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11/06/2002 Entry: "Time for Unrelenting Protest"

Let the Protests be Unrelenting

by voxfux

A dark cloud has enshrouded America. It is time now to wage unyielding demonstrations. Every medium must be brought to the service of peace. Bush must be stopped. We must each launch a personal effort to undermiine this evil force. Every day and every creative way. It's been a long day and night more later...



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Riots and bloodshed will follow this day, this is wisdom

Posted by A REAL American @ 11/06/2002 03:04 AM EST

Wake up America and take back your rights. This election was a sham and many were bought. Rigged again. People are too damn passive while the rest of the world is aggressive.

Posted by Sing @ 11/06/2002 03:54 AM EST

i am ashamed to be an amerikan--it's my take that those around me will not wake up until their fat bellies begin to be affected or until their children and grandparents begin to die from vaccines--by then it will be too late--microchipping will ensure compliance-i will continue to speak out but truthfully w/little hope--my nation could be a Light to the world and because most have chosen personal comfort we are now a center of darkness--ignorance is no excuse--even mass media gives truth of incredible suffering going on in other parts of world--my com"patriots" shut their eyes to this, buy their new cars, shop, eat tortured animals to disgusting excess--we deserve what's coming to us--hopethe rest of the world knows that some of here DO care and pray for a world at peace. Peace, Kathleen

Posted by katleen beatty @ 11/06/2002 04:11 AM EST

Expect to see the NWO agenda in full effect. Homeland security will finally be implemented, war will be declared on the middle east, civil rights will fade away, society's culture will be returned to a 1950's mentality,...the list goes on. Welcome to the new dark ages. Time to consider moving to another country.

Posted by Ghost of Zappa @ 11/06/2002 04:15 AM EST

Desparately sorry to hear how you decent Americans were shafted again! Wake up America!!!

Posted by A Friend of the REAL America @ 11/06/2002 04:18 AM EST

http://www.geocities.com/trebor_92627/Bush.htm Read it & weep.....(& pray!!) May God Bless all the innocent victims!

Posted by tirasmom @ 11/06/2002 05:33 AM EST

Yes how very convenient that Senator Wellstone was made dead along with his wife and daughter eleven days before the election. The same senator represented a new uncorrupted, principled, populist direction sadly needed by the moronic, hypocrytical, bumbling, spineless Democratic party. The one Senator who emboldened resistance against the corporate-lacky mentality and who stood against the military industrial complex cabal and their frontman Bush's dangerous plans for the world. How very very convenient.

Posted by MR. ELEVEN @ 11/06/2002 06:21 AM EST

Now that Republicans control all branches of the government - expect all elections to be rigged from now on. That is if they even allow free elections anymore. Freedom in the U.S. is now dead.

Posted by Commander X @ 11/06/2002 06:22 AM EST

I am so sad.....how could this happen? I am discouraged,but will have to get up and go on,and not give up. I am fearful for our country! Lusterwht

Posted by Sheila Garot @ 11/06/2002 06:43 AM EST

Where can a person go?

Posted by marilyn larson @ 11/06/2002 06:55 AM EST

yesterday P3 voted with the majority of citizens who did not vote. we thereby lodged our protest of fraudulant elections generally,(the norm in this country) and the bush crime family specifically. Because we have to use our slave name to vote,(as with all gov/corp activities) how can voting be anything more than a rubber stamp for the criminals who are in power. vote with your feet in the streets but not neccessarily protesting, please promote the peoples agenda of peace, prosperity and pot in all your communities. remember, if applied correctly, poison can be effective medicine. if used improperly medicine can be poison. In this sick country/world truly skillful healers are needed to transform the dark into light. Do your part, please! P3

Posted by P3 @ 11/06/2002 07:12 AM EST

I have lots of friends that have moved from the left to the republican side and a LOT of it has to due with the extreme left attitudes in this country.

All I can say is keep up your extreme rantings and we'll keep gaining motivated supporters that want to vote.

Posted by A Sane Person @ 11/06/2002 07:37 AM EST

We are so screwed...


5:45 AM MSNBC reporting 86% votes in ; the margin is 50% Norm and 47% Mondale
5:46 AM CNN reporting 96% votes in margin is 50% Norm and 47% Mondale
6:00 AM Local CBS Duluth reporting 60% votes in Coleman 3% lead.
AP stating Coleman as winner
9:10 am MSNBC reporting website 98% reporting Norm 49% and Mondale 48%
Stating Mondale will be giving speech at 10:30 EST
Trent Lott already trying to steal the last moment of thunder for Democrats ...almost like Ventura intercepting the debate between Mondale and Coleman yesterday.

Well, there goes our rights, funding, judges?
South Dakota doing a recount.
What happened to the 91,000 votes in Florida again?
I demand a recount in MINNESOTA!!
Did the media pump percentages to inflate the numbers to push opponents to concede?
Minnesota has to count 2 million votes by hand with 100,000 absentee ballots. Up until 11:00 pm last night the vote count was at 3% it stayed the counting was very slow. Then by 6 am they had three different percentages of counts that were in.
George Stephanopolos on the radio stated Georgia experienced problems with machines voting for the wrong candidates.
Others stated they had ballots with Wellstone names on them..is this true? And that they checked Wellstone? I received the original ballot and a separate sheet of paper with Mondale on it. Did anyone receive just an original ballot?
All yesterday there were no lines (very little) action until maybe 6 pm . This is difficult to determine why and where those voters were. Something terribly wrong with this election. Needs recounts in all close calls.

As I said, it's amazing that they could count 2 million votes in Minnesota by 9am by hand considering it took Florida well over 6 weeks.

Posted by Wolf @ 11/06/2002 08:04 AM EST

I wonder what'll be destroyed next...perhaps a shopping mall. Or maybe a few crowded buses. Or maybe nothing at all...but it would seem inevitable that if there are a lot of protests....then the "NWO" would have to find a way to drum up support to blow up the middle east. Any speculation?

Posted by jacob @ 11/06/2002 08:05 AM EST

PS / The comment about the lines being slow was in reference to Florida voters not Minnesota.

Posted by Wolf @ 11/06/2002 08:07 AM EST

Hey you greeny lefty fucks. its time we cleen the country of you fucks. As for you voxfuck YOUR DEAD!!!!!!!

Posted by YOU LEFTY FUCKS @ 11/06/2002 09:04 AM EST

Time to scream our rage at the pirates that stole the great ship of state from the people who built it. The left was co-opted by the State. Any anti-communist is a good anti-communist. The women's lib movement just made honorary men out of some women. The civil rights movement just allowed some rich blacks into the white community. The gay rights movement has become stiflingly conservative and elitist.

Where is the left? Is it time for a new Che Guevarra? Are we to let our blood be shed in defense of the new robber barons? How many of our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers have to die in this corporate war? The bastards have taken our voice. It is time to scream our rage until it shakes the very foundations of the system. It is time to declare our independence. It is time to kick the home-grown aristocracy out. Finish the American Revolution!

Posted by Jim @ 11/06/2002 09:35 AM EST

as the esteemed Cardinal Zero T Zamboni might say, "levity, not gravity." anyone suggesting rioting,vociferous, destructive behavior on the streets as aform of protest against Corporate Monster, is merely playing into the hands of the adversary, and allowing the real possibility of agent provocateurism, and the fragmentation of the "movement". might i suggest instead more theater. perhaps thousands of clowns lining a major avenue in america with signs loudly proclaiming "i luv Dubya" and "what comes after Duby? Ex..."
the simple yet effective mescaline miming that will cause head scratching, neuron expansion, and laughter...which is so much more tactically pragmatic than engaging in what the Media Whores will only categorize as anarchy or unpatriotic rabble-rousing.
myself, i shall carry a large set of foam rubber buttocks over a sign that reads, "the end is near". action is clearly warranted, but this is a scream; on a physical level, light will win out. let's save the gun play until they are at the door. in the mean time, make 'em think.

Posted by don tarter @ 11/06/2002 09:41 AM EST

The ignorance is so great, so all encompassing that I fear the only solution is the imminent destruction of the American Empire. It's a shame that the 1% of the industrialists are able to control 20% of the population and make it appear that over 50% of Americans actually support Bush and his NWO agenda. The fact is that an overwhelming MAJORITY of Americans do not SUPPORT Bush, Republicans or the New World Order. But since Bush has discovered that in any arab oil grab regieme (which is surely what his regieme is all about) thet the US media in America (controlled by Jews) is his NUMBER ONE PARTNER. The Jews in the media are in for a suprise when Bush reveals his true feelings for them - After he has successfully used them ti implement his agenda.

Posted by Dianne Cavanaugh @ 11/06/2002 09:41 AM EST

We won, you lost. Get over it!

Posted by bigj @ 11/06/2002 09:46 AM EST

I am not so sure about either side here. Coming here and gloating like bigj up above does not help and to be honest, if history teaches us anything, it is that one side eventually loses out, so this victory for the republicans, be it long or short, will one day reverse itself.

On the other hand, I don't think we should be talking about destroying America to rebuild it and we should remember that either way, the battle is not between democrats and republicans but rather between politicians and the people.

I found a great article that talks about this at: http://www.hackerjournal.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=85 and I highly reccomend it.

Posted by Paul S. @ 11/06/2002 10:04 AM EST

http://muslimthai.com/talibanonline/index.phpDate Type of Attack Wounded/Dead Location

These deaths are mostly American solders and some European Solders.
They will fuel the Hell Fire forever.

06.11.2002 Central Asia & Khurasaan (AFGHANISTAN)
October 2001 to August 2002 crusader death wall chart

Date: Type of Attack: Wounded/Dead: Location:

20 Oct 01 Helicopter & plane crash 00/24 Kandahar
27 Oct 01 Unknown 01/00 Shuravik
27 Oct 01 Bomb blast at Pasni airport 00/02 Pasni
03 Nov 01 Helicopter & plane crash 00/40 Ghazni
08 Nov 01 Helicopter crash 00/25 Shuravik
25 Nov 01 Clash with Taliban 00/24 Kandahar
26 Nov 01 Clash with Taliban 00/60 Hilmand
26 Nov 01 Clash with Taliban 00/20 Qila Jangi
01 Dec 01 Plane crash at Kandah airport 00/12 Kandahar
1-4 Dec 01 Clash with Taliban 06/93 Hilmand
05 Dec 01 Clash with Mujahideen dozen --/-- Kandahar
11 Dec 01 Clash with Mujahideen 25/75 Hilmand
16 Dec 01 Bomb blast at Kandahar airport 00/12 Kandahar
20 Dec 01 Unknown ---- Uruzgan
27 Dec O1 Clash with Arabs in Torabora 00/140 Tora Bora
29 Dec 01 Arab Mujahideen attack at US base ---- Kandahar
04 Jan 02 Guerilla operations 00/01 Gardez
05 Jan 02 Guerilla operations 03/05 Khost
06 Jan 02 Abducted 3 Kidnaped Kandahar
09 Jan 02 Plane crash 00/08 Border
15 Jan 02 Abducted 1 Kidnaped Kabul
16 Jan 02 Helicopter crash 00/07 Mevand
21 Jan 02 Helicopter crash 07/02 Bagram
24 Jan 02 Clash with Mujahideen 00/01 Kandahar
29 Jan 02 Helicopter crash 00/25 Khost
12 Feb 02 Landmine explosion 01/ Bagram
13 Feb 02 Air transporter crash 00/08 Kandahar
03 Mar 02 Guerilla operations 00/17 Gardez
03 Mar 02 Guerilla operations 00/03 Kandahar
04 Mar 02 4 helicopters shot down 00/99 Gardez
07 Mar 02 Rocket attacks 00/05 Gardez
11 Mar 02 Ambush attack 00/05 Aragon
13 Mar 02 Night attack by Mujahideen 00/08 Khost
16 Mar 02 Fidayeen attack at US camp 00/02 Gardez
20 Mar 02 Helicopter shot down 00/10 Kandahar
23 Mar 02 Military vehicle hit landmine 00/08 Kandahar
23 Mar 02 Night attack by Talbin 00/18 Khost
23 Mar 02 Helicopter shot down ---- Khost
26 Mar 02 Helicopter shot down 00/09 Khost
28 Mar 02 Landmine explosion 00/01 Kandahar
09 April 02 2 vehicles destroyed, rocket attack 00/08 Gardez
10 April 02 Bomb explosion 00/01 Kandahar
14 April 02 Night attack at Khost airport 25/05 Khost
15 April 02 Landmine explosion 10/04 Kandahar
17 April 02 Shahadah (martyr) attack 00/14 Kandahar
23 April 02 Mortar attack on convoy ---- Gardez
25 April 02 Bomb explosion, Kandahar airport 00/03 Kandahar
26 April 02 Missile attack, Kandahar airport 05102 Kandahar
26 April 02 Missile & rocket attack, US camps ---- Gardez
27 April 02 Rocket attack on militarty convoy ---- Kandahar
06 May 02 Missile attack at Kandahar airport 00/11 Kandahar
20 May 02 Gun fire by youth 00/04 Khost
21 May 02 Guerilla attacks 00/06 Hilmand
22 May 02 Military vehicle capsize 10/02 Khost
01 June 02 Retaliatory attacks 00/05 Hilmand
09 June 02 Missile attacks 00/01 Khost
17 June 02 Missile attacks ---- Kandahar
18 June 02 Attack on patrolling party 00/05 Gardez
18 June 02 Reprisal attack 00/02 Margeryte
23 June 02 Missile attack at Khost airport ---- Khost
27 June 02 Knife attack 00/01 Kandahar
28 June 02 Military vehicle destroyed, bomb ---- Kandahar
29 June 02 Ambush attack --/06 Uruzgan
29 June 02 Rocket attacks ---- Kabul
01 July 02 Rocket attacks ---- Khost
01 July 02 Attack at Bagram airbase ---- Bagram
03 July 02 Explosion at arms depot 02/0 2 Boldak
03 July 02 Ambush attack 03/03 Kandahar
03 July 02 Motorcycle firing 00/05 Kandahar
05 July 02 Drown in river 00/02 Kunner
08 July 02 Missile attack at Khost airport ---- Khost
12 July 02 Plane accident 05/00 Jacobabad
17 July 02 Helicopter destroyed 04/00 Bagram
20 July 02 Ambush attack 00/08 Paktia
21 July 02 Firing by veiled woman 00/04 Kandahar
26 July 02 Clash at Lachki dam 00/14 Kandahar
27 July 02 Firing by villagers 00/12 Khost
28 July 02 Suicide by US servicemen 00/02 Washington
30 July 02 Shahadah attack 00/10 Kandahar
02 Aug 02 Shahadah attack 00/04 Uruzgan
05 Aug 02 Attack at military post 02/02 Shahi Kot
06 Aug 02 Helicopter destroyed, missile attack 05/03 Khost
09 Aug 02 2 patrol vehicles destroyed 00/08 Paktia
09 Aug 02 Military vehicle plunges in river 00/06 Kunner
11 Aug 02 Missile and bomb attack 00/24 Hilmand
12 Aug 02 Missile attack at airport ---- Khost
13 Aug 02 Rocket attack ---- Khost

NOTE: Between August 15, 02 up through November 6, 02 the number
of American deaths has increased.

Posted by Its Pay back Time @ 11/06/2002 10:10 AM EST

Democracy can't afford falling into a depression over the Bush
Cartel routing of the Democrats in a mid-term election.

Democracy demands that we continue battling for what is great
about this country.

Democracy demands that we not be dismayed by those who would
dismantle our government services; shred the Constitution;
trample on our civil liberties; shift the nation's money even
more to the wealthy; and create a permanent war, turning the
young people of our country into cannon fodder.

Most importantly, democracy and patriotism demand that we fight
for a true nation of equality, not just one aimed at refighting
the Civil War on behalf of ante-bellum Southern "Values."

Democracy demands that the timid leadership of the Democratic
Party be replaced -- and that the Democrats abandon their Neville
Chamberlain politics of appeasement -- and start fighting for
America and American values.

Democracy demands that the Democrats loudly and vigorously expose
the lies, opportunism and Dr. Strangelove-like foreign policy of
the Bush Cartel. No charge can go unanswered; no lie can go
unexposed; no policy harmful to Americans can go unchallenged.

Democracy demands that we keep vigilant in pressuring the lap dog
press to accurately report on the news. They are subject to
pressure, particularly as to their factual errors and omissions,
because their "veneer of credibility" is necessary for their "
brand" survival.

Posted by crusader bunnypants @ 11/06/2002 10:16 AM EST

if there was such widespread fraud, why haven't the democrats, jesse jackson, and al sharpton been protesting the results like they did in 2000? Could it be that only crazed conspiracy theorists who suffer from paranoid see these plots?

Posted by jeff in wisconsin @ 11/06/2002 10:27 AM EST

The American people get noting less
than what they desire. It is ashame that ignorance alloyed with the hubris of possessive capitalist individualism has lead to the Americans of today.

Posted by Rowtate @ 11/06/2002 10:51 AM EST


Posted by MR. ELEVEN @ 11/06/2002 11:49 AM EST

Wake up! George W. Bush is the ANTI-CHRIST! The TRUTH!

Posted by The Truth @ 11/06/2002 11:52 AM EST

Where was the Democratic rage?
They had ALL the ammunition they needed to get the message out and DID NOTHING to oppose Bush the power-drunk AT ALL!
Tom Daschle? Leader? Where has he been for over a year? Nowhere, with NO PLAN for his party!
The Bush machine managed to obliterate 2 of their main opposers within ONE week: Wellstone and Daschle
The Democrats HAD the means, the evidence - but NO RAGE and NO GUTS!

Posted by gameover @ 11/06/2002 11:53 AM EST

Welcome to the New World Order- of lies that is- 2003 will bring the world to WW3- Americans will soon learn the price of ignorance and passivenes againts a dictadorship in progress- When the Starship Troopers' of america invades Iraq- the Arab world will hate us with passion and will unleash its wrath to the US like never before. God bless us all in the next coming years.

Posted by Victor @ 11/06/2002 12:10 PM EST

God bless america! Sukas!!!!!!!

Posted by DI @ 11/06/2002 12:28 PM EST

i am crying but we must do something - find a leader! cornell west = where are you? can we all meet & plan an alternative before its too late? there are so many of us...but we're rendered impotant by nazi war party. are we gonna sit still while they pump us full of smallpox vacinations & media whore lies distraction movies & sexy pop tarts? can't we DO something other than protest & write brilliant but unheard (other than by each other) diatribes on the internet? WHAT can we DO????

Posted by peacegirl @ 11/06/2002 01:08 PM EST

Perhaps clarification is needed. Here is wisdom. I was once one of THEM, specops, But not anymore! You have to have witnessed the horrors about to come, even if they were somewhere else. I wish I could take them back. What I meant by my previous post is that hungry, cold, thirsty, sick people, when pushed into a corner, will do desparate things to survive. It's one of the basic instincts and you can't get around that. We are on the road to exactly this kind of time, as in the biblical prophesy, but we can choose which side we will be on. As for me, it won't be the side I WAS on, but the skills THEY taught me remain. I humbly intend to pass these skills on to US, the soon to be desparate.

Posted by A REAL American @ 11/06/2002 01:46 PM EST

We must seek help through this; there will be no help out of this mess, we must all think a new paradigm in to existence. IT IS OUR ONLY HOPE - Email me for more information kenmize@earthlink.net

Posted by Ken M. @ 11/06/2002 03:48 PM EST

We must seek help through this; there will be no help out of this mess, we must all think a new paradigm in to existence. IT IS OUR ONLY HOPE - Email me for more information kenmize@earthlink.net

Posted by Ken M. @ 11/06/2002 03:48 PM EST

NON NOBIS SED ALIIS http://www.advancedrt.com/articles/rtarticles/RTCISD.html If things go really wrong, keep this in mind. Is applicable to job loss and many other problems that may crop up. I am a former fire chief.

Posted by north wind @ 11/06/2002 05:31 PM EST

They have begun to pick off patriots one by one either jailing or murder. Rumsfeld has established unit PP2O8B (or something like that name) which is a Pre Planned Operation Group for attacks on 'possiable terroist' groups to CAUSE attacks by them. 6 supposed terroists in Yemen were hit by a hellfire missile and destroyed. HOWEVER, there was NO crater...hmmmm hellfire missile leave craters! Probable new laser weapon. Mark Kornke's wife's (Mark from Michigan) house was raided by ATF for operating an FM radio station. (This is not illegal)Mark has been in jail for some time for resisting arrest & assault on arresting officer. (original charge was forcibly removing a process server from his property.
The time is very near that unless we act quickly and decisively we will be thrown into concentration camps with no hope.
Now is the time to forment plans to stop these bastards through every means possiable. War is here, war is real. Be strong.
Jackson Stonewall

Posted by Jackson Stonewall @ 11/07/2002 09:05 AM EST


Posted by Garry @ 11/07/2002 10:03 AM EST

Canada dosnt really allow the average citizen to carry a gun,
ship me one and ill fucking kill him myself


a concerned neighbour

Posted by Evan @ 11/07/2002 10:02 PM EST

Canada dosnt really allow the average citizen to carry a gun,
ship me one and ill fucking kill him myself


a concerned neighbour

Posted by Evan @ 11/07/2002 10:03 PM EST

Canada dosnt really allow the average citizen to carry a gun,
ship me one and ill fucking kill him myself


a concerned neighbour

Posted by Evan @ 11/07/2002 10:03 PM EST

The time has come for you to treat the cause not the symptons ...
There are those who have stolen what is yours ... your voice ...
This means that YOU will have to abandon the easy comforts of passive slack-jawed absorbtion of somebody elses voice spewing out from the three or four business complexes that consolidated your media and YOUR voice into there titilating gossip machines ...
And those that run these machines ... the tea-boys/ladies; the technical staff; the production staff; the "stars" and all the support staff necessary to run a big media circus ... they must be made to pay it all back.
If you have no voice you have no hope.
This is not a time for the faint hearted.

Posted by Attack that which misrepresents you ... @ 11/08/2002 05:27 AM EST

This might be the saddest most pathetic thing I have ever seen. Yes, the majority of americans stood firmly behind the president because he is something you communists don't understand. He is a man of courage, coviction and moral clarity. Ho many of you out there have lost any rights or civil liberties or even know anyone who has suffered. For the umpteenth time You achieve peace through strenth and resolve not by peace rally's and feel good bullshit. OUr enemies only respect strength and resolve. If you want war and and destuction, appease these people and appear weak in thier eyes and they will attack. When this is all over, you can thank W, Rummy and Co. for protecting your freedoms and civil liberties and you freedom to act like perfect creeps. THis theme has been repeated throughout history, check your books. Everytime we try to appease and disarm in hope our enemies do the same we get attacked. When we show balls we have peace (see Reagan). This same garbage about fascim is laughable. Are you not the same people who want to censor conservative ideas and take away our right to defend ourselves? Please read some history. This liberal garbage is repudiated over and over. Do you have any idea how close your hero Jimmy Carter came letting the Soviets attack the US. It was his weakness in the name of peace and getting along that had the USSR thinking they could destroy us without much of a fight. I could go on and on. I don't hate you people like you seem to hate all conservatives, but please, if want your freedom to act and speak so foolishly, you should support this president. There are no conspiracies there is no secret plan to enslave us, this is all silly talk. Look in the man's eyes, he believes what he says. If you continue to attack this administration you are only aiding Saddam and the terrorists. These are the people who wish you harm, not the president. Much Love.

Posted by pbc @ 11/08/2002 07:31 AM EST

The president is right about one thing, however. Today the world faces a single man armed with weapons of mass destruction, manifesting an aggressive, bullying attitude, who may well plunge the world into chaos and bloodshed if he miscalculates. This person, belligerent, arrogant and sure of himself, truly is the most dangerous person on Earth. The problem is that his name is George W. Bush, and he is our president

Posted by marilyn @ 11/08/2002 08:14 AM EST

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