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There is an invisible power which secretly rules.

Why does everybody hate America?

Images of U.S. soldiers tying up frightened little girls in rooms enraged world opinion.

Well, first of all, they don't hate all of America or all Americans, they just hate the very worst kinds of Americans, ones like Bush who are sociopathic little yuppie creeps who have no regard for life, except their own.

Every night all the other news organization throughout the world show the horrors of US occupation of Iraq - The images of the kids with their arms or legs blown apart or killed by a US raid. Every night the people of the world are angered at these real images on the their TVs of real kids whose lives are mangled and destroyed.

U.S. soldiers frisk children violating the deepest traditions and religions of the people

But we can't see these images here in the United States because our leaders and media think that by showing us the REALITY of our actions that we would not support the looting rampage that Bush and his buddies are subjecting the world to. This is why the world hates us. You see, in the modern world only scum hides from the truth. And Bush and the scum in the media who is colluding with Bush know that their most important objective is to assure that he truth doesn't get shown to the American people. But for the rest of the people of the world - As soon as the images of all the dead and mangled kids starts circulating around the world - the war has already been lost, by both sides.

Now, there is no good will throughout the world for America - The whole world knows the truth about Bush and his gang. Bush and his dad and all their buddies in the defense establishment are making a fortune - they are cashing in BIG TIME. And US soldiers are paying the price. And innocent women and children are being slaughtered.

Who thinks for a minute that these rampant war profiteers in Washington care one bit about the suffering of these children in Iraq whose arms and legs are being blown from their bodies? Who actually believes that these old geezers in Washington have even the capability to understand the human tragedy they are inflicting on others when the specter of rampant war profiteering looms in every crevice of their cold clammy bodies and screams out "I AM A WALKING TALKING CONFLICT OF INTRESTS."

That's another reason why the people of the world hate us. Because they know that the Bushes are merely war profiteers and looters, oh and more thing - Genocidal Murderers.

These Bush types are totally engorged in their orgy of commerce and militarism. Cheny, Haliburton, Carlyle and all the rest - it's disgusting, and it's right in EVERYBODIES FACE. Everyone see it. Everyone understands what a CONFLICT OF INTEREST is. But we are being lied to and brainwashed into thinking that we really don't mind all this RAPE that is going on in our name. It's chilling to see Bush feign concern for the suffering of this or that victim. He's as fake as they come. A little child with both his arms are blown off at the same time as both his parents are killed - It means nothing to Bush - Nothing.

Not with all the defense industry profits to worry about and inside deals going on, and all the favorable defense procurement contracts to dole out and all the avenues of kickback to manage and follow up on. It's not easy RAPING the world AND America. It is a monumental full time effort. It requires the utmost attention to the detail of strategic killing and strategic lying. And this Bush crew is not very good at it. These Bushes are unique in their ability to initiate the chaos - The problem is, that the Bushes never did figure out how to finish what they started. And so their specialty is to just ram the thing straight into the ground and extract as much cash from it as it is crashing. That's their specialty, that's what the Bushes do - That's all they have ever done.

You can see it in Bushes whole demeanor when they wheel him out to get up there and fake concern for some devastated person or people whose lives are devastated by the US war machine, I cringe, because I know that behind his eyes, visions of the next looting spree, dance in this mental midget's little mind.

An orgy of killing - A mountain of dead children - Now Bush has put America neck and neck with Israel as the two most hated nations on earth. Congratulations America, we are the new "jews." The cold FACTS of the matter are that - America is now as reviled in the community of nations and in the heart and minds of the people of the world, as is Israel. Only George Bush could have done this to America.

Lets all remind Bush and all who represent him, that the images of dead children - yes, even if they are "only" Palestinian and Iraqi Kids will be remembered. Kids are all the same. If if you hit them with bombs you must pay the price. I am sure that Americans would gladly pay the few extra nickels for their gas and oil to avoid being UNIVERSALLY HATED throughout the world. But with the Bushes this vision is not in their game plan. For these Bushes ONLY MAKE MONEY WHEN THERE IS A STATE OF EMERGENCY IN AMERICA. They are spoiled rich little sociopathic yuppies. These types don't have souls, they are spoiled little privileged rats who never knew a moment without luxury and privilege. They are the very essence of what evil really is because they never did a good thing in their life. They fake everyone out by pretending to be religious. They are too rich to be religious. One can not make as much money off the war machine as the Bushes do and still claim to actually believe in god. In order to be like the Bushes you must really celebrate the darkness and evil of the world. They understand exactly who you are working for, when their bombs rip through the lives of women and children everywhere and they cash in. They are working for lucifer. They are the very face of death these Bush types. And they frighten and repulse the world.

And every night, here in America, by omission, the US media perpetrates the most flagrant affronts to our society, by NOT showing us what's really happening, by NOT showing us what the whole world is seeing on their nightly news. By lying.

It's a total black-out.

The information "Clampdown" here in the US is nearly complete. Except for the few rays of light like voxfux.com that still flicker their way out of the dark swarming ocean of lies.

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