: "Our priority so far has been to identify those individuals on the list that pose the greatest threat to children now.

"But this process is on-going... and it will continue after today, even though it is extremely resource intensive."

Ms Howlett also announced that the Home Office had agreed to allocate an extra £500,000 to support further action as part of Operation Ore.

She said the money would be used to provide extra training in computer forensics for officers across the country and to buy equipment to assist in analysing computers seized.

Operation Ore is the UK ring of a huge FBI operation which traced 250,000 paedophiles worldwide last year through credit card details used to pay for downloading child porn.

The names of British suspects were passed on by US investigators. Suspects were traced through the Landslide web site - a gateway to an international collection of child pornography sites.

Thomas Reedy, who ran the website and earned millions from it, is now serving several life sentences in the US.

Viewer Commentary: 20 comments

I am from russia. You are correct in naming Russian intelligence as being involved in the child pornography business. I would speculate that the CIA is just collecting names at the present time to be used at a later date during a mass arrest which will be used as a distraction when the US mounts further aggression aganst other nations.

Posted by Vlad Krenisk @ 10/03/2002 02:39 PM EST

Thank you vox. It seems that there are two realities. One, as described by the governments and the media, and the other as you accurately describe. I subscribe to your version of events. The question is how do we get the word out. I'm not sure how many hits you get per day but it is probably small in comparison to CNN. What can we do? SM

Posted by Susan Macelroy @ 10/03/2002 07:04 PM EST

I mean, the elite rulers of the world worshipping the owl Moloc is just a perfect example that those at the top are simply FEEDING off of the rest of us. Keep up the good work.

Posted by The Machine @ 10/03/2002 10:11 PM EST

George Bush (senior) is reputed to be himself, a pedophile. Put that in your google.

Posted by Wouldn't you like to know @ 10/03/2002 10:15 PM EST

God Damn! You are the hardest core motherfucker I have ever read. Fuckin aye! Keep writing my brother and I'll keep reading.

Posted by Terrence Hatfield @ 10/04/2002 12:38 AM EST

Illumati are hard core Satanists. Pedophilia and the snuff media created is a profitable by product of what goes on anyway. It's really sickening. Keep up the awesome work Vox.

Books to check out:
Nebraska Cover Up by John De Camp
Trance Formation of America

Posted by Doctor Noh @ 10/04/2002 12:39 PM EST

"All seemingly risky business for any would be pornographer considering that any server’s location can be now be precisely mapped by modern law enforcement methods of network propagation analysis to within feet of it’s location."

Why even bother with that? Just do a whois on the domain or call the billing company (or Visa, or Mastercard to revoke the merchant account of the 3rd party biller). Reading the mainstream reports on these stories there's always some dumbass FBI guy who's quoted saying the following: "We try to track these people down but they're always one step ahead." Haha!

That being said, much of the "professional" Ruskie child pornography could be defended in a US court as being legal erotica and not technically illegal. Also, the age of consent in Russia was 14 and only now is being raised to 16 (under pressure from the U.S.) to be on par with the EU (where you can still legally buy Traci Lord's "underage" porn vids btw).

Posted by G. W. Knue @ 10/05/2002 02:55 AM EST

Another excellent analysis by the Vox meister.

Ashcroft recently made some noise about cracking down on child porn, but consider this: AOL and ATT are now the world's largest distributors of the stuff. If they wanted to, or if they were compelled to, both companies could monitor their news and web servers to eliminate child porn, but they don't. They DO monitor for some copyrighted porn material, and do erase it from their servers, so why not child porn?

Also consider the specific case of AT&T, which is probably the world's largest IP service. AT&T is commonly considered a public corporation like other huge corporate juggernauts, but that isn't exactly true. AT&T enjoys a unique and very close relationship to the Feds, to intelligence services, and to the NSA. The company is an outgrowth of Bell Labs, and has been perhaps the single most important company involved in high-tech and advanced weapons research.

At Sandia Labs, the nations premiere weapons development facility, an AT&T flag flys right along side the U.S. flag by the security entrance.

Everone should understand that nothing you do over the internet is hidden. The internet is an ideal tool for collecting intelligence. Contrary to what we've been hearing in the media lately, the internet is a very poor tool for terrorists. Check out the following address to find out why.


Posted by Harry Tuttle @ 10/05/2002 08:50 PM EST

AOL's Steve Case is a perfect example on how to make it in America. Put on a "Family Values" front, brag loudly about your companies' efforts to crush child pornography on the Internet, yet in actuality be the largest pipeline for this stuff on the planet. I remember a study concluded that, of all the child porn circulating on the net, nearly 80% of it had as it's principal locus, origin and destination - The AOL network. So much for corporate America's so-called "Family Values."

There were also patterns uncovered regarding customers leaving the ISP when certain channels of this pornography were shut down.

Posted by Mechanismo Interpolator @ 10/07/2002 01:46 PM EST

I have seen that this crap (Child Pornograpy) exists. It rings so true with what William Carr, in his prophetic book, PAWNS IN THE GAME, stated. I dont have the book here so I cant quote it but he said that a part of the secret plans of the illuminati is to make what is base acceptable. Look at the total disintigration of morals in the US from 1950 to today.

Posted by 'Isa Khan @ 10/09/2002 06:59 PM EST

This started in the U.S.by a select
group about 100 years ago. They have transitioned over to the New World Order, etc.and are fueled by all these groups...mentioned. I don't know what the ANSWER is!! We all need to be aware ...

Posted by Lauren @ 10/17/2002 08:39 PM EST

Speaking of perversions in the Bush clan, read this:


The skull and boner activities certainly follow him to this day. This may be one of them.

Posted by Shallow Throat @ 10/19/2002 12:46 AM EST

As I read the child porn article, I was bombarded with pop-ups from a website titled www.cyberrape.com...pretty damned scary, in my opinion.

Posted by OPEN MIND @ 10/20/2002 08:34 AM EST

I guess the government could regulate pornography better if we had an XXX domain but then they wouldn't be able to spend their time spying on pages like this one.

Posted by eric swan @ 10/27/2002 02:57 PM EST

I've read "Pawns in the Game" as well. It's been an invaluable aid in seeing patterns prevalent in all of the misinformation, disinformation and outright lies we still get from the media. Carr astutely (and accurately) referred to that as "the controlled press". Another, more recent publication which details how that is done and to what extent is a Canadian publication called "Democracy's Oxygen" written by James Winter. It's available through Black Rose Books which stems from the University of Toronto press. Granted it deals mostly with goings on in Canada rather than the US but the methods, links and effects are rthe same. It's pretty scary when one realizes that four of the Prime Ministers in Canada over the last thirty plus years, and incidentally, anyone who stayed in office for a while (Lester Pearson, Pierre Trudeau, Brian Mulrooney, and now Jean Chretien), along with some of our key Ministers of Finance (Michael Wilson who gave us the GST and Paul Martin who owns Canada Steamship Lines and runs the St. Lawrence Seaway while allowing the government [taxpayer] to pay for the upkeep) all have ties to the same man, Paul Demarais, the owner of Power Corporation. When you explore their the ties these people have to mainstream media corporations (Hollinger, Thomson, Sun Media, CanWest Global) one has to be in an advanced state of denial to ignore the obvious. Paul Demarais, along with Conrad Black (owner of Holliinger) are both card carrying members of the Trilateral Commission.

Their influence is in no way limited to the US.


Posted by Brian Hay @ 10/27/2002 10:16 PM EST

Your article "Disturbing Patterns Found in Recent Proliferation of Child Pornography" is very interesting and eye-opening. The child pornography rings that are operating in the U.S. are backed by the right-wing/anti-abortion groups that are currently fighting to have all abortions and contraceptives made illegal in the United States. They even insist that pregnancies caused by rape and incest be allowed to go full-term - even if in involves jailing the unwilling mother and forcing her to have the baby. The reason for this is that pedophiles and sexually deviant groups have taken over the religious and anti-abortion groups. They strive to create a community where woman are nothing more than sex slaves and the children, the result of incestuous rapes, will be sexual fodder for these perverts. Don't let them fool you with their "Right-to-Life" propaganda. They are after our mothers, sisters, wives and children. They are the right-wing elite who believe that their oil-soaked money gives them the right to make us and our precious children sex slaves for their perverted pleasures. With their mass-media buddies, they have convinced those who don't know any better that the left-wingers are the enemy -- that compassion and love is weak and sick. That the poor deserve what they get, and the rest of us should be grateful for their dictatorial laws and control. Well we are not going to take it anymore. We love our freedom and it is our God-given right to live in peace and the American way. Fight back before it is too late.

Posted by Sick of it All @ 10/28/2002 07:40 PM EST

Sick of it all, you are completely out of your mind. You tell people not to be fooled by the Right-to-life propaganda but all you are spewing is propaganda of your own kind. I am anti-abortion and a Christian and I can assure you that I am not a pedophile or pervert. You are really a sorry and sick individual if you really believe what you have written above. You really need some professional help. I hope you get some quickly.

Posted by montanawags @ 11/01/2002 01:07 AM EST

Please people stay open minded. If you believe that the government is at fault for every moral thing, you are falling for the same type of propoganda you are fighting against. I read this site and believe our government is corrupt, but then I read sites for America and believe that the people against Amercica are just as corrupt and just as guilty of propoganda. America is guilty of alot of atrocities, but you have to judge policy on your lifestyle. I live in a nice suburb,(All US SUBURBS ARE STULTIFYING MIND PRISONS) am way over paid SURE YOU AREand I am surrounded by virtually no crime. EXCEPT THE CRIME OF WASTING YOUR LIFE IN A SUBURB My children attend great schools (YOU MEAN MIND NUMBING INDOCTRINATION CENTERS?) and we have everything we need. (YOU HAVEN'T EVEN A CLUE WHAT YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON - NOT A CLUE. hint: Life.) Most countries do not have that. To be on top you have to sacrafice. TO BE ON TOP ! WELL THAT SAYS IT ALL! BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT MR. 'THE TRUTH' - BEING 'ON TOP' AS YOU SAY. LIKE YOU ARE, THERE OVER IN SUBURBIA, ON TOP RIGHT? Oh BROTHER! Dont believe everything you read on these sites. It is just propoganda in the same way you believe that the US is all propoganda. Be smart

Well folks I think this person really believes his bullshit. Here's an experiment for all suburbanites. Walk onto your front lawns. now look at the house directly opposite yours. Do you like that person? Do you even know that person? now turn to each side and ask the same questions. That'll tell you alot about America. Unfortunately suburbia in America is a vast wasteland of shopping malls and shoppers, Eminem hip hoppers, cull de sacs, baseball caps. Nike's and SUV's - with absolutely ZERO artistic or cultural aspects. We know all about the American Suburban landscape. It is a mass void filled with the swarming noise of the television which is the ONLY pipeline of information into this mind hole.
I grew up in the suburbs, I know.

Posted by The Truth @ 11/01/2002 09:08 AM EST

Absoultely correct on all fronts. You are definately on the right trail about the involvement of the US government in.......well, anything. The controllers at the highest level have the most obvious reason for not destroying child pornography, they are some of its biggest buyers. Keep up the great work. This is an awesome sight for REAL information on what is going on behind the scenes.

Posted by holobrad @ 11/01/2002 09:15 AM EST

Re: The Truth---------
You may be one of those floating on top of the shit, I am however deeply in it. I don't live in a nice suburb, I live in a double wide trailer. I am highly underpaid for doing a job that is totally unsatisfying. And as for living in an area virtually crime free, sorry brother but there is no such place in this world. You probably just accept the crime you have in the suburb as normal, or miniscule. This site is not propaganda just as the US government and media are propaganda, they are controlling and abusing human beings. Sites like this are trying to free your mind instead of enslaving it, you are the one who needs to be more openminded. Keep reading....and thinking.

Posted by holobrad @ 11/01/2002 09:25 AM EST

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