The following work by the pseudonymous "James Hepburn" is largely accepted to be authored by French Intelligence (Their equivalent to our CIA) as the "real" story behind the Kennedy assassination. Originally published in 1968 it remained unpublished in the United States for many years. With the advent of the Internet and the information explosion, it is now freely available. It describes the most probable players and conspirators in the terrible assassination of the beloved Kennedy - The military intelligence set; the oil and arms industrialists; Religious zelots and organized crime are all here and in the background the ever looming shadow the maltese cross of the secret religious orders. It's the compelling facts. As for the "Official" goverment version of the Kennedy assassination - we all know what that's worth.


Farewell America
by James Hepburn

The soft, the complacent
the self-satisfied societies
will be swept away
with the debris of history



Chapter One   The Man of November 5

Chapter Two   Legacy
Chapter Three   King
Chapter Four   Crowd
Chapter Five   Negroes
Chapter Six   Gangs


Chapter Seven   Politicians
Chapter Eight   Warriors
Chapter Nine   Businessmen
Chapter Ten   Oilmen
Chapter Eleven   Texans


Chapter Twelve   Condemnation
Chapter Thirteen   Committee
Chapter Fourteen   Secret Service
Chapter Fifteen   Spies
Chapter Sixteen   William Bobo
Chapter Seventeen   Police
Chapter Eighteen   Slaughter


Chapter Nineteen   Yesterday
Chapter Twenty   Tomorrow


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