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“CODE OF SILENCE” In Santa Cruz County


The Murder Of Corine Christensen - 1986
Sequel To the Conquest, Rape, Murder & Resurrection Of Columbia In The United States
Copyright © 1996 & 2001 by Kent Benjamin Robertson

Cocaine Feedback & Homicidal ‘Blowback’:

When Two Murderously Guilty Men Mysteriously Become ‘Not Guilty’
November 4, 1986, the Santa Cruz SENTINEL reports Corine Anne Christensen, 34, is found dead of a point-blank inflicted .38 caliber gunshot wound just beside her left nostril. This discovery occurs 36 hours after James Marino and Richard Wayne Bandler (and no others) were in her Live Oak residence, bitterly arguing and snorting a lot of cocaine. Marino will later testify that Bandler introduced him to and trained him for a large quantity of cocaine dealing and trafficking, encompassing national distribution, via commercial air traffic accessed, trans continental clientele and ‘innerCircle connections’.

Future newspaper reports and trial testimony reveal that Ms. Christensen was Bandler’s bookkeeper as well as prostitute for hire, to Bandler’s much controversied, protectively concealed ‘V.I.P. innerCircle’, and that Ms. Christensen rationed Richard Bandler’s personal ingestion of cocaine to “one ounce per week”.

Departing Ms. Christensen’s home, the two men drove to the end of the Capitola wharf, where Marino says he complied with Bandler’s order to throw the weapon into the ocean from the pier. The two men then parted each other’s company (Sheriff’s divers later recover the weapon, exactly where Marino described it to be).

A day and a half later, James Marino went to his lawyer, Kate Wells, and reported the above, telling her he ‘hopes it’s a dream’. Marino’s lawyer sends her (at that time) husband to Ms. Christensen’s house, whereupon he returns from the scene to inform Mr. Marino that his report was not a ‘dream’. The police are called in at this time. Bandler will later testify that he spent his day and a half in bed, snorting a lot of cocaine with one of his two girlfriends. When asked why he didn’t report the crime, he replied that he “intended to do so”, after he’d “cleared his head.”

Marino says Bandler shot her. Bandler says Marino shot her. Each man says he witnessed the murder, and both affirm that there are no other suspects. Officials determine post facto that, in the 36 hour interval between the murder of Ms. Christensen and the police reportage of that fact, the victim’s entire domicile had been elaborately ransacked; in what was clearly a thorough search of her home and all of its contents. Including a ripped open teddy bear and the care-free dishevelment of her personal effects. Testimony and reports from and among Bandler ‘associates’, revealed wide knowledge that Ms. Christensen routinely sequestered large amounts of book-keeping data, cash and cocaine, in an office safe in her house. All of this material was disappeared; without explanation...

Another motive for the desperate and thorough search, was a need to dispose of highly classified and incriminating information that Ms. Christensen recorded on her computer; with corroborating discs and audio tapes, which had - along with large amounts of cash - been stolen from her home, in the 36 hour period of non-reportage.

Ms. Christensen was described at trial as having been a ‘high class prostitute’; having many sordid relationships with ‘a lot of important people’. Abundant testimony reveals that numerous persons fully aware that Ms. Chrisenen not only kept Bandler’s nuerolinguistic programming (N.L.P.) industry’s financial accounts, receipts, etc.’ she was also known to keep notes and audio tapes on and about her ‘clientele’. These included large quantity cocaine buyers, as well as prostitutional ‘Johns’.

It is also revealed that Ms. Christensen and James Marino each, routinely ‘bugged’ the other’s residence; including bedrooms, by ‘wireless microphone’ installations. Thereby obtaining ‘classified’ recordings of each other. Much of the friction in Ms. Christensen’s relationship with Bandler and Marino had to do therefore, not so much with sex or drugs, but rather more importantly with informational intelligence about a large number of significant persons and criminal activities.

Neither the court testimonials or the press spared Ms. Christensen or her family and friends details, such as how many dildos (female sex toys) she owned, and how many male as well as female clients she may have used them on. The jury and press learn that she sometimes serviced as many as seven clients daily (‘dominatrix’, ‘insatiable sexual appetite’, ‘lesbian’, ‘bi-sexual’). This lurid and personal information served as killer deathspeak relish in diminising her perceived value and increasing her perceived expendability. Having already admitted that he never stopped being one of her ‘many lovers’ for the past several years, Marino did not abstain from posthumously calling her a ‘kinky sicko’. None of these derisive, posthumous descriptions of the victim were objected to, halted, or stricken from the record...

November 6 1986. The Santa Cruz SENTINEL reports that Richard Bandler is singularly accused as the only suspect. Marino is not charged with anything at all and granted immunity against drug charges, ‘in exchange for his testimony’, opposing ‘the only suspect’ - Mr. Bandler. County District Attorney assigned prosecutor, Gary Fry, is new in Santa Cruz, to jockey the first and only murder trial of his career at that time (He is now a federal prosecutor). In contrast, Bandler’s defense attorney, Gerald Scheartzbach, is a seasoned and highly skilled defense attorney.

LAWYERS, GUNS & MONEY, continued
December 21 1986. San Jose MERCURY News, WEST Magazine article, written by the Santa Cruz SENTINEL’s Tom Long: “Bail Is Reduced For Slaying Suspect: Saying that he had been presented with the most impressive letters of reference he had seen in his career, Municipal Court Judge Richard Kessel reduced the amount of bail for murder suspect and psychotherapist Richard Bandler, from $500,000.00 to $100,000.00 Friday afternoon. Kessel made his decision in a courtroom crowded with Bandler’s supporters. To augment his appeal (for lower bail), Schwartzbach (Bandler’s defense attorney) had delivered to the judge a thick stack of reference letters from (unnamed, incognito veiled) sources including doctors, a member of Army Intelligence, Vietnam veterans, Sheriff’s deputies and others. “I fully expect that he will be out next week.”, Schwartzbach optimistically concluded.

The SENTINEL will cover this case for 15 months, from November 1986 to January 1988, when Bandler is found ‘not guilty’. In this time period, four judges will preside over and handle the case, beginning with preliminary trial Judge Tom Kelly, then Judges Marlo and Kessel; finally with Judge Cottle presiding over the jury trial.

On April 22 1987, the SENTINEL quotes Judge Tom Kelly twice, saying: “THE ONLY THING I KNOW BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT IS THAT THE MURDERER (defendant Bandler or witness Marino) WAS HERE IN THIS COURTROOM.” This Kelly quote is repeated in bold print as a by-line heading, and then again in lower case typeface. November 3, 1987, the SENTINEL, in subjecting James Marino, dubiously pronounces him “the key witness for the defense and the prosecution”. (The pinnacle of duplicity.)

May 8 1987, the SENTINEL reports Kelly, repeating his unsurety of ‘who the murderer is’ (in consideration of defendant Bandler, or witness, Marino). Note that Marino is not called a ‘suspect’, while at the same time he is openly perceived and boldly alluded to as such; by many persons. Certainly including Judge Tom Kelly: who drives this schizoid point home from the beginning of the preliminary trial hearings, through the middle and to the very bitter end of this case and its accompanying trial and controversy. Judge Kelly adds grotesquely: “The evidence is flimsey in this (preliminary trial hearing) case, but enough to order Bandler to stand trial.”

Two and a half weeks later, on 27 May ‘87, the SENTINEL quotes Judge Tom Kelly again, saying: “THE ONLY THING I KNOW BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT IS THAT THE MURDERER WAS IN THIS COURTROOM.” Taking this renewed opportunity to reiterate his redundancy, Judge Kelly does not fail to once again, amazingly proclaim as ‘flimsey’, the case against Bandler - ‘the only suspect’.

Note, that preliminary trial Judge Kelly dwells upon and repeatedly belabors the consistent usage of the singular, in always referring to ‘the guilty man’, and, ‘the murderer’, while copiously lamenting his indecision about whether ‘the defendant’, or ‘the key witness for the prosecution and the defense’, is the toasting answer to the fired up question of who did it. Of course, THE YET UNSELECTED JURY IS ROUTINELY READING THIS, from the local press; at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

COFFEE, TEA & N.L.P. Continued
Judge Kelly will continue to be SENTINEL documented, expressing his interminably elongated dilemma about whether the guilty man is Richard Bandler, or James Marino. The former is on trial. The latter is uncharged. (The crown and vertex of intrigue saturated, duplicitous Orwellean DoubleTalk and NewSpeak.)

On the other hand, the only immunity Marino has been (very peculiarly and impertinently) granted, is against any drug charges that might otherwise result from his (‘star witness’) testimony.

The plurally suspect defendants are reduced to a singular. The unabashed testimony and confirmation from both Bandler and Marino, about their very large cocaine and cash dealings with very important and exotic (ever anonymous) people, is heedlessly flaunted with reckless abandon, throughout the intrigue and duplicity saturated trial.

July 30 1987. The SENTINEL: “Papers Missing In Bandler Case”. A judge must determine what to do this morning, about original court documents missing from the court file, in the Richard Bandler (‘psychoProgramming’) murder case. Seven volumes of transcripts are missing from the official court file (One daily, for the first seven days of the preliminary trial) from the preliminary hearing for Bandler, a noted nuerolinguistic programming pioneer, charged with killing a Capitola prostitute (not ‘murdering a woman’, or ‘bookkeeper for the locally active, rogue C.I.A. cocaine traffickers’, or ‘person who knew too much about too many very important and ponderous - ever anonymous - people’). Bandler’s (jury) trial is set for November 2nd (‘87), in Superior Court.

“Kenni Lopez, who supervises the clerks in the Superior Court Clerk’s office, says an office wide search has failed to turn up the transcripts. This is the first time, she said, that such a document has been missing. She and County Clerk Richard Bedal fear the papers may have been deliberately taken from the file. Removal of such documents they say, is a felony.”

July 31 1987. The SENTINEL: “Bandler Judge Wants A Copy Made Of Missing Papers. A judge ordered a copy be made of the District Attorney’s transcript of Richard Bandler’s preliminary trial hearing, to serve as the official court document in the murder case. The knotty problem came to court Thursday morning, because the official seven volumes of the preliminary hearing are missing from the court record. They were removed (later reports will cite a non-descript elderly woman as having ‘walked out’ with the supposedly guarded, unreplaceable original papers) from the file in the Superior Court Clerk’s Office, shortly after they were transcribed by the court reporter, earlier this month. Judge John Marlo (makes the 3rd judge acting in this case) ruled Thursday, that the new (District Attorney’s) copy will serve as the official transcript (in place of the official court transcript; apparently against which no comparison is available or can be made)”.

The above article leaves it to the reader’s wherewithal and/or imagination to fathom the difference between the missing (stolen) transcripts, and the replacement record’s from the District Attorney’s (Arthur Danner’s) Office. No comparative explanation is offered, leaving the unanswered question: exactly how are missing, original court transcribed documents, replaced with records from the D.A.’s office? To ‘serve as the official transcript’ - which it patently is not.

November 8 1987. San Jose MERCURY News, WEST Magazine:
“MIND OVER MURDER”, by Kathy Holub (excerpts follow):

“He (Bandler) started working with the U.S. Army and the Central Intelligence Agency, doing projects on post Vietnam stress syndrome (P.T.S.D. - post traumatic stress disorder. Certainly not confined to Vietnam veterans, or the military experience, or this century or millennium, for that matter. It’s a newly acknowledged science, less than twenty years old <at the time of this 1997 writing>; of evaluating and measuring ongoing mental disorders originally imparted by severe psychological and/or physical trauma), and marksmanship (especially with handguns - Bandler owns eleven pistols). Kathy Holub’s prophetically self-fulfilling, neurolinguistically programming title - MIND OVER MURDER - continues:

“He did some highly sensitive work for the C.I.A. on training potential hostages to withstand torture and interrogation.

“Kate Wells, a local (*formerly Bandler’s) attorney (*the newspapers never say that), remembers sitting in his (Bandler’s) apartment one day, ‘With the three top C.I.A. agents in the country (Neither Wells or the Mercury News article provides their names). They were like this with Richard. She (Wells) makes a goggling face. ‘They were in awe of him. They would have done anything to please him. Sitting in his cruddy little living room in Capitola. It was surreal’”.

Kathy Holub’s MIND OVER MURDER, also offers that Corine Christensen ‘had one source of legal income - bookkeeping for Bandler and NLP (nuerolinguistic programming - the much over-rated, scientifically disclaimed industry Bandler was profitably pioneering. It doesn’t say Christensen was a ‘bookkeeper for the locally active rogue C.I.A. cocaine traffickers’, here).”

It is repeated many times and in slightly varying phraseology, in an assortment of newspaper articles on this case, that the murder was motivated by drugs and sexual tensions, having nothing to do with Bandler’s work in N.L.P., Army Intelligence or the C.I.A. chiefs he was hob-nobbing with in his home (a few houses down from the murder scene): as though the murder was unrelated to Ms. Christensen’s prostitutional relationship with who knows how many persons of what social station (the paramount issue of the identities of the often touted ‘important people’ is never pursued in this case).
Kathy Holub continues in MIND OVER MURDER - “Bandler and Christensen were freinds , not lovers. But Bandler often hired her to have sex with his friends.”

More of Judge Tom Kelly’s iniquitous quotes emerge newsworthy (The key to nuerolinguistic brainwashing is repetition; especially by recognised authority, such as Judge Kelly, and large, massively distributing news agencies, continued).
San Jose MERCURY News WEST Magazine, 8 November 1987 (Excerpts follow):
“My mind went back and forth all week,” he (Judge shuttle-brain) said, about which man was guilty.” He would order the case to (jury) trial he said, but so far the evidence seemed *‘skimpy’ (for the third time; the first two times Kelly used the word *‘flimsey’). Judge Kelly goes on to publicly state, yet once again, also for the third time: “THE ONLY THING I KNOW FOR SURE BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT, IS WE HAD A MURDERER IN THIS COURT ROOM THE LAST WEEK AND A HALF. BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT I CANNOT TELL YOU WHO THAT PERSON WAS.”

Intrigue and duplicity: ‘That person’, ‘The murderer’, ‘the guilty man’, ‘My mind went back and forth’ (between ‘the only suspect’ - the defendant, and the uncharged, drug traffic immunized, newspaper celebrated ‘star witness’).

Always the uniformly militant, repetitiously exercised usage of the singular, in ascribing to one man, the compound responsibility for the ‘skimpily evidenced’, marginally important murder of Capitola prostitute, Corine ‘Kinky Sicko’ Christensen. This makes three different publicized reports from Judge Kelly, saying thrice, the same dualistically shifty things about the two men at the murder scene.

The disappearance of large amounts of cocaine and cash, as well as evidence critical to the case and highly classified information from Christensen’s pillage-ravaged home - what, and who, this case is really all about - is minimally issued, un- pursued by the court and the newspapers.

Two weeks later, 27 November 1987, SENTINEL reporter, Mark Bergstrom, yet again, for the fourth time, quotes Judge Kelly with exactly the same quotes as above. Bergstrom artistically volunteers furthermore:
“Beneath all the trappings of N.L.P., cocaine and sex are the real crux of the case. It’s a WHODUNIT.”
‘All the trappings of N.L.P.’ is Army Intelligence and the rogue Central Intelligence Agency, which Mr. Bergstrom makes perfectly clear, have nothing to do with ‘the real crux of the case’; which Bergstrom crystally clears to be cocaine and sex. ‘Not having to do’ with grievously incriminating information, involving scores, perhaps hundreds of ‘very important innerCircle people’: distributing and receiving large amounts of feloniously obtained cash and cocaine, by nationally commuting commercial air traffic. No indeed. It is a publicly inventoried dildo guilded, bi-sexual dominitrixing, seven daily tricking, kinky sicko, sex and drugs propelled (rock and rollex) WHODUNIT. For absolutely surex.

Hierarchical Death From Above
Whereas, the alleged ‘WHODUNIT’ proves out to be is a how many dunit; for what many reasons, of Ms. Christensen’s direct knowledge, documentation and forensic proof of the insidious and unnamed elements orbiting this case and it’s ominously minimized and ignored magnitude. Certainly exhibiting N.L.P. repetition tactics from Judge Kelly and others, by way of the vehicularized media reportage. Especially by the ever pliant and actively complicit SENTINEL, with stand-in freelancers, similarly unleashed in the San Jose MERCURY News. All a matter of ineradicable record, precisely reflected in this somewhat narratively styled, purely documentary anthology.

Only-lines-on-paper, finding ‘Chief Prosecutor’ Arthur Danner’s highly reputed fortress of impregnability laid to its own self destructive waste, in fact, for at least the past ten years it is now. It would all be B.S. and/or obsessive and meager opinion, were it not the recorded newspaper history and court minutes of the rogue C.I.A. infested Bandler Marino case: ‘prosecuted’ by Santa Cruz County’s District Attorney’s office, via Gary Fry - a district attorney Art Danner-summoned new arrival in town (now a federal judge), handling his first murder case. Between 4 November 1986 and 29 January 1988.

Newspaper articles throughout this trial reflect a long history of Bandler’s carrying concealed firearms, brandishing and pulling them on people - especially women - accompanied by threats, and imposing the muzzle in, or near, their face(s). On one particular occasion, he did this under the witnessship of hundreds of people attending one of his early ‘80’s N.L.P. seminars. Bandler would later explain that it had to do with a finer point of his N.L.P. ‘persuasive tactics’. His supporters (and Bandler sports a revealing abundance of them) called this diabolically cheap shot, ‘an act of genius’.

( If 6 Was 9: Cleans 2 The UltraShine )
The forensic ‘blowback’ of the victim’s blood and other tissue was, according to Bandler, deposited - sprayed, ‘aerosol effected’ - on him, because he was seated next to Ms. Christensen when Marino shot her. Marino testified that blood and other tissue blowback was on Bandler, because he (Bandler) shot her. Opposing forensic pathologist’s testimonies on behalf of the defense and the prosecution are grid-locked in argument before the jury, on this cross-eyed WHODUNIT, ‘blow-back’ tissue issue.
Blowback Forensics & Kitchen Sink Sanitary Engineering, cont.
Even Judge - AC-DC - Kelly is sure Corine Christensen was shot in the face at point blank range, between one half inch and five inches of distance from point of impact. The only continuously burning, suspense packed question in this skimpy-flimsey case is WHODUNIT. Each man testified that the other was at Ms. SevenTrick’s kitchen sink, brilliantly improvising a MR. CLEAN plastic detergent bottle as a silencer; and that the makeshift effort was abandoned and therefore, not employed in the murder (execution).

The jury heard an audiotape of Richard Bandler arguing bitterly with Ms. Sexually Insatiablesen, threatening to blow her brains out, in those words. The audio tape evidence was bonafide to have been recorded four hours before the defendant and the ‘star witness’ departed the house with the unimportantly murdered, expertly testimonialised and thingified, lesbian sex and drug toy, abandoned therein.

Whether Bandler and/or Marino marauderously scoured and sacked Ms. Christensen’s house, or whether someone else did, is an unanswered - generally unpursued - question, throughout this trial. Wherein, both the prosecution and the defense display a minimum interest in this crucial matter of 36 hours worth of time (the better part of the first weekend of November 1986): to go through all of her domicile and belongings. Including her missing computer, bookkeeping and clientele list for cocaine and sex purchases; as well as abundant personal notes, along with many very personal audiotapes of unnamed, numberless persons. On the other hand, the jury does learn of - is closely updated on - her priortized sex toy inventory, and how many ever-anonymous persons she serviced, daily. Yes. Her heinous murder was further extended, in court, even after she was terminated. This shrewdly offered informational necromancy was not (even) stricken from the hydrophobically foaming record. Extended, for the mesmerized jury’s, stoically stunned ‘evaluation’.

DIVING INTO THE (Invisible ‘What?’)SEETHING WRECK, continued:
The cocaine and sexual activities were not anywhere near as crucial to her murder as was the factor of information - Who, What, Where, Why and How... All poignantly disappeared at the taking of Ms. Christensen’s young, ostensibly misguided life. Corine Ann Christensen, the bookkeeper, neighbor and rent-out - completely expendable, ‘pest like’ - party girl, for Richard Bandler’s awe inspired, V.I.P. friends. Vanguard’s of Bandler’s nuerolinguistic programming enterprises. An untitled, localised, precedent setting C.I.A. PsyWar program. (Not pogrom?)

N.L.P. The opportunistically advantageous, alternating art of not taking ‘no’, ‘yes’, or reality, for an answer. Persuading others to practice this Orwellean s’kill on others, and for those converts to likewise persuade others, and so on... Refer stonewalling, satanism, and the ‘war of perception’ - Nazi science. Bastardized B.F. Skinnerism slowly turning on a spit, over flaming copies of FARENHEIT 451, and the best works of Pavlov, Freud, Adler and Jung. Richard Bandler’s C.I.A. spearhead of destructive behavior modification and operant conditioning experiments on the public. In this particular case, on all the newspaper reading public in Santa Cruz county - VooDoo psychotherapeutics. Perilously Yellow Journalism, out of the (Orwellean) ‘Ministries of Truth and Justice.’ .................

(Time magazine’s January 1st 1984 ‘Feature Article’ commented on George Orwell’s 1984: “The author’s <Orwell’s> predictions are ridiculous”. Incontrovertible proof that George Orwell was not only correct, but that he himself underestimated how accurate he would prove to be. <Orwell’s 1984 extinctifies books and accurate, unrevised history. Whereas, Huxley’s BRAVE NEW WORLD extinctifies motivational reading interest.> Speaking of TIME magazine’s 1 January 1984 feature article, calling Orwell’s predictions ‘ridiculous’ - add this: TIME-LIFE publishers ‘independently purchased’ and sat upon the Zapruder film - the hardest evidence in the JFK assassination - for 13 years. Finally releasing it to the public, under the Jimmy Carter administration, in 1976...) .................

The wary Santa Cruz SENTINEL is on guard, tirelessly expanding the parameters of the public’s tolerance threshholds. In time, they’ll be ready for the O.J. Simpsonization of the nation. Where reality will again, be diversionarily omitted and otherwise disregarded - cited for lack of political correctness. Where palpable culpability will again be omitted, disfigured and/or side-lined for ‘lack of evidence’. Where, all that is wanted is an *honorable end to the O.J.Simpson trial (*beginning with the Vietnam war).’ Where reality is a television mesmerized nation of shell-shocked people who can’t access the evidence for the murder of their own president, until the year 2027. (The N.L.P. inspired, popularly circulated JIFFYFIX for this and all other major, ongoing cover-ups is: ‘The people don’t want to know the truth’ <J.F.K shot himself>.)

Corine Christensen? Richard Bandler & James Marino? Ho hum. What difference does it make? The bitch deserved it. Rhubarb rhubarb. Chill out. Until the next time. and the easier and more sleep inducing, channel-changing time after that. Squared. (Refer, attention span contraction, and tolerance threshhold expansion, a War Of Perception.) Just don’t complain too much (Shut up!), or the cheap shooting C.I.A. tentacles may fire up - and/or drown you, or yours, also: at high noon; in the public- official sanctioned and festivity normalised, celebrity-surrounded, community swimming pool. Making damned sure your submersibly buried, generously condemned and demonized body doesn’t ‘embarassingly’ surface, amidst any of the surrounding, elitist, formally attired, aloof whine and cheeser party pleasers.
James Marino’s vaunted ‘immunity’ extends only to any drug charges that might otherwise be applied to his testimony. The moment he admitted he disposed of the murder weapon at Bandler’s instruction (knowing it was the murder weapon) - in that moment, Marino became an accessory to and after the fact; as guilty as Bandler, under the law. Upon this admission of disposal and concealment, the mind manipulating, show stealing WHODUNIT question of ‘which man pulled the trigger?’, is factually reduced to a mere technicality.
In accordance with presented testimony, argument and evidence, both men are equally guilty. Equally convictable. Equally punishable under the law.
Sunday, 17 January 1988. Santa Cruz SENTINEL. “In one of his many published writings, Bandler said NLP can be applied to jury trials”.
The SENTINEL didn’t say NLP can be applied via its own exemplary newspaper articles, readying the yet unselected jury - to be drawn from the community that is massively pre-peppered with those repeatedly crazy-making articles)... “Bandler testified last week that C.I.A. and other government representatives once attended one of his NLP seminars in Washington, D.C.” (Note the added, muted salute, in the parting allusion to more, subordinately awe inspired, Wa. D.C.-based authority figures...)
January 27 1988. Santa Cruz SENTINEL: “BANDLER NOT GUILTY.”
The defendant was found not guilty; by a jury which had been assembled months after repeatedly reading of Judge Tom Kelly’s (and other’s) endemically advertised quandary of ‘which (singular) man did it’.

IN YOUR FACE, continued:
January 29 1988. Santa Cruz SENTINEL: “Somebody has (not ‘two and more people have’) just gotten away with murder. Only two other people were in the room when a Capitola woman was shot to death in November of ‘86. One of them, Richard Bandler, was acquitted of the charge late Thursday afternoon... “The other, James Marino, was the prosecution’s (thank your lucky?) ‘star witness’. (On 3 November, ‘87, the SENTINEL described Marino as ‘the star witness for both the prosecution and the defense’ - and those are mighty damned good odds.)

The 29 January, ‘88 SENTINEL continues: “The sad part for us is, there were only two people there, and we couldn’t come up with anything for sure,” said one of the jurors who acquitted Bandler of 1st degree murder after a two month trial. The jury deliberated for less than six hours. “I found it very difficult to believe Marino”, said a juror. “Others on the jury, he said, “felt strongly that Bandler had pulled the trigger. But we had to follow the rules, and there was reasonable doubt”, the juror said. He pointed out that Judge Chris Cottle instructed them, that if there were two reasonable explanations for events, the jury was bound to accept the one that pointed to Bandlers *innocence (*sic. There is no ‘innocent man’ to protect, here. This is how it was done. A new twist on the old axiom, ‘divide - superfluously bifurcate, dichotomise - and conquer’. Attack the language/ communication itself: unvarnished Orwellean QUACKSPEAK).

“Bandler took the witness stand during the trial and said that although he had threatened to blow Christensen’s brains out just a few hours before the killing (murder), it was Marino who pulled the trigger.”

Assistant D.A. Gary Fry said after the verdict, that he will not prosecute Marino for the murder. “We can’t . We have to have evidence, and as much speculation as people may have, we don’t have evidence against Mr. Marino,” Fry said. (An enormously simulated beguilement. A flopper-whopping lie. “We don’t have evidence against *Mr. Marino.” *Proved himself accessory to the fact, in admitting he concealed the murder weapon, in throwing it off the Capitola pier...)

Bandler was speechless after the verdict. it came so swiftly it caught everybody by surprise...” “The quickness of the verdict spoke to the quality of the prosecution’s (‘flimsey’) case”, said Schwartzbach (Bandler’s defense attorney.) “The evidence showed he did not commit the crime.” (Lee Harvey Oswald may have shot her from the 6th floor of the Texas Book depository?)
Judge Tom Kelly’s function on over a half dozen occasions of SENTINEL preliminary trial coverage, being read by the community from which the forthcoming jury will be selected, is to always singularize ‘the suspect’; to confine this 3-dimensional murder to 1 dimension. As though there are not two - and more - suspects. As though there are not two and more accessories to murder. As though there are not two - and more - guilty men. As though the press and appointed jurisprudent representation, was not accessory to and after, the murderously self-revealing fact(s).

(‘Let’s Pretend’), continued:
As though the District Attorney - County Chief Prosecutor - did not assign a rookie prosecutor from out of town (later promoted to a federal prosecutor status). As thouogh Marino was and remains immune to murder charges. As though Marino did not prove himself guilty when he admitted disposing of the murder weapon. Its recovery proving exactly where he said he concealed it. (“We can’t prosecute Mr. Marino. We have only speculative evidence against him.” - an NLP inspired, enormously bold and equally transparent lie.) As though it was necessary to grant drug charge immunity to (‘make a deal’ with) Marino, in exchange for his testimony.
As though the two - and more - men did not conspire to murder Christensen; because, as Bandler’s N.L.P. bookkeeper and prostitute for hire to his skulking, ever anonymous ‘friends’, she had not, as a deliberately predestined ‘outsider’, become an increasingly perilous, innerCircle perceived security risk. Having growing knowledge and hard, abundant evidence of far too much incriminating and/or highly volatile, highly classified information, about far too many insidious people, in (and out) of ‘the (richly flaunted, awe inspiring, criminally fugitive) intelligence community’; extending in and out of Bandler’s Live Oak-Capitola apartment, and the second floor of the local, county, state and federal government building at 701 Ocean Street, for example.

(It would all be B.S. if it wasn’t true, continued.)
The entire single defendant proceedings are a contrived and ruthless farce, from the outset and continuingly. Duplicitous bifurcations, diversive brachiations and dichotomisations (infinitive issue splitting); deliberate focus on one man as a suspect, while simultaneously and ambiguously alluding and detouring also, to another suspected but uncharged, equally guilty man. From the beginning of the proceedings. Pure 1984 plagiarized NEWSPEAK (Refer, ‘N.L.P.’).

Both Bandler and Marino murdered her. For their own vulnerability; for what she knew and could prove about both of them, and a consistently unidentified and uncounted host of their very spooky, eerie; ominously unidentified ‘company’; solemnly influencing the press, the court, its officers and of course, all the repeatedly stunned and abused jurists themselves. Literally, figuratively and virtually, the entire community was dazzled and intimidated; via the adroitly utilized, spell bindingly mainline local press.

(Everybody get down! The rogue C.I.A. is on the town!)
it is against all American laws for the C.I.A. (rogue or pristine) to operate in domestic (national) affairs, inside the continental limits of the U.S. Having been doing so, with unfettered impunity, since 22 November 1963, in Dallas, Texas. Burying this country in hard drugs and domestic violence, street crime, endemic mass murders, and blaming it on - and/or hugely lying about it (‘The crime rate is actually going down’) to - the public at large, ever since. A MOVEABLE VIETNAM: A Continental Misunderstanding (The war against the American people, by rogue - corporate state and entertainment industry supported - government, at local, state and federal levels).

The original court transcripts of the preliminary trial contained affluent and pre-eminent proof of witnesses, testimony and other evidences that were not even considered in, and were omitted from the main jury trial. Hence, the preliminary trial minutes had to be disappeared and/or seriously altered, in order not to comparatively appear in glaring disagreement with the onerous facade of justice that became the jury trial, and its veritably demonic ‘resolution’.

Excluded witnesses, testimony and evidence includes the Creager brothers, Floyd and Harry; who were prevented from testifying at the jury trial, on the false premise of being protected - on standby as important witnesses for the prosecution - and harbored at the HOLIDAY INN, a few hundred feet from the courtroom they were carefully disallowed from entering; while simultaneously being told and promised that their testimony was vitally important to the prosecution’s case, and that their testimonial appearance was imminent. Their ‘protectors’ were plain clothed, pistol packing representatives of the District Attorney’s office, they said.

In the 36 hour period between the murder and its police reportage, Richard Bandler offered Floyd Creager (an unemployed Vietnam veteran, suffering from post traumatic stress disorder; a personal friend of the record) a job as a ‘body guard’; volunteering to provide a firearms permit (for concealed weapon), and a pistol. Bandler withdrew the offer to Creager, shortly after he (Bandler) suggested it. Clearly, it was an aborted intention to implicate and frame a third party (Floyd Creager); for the murder that Bandler and Marino had just committed, but not yet reported. This testimony by Floyd Creager of these facts, was never heard-by, or known to, the jury.

Harry Creager, on the other hand, is the former boyfriend of the woman Bandler planned children with. Some of Bandler’s stepchildren were fathered by Harry Creager, who, because of his connection to Bandler, through his (now former) girlfriend, learned and knew a lot about Bandler’s personal life and business activities. Harry Creager never testified-to, or was known-of, by any of the Bandler-Marino trial jurists. Through his relationship with Harry Creager’s former girlfriend, Bandler became familiar with the the Creager brothers, knowing of Floyd Creager’s pronounced vulnerability, as a potential ‘patsy’...

Bandler’s inclusive motive for murdering Christensen, according to Harry Creager, is because Christensen was Bandler’s commonlaw wife’s main source of cocaine supply; which Bandler did not want her (his planned wife and mother of his planned children - marriage and children being very important to Bandler) to ingest during her pregnancies. This motive, also, was never presented to or known by the jury.

In 15 months and 49 articles of SENTINEL and MERCURY News reportage on this sensational and sleaze festooned murder case, District Attorney and Chief Prosecutor Arthur Danner’s name is never mentioned publicly, and he is never reported as making any comments whatsoever about it.

The elimination, omission, obscuration and/or diminishment of witnesses, testimony and evidence (alternately favoring the prosecution or the defense, depending on what trial is being ‘fixed’ for who, this time), is the favored tactic and freely wielded signature of the self-serving, N.L.P. Smash Hit Emperor of Santa Cruz County, Arthur - ‘Squeeky’ - ReverseTheCharges - Danner III. Having David Copperfielded major witnesses, testimony and evidence, along with the constitution of the United States and the Statue of Liberty. .......................

If a 50,000 megaton nuclear air-burst occurred 2,000 feet above central Los
Angeles, and no one heard it (‘What?): would there be any noise? Continued:

Murder is perfectly legal in Santa Cruz county. All you need is a thick enough stack of glowing, Geiger counter gagging letters of recommendation, from large enough groups of Very Important People, Army Intelligence Officers, and nine dildos, proven beyond a reasonable doubt to have been the well used property of a widely known bi-sexual dominatrix-lesbian bookkeeper and call girl (The SENTINEL finally refers to her as a ‘woman’, on the triumphant day Bandler is acquitted). The overwhelmed jurists, no longer, seeing, hearing, understanding, feeling or knowing what they used to understand, see, hear, feel and know. (Paging Ms. Misogyny?)

“Orwell’s Predictions Are Ridiculous”, TIME magazine, 1/1/’84, continued:
No one in the D.A.’s Office for example - no one in the heart of political correctness, would be caught dead on the witness stand, being morally judgemental about any of this. It wouldn’t be prudent (and who knows who the rogue CIA might waste and rigor mortise, in a floored and overturned chair for 36 hours, next... The guilt saturated, over-sexed victim was, after all, publicly reported as being in the act of snorting a line of rock & rollex ‘recreational nose kandy’ (among the most insidiously destructive illegal drugs in the U.S.) at the precisely kosMickarMick moment Ms. Quacko was sooper mysteriously whacked.
Arthur - Reverse The Charges - Danner was definitely ‘out of the loop’, on this one, warm-gun-wise. The Chief County Prosecutor is not responsible for what he is responsible for.

Clean, Swift & Silent as a (36 hour, boudoir delayed) police dog whistle.
A Covert, Conspiratorial Agreement To Betray Overt Oaths Of Public Office

is the recipient of the GOVERNOR’S (Wilson’s) AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE

What Art Danner does for an earth scorching encore.
A Few Final Words From The Local Ministries Of Truth & Justice continued:
July 1990. SENTINEL. Regarding Santa Cruz County court minutes relating to the bygone, ‘resolved’ Bandler-Marino trial: “All forensic (physical) evidence was destroyed, by order of the judge.” / “It’s fine with me, said prosecutor Gary Fry, “I want to put that case behind me.”
And so it is. Directly behind him. The instrument of Art Danner’s own undoing.

Reich & Wong (Some things neve change), continued:
7 April 1995, on page A-1, SENTINEL staff writer May Wong covered Danner, attending the Los Angeles ‘media circus’, surrounding the O.J. Simpson case: ‘Danner said he also spoke (on CNN) about how he believes the Simpson case will force changes in the criminal justice system.’ (What EYE suspects): “I suspect that people will say, ‘Heck. We’ve got to find another way to get closer to the truth’”, Danner said.
(What EYE blames) “Not surprisingly”, reporter Wong adds, “Danner blamed defense attorneys for going to the media and raising irrelevant issues.” Well. That settles it. Danner mentioned ‘the Trailside Murder Case’ and other issues; never breathing a word of what may be the most sensational and important case in county homicidal history. Certainly a rogue CIA linked ‘domestic murder’ case, of capital import.
Arthur Danner is also under long standing charges (that he feloniously will not allow to be filed against himself or any other of many cited co-offenders) for his 15 year, actively ongoing participation in a locally active, rogue C.I.A.-motivated, N.L.P. practicing pedophile cult, stationed out of Los Angeles. Originated by the feloniously fugitive Richard (“Call me ‘Big Brother Dick’ - ‘Why don’t you call the police?!”) Robertson, vice president of DPM COMPUTERS; listed in the L.A. Yellow Pages.

The propounded ousting of Mr. Danner sometimes evokes an impotent objection that he may be replaced by someone worse - thereby gutlessly forsaking the democratically principled example that must be made in the preservation of democracy, by expelling and punishing tyrants. Danner’s replacement would in such action, receive solemnly necessary notice, that the same can indeed happen to any malrepesentative of publicly empowered office. And, so it could. So far, no such (sorely overdue) notice has been adequately recognized.

Evoking the Jeffersonian axiom: “Those who do not oppose tyranny, are self condemned to live under it.”
Likewise cogently relevant here, is the same former president’s advise:
“The price of liberty, is eternally vigilant struggle.” (Paraphrased)
About The Author
The 56 year old, 5’7”, 140# Eurasian, S.S.I. disabled record is an ordained Military Chaplain, and a V.F.W. (Veterans Of Foreign Wars Chief Warrant Security Officer - one of the two co-founders of V.F.W. Bill Motto - Wage Peace - Post 5888. With no serious police record whatsoever. Never legally charged, let alone convicted of any felony.

The record is also a Bay Of Pigs, Cuba, ‘61 Expeditionary veteran, with three and a half consecutive years sea duty on a 35,000 ton ammunition ship (USS Great Sitkin, AE-17), as a Bosun’s Mate Striker / Coxswain (command authority on boats), and a naval artillery 1st loader; including a unit citation for the navy’s first at-sea nuclear weapons transfers.

District Attorney Art Danner III, has, in the past 15 and more years, arraigned this record five times, for charges including ‘threatening his life (this case was ‘dismissed in the interests of justice’), and an unrelated charge for ‘battery’, against nine veterans - much younger and larger than the record, in a 36 month period (‘83 - ‘86); wherein Danner has lost all five arraignments (all signed by Danner with no other complainants), including a jury trial for battery, against three maverick veterans younger and larger than this record - the only jury trial ever converged on Mr. Robertson - also lost by Danner and his malanthropically wild eyed confederates. Danner’s latest failed prosecution of this record was between May and October of ‘96, when he falsely charged this record with ‘felony cultivation of marijuana’. The case was dismissed - under Judge K. Akao - before it went to trial.

Presently, Danner is vainly asserting false charges of ‘felony firearms assault’, in what is actually a ‘no charges, no arrest’ case (‘97SC-93336. Refer Lt. Sepulveda or Lt. Skeery, SCPD), of saving Floyd Creager’s life (without harming or firing upon anyone of a group of five juvenile assailants, armed with a baseball bat) on 6/15/’97. Lt. Sepulveda has commended this record under those circumstances, for its tactical restraint. The attack occurred in front of the record’s domicile, from which the weapon was produced and thrice fired in the air, scattering the assailants; all three rounds landing in the Bay, 400 yards southward.

Speaking of goon squads: since the first publication of this Memorial Record and its distribution throughout Santa Cruz county (9/’96), the County VETS OUTREACH officers at 842 Front Street, led by Cy Wannarka, Myrna Cherin, Vets Memorial Bldg. Manager, Andy Botsford, Parks and Recreation Director, Barry Samuel, along with the entire 12 chaired, public endangering Vets Memorial Building *Board Of Trustees, chairmanned by former county Supervisory Board candidate, Timothy McCormick (*Already under formal suit for ‘mismanagement’ - a suit which they recently lost to local attorney and veteran, Larry Goodman, in an ‘unrelated case’); have rumorially and conspiratorially persuaded this record’s federally employed VA (Veterans Administration) counselors, that he is a threat and a danger to their personal security. Exactly what the cited Board Of Trustees has been under continuous, Grand Jury Complaint submitted and officially witnessed, documented fire for, since 22 January ‘97 (Refer the formal complaints to two Grand Jurys, at the progression of this record).

Meanwhile, County Vets Service Officer Cy Wannarka and chairman Tim McCormick have persuaded the record’s federal counselors to penetrate his federal claim confidentiality by a falsely motivated and imposed ‘aversion of danger’ clause; accessing Art Danner and his county cronies (cited above) to this record’s otherwise ‘confidentialiy guarded’ federal claim.

Thereby thought-policing a hysteria for unauthorized persons, including Cy Wannarka and Art Danner, to invade this claimant’s federal counselorship and VA file confidentiality. VA counselor C.L. Burgor was elaborately lied to, by County Vets Service Officer Cy Wannarka and the publicly endangering Vets Memorial Bldg. Board of Trustees The 12 chaired Trustee Board hoodwinked federal counselor Burgor and her immediate superior, Dr. Katherine Yoon to divert the public endangerment they were found responsible for (In the Santa Cruz County administered Vets Memorial Building), from themselves, on to this record (K.B. Robertson).

Resulting in six VA counselors continuing refusal’s to counsel with this veteran record, for post traumatic stress disorder evaluation and therapy; displaced with county employee originated lies, defamations, threats; intimidations projected on and about this record.

Floyd W. Creager, a 100% post traumatic stress disabled Vietnam veteran, was recently instructed (9/’97) by his VA counselor, Dr. Patrick Murphy (who the record has never met), not to relate to, socialise with or be friends with this record anymore, ‘Because he smokes pot (under Medical marijuana authorization), and he’s crazy’. Character assassination, ‘hazing’, social ostracization as continuously ongoing conspiratorial objective, transferred from Arthur Danner’s county government chain of command, to the cited federal government VA employees. The light drinking record does not use non-prescription hard drugs. He is a cross-trained Fleet medic and Chaplain, with nine years service on V.F.W. 7263’s 7th Avenue based Honor Guard.

This report exists to insure public identification and accountability of the herein cited persons as accessories to, during and after the fact(s), regarding public endangerment by the Vets Memorial Bldg. Board Of Trustees, led by Cy Wannarka and Tim McCormick, as well as negligent entrustment (of the Trustee Board) by the county Board Of Supervisors (responsible for the Vets Memorial Bldg., under state senate bill 544, in the jurisdiction of state senator Bruce McPherson). This report includes making known to the reading public, not only public endangerment by the cited offenders, but also the described - county and federal government joined - oppression of this VA applicant and claimant, and supression of the above documented ‘Code Of Silence In Santa Cruz County’ - documented evidence, witnesses and testimony from an unresolved murder case (There is no statute of limitations on murder).

Mr. Danner and a host of his associates are also conspiratorially coordinated in obstructing justice, and in many cases, supporting and functionally representing an underway, undeterred, locally active, N.L.P. and Orwellean NewSpeak-practicing pedophile cult (originated by Dick Robertson, vice president of DPM COMPUTERS in Los Angeles, rogue C.I.A. - Experimental PsyWar - operative; initiator of THE ROBERTSON FAMILY CONSPIRACY) - tenaciously dedicated to feloniously extending while simultaneously denying, covering up and/or conspiratorially blaming their feloniously insidious trespasses on others, including this record.

Below, is a letter to C.I.A. Director Robert Gates, dated 13 March '92, Friday, from the record.
Director Robert Gates K.B. Robertson
Central Intelligence Agency 114 Maple #2
Washington, D.C. Santa Cruz, CA.
20505 95060
13 March 1992
Dear Director Robert Gates:
From the ascribed date, the following communication becomes a matter of permanent public record: with regard to Richard Robertson V of Los Angeles, vice president of DPM COMPUTERS, near North Hollywood, California; who arrogantly claims to be employed by your agency; operating inside the U.S.A.

Between 19 and 25 November, 1990, I audio tape-recorded a conversation between my oldest brother, Richard Robertson V, and myself. A full verbatim transcription of this communication is on pages ~ thru~ , below, near the close of this report.
In this for the moment briefly described conversation, the former confirms the following:
A. He openly acknowledges and complains of a raped infant daughter in (then, since the time of) late 1963; corroborate with the presidential assassination chronology.
B. He has never reported, or allowed the reportage of the crime.
C. Richard Robertson is still overtly and conspiratorially blaming our stepfather, William Henry Oshie, for the unreported crime.

On the other hand, this record is given every reason to believe, that Richard ('Call me Big Brother Dick') Robertson has covertly blamed this crime on his younger brother, K.B. Robertson; this record. Having mobilized the qualified (voluntarily engaged) public to do so (blame this record for what Richard Robertson and his friends, is, are, and continue to be responsible for); since late 1963.

Nineteen years ago, in 1971, I documented exactly how I learned of this crime; from whom, when and under what circumstances:
The (qualified) public in my direct experience has been very effectively and specifically mobilized to methodologically punish and ostracize me, for the rape of a child in 1963: ABOVE THE LAW , MORALITY and REASON. That, the participational public was motivated by, Richard 'Big Brother’ (BB) Robertson - who gives a new meaning to and assigns a new mission for Orwell's NEWSPEAK and DoubleThink; inspires his conspiratorial following by referencing his affiliation with your agency. This last information derived 11/'90 from he and his (amazing) wife.

In the early '70s, the record, upon receiving and reporting this information to the San Francisco police; who insisted:
'We need a complaint from the parents';
vacuously asked this record:
'Why wasn't this crime reported earlier?'

It is in fact felonious for the parents not to report this crime, when they know of it; as Richard Robertson has already proven in his own audio taped words that he does.

On the other hand, it is patently insane (and felonious) to hold this record responsible for causing the culpable parents - especially the father, to report this crime; which this record learned of only when Richard Robertson finally told the record (3/'70, Concord, CA.) seven years after the allegory fact; still being complained about and blamed on other people (11/'90), including this record.

It is also felonious for the parents to secretly blame this unreported crime on anyone else; all who 'help' or comply are likewise, criminal accessories to the ongoing fact(s).

(Accessory obstructers of justice, aiders, abettors and accessorized feloniously fugitive pedophiles, by any other name. There is no Arizona state or federal statute of limitations on pedophilia - tantamount to murder... )

The (eventually informed) police have never allowed any signed complaint(s); the record being under documented, continuous coordinated siege; including the black-listing of his book, GRAVITY IS THE 4th DIMENSION, by the rumor mobilized public; for over 20 years. If the targeted author receives public recognition and credit for his achievements, the ROFACO will be exposed and recognised for it’s achievements.

It is felonious to participate in, comply with or willfully deter and obstruct the reporting of this elaborately documented, ongoing crime. The conspiratorial participants constitute nothing less than a continuing, 29 year old undeterred, proliferately growing pedophile cult (Refer: The Deliberate Manufacture Of Falsehood And What It Is Doing To Our Lives, by Ian Mitroff and Warren Bennis./ Who Murdered Mae Brussell And Why: 'Entertainment Industry Psychological Warfare' and the findings of Stanley Milgram's PERILS OF OBEDIENCE).

In late 1990, the record also learned that his mother, *Martta H. Savolainen Robertson Oshie, 'disappeared', without explanation, with his Algonquin nationalized, Ojibway Chippewa tribalized stepfather, *W.H. Oshie, in 1975. No relative has seen or heard anything from or about either of them, since last *contacted in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, 1975; *both key witnesses in the original formation of the subjected conspiracy.

Upon being told by this record, 'It is felonious for you to be blaming our stepfather', Dick Robertson boldly replied:
'Why don't you go find him and tell him?!'
- Richard Robertson, 11/24/'90; speaking of the man he is feloniously and conspiratorially blaming for pedophilia.
Imperatively demanding that someone else carry out his responsibility(ies) for him. Dick Robertson’s methodological signature. The ‘whispering wind’ under his BB (Big Brother) codified, broken wings. The heroically worshiped leader of all pedophiles and their advocates, everywhere.
. . . . . . . . . . . . .
Richard Robertson V. Vice president of DPM COMPUTERS, Los Angeles. A CIA extant and rogue operative since Army duty in Germany, mid late fifties. Former employee of IBM and REMINGTON RAND. Holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, and a degree in law (L.L.B.) Res. ph. 1-818-982-7524. Address unknown. DPM COMPUTERS is listed in the L.A. Yellow Pages.

Richard Robertson is self proven, asking everyone else for decades to do his job for him, he finally got around to telling the record to tell *Bill Oshie, what he (Richard Robertson) was obliged to tell his *stepfather and the police about, since late 1963. Still asking somebody else, to contact his stepfather: “Why don’t you go find ‘em and tell ‘em?” - that Dick Robertson is - for decades - secretly and conspiratorially accusing him of pedophilia.

Exactly what Dick Robertson has said this way, on audio tape, of his stepfather, is what he has gotten other people to do, relative to this record ('Big brother's little brother'). Who Richard Robertson is blaming at the current time - who he blames (his stepfather or his youngest brother), seems to depend on who he's talking to.

Dick Robertson V, now resides in North Hollywood; the vice president of DPM COMPUTERS in Los Angeles; DPM stands for Don P. Moser, who is the president of that self described, allegory C.I.A. affiliated company.

Richard Robertson has traditionalized an effective disciple-gathering purportation to be an employee of your agency, the Central Intelligence Agency. Originally under his US Army affiliation and post service employment with I.B.M. and the RAND Corporation.

This certainly 'explains' the ongoing, all-time police refusal to allow this case to be reported: the suspension of all the conspiratorial target's constitutional rights - placing him on psychiatric medical hold on three different occasions of attempting to report this crime to San Francisco police (in the early ‘70’s, as will be documented herein).

The third medical hold historically imposed on this record, culminating in a Superior Court statement resolved that this is a police case and that this record is a victim of its (feloniously fugitive, neighborhood mesmerizing, amock running), non-reported status, to the best knowledge of the staff and resident doctors (including Dr. Herbert) at Mission Terrace Hospital in San Francisco; in the early to mid '70's. San Francisco police, Ballantine and Hansen, still refused to allow any police report to be filed by this record.

Santa Cruz county district attorney Art Danner III, is likewise indictable for refusing to allow reportage (5/’84) and, for direct conspiratorial participation ('It would be wrong to mace a child!' - Asst. D.A. Norton - what the D.A.’s office did, in court - about the ROFACO complaint sent in ten months earlier. More will be said about this ‘child macing’ demonization, later in this report) while losing grotesquely inverted battery charges against this record (3/'86) in the only jury trial he's ever been the subject of.

Other known; provable local participants and complicitors include Sheriff's Deputy O'Hare, Chris Matthews, Judge Tom Kelly, public defender James Macmillan, Dr. John Gillette, V.F.W. members Timothy McCormick, Robert ('Watch your children when Ben's around') Shippen, Richard ('W.e. A.ll H.eroes! <W.A.A.H.!>'/'Did you do it?') Anderson, Steve ('Ben bit someone's ear off and is known to carry a gun') Bare, Robert ('Ben is an enemy of the post') Hall, Steve ('I heard about you and I've got your number') Hasna, and Lee T. Bookout - from anonymous thousands.

The record is bringing this pedophile fugitive (R. Robertson V) to justice under title 18, CONSPIRACY Code - no limits statutes: to publicly hold him to account, with still active, documented, recent social oppressors: so designated by Richard - Big Brother (BB - Big Brothers initials, and the second letter of the alphabet, twice in a row, numerologically equaling 22; codifically referencing ‘CATCH 22’) - Robertson (Who finally told this record, in 1970, of this crime and, that <he says> he is blaming on our stepfather; since '63, as is documented herein in the transcribed audio-tape of November, ‘90, on pages ~ thru ~ below).

Dick Robertson is motivated since, to criminally 'transfer' his responsibility for this qualified, subjected crime onto someone else - alternately blaming it on his stepfather, William Henry Oshie, and his youngest brother, Kent Benjamin Robertson (the record).
The conspiring family - the initiators, originators and perpetuators of such a non reported crime, other-person-blaming and punishing cult - invariably evaluates and selects by 'pecking order’-applied standards; as to who is determined to be guilty, and who can't possibly - must not - have anything to do with it. In the collusively vile, covertly conspiratorial name of ('lights out') 'resolution'.

Such an assailant's wife, quite predictably defends him; is not merely ignorant of the truth, but, also quite predictably and importantly: does not want to know the truth. In this contrived scenario, the mother and the conspiring - back room seancing - family, equal a crowd such as that documented above, in Guatemala, murdering an innocent person, who has been patently proven to be innocent: before they went on to murder her (anyway).
Pedophiles and their subordinate participants and complicitors are notoriously known to be compulsive repeaters; require compulsively repetitious attacks on targeted victims; in this case by as many persons as can be persuaded to attack and otherwise harass Big Brother's (‘puny, wimpy, powerless, known megalomaniacal’) little brother. Orwellean NEWSPEAK (and bullet dodging ducks) quacked - and whacked - fluently here.

The record has been in personal consultation with congressman Panetta of the 16th federal district for the past eight years (at the time of this 1989 writing, which has since then been updated). On 3 January, '92, the congressman (and others) reviewed the audio tapes (transcribed in later portions of this documentary report) and received copies of verbatim transcriptions, of Dick Robertson personally confirming A., B., and C., above; whereupon the congressman finally expressed his tentative willingness to carry federal prosecution (title 18 - no statutes of limitation) to Dick Robertson.

Panetta has stipulated:
“I don't want to do this by the seat of my pants. I would like some backup on this"; since learning in late '90, that this record's eldest brother ('Ha! What can you do?! Why not turn me over to the police?!’) is a (berserked; amok) C.I.A. constituent.

Can you, Director Gates, assure the congressman, with the requested 'back up'?. Will you please do so? Simply allow the law to carry out what it has been and continues to be disallowed from doing, and/or through abuse of office, by malrepresentative officials: feloniously chooses not to do.

(There, never having been a 'choice' in this matter, with regard to reportage of crime, from the advent of Richard Robertson's problem, and his evolved, extra judicial adventures of influencing the neighborhood to blame it on and enthusiastically punish somebody else for it, in the pedophile cult endorsed name of ‘resolution’...)

The record will be happy to provide whatever further information and proof he has of this, at your request. The subjected congressman has on file several hundred pages of my submitted; detailed statements and documentation on this case; since 1984. The record most urgently requests your interest and action in this extant, actively ongoing, feloniously unresolved, socio-legal abomination.
R.S.V.P., I am respectfully yours,
Kent Benjamin Robertson, 13 March, '92

DANNER’S LIST. Anthologised by Bob LaMonica
9 June, 1987. Under many witnesses, Mr. Danner consumes a gin and tonic and part of a second over 45 minute period, prior to colliding head on into another vehicle, driven by Sandra Larsen, who sustains serious head injuries. Larsen is given a field sobriety test in the emergency room, her blood was ‘analyzed in elaborate tests’; shows no trace of alcohol or drugs.

Mr. Danner is not given a field sobriety or blood test. ‘A diagram attached to the (police) report shows the accident was ‘front end to front end’, and is called ‘a fender-bender’, that occurred when Danner attempted to turn left (out of the JURY ROOM bar’s parking lot on Ocean Street, across from the court house and Gvt. Bldg.) into oncoming traffic.” (Going the wrong way down a ONE WAY STREET.) Three months later, Mr. Danner is cited for ‘failure to yield right of way’.

Mr. Danner settled out of court with Ms. Sandra Larsen, for $20,000.00 bodily damages. The SENTINEL newspaper delayed reportage of this ($20,000.00 ‘fender bending’) event for two weeks. The incident occurred just prior to a county election, and in the midst of the preliminary trial of Bandler-Marino, in the Corine Christensen murder case (as documented in ‘The “Code Of Silence” In Santa Cruz County).
- San Jose Mercury News, 12 June 1990

Mr. Danner hires in late 1985, Tehama County Deputy District Attorney Christine McGuire, who had prosecuted against her public defender and romantic partner, a violent felony case. The conviction was reversed by Appellate opinion citing “sustained dating relationship with the prosecutor”.
- Santa Cruz County Grand Jury Complaint, 27 October 1994

Mr. Danner assigns prosecutor Anna Matheson to Municipal court Judge Tom Kelly’s courtroom for six months in 1986, when an extra-martial affair between them was ‘common knowledge.” Mr. Danner calls allegations of impropriety, “ridiculous”.
- Santa Cruz SENTINEL, 23 September 1994

Mr. Danner assigns from 1988 to 1989, Mary Margaret Bierbaum, ‘level 3’ prosecutor, to the Major Narcotics Vendor Program, in violation of Major Narcotics Vendor Grant requirements that participating deputy prosecutors be of ‘level 4’ status.
- Santa Cruz County Grand Jury complaint, 27 October 1994

Jason A. Hopkins, son of Jon Hopkins, Santa Cruz County Chief Deputy District Attorney, is arrested and booked in county jail on charges of possession for sale of psilocybin mushrooms, 18 March 1988. Decision arranged with Attorney General’s Office not to file charges. Mr. Danner states “It was handled like any other case.”
- San Jose MERCURY News, 31 January 1989

Mr. Danner orders investigation of Gary Patton during 1990 supervisor’s re-election campaign. Charges of using County typewriter for campaign purposes surface. Mr. Danner asks Mr. Patton to reimburse County for a typewriter ribbon, which he (Patton) does. - Santa Cruz SENTINEL, 5 December 1994.

Mr. Danner has felony charges of Subordination of perjury involving three California Highway Patrol officers (who obliterate from records traffic citation issued to John Geringer in late 1991) reduced to misdemeanor status, disposed out of court, behind closed doors. - Santa Cruz Grand Jury complaint, 27 October 1994.

Mr. Danner decides not to prosecute Sheriff’s Officer Todd Liberty for excessive use of force against George Nichols. Mr. Nichols, who states he would have settled “for an apology and a handshake,” sues. Federal judge views video of the 1991 incident, grants summary judgement of $390,000.00 to Mr. Nichols. Total loss to County including legal fees: about $500,000.00
- Santa Cruz County Grand Jury complaint. 27 October 1994

Mr. Danner’s function as Public Administrator, which resolves estate and property issues, with power to sieze assets and rule on competence, has raised major questions in numerous cases. - Several public sources have raised this issue.

Mr. Danner, in violation of procedural rights, quietly banishes 11 year director of Victim Witness Program, Judy Osborn, to kitchen of District Attorney headquarters at Watsonville Courthouse, without desk, telephone or computer, August 1993. Ms. Osborn is prohibited from sending or receiving mail. Ms. Osborn succombs to stress, goes on medical leave in December 1993.
- Santa Cruz County Grand Jury complaint, 27 October 1994

Mr. Danner chooses to keep investigation within District Attorney’s office when Harper’s Magazine “C-NET” police brutality tape surfaces in late 1993, referring matter to Attorney General months later when publicity grew heavy.
- Santa Cruz County Grand Jury complaint. 27 October 1994.

Citing ‘violation of due process’, May 1994 Appelate Court ruling reverses 1991 Santa Cruz County murder convictions of John and Chris Badgett. Defense attorneys charge Mr. Danner with “dragging the case in the sewer”, and “serious misconduct”. Mr. Danner calls ruling “hyper-technical”. - Santa Cruz METRO newspaper. 26 May ‘94.

Mr. Danner arranges County vehicle in addition to $5,400.00 travel allowance for his Chief Investigator, Alan Johnson, until situation surfaces in September 1994..
- Santa Cruz SENTINEL newspaper, 12 December 1994

Mr. Danner grants immunity to John Hamre in exchange for information on stabbing death of Christian Brown, 29 June 1994. After cooperation, Mr. Danner withdraws grant of immunity, charging Hamre with accessory to murder, Judge Bill Kelsay later dismissed charge. - Santa Cruz SENTINEL newspaper. 19 october 1994

Tara Fawett is arrested, 3 September 1994 in connection with drive-by shooting, booked into County jail on charges of accessory to attempted murder and drunken driving. Louis Rittenhouse, Tara Fawcett’s stepfather, calls Mr. Danner regarding the matter. Mr. Danner calls Judge Tom Kelly. $250,000.00 bail is dropped . Ms. Fawcett is released. “The contact we had with the councilman (Rittenhouse) had no impact on why we made the decision,” said Mr. Danner.
- Santa Cruz SENTINEL newspaper. 15 September 1994

Mr. Danner takes a $1,600 trip to Washington, D.C. to attend Crime Bill signing. In a September 12, 1994 letter (the day he left) Mr. Danner submits requests for travel reimbursement. County rules require approval in advance. On September 13 (the day after he left), County Board Of Supervisors vote 4-1 to approve the trip, after the District Attorney is already arrived in Washington, via stolen County funds.
- Santa Cruz SENTINEL newspaper, 18 September 1994

Mr. Danner places Assistant District Attorney Catherine Gardner on administrative leave, 18 March 1994, then fires her on 20 July. Time cards are falsified at Mr. Danner’s direction for 17 weeks at full pay (including benefits, about $30,000.00). When Ms. Gardner demands a civil service hearing, the covered-up, falsified timecards surface. Mr. Danner asserts he has the authority to go against County code. Mr. Danner responds to Auditor-Controller Gary Knudson’s preliminary report on the matter with “I may just decide I’ve had enough and decide what to do legally,” saying he might sue Mr. Knudson if his final report is not, according to Mr. Danner, legally correct. On 6 December 1994, Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors vote 4-1 to take no action against Mr. Danner. Outgoing Sheriff Al Noren says “I think the (supervisory) board fell flat on their asses - or faces.”
- San Jose MERCURY news, 17 October 1994;
Santa Cruz SENTINEL, 7 & 8 December, 1994

“The Borland Amendment”:
Gordon Eubanks, CEO of Cupertino based Symantec Corp., and Eugene Wang are charged with stealing trade secrets from Wang’s former employer, Borland, in 1992. Defense attorneys suggest “Maybe the case should have been investigated by somebody independent”, since Borland is a Santa Cruz County company.

Mr. Danner calls comment “lawyer’s tricks.” Hearings uncover that the District Attorney’s office had accepted $13,00.00 from Borland to defray cost of investigation, and that Jonathan Rivers, a key investigator on the case, went to work for Borland days after Santa Cruz County Grand Jury had indicted Wang and Eubanks in February 1993. On 23 August 1993, Judge Bill Kelsay disqualifies the District Attorney from prosecuting the case, stating “rather strong evidence of a reasonable possibility of compromise of prosecutorial discretion” and, “If the District Attorney’s office continues with this prosecution, they (District Attorney officials) will be on trial”.

Mr. Danner responds “We agree. The judge was wrong.”
- Santa Cruz SENTINEL newspaper. 6 March, 24 August & 8 September 1993

The Grand Jury of Santa Cruz County From: *Kent Benjamin Robertson
(Former case number CC99-102)
19 August 2000
The Judicial, Journalistic, Veterans Administration & ROGUE C.I.A.
A Case History.
Urgent Introductory Note: this formal complaint was originally submitted to the Grand Jury of 99 - 2000. Then assigned as CC99-102. It is modified and revisionally edited for re-submission and re-address to the Grand Jury of 2000-2001, for highly qualified, documented and self-explicitly clarified reasons provided, forthwith. It was firstly submitted 27 July, 99. Condensed and re-submitted 28 September, 99. Foreperson Al Richard's responded, 19 October, ‘99, that the submitted complaint 'does not meet the required guidelines of a complaint; leaving no alternative but to close the case as presented.' Also reminding the complainant that the issued complaint, 'has to be in the Grand Jury's jurisdiction'.

As though this complaint was not qualified as such, and/or might not be in the Grand Jury's jurisdiction. Foreperson Richard's brief letter also explained that four (of nineteen jurists, including five alternative) chairs constituted a Crime Committee, that disqualified the submitted complaint. Intimating that only 4 of 19 Grand Jury members received or knew of the complaint. The record requested then (and still respectfully requests) instructions as to how the alleged 'unmet guidelines' can be satisfactorily fulfilled. Without response from the previous Grand Jury. For - in this case - unjustified reasons, 15 of 19 formerly incumbent, now adjourned jury members had no knowledge of this complaint for the first eight months following its 7/27/ ‘99 submission. Incorrect reasons for closure of this case are unequivocally manifest in the foregoing. In accordance with redress of grievances, under the 1st Amendment. of the US. constitution. Complainant requests a response, including the assignment of a new case number to corroborate this resubmitted case. (To the Grand Jury of 2000 - 2001.)

Thanking you for consideration of this formal complaint to the Grand Jury of 2000 - 2001 (ut infra), I am very respectfully and gratefully yours, Kent Benjamin Robertson.
September, 1999 Re: Grand Jury Case *CC99 - 102

Re-submitted complaint follows:

In response to notice from Grand Jury, dated 15 September and received, 18 September, 99, Sat. (on permanent file) Please note: The (previous) Grand Jury forepersons (Al Richard's) letter also states a preference for a one page complaint. But this is not a requirement (as the formal Complaint Form - Civ. GJ 1 Rev. 3/ 95, itself clarifies: 'If more space is required, continue on reverse side and if necessary, attach extra sheets to this complaint form.' ). Complainant defers to the lengthy history, abundance and diversity of Mr. Danner's criminal actions and their culpably self incriminated, government busting and belaboring, infrastructural administrative tributaries. The consequent requirement here, for multiple pages of description, constituting this complaint. Mr. Danner's trespasses and those of his criminal complicitors and participatory accessories are extensive. Herein (as CC99-102) severely abbreviated (now re-submitted to the Grand Jury of 2000 - 2001 as CC00-005). While maintaining highly qualified documentation and specificity. In lieu of more specific requirements, requests and/or instructions from the Grand Jury; from whom the record implores understanding.

This record will continue to do everything within reason to meet your requests and/or understandable requirements. Please continue to honor me with communicating same, freely .

There are many individual abuses, and many individual abusers of office here, to investigate, gainsay, reprimand, correct, charge, and/or indict.
Be reminded: These problems and their ingenuously causal *hosts have a recent (if already ominously obscure) history of overwhelming, criminally paralyzing; then terminating a sitting county Grand Jury.

The Grand Jury of 96 -97 went extinct months before completing its obligatory, state senate law required year of incumbency. Due to a series of voluntary resignations. For reasons of intrigue and duplicity imposed upon Grand Jury membership(s) by their justice obstructing *legal advisors in key county government stations (*as below listed; marked with asterisks). As explained in the foregoing.

State law requires each county to have a Grand Jury in place at all times. How that Grand Jury is further instrumentalized is at the advisory and instructional binding discretion(s) of the below listed, cited, county government employed offenders. Each cited official a proven nemesis unto his and herself. Tampering with and otherwise illegally advising and instructing the Grand Jury: having become their proven, justice-evading policy since the sinister extinctification of the Grand Jury of 96 - 97. Emerged again over the Grand Jury of 99 - 2000 in the insidious closure of CC99-102. Presently hovering over the incumbent, newly installed Grand Jurists of 2000 - 2001.

*Extantly triumphing still, over the law and morality in county, state and federal jurisdictions: via a now presiding
(former district attorney) *Superior Court Judge (Danner), the *County Counsel & *Supervisory Board : the Grand Jury's toxified - conflict-of-interest compromised - advisory resources (most recently including the *D.A.'s - Ron Ruiz' - office (obstruction of justice, willful refusal to charge or prosecute proven felonious fugitives - multiple counts of same); since 9/20/ ‘99. For legally binding, overduely unresolved and unacted upon, functionally unavoidable reasons, as listed below. County jurisdictional articles of formal complaint, follow.

I am very sincerely, respectfully and gratefully yours, K.B. Robertson.
Under federal, state and county law, the (former) chief prosecutor is already felonious (sans limitations statutes) in his obligatory and undone duties regarding non prosecution of a capital crime; namely murder in the first degree; of Corine Christensen. With regard to the uncharged star witness in the Bandler-Marino case of 11/ ‘86 - 1/ ‘88. Namely, one James Marino: self confessed - on the witness stand - accessory to the fact in first degree murder (in admitting he concealed the murder weapon; his description of its location then confirmed by Sheriffs divers; from the Capitola pier, 11/ ‘86); as per the court minutes of Mr. Marino's described confession. Refer, Richard Bandler vs. The people. Critically important testimony and witnesses were very deliberately excluded from the main trial by the prosecuting attorney(s). Certainly including the witness-ship testimonies of *Floyd and Harry Creager, the former of whom was *tentatively framed for the murder (the proven effort <intent to frame an innocent person> was aborted before being carried through), without the jury's knowledge. Including the jury's deprivation of many other importantly omitted informations, such as the ‘disappeared’ preliminary trial minutes. Judge Cottle issued illegal jury instructions; as proven in closing trial minutes, 1/ ‘88. Both Mr. Marino and Mr. Bandler were strangely and notably made immune to all drug charges. Whereas, neither man (of the only surviving witnesses) present at the murder scene was legally made immune to murder.

Yet, Mr. Marino proves out to the time of this writing, to be uncharged with the murder he proved himself accessory to the fact in; as described above. The non prosecution of Mr. Marino is dereliction of duty, obstruction of justice, and accessory after the fact on the part of the *district attorney, Mr. Danner's - since manifestly evident - crucial role as accessory to the fact in deliberately obstructing justice (conspiracy to exclude witnesses, evidence and testimony from the main trial); contrivation to avoid prosecution; criminal negligence.

The deliberate withholding of evidence and testimony from the †main trial in the cited case; by the peculiarly selected, itinerant - out of town; non homicide case experienced - prosecution (Gary Fry. His case closing statement: We can’t prosecute Mr. Marino. We have no evidence against Mr. Marino. We must have evidence to prosecute 1/ ‘88, SENTINEL. Gary Fry is since become a federal prosecutor). †As compared with the evidence and witnesses who were called to participate in the preliminary hearing. From which the minutes were mysteriously *disappeared (for years; reappearing in a local judges chambers with equal mystery); *post incidental to the preliminary hearings (June, ‘87) and prior to the main trial (12/ ‘87 - 1/ ‘88). Refer, the (submitted) documentary 16 page *CODE OF SILENCE IN SANTA CRUZ COUNTY (attached).

Mr. Danner's assistant prosecutor (+Norton, March, ‘86) proved himself a spokesman for Mr. Danner's (+proven) part in the Robertson Family Conspiracy (a feloniously fugitive pedophile cult, documentary cited in the Grand Jury deposition of 7/26/99 -CC99-102. +Refer, the attached two page letter to C.I.A. Director, Robert Gates, dated 13 March, 92). When +he subjected a (+'It would be wrong to mace a') child, in court and +projected that child in Mr. Robertson's face; under Mr. Robertson's (VFW, congressionally chartered, Chief Security Officer’s) state licensed mace. While losing - singular complainant - Danner's battery charges against Mr. Robertson, in the first jury trial the latter has ever been the defendant in, in his presently 59 years. +Transporting and placing a child where it doesn't belong. A thematically compulsive behavioral trademark and unrestrained urgency of the Robertson Family Conspiracy (ROFACO) participants and practitioners. Regarding the chronic abuse, misuse and perversely motivated, literal and contextual invocation, transportation, misplacement, misrepresentation of children: aiding, +abetting and representing a fugitive pedophile. Adding to Richard Robertson’s unchallenged offenses: locally, recently and endemically carrying out the extra judicial blaming and punishing of someone else (K.B. Robertson and his stepfather, W.H. Oshie) for a federal and state crime on which there is no statute of limitations; in Santa Cruz county, California state and the United States.

Under the direct and punitive influence of his feloniously fugitive, multiple pedophile father - Richard Robertson V - this record's 27 year old nephew, Douglas, a prime witness against his father, doused his body with gasoline and immolated himself, in his mothers condominium kitchen, Hollywood, California, 11 September, 1990. Acquiring 3rd degree burns on 90% of his body; except his face and groin. Douglas Robertson died, six weeks later, on or about Halloween day of 90. A matter of official record.

Seven years earlier, April ‘84, Mr. Danner was petitioned formally (by this record; via a 173 page documentary report) to take action against local and active elements of the cited Robertson Family Conspiracy. (ROFACO) Mr. Danner's representative - in May '84, a Mr. Justin Lighty, an assistant DA.; on a county letterhead - denied any obligation on the district attorney's part, to take action against said local elements (including Tim McCormick and Robert. E.L. Shippen). The record submits that, if such obligatory action had been taken by Danner in '83, Douglas Robertson would still be alive today. For this reason the record charges Mr. Danner, for the manslaughter of Douglas ('paranoid schizophrenic') Robertson; under the colors; i.e. special circumstances incurred in Mr. Danner's office and criminally forsaken obligations as a public servant; under the law.

Mr. Danner is found red handed stealing 30 thousand dollars of county taxpayers money. This information unexpectedly surfaced at an unanticipated civil service hearing (A former Asst. DA.,, Catherine Gardner, publicly contesting her former superior, District Attorney Art Danner III): revealed the theft by Mr. Danner and his efforts to cover it up.

Diving Further Into The Wreck
All this information unexpectedly emerged when former Asst. DA. Catherine Gardner formally contested Mr. Danner's firing of herself... Civil Service hearing revealed furthermore that Mr. Danner compounded his theft by trying to cover it up in counterfeiting false time cards; as though the fired employee were working - serving the county - for the stolen money. (Refer, DANNER'S LIST, attached.)

The Board Of Supervisors did not then; neither does it now have the authority to *authorize the proven theft (via any judgmentally pretentious, extra judicial ‘ratification’). Multifariously, routinely and ambitiously giving increased meaning to the observation that the law is meaningless, if and when it is not enforced: regarding Mr. Danner's proven, multi-felonious, grandly larcenous - under the colors; ex officio mocking actions. The Board Of Supervisors extended ratification (*Resolution # 114-95, 4/-4/ ‘95), having inclusively succeeded only in incriminating its Danner-rescuing innovators (Obstruction of justice. Categorically defined conspiracy - in four out of five supervisorial chairs - to avoid prosecution); as accessories to Mr. Danner's original crime(s): grand larceny; trying to conceal same. Busting the Board Of Supervisors; then effecting the †extirpation of the ( † ‘96 - ‘97) Grand Jury itself: to save himself from justice via misrepresentation of office: aggregate abuse of power. Contiguous factual accessories, justice obstructions and obstructers of justice.

The Grand Jury received public sector-originated complaints in the wake of all of the above $30,000.00 theft and ratification controversy; shortly thereafter going extinct.
Via a precipitous rash of voluntary resignations resulting from internal gridlock about whether or not action should be taken against Danner and/or the Board Of Supervisors (both of which elements constitute the authoritative arms of the Grand Jury. Bearing out monumentally demonstrated *conflict of interest. Further compounding the cited offenses). Resulting in †dissolution of the Santa Cruz county's Grand Jury before it completed its annual term; between 6/ ‘96 and 6/ ‘97. State law requires a sitting Grand Jury in all California counties: at all times. The state leaves to each county government, how the Grand Jury is predisposed. *The Grand Jury's decreed, contractual authority originates in advise from the Board Of Supervisors and the D.A.'s office, as well as the County Counsel (a select group of county employed lawyers) and the county Superior Court...

A similarly duplicitous Danner-intrigue, involving $808,000.00, recently emerged, 6/21/2000, in the Santa Cruz SENTINEL. Wherein, Mr. Danner asserts that the *Supervisory Board and *County Auditor Knutson knew of the ‘squirreled away’ money. All of the latter, Danner-referenced authorities flatly deny any such knowledge. Refused to give him his usually provided shelters and ad hoc ratifications. On 12 July, 2000 a METRO DeCinzo cartoon aptly described Mr. Danner's earned reputation as 'a well known sleaze bag.' Mr. Danner dares not sue for slander: because the understatement is historically and overwhelmingly the proven truth.
Clandestinely withholding this accumulating state subsidized money, for years (and years)... At the expense of single mothers and their children, who were intended to benefit from it. Constitutes solemn derilection of duty and plural criminal contingencies. Lying about Board Of Supervisors and County Auditor alleged knowledge of same constitutes a failed effort to cover up and/or decriminalize the ‘rat-holed money’ and/or criminalize the Supervisory Board and County Auditor. No charges have been brought forth on this so far. Complainant requests that Mr. <'No secrets here'> Danner be charged with dereliction of duty; negligent entrustment <including negligent abuse of single mothers , their children; the tax burdened community> - and coverup of same <attempting to hide behind, lie about, entangle and otherwise incriminate others> on this - stylistically precedented - note, alone. Intent to steal these secretly hidden funds is strongly evidenced here. ('it doesn't make any sense.'
Danner's defense. Also asking What advantage is there?, with regard to his uncovered, vainly denied secret. (Nearly a million dollars secretly withheld from it’s intended recipients, accumulating for years; concealed for mysterious reasons: portends one hell of an ‘advantage’. It is not for the press or the public to discern ‘What advantage’ there is here, it is for Mr. Danner to explain; which he hasn’t done and very notably hasn’t been obliged to do....)

The Initial Grounds For The Commencement Of This Ever Since case closed Complaint:
Mr. Robertson became aware of a Vets Memorial Bldg. security - public endangerment - issue, when he began counseling at that location with county hosted federal counseling Team Leader, C.L. Burgor, in November, 96. The record repeatedly observed no staff in the building between noon and 1: PM, while the building was left open to public access and a federal counselor. Who routinely started her Monday scheduled, six hour counseling sessions at noon; was left unsecured on the second floor, assigned to a counseling room immediately adjacent to two publicly facilitated bathrooms, with a history of gang-logos carved in the walls, used condoms on the floor, and residual white powder on the backs of the camodes.

Mr. Robertson discreetly and privately brought this situation to Mr. Cy Wannarka's (County Vets Outreach Service Officers) attention (by phone). The latter, flatly denied any security problem and any responsibility for building security; refused for five ensuing weeks to take the issue to the county assigned Vets Memorial Bldg. Trustee Board. Wannarka spoke of counselor Burgor's autonomy and said that she had not complained of any security issue. The record reminded Mr. Wannarka that it was inappropriate to entangle federal counselor Burgor in the county jurisdictioned issue and obtained Wannarka's agreement at that time not to reveal the security problems to the federal counselor, using the county assigned Rm. 22 on the 2nd Flr., on Mondays between noon and 6:pm.

The balked record was thereby circumstantially required by Vets Service Officer, Cy Wannarka to attend a 1/22/ ‘97 convened Vets Memorial Bldg. Board Of Trustees meeting; obliged thereby to do Mr. Wannarka's and the Board Of Trustees job for them. (*record was initially told, repeatedly, by several different board members, later including Parks Director Barry Samuel, that there was no security problem in the building. 1/22/ ‘97 Board Meeting: Board Member James Wainscoat. Sitting immediately adjacent to the record, leaned into the latters face and proclaimed:
There is no security problem in this building. The little lady on the couch (Bldg. Mgr. Andy Botsford) has it covered.’ (Laughter. An anonymous male voice from the presiding membership interjects: *'Killer on the road.' (*The next lyrical line of which is, 'His brains are squirmin' like a toad.') Wainscoat adds assertively: ‘If you want security in this building, you can pray for it!’ Wainscoat is a Wannarka assigned Trustee Board member. This denial and allusion to *prayer occurred 22 January, 97; at a formally convened meeting, under over a dozen witnesses and on audiotape. *It contradicts the constitutional separation of church and state.

Chairman McCormick repeatedly tried to gavel the unexpectedly becalmed Mr. Robertson down: *You're out of order! (Acronymically spelled *Y.O.O.O!). Followed by an anonymously murmured echo in male voice from presiding membership. *He's out of order! (*Acronymically spelled H.O.O.O.!). Notice also that the *statement is falsely applied to the complainant when it applies to Board Member James (‘Pray for security’) Wainscoat. The record submits that this ambush was planned by Wannarka, McCormick, Wainscoat and anonymous others. The self-revealing objective being to provacatively get Mr. Robertson to lose his temper; do something unreasonable that would ecliptically displace/divert from the real issues in contention.

This ambush-attack method is evident in the behavior of this records self made adversaries throughout this described complaint: The methodological motivation for tabling the finally reluctantly acknowledged and voted upon (11-1) acknowledged security problem and refusing to respond furthermore (for eighteen months) to Mr. Robertson's weekly mailed complaints to the Board Of Supervisors, as well as Mr. Robertson's unanswered voice mail depositions on Mr. Wannarka's after hours answering devise. The manifest ambush-attack method of provocation of complainant is particularly evident in the ex tempor lockdown of Mr. Robertson five months later at Fort Ord. 6/26/ ‘97, which will be explained in the foregoing. Moreover: Chairman YoooHooo McCormick is on record as a ROFACO participant, since 1983.

Counselor Burgor's name was never mentioned by this record or anyone else at the issued meeting of 1/22/ ‘97. Prior to the meeting, Mr. Robertson had talked to Board spokesman Wannarka (late Nov., '96) about her personal endangerment as well as that of the cross sectionally considered public, during noon to 1:PM periods when staff abandoned the building while leaving it open to the public. Wannarka agreed not to involve Burgor.

Wannarka continues to state himself autonomously unaccountable to/for the record’s inquiries on behalf of public security; regarding the Board Of Trustees very reluctantly obtained, 11-1 agreed upon (then tabled, ever since subjectively occulted, further denied, filibustered and/or ignored) violations of Health & Safety codes. Accompanied by the *negligent entrustment thereby, of the pretentiously aloof Board Of Supervisors, since the benchmarked, Board Of Trustees meeting of 1/22/ ‘97. Refer, state senate *Bill 544, proving the (negligently entrusting) county Board Of Supervisors responsible for the cited Vets Memorial Bldg. Board Of Trustees.

State senate bill 544 confirmationally qualifies negligent entrustment on the part of the county Board Of Supervisors, as superiors over the county government appointed †Vets Memorial Building *Board Of Trustees: under Health & Safety codes, namely, public endangerment. The board's *refusal to respond to public inquiries and (1/22/ ‘97’s) acknowledged needed, but strangely withheld, unrepaired and/or illegally occulted corrections. *The cited Trustee Boards ensuing engagement of federal government authorities and jurisdictions on false pretenses. Blaming of this record, for what the Board Of Trustees and all of their county government superiors are continuingly guilty of in this tenaciously unresolved, functionally ignored and/or impotently responded to complaint. To wit: public endangerment and impertinent, contemptuous refusal (‘If you want security in the V.M.B., you can pray for it’) to correct, answer-to or satisfy public and private sector originated formal complaints and inquiries: by the †V.M.B. Trustees. Regarding Health & Safety code defined violations and negligent entrustment (*under State senate bill 544) - through refusal by the Board Of Supervisors to cogently respond to this record's weekly complaints (for 18 months following the described 1/22/ ‘97 Trustee Board meeting), requesting correction of the 11-1 agreed upon, then tabled security problem. Shortly thereafter including endemically evident intrusions on this record's federal counselor(s), including hostile and falsely founded invasionary actions against this records federal claim. As will be irrevocably if briefly documented in the progression of this complaint.

Complainant requests that the V.M.B. Board Of Trustees and/or their superiors also be required to answer his specific questions about whether or not working and parking security has been established and/or will be established as policy: on the 2nd floor (Where Board Of Trustee superiors are on submitted record as having been assured by the Board representatives that *‘there hasn't been a security problem on the second floor since the Board Of Trustees was installed’,<late ‘95> - *C. Espinola, 10/ ‘98, of the county Human Resources Agency. This is a <convened Trustee meeting, 1/22/-‘97> proven, long established, many times repeated and multiplied, ponderously bold lie. The entire cited county gvt.. chain of command is agreed to ‘ratify’ it, by making it an ever-enlarging lie; told enough times, by enough important liars), with regard to secure parking arrangements for government employed persons working in and around the Vets Memorial Building, 846 & 842 Front Street, Santa Cruz, CA. To date, the only assurance of V.M.B. security offered to this record is founded in his presumed capacity for prayer. This official advise, proffered by an unrestrained Board Member at a convened meeting (1/22/ ‘97), is - among other grievously inflammatory, distinctively provocative encroachments - in violation of the US. constitution. Which requires separation of church and state. So far, Mr. Wainscots invocation of god, prevails.

The sacrilegiously inspired advisory has yet to be gainsaid or alleviated by anyone. Only further and blasphemously reinforced, extended and capitalized upon. Trustee Board member and spokesperson, Cy Wannarka, has not to the knowledge of this formally complaining record been called to account for anything. Including his Cinco De Mayo, ‘97, noontime intrusion on federal counselor C.L. Burgor during her agreed upon meeting with this record at that time; regarding improved security arrangements for her parking accommodations (acquired for her, by the exclusive efforts of this record and no others): or his (Cy Wannarka's) unexplained, extra-jurisdictional presence on location of this record’s federal compensation and pension examination (conducted by Dr. Joseph - Rule Out PTSD - Keenan), at Palo Alto, 17 July, ‘97. This record deserves to hear that explanation, also. Mr. Wannarka long ago, repeatedly and omnipotently declared himself and the Trustee Board he speaks for, ‘autonomous from all government’ (in those words; repeated by Board member and V.M.B. Mgr., Andy <'I was only kidding'> Botsford, who has since been promoted, as coordinator, at the local Civic Center)...

Cy Wannarka is not to the knowledge of this record, called to account to any other responsible individual or office for anything he and the Trustee Board, along with county assigned power of attorney Myrna Cherin and V.M.B. Bldg. Mgr. Andy Botsford, imposed upon public safety and the *complainant of public endangerment; including their (motives for) interfering with and intruding upon *this record's federal claim and the duties of the assigned federal authorities. Since proven to be have blamed the record for what they are: dangerous to the public - most certainly including federal counselor Burgor. (Who, Board Chairman Tim McCormick and spokesperson Cy Wannarka with others, persuaded: Mr. Robertson is overly concerned with his counselors security. Infatuated and/or in love with her. Trying to take control of her life. When he learns he cant do that, he may become a threat to her.

This quote will emerge five months later from Dr. Katherine Yoon stationed at Fort Ord. As will be further explained in below portions of this formal complaint.) Former Vets Memorial Bldg. Mgr./ Trustee Board member Kelly Smith was fired (for fictionalized, unrelated reasons) for agreeing with this record on the issue of public endangerment, through March of ‘97 - months after the issued meeting of 1/22/ ‘97. Mr. Kelly Smith, as witness to the above described Board Of Trustees meeting events (and his described punitive firing, by Cy Wannarka and Tim McCormick) can be reached at (831) 477-1345.

1/27/ ‘97: a matter of days after the cited Trustee Meeting of 22 January, ‘97: During this records federal counseling session between noon and one PM, Monday afternoon: county employee, James Bindi knocked loudly on the counseling Rm. 22 door; interrupted this record's federal counseling; to inform counselor Burgor, who answered the door: 'I wanna talk to Ben! I wanna talk to Ben!' Whereupon, the record stepped out in the hallway to hear Mr. Bindi admonish: 'Watch your back! James (‘Pray for security’) Wainscoat is an ex cop out of Washington, D.C., and he might be C.I.D. (Criminal Investigation Div). Watch your back!' A physical threat: from the publicly endangering Trustee Board. An invasion of the record's federal claim, counseling and counselor. A bold portention of things to come.

James Wainscoat is physically much larger than Robertson, as is Mr. James Bindi; ostensibly reinforcing and adding to Mr. Wainscoat's original offense(s). That is to say, Wainscoat was not reprimanded. He was instead, duplicitously reinforced. By conspiratorially acquired; acted upon information; in the person of James Bindi, a short time after 1/22/ ‘97. Mr. Bindi has nothing to do with this record's federal claim, and nothing to do with this record's business with the county. Was not present at the described meeting. Has since, falsely proclaimed in a phone call to him about this by this record, that he (Mr. Robertson) told him (James Bindi) of the trouble at the Vets Memorial Building Board Of Trustees meeting of 1/22/ ‘97. Mr. *Bindi (Formerly with Naval Intelligence. Vietnam service. Masters degree in theater), is witnessed by federal counselor Burgor, and on audiotape, making this counselorship-interrupting statement, and adding in reference to this record: 'Everything you say, is s--t'; describing thereby, everything *he says, in this case, under these proven circumstances. *Assuming that the conspiracy he (Mr. Bindi) has proven himself a part of, will continue to protect *him and his fellow co-conspirators in county government, beginning with Art Danner, Emeline Street Chief Psychiatrist, Dr. John Gillette, McCormick and Robert ('Watch your children when Ben's around'.) Shippen; as early as '83.

Moreover, Wannarka, has not been brought to task for his methodologically operative (idiosyncratically familiar) intrusive interception of this record with his counselor, 5 May, ‘97; at noon. Complainant requests assurance from the unrestrained county elements at 842 Front Streets VETS SERVICE OFFICE and the Board Of Trustees, that this veteran and his federal claim will not be further attacked by Mr. Wannarka or anyone acting under his influence(s) against this record, who must appear at and immediately next to that office (842 Front Street) for needed transportation contingent to his federal claim.
Mr. Danner's office (is proven as having) released (to the inquiring public, including John Gose of 116 Maple St. #4) a false report (of felony firearms assault) against Mr. Robertson, to the public. Also including now federally employed Dr. Katherine Yoon. Former county employee; former subordinate to county employed, Emeline Street stationed Chief Psychiatrist Dr. John Gillette. Dr. Yoon and Gillette routinely doing confidential official business with Art Danner.

Dr. Gillette is on (3/ ‘86) record, saying of this Danner assigned defendant: 'Mr. Danner says you're a *pest, and I agree with him.' This was while Mr. Robertson was required to counsel with Dr. Gillette, in lieu of Mr. Danner losing threatened my life charges against Mr. Robertson, in court, 3/ ‘86. Refer *Webster's - pestophile fly swatting - dictionary; abusive name calling language (the foundation of physical violence) and destructively employed nuerolinguistic programming - observed to be very popularly wielded in homicidally accessorial county government circles (As long as it works, why fix it?) Richard Bandlerism rules. All the way through the newly installed, Burgor-Yoon administrated VET CENTER @ 41st Ave. & Jade St. in Capitola (from which Mr. Robertson is functionally ostracized at peril of physical provocation, attack, threats, restraint, false accusations and charges, lockdown, etceteras. Because Team Leader Burgor has repeatedly proven - while simultaneously denying - that she fears Mr. Robertson, physically. Mr. Robertson cannot relate voluntarily to any woman who so fears him. The Big Bang Gang has her under MR. CLEAN'S well known spells.).

Resulting (6/26/‘97) in a falsely founded and imposed medical hold, physical restraint, transport and incarceration of this complainant (false imprisonment at the VA Mental Health Facility in Palo Alto. Mr. Robertson was represented by congressional liaison, Vets Rep., Hua Kwoon, of San Jose, three days later. Whereupon he was released due to lack of cause. A matter of federal record). The ensuing, ongoing functional disintegration of this complainants federal claim - by federal authorities, Yoon-Burgor, via the criminally acting influence and authority of the Board Of Trustees, Myrna Cherin, Andy Botsford, Dr. J. Gillette and Art Danner. (Danner's office is proven, releasing false reports of ‘felony firearms assault,’ 6/ ‘97. Refer John Gose, 116 Maple St. #4. Mr. <Nothing to do with it> Danner is falsely alleged via Vets Administration Dr. K, Yoon to be physically threatened by K.B. Robertson; and the alleged reason Mr. Robertson was locked down, 6/26/97 - as an alleged threat to self or others.

This is when Dr. Yoon parroted her diagnosis that Mr. Robertson is overly concerned with his counselors security, infatuated and or in love with. Trying to take control of her life. When he learns he can’t do that. May become a threat to her. This ambush-attack occurred during a regularly scheduled monthly appointment, 6/26/ ‘97. Ten days after Mr. Robertson saved Floyd Creager's life (In a ‘no charges, no arrest’ case - 97SC-93336), without endangering anyone else, with a legally sequestered firearm, as described near the close of the Judicial, Journalistic & Rogue CIA CODE OF SILENCE In Santa Cruz County, attached...).

Mr. Danner is in possession, control of, and/or has destroyed valuable and life saving property belonging to Mr. Robertson (contingent to a †no arrest, no charges incident, 6/15/ ‘97. Ten days before Dr. Yoon was told by Danner that her client was charged with felony firearms assault). Mr. Danner stole Mr. Robertson's weapon, in *barring its return by the SCPD. in August ‘97; as described and documented in the records 7/26/‘99 Grand Jury deposition. And, as proven in referencing Lt. Skeery, SCPD († 97SC- 93336) - witness to the above theft; which cited thief and (*public endangerer - Mr. Danner) did not and *cannot show cause. (*Mr. Robertson may be required to save a life with a firearm, again. Refer 97SC - 93336). Complainant requests return or restitution payment for the stolen, officially acknowledged life saving property.

Closing note (more specificity, as required, in the formal complaint instructions):
It is felonious to deliberately destroy evidence (SENTINEL report, 7/‘90) in an unresolved murder case. The Bandler-Marino case is categorically - by documented definition herein - unresolved. Mr. Marino; as Richard Robertson V, is a self established, proven felonious fugitive at large. Mr. Danner has not only failed to prosecute, but has furthermore, repeatedly and measurably defended - encouraged the defense of - both of the cited fugitives. Endemically abusing his power against K.B.Robertson as a matter of long term, multi-faceted county government policy, via county government sanctioned authority and representatives, most of whom are directly related to and connected routinely with Art Danner III. Motivated to disintegrate K.B. Robertson's credibility, Mr. Danner (& Co.) have only revealed and disintegrated their own. Without restraint. For decades, thereby making himself/ themselves; likewise feloniously incriminated and likewise fugitive. *The law being meaningless, when not enforced or represented.

Since '83, Mr. Danner has, under his singularly complaining signature, obliged Mr. Robertson to defend himself, in court - with charges ranging from threatening his (Danner’s) life (‘87), to battery (‘86), and felony cultivation of marijuana (10 /‘96), and lost charges against Mr. Robertson: all five times. In attempting to attack Mr. Robertson's credibility, via abusing the power of the DA's office, Mr. Danner has only obstreperously managed to diminish his own credibility while obsequiously proving that (ostensibly conspiratorial) intention aimed at Mr. Robertson.

No informed officials in the area are rustling up anything even vaguely resembling an investigation or posse on these articles of formal complaint, herein. The cited officials have authoritatively informed the Grand Jury that they refuse to be found accountable, charged, or prosecuted. Disintegrating the Grand Jury of ‘96 - ‘97 altogether. Keeping CC99-102 (this record’s originally submitted complaint to the Grand Jury preceding this one) from the knowledge of 15 of 19 Grand Jurists for eight out of 12 months (And, so far, those are uncontested, mighty damned good odds & ends.)

Circumspecting the Bandler-Marino case: Danner and his pliant judiciary cohorts destroyed - disappeared and otherwise omitted - evidence, witnesses and testimonies, before and after the illegally arrived upon verdict (1/27/ ‘88); from a deliberately under informed, misinformed, malinformed (* “kinky sicko / 9 dildo inventoried / 7 daily clients booked/ bi-sexual dominatrix, high class prostitute”), mesmerized and illegally instructed jury. (*Prolifically name-called, deceased victim is never called a locally sequestered rogue C.I.A. cocaine trafficking book-keeper. Which is what she was and why she was murdered. How and why her - host of - Danner -included, Chief Prosecutor-protected murderers are free.)

The record requests that Mr. Danner, as Chief County Prosecuter overseeing this unresolved murder case proving Marino is an accessory to the fact - be charged with dereliction of duty. Obstruction of justice. Protecting Mr. Marino; assignationally allowing Mr. Fry to generally blunder through the mockery of a trial. Liberating Bandler and never charging Marino with anything. As though not charging Marino were an option. As though the Chief Prosecutor had nothing to do with it. That such option ('We cant prosecute Mr. Marino.') was taken: cannot be argued. ('We have no evidence against Mr. Marino.' <Our applauding hands are tied>). A non existent ‘option’ that the law does not in this case make any allowance for at all.

Yet, the reality is, the disallowed option was taken; allowed to be taken repeatedly, anyway. Criminal transgressions: compoundly, repeatedly and methodologically dominate the entire proceedings and their cogently socio-legal orbits. Over extensions, bald faced lies, glaring omissions, disappeared preliminary trial minutes, grotesque immunization from massive drug trafficking charges, covertly secreted/aborted efforts to frame an irrelevant third person: unrevealed to the Jury. Illegal jury instructions. Burned forensic evidence. <Jury tampering, mesmerizing, spellbinding, razzleDazzling, Saddle Blazing clouds of dust, snowy white powder and thickly issued toxiferous pink smoke everywhere; in all of these complaint cited cases.> The abundantly proven realities are dismissed for lack of evidence: Do not meet the ex tempor appointed list of (herein cited, county gvt. authored) guidelines, as presented. Beginning, middle and The End. (Tha’ tha’ that’s all folks?). In this centripetally spin doctored, Geiger counter gagging, nuclear free zone. (What it would figuratively sound and look like if a 50,000 megaton Hydrogen bomb, air-bursted 2,000 feet over Central Los Angeles, and nobody heard any noise <What?>). A Richard Bandlerised, rogue C.I.A. sponsored, locally produced and directed, low budget judicial and journalistic fallout. A no-big-thing sort of experimental, crowd controlling, psychological (ho hum) warfare event. Projected on the entire community. (Hasn't scratched yet). Swift, silent and deadly as a - 36 hour boudoir belated - police dog whistle. Cleaner than a hound's tooth. Soupier than SERPICO. Stonewall Jackson buried in Grant's tomb. 2 + 2 = 5. JFK shot himself. Hate is love. Here and now is there and then. Reality is something else. The Invisible Crazymaking (What?) War. (Is peace.)

In deference to the incumbent Grand Jury Complaint Forms interrogative:
How would you like to see this matter resolved?

The complainant requests the engagement of investigations, reprimands, formal charges, indictments, summons; where overduly applicable. All hinging on Grand Jury's recognition of this (so far uninstructed, unresponded to ‘non-guideline meeting’) complaint. Charges, trial and judgment under the ever obligatory law(s) have yet to be put forth against the herein cited authorities. In lieu of unapplied resolutions: complainant requests guidance, instructional correction and/or other reasonable response from the Grand Jury: Art Danner III and his duly cited, inescapably compromised - impunity intoxicated (unrestrained, unreprimanded, uncorrected) - accessories are long overdue to be appropriately investigated, reprimanded, corrected, legally charged / indicted. In accordance with proven transgressions, under county, state and federal laws. Based on the presented (denied, ignored, capriciously evaded) documentary evidence: collaboratively *felonious for adequately informed officials to disregard. *Non action (denial / tabling the issue / case closure/ non-response due to the nature of the complaint / Orwellean plagiarized NewSpeak & numerological codes / conjured autonomy above the law) is not an *option.
R.S.V.P. I am very sincerely, respectfully and gratefully yours,
Kent Benjamin Robertson 19 August 2000

The Grand Jury Of Santa Cruz County K.B. Robertson
Box 542 701 Ocean Street 114 Maple St. #2
Santa Cruz,California Santa Cruz, CA.
95061 95060

16 November 2000, Thursday

Dear Grand Jury memberships:
The (attached) 9/7/2000 dated communication from Grand Jury Foreman Dave Brockmann, proclaims , “It is the understanding of this Grand Jury that the matter you refer to was presented to the previous Grand Jury. After consideration, the case was closed. It will not be reopened unless you can furnish evidence of a more recent occurrence, and/or new data not previously brought to the Grand Jury’s attention.”

The first of the two above italicized statements completely disregards the 1st Amendment of the US constitution. That being the right to ‘Redress of grievances’ (and ‘free speech’). The firstly submitted case (CC99 -102) was closed without showing any real cause for closure. Instead, the record was ‘reminded’ that the ‘complaint has to be in the Grand Jury’s jurisdiction.’ Which it - categorically - is.

The record was also advised to confine his complaint to one page - which is not a requirement at all. Finally the record was told that the submitted complaint of and since 7/27/ ‘99 ‘does not meet guidelines’; without being instructed how to meet the so called ‘guidelines’ - which so called ‘guidelines’ are determined by the officials who are being complained against (refer, ‘conflict of interest’). The second italicized statement (above; dated 9/7/2000) proclaiming that, the closed case (formerly CC99-102, now CC00-005) will remain closed until ‘new data’, or a ‘more recent occurrence’ is presented by this complainant.

Whereas, the first complaint submission was closed without tenable reason. Keeping it closed on that unreasonable primary premise does not make the secondary closure more reasonable. On the contrary, two wrongs do not cancel each other out to make a right. Nor are these complaints any kind of algebraic issue. All of the above points are made clear in the attached letter (dated 9/30/2000) to congressman Farr.

Whereas, two articles of the existing complaint (murder, and pedophilia) have no statute of limitations, and, whereas, there is in fact ‘new data’, and a ‘more recent occurrence’ in the re-submitted complaint(s) at issue.

Whereas, the 21 June thru 10 July 2000 SENTINEL coverage of the story regarding former District Attorney Art Danner ‘squirreling away’ $808,000.00 of state and federal moneys (intended to benefit single mothers and their children), died on the SENTINEL conveyed, journalistic vine. The first emergence of said story occurring 21 June, 2000 and the last - of three - articles occurring in mid July, 2000. In these three articles, the public is never informed what became of this ‘squirreled away’ money. Mr. Danner proclaims the issue to be one of a ‘difference of philosophical opinion’, riddling the reader with the question: ‘To what advantage?’. The issue of ‘to whose disadvantage’ is never breached. The stolen funds are spun-out to be ‘secreted’, and the secret is never revealed.

The question of whether or not the missing funds ever reached the persons intended to benefit from them is left unanswered; unpursued. As though the women and children for whom the issued funding was intended - and the SENTINEL reading public (whose tax money is at issue here) - are considerations of no importance. As though Art Danner is not found concealing massive funds, while brazenly lying about and trying to blame it on and otherwise find refuge in the incrimination of the Board Of Supervisors and the County Auditor. Falsely proclaiming that those authorities knew of the issued missing money, while the entire Supervisory Board and the County Auditor deny any such knowledge.

Mr. Danner is self revealed as a criminally consummate liar. A bearer of false testimony; while vainly trying to protect himself at the expense of attacking innocent citizens and fellow officials. Mr. Danner has a long history of such insidious prevarications (including elaborately and repeatedly lying to federal and local officials about this record; as described and documentarily proven in the submitted complaint - CC-00-005; formerly CC99-102); so far, with complete impunity.

Mr. Danner behooves the incumbent establishment representatives to introduce him to his limitations. So far, Mr. Danners endemic abuse of power knows no limitations. He is proven a close associate of a locally active, rogue C.I.A., cocaine trafficking element, that murders, disappears court minutes, omits witnesses and testimony, with impunity. Refer, THE JUDICIAL, JOURNALISTIC & C.I.A. INSPIRED CODE OF SILENCE IN SANTA CRUZ COUNTY (as submitted to the Grand Jurys of 1999-2000, and 2000 -2001): A patently proven, methodologically practicing prevaricator. A tactically terror invoking tyrant. A patently manifest functional Fascist.

Major elements of county and federal government are guilty of complicity, regarding Mr. Danners uncontested attacks on the judicial system - the very constitution of the U.S. - itself; constituting nothing less than public mayhem. Uncorrected. Undeterred. Unchallenged. Passively complied with and/or actively supported. Mr. Danner has endemically and epidemically contaminated the entire county government chain of command; for decades... With conspicuous impunity. He is easily the most feared public official in the county. And he doesnt hold this dubious title without a lot of accessories to the fact. The Grand Jury is duped, mislead, lied to, evaded (and recently, altogether extinctified) on an annually rotated basis, by the same county government elements that have been in place, in many cases, for decades.

Whereas, every story has a beginning, a middle and an ending. This cited SENTINEL-published story is conspicuously ended right in the middle, without resolution. Very much as this complaint and complainant has been disposed of. All of the above is new - irresolutely suspended - information. Constituting a more recent - unresolved - occurrence, involving nearly a million dollars of ‘misapproriated’ money. Whereas, this complaint case (8/19/2000) was never justifiably closed in the first place, said closure is now being used as a 1st Amendment shunning crutch of precedence with which to prop up its continued closure by the incumbent Grand Jury. Making requirements that have already been met. Be reminded: these articles of complaint and their continuing dissolutions are not - despite Mr. Danner’s previously submitted vernacular - ‘philosophical matters of differences of opinion.’

Mr. Brockmann's letter (of 9/7/2000) closes with this offering, Be assured that your identity will be known only to the Grand Jury. We are sworn to secrecy to ensure confidentiality of your identity and any information you may supply us. On the subject of secrecy: it is a fact that information conveyed to the Grand Jury of 99 - 2000 was kept secret from 15 out of 19 memberships for a period of eight out of twelve months. Moreover, the complainant has no interest in any concealment of his complaint or anonymity. On the contrary, the important example of this very recent story and its portentous contingencies belongs under the Grand Jury's eyes and back in the SENTINEL, where it was conspicuously and anomalously discontinued, without resolution.
Whatever the formal outcome of this complaint: its release to the public of Santa Cruz county is imminent.
Requesting for the submitted reasons a reopening of this ilegally closed case, I am very sincerely, gratefully and respectfully yours; awaiting the Grand Jury's withheld response.
- Kent Benjamin Robertson. R.S.V.P.


Grand Jury Of Santa Cruz County Kent B. Robertson
Box 542 114 Maple St. #2
701 Ocean St .Rm. 318 Santa Cruz, CA.
95061 95060

14 May 2001, Monday

Regarding: 20 March 2001, Tuesday Meeting with four person Grand Jury Committee members: Ms. Wong, Ms. Loomis, Ms. Cordova and Mr. Little. 4:PM to 6:PM, 701 Ocean St. (Box 542), Santa Cruz, 95060. Rm. 318’s counseling cubicle.

First, the good news. The four person crime committee (above named) did reassure the record that the 19 individually packaged and addressed mailing to all 19 chairs of the Grand Jury, was in fact received by all 19 memberships (including 5 alternative chairs)
And now the news that is not so good..

"You've inundated us with information." - Ms. Cordova.
"Because I have been inundated (besieged) with (complaint obliging) information." - The record

"We are not advised by the county government (Board Of Supes, County Counsel, D.A.'s Office and/or Superior court), as you say (have stated in writing) we are. We are advised by the state government." - Ms. Cordova, with the other three committee members nodding their heads.
"Congressman Farr advises you in this letter about a firearms restriction, to consult an attorney. Why don't you do that (“Why are you burdening the Grand Jury with this?”, is what this implies.) - Mr. Little.

The record was obliged to explain the obvious to Mr. Little: the report to Congressman Farr of a ‘felony firearms assault’, by this record, was false. The federal firearms prohibition certificate was completely void of any real substance. Based on a totally fictitious, criminally prevaricated and submitted report from the DA's office, to two federal officials (Dr. Yoon and congressman Farr). That, the disabled record makes $700.00 a month and cannot afford to spend money on a lawyer, to prove a negative that is already self-revealed. A matter of police record - *97SC-93336, refer Chief Belcher, Lt. Sepulveda and/or Lt. Skeery - A three day ‘detention’, with ‘No charges, no arrest’. Ms. Wong and the other three committee members received and read the *police document, above described.

Ms. Wong responded to this evidence by saying: “Well. You did go to jail.”
Yes. It’s called ‘detention’, when there’s no charges and no arrest.
Apparently Ms. Wong doesn’t realize how easy it is for anyone to be jailed. You don’t have to do anything wrong at all, and still be jailed. It happens routinely. You can go to jail for doing a provable right, which is exactly what case # 97SC-93336 proves, categorically (‘No charges. No arrest’). A large percentage of people who are sent to jail, don’t belong there. By that, the record means that it is later, and routinely patently proven, that they should never have gone to jail at all. The police and the courts are fully aware of this. Jail is often the place that an innocent person is obliged to be detained, until further investigation proves he doesn’t belong there. It happens all the time.

In accordance with Ms. Wong and Mr. Little’s ‘reasoning’ here, the proven false charges should be taken seriously, anyway. Just as the proven endangerment of the public in the Vets Memorial Bldg. should be ignored, because a covey of county employed government officials (The Board Of Supervisors, Parks & Recs Director, Barry Samuel, Human Resources Agency Administrator, Cecilia Espinola) are coordinately denying and lying about it, after the 1/22/’97 Vets Memorial Building Board Of Trustees agree, 11 to 1, that there is in fact a security problem in the Vets Memorial Building. In the views of Mr. Little and Ms. Wong on these notes, the proven facts should be over-ruled by proven fictions...

This stonewalling technique combined with methodological denial and prevarication, revealed throughout the submitted complaint (CC00-005) documentary as Santa Cruz County government policy,, should be honored, and extended furthermore. Illusory mental images and lies should preclude documentary proven factuality.

The record forgot to remind Mr. (‘Why don’t you hire a lawyer?’) Little, that local attorney, Derek B. Albertsen agreed to take the case - to recover the weapon Mr. Danner stole from the record; then a short time later, attorney D.B. Albertsen, in abject, exemplary fear of Art Danner III (Self designated Emperor Of Santa Cruz County) balked his retainer and advised the record to find another attorney. The Grand Jury was sent a plethora of documents, including a copy of D.B. Albertsen's letter to this effect.

Mr. Little also asked if the record had submitted his complaint about Mr. Danner's many transgressions, to the CITIZEN-POLICE REVIEW BOARD at 915 Cedar Street. The entire four person committee advised the complainant - this record - to do this. At the time the record considered it a viable idea.

Since then (3/20/ 2001), the record has learned that the Citizen's Police Review Board is about litigation between the police department and citizen's who have, or believe they have grievances with the police department, and/or individual or collective police officers. This is not the kind of difficulty that the complaints (dated 19 August, 2000 - CC00-005) are about.

This complainant is happy to be able to say he has no complaints about the SCPD, whatsoever. Whereas, the subjected Grand Jury committee's suggestion amounts to an attempt to divert this complainant from the cogent jurisdiction of the Grand Jury - the four person assigned committee of which, would send him to seek assistance from the non contingent Citizens Police Review Board. (Word from reliable sources is that there is a strong, City Of Santa Cruz contingent; political movement, to extinctify the Citizen's Police Review Board, altogether. Reminiscent of Mr. Danner's literal extinctification of the Grand Jury, for the last four months of its '96 - '97 tenure.)

Mr. Little also reiterated the denial of the 18 month belated Human Resources Agency's response by representative Cecilia Espinola ('There has not been a security problem on the second floor of the Vets Memorial Bldg. since the <- proven impotently arrogant -> Board Of Trustees was tokenistically *installed.’ <*Late '95 - a county - not state - government creation; 'what was done about' the endemic problems plaguing the county government entrusted Vets Memorial Building for decades. Refer, state senate bill 544, finding the County Board Of Supervisors responsible for county jurisdiction activities - categorically including public security and any public endangerment - in the County government administered Vets Memorial Bldg.>), and Parks and Recreation Director, Barry - Temerity - Samuel's audio taped suggestion of 'the public acting as security for itself', in the staff-abandoned building from noon to 1:PM every weekday.

Moreover, consider this documented history: County Vets Service Officer, Cy Wannarka's 'explanation' to County Human Resources Administrator, Cecelia Espinola, who wrote the following - verbatim - quoted letter to Mardi Wormhoudt of the County Board Of Supervisors, dated 19 October, ‘98:

“Dear Supervisor Wormhoudt:
This letter is in response to Mr. Schiffrin’s letter of August 25, ‘98 concerning the complaint of Mr. Ben Robertson about the County Vets Service Officer (Cy Wannarka and the entire Vets Memorial Bldg. Trustee Board). I understand from Cy Wannarka, that he did discuss the matter with Mr. Schiffrin (Supervisor Wormhoudt’s aide) by telephone and the matter appeared to have resolved itself, so no further action was taken.

“It appears that Mr. Robertson removed his file from the (county) Vets Service Office on April 8 ‘97, after signing the following statement: ‘I no longer want the Santa Cruz County Vets Services Officer to represent me for my VA claim. I am taking my file this date.’

A copy of the statement is on file with the office. Except for occasional after hours voice mail messages from Mr. Robertson, he has had no contact with the Vets Service Office. Because of the nature of the calls and the fact that Mr. Robertson does not specifically request assistance, the Vets Service Officer has not responded to the calls.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance in responding to Mr. Robertson.

Sincerely, Cecelia Espinola, Human Resources Agency Administrator (10/19/ ‘98)”

From the above quoted letter we may understand that Mr. Wannarka persuaded his superior, Ms. Espinola, that because the record withdrew its federal claim from Wannarka’s County Vets Service Office, his ( Mr. Robertson’s) Board Of Trustee’s meeting - 1/22/ ‘97 - *confirmed complaints of *public endangerment are no longer binding: as though Mr. Robertson no longer has citizen complaint rights, ‘because’ he isn’t letting county employee, Mr. Wannarka misrepresent and sabotage his federal VA claim anymore... This submitted ‘reasoning’, is transparently unreasonable.

(Mr. Robertson withdrew his claim from Mr. Wannarka’s office: ergo, Mr. Robertson’s 1/22/ ‘97 proven complaint about public endangerment by the incumbent Vets Memorial Building Board of Trustees and the entire chain of County Government command above them, is no longer valid?

What has Mr. Robertson’s withdrawal of his federal claim from Mr. Wannarka’s county government clutches, got to do with the issued complaint on public endangerment in a county administered facility? The only point made here by Mr. Wannarka is one of irrelevant diversion from the issue, passed on to Ms. Espinola, who echoed Mr. Wannarka’s buffoonery as ‘authority’: as though, if enough authorities endorse the diversion, it must be germane to - and ‘self resolve’ - the patently unresolved <Trustee Board acknowledged - then tabled> *issue <*Including *negligent entrustment of the publicly endangering Trustee Board, *by the Board Of Supervisors, under state senate Bill 544>. Mr. Robertson fired Mr. Wannarka <on 6 March 2000, not 8 April as falsely stated above> from working his federal claim, therefore Mr. Robertson’s complaint about public endangerment in the Vets Memorial Building is no longer binding? This is not funny. It is dereliction of duty, misrepresentation of office, and boldly rude abuse of power.)

Mr. Wannarka also persuaded Ms. Espinola that, because Mr. Robertson communicated with him only via his “occasional after-hours voice mail”, and “due to the nature of these calls and the fact that Mr. Robertson does not specifically request assistance, the Vets Service Officer has not responded to these calls”. This is what Vets Service Officer Wannarka persuaded HRA Administrator Cecelia Espinola to extend as ‘explanation’, to Supervisor Wormhoudt, about ‘why’ Mr. Robertson’s proven - unresolved - complaint was ignored; functionally gagged, for a year and a half, between 1/ ‘97 and 9/‘98, when Supervisor Wormhoudt finally obliged the former elements to respond to the otherwise completely ignored, stonewalled, re-denied public security problem...

Mr. Robertson left voice depositions regarding the unresponded to, acknowledged and then tabled security problem, on Mr. Wannarka’s answering devise, weekly. For over a year and a half. Ms. Espinola’s letter proves that Mr. Wannarka (along with Trustee Board member and Building Manger, Andy Botsford), lied to Ms. Espinola (and Mr. Barry Samuel), enormously - telling her that the record contacted him only ‘occasionally’. These (at least weekly, over an eighteen month period) voice depositions were made ‘after hours’, so as not to intercede on Mr. Wannarka’s time, during working hours.

Mr. Wannarka’s communication to and about this record, via Administrator Espinola, calls weekly voice depositions for a year and a half, ‘occasional’, and ‘explains’ that Mr. Wannarka ‘did not respond’, because Mr. Robertson “made no other contact” with Mr. Wannarka, and “due to the nature of these calls” (a firstly and abundantly denied, then very reluctantly acknowledged, then tabled issue of unresolved public endangerment).

Mr. Wannarka’s statement to Ms. Espinola, that “Mr. Robertson does not specifically request assistance” is a complete - characteristically bold - prevarication. The record relentlessly inquired of Mr. Wannarka (Weekly, on his ‘after hours’ voice mail), what improvements, if any, had been made, to correct the (1/22/ ‘97 Vets Memorial Bldg. Trustee Board meeting) acknowledged security problem (issue) in the building. The public endangerment issue was acknowledged by eleven out of twelve chairs on the Trustee Board. Then it was tabled. The Board refused to talk to Mr. Robertson on the issue anymore; whereupon, Mr. Robertson peacefully dismissed himself from the meeting.
Whereupon, Trustee Board Chairman McCormick resigned that same evening, after Mr. Robertson’s departure. Mr. Wannarka corroborately refused to respond to - stonewalled - Mr. Robertson’s ‘occasional’ voice mail depositions, from that point onward, for 18 months.

Mr. Wannarka has also apparently persuaded Ms. Espinola that after hours voice depositions are not viable. (What is an after hours answering machine doing in an office with officers that disregard the import of after hours voice depositions?)

Furthermore, the only reason Supervisor Wormhoudt finally responded to Mr. Robertson’s weekly hand delivered, written depositions to the Board Of Supes, C/0 Ms. Wormhoudt, was, in Supervisor Wormhoudt’s own (Schiffrin-conveyed, 25 August, ‘98 dated, County Supervisor’s letter headed) words, due to voice depositions left - by this year and a half stonewalled record - on Supervisor Wormhoudt’s after hours answering devise.

Mr. Schiffrin opens his letter to this record: “I’m sorry I missed your telephone call (voice deposition) on 24 August, ’98... We had not realized that you were requesting a direct response in your previous (written and hand delivered, weekly) correspondence and thought that you were simply keeping us informed.”

Mr. Schiffrin closes this letter on behalf of Ms. Wormhoudt, saying, “Thank you for your patience”. Whereupon, Supervisor Wormhoudt then persuaded Mr. Samuel of the County Parks and Recs Dept, and Ms. Espinola, of the County Human Resources Agency, to respond to Mr. Robertson’s previously unresponded to - weekly deposited - written complaints to The Board Of Supervisors, and the unresponded to weekly voice depositions left on Mr. Wannarka’s after hours answering devise.

Whereas, the record wrote to Supervisor Wormhoudt personally, as well as the other four county supervisory chairs - making hand delivered depositions for over a year and a half, on a weekly basis, petitioning specific actions be taken by Mardi Wormhoudt and the entire Supervisory Board (obliged by state senate bill 544 to take responsibility for county government activities in the Vets Memorial Building), relative to the unresponding Mr. Wannarka and the unresolved 1/22/ ‘97 acknowledged and then tabled - security problem.

The record specifically and repeatedly requested that the bereft security be corrected, and that the correction(s) be made known to the complaining record. Also leaving (‘occasional’) voice mail messages on Mr. Wannarka’s answering devise, on a weekly basis, also for over a year and a half, before receiving any response whatsoever, then, that response being the above letter from Cecilia Espinola, who says that Supervisor Wormhoudt’s assistant, Mr. Schiffrin, has been told by Cy Wannarka, that ‘the (public endangerment, building security problem) matter “appeared to have resolved itself, so no further action was taken.”

Whereas, Building Manager and Trustee Board member, Andy Botsford (‘the little lady on the couch who has security covered in the Vets Memorial Bldg.’), who proclaimed to this inquiring record on 3 February, ‘97 (two weeks after the meeting that established that there was a security problem in the building and then tabled the issue - stonewalled Mr. Robertson), that she was ‘not allowed to discuss security matters’ with this inquiring citizen.

Bldg. Mgr. Botsford refused to give this inquiring citizen her name, then sheepishly did so, saying she was ‘only kidding’; promised to discuss the unresolved security problem with federal counselor C.L. Burgor; then broke that promise, saying to Mr. K.B. Robertson - ‘the record’ - when it came time to reassure Ms. Burgor that she would no longer be endangered with the rest of the building-accessing public between noon and one PM: ‘If you want to talk about security in this building, *put it in writing’.

(*A person always has to be careful what they ask for, continued).
A year and a half later, Ms. Andy Botsford wrote Parks and Recs Director Barry Samuel, that ‘security in the Vets Memorial Building is more than adequate’, and that the staff is trained in ‘verbal judo’: in the 1/22/ ‘97 dated wake of agreeing, along with eleven out of twelve other Board members, that ‘there is a security problem in the V.M.B.’, then methodologically cutting Mr. Robertson off from all inquiries and communications, following the tabling of the unresolved public endangerment.

Ms. Botsford is on audio tape singing out loud, several bars of the BEATLES lyric: ‘Mother Superior jumped the gun!’ - then winked at federal counselor C.L. Burgor - while ascending to the second floor on the Vets Memorial Building’s elevator, with federal counselor Burgor and this record, 2/3/ ‘97: two weeks after the Trustee Board meeting membership, including Botsford, tabled the (very reluctantly acknowledged, at first abundantly denied public endangerment) security issue of 1/22/ ‘97. Stonewalling Mr. K.B. Robertson, and grossly lying to their superiors, thenceforth, as proven in the ongoing documentary, extracted from - among other sources - county government letterheads.

Ms. Botsford’s 8 September, ‘98 *dated communication to (*letter from) Parks & Recs Director, Barry Samuel (*to Supervisor Mardi Wormhoudt), does not explain how the ‘verbal judo’ practicing staff - or an inanimate ‘video tape camera that scans the hallways’ (so that a violent crime may be belatedly witnessed: after the fact) - is going to protect the public from any kind of danger in the (any given) here and now, or, how a ‘panic button’ that they are thinking about installing, that would ‘sound an alarm in the manager’s office’: when the staff, under Botsford’s and Wannarka’s management, literally makes an OUT TO LUNCH policy of not being in a publicly accessed building, between noon and one PM. Post Script: Ms. - ‘Wonderful job doing’ - ‘more than adequately security covering’ Botsford, was recently promoted by local government elements, to staff the Civic Center on Church Street.

20 March 2001, Grand Jury Committee meeting with Mr. K.B. Robertson, continued:
Mr. Little also repeated the threadbare, empty defense of 'autonomy', regarding the county Vet Service Office or the Trustee Board making no arrangements for federal counselor Burgor's parking accommodations - a security issue having nothing to do with whether Ms. Burgor does or does not complain about it ('Maybe she likes to run back and forth and feed the meter'. - Barry Samuel, on audio tape, April, '97).

The county employees persuaded Ms. Burgor to make decisions in their favor, advocating their public endangerment in the Vets Memorial Building. Ms. Burgor was burdened by the Vets Memorial Building Board Of Trustees - functionally put in charge of building security - to join them in advocating public endangerment and the endangerment of herself. Denying it all, after an 11-1 vote had acknowledged it. The County Vets Memorial Building Trustee Board recruited a 13th chair out of federal ranks. All ‘in the dark’, behind this record’s back, under the bizarre auspices of blaming their endangerment on Mr. Robertson and persuading Burgor and her boss, Dr. Katherine Yoon, to medically hold and lock down Mr. Robertson, on the ‘aversion of danger’ clause activated premise that K.B. Robertson was guilty of what the county government officials herein cited, are guilty of.

The documentary fact of the agreement by 11 of 12 Vets Memorial Bldg. Trustee Board members, at a formal meeting - 1/22/ '97: that 'there is in fact a security problem in the Vets Memorial Building', and the atrocious history of this problem, was completely forgotten, put aside, and/or otherwise waffled, omitted and/or stonewalled, as though it wasn't the history that it ineradicably is.

There was also, very notably, a general agreement in this four chaired Grand Jury committee that the 19 August, 2000 dated (eight page documentary) list of grievances (CC00-005) contained 'too many complaints'; that the complainant 'couldn't realistically expect action to be taken against Mr. Danner' (for example), about anything. Let alone, everything he is clearly proven to be held to account - if not indictable - for.

The record was informed by the committee that this expectation 'isn't politically realistic'... In those words. There it is: the surrender. The green light on the usurpation - as bully boy policy - of the foundations of democracy in an exemplary, relatively small California city; Santa Cruz. The Final Nod.

'You have inundated the Grand Jury with information'. A member of the committee dared say this, out loud, to this complainant (Playing hard ball politics in a pediatric ward. SAVE THE CHILDREN. Deny every imposition on them and their mothers - every element of the public that uses Vets Memorial Building facilities. Steal hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax payer’s money from them. Let Mr. Danner take the 'philosophically opinionated, non advantageous' responsibility - “There are no secrets here" - Danner, verbatim. SENTINEL, 7/2000 , and, "Be assured that the Grand Jury is sworn to (and swarmed by) secrecy" - Paraphrased, the gagged, Grand Jury.

We have a complaint about the complainant here, he has documented too many far too solemn and soberingly grievous - wide, deep and long running Judicial, Journalistic and rogue CIA murders, grand larcenies, dereliction's of duty, public endangerment's, betrayals of oaths of office, codes of silence, and massive, locally active cocaine traffickers.

The Grand Jury puts up the white flag when it is overwhelmed - ‘inundated’ - with such complaints. (the crime rate would plunge to zero, if the public would quit whining?) The complainant and not the quality of the complaints, becomes the perceived problem.

(Refer, the American cultural imposition of BLAMING THE VICTIM; particularly in matters of physical assault and of rape, for example. The fastest growing violent crimes in the nation. Be it the assault and/or rape of an individual, community, nation, or constitutionally sacked former democracy. Defending and upholding the law has become functionally ‘unrealistic’: in your face...).

The Grand Jury is that easily overwhelmed, manipulated, deceived, lied to and about, diverted and double talked. Apparently, they like to run back and forth and feed Mr. Danner's ever expiring - '2CRW' tattooed, red Mercedes branded - parking meters.

The Grand Jury is, by definition, the highest authority in the county, taking second place to Art Danner's criminally notorious, tyrannical domination of the county government chain of command. If the Grand Jury is obliged to indict Mr. Danner and/or the Res. 114-95 creating Board Of Supervisors, for example, it is time for the Grand Jury to go into internal gridlock behind closed doors about whether or not to take any 'realistically political' (legally and morally obligatory) action against Mr. Danner and/or the Board Of Supervisors.

Then, it is time for the (‘96 - ‘97) Grand Jury to make a series of voluntary resignations and go extinct for the last four months of its twelve month scheduled - state law required - tenure.. Just say 'no problem', or, 'What problem?'' Why not extinctify the police and the law? Let the endangered public secure itself? Accompanied by a gag order, preventing this atrocity from being revealed to the endangered, betrayed public...

(Mr. Danner's unbeatable system: where crime pays high, undeterred dividends. In the wake of his success with stealing $30,000.00, and getting caught counterfeiting time cards to cover it up, And thereafter extinctifying the Grand Jury of '96 - '97: Mr. Danner, thus supported and encouraged; never having learned his limitations, since being accessory to the fact in first degree murder under heinously sinister circumstances, has since, with notably familiar impunity, stolen $808,000,00 - June to July, 2000, Santa Cruz Sentinel: reported by District Attorney Ron Ruiz and confirmed by the County Auditor and the five chaired Board Of Supervisors.)

Mr. Danner has learned - without restraint - and has been meticulously taught, that, if it works, why fix it? The 'squirreled away' (stolen, secreted) $808,000,oo is 'a philosophical difference of opinion'. 'To what advantage?' Mr. Danner has cleverly riddled, while on the - 7/2000 METRO published *DeCinzo cartoon reflected, griddle <*'a known sleaze bag'>)

The one issue that the above named four person Grand Jury committee agreed on with this record, is that the county government element contains many individuals who have been coordinated for years, and in many cases for decades, to deceive, manipulate, lie to, stonewall - and, if necessary: extinctify - the annually rotated Grand Jury members; who are at a tremendous handicap for being on unknown, unfamiliar, politically corrupt and unexpectedly contaminated ground.

Just about the time that each annually rotated - nineteen member chaired - Grand Jury starts realizing what their duties are and how to do them, and the fact that they are routinely and criminally snookered by the cited, exemplary county government elements: then it is time for that semi-seasoned Grand Jury to retire, and an unseasoned Grand Jury membership to take its place.

All the while, each deceived, lied to and betrayed Grand Jury is prevented - 'under strict oaths of guaranteed confidentiality' - from revealing their experiences to anyone outside the Grand Jury.

A very well regulated, guaranteed undeterred Fascist militia is thereby protected, encouraged and perpetuated. Guaranteed non accountability. Refer: THE JUDICIAL, JOURNALISTIC & CIA INSPIRED 'Code Of Silence' In Santa Cruz County '. Very like the evidence in the assassination of JFK, being withheld from the public, in the name of 'national security', and/or the forensic evidence in the '86 - '88 Bandler-Marino murder case, being burned in July of '90 - 'To what advantage?'
Nearly 100 legally innocent people - including 32 children, tortured on network TV for 51 days and finally burned to death in Waco, Texas: 'committed suicide' ('JFK shot himself'. “Karen Silkwood had a fatal car accident.”).

Welcome to Santa Cruz County - Lucky Star thanking, ‘Nuclear Free Zoned’ - government: an exemplary leadership cartel that knows how to follow a nationally trendy political lead... Giving U the GOVERNMENT vs THE PEOPLE business is business, since JFK shot himself, 22 November, 1963, in Dealy Plaza, Dallas Texas.

It seems that the executive 'guardians of justice, law and order' in Santa Cruz County, enormously profit from producing and directing re-runs of variations on the same criminally dominant themes; casting 19 different actors on the Grand Jury, annually. With legally imposed gag orders on each member, and each collective Grand Jury, annually. And those are mighty Hollywood Entertainment industry proven, damned good, unbeatably systematic odds (Stonewall Jackson, laughing his rebel caboose off, in Grant's tomb).

If the ongoing Santa Cruz County government cartel has enjoyed the films they've been scripting, directing, casting and producing together over the passing years and decades: those same conspiratorially bonded, unbeatably collaborating elements are going to be collusively nuts, about the book they've collectively co-authored... ('There's got to be a - pathetically overdue, ignored, stonewalled, endemically denied - morning after').

The below was sent, with additional formal complaint(s) to the Grand Jury, 3 / 26 / 2001.
Excerpt from 700 + page deposition made to the Veterans Administration Board Of Appeals in Oakland, 7/26/97 and the Santa Cruz County Grand Jury, 7/27/ 97. This excerpt is now deposited with the Grand Jury of 2000 - 2001, dated 26 March, 2001. Complainant K.B. Robertson does not know if the statute of limitations is expired on this as yet, or not. Apparently it has never been made an issue of contention. If it has, it’s been ignored or obliterated. If this be the case, jury tampering - via the omission of germane complaints - is a possibility. In any case, the fact that it has not become a Grand Jury or public issue draws suspicion on itself.

Having Exhausted All Allegedly Open Avenues Of Recourse, continued:
The functionally invaded and simultaneously abandoned record, being required since, by the falsely proclaimed 'governmental autonomy' of the Vets Memorial Bldg. Board Of Trustees (1/22 / '97), to typographically circumscript the administrative chain of command. Via compoundly interacting municipal, county, state and federal employees; culminating in this resulting citizen's complaint to the newly installed (formerly extinctified, in absentia, state law forsaken) county Grand Jury:

Mr. Arthur Danner III, having also compoundly deprived Mr. Robertson of that (safety net) recourse, regarding all of this (via the *Grand Jury), in *its only recently corrected, illegal, state law defying, early 1997 vintaged absence.

That is to say, the record would have submitted a formal complaint to the Grand Jury, earlier, but there was no sitting Grand Jury in Santa Cruz county to submit to - for four months, between mid-'96 and mid-'97. Allow 'the record' to 'explain' that.
"For the first time in county history, Santa Cruz county does not have a Grand Jury, which began having serious internal troubles a year ago, and is now altogether disbanded. Other state counties have had their internal difficulties and bumps in the road, but Santa Cruz is the first county in California, wherein, all of the wheels seem to have fallen off. The serious trouble culminating in the present and unprecedented disbandment, began about a year ago," (Paraphrased) - Santa Cruz SENTINEL, May Wong, 6 April, '97
(You picked a fine, excellent time to leave me, loose wheels?)

Note, that the subjected Grand Jury had been extinct for months, before the SENTINEL did an article on it, three months before its reconstruction and installation... Note, that no mention is made of Art Danner (who isn't supposed to have anything, to do with it...); who, with the county Board Of Supervisors is the most apparent cause of the Grand Jury membership’s unprecedented gridlock and ensuing series of resignations. Neither again, in terms of responsibility, is *state senator McPherson subjected.

*State law requires a sitting Grand Jury installation (19 chairs, including 5 alternates) in every county in California, but leaves no instruction or restrictions on how the Grand Jury is selected, or, by whom. The newly reinstated Grand Jury was installed on 26 June, '98; drawn in Judge Yont's (local) courtroom. It was activated on 3 July, '98.

Reliable sources reveal that the dysfunctionalised Grand Jury and/or the Board Of Supervisors received many formal complaints from the local citizenry about Mr. Art Danner's theft of $30,000.00; in connection with his firing of former Asst. D.A., Catherine Gardner, 3/'94.

The Grand Jury, having confidentiality requirements as to what transposed behind closed doors - apparently gone into what proved to be fatally suicidal political gridlock, trying to determine whether or not any penalty should be imposed against Mr. Danner. For his misappropriation of county tax money and correspondingly deliberate alteration of time cards to cover up the (since extra judicially euphemised/ Board Of Supervisors 'ratified', $30,000.oo) theft (Res. 114 - '95), and, for the attempted cover-up of all of the above, by Mr. Danner and the county Board Of Supervisors. All of this formerly covered up information emerging at a Civil Service hearing, in former (fired) Asst. D.A., Catherine Gardner's suit against Mr. Danner... (The suit was dropped, when Mr. Danner capitulated, out of court, as usual, whenever he rips off more than he can conceal...)

The preceding, 12/6/'94 Board Of Supervisors 'ratification' of the $30,000.00 'misappropriation' - voting 4-1, not to take action against Mr. Danner (Mardi Wormhoudt being the only dissenting supervisorial vote. Refer: San Jose Mercury News, 10/17/ ‘94 & Santa Cruz SENTINEL, 12/7-8/ '94). Former supervisor Fred Keely was putting Mr. Danner's feet to the fire on this issue, whereupon his efforts were interrupted when he took an extemporaneously appointed seat in the state assembly. Keely was replaced by Wormhoudt, who abstained from the ensuing (extra-judicial) ratification ( Res. 114-'95. Illegally proclaiming Mr. Danner's $30,000 dollar theft with a failed, attempted coverup in the emergence of counterfeited time cards, to be 'legal'. The 'ratifying' Board Of Supervisors thereby making themselves accessories to the fact of Mr. Danner's theft and his failed effort to cover it up...)

Making four out of five supervisors, accessories to Mr. Danner's apparent grand larceny qualified, time card counterfeiting fact. No charges resulted, but rather, the Grand Jury of 6/ '96 through 6 / '97 was instead gridlocked into extinctification by its advisory elements - the county DA's office and the county Board Of Supervisors.

Ergo: Mr. Danner's ersatz authority is found more important than justice or the Grand Jury.
State law requires a sitting Grand Jury in place at all times. There was no published or any other response known to this record from any state authority(ies) - neither the Attorney General nor 15th District State Senator McPherson. No pursuit of the illegally suspended issue ensued, then, or since...

The record was advised by the *committee of 3/20/2001, that it is not negatively influenced by county authorities, and that it draws its advise from state authorities. This undoubtedly well intended statement does not corroborate with the proven extinctification of the county Grand Jury of '96 - '97. Nullification of said jury being effected by county authorities as described; without being gainsaid by state authorities - the Atty. General and/or state senator *McPherson of this district (*directly affiliated with the local SENTINEL newspaper).

The record very sincerely and respectfully thanks all 19 chairs of the Grand Jury for its attention to this case, which the record asks that this appendage be permanently included in the Grand Jury files.

Attention please: *Ms. Loomis, Ms. Wong. Ms. Cordova and Mr. Little:
In my submittal of documentary information on paper, 3/20/20001 Tuesday, were included two documents I have not since been able to locate other copies of. These two documents I wish to remain on permanent file with this case (CC00-005). On the other hand, will you please make copies of same and send them to me. The ones in your possession seem to be the only copies I had.

The subjected documents are the letter from Attorney Derek B. Albertson to Commander Richard Anderson, and the letter from the Navy/Defense Dept. dated September, ‘85, proclaiming that do not affirm that my unit and myself was in the Bay Of Pigs, Cuba, May of ‘61, then going on to say that I do rate the National Defense Medal, but not the Expeditionary Medal (which, a month later, October, ‘85, they confirm I did earn, via L.E. Panetta). Thirdly, will you please forward a copy of the letter from congressman Farr, proclaiming that he has been informed that 'a local court has issued a federal firearms prohibition certificate against you'. The fact being, that this letter documents the fact that federal official, congressman Farr, was enormously 'misinformed' (boldly lied to) about what is in fact, by documentation in and of the Santa Cruz Police Department, to be a 'no charges, no arrest' case ( '97SC - 93336).

It is criminal to deliberately submit a false report to a federal official. Danner did it twice on the same 'felony firearms assault' lie - once to Dr. Katherine Yoon (6/26/ '97 - a matter of federal record), and once to congressman Sam Farr, shortly thereafter appearing in a statement on Sam Farr's letterhead ('a local court has issued a firearms prohibition certificate against you'. Farr's information on what is in fact a 'no charges, no arrest' case).

Post Script: With regard to my submitted complaint about public endangerment by The Vets Memorial Bldg. Board Of Trustees, and negligent entrustment by the Board of Supervisors (refer, State Senate Bill 544, as submitted in documentary deposition to the Grand Jury); which was ignored for 18 months before being impotently redenied:
Three weeks *after the Board Of Trustees Meeting of 1/22/ '97 (‘There is no security problem in this building. If you want security here you can pray for it.’ - James Wainscoat, board member, at that meeting, to this complainant): the record telephoned and then briefly met with and talked to Bldg. Manager - Trustee Board member - Andy Botsford in the Vets Hall vestibule; asked her if counselor Burgor was still being left alone in the publicly accessed building between noon and 1:PM, and if any action had been taken to improve the very reluctantly acknowledged - then tabled - security problem (issue) in the Vets Memorial Bldg.

Botsford responded. “I don’t know if I’m gonna leave Ms. Burgor alone in this building from noon to1:PM or not.” Adding that she was not allowed to discuss that with this complainant. The record asked her if she knew what the fastest growing violent crime is in the United States. Botsford responded: 'I haven't been reading any criminology books, lately.'

The record stoically reminded the cynically responding Bldg. Mgr. that it is part of her responsibility and that of the entire Trustee Board to know that the fastest growing violent crime in the U.S. is the physical abuse - including rape - of women by men. The record asked Botsford for her name and/or her card. She replied:
"I don't think Im gonna tell you my name."

When the record reminded Botsford that he would learn her name and hold her accountable for her flippancy about solemn issues of public endangerment, Botsford then proclaimed,
"I was only kidding", and gave the inquiring record her card.

The record submits that Botsford's response to the record is a representative extension of the entire 18 month incommunicado Trustee Board. Parks & Recreation Director Barry Samuel offered:
'Maybe Ms. Burgor likes to run back and forth and feed the parking meter'.
(Maybe she likes to gamble with being mugged, abducted or worse.)

This is not an issue of personal 'autonomy', as evasively and repeatedly claimed by all responsible parties. It is a matter of public endangerment.

On behalf of the public of Santa Cruz County, the record petitions a tenable assurance from assigned authorities of public security in the V.M.B. Such responsible assurance has yet to be submitted. Only more evasive, threadbare - already proven false - denials.

I am very sincerely, respectfully and gratefully yours, K.B. Robertson 5/14/2001 Monday
(Regarding the Grand JuryCcommittee meeting of 3/20/2000)


The Real History