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11/05/2002 Entry: "Florida Election Fraud Again... who would have guessed?"


by voxfux

Scores of reports are accumulating in the early hours of the Florida Governor’s race, indicating wide scale election fraud and election rigging. Callers are reporting to the popular Florida radio talk show, The Neil Rodgers Show that when they selected McBride, the Democrat, the machines instead registered a vote for Bush. Wide scale machine "breakdowns" reported throughout Democratic strongholds in Orange, Brevard and Seminole counties. Republican districts appear to be enjoying a speedy and efficient polling day.

The religious orders who control through their proxy intelligence agencies here in America have instituted completely computerized touch screen voting machines in many counties now - Severing once and for all the last remaining connection between a vote and any physical evidence of that vote. In the past, we at least had piles of real hard evidence in the form of physical ballots to fight over - now there is nothing. Just a US intelligence agency, CIA, to assure us that everything is all right and going as planned.

Physical ballots with all their chads and imperfections were at least a physical entity and so required considerably more effort and risk to alter. But now there is only a proprietary secret software program which no one except US intelligence can control which determines if the button you press registers a vote for the particular lying scumbag politician you selected or whether the machine, “Glitches,” and places your vote, instead, for the lying scumbag politician you didn’t select.

Since there has never been a computer system which has not been hacked, what makes us think that these systems cannot be hacked? And since we do not know the officers of the British based company who owns the American Based company who makes the machines, how do we know that they are beyond corruption? Seems we are learning each day that in fact more corporations than we previously imagined are involved in wide scale corruption, so why not the corporation who makes the polling machines?

Companies like these who get such huge government contracts are usually nothing more than CIA front companies set up for the sole purpose of achieving all their objectives, self financing objectives, political objectives, and others. We can, with near certain accuracy safely extrapolate that the political “beliefs” of the owners of Sequoia Voting Systems are firmly conservative. We challenge anyone to prove otherwise. (Nearly all persons who do over a hundred million dollars of government contracting are conservatives, its called, reality) So what makes anyone think that they would risk losing votes for the persons who are responsible for those massive inside contracts which made them wealthy beyond belief in the first place? (All government contracting is insider deals - regardless of whatever the illusions is, of safeguards in place to prevent such practices)

And since we have seen nearly universal corruption on every level in every corporation, what makes anyone think that Sequoia Voting Systems would be immune from such corruption?

It is far easier to move fraudulent computer coding in and out of these machines at the speed of light, to have it waiting one minute in a remote memory register of the machine, only to be instantly erased the moment some questions appear regarding an irregularity in the machine. What makes anyone think such deceptive computer code is not there? For example a deceptive program comprising only ten or twenty lines of code could be easily disguised as a computer glitch, which is not illegal (Glitches never are, and the dark force knows this) yet causes the votes for one candidate to instead register for another candidate. If questions arise doubting the integrity of the votes the machines could be designed to clandestinely erase all traces of the “Glitch” by simple pressing a defined series of keys which could clear out the eeprom (electrically erasable programmable read only memory) containing the malicious code and any evidence that such code ever existed would vanish forever, because they are made of electrons - not paper. And electrons conveniently leave ZERO trace of their existence unlike a paper ballot. Since there is ZERO scrutiny or testing of these machines, we will never know. Try to argue that in front of the Supreme Court - It’s not going to happen because, as the world has witnessed - They are central players in the scam.

How can we be sure that these machines don’t have such code lurking within? We cannot. Unless we demand that for such critical basic functions of a healthy society, such as vote counting there must be an OPEN STANDARD initiative established for vote counting machines and tallying technology - NOT PROPRIETARY SECRETIVE MECHANISMS OWNED BY SHADOWY CORPORATIONS WITH LINKS TO FOREIGN CORPORATIONS.

Avi Rubin, a technology security expert and researcher at AT&T Labs in New Jersey doubts the integrity of the new voting method. “These systems are largely untested.” Critics decry the proprietary nature of the machines, pointing out that there is no public scrutiny of the machines allowed. Without scientists being able to freely analyze the systems, election officials may be leaving themselves open to the possibility of hacking, vote tampering or incorrect calculations.

No outside examination or auditing of the inner workings of the machines is permitted. Why? Isn’t voting a public trust? Don’t we have a right to know what is inside those machines? Now only a handful of “Specialists” can open up those machines and see what’s going on inside.

Their goal was to break us of that last remaining connection to the real, and they have done so. And now we simply have another CIA controlled computer system in place where there is no longer a physical connection between the voter and his vote. You can bet that it’s going to get worse. You will see miraculous and perplexing victories of hyper conservative candidates in critical districts which formally voted liberally.

And this time there won’t be any recounts. Because there will be nothing to recount. Just a mere digit on a memory chip - Changeable, modifiable and completely UNVERIFIABLE. Just a mysterious number on a secret machine that they assure us works correctly.

This is a perfect example of the fabulous corruption which has gripped our nation. The thinking at the very core of this New World Order is a shrill shrieking fraud. To slowly and gradually take away everything we have, step by step, in such a way that nobody even remembers a time where we were free. We are not free. We are in a prison. Many Americans don’t even realize that everything they used to have is gone.

It is a nightmare. It is a slap on the face to every thinking and alive person. In insult on the face of humanity. The New World Order must be stopped. That much is for certain. But who will be brave enough to step up and make the first move.

Soon we will witness conservatives all across the country, beating all odds and scoring major victories. Solidly liberal communities will suddenly have fundamentalist conservative leadership. And unless we stop them now, there will be no chance at ever escaping the prison that is on it's way to each and every American mind. And the Supreme court will simply back it all up, after all, “The machine doesn’t lie.”

Time to destroy the machine
Wake up
Stand up
Fight back
Every day and every way you can
Your life is at stake!


NOTE: If there is no public outcry to make those machines an OPEN STANDARD, then there should be no outcry once humankind falls into the hands of the darkest human force ever assembled... Stand up and fight this!

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Should anyone be surprised by this? We know the Bush family is nothing more than a bunch of crooks that will stoop to new lows oin their quest for absolute power. Everyone in that state should be all over their representatives calling for action, and should not let up until they get it. As well, they shouldn't feel badly about any duress they may cause for those who are supposed to be representing them either. Public servants work for the people; hell, they are elected by and paid by the people. Any representative who knows something is wrong and does nothing is part of the problem and deserves whatever wrath the people decide on as an accounting for their lack of action on an important issue.

Remember, the bottom line is that these people can only do as they please if people allow it.


Posted by Brian @ 11/05/2002 08:20 AM EST

You better believe its a fraud going on in Florida. I can see this shit comming a mile away down there. Vox - Just keep transmitting the truth. Something will change soon

Posted by linux @ 11/05/2002 09:25 AM EST

Your secret unelected government is finally giving you a taste of U.S.A. international policy. You had a chance to save your country but the majority chose greed, and now it is to late to save your country, prophets warned you guys but buisnessmen chose for you. Burn Baby Burn.


Posted by Garry @ 11/05/2002 09:42 AM EST

I was kick-off the "usagold" board because I spoke of Bush and Oil, Afganastan drugs and Natural Gas!!! so I figured, I would come here and relay what I know, (Yahoo) was another on JPM message board.I hope that I am welcomed not like on some message boards.

Posted by Cuda @ 11/05/2002 12:22 PM EST

It looks like democrats still haven't figured out how to vote. I thought after two years you guys would have learned something. I guess not.

Posted by Chris @ 11/05/2002 12:37 PM EST

perhaps we're not seeing the forest because of the trees...i honestly believe that there is something much bigger afoot. yes, there seems to be a blatant attempt by those in power to do 'this' and 'that', but i think we need to see why this is happening.

what could it be?

Posted by snorts @ 11/05/2002 01:08 PM EST

First, to Garry: If you think things like what are happening in the U.S. don't happen up here in Canada you're mistaken. Researching the ties between Jean Chretien (who's daughter is married to Paul Demarais son), Brian Mulrooney, Pierre Trudeau, Leaster Pearson, Michael Wilson (the author of the GST who was also serving on the Board of Directors of the IMF while giving us that gem) and Paul Martin (owner of Canada Steamship Lines), and matching those ties to Conrad Black (Hollinger Inc.), Ken Thomson (Thomson Newspapers etc.) Isadore Asper (Canwest Global) and Pierre Paledeau (Quebecor and Sun Media) and all of their ties to Paul Demarais, owner of Power Corporation and a card carring member of the Trilateral Commission suggests that they do. The fact that Jean Chretien has long since promised support to the States says that they are happening. To research this further look for "Democracy's Oxygen" by James Winter. It can be obtained through Black Rose Books.


Here's some documentation as to the rigging and outright cheating being done during the current midterm elections. This appeared on the World Socialist Web Site.

"Republicans marshal "poll watchers" to intimidate Democratic voters

By Kate Randall
4 November 2002

The Republican Party, with the backing of the Bush administration, will post thousands of party functionaries at polling stations in various parts of the country on Election Day, November 5, to intimidate working class and minority voters from casting their ballots. This anti-democratic operation in being carried out under the cover of “poll watching.”

Large numbers of “poll watchers” are to be posted in key places where the contest for congressional seats and governorships is expected to be very close, particularly targeting minority voters and those in strongly Democratic districts.

With characteristic cynicism, the Republican right and the Bush administration are mounting this “keep-them-from-voting” effort in the name of electoral “reform.” In the aftermath of the 2000 election crisis in Florida—which exposed pervasive methods of election fraud and discrimination that disenfranchised tens of thousands of minority and working class voters—the forces that organized the theft of the White House are escalating their attack on the right to vote.

Millions of Americans across the country who should be eligible to vote are in one way or another prevented from voting or having their votes counted, either by restrictive voter registration procedures, the failure of antiquated voting machinery, or outright intimidation and ballot rigging. But as far as George W. Bush and the Republicans are concerned, purging the electoral process of fraud does not mean eliminating obstacles to the exercise of the franchise and the counting of all votes cast, but rather the opposite—finding new pretexts for keeping working class voters from the polls.

The idea is to use the legal right of candidates to place poll watchers at election sites as the cover for stationing political operatives who will challenge the credentials of likely Democratic voters, especially in minority neighborhoods where the overwhelming majority of those who cast ballots are expected to vote for the Democrats. With control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate hanging on the distribution of a relatively small number of votes in a limited number of highly contested races, the Republicans calculate they can help shift the outcome by using bullying tactics to suppress the vote.

Such methods are not entirely new. For more than half of the twentieth century, the Democratic Party, which politically dominated the US South, intimidated black voters from participating in elections through a combination of Jim Crow laws and physical terror. Chief Justice William Rehnquist, part of the majority on the US Supreme Court that handed the 2000 election to Bush, began his political career as a Republican lawyer enforcing literacy tests to keep Hispanics from voting in Arizona.

Poll watchers are barred by law from harassing voters. They have no right, for example, to demand that voters produce ID’s or other proofs of citizenship or residency. There are federal civil rights and election laws that make such practices a crime.

Yet the Republican operation to intimidate would-be voters has evoked barely a whimper of protest from the Democratic Party. This is consistent with the prostration of the Democrats before the Republican assault on democratic rights, demonstrated first in their refusal to seriously fight the impeachment conspiracy against Clinton, then in their half-hearted effort to halt the theft of the 2000 presidential election, and finally in their support for Bush’s unprecedented attack on civil liberties, carried out in the name of the “war on terrorism.”

An indication of the methods to be expected of the Republicans on Tuesday was seen in early balloting last month. According to Democratic Party officials, on October 21 five Republican poll watchers showed up at the courthouse in heavily-Democratic Pine Bluff, Arkansas, a key district in the contest between incumbent Republican Senator Tim Hutchinson and Democratic candidate Attorney General Mark Pryor.

According to eyewitness accounts, the Republican supporters only questioned African-American voters. Democratic spokesman Guy Cecil commented, “They were literally going up to them and saying, ‘Before you vote, I want to see your identification.’” Some potential voters were also photographed.

Trey Ashcraft, chairman of the Jefferson County Election Commission, summoned a deputy from the Sheriff’s Office several times to escort poll watcher Diane Jones out of the clerk’s office for interfering with the voting process.

Voter Bonita McCray told the Pine Bluff Commercial that she was asked by poll watcher Allison Johnson to produce her identification. “When she insisted, I put my ID back in my purse,” she said. “They had no right to do this.” Officials in the clerk’s office, however, said that a number of voters were intimidated by the harassment and left without casting their ballots.

Charlotte Munson, Pine Bluff Deputy Clerk, reported that a Republican poll watcher walked behind her counter to photograph voter information she had pulled up on her computer screen.

Such conduct is illegal and unconstitutional. Under Arkansas state law, challenges can be made only after a voter has cast his or her ballot. None of the Republican violators were detained or arrested.

In Michigan, state Republicans are planning to send several hundred “watchers” on Election Day to challenge voters from heavily Democratic precincts in urban and minority areas. In Detroit, which is overwhelmingly African-American, it is accepted by both parties that more than 90 percent of voters who go to the polls on Tuesday will vote for Democratic candidates.

In Florida, the Democratic Party filed suit last Thursday to block Republicans from massing poll watchers at voting precincts in Miami-Dade County. Circuit Judge Eleanor Schockett issued a ruling November 1 prohibiting the Emergency Campaign to Stop Bill McBride, a Republican political action committee, from placing observers in 450 of 553 Miami-Dade polling places. Bill McBride is the Democratic challenger to Governor Jeb Bush, the president’s brother.

The Republican committee had attempted to side-step a county law that requires each potential observer to submit a separate application, and submitted instead a compiled list of applicants. Regulations also require “watchers” to represent political parties or candidates. The Florida Republican Party has now denied any official connection to the anti-McBride committee, but made no public statement to that effect prior to the Democrats’ lawsuit.

Also in Florida, Governor Bush plans to utilize a list of allegedly ineligible voters to bar approximately 94,000 people from participating in the gubernatorial election. This same list—which includes felons and deceased individuals—was exposed as vastly inaccurate during the 2000 presidential election. Even the company that generated the list, DBT Online, has admitted it is “seriously flawed.” Nevertheless, Florida election authorities plan to utilize it to bar voters from casting their ballots."

Individuals may or may not agree with their political slant. Their research and attention to detail however, is very good. The caliber of the writing itself is excellent, a far cry from the (approximately) grade four level on display in most mainstream news publications. Their site is an exceptional resource for information which is both detailed and objective in it's viewpoint.



Posted by Brian @ 11/05/2002 01:47 PM EST

Why isn't this being reported and CORRECTED by the Democrat offices? This doesn't make sense to me at all. If this voting fraud is happening, (I believe it is), then why aren't votes coming to a stop until it can be repaired?

Either the Democrats will submit the abuse that is being done to them, or they will fight back and SEE to it that no foul play is involved. Should they choose to accept the obvious poll rigging, I can only conclude that they are willing players in the deceit. (NOT the voters - the Democratic party.)


Posted by Marcia @ 11/05/2002 01:56 PM EST

VOXNYC will be bringing you a series of pointers on successfully navigating the oceans of bullshit and lies that comprise the New World Order.

"I'm an American tired of American lies."

Try these for a little truth.

http://www.nerdcities.com/guardian/WTC/wtc-demolition.htm The World Trade Center Demolition. 740 KB
http://www.nerdcities.com/guardian/WTC/WTC_ch1.htm Chapter One of the FEMA WTC collapse report (with comment). 850 KB
http://www.nerdcities.com/guardian/WTC/WTC_ch2.htm Chapter Two of the FEMA WTC collapse report (with comment). 1.9 MB
http://www.nerdcities.com/guardian/SeptemberEleventh/WhatHitThePentagon The Pentagon Crash Hoax. 1.4 MB
http://www.nerdcities.com/guardian/STF/stranger-than-fiction.htm Stranger Than Fiction. 600 KB
http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/wtc7big.rm Video of the demolition of WTC7.
http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/7collapse.avi Another video of the demolition of WTC7.
http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/SMALL_wtc-7_1_.gif Small animated-gif of the demolition of WTC7.
http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/wtc-7_1_.gif Large version of the animated-gif. Large 3.3 MB file.
http://www.nerdcities.com/guardian/SeptemberEleventh/Schmid/WhoBlewUpWTC.html Who Blew Up the World Trade Center.
http://www.nerdcities.com/guardian/SeptemberEleventh/Schmid/CloudsOfConcrete_2.html What Identifies A Demolition?
http://www.nerdcities.com/guardian/SeptemberEleventh/Schmid/index.html Full listing of Eric Hufschmid's early web articles.
http://www.nerdcities.com/guardian/SeptemberEleventh/arabs-not-to-blame.htm Arabs Not To Blame For 9-11.
http://nerdcities.com/guardian/SeptemberEleventh/ang-mission.htm The Treasonous Air National Guard's Mission And Vision Statements.
http://serendipity.magnet.ch/wtc.html The World Trade Center Demolition from serendipity.magnet.ch
http://serendipity.magnet.ch/wot/mslp_ii.htm McMichael's Analysis Of The World Trade Center Demolition.
http://serendipity.magnet.ch/wot/insurers.htm The World Trade Center Demolition As An Insurance Scam?
http://www.mujahideen.fsnet.co.uk/wtc/wtc-hijackers.htm Many Hijackers Still Alive.
http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/middle_east/newsid_1559000/1559151.stm Hijackers Still Alive From the BBC.
http://www.nerdcities.com/guardian Full list of articles from www.nerdcities.com/guardian

Posted by Peter Pan @ 11/05/2002 03:12 PM EST

Uh Oh. They took VNS offline. It;s gonna be a country-wide vote rigging scam. I predict republican control of all branches of government. Time to evacuate the USA.

Posted by Oh NO! @ 11/05/2002 05:10 PM EST

The legitimacy of the United States government is in question as long as over 98% of the vote is tabulated by machines that can be easily rigged, impossible to audit, and owned by private individuals and companies.

The Democrats may be letting this happen because they're part of the 60/40 fix - 60% of corporate contributions go to Republicans, 40% to Dems. It's called hush money.

Visit - http://www.ecotalk.org/VotingSecurity.htm - This webpage is the result of a groundbreaking effort by publicist/writer Bev Harris of Talion.com and journalist Lynn Landes of EcoTalk.org to provide fuller coverage of voting machine technology and the many reasons it is not a secure method of voting.
Contact: lynnlandes@earthlink.net / (215) 629-3553

Posted by Lynn Landes @ 11/05/2002 07:19 PM EST

The dark days of hell are hear,Bush will cause this entire planet to flow with blood...

Posted by Jeffery ellis @ 11/05/2002 08:36 PM EST


You hit the nail right on the head. This happens because the principal parties are in this together. The situation is no different in Canada. I've mentioned this book on this and other pages on this site and am doing so again.

"Democracy's Oxygen" by James Winter, though concerned primarily with Canadian politics and media gives an excellent diagram as to how big business moguls manage both the figureheads running the nation and how the flow of dis-information, misinformation, under-reporting and saturation for the purpose of distraction is managed. He also takes pains to point out that political sparring is as inconsequential as WWF wrestling.

Paul Demarais, the head of Power Corporation, first gained prominence in Canadian politics as a personal friend and confidante of Lester Pearson. When Pearson was ready to step down he saw an opportunity to gain more say in what happened and encouraged Pierre Trudeau to run for the spot as Pearson's successor. He was the largest backer of Trudeaumania. Pearson and Trudeau headed Liberal Cabinets. When Trudeau fell from public favour Demarais already spent several years as mentor to Brian Mulrooney, also the man who would serve as Mulrooney's Minister of Finance, Michael Wilson. These two were the heads of the next majority government, the only difference being that this one carried the banner of the Progressive Conservatives. He also had Paul Martin (who later served as Jean Chretien's Minister of Finance under a Liberal Banner) and Chretien himself under his wings. When Mulrooney and company were blasted from power Chretien and company were ready step in amidst promises to scrap the most hated policies of the PC's. They stepped in but the hated policies are still in place, as they always are.

The idea choice is an illusion here as it undoubtedly is in the U.S. The power brokers of big business, people linked largely to energy (Demarais is on the Board of Governors for Imperial Oil) and media (Conrad Black owns Hollinger Inc.) both run and create the hierarchy of whichever party holds power. When one party falls out of favour with voters the heads of big business have their successors waiting in the wings ready to sell voters more promises of change which never comes.

That books gives both the methods used and ways to spot the holes in the lies being fed to us.



Posted by Brian @ 11/05/2002 08:49 PM EST

"why aren't the Democrats doing something about this?" because there is really only one party, called the Incumbents, and they just want to keep hold of their little bits of power.

Yeah, it = "hush money".

Posted by nonymo @ 11/05/2002 08:55 PM EST

I am here deep in Bush territory--smack in enemy territory.
Texas seems to be headed down the same road as Florida. Our early voting ballots were new electronic voting machines--just the beginning? We have already experienced "problems" with ours here in Tarrant county. The day "Resident Shrub" was elected "President" was a DARK day for Democracy everywhere. What is this country coming to?? With only 17% of our precincts reporting Rep. Rick Perry is already giving his victory speech!! (Govenor.
Resident Shrub's persistant call for war with Iraq is most definately in my mind , a personal agenda. Daddy Bush and "others" stand to make millions if not billions if they get there way and have their war with Iraq. People of America.. please do a search on the name "Carlyle Group" -- it is a defense contractor to the goverment of which "daddy bush" is part owner.
This juicy tidbit was to be a story covered by one news agency... but was silently swept aside. ANY attempts to cover this story is ignored by the various news agencies across the country. Please email your local news stations and ask that they look into this tidbit.
I have a real problem with a "president" who calls soooo vigorously for war, and who stands to inherit billions directly from that war,,, and who doesn't have a son to send to the fight!!!
GONE are the days when peoples of a land fought for "titles" and "riches" for their "kings" and "leaders". Dare that ugly beast raise its head again?? Are we headed backwards or forwards??? Bush will make millions off the war he wants so badly --but he will do it the old fashioned way-- he'll inherit it!!
Please investigate this matter and hound whoever you can to expose this
very important fact!! And may God help us. One day this country is going to wake up and find itself an unfree and imprisoned country.

Posted by Stormy @ 11/05/2002 08:59 PM EST

An employee of Miami-Dade County, Emmanuel Martin, at #389, 7:10 AM, used a "Votronic" machine to register his vote for McBride. Unfortunatly, the name "Bush" came up, and neither he nor the poll workers could make the machine register any vote for Governor except "Bush" The machine was closed. Mr. Martin voted on another machine. Bring back paper ballots. Naaahh, no vote fraud in Florida!

Posted by rocky hounshell @ 11/05/2002 09:06 PM EST

FYI "Bob Hope"...these voting machines that are supposed to be all the rave are all made by republican based companies. It wouldn't matter if the most beloved being on this earth set everyone of those machines up in FL, if they have been fixed, rigged, tampered-with, etc. by the very makers of the machines, then no matter who sets them up, they will still preform as scheduled(i.e. in favor of the republicans).

I suspect that we are looking at America's Darkest Day. Can Democracy withstand this? I am in serious doubts.

Posted by Ravyne @ 11/05/2002 09:17 PM EST

Jimmy Carter needs to start observing the US election irregularities rather than going to other 'third world' countries to observe their elections. The US is quickly becoming a Banana Republic.

Posted by Dave @ 11/05/2002 09:24 PM EST

I write election software and have for 15 years. I try to keep the software general enough for all election scenerios, but sometimes it can require hard coding. Yes, it would not be too hard to "message" the data. Since each county is different, it is possible and sometimes even mandatory to modify the source code as needed. Test ballots and elections are supposed to be run on all the equipment to test before every election. If you screw just one up, intentionally or not, not only are you front page news, but you could be arrested! I'm just a small time election player, and try to stick with result reporting as opposed to the actually tallying side software anymore.

I got in this business when a county government vendor bought an election package from a company to install in the counties he dealt with. After the election, the election company took the software out of the reader, went direct to the customers and signed them up for future business, cashed the guy's check and told him they were not going to do business with him anymore! Talk about big brass ones! I was brought in since I was familiar with the computer equipment used (Data General) to see if I could come up with a solution. Coming in at the last minute I found something but it turned out to be a fiasco. From that point, if I was to be involved, I would write my own software to avoid that situation ever again.

Most election vendors are as honest as they come, but it only takes one to give a whole industry a bad name. With all the consolidation in the industry, only a very few people control the majority of the election hardware/software business any more. Good or bad, you figure it out.

Posted by Steve Ferguson @ 11/05/2002 09:43 PM EST

I can't bear to hear or see the election results -it's like a kick in gut. That said one thing we need to talk about is that the white middle class allows great evil to be perpetrated because it's happening to "those people". Yup, the Republican party and conservatives can feed the white middle class the crumbs from the table as long as the goddam (fill in the blank with the most reviled groups in your part of the country) don't get anything. I see it in my own family, I hear it in the discussions of welfare reform. White American might be impoverished, ignorant and manipulated but as long as they are one step up in the pecking order they will gladly eat the shit given them by the ruling class.
Racism, misogyny, homophobia, every form of hatred is unutterably vile - it's one of the greatest dangers of our time.

Posted by Deb in MN @ 11/05/2002 10:25 PM EST

This is a dark day for sure. Democrats and Republicans are 40 -60% the same.

(Bob Hope you are angry and definately show behavior and mentality of a closed mind. If you were independant you wouldn't slam only one party, you would see the truth.)

We need more Ron Pauls (R) and Paul Wellstones (D) because these are real democrats and republicans who are concerned with the Constitution and Civil Liberties.

Since we don't have enough good major party people, I think we should all support the Libertarian Party en mass. At least this party will defend the Constitution and Civil Liberties. The government must fear its population.

To survive this we first must make very huge mental adjustments.

NEVER GIVE UP YOUR FIREARMS... NO MATTER WHAT... AND IF YOU ARE FOR GUN CONTROL, YOU BETTER RETHINK THIS QUICK. (Their next step will be to disarm the population. Mass murderers agree, gun control works!)

Second we should stop paying taxes, third, home school your kids, forth stand for public office, fifth - reorient our economy. We must resist the tyranny. (for more on this see the article 'the American Empire on its Deathbed' by Liz Michael (www.lizmichael.com or BankIndex.com 11-4-02).

Now more than ever, we need to stop shooting our mouths off (like Bob) and stand together in a new system. F*** the left right model, because that model is an illusion, a lie.

Break away from every element of the system, from healthcare to education, to living in debt, and buying stuff with no purpose.

Everything has to change. We are the majority with the world, and we need to work together like never before.


Posted by Jessi @ 11/05/2002 10:40 PM EST

C'mon folks!James and Kenneth Collier of Miami spent years investigating computer and other vote fraud.They videoed little old ladies "Cleaning" punch card ballots for the League of Women Voters.Note they aren't "sponsoring" debates anymore?Ive read they were becoming a liability.
You should buy the Collier brothers book called Votefraud The Stealing of America.Get up to speed a little bit.I think one of their daughters has a website with the book and other info if she hasn't been hacked.

Posted by Jim C @ 11/05/2002 11:02 PM EST

Funny, all the states that the Bush cartel "visited", especially Georgia, seemed to all go to the neo-cons.

The media says it's because of a strong pro-Bush feeling sweeping the country, but I would beg to differ.

Posted by valis @ 11/05/2002 11:44 PM EST

The new Congressional Dist 1 in Arizona was resized in redistricting to over half the state, an area larger than Illinois. Previously, this district was one of the few Democratic ones in the state.

A Virginia carpetbagger, Rick Renzi, came into Flagstaff with tons of money, and straight from DOD programs with top secret clearance, to run for the new hot seat. He does not meet the residency requirement for a candidate. In fact, his wife and 10 of their 12 kids still live in VA and one pays out-of-state tuition in AZ.

Ricky said he had bonded sufficiently with Arizona to represent it. This isn't what the US Constitution says--you must be a resident of the state.

All of the locals were wondering who is this guy and where'd he come from?

I began researching him. He's the son of a retired 2-star Army Major who served high up in the Pentagon, and now is Exec VP of ManTech Intl. ManTech is a defense and intelligence company, also from Virginia, and they get 85% of their revenues from the Federal guv. They were Renzi's largest individual contributor and defense was his largest industry contributor.

Rick was a supposed witness to the Pentagon plane crash on 9/11. Amazingly, BBC News interviewed Rick (of all supposed witnesses) and he spewed out the Bush war rhetoric--Americans & Brits together saving the world and Americans are ready to fight!

Due to this experience, he feels he's qualified to sit on the Homeland Security and Intelligence committees.

Local newspapers, of course, failed to cover Rinky-dink Rick's history. In fact, all newspapers but a few in northern AZ are owned by 1 company.

I predicted he would win no matter what the voters say, and as of right now, he is winning. If he wins, northern Arizona residents will be more outraged than they were throughout the race. And, hopefully, a recall petition will begin.

How quickly they forget! It was in 1992 when Republican Doug Wead tried a similar tactic. At that time, former Sen Barry Goldwater (R) stood up and endorsed the Democratic candidate because she at least had Arizona residency.

Seems many of us who are working on the issue are saying the same things. It's time to take it back. I don't know who should be first to stand and lead the crowd, but I think the crowd is just about ready. Some parts of the country are more ready than others as they have been screwed several times.

Posted by spirit @ 11/06/2002 12:29 AM EST

One last comment to the Canadian. I'm really tired of hearing how it's up to us Americans to stop the current takeover.

What you fail to realize is that every other country has already given up their freedoms. You, as a Canadian, relinquished many of yours long ago.

The reason the heat is on Americans now is because we will be the hardest to take down. Bush does not represent Americans, he represents one of the 2 factions fighting for world goverance.

It's gonna take people from all over the world standing up against their guvs, not just the Americans.

So get with it. We, at least, still have our guns which is more than I can say for Canada or Britain.

Posted by spirit @ 11/06/2002 12:37 AM EST


Posted by kris @ 11/06/2002 12:58 AM EST

As they say, a plague on both your houses. One of the very few visably honest politicians in my own country [uk] once wrote a book called ... if voting changed anything they wold soon get rid of it ... or something!
Up down, left right, back forward ... I'm dizzy, can't we go any where else?
Amerika you are doomed if you expect the seventh cavalry ... they ain't coming. A piece of graffitti I once saw in London has stayed with me ever since ... be your own leader you feeble burke ...
I feel real sorry for the american dream, I think that it is time to wake up, do an honest days work and then retire to bed, pleasantly tied, and dream another dream.

Posted by jackslucid @ 11/06/2002 01:42 AM EST

Shit for barains. All of you stupid fucks.


Posted by K.M. Kiplinger @ 11/06/2002 01:50 AM EST

Losers. All of you. When I rule the world, you will eat my shit, and you will love it.

VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION: Well, you'll be happy to know that in fact you are already eating your own shit, Suprise!

VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION: This and the comment above were posted by the same Republican.

Posted by K.M. Doglicker @ 11/06/2002 01:53 AM EST

Read the Bible and find out where the New World Order is headed for... The nightmare is only beginning. LOOK UP brothers and sisters in Jesus, our redemption "draweth nigh".

Posted by marsha @ 11/06/2002 02:59 AM EST

Read the Bible and find out where the New World Order is headed for... The nightmare is only beginning. LOOK UP brothers and sisters in Jesus, our redemption "draweth nigh".

Posted by marsha @ 11/06/2002 03:00 AM EST

The fact that there are people in Florida rporting "vote fraud" is true. What isn't true, is that these people voted for one candidate, and the view screen showed their vote registered for another candidate. IF such an event were happening, that voter needed only to summon an electionjudge and point out the problem, where-by a lot of people would suddenly see it and know about it - and the jig would soon be up.
There very well may be corrupted software running the voting machines, but it certainly isn't going to openly display that corruption. Only an idiot would believe it would, or make such a rediculous claim. Besides that, it is the idiots themselves who demanded these new voting machines, because they were too stupid to undrstand how to vote on paper ballots or the old machines. So any corruption now in practice in the Florida election, has but one entity to blame: The Idiots! The get what they deserve! lol

Posted by Doc Ross @ 11/06/2002 05:59 AM EST

NESARA NOW! Check your local listings in Google!

Posted by Bananaman @ 11/06/2002 06:57 AM EST

All you left-wingers out there need to shut the hell up. You are all going down. HAHAHAHAHA

Posted by HAHAHA - EAT CRAP LIBBERS @ 11/06/2002 07:07 AM EST

Why can't these machines spit out a paper copy if there is a discrepancy they can be checked.

Posted by Anonymous @ 11/06/2002 07:12 AM EST

Very slowly the dark agenda is being reveileds to the general public, and all of you people that are telling everyone to SHUT the HELL UP, are the ones that will pay for your stupidity when the time of war comes here. Soon this coruption will be rolling out the tanks, and then where will you be? You'll be hiding in some corner pissing yourself, cause you don't want to die for your freedom! It is the nay-sayers that need to WAKE UP!!

Posted by Spice @ 11/06/2002 08:18 AM EST

We'll be fighting in the streets
With our children at our feet
And the morals that they worship will be gone
And the men who spurred us on
Sit in judgement of all wrong
They decide and the shotgun sings the song

I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
Then I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again

The change, it had to come
We knew it all along
We were liberated from the fold, that's all
And the world looks just the same
And history ain't changed
'Cause the banners, they are flown in the next war

I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
Then I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again
No, no!

I'll move myself and my family aside
If we happen to be left half alive
I'll get all my papers and smile at the sky
Though I know that the hypnotized never lie
Do ya?

There's nothing in the streets
Looks any different to me
And the slogans are replaced, by-the-bye
And the parting on the left
Are now parting on the right
And the beards have all grown longer overnight

I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
Then I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again
Don't get fooled again
No, no!

Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss

Posted by Does it matter? @ 11/06/2002 09:08 AM EST


Posted by Hey @ 11/06/2002 09:24 AM EST

The New World Order and Bushshites will stop at nothing to get what they want mainly oil, power and especially $$$$ through military contracts with their corporate alliances. If it means tampering with the vote box (electronic or otherwise) assassinating senators, deadly anthrax letters, staged terrorist attacks, disinformation and outright lies then they will do it and with professional finesse.

The question is what are you going to do about it? What am I going to do about it? The answer is I really don't know. How can you (me) fight someone, something as powerful and deadly as the Bush inspired NWO and their gang especially when they have the media so subjugated into position with blackmail legislation and CIA fronts (aka Flush Rush).

Anybody have any suggestions?

Posted by scout @ 11/06/2002 09:25 AM EST

You were given a Constitution to limit the powers of government. If you don't enforce it who will? The Politicians? Sure they will.

Also - ever notice that in all 50 States the vote is already rigged. Dems and Rubs have rigged the laws so that no 3rd Party can get on the ballot without help from Alice in Wonderland. Check into the election laws and you will find this to be true.

To the Dip who left all the nasty posts - get a life you moron. And that is being generous. And get those teeth fixed.

"I try to believe at least 8 impossible things before breakfast." The Queen of Hearts from Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Posted by Publius @ 11/06/2002 09:52 AM EST

I find it interesting that this so-called "New World Order" can get away with everything described here, with absolutely no interference from it's "opposition". Where were you all when Bill Clinton served two consecutive terms as president? Why was George Bush Sr. not able to win and serve a second term? Why did the republicans lose some Senate & House races yesterday? Certainly there must be some "counter-evil" forces at work here. Or is that just part of how they operate? The evil republicans will let the democrats win a few elections, so no one gets too suspicious. How is it that so many people could be involved in voter fraud, staged terrorist attacks, hiding evidence of alien beings on Earth, and all the other non-sense you bring up here, without at least one person coming forth and admitting to any/all of this?

Posted by The One You Love @ 11/06/2002 10:04 AM EST

The new world order will be exposed and the people will rise against it.

Posted by rob smith @ 11/06/2002 10:48 AM EST


Posted by tenbears @ 11/06/2002 11:14 AM EST

I am here in Texas and with 8% reporting Rick Perry Hand picked Governor was already giving his acceptance speach go figure

Posted by Jedi @ 11/06/2002 11:33 AM EST

Someone had a great point above,which is what always stops me short from definately deciding the NWO is in place, They're running illegal voting operations, people run for office who legally have no business running, etc. Fine, yup, could be. The point that stops me is - so why are we/you/people letting it happen? If someone in Fla. voted for The Other Guy and the voting machine clearly said it was a vote for Bush...why didn't these people stick their heads out of the booths and yell FOUL? Loudly? Whether this is done as an "Opps, I must have made a mistake here in using this ... I've managed to register my vote for the wrong chouce" to "WHAT ARE YOU ASSHOLES TRYING TO PULL HERE?"...why are all these comments and accusations filed to the back pages of web sites and not on the front pages of the local papers in Fla? Vote fraud is vote fraud. If 2 or 9 or 300 people called up the paper or news stations and said "The voting machines are tampered with" I can't imagine that it all would have come to a fast halt..or at least the rest of the nation would hear about it. If some candidate is running for office in Arizona who has no biz being on the ballot, isn't a resident, and doesn't legally fit the requirements to run...then why don't 2 or 50 or 7000 people raise holy hell about it? Illegal is illegal. All it would have taken was for one person who didn't live in AZ to proclaim themselves as a candidate and then when told they couldn't run, say "well what about this guy?". If someone in Fla had their vote changed, why didn't they stand out on the street handing out fliers or make a petition asking for people's names (who I imagine would be walking out of the voting area stunned and pissed) "Did your vote get changed on you? Sign here!" I'm 89% convinced we're being steered right to the NWO's Hell. The other 20% wonders why those who claim to have such clear examples of this going on do nothing but bitch on websites and in "fringe" media zines where no one who isn't already in agreement pretty much isn't going to hear it. I guess what I'm trying to say is if it is all so serious, why aren't the ones who claim to be fighting the NWO War using their brains and the public venues to do so? Where's the massive revolt in FLA over this voting scam? Where's the person who got his wife or brother to vote and sneak in a camera to document his vote was changed to "Bush" or call some openminded actual reporter to do the same? Or some big city newspapers like the (democratic) Chicago Sun Times and say "Im from Florida and I just voted and have 10 other people who will swear their vote got changed? They'd be ALL over it. I'm not doubting it for a second..I'm just saying...why aren't those who are outraged by all these illegal and blatnat things going on" DO something besides say "isn't it terrible..something should be done?"

Posted by Gannet @ 11/06/2002 11:52 AM EST

You guys like what you post here so much you feel it necessary to post it 3 times. Hit the "post this comment button" once and wait a minute and it will show up.

Looks like the Senate race in South Dakota was decided by 527 votes. Interestingly enough, a democrate won. How'd that happen??

Posted by 10 S N E 1 @ 11/06/2002 12:16 PM EST

There has been many incidents that has happened since the Bush's taken office. Senators killed in plane crashes, buildings bombed,snipers at large, Nile virus killing people more than animals, Jfk,Jr plane bombed, Clinton playing the opposite parasite, an this: http://www.freeamerican.com/Jesuits.htm
So what do you see in the darkness? I see a game plan that is orchestrated by the unseen "PAPA BUSH" who sits in the darkness along with Cheney, an plan the unbelievable!
On the other hand, it requires much work to kill, murder, an keep a clear mind. It must be madness to live inside a soul that's full of pain an depression.

Will the "REAL SNIPERS" please get caught!

Posted by Sabu @ 11/06/2002 12:26 PM EST

All of this is going according to plan. Imperial America must fall (like Germany and Rome) before global government can take power. Most people on Earth will die through war, disease, or starvation, which has already begun. To fulfill prophecy the tyrannical NWO will rebel against the armies of YHWH and lose. Only then will peace be restored.

Posted by Prophet @ 11/06/2002 01:12 PM EST

There's nothing wrong with the voting machines. All is well. Don't worry, be happy. There's nothing to see here. Move along, Move along.

Posted by The Central Scrutinizer @ 11/06/2002 07:47 PM EST

Do knowing people ever share the details of their deeds or knowledge on their death beds, or will we just need to learn to access the holographic universe's MATRIX recordings to reveiw what transpired in the shadows of our recent pasts and present.

Posted by be @ 11/06/2002 11:46 PM EST

Thinking about comments/questions posted here re why aren't people doing anything? and reaching conclusion that the members of our press--tv and major newspapers/magazines--are largely responsible for the ignorance/apathy of the american people. There ARE people all over our country writing letters to the editor that don't get printed, participating in demonstrations of all kinds that don't get reported, writing books and articles that seldom get published--and few people read anymore, having been seduced by the hypnotic lure of tv.
I have a dream of editors and journalists at one of the few (and consolidating) major news outlets deciding that integrity is worth more than holding on to their jobs at the cost of their professional souls, and getting at least one issue or broadcast out with the truth. A free press is a truly noble concept, and there must be some in the fourth estate uncomfortable w/telling lies and partial truths and ignoring real stories of what the peope are doing.
I believe in miracles.
Peace, Kathleen

Posted by Kathleen Beatty @ 11/07/2002 04:35 AM EST

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