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The New Resistance

It's a horrible time for America. And a dangerous time to be an aware and awake moral person. Dissident viewpoints are dangerous to hold in this time where Americans are willingly giving up human and civil rights in lieu of the illusion of mock security. Courageous people such as activists and the few remaining investigators who are actively racing to save America from this Orwellian nightmare it is currently caught up in are being killed at an alarming rate. George Bush and his entire cabinet represent the very face of evil in the world today. They must be stoped. Sadly they have the upper hand because they command the full force of the US military and all of it's intelligence services and law enforcement agencies and they can kill at will. And they are killing. To be an investigator of these evil forces risks death. Sadly, since this is the reality of freedom in America today the following disclaimer and declaration is necessary:
Voxfux disclaimer in the event of a premature death
I, Voxfux, being of sound body and mind do hereby declare that in the event of my premature death that an independant investigation into the circumstances surrounding my death will reveal that my death was more likely a result of an assassination perpetrated by the forces that I have outlined in the voxnyc website and written and sealed in several locations to be revealed upon my death to selected individuals and organizations. I hereby state that under no circumstances should any "Suicide" note be considered genuine. I am fervently against suicide and have never and will never consider such. I believe Military - Intelligence teams specially trained in the art of disinformationally assisted assassinations have targeted me for elimination. There have been anonymous cowardly threats on my life and markings made on the front door of my residence designed to cause fear. They do not cause fear. And I am not afraid to die fighting for my country and for the force of right. This group has made their presence felt principally because I have uncovered the structure, details and modes of operation of their clandestine teams. These extra-governmental military intelligence teams are responsible for the attacks on the World Trade Center. And they will be the same teams who will be perpetrating the next attack, which will come in the form of a radiological bomb or biological attack. In the event that any of my residences "coincidentally" are targeted in this attack and I become a victim of such attack I hereby make it very clear - that preselected friendly media outlets and certain prominant persons will be made aware of this declaration and disclaimer and will recieve the entire archive that I have pertaining to this group's operations. Any "accidents" that should befall me should be examined with extreme scrutiny. The circumstances of my death will confirm beyond a doubt that the details contained in my investigations threatened our government and it's leader at it's very core. And that should indicate their culpibility and fear of such exposure. This statement was written July 9th 2002 voxfux

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