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The 911/Enron/Iraq connection
~An Analysis of Sept.11th Theories~

If Sept.11th was a conspiracy, the obvious question to start with is why terror would be manufactured? Several valid speculations are generally offered as an answer (which we shall examine later). Known as The Hegelian Dialectic (Problem, Reaction, Solution),this approach makes numerous debuts in both ancient and modern history. There is the instance of
Nero burning Rome (64 A.D) and blaming it on the increasingly popular Christians, thus opening the doors for their persecution. Hitler had his parliament burnt by his own troopers to manufacture public consent for a total crackdown on the communists (1933). Nasser managed to consolidate his power after his clamp down on the Muslim Brotherhood.His accusation of the Brotherhood attempting to assassinate him is questionable. Then there is the 1954 bombing of American facilities in Egypt by an Israeli spy ring, a plot which failed exposing the Israelis.As recent as 1999, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Federal Security Bureau agents were arrested by Moscow police on three separate incidents of bombing apartment buildings to frame the Chechens. During one history class, I remember a student who quipped how the latest conspiracy theory claims that Americans conducted Sept. 11th .The class had a good laugh at the sheer absurdity of Americans bringing disaster upon themselves. If we suppose those officially accused “are just part of a conspiracy” then the finger automatically point towards Americans. This is another fallacy which arises from the “who” question and one must remember that the term “Americans” is very abstract and vague. However, if we look into the history, we will observe that the Hegelian dialectic has a unique culture of its own in the American military. In 1898, The USS Maine was sunk in Havana harbour by a suspicious explosion whose source is still a mystery. But the blame fell on the Spanish and the Spanish American war ensued. It has now been established that Roosevelt and some of the Navy top brass had Admiral Yamamoto’s communiqué of the impending 1941 attack on Pearl Harbour 12 days in advance, thanks to the American code breaking breakthroughs (A possible motive is Roosevelt’s close relationship with racial theorist Madison Grant, which made him sympathise with battered Russia). Later in 1964, The USS Maddox providing electronic surveillance for South Vietnamese commandoes while deep in North Vietnamese waters encountered a close call with North Vietnamese torpedo boats in The Gulf of Tonkin. The ship escaped but two days later, it was again assigned to the same region where it sent reports of “being attacked” even though there was no damage/casualty whatsoever.Even though its still unclear what the reports really meant, President Johnson got the excuse he needed to plunge America into the Vietnam War while indirectly aiding Israel.

In America, the Northwoods document remains the most glaring example of official endorsement of state terrorism upon innocent American civilians.
Operation Northwoods was the brainchild of Chairman Of Joint Chief Of Staff (The highest military post in USA) General Lemnitzer and his extreme right wing military chiefs, still licking their wounds from the failed Bay Of Pigs Invasion. Though they were never meant for public viewing, some of them were not destroyed and those have been obtained by James Bamford for his bestseller, Body of Secrets after 40 years. The Lemnitzer signed documents were sent to Kennedy’s Secretary of defence Robert McNamara in 1962, from where they would be rejected, only to be bounced back by Lemnitzer with more outrageous proposals than before. Among the various proposals for finding a pretext of war with Cuba were to exploit the possibility of an accident involving first US astronaut John Glenn’s voyage and link it to Cuban “electronic interference”, staging attacks on the American base in Guantanamo Bay, blowing up a US ship in the harbour and manufacturing evidence of a Cuban attack, developing a “terror campaign” involving Cuban exiles in Miami and Washington involving “exploding a few plastic bombs in carefully chosen spots”, launching fake Cuban military activity against other Caribbean nations, harassing Cuban civilian ships and aircraft, staging the shooting down of an American chartered civilian plane by Cubans and forging the downing of an American military aircraft.There is also emphasis on how “Casualty lists in US newspapers would cause a helpful wave of indignation.”which echoes eerily with the events of Sept.11th. Kennedy’s lack of amusement in military adventures (including Vietnam) and his attempts to dissolve the CIA and The Federal Reserve are considered the main factors in his assassination, but again, that’s another conspiracy in itself. Despite the fact that the very conception of Operation Northwoods amounted to treason, the eagerness with which the producers attempted to conduct it shifts the tragedy of Sept. 11th into a new paradigm. While we were gaping at the destruction, terror and loss of human life, it is fairly possible that some were seeing it as losing mainly “non-military personnel” and “structures” for a bigger “strategic gain” as opposed to the laughable idea of bringing death and destruction to ones own countrymen only to harm them.

Without making any assertions from the preceding discussion, we move into the “prior warning” controversy. It has been confirmed that definite prior warnings were given to the United States by Britain, Egypt, France, Germany, Argentina, Jordan and Russia.But what’s most intriguing is that even the accused Taliban got a whiff that something was up, and an aid to the
former Taliban foreign minister has revealed to the BBC (Sept.2002) that he approached both the American consulate in Pakistan and the United Nations. American officials have confirmed it, but say they didn’t take it seriously. Then we have claims and counterclaims of numerous American officials, even Congressmen who claimed some received warnings from higher levels not to fly on Sept.11. As for the prime accused, Osama Binladen, one has to bear in mind that he had little privacy running Al Qaeda, since he used electronic communication which enabled eavesdropping. What remains largely overshadowed is the eavesdropping capability of the United States. The Highly secretive National Security agency (NSA) is primarily associated with electronic eavesdropping. Although its headquarters Crypto City is not found on any map, it would be one of the largest municipalities in Maryland with an electrical consumption equalling that of Annapolis and employing more personnel than the FBI and CIA combined while its four billion dollar budget puts it in league with industry giants like the top 50 of fortune 500 companies e.g. Hewlett Packard. The headquarters is home to some of the most powerful thinking machines on the planet and houses more classified material than the CIA, the Pentagon, the FBI and the State Department combined together. Eavesdropping conducted from its own satellites on fax, email and telephone to intelligence collected from eavesdropping allies are all brought together by a software package codenamed Echelon in which a cleared NSA operative can type his query (keyword, telephone number) and get results search engine style. Since most digital and analogue communications go through INTELSAT satellites which are the main targets of eavesdropping, virtually all phone fax or email communication (including American) are susceptible to NSA eavesdropping ; and so are Al Qaeda and Binladen. James Bamford’s Body Of Secrets was first published in May 2001 carried an eerie paragraph detailing electronic surveillance on Binladen :

According to information obtained for Body Of Secrets, NSA regularly listens to unencrypted calls from suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden, in hiding inAfghanistan. Bin Laden uses a portable INMARSAT phone that transmits and receives calls over spacecraft………………Bin Laden is aware that the United States can eavesdrop on his communications, but does not seem to care.
To impress cleared visitors, NSA analysts occasionally play audiotapes of Bin Laden talking to his mother over an INMARSAT connection

With the intelligence to pinpoint Binladen (and probably tonnes of never to be seen classified intelligence) a valid question can be asked as exactly what intelligence the NSA had and why wait till Sept. 11th? Again, was Binladen really involved or did he carry out his plans while circumventing the electronic surveillance net he was caught in? NSA director Michael V. Hayden would later state that they had more than 30 attack warnings but these were non-specific.# Apparently, NSA wasn’t the only organisation trying to keep the accused Binladen alive till Sept.11th. In 1998, the head of Saudi intelligence, Prince Faisal bin Turki travelled to Kandahar to negotiate a deal with Mullah Umar to hand over Binladen to the Saudi Government in June 1998 but the Taliban lost interest in the deal after US cruise missiles hit Afghanistan in August 1998 (in “retaliation” for the attacks on US embassies in Africa).Similarly, in 1996, Sudan agreed to hand over Binladen along with 300 Al Qaeda and an intelligence database, but the offers were repeatedly spurned. Following the 1998 US embassy bombings, the Sudanese proposed the extradition of two suspects to the FBI, but Clinton’s secretary of State Madeleine Albright rejected it and just three days later, US cruise missiles blasted away Sudan’s only pharmaceutical plant in “response to the embassy bombings”. In August 2001, an unmanned spy plane (capable of being fitted with arms) was delivering real-time live footage of Osama Binladen himself but the project was later called off.On the corporate front, companies to be effected by the tragedy witnessed an frantic selling of their stocks which was obviously driven by some foreknowledge. For example, on 6th and 7th Sept., the ratio of shares sold to those bought (put call options) for United Airlines stock was 12:1 instead of the normal 1:1. Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley, both housed in the World Trade Centre also had highly unusual put/call ratios.

Then there is Binladen family and the well placed Saudi Binladen Group, specializing mainly in construction and with links to Bush via the defunct BCCI, Halliburton and one of the biggest defence contractors on the planet, the Carlyle Group. In these upper echelons of the industrial elite, the intertwineing and incestuous relationships between intelligence agencies and big business anything can happen. Bush personally arranges the hurried spiriting away of the remaining Binladen family members who were present in the US in the hours after the 9/11 attacks. What was Bush covering up. What didn't he want us to discover regarding his relationship with Binladen?
FBI investigators are told to “back off” on US based Saudis classified under national security(W199-EYE).

One business relationship of the Bush administration which does intertwine with the timeline of
Sept.11th is Enron. Ron Callari of The Albion Monitor makes a point of starting with Enron’s India deal(1992) to find the connection. Enron made a $3 billion investment in Dabhol, a company owned 65% by Enron while Bechtel, GE and The Indian Government owned the rest in what was the single biggest foreign investment in the history of India projected to fulfill 1/5 of India’s energy needs. It should be noted that Enron had a reputation for getting contracts in mainly Latin Third World countries using “strong arm tactics”. Even in California, Enron indirectly floated the idea of deregulation of the energy industry, and once enacted, the energy bills skyrocketed. Returning to the India, the problem faced by Enron was that its electricity was 700% higher than local sources. Although Enron was originally expected to create energy with indigenous resources, they had a more Grand scheme of supplying cheap energy to India via Liquefied Natural Gas pipelines from the Caspian Sea and Uzbekistan. However, India was merely a secondary goal merely to finance the project of creating a pipeline terminal in Bombay. Once the gas was flowing, tankers from Korea and Japan could also fill up for cheap LNG. In the future, a lot more than LNG would flow through the pipelines. Enron had even contracted Uzbekistan to explore its oilfields in 1996 while Bechtel and GE settled for Turkmenistan. Their pipeline would eventually link up with the UNOCAL pipeline planned across Afghanistan (the only other option was China and Iran where Enron would not have much luck bargaining, and the pipeline would be much longer too) while Enron took over an existing Indian pipeline linking Bombay and New Delhi and proposed to link it with Multan (Pakistan) where the proposed Unocal pipeline would connect. Although it would be more convenient for Enron to settle for the Pakistani seaport of Gwadar, Enron could finance its project only by selling energy mainly to power hungry Bombay and the relative unrest in Pakistan seems to have made it an unlikely choice. The only problem with the plan was the Taliban in Afghanistan, who were proving to be difficult clients for UNOCAL.The Taliban was invited to their Houston headquarters in 1997 where they dined at the VP’s home but after the 1998 attack on “Al Qaeda” in Afghanistan by US missiles, UNOCAL publicly withdrew from the project. With the Bush administration, the Taliban were no longer taboo and the Taliban was awarded $43 million for its “war on drugs” and an advisor to Mullah Omar met with CIA officials in Washington. It has now been revealed the Vice President Dick Cheney lead a secret “Energy Task Force” which included top Enron officials and shareholders (including Rumsfield) to make things better for Enron’s India project. Later a “Dabhol Working Group” would follow. However, apart from the Afghan connection, a new problem surfaced for Enron. It is important to note that despite corruption and bribery at the highest levels, there is relative democracy in India. The opposition party started demanding the contract with Enron be scrapped since the prospects of cheap energy were no where on the horizon and even if the pipeline were completed, Enron was asking for too much. In June 2001, the Maharashtra Government decided to call off the deal with Enron and look elsewhere for its energy needs. The result: Enron stuck with near $3 billion worth of unfinished infrastructure with no local takers, and with no pipeline, no international customers either. The same month, Cheney tried to get $64 million compensation for Enron from India by meeting with Indian opposition leader Sonia Gandhi in Washington and later met with the external affairs minister. Bush makes efforts on his part with the Indian Prime Minister but later signs Executive order 13233 blocking access to all Presidential papers. Later, the Bush administration would defend its moves claiming that Enron was insured by a Government agency and therefore their concern. This sounds rather lame considering the fact that Clinton asked his advisor to “monitor” the Enron-Dabhol business and in the light of the recent “Bush-Lay letters“, there was clearly more going on. Things look desperate for the whole Enron corporation unless the pipeline is linked for international customers. A last meeting took place between the Taliban and US diplomats in Islamabad but no deal was reached since the Taliban asked for access to the oil flowing in the proposed pipeline rather than just securing its route (August 2001) and later, a French book describes the US officials using phrases as “a carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs” during the meeting. Enron would now seek $5 billion from India and resorts to using US government pressure but with no avail. After Sept.11th and the ousting of the Taliban, former UNOCAL consultant, Hamid Karzai was appointed as interim leader and another UNOCAL consultant Zalmay Khalilzad later became special envoy to Afghanistan. On December 2nd 2001, Enron filed for bankruptcy, the biggest bankruptcy in history after WorldCom. Now even if one is to attempt a link between Sept. 11th and the following events in Afghanistan, its hard to explain why, after such official sacrifices, Enron collapsed. From what I can say, the prospect of a pipeline across Afghanistan was realistic only in stability offered by the Taliban. This stability was uncharacteristic with the previous warlord history of Afghanistan and succeeded only by the religious appeal of the Taliban. In their absence, Afghanistan regressed back to its feudal society and it didn’t take long for the pipeline planners that securing the pipeline across the territories of several warlords was totally improbable. This was totally unforeseen and unexpected (Afghanistan is not Argentina). It was time to abandon ship, but considering Enron’s legacy of conviviality, one can assume all assets which could be transferred elsewhere were transferred and although Enron officials were charged, the people behind Enron still exist, and so does their clout with President Bush. This theory can explain the sudden shift towards Iraq while abandoning Afghanistan . On Sept. 13th 2001, Bush was quoted as saying “The most important thing is for us to find Osama Binladen. Its our number one priority and we will not rest untill we find him.” and later on March 13th 2002 “I don’t know where he is, I have no idea and I really don’t care. Its not that important. Its not our priority”. Apparently, with Afghanistan gone, Bush is attempting to pacify the energy merchants who got him into the Whitehouse ($50 million from Texas energy giants to Bush’s election campaign, $3.5 million from Enron, making it single biggest contributor) by offering Iraq as a consolation prize. It is clear he doesn’t seek re-election as an objective and I would attribute this to the capability of the people behind Enron to destroy him if they desired. If the explosive Bush-Lay letters are what we got to see, there is a lot more we haven’t seen.Incidentally, Enron’s long-time partner, Bechtel is already raking contracts for Iraq. This would make more sense of the current war on Iraq. If an invasion of Iraq was indeed part of the original plan, we would certainly see “Iraqis” involved in the Sept. 11th attack from the beginning, rather than a hasty attempt to connect them. Instead, only Saudi Arabia (oil) and Pakistan (nuclear weapons) second Afghanistan in their role in the attack. And both have only been spared by their unforeseen total complacency to the US.

Then there is the globalist /elitist/ illuminati connection. New evidence links the notorious elitist group of Rothschild to the backing of Karl Marx and his creation of communism. Even though the elitist playground of the former Soviet Union has collapsed, there had always been dedicated groups and individuals who tried to unsuccessfully import Soviet communism into America, in which the elitists would not have to compete with other capitalists or religious/ political movements for control and influence. Even though there is no longer a transatlantic “red menace” and labour altruism sounds more like a broken record, the aftermath of Sept. 11th sees the advent of sweeping national and political changes which would better characterize communism. For the first time we are hearing words and phrases like shadow government, FEMA camps, torture, propaganda warfare, mass arrests, TIPS, Total Information Awareness, tracking chips, National ID cards and of course, the black helicopters. The latter refers to totally unnecessary combat exercises in civilian areas using black helicopters (Witnessed in Texas).As per communism, it is necessary to condition people to authoritarian measures before completely imposing it. The elitist group, The Bilderbergs own the Reuters news agency, which provided significant coverage of Sept.11th and despite the huge potential, the mainstream press is not interested in exposing the Watergates of the Bush administration. In light of the preceding discussion, there is a definite connection between the elitists and Enron. Enron’s legendary cooked books are considered to be the brainchild of a certain English Lord Wakeham on Enron’s audit committee. Lord Wakeham also happens to be the head of NM Rothschild! Despite the investigations and charges against former Enron officials, Mr. Wakeham is still walking around, which leads to disturbing questions on the bankruptcy and the disappearance/transfer of assets. If we recall, the Rothschild family has always spearheaded the interests of Israel, from the Balfour declaration to the purchase of Suez canal shares. Apart from profit and control, the motivation behind Dabhol was clearly to punch a hole in the OPEC cartel, stripping the Arabs of their only bargaining tool in the Middle East conflict. According to partisan radio show host Alex Jones, Sept. 11th is simply part of a road to Soviet style elitist domination. There is no doubt that the Domestic Security Enhancement Act 2003, also known as Patriot Act 2 curtails liberties of Americans on a previously unimaginable scale. The New legislation will lead to arrests without warrants, unlimited government surveillance including access to all public and private records and more death penalties. Chomsky points out how the word “crime” which is ultimately associated with courts of law is being substituted with the words like “war” and “terrorism” whose arbitrary nature gives more unaccountable leverage to the government. In 1997, former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brezinski published his book The Grand Chessboard -American Primacy and its Geostrategic Imperatives. In what appears to be a script of the current US war on Afghanistan, he states how “America is the only global power” and how Eurasia being “…the globe’s central arena” is important for American primacy. Being more specific, he explains how in the light of increasing energy demands large investments in the Caspian sea area would bring more “stability” and “….whoever either controls or dominates access to the region is the one most likely to win the geopolitical and economic prize”.He continues who this makes the pipeline issue “…central to the future of the Caspian Sea basin” which has reserves of natural gas and oil which “…dwarf those of Kuwait, the Gulf of Mexico, or the North Sea”.However, he slyly drops an eerie reference to Pearl harbour which echoes in Sept.11th : “The attitude of the American public toward the external projection of American power has been much more ambivalent. The public supported America’s engagement in World War II largely because of the shock effect of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour“. Furthermore, because of popular resistance to US military expansionism, his ambitious Central Asian strategy could not be implemented “except in the circumstance of a truly massive and widely perceived direct external threat”.Pipelines to the Caspian Sea found their way even into the storyline of the 1999 James Bond flick. Among other certified warmongers is “The Project For The New American Century” whose logic for more war reminds one of the predicament of Rudolf Hess. When British intelligence discovered the superstitious side of this high ranking Nazi general, they set him up with one of their astrologers who convinced him that if he flew off to Britain on a peace mission on a certain period of astrologic planetary conjunction, he would be awarded a place in history. He fell for the ploy only to be arrested on arriving to Britain and never to be released from jail. PNAC does not use astrology to motivate Americans for war but rather employs the use of metaphorical phrases like “Pax Americana” and “We are in danger of squandering the opportunity and failing the challenge”. The phrase “New American Century” was the rambling of LIFE editor Henry Luce in a 1940’s editorial at the eve of WW2, has been reincarnated by PNAC and Luce himself has been raised from the dead as a “Visionary“. What makes this group influential is that its founding members form Bush’s inner core and war with Afghanistan and now Iraq is a godsend. Among the other things they seek is confrontation with China over Taiwan. Not far behind their heels is the Council of foreign Relations who under Bush Sr. acquainted us with the presently unfolding ominous “New World Order”.

One aspect of Sept.11 which never escapes attention is Israeli involvement. However, Israeli involvement with the World trade Centre starts back in 1993, during which an attempt to blow up the World Trade Centre sending one tower crashing into the other fails due to a misfired blast which only kills 6 people. One later convicted accomplice of the accused is suspected of being an Israeli mole.Interestingly, the second accomplice is an FBI mole who testifies alerting the FBI of the preparation of explosives. Instead of sending in a SWAT team to arrest all involved, FBI convinces Emad Salem that
“They would substitute the explosives with a harmless powder” but even that plan is called off and the bombing occurs. It appears Salem has the vehicle parked 10 feet away from the support column which averts the catastrophe.Salem was so disoriented by the FBI that he secretly recorded the head of FBI in New York ordering him to let the bombing take place (despite his being paid $1 million by them) and in addition, Government wiretaps accidentally picked up these orders too. Israeli spies posing as “art students” are caught spying on Drug Enforcement Agency offices and extremely sensitive military installations. Their locations coincide with those of the hijackers. The Israeli communications company Odigo, claims its employees received advanced warnings of the Sept. 11th attacks 2 hours in advance. Odigo later claims it cannot trace back the sender. It is not clear whether these warnings were used to evacuate Jews/Israelis. On the same day, 5 Israelis were arrested for insensitive behaviour involving videotaping and dancing with the burning towers in the background. Their van reveals cash, passports and box cutters. The van is traced to Urban moving systems but the company later vanishes. Later Israelis claim that they were part of an Israeli surveillance unit. On Sept. 14th 2001, an Israeli special operations unit, Seyarat Matkal developed contingency plans with American forces to attack Pakistani nuclear installations in the event of non-compliance. Meanwhile the “art students” spy ring performs very sloppily resulting in at least 60 being arrested after Sept.11th, which makes many believe they were smoke screen for a bigger operation. When Carl Cameroon of fox News interviews an investigator, he’s told that “evidence linking these Israelis to Sept.11th is classified”, which means we will have to wait for a few decades for the archives to be opened. Though the Israeli Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem claimed to have received the names of 4000 Israelis missing in the World Trade Centre area and Bush claimed that 130 Israelis died in the attack, rumours start spreading that the Israelis/Jews gained advanced warning to manage a very low death toll. Jewish groups issue statements saying “hundreds were killed” but later, The Haaretz Sept.11th page reveals only 5 were killed, which is very low considering the presence of wall street in the World Trade centre where a number of Jewish /Israeli businesses operated.

The hijackers and their identities remains one of the most complex puzzles of Sept.11th. To start with, some suggest that just as in drones, remote flight control has been advanced to land hijacked planes safely on the ground while totally disabling the pilot. They point out that Lufthansa even discovered such a system on its American made planes and stripped them of their American computers. Since this theory doesn’t seem very convincing for the time being, we may as well go with the official one.
1.American airlines Flight 11(Boston-Los Angeles/WTC North 8:45 AM)
1.Walid Ashehri, (alive)2.Wail Ashehri, 3. Abdul Aziz Al Omari,(alive) 4.Satam Al Suqami, 5.Mohammed Atta (
provocative behaviour such as landing Cessna in wrong place and arguing with a loan officer for a crop dusting plane, seen in strip club, will has been found which asks for an “Islamic burial”, attended the International Officer's School at Maxwell/Gunter Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama)
2.United Airlines Flight 175(Boston-Los Angeles/WTC South 9:03 AM)
1.Saeed Alghamedi,(alive, trained at Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida, gave base residency as address for car registration) 2. Ahmed Alhaznawi, 3.Ahmed Alnami,(alive, trained at
Pensacola too) 4. Ziyyad Jarrah (double identity, doing flight training in USA and planning to marry Turkish girlfriend back in native Lebanon, remembered by family as jovial and non religious, disappears on Sept.11th , another Jarrah sighted in New York at different time)
3.American Airlines Flight 77(D.C -Los Angeles/Pentagon 9:43 AM)
1.Ahmed Alghamedi, 2. Hamza Alghamedi, 3.Marwan Alshehi, 4.Mohand Alshehri, 5.Fayez Ahmed Banihammaad
4. United Airlines Flight 93 (Newark-San Francisco/Crashes 10:00 AM) delayed
1.Khalid Almihdar, (alive, lived with
FBI informant, seen at strip club) 2.Nawaf Alhazmi, (lived with FBI informant) 3.Salem Alhazmi,( alive, seen at strip club) 4.Hani Hanjour, 5.Majed Moqed

Saeed Shaikh, a Pakistani al Qaeda is initially set up as the moneyman. But he happens to have close ties with Pakistani Intelligence (ISI) Director Mahmoud Ahmed. On the morning of September 11, Lt. Gen. Mahmood was at a
breakfast meeting at the Capitol with the chairmen of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, Senator Bob Graham (D) and Representative Porter Goss (R). In the days that followed, he met CIA director George Tenet, Richard Armitage and Colin Powell. FBI has confirmed that General Mahmoud had ordered $100,000 wired into Atta’s account in early August through Saeed!When this becomes public, General Mahmoud is fired and Saeed Shaikh is sentenced to death in the Daniel Pearl murder. Was Saeed working for the CIA?

Even if we take the hijackers for granted, we come across treacherous communication lapses. The fighter planes are on an average scrambled after a 6-10 minute delay. NORAD is informed after an average of 10 minutes in the case of each flight. When the F-16s are in the air, they
fly on an average speed of 600mph instead of their top speed of 1500mph. Planes from nearby bases were not scrambled because NORAD claimed it used planes only from its own defensive network. Meanwhile, the hijacked planes turn off their transponders and radio, freely flouting FAA regulations. According to FAA regulations, if a plane deviates by 15 degrees or two miles from that course, flight controllers are to sound an emergency. This was way beyond that. Then there is Bush’s controversial reaction to the news while at Booker elementary. Considering the terrorist attacks, he is not immediately escorted away. When he boards Air Force One, he flies unescorted with potential hijacked planes still in the skies. The next day, he is surrounded by security everywhere. George Bush claimed to have seen the first plane hit the World Trade Tower on TV before going into a school room to read to some children This is a strange story because there was no video of the first impact until a day later, Despite this enormous military and Intelligence failure, General Richard B. Myers is promoted.

Diverting our focus from the main parts of the event are the odds and ends which come from disparate corners of the event. For example, the Aljazeera video in which a “
Pakistani Binladen (right photo)” meets his chums and gloats about the killing he made claiming that even the hijackers did not know they were on a suicide mission whereas the FBI claims to have recovered religious suicide manuals, flight manuals and Korans left behind everywhere. Secondly, Binladen didn’t immediately come to stage to take responsibility. When he did show up a few days later, it was more anti American rant than taking credit. Then there is John O’ Neill, the FBI’s New York chief of counter terrorism (see photo) who was sent to Yemen to examine Al Qaeda but claims he was repeatedly blocked by higher levels in the administration. He was assigned to a new job as head of security at the World Trade Centre and was killed on Sept.11th,the first day of his job.

Lastly, there is the World Trade centre demolition…..The speed at which the towers collapsed was almost equal to the speed of an object falling through air (9.7m/sec).It was as if they encountered no resistance whatsoever. In 10 seconds, the collapse was over.# Then there are those who scoff at the theory of heated jet fuel melting steel, claiming its impossible for jet fuel to create the temperatures of a blowtorch to melt 200,000 tonnes of steel. If it were true, welders would switch to jet fuel which is cheaper than acetylene.# Secondly there is Tower 7 (WTC 7) which was not even hit. But somehow, fire and debris razed it to the ground while leaving other buildings standing. No steel skyscraper has ever collapsed due to fire in history. Visual evidence points towards a controlled demolition. According to firefighter Louie Cachhioli (51, is a firefighter assigned to Engine 47 in Harlem.), “….We were the first ones in the second tower after the plane struck……On the last trip up a bomb went off. We think there was bombs set in the building…..”# As such the debris of the World trade centre was buried at a Government restricted site and the scrap was sent to India and China.



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