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10/16/2002 Entry: "Sniper Tips"

Police Issue Citizens "Advice" on Sniper Attacks

"Run in short zig zag dashes."

by voxfux

WindFarmThum (19k image)

The following was issued by the police through the Washington Post

We want to emphasize that the following is actually released by our authorities. WE DIDN'T MAKE THIS UP.

Here goes:

1) While outside, try to keep moving. A moving target is more difficult to hit than one that is standing still.

2) If you must remain in one place in an area where you feel vulnerable, select the darkest part of the area to sit or stand in.

3) When moving outside, walk briskly in a zigzag pattern.

VOXFUX ANNOTATION: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid... We'll protect you...

4) If you must stand outside, try to keep some type of protective cover between yourself and any open areas where a sniper might be located. For example, if you are fueling your car, stand between your vehicle and the gas pump and bend your knees to lower your profile.

5) If you are fired on in an open area, drop to the ground and roll away from where you were standing. Look for the closest protective cover and run toward it in short, zigzag dashes.

6) Be constantly aware of your surroundings while outside. Note any suspicious vehicles or activities, move away from them and report them to the police.

7) Remember that a sniper with the right equipment can shoot accurately from about 500 yards away, the equivalent of five football fields.


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My God it's true. They actually did release this. Man oh man everything is comming true that has been talked about by the "Conspiracy Theorists"
God please wake the people up.
And would some kind terrorist please come over here and blow-up this ASSHOLE IN THE WHITEHOUSE!

Posted by John D. @ 10/18/2002 12:24 AM EST

Yea wouldn't it be great if the sniper took Bush out.

Posted by Sniper for President @ 10/18/2002 12:25 AM EST


Posted by Commander Q @ 10/18/2002 12:46 AM EST

That would be fucking Awesome, the sniper pops Bush in the Rose Garden. But it's not going to happen folks - the sniper works for Bush. Got it!
Barbara's Bush

Posted by Barbara Bush @ 10/18/2002 12:48 AM EST

That would be funny if bush is there in the Rose Garden (Lying his ass off as usual) and suddenly right on television his head opens up like a water balloon full of blood.

Posted by Dirk Nurgulur @ 10/18/2002 12:38 PM EST

"I can only say that the cost of a one-way ticket is substantially less than that. The cost of one bullet, if the "..." people take it on themselves, is substantially less than that."
Replace the dots above with the country of your choice!

Posted by Rich @ 10/18/2002 01:29 PM EST

Now I'm beginning to connect the dots. Wasn't it just a couple of weeks ago that some thousands of demonstators took to the streets of DC to protest against the forthcoming assault on Iraq? Weren't there quite a lot of arrests made, and wasn't the military out there openly filming the whole thing (domestic spying/intimidation)? At the time I thought, "Yes, these boys really are playing hardball now; clearly the prospect of another sixties-style mass uprising is something they're not about to sit down for." And then--hey presto!--just in the nick of time, what a brilliant solution to their domestic dissent problem! Get people running scared, crouching for cover behind their cars, afraid to go outdoors at all! No more protests anytime soon, folks!

Posted by Rosa Luxembourg @ 10/18/2002 03:21 PM EST

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
The way of foreign politics for the states.
Be honest would you give your enemy a weapon, if he says he will help you fight a common enemy. Sooner or later, it backfires. Especially if you switch sides all the time. If they continue like this they are heading straight for World War III. The divide and rule policy is losing power. The countries that have been the victim of US political games are slowly but surely turning against the US. And lets face it, the only thing that could save the bankrupt US and EU economies are new colonies. The US wants the oil in Irak and now they want to go and get it. Together with a few other so called "evil" states. The only thrue evil is in the western shadowgovernment. Not everybody here in Europe is happy with this European Union. It's a hoax, merely constructed to make the european countries easier to control. Free America !!!!!!!!!, Free the World !!!!!!!!

Posted by Claudius @ 10/18/2002 03:24 PM EST

Note what the party behind this activity is helping the US media and State to portray as the archetypal 'normal innocent good guy's' activity, namely FILLING A CAR WITH GASOLENE/PETROL.

Get the feeling that this has anything to do with themes being played on as part of the US war effort?


Posted by banana @ 10/18/2002 04:09 PM EST

Interesting how one of the sniper's victims analyzed terrorism for the CIA. Wonder what she knew or was about to uncover. If the sniper is shooting for the Bushes why give us such obvious dots to connect? Maybe (hopefully) they have a Liddy/Robozo type on their payroll who will blunder and give up the whole thing.

Posted by John Grimes @ 10/19/2002 10:27 AM EST

It just goes to show the secret police (cia boys) just can't get enough trigger time, you only need to look at the cops faces to see the smiles, a bit messy lose a few average joes, but take out a few lose ends. Just another chance to whip up the public into a frenzie, ready to go to war on terror, go bush go! when will he stop funding the IRA? + others

Posted by zimmer @ 10/19/2002 01:36 PM EST

the feds are so onto this guy, when the bodycount was 2, we heard in new zealand about this serial sniper, and it's international news. with all the people killed in america every day, it seems that this guy was pre-ordained, and the feds want everyones attention on this one, because they have a message for us. seems a convenient way to eradicate any political oppponents by blaming some random sniper, who incidentally will never be caught and will resurface every now and then when the feds want to introduce some new insane law. THE SNIPER IS A FEDERAL AGENT.

Posted by baz @ 10/19/2002 09:41 PM EST



Posted by YOUR LOCAL Morpheus @ 10/19/2002 10:21 PM EST

can anybody find out who whore the victims? i bet there is a connection, a pattern, i don't believe it's a random thing

Posted by TUGA @ 10/20/2002 10:31 AM EST

Looking for a homicidal trigger happy head pooping lunatic? The FBI employs them, so does the CIA. Remember Lon Horuchi who shot unarmed Vicki Weaver in the head while she was holding an infant? I bet a hundred bucks it was an inside job to terrorize the bowels of the bureaucrazy in good old tinsel town - the center of modern liberalism. Do you all know how much the religous conservative far right hates the liberals? Killing randomn liberals in Washington DC sounds like an angry reaction to the very derailed Iraq Oil War - Armageddon Lobby dreams of Apocalypse.

Posted by Stupid Moron @ 10/20/2002 10:38 AM EST

What Dubya needs is another apocalyptic event to get the war momentum going again. Could the sniper attacks be another internal terrorist event to justify war or is it low level terror to harrass the DC area? If the stock market takes another dive, I would expect a shrill call to war from the Whitehouse as the corporate executives may be thinking a war economy is their salvation. When Ford can't sell its gas guzzling urban assault SUV's then maybe Ford could build urban assualt TANKS for Dubya Dubya 3.

Posted by dicknbush@hotmail.com @ 10/20/2002 11:10 AM EST

I think people are trying to look to hard to find a link between this sniper and something larger than what may be going on. And perhaps the victims are random. Before the sniper scoped out the school, the police chief mentioned something to the effect about 'we have to get this guy before he goes after our children'. I think he may be taking cues from the media but besides that, pretty random. I have zero respect for this monster but the guy knows how to shot.

Posted by j-x @ 10/20/2002 12:23 PM EST

shot, yes that boy can shoot, dun it make u kinda think? the best policy to confuse the masses to act in a random fashion, okay maybe a regular joe takes a bullet, it just help fuel the press into taking us to war. The CIA, FBI secret goons just want to take out a few loose ends and cover there asses, plane and simple no confussion. will this put a end to the NRA? - nope just help with the sales.

Posted by zimmer @ 10/20/2002 02:13 PM EST

I believe the sniper BS is another in the ongoing staged terror attacks, like all the official stories have plenty of loopholes, starting with the WTCs collapse.

This is another terror tactic so that no one can visit DC for any demonstration against Dubya's quest for Blood for Oil, while the media whores alongwith Dubya can claim the whole nation is behind them. This also serves as a distraction, as the population is gripped in fear, for the congress to pass more Draconian Laws on us American Citizens.

Proud American that upholds the Constitution of this great nation of ours.

Posted by Ray @ 10/20/2002 06:59 PM EST

Is it me or do ya think that this sniper BS is eventually gonna be pinned on something like Al Qaida?

I just get the feeling this is where it is headed.

Posted by TheRoach @ 10/21/2002 07:16 AM EST

IMHO, America has been undergoing a relentless and ruthless bout for our very existance (freedoms)for many years now (over to hundred to be precise). I believe we are now on the verge of the "knock out punch." Not counting WW1 and WW11, just beginning recently (past fourty years),we suffered a left jab with Lee Harvey Oswald and the kennedy lies. We had a left cross with Martin Luther King. We had a right jab with Ruby Ridge. We had a short left hook with the military railroading of Michael New, who bravely stood his ground and refused to betray America and her constitution. We had a hard left hook with the gassing and slaughter of almost eighty Americans at Waco. We suffered an upper cut with the Gonzalaz child who, along with his mother, risked death, losing his brave mother in the process to be free, only to be returned to captivity, thanks to burn'em out Reno. We suffered a blinding blow in many areas from the severe kidney punch at Columbine. We suffered a nine count knock down with WTC and the BS surrounding that incident. We're still dazed by a sucker punch on flight 800 along with some strange political deaths, such as Vince Foster. Now we're headed for the knock out punch(s).
The approaching, very dangerous road leading to WW111, beginning with Iraq, along with the almost simultaneous confiscation of all private firearms, coupled with a national ID in the form of a drivers license, thanks to the school shootings, the "DC sniper", and all the other "random killers" who just happen to be popping up at such politically coonvenient times in our history. These things also make it possible the quick and easy enactment of additional laws of enslavement by Homeland Gestapo (oops), I meant, Homeland Security, as more American's cower under the ever increasing threat of public harm. And, isn't it interesting that we just happen to be witnessing the total destruction of our financial and economic system by forces (unknown to most)in conjunction with all of these other destructive events? My, what coincidences. It won't be from WMDs, or killer lasers, or star wars weaponery, or some foreign enemy that America will find herself surrendering to,it will come from one often used strategy for conquering nations,a strategy used by every tyrant known to mankind from past to present, it will come as a direct result of threats and intimidation from our own policing and military agencies, it will come in the form of induced F-E-A-R, the greatest weapon of all time. And, it will come sooner than later. I hope I'm wrong, time will condemn or vindicate my predictions, but, there is definitely a very profound picture, or pattern developing in America and around the world today. Just remember, you will neither be able to purchase (buy), nor sell (conduct any business at all, even the most basi finctions, unless you have the (globalist) mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Folks used to laugh at this, only the totally ignorant are laughing now. Did I personally hear a statement recetly from the highest office in the land which went; "You're either for us, or against us?" Do we really need someone to draw us a picture? Are we as a people that naieve? It's world conquest folks, deal with it.
You will be assimilated.

JG in the Southland

Posted by Jerry L. Gardner @ 10/21/2002 12:16 PM EST

There seems to be a darkness settling over America, like a dark psychic cloud thats been slowly gathering strength and about to unleash it's fury on the happy yet deluded masses of consumerland. The sniper shootings are the latest shock that adds to the horror and disbelief - our peace being shattered once again by those dark forces controlling the land. It looks as if the nation is black in aspect, in need of purging the negative karma that has been building over the centuries. How much darkness must we bear before we wake up?

America needs fresh new leadership to move us away from the insane oil economy to a sustainable harmonious one.

Lovin' all of you.

Posted by peace and love to u @ 10/21/2002 04:27 PM EST

Who controls the snipers? The former CIA director and head of "Operation Ringwind"...Robert Gates. Mr. Gates will know the names of the CIA trained snipers. Robert Gates knows numerous "corrupt" CIA officials, and he will "snitch" for the FBI polygraphers when he's asked to submit to an FBI polygraph test.

David Howard

Posted by David Howard @ 10/21/2002 05:25 PM EST

Who is the Washington, DC sniper? Whoever he is and whatever his motive, there is no question that this anonymous person(s) on a shooting spree in Washington, DC suburbs is someone of top-notch FBI sniper caliber. The phantom shooter can hit moving targets from hundreds of feet away. And he has no problems murdering women and children. This description fits the profile of FBI agent Lon Horiuchi, the sniper who shot and killed Vicki Weaver (wife of Randy Weaver) from 200 yards while she held her infant daughter in her arms on August 22, 1992 during the siege at Ruby Ridge, Idaho.

Horiuchi is of Japanese heritage and was raised in Hawaii.

Posted by nobody @ 10/22/2002 01:11 PM EST

A bit of humour, hope you like it.....

A man was in New York's central park, when a dog went wild and attacked a young boy. The man was able to grab the dog by the neck, pulling it off the boy and choking it to death.

A reporter for the NY times comes to interview him, congratulating him on his act of heroism. He suggests the headline: "New Yorker saves the life of a young boy!"

But, the man told him, I'm not from NY.

Ok, then how about: "American hero saves the day."

But, the man told him, I'm not American.

Then, where are you from? asked the reporter.

I'm from Pakistan, the man answered.


Posted by Humour, enjoy..... @ 10/22/2002 04:43 PM EST

I do believe that this sniper is a government tool. After the 2 killings, i was already convinced that this sniper is some federal curd with a mission to terrorize your nation, even more to the point when "he" writes that even children are not safe. Yet i know how dearly you love your children and how dearly you see innocence and joie-de-vivre in infants. Children seem untouchable. This sniper wants your nation against him, he who proclaims to be "god" and acts as somekind of random grim reaper. He who is untouchable, invisble, brings your nation more in chaos at every shot fired.

Alas, i am affraid that "he" will never get caught. If so, we have the right to question if it is the real sniper

Your leaders should die a long & painful death for bringing this world in fear, evil and suffering.

Justice will be done, if not in this world then the other.

Posted by Shivereye @ 10/23/2002 10:29 AM EST

Well, its pretty obvous that SOMEONE is manipulating us. Seems to me that we have a choice here--to feed in to the anger and fear and blame game---or not. Which is more powerful--Love or Fear?? Why not give Love a chance--and pray for peace and love in all our hearts? Not just in the hearts of World leaders and people of great influence----but ALL of us--Namaste to all the world!

Posted by bari @ 10/23/2002 12:47 PM EST

Liek cathcing a duck in a noose huh?

Like catching an employee of the government forced to undergo mind manipulation training, go haywire and kill off people who have to do with his case.

The killings are not random, they are to people this person feels has a direct connection to the program he or she or them where forced to go through.

The signal comes, and bam they kill someone, the perfect patsy waiting, a deadly casino chip to be cahsed in, are any of you really paying attention to the news other then the sniper and the supposed "pre"-war events?

The person probably freaked after their first kill, who was someone the government wanted to be rid of, and now we have a programmed killer that has short circated and is on loose killing, but I do not think the killings are random.

Who is to say this person hasn't killed the medical officer, pyschcitrist, fellow people who went through the program, a child of an important general in charge of the program.

The problem is people don't like to find coincidences that lead to the goverment fucking up big time.

After all they know where he/she/they are, because they are more then likely chipped, just like the rest of us.

Posted by Andy @ 10/24/2002 09:46 AM EST

Does anyone really believe those two lugnuts are responsible for the sniper attacks? If this doesn't bring back the movie theatre incident following the murder of JFK - whereby Oswald was sitting in a movie theatre, arrested, and stated publically he was a patsy and denied killing JFK - and 24 hours later was murdered by Ruby... so convenient... We are witnessing another such bogus scenario...

Posted by Truth Seeker @ 10/24/2002 12:48 PM EST

How pathetic, that two inidviduals "suspects" would be sleeping peacefully in the DC area where everyone is on high alert. The real perpetrator/'s' would be wide awake and hiding as far away from anyone's view. Another staged attack and our f'''ng media is going to fill up our horse shit brains with another Alqeda/Muslim BS. Shame on all those bozos who supported this pathetic guys in the congress/Senate.

I only wish Americans would wake to these freaking staged BS....
And really read the declaration of Independence written by our forefathers to 'King George'

Take Care,
King George's George,

Posted by King George @ 10/24/2002 01:21 PM EST

President Bush will soon be arrested by the FBI polygraphers, along with his father and Rudolph Giuliani, for their involvement in planning the 9/11 attacks. Also, Bill and Hillary Clinton will soon be arrested for their involvement in (Iran-Contra)...aka "Mena cocaine"

David Howard

Posted by David Howard @ 10/24/2002 04:49 PM EST

I have never seen so much disinformation, lies and stupid crap on one single website in all of my career.
It's clear that this is a marxist communist influenced shithole and you are using lies and stupid ass conspiracy related crap to influence all of the mentally disturbed and paranoid dimwhits that visit this site.
Your sister site "what really happened" is just as pathetic.
Hey dumbfuck, who really benefitted from Wellstones death?
He was loosing already, how would Bush benefit?
The benefit is going to the liberal marxist buttfux, so any imagined "conspiracy" would come from leftists.
This is about as stupid as your silly ass lie that one of your pals was probably killed by the "great conspiracy" and so therefore you set up a mirror site.
Stupid. S-T-U-P-I-D.
Oh yeah, remember that secret government report that said that the environment would be unable to sustaine life, well we are still watching for that one.
The sniper turned out to be a Muslim. Gee, imagine that!!!

VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION: Marxist Communist???? Hello Gene, wake up. We regret to inform you that the 1950's was over a long time ago. It is now the year 2002. I hope this is not a shock to you. Everything will be alright.

Posted by Gene Kilber @ 10/28/2002 12:44 PM EST

Gene go tatoo a swastica on your ass so your nazi butt buddys can get off on that as well while they ass ram you.
Your post is IGNORANT,as always your kind(the little right wing pansies) cant back up a thing they claim even when facts are shown in front of thier noses,what do you do?Resort to insulting with such ignorance as commie this commie that.
Wow the sniper turned out to be muslim,WHAT EVIDENCE IS THERE THAT HE REALLY IS INDEED THE SNIPER?
How many black men do you know that go on homicidal rampages?

Posted by n00b @ 10/28/2002 02:19 PM EST

How many black men go on homicidal rages? Surely you jest. I'll leave you to look up the statistics, but I almost laughed when I read that one. Especially with the Wichita massacre downplayed in the news. Nevertheless, this particular type of massacre was profiled to be "white" or at any rate, not black. And they were picked up just down the street from Ft. Dietrich in Frederick, Md., a well known purveyor of biological weapons experiements.

Posted by Deep thinker @ 10/28/2002 05:37 PM EST

what the fuck you American people have in mind? Be wise forgeting those things cause you just create them with your imagination (I strongly recommend to study Mythology)

Posted by z @ 10/30/2002 09:03 AM EST

Don't you fuckin' get it you idiots, the controllers of the world have purposely made you believe that people like vox are "crazy" or "alone" or "delusional." The fuckin truth is that the biggest conspiracy of all, is their notion that "there are no such things as conspiracies." You fuckin morons, if you wanted to set up and stage shit, don't you think you would make the "sheep" believe that people like vox are morons? Don't you fuckin' get it? Our rulers are ruthless people, not "good" heros, and "great" americans, like you were fucking brainwashed in childhood and movies!!!

Posted by sameer @ 10/30/2002 11:14 PM EST

And by the way, why are some of you people so gullible? Don't you realize that the gov't/media want you to believe their bullshit? Don't you think for yourself and question things? Why can't you understand that they make everything black and white for us, make it simplistic to understand, because they know that if they make it complex it will cause us to fuckin' think???
You people who dont understand conspiracies are really fuckin' morons who just follow the bandwagon, and can't think for themselves....like fuckin SHEEP youa are!!!

Posted by Sameer @ 10/30/2002 11:20 PM EST

Hey, "z" Mythology is for cretins living in fantasy worlds-get the hell out of this site and go to CNN or FOXNEWS.com...ok, back to the folks here in the REAL WORLD: I know that they've been gradually moving in this direction for years (they've been as patient as possible), but it seems the GUN-GRAB plans are really being puhed here lately (gotta disarm the public first!)--Stay tuned to Fox News or CNN and keep reading between the lies...

Posted by OPEN MIND @ 10/30/2002 11:42 PM EST

I hope the CIA does come after you dumb fucks, it would be a favor to the rest of the world. You people must be living in the land of the fruits and nuts, i.e Cali, the far left coast. Get a fucking life.

VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION: Oh I'll bet you're fat. At least 50 overweight. Now tell me fat boy, if I'm so dumb, how'd I know that?

Posted by The Fat one @ 10/31/2002 07:46 AM EST

Just to follow up on Fat one's comments: you all are mentally disturbed if you read and believe this website. Be productive members of society (if you are Americans, if your not stay where you are)Dont just read these sights and get brainwashed by some anti-govt nonsense. If you want to fully understand our world situation, you must be open-minded to both sides. The people that run this sight are frankly evil. KKK sympathizers, communists, socialists, etc. call yourselves what you want, your freaks and losers and thats why your bitching back and forth on some underground website. Mommy and Daddy never gave you enough attention, so now bring everyone else into your miserable world too. I love this country and I will defend it when I see losers like yourselves attack it. Okay, time to go back to work for me. Yeah, a job, you guys should try one.


Posted by Terence @ 10/31/2002 09:39 AM EST

The comment above only goes to show just how deep rooted the mind-fuck of the US peoples has gotten. Responses such as these are indicative of people
who have gone or are going thru their
lives with EYES WIDE SHUT!!!

Call it if you will the way we have of living with ourselves, the comfort of denial.

So go to your crumby job and pretend
that everything is just fine and dandy then when you get time ingest some more of those lovely corporate sound-bites from the BS media that you so obviously need in order to remain in
the condition of EYES WIDE SHUT!!!

This I love my country (it isn't YOURS!) bullshit is again indicative of a sheep like mentality, maybe you should try loving yourself first and then loving those around you before you attempt to do the impossible and embrace an entire nation.

Take your brainwashed flag waving mentality elsewhere buddy as it is patently obvious to me that you cannot or are not in any kind of situation in which to handle the truth.

People such as yourself are part of the problem, thanx for showing us just how much work needs to be done!!!

I just hope you can keep those eyes of yours wide shut long enough, but somehow i very much doubt it in the long run!!!

Posted by TheRoach @ 11/01/2002 04:54 AM EST

Vox's Ideas are quite revolutionary. He lays to waste, all of our horrible superficial human traits like ignorance, greed, indoctrination. Basically he is saying that most people are simply sheep, even those who appear to be "successful."

Few writers author with the speed and grace of this mystery man voxfux (If it is only one person)

Richard Colby

Posted by Richard Colby @ 11/01/2002 10:11 AM EST

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