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11/07/2002 Entry: "The Greatest Achievement"

apollo17 (12k image)

Thirty years ago, the era of manned moon flights ended. In December of 1972 the last Apollo rocket ever built blasted off to the moon. (To this day there are no capabilities or craft to land men on the moon)

The race to the moon was America's greatest achievement. It fired the imaginations of the people of the world. When Neil Armstrong - stepped foot on the moon - in an instant the whole world was united. It was the single most viewed event ever. In one instant the United States symbolized the dreams, hopes and imaginations of billions of the world's inhabitants and captured the respect and goodwill of all people, in all countries.

Our effort was born of a pure and trustworthy instinct - To explore. While the moon program was so formidable and monumental it was also America's most civil national adventure. It was not a mission to extract precious stones, nor to assess the commercial possibilities of strip mining there. Our purpose was not to lob bombs on other peoples heads from way up high nor to capture and control markets there. Our only mission was to deliver Astronauts to the moon and return them safely home, to explore. And to ignite the imaginations of billions of people everywhere.

apollo17 (12k image)

Today the image of America is of a bloated, greedy outlaw. We are hated the world over not bacause they hate freedom, but because they hate arrogance, greed, and force. And this is all we have offered to the world in the last fourty years.

All forms of terrorisim have their nexus here in America. The CIA wrote the book on the science of terror. And all weapons of mass destruction were invented here. These are not unpatriotic rantings. These are historical facts. The Bush regieme represents nothing less than plunder, murder, and quite possibly the destruction of the American empire. We are in desperate need of another mission... besides plundering the worlds poor.

The New World Order is Here
Destroy it every day and every way possible


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It is not the American people that are hated, it is the leaders that abuse the power that they have been granted.

Posted by Rob @ 11/21/2002 06:30 AM EST

sorry mate, i'm writing this in england, and the dumb sheeple hate americans, when i point out that the only americans they've ever met are the obnoxious fat ones with too many cameras 'cos they are the only ones that have passports they don't get it. but real americans are no different from us. (i lived in NY for a while) the sheeple can't make the distinction between king fuckwit bush and the tens of millions of you that have no world domination fantasies. The media in this country is so horribly controlled, those bastards at the BBC couldn't get an accurate news story out if their overpaid fat arses depended on it.

Posted by robbie @ 11/21/2002 09:03 AM EST

Does it make sense to charchterize the space race as "a pure and trustworthy instinct"?

Posted by Observer @ 11/21/2002 11:59 PM EST

One of your "New Resistance" links, The Federation of American Scientists, has a lot of information on Space Policy, the Challenger accident, Russian Space Industry, Mars and a Space Art Collection. Interestingly, there is only one page on the moon program. It seems to have been added as an afterthought. They recite the well known facts of the moon being a dead body, low gravity, radiation, etc. And in general, they seem to accept that there really was an expedition that landed on the moon.

Are they part of the NASA moon hoax???

Posted by Rich @ 11/22/2002 07:32 AM EST

The Apollo Moon missions were Disney Fantasy... They may have went to the moon, but NOT using ballistic rockets. The radiation beyond the Van Allan Belts would have fried the astronauts since there wasn't radiation shielding included in the space suits or the command modules. A Oct. 2002 news article related the International Space Station (ISS) isn't effectively shielding the astronauts from radiation, and the ISS is orbiting INSIDE the Van Allan Belts, where the radiation is greatly reduced compared to OUTSIDE the Belts. NASA's (Never A Straight Answer) Apollo program was a fraud!

VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION: Congradulations, you have no critical capability, you are a victim. Do you actually think that the Soviets who tracked each and every inch of the Apollo missions to the moon would sit there quietly while America perpetrated such a massive fraud? Do you actually think that they would let us make a false claim to be the first to the moon? Have you ever seen any of the launch footage? I guess all the hundreds of thousands of people who witnessed the launches and felt the roar of the Saturn V rocket beat against their chest were all in on the conspiracy too. And I guess the Americans built a set that included several massive mountain ranges right? (a different set of course for each of the different missions all with massive mountain ranges) You are mentally retarded, seriously. Get a brain, you fucking asshole.

Posted by Moon-NOT @ 11/23/2002 06:52 PM EST

So you reckon all those moon landings went off without a hitch?
From the first to the last, this impossibly complex operation which the Russians knew was futile, the yanks pulled it all off without a single crash?

When in the history of technology has any new contraption worked perfectly the very first time?
And why haven't the yanks been back there?

The Russians didn't blow the whistle because they are stupid sluts. For them all their knowledge comes with a price tag and they are quite happy to sit on a big secret for 100 years until someone pays up.

Posted by Fred Hill @ 11/25/2002 06:35 PM EST

Hey Vox,
before you start calling anybody an asshole, I suggest you read the book DARK MOON: Apollo and the whistle-blowers, by Mary Bennett and David Percy.
They very convincingly allege that the whole US Space Program is a Nazi import that worked hand in hand with the Soviets.
Some of their conclusions are a bit new-agey, but the lunar photo analysis is quite conclusive, and so is most of the math involved.
Besides, who's to know what really happens once the rocket's out of sight?

Posted by Nicolas Kerikoff @ 11/26/2002 12:11 PM EST

Well, call me naive and sell me some moondust but I do believe humans landed on the moon. Fuck, we can destroy a city with a small bomb, why not the power to travel. I am willing to reconsider my view, but for now, I just don't believe it (that it was a hoax). Here in Australia, many people "hate" ameriKKKa/americans but I do know they are heaps of americans who do have virtue and care about the rest of the world. And the moon landings were a great achievment, even though at the time, there was probably some sinister motives (imagine a massive "Moon Cannon").

Posted by Gumby @ 11/27/2002 04:07 PM EST

The Americans saved the Russians from Hitler (the ONLY reason we entered the war) and consequently Russia owed the US. Russia agreed to participate in the arms race as a means to consolidate world power with the US -- a super superpower. Well, decades passed and Russians and Americans never engaged in real war -- only in a production race. So whether or not the Russians knew about the faked moon landing is irrevelant. They may have a financial stake in it or perhaps they still believe that the plan for world domination is still in place, and they are just waiting for the next move. The only losers in the end are the regular citizens who pay the real price.

Posted by noer @ 12/04/2002 11:24 AM EST

I have some serious reservations about this whole moon/appollo situation.

Nicolas Kerikoff in his response mentioned the program to be a Nazi import, well unfortunately there is significant evidence to support this claim.

Werhner Von Braun, who was the king pin of the appollo space program and the visionary behind it, was in fact a Nazi SS Colonel during WW2 and worked on the design of the V2 rockets that were used against allies claiming thousands of lives.

The V2(the origin of ballistic space travel) program used masses of slave labour to achieve its end and obviously this meant the torture and execution of several thousands of people. Towards the end of WW2 the US administration captured Von Braun
and some of his team and in the well known intelligence op 'Operation Paperclip' he was assimilated into the US. As some may
be aware this 'OP' lead to some of the worst types of Nazi's to be allowed into the US (by Dulles et al)even though originally the government had declared them a security risk. Ultimately Von Braun (originally a security risk) was to be one of these Nazi's who was magically allowed access, no doubt based on his rocket expertise.

From there onwards Von Braun would be a US pioneer in ballistics and then onto the formation of NASA and the resulting appollo space program (billions of tax payers dollars)
which was 'his baby'!

Von Braun during the 50's was then turned into somewhat of a media star
through none other than the Disney Studios who gave the man a TV forum
through which he could further his vision and instill this vision into
the minds of the 'baby boomers'.

Millions (upto 50m)watched in awe at this Nazi who was to sell them the concept of manned interplanetary travel. Also the fact that Von Braun
had a charm and media friendly look sealed in the publics mind that he was a good guy!!! The acceptable charming face of a hidden Nazi!!!

Although being hailed a hero(sic) of the space generation eventually Von Braun's past caught up with him, certain observers noticed his Nazi connections and dealings with the V2 program and he would eventually become somewhat of an embarrassment to the establishment (bear in mind that this embarrasssment was only that because people had uncovered his past! the US admin knew his background all along and ignored it)

I mean when survivors of the terrible attrocities at the Mittelwerk factory where V2 development had taken place saw that
this Nazi was being hailed as a hero infront of billions of people (incl children) for his efforts, well the mind boggles......

Conjecture as to whether he as a Nazi followed orders or whatever is neither here nor there. Von Braun worked in the conditions that Nazi Germany had set and in hindsight it seems that his work was far more important than any moral objection to the situation that he found himself in, guilty by association!!!

Therefore the godfather of the American space program that sent astronauts to the moon was a Nazi in the SS. In his own words the day Appollo 11 landed on the moon was his day. Quite literally the 'Eagle' has landed!!!!

VOX COMMENT ANNOTATION: In fact Von Braun was an ambitious engineer long before any associations to Nazi Atrocities and he was still pretty young when he came over after the war. Germany was simply the leader in this area (rocketry). Von Braun was German. But there is no evidence that he actively participated in any of these holocaust atrocities. These guys who designed these mammoth rockets actually got a thrill out of what they did. Yes, his work unfortunately did contribute to an effort (V2 rocket Program) which had the effect of contributing to Nazi Germany's war effort - But then again so did the Prescott Bush - father and grandfather of the two Bush Presidents when he directly financed the Nazi war machine. Furthermore, Van Braun's role was primarily as the designer of the massive first stage of the heavy lifting Saturn V rocket - NOT the entire Space craft. So if you're thesis is that, because Van Braun perfected his rocketry skills in Germany therefore the moon landing is a hoax, i'll have to say, your case is piss poor.

Believe me nobody questions the official story than me.
So you can trust me on this one
There is no doubt that we went to the moon

Posted by TheRoach @ 12/07/2002 07:24 AM EST

So far, my analysis of the photos from the moon landings has led me to believe that the moon landings were genuine. None of the hoax claims are really that strong, and any questions seem easily and satisfactorily answered. With all the bullshit in our world, it's nice to be able to see something authentic.

Posted by biff @ 12/11/2002 01:44 PM EST

I saw the photos of the astronauts on the (MOON). They are a fake and the shadows prove it, along with the same terrian used twice. The Russians, I'm sure had their reasons for not saying anything. They had the same knowledge as we did, but knew they could not get through the radition belt alive. Like one astronaut said; Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies. ( Quoted )

Posted by Richard Harlos @ 12/11/2002 06:37 PM EST

Point the Hubbel at the moon and show us a picture of the landing vehicle and a lunar rover. (Yeah, like that's ever going to happen.)

NASA had the rocket, the radar and the computers to do it, plus the pure dream to make it a reality.

The NWO has a pure dream of it's own, and 9/11 made it a reality. (Although Lott nearly brought the temple walls down, mentioning the motto.) See, anything is possible, if you believe. Good, or evil.

$485 BILLION for global warfare.
$10 MILLION for AIDS in Africa.
You can see NWO's clear priority,
recasting West Wing as West Palm.

I believe the UN will liberate the US from DoD/NYC tyranny in 2005. They have to. The alternative is exploitation of all life on Earth. War on Poverty as FinaŁ $olution.

Did you think the Armageddon would only involve the Middle East, and then be over in time for News @ 5?

A Blitzkrieg in Iraq und then a little Schnapps und some hip-hop high-step at Berchesgarten WPB?

It's happening all around the world, 24 hours a day, humans ground into the dust for $'s,
singing their bodies electric.

Do you suppose the Cherokee sang
after US Army smallpoxed them?
Did the Marshallese sing as the
US nuked their island homeland??

"I SING the Body electric;
The armies of those I love engirth me, and I engirth them;
They will not let me off till I go with them, respond to them,
And discorrupt them, and charge them full with the charge of the Soul.

Was it doubted that those who corrupt their own bodies conceal themselves;
And if those who defile the living are as bad as they who defile the dead?
And if the body does not do as much as the Soul?
And if the body were not the Soul, what is the Soul?" Walt Whitman

Posted by al Zed @ 12/13/2002 11:48 PM EST

Congratulations you fuck-wits, go on and complain about Americans landing on the moon while fuck face Bush is going to single handedly destroy everytyhing we value.

You sad cunts, I don't give a shit if some nerdy fucking old Astronauts landed on the moon who the fuck cares

Posted by Neobond @ 12/15/2002 04:42 PM EST

get real guys....
shoot yourselves in the foot with your stupid red ink
comments about the moonlandings
...you fuckheads...
take it to the end game.
you haven't got the guts to
go all the way..or the intelligence either...
..i always suspected you were another CIA OR NSA
front..go on , misimformation all the way..
FUCK YOUR SELVES !!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by leo @ 12/16/2002 11:11 PM EST

Comon ppl, next year half of all products bought from walmart are going to contain microchips the size of a speck of dust. All mainstream retailers will eventually adopt this system. These microchips can be programmed to contain your name, etc when you purchase them with a credit card / eftpos. Then they can be used to track you. This is not a joke. Boycott stores utilizing this techology now. This is the time to take action.

Posted by Dave @ 12/17/2002 10:55 AM EST

Comon ppl, next year half of all products bought from walmart are going to contain microchips the size of a speck of dust. All mainstream retailers will eventually adopt this system. These microchips can be programmed to contain your name, etc when you purchase them with a credit card / eftpos. Then they can be used to track you. This is not a joke. Boycott stores utilizing this techology now. This is the time to take action.

Posted by Dave @ 12/17/2002 10:56 AM EST

The moon landings were not hoaxed, however, we stopped going there once all the PR had been milked. Why haven't we gone back? We never really left. Well before the Public moon landing, man already had a base on the moon. This was accomplished with the use of captured alien technology, as well as actual aid from aliens.

Posted by OBWAD @ 12/18/2002 07:21 AM EST

Van Allen Belts, mutiple shots of same terrain, mismatched shadows, and some astronaut testimony - all says we never went to the moon. IT makes perfect sense to have orchestrarted a hoax at the expense of our gullibility. JFK was assassinated befroe his stated goal was achieved - that way there could be no moral confirmation. Either way who gives a fuck. The moon landings where a fantasy designed to impress upon the ignorant of the world the technologiacl supremacy of the United States. Fact is goal achieved. If we could travel to the moon safely in 1970 without incident and bring our men home uncooked why the fuck have we not been back? VOX excplain that to me please. While I am relatively new to your site , I do enjoy it, but I think you may be wrong on this one

Posted by conspiranoid @ 12/19/2002 10:47 AM EST

"Conspiranoid" you must be using a definition of the word "safe" that I was unaware of.

Just getting into low Earth orbit is dangerous as hell seeing as we are still stuck with the insane
concept of launching people and stuff into orbit with oversize fireworks!

Yes, we went to Earth's moon, (Luna,)
and as Pres. Kennedy said:
"...return them safely to the Earth."

Doable? yes it is. Safe? HELL NO!

Granted, technology has improved much since the Apollo progam and
we have recently discovered water
ice on Luna and this MIGHT make it
worth going back there again and perhaps building a permanent base there to use as a stepping stone to
go to Mars Etc.

Why haven't we been in such a big hurry to go back?

well that one is easy enough to answer, TO THE BEST OF OUR KNOWLEDGE THERE IS NO OIL ON LUNA!

(Lots of so called "Helium 3",
but no hydrocarbons, sigh.)

It's really a shame since it would be cheaper to retrieve it from Luna
rather than spending lives/cash to
continue playing these fucking games with Countries in the "middle east".

Anyway, we went to Luna several times and no, it was not faked.

Posted by ANOTHER LISTENING GEEK @ 12/24/2002 03:58 AM EST

Not to be a pain in the ass or anything VOX, but the last of the Apollo series of spacecraft to be launched was for the Apollo/Soyuz test project, it used a Saturn 1b booster, the last of the Saturn 5 series to be launched was used to hurl "Skylab" into orbit.

the last two Saturn fives to be built are on static display,
(I think one is in Houston and the other is in Florida.)


Posted by ANOTHER LISTENING GEEK @ 12/25/2002 01:11 AM EST

And what's all the hoopla about
Von Braun? Damn he said it himself, something to the effect of

("Hey if you want rocket science why don't you take a look at your own Dr. Goddards notes? thats where we got our information from."),

(Mind you, Dr. Goddard was considered a kook by the U.S. government way back when he was
doing his own research and test flights of liquid fueled rockets
and this was quite awhile before WWII.)

What should our Government have been saying then? "DOH!"

Posted by ANOTHER LISTENING GEEK @ 12/25/2002 01:46 AM EST

And just for shits-n-grins here are the actual FIRST words from the Lunar surface:

102:45:44 Aldrin: Okay. Engine Stop

102:45:45 Aldrin: ACA out of Detent.

102:45:46 Armstrong: Out of Detent. Auto.

102:45:47 Aldrin: Mode Control, both Auto. Descent Engine Command Override, Off. Engine Arm, Off. 413 is in.

102:45:57 Duke: We copy you down, Eagle.

102:45:58 Armstrong (on-board): Engine arm is off. (Pause) Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.

We did this folks and I really hope that we as a species
can pull our collective heads out of our collective assholes and do more bitchin' shit like this in the future, rather than going out of our way to find new and improved
ways of blowing each other up.

Lets go to Mars damnit!

And then Europa, and then Titan and then......?

Posted by ANOTHER LISTENING GEEK @ 12/25/2002 05:16 AM EST

What makes you think we HAVEN'T gone back to the moon? What makes you think we don't have a ton of shit up there watching everybody. I mean if you believe all of the conspriacy then why not believe that the government has the biggest magnifying glass planted on the moon looking back at U S!!!
And another thing - why wouldn't they put the hubble telescope on the dark side of the moon? Seems you would have much cleared pictures, probably something to do with reception...and let's not forget the alien conspiracy. Supposedly there are alien bases on the dark side of the moon. The truth may never truly be known...

Posted by HypoKriticaL @ 12/25/2002 09:12 AM EST

Also, maybe there is no need to go back to the moon. I mean, any tests that need to be done in low gravity can be done on the space shutton orbiting the earth. If the moon IS just a big dirt ball then why would we go back? What is the point? I did read that they were sending a probe to the dark side of the moon to take some better pictures...we'll see if that ever happens.

And as far as Mars is concerned...there won't be a manned mission to Mars (at least not publicly known) for probably another 50 years. With this war business the space program is as good as dead right now.
Bush and Bush Jr. are the devil incarnate. Fuck the illuminati and the tri-lateral commission. MJ-12 can suck my cock. I fucking hate those bastards...freedom of information my good eye!!!!

Posted by HypoKriticaL @ 12/25/2002 09:18 AM EST

And I know my spelling is a little off, but I get a little excited about this shit...we need to rebel like we've never rebelled before. We need to all kick it into high gear. They are organized. Organized fear is more dangerous than anything...we need to organize or we are just lemmings.

Posted by HypoKriticaL @ 12/25/2002 09:22 AM EST

Well for openers, space travel
of any sort is EXPENSIVE AS HELL!
it costs something insane like
$10,000.00 PER POUND! just to put something into low Earth orbit, much less go anywhere else,

(and we know all too well how cheap
the U.S. government is when it comes to anything that might actually improve life on this rock,)

If there is indeed usable quantities of H2O on Luna this would make having a permenant base
there MUCH! cheaper beacause it is very useful, (split it and you get Oxygen and Hydrogen, for breathing purposes and fuel to say the least,) and we would not have to haul so much from Earth.

Why go back to our Moon? (or on to anywhere else for that matter?)

Why not? Another one of our inate
desires besides killing each other is to explore.


Posted by ANOTHER LISTENING GEEK @ 12/28/2002 05:32 AM EST

If you really want some "down to Earth" info on this subject, check out:


And many questions will be answered.

And please stop using the
"Disneyfied" description of Lemmings. They do NOT jump off of cliffs like little drones on a regular basis.

Occasionally, a Lemming will fall off of a cliff and "Disney" film crews
happened to catch it one time and ran it in a loop and have convinced
MANY people on this planet that this is common behaviour for these
critters and IT IS A BLATANT LIE!

Now, is it such a surprise that people question what they are told
by the "media" and their own

Think about it.

Posted by ANOTHER LISTENING GEEK @ 12/30/2002 11:23 AM EST

We didn't go to the moon. Your comment :Posted by Moon-NOT @ 11/23/2002 06:52 PM EST was fucking stupid and rude you fucking ignorant dick cheese eating pig! What about da Russians? Ohhhh! Like we would have cared what they would've said.
Plus, those people felt the rockets on their chests, yes, we can get up there!
VOX doesn't seem to understand that if there is one thing that can be proved false with any part of this moon landing BS then VOX and NASA's arguements and claims are nothing but bullshit.
VOX- I had more faith in you - I'm so dissapionted, dumbass.

Posted by thedickcheeseVOXsucks @ 12/30/2002 07:27 PM EST

Hey, "thedickcheeseVOXsucks",

first of all, take your Thorazine,

Put on your "thinking cap" and
go to:


and all will be revealed.

There is a LOT of evidence to show that we did in fact travel to Luna and safely returned.

The "people" who claim that it was all faked have yet to produce
ANY evidence to prove their point.

And no, they were not all "perfect missions", (Apollo 13,
for example, NASA consideres that one of their most
"successful failures",)

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!", (Hopefully.)

Posted by ANOTHER LISTENING GEEK @ 01/01/2003 06:20 AM EST

Yep .... the Americans did it!! They put man on the moon and the rocks prove it.

The oldest dated terrestrial rock at this time is the Acasta Gneiss from the Slave Province in the NWT, Canada. The Acasta Gneiss is dated at 3.962 billion years (from zircons using U-Pb methods). The moon rocks (basalts and anorthosites)on the other hand are dated at ~ 4.5 billion years. If you question these facts please go back to school and learn a little bit about radiogenic isotope geochemistry .... learn about radiogenic isotope sytematics .... learn about U-Pb, Sm-Nd, Re-Os, Rb-Sr systematics. Learn about the various micro analytical and mass-spectrometry techniques. Then date the fucking rocks yourself and get back to me with your findings.

Yes the Americans did it. Just like many other good things they've done (BTW: i'm not american). With out the good old U.S.A. we wouldn't have the friggin' internet .... why? because without UNIX the internet wouldn't have been born ... without UNIX, LINUX wouldn't exist! (so, linux ain't that original .... it's a fucking unix flavoured clone kids). tell me of a single pc on the internet that is NOT based (cloned or whatever) on technology engineered by american people in the US. Ok, so they may not have the greatest foreign policies, but, most of us need to show a little more gratitude (towards the U.S.A) for our luxurious over priveleged safe lives (the americans won WWII NOT the Brits).

Von Braun wasn't ever a friggin' Nazi he was a German who became an American citizen.

sorry for ranting .... i've just seen far to much anti-US sentiment in europe. ok, so sometimes american tourists may be a little overbearing and annoying, but guess what? i've seen shitloads and shitloads of annoying and arrogant "my shit don't stink" krauts (yes, i'm german), dutchmen, frenchmen, limeys, italians ... etc. by far the USA is a much more pleasant and friendly place to visit than europe .......

anybody thinking that the moon landings were a hoax should get their head examined ......the rocks prove it!

Posted by theRockSniffer @ 01/03/2003 01:22 AM EST

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