The Aristocrat Drug Traffickers
by Golem

The New Resistance

Real History

There is an invisible power which secretly rules.
Drug Trafficking
This is not a conspiracy;
this is just the way it is.
This is business as usual.

Many wealthy families in the United States made their money trafficking in drugs. Yale's "secretive Order of the Skull and Bones" was involved in the Opium trade and founding family were the Russells. Samuel Russell established "Russell and Company" in 1823 and acquired opium in Turkey, smuggled it into China and in 1830 established the Perkins Opium syndicate of Boston and Connecticut. Warren Delano Jr, grandfather of Franklin Roosevelt was involved as were Coolidge, Perkins, Sturgis, Forbes and other well known families.

The Order became prominent in the US and membership in the Order included wealthy American families: Whitney, Taft, Bundy, Harriman, Weyerhauser, Pinchot, Rockefeller, Goodyear, Lord, Whitney, Sloane, Simpon, Phelps, Pillsbury, Perkins, Kellogg, Vanderbilt, Bush, and Lovett and the Order has had a very close association with the U.S. Intelligence Community. The Bush family was a member and George Bush was the Director of the CIA before he became President. And, that same relationship exists with his son, the current president Bush.

The Bayer Company also was a big player in opium and "Heroin" was a trade name of the Bayer Company [1898].

U.S. Intelligence can be traced back to Yale where the "Culper Ring" was established secretly by George Washington to gather intelligence on the British during the U.S. War of Independence.

Yale also established schools and hospitals in China and Mao Zedong was on staff in 1903. US intelligence used this connection in China. The League of Nations banned Heroin and Cocaine in the 20s and use increased but during the war years "addiction" was practically eradicated.

Then things started to heat up in Indochina. The French controlled Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand and after the French defeat at Dien Bien Phu the U.S. moved in. The French when there financed their covert intelligence with you guessed it, opium. Maurice Belleux, who was the head of the French CIA, called the SDECE confirmed this. He stated that French paratroopers would collect raw opium and move it by French military aircraft to Saigon where it was distributed by the Sino-Vietnamese Mafia. The Corsican crime syndicate also shipped opium to Marseilles and refined it into Heroin from where it was distributed to Europe and the U.S, to-wit: "The French Connection." Not the first nor the last time the mafia and underworld has been in bed with the French government - as it has with the U.S. government.

The secret wars in the region of Cambodia, Laos and Thailand continued after the Vietnam War into the 80s. It was "off the books" and the CIAs secret hot war using American soldiers, the air force and local tribesmen. Winning militarily was never a U.S. objective, but the securing of the area's opium trade and production was. What followed was an increase in heroin addiction in the U.S. and Western Europe, not least of which were the heroin addicts among U.S. troops who served in Vietnam. It is estimated also that one third of all our combat troops were hooked on "China White," all of which is to the discredit of the CIA.

In Laos, General Vang Pao, leader of the Meo tribesman fought the CIA's secret war. He would collect raw opium in Northern Laos and transport it via CIA's "Air America" to a U.S. complex at Long Thien - known as "Spook Heaven" and "Alternate 20," where it was processed into white heroin. Vang Pao had his own airline courtesy of the CIA known as "Air Opium," which transported the heroin to Saigon [Ton Sohn Nut Air Base]. There part of the opium was sold to hooked US servicemen and the Corsican syndicate shipped the bulk to Marseilles and then to Cuba and Mafia boss Santos Trafficante and from there on to the United States. Some heroin were sealed in body bags of returning dead American soldiers.

After the invasion of Cambodia, a U.S. backed operation in 1970, another pipeline was established. The Vietnamese navy operated the pipeline along bases at Phnom Penh and the Mekong River. Up until U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam, General Quang of South Vietnam, who was considered the biggest player in this operation, fled and was relocated in Montreal, Canada by way of Fort Chaffee in Arkansas courtesy of the CIA.

And, in 1973, President Nixon declared the "war on drugs." Nixon closed the Turkish connection which had the effect of increasing demand from the Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia [and especially Burma].

In Burma the opium production business was controlled by the CIA backed warlord there, which by 1992, was 300,000 tons.

The so-called "war on drugs" is a charade of the U.S. government and it is about money and influence.



The Real History